Scientists Warn Of Pandemic Potential: First Case of H7N9 Human To Human Transmission Reported

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Headline News | 149 comments

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: There are numerous scenarios that we can discuss in the context of civilization ending events. These include exo-planetary events like asteroid collisions and X-class solar flares, as well as earth bound threats like nuclear war and viral contagion (naturally occurring or weaponized). They are outliers to be sure, but history proves that they can (and will) happen. And when they do, all hell breaks loose. The possibility of an out of control viral contagion spreading to all corners of the earth and wiping out large population centers is becoming more and more probable.

    There are various viruses out there that we know  will kill millions of we don’t keep them locked away in Bio Safety Level 4 containment labs. Then there are those that are seemingly benign… until they mutate.

    That’s what’s happening with the H7N9 virus, first identified in China earlier this year. We warned our readers several months ago that there was a serious potential for human to human transmission after the virus reportedly went airborne. Though those reports came directly from Chinese researchers, not many people considered the threat significant, perhaps because the assessment originated in non-western medical facilities.

    Now, western researchers at The British Medical Journal have provided confirmation of this, and scientists are warning that the spread of the virus could continue.

    For all we know it has already made its way to North America. Keep an eye on this one and be aware of potential flu outbreaks in your city or region.

    By the time government emergency agencies issue alerts it’ll be too late to contain, so have a pandemic preparedness plan in place and be ready to activate it if you suspect something has gone terribly wrong.

    Via: The Daily Sheeple


    Photo: BMJ (British Medical Journal)

    The British Medical Journal is reporting today that a 32 year old woman became infected with H7N9, caught while caring for her father. Both have since died. This is the first confirmed case of human to human transmission of the disease.

    Prior to this case,there was no evidence to confirm contact spread, and it was thought to be caught only from contact with diseased birds. So far there have been 133 cases of H7N9 and 43 deaths, all of them in Eastern China.

    Tests have shown that the strain of virus taken from the father and daughter were genetically almost identical, and the family has confirmed that the woman had no contact with poultry at all in the six weeks before she fell ill.

    Dr James Rudge, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that limited transmission between humans is not surprising and has been seen before in other bird flu viruses, such as H5N1.

    “Our findings reinforce that the novel virus possesses the potential for pandemic spread,” 

    He added: “It would be a worry if we start to see longer chains of transmission between people, when one person infects someone else, who in turn infects more people, and so on.

    And particularly if each infected case goes on to infect, on average, more than one other person, this would be a strong warning sign that we might be in the early stages of an epidemic.” (source)

    So far the virus has not appeared outside of China but the odds are it will. Much of eastern China is given over to agriculture and smallholder farming. Many of the residents do not travel further than the markets and the surrounding villages.

    Viruses constantly mutate and this virus is no different. It’s prime objective is survival and that is why they mutate so readily, to ensure their survival. According to the British Medical Journal report the H7N9 virus can be in the body several days before symptoms show up. Even then someone with the virus will not realize how sick they are for a couple of days, often longer.

    It’s this that gives rise to the pandemic potential of the virus. Once it makes it to a major metropolitan area, where commerce and business call for national and  for international travel the chances of it ‘escaping’ China rise dramatically.

    Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple. Follow the Daily Sheeple on Facebook.

    Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Wake the flock up!


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      1. Wash your hands, and buy a box of masks. Be careful who are around.

          • Don’t depend too heavily on a surgical mask from protecting you from an airborne infection, especially a viral infection.

            The primary function of the surgical mask during a procedure is to prevent you from breathing or coughing directly toward the operative site. It’s really only effective if worn snugly around the mouth and nose.
            Watch someone exhaling while wearing a mask and you’ll often see it gap around the face with the exhaled breath escaping around the edges, rather than being forced through the mask.

            One hidden aid of the mask is to stop you from touching around your mouth and nose with your hand, which is much more likely to transmit a pathogen than one floating in the air.

              • FOR TWENTY YEARS, WE been screaming SHUT DOWN THE “BIO-WARFARE CENTER” at ft.detrick maryland,before they create a pandemic in their Lab and lose control of it,OR WORSE YET UNLEASE IT ON PURPOSE and wipe out haft the country,or the world,its ran by IDIOTS and insane terrorists,NIXON promised to shut it down,BUT HE LIED,he never did,and every desease you ever heard of came from there,SHUT THEM DOWN,THEIR ALL INSANE KILLERS…………..

        • Yep. I’m not seeing evidence that this is airborne or anything, just spread through contact. Most viruses can be spread in this fashion. The risk seems overplayed.

        • I was just telling my husband; wouldn’t it be great if we had everything we needed and didn’t need to leave the house for weeks if something like this H7N9 started spreading from human to human??
          Oh, right.

          • Okay, if Google is so smart and knows I shopped for these trays at the top of the comment section(yeah, it’s tracking), why isn’t it smart enough to know I already ordered??

            • Because they don’t care. They get paid for presentation and they decide if it’s a qualified lead or not. Whether you will buy or already have doesn’t matter to Google; the company that’s billed for the ad pays the same either way.

              Ingenious scam, don’t you think? They decide if you are a good target and they get to charge based on what they decide. Their customers can’t tell, so they have to cough up the dough. Pretty hard for Google to lose on that model.

              • Exactly, thanks, Prepperpah; and I don’t Google by the way; I Ixquick.;-)

        • My friend is a registerd nurse and recieves e-mails from the dept of health about any viruses or outbraks and they have recieved an e-mail about the H7N9 virus. There has been 1 confirmed case in Va. It is here.

        • this article is patently FALSE- whether as deliberate disinfo or the usual MSM incompetence isnt clear.

          WHO recorded the first cases of air born, human to human H7N9 transmission back in the Spring of 2012 in Amman Jordan hospital. It has been spreading unchecked since then- most recently announced in Turkey.

          the odds of it being a weaponized ethno-bioweapon are great- seems to only kill Arabs. Israel has had these types of microbes for decades. MERS comes straight from ZION

      2. First of all, this is not a new case.. it’s more of a new perspective.
        Secondly, there were likely other cases of human-to-human transmission.. I believe it’s just that the other cases couldn’t be ruled out as environmental/bird market as well as this case.
        But yes, there’s lots of reasons to be concerned.

      3. People, please take care. These are signs of the times, Get good with God, Watch for events. Pray and keep prepping.

        • Amen Watchdog, Myself and Missus Hog are both healthcare profs, if this thing becomes a real threat I will send out an alert for my SHTFplan brothers and sisters, that ya’ll can count on. That being said thus far it has not done anything significant yet.

          However I could not agree with you more about getting right with God, all this prepping wont mean a thing when we stand in judgement.

          • BH, I couldn’t say it better…. Thanks for keeping an eye on events and God bless. Please keep us in the loop ahead of time. God said, help yourself so I can help you.

      4. I read an article on this earlier today. the case they were referring to was the 60 father who transmitted it to his ~30 something y.o daughter who was taking care of him before he went into the ICU in the hospital. it got me wondering if maybe their genetic similarities didn’t make it easier for the virus to jump?

        Then we have the Sun getting ready for a reversal of it’s magnetic poles in the next ~3-4 mos. And given the fact that the Carrington Event happened during as solar max and pole shift…ah…the possibilities for are destruction are almost limitless these days!

        Here’s another one for ‘ya- anyone been keeping an eye on Comet Ison? A couple of interesting dates to keep in mind- it passes that back-side of the sun on Thanksgiving day, en-route to us, where it will be brighter than a full moon on the night sky on….(wait for it)… December 26th.

        “May you live in interesting times”
        -old Chinese curse.

        • wow…my spelling and typing a CRAP these days! doh!

          • Feeling your spelling pain….

            • the excuse i’m gonna go with is spending too much time on lately. it’s bleepin hilarious sometimes.

          • I would bet the farm that this virus can not survive contact with silver.

            If you don’t know how, learn to make colloidal silver. It’s cheap, easy, and one day it will probably save your life.

            Ever wonder why the FDA would be out to make it illegal? It sure ain’t cause it don’t work, an nobody has turned blue from properly made and sanely used colloidal silver no matter how many times they tell the lie.

            It’s because it works so well compared to the pharma alternatives, and you can make it for next to nothing.

            Or you can worry about various strains of viruses the criminal elite may introduce into you environment trying to kill you.

            If the ability to make colloidal silver is not at the top of your list of preps, you may not live long enough to use most of the rest.

            • Funny you mention this. I have been interested in this for quite sometime, however for some reason it has moved to the top of my to-do list the last few days. In your opinion, would it be good enough to construct a home-made generator? Or is it worth the extra money to purchase a commercial one such as the Silver Lungs? Personally I am sold on the Silver Lungs, but as you know it is pricey… Some have told me it is smarter to just construct my own.
              Thanks for any input.

              • FWIW Outlaw…I just recently (6 months) made a home made generator rig. I used an old 6v wall wort and soldered on some clips. I use a canning jar, some 14 ga .999 silver wire and a laser pointer to determine when it is finished. Seems to work well.

                You can pay for a nicer one online, but personally I think they work the same way.

                There are pro and con arguments about whether you can even make colloidal silver at home. Some say what you are making is ionic silver solution. Fine by me. I just label the dark glass bottle I store in “Ionic Silver”.

              • Outlaw,

                All you need is some silver wire (preferably .9999) you can get on Amazon. I bought a 3ft piece of 12 gage for about $60. I have been using two six inch pieces for a year and they still look as good as new. I have two feet left as spares.

                You also need a power source of 15 to 30 volts. For preps, you can get three 9 volt batteries and some wired alligator clips to use in an emergency situation. I just use a 16 volt ac adapter from a device unknown, with some clips. I stick the wires through a thin piece of wood that is actually a single layer from an old piece of rotting plywood I found in the yard.

                If you are going to make it yourself, you MUST get a TDS meter. They can be had for about 15 dollars and allow you to control the PPM of your final brew. Without it, your batches will be inconsistent and you will never know for sure what you are taking.

                MOST IMPORTANTLY, use ONLY distilled water in making your colloidal silver.

                Someone else commented silver had to be 5000PPM to be of any use. Not commenting on him, he heard that from an idiot who sells high PPM silver and makes idiotic claims about raising the PPM in your blood and bases his theory on the amount of blood in your body.

                You can make it as strong as you want, but once you get over 15PPM it starts to have a strong metallic taste. My wife can’t stand it. Stick to about 10 PPM and you will be fine. I made some 20PPM and it has significantly helped speed the healing time of cuts and scratches on my kids, as well as preventing infection.

                Another comment from anonymous suggest that you are making “inoic” silver, which is what has been shown to work best anyway. The reality is that your home brew will be a mix of particles and ions. Lower voltage works best to get the ions you WANT. Higher voltage gets more particles, which you don’t want. That’s why I go with 16 volts instead of 30. It takes longer, but you get a better end product.

                You will find it very easy to make. Clean the rods every 30 minutes or so to get the black crud off, and always filter your final product through a couple of coffee filters to make sure it is clean.

                You can store it indefinitely in a dark container in a dark place. DO NOT expose it to sunlight, or any other light for that matter.

                You can take it in fairly large amounts for months at a time. If you get to feeling ill, there is no harm taking 10 ounces a day for two weeks of 10PPM brew. For daily maintenance, and ounce or two is fine and will prevent most minor bugs.

                If you have never taken it, start with a smaller amount. If you take too much too soon, it could overload your body’s ability to process the junk it kills off and make you feel ill. After a few days of low doses, you can kick it up a notch.

                Be prepared for things to happen that you may not expect. For example, when i initially took some for a tooth infection, I ended up curing my toenail fungus and rosacia that I had for years and could never get rid of. Family that had not seen me for while commented on how good I looked. That was a first.

                Sorry to be so longwinded, but there is so much misinformation out there I wanted to address what I think is really important to know, and what you can expect.

                The FDA doesn’t have the stuff on it’s hit list for nothing. It can replace the antibiotics they sell, and makes them 1000% percent more effective if you take silver with them. It even stops MRSA dead in it’s tracks.

                Use it wisely and you will benefit for the rest of your life. Any investment required to get going more than pays for itself in better health and fewer trips to the offices of Doctor Quack.

            • GC, another approach to viral attack is plain old vitamin D. The physician who runs the Vitamin D Council observed that a nasty flu outbreak in a prison (which affected 40% of the prison population) left inmates who took vitamin D completely untouched. That is, none of them got the flu despite close contact. Since then there have been some research studies that have confirmed vitamin D’s protective properties. Some claim it works even better than vaccines, which by their nature, are very specific whereas vitamin D covers all strains and variations. The best part is it’s extremely low cost, generally devoid of side effects, and is a healthy thing to do even if there isn’t a threat of a flu pandemic.

              GC, I think colloidal silver is a good idea but vitamin D might even be better. The important thing is for readers of SHTFplan do what they can to get through to the other side.

            • I heard from Scott Johnson that the silver must be 5000ppm to have effect. Those health food store silvers are junk. Those are pricey, $90 dollars per bottle. But a little goes along way, so I think 1 bottle will last awhile. Myself I take Diatomaceous Earth daily, and has worked quite well. Anything to keep the immune system strong will keep viruses, etc. away. Whole food products from Garden of Life site is also excellent for immune health, and over-all health.

              • DE has a lot of uses, as a desiccant and, it kills bed bugs, fleas and other creepy-crawlers that prey on human flesh—too bad it wouldn’t get rid of the parasites in DC…

              • KM

                I have been using silver at 10ppm for several years and have been doing quite well. Silver at 5000 ppm could be harmful. I use to get winter colds and eye infections and that has stopped completely. The only thing it doesn’t help is pollen allergies.

        • CWinOR, we don’t have a solar max; we’re living during solar minimum. The website realscience (by real scientists) confirm this, as well as (I’ve researched climate science for years and know this for a fact).

          As far as the post above, a great book to read on this subject is “The Hot Zone”– a book about ebola virus, a real story that will scare your socks off! Steven King, famous for his scare thrillers, said it was the scariest book he ever read!

          • BTW, there are a LOT of Chinese students who attend the universities up north, as well in DC. Better stay out of these areas… only a matter of time before it gets here!! (Another reason to head for the mountains!)

          • Sorry Forrest, but according to ALOT of “other” scientists (yes- actual ones) we are nearing Solar Maximum timing right now for Cycle 24. since solar max is based on activity, and since predicting solar activity is very difficult for obvious reasons- WHEN this cycle gets to Solar Max. remains to be seen. As for me going to a website with both “climate” AND “progress” in the URL?! More likely Barackalypse would put in a 40 hour work week than that! anyone who still swallows the anthropogenic global warming bullshit is a flat-out moron. sorry- but that what the FACTS say.

          • I also have the books, “Death in the Air”, and Emerging G. Horowitz. Quite interesting.

        • That is the perfect weapon! A faceless accidental “bug”, created to self-manufacture by bioengineers. No public backlash, no fingerpointing, and so merciless, unpartisan, and impartial. If I were the oligarchs, that would be my plan. For instilling fear and wiping out a population, a virus is the best bet. Simply order hundreds of millions of body bags, buy hundreds of millions of MRE’s and stash them underground with me and my buddies (with a couple billion rounds of ammo) and then unleash. Lett the masses buy their AR15s and kill each other and then come up when the virus burns itself out. The virus and anarchy has done the rest.

          • @SterlingSilver

            Yep. I agree with you. It would be in step with Obummer’s aforementioned bias against senior citizens if it only targeted them. With modern genetic knowledge, they can customize the viruses to sing and dance if they want them to. Can you imagine Ebola gene spliced to a deadly person hopping flu virus? Would be like one of those cheap disaster movies in real life.

          • Sterling Silver – Earlier I had entered your name to be added to TPTB, but on the basis of this post, I’m withdrawing the nomination!

        • I bet my ex passes the virus along with a few others to a few not so lucky basterds

          • @Mclovin

            I’ll bet my ex could teach your ex a lot. Indianapolis wasn’t a big enough man supply for her so she hitched up the buckboard and headed west. Now all the men west of the continental divide are smiling.

      5. Now you know why FEMA is stock piling food

        • Why has every flu the last 50 yrs always started in some China chicken farm or Swine pig farm? They always claim it stared in china and will take 18 months to arrive in usa side of world. If they know all these things, why does nobody ever go to those china pig and chicken farms and Teach the idiots proper farm methods to stop yearly flues? Why is it never usa pig or chicken farms that has such problems starting flu troubles?

          What do china farmers do different? Are they screwing chickens or piggies? Somethings just not kosher on all these flu stories the last 50 yrs.

          • Very good question! My first LOL moment of the day, and I’ve been up awhile!

          • Its kinda like saying its in Timbuktu…china isn’t a place most of us are likely to ever go and certainly we wont be able to confirm anything from there…and they know it…there have been a few outbreaks in Europe and in America…but most have been traced to industrial livestock production centers and govt labs…not real farms…so it safe to say the govicorp is behind these outbreaks in china and else where and is using them as fodder to condition people to reject real farming methods and to accept govicorp control of the food supply as nessesary to human survival…all the while making sure through chemicals and GMOs that people get sicker and sicker from the very food they eat…this is evil on a level that defies explaination!

            • I remember reading that Chinese poultry farms make our factory farms look like free-range, luxury resorts for chickens. Maybe THAT has something to do with it.

          • Them Guys, I have been tracking the chinese pig dilema for about 8 months now, at one time there were 20,ooo dead pigs floating in the Chines rivers. It started out as a virus that only affected young pigs , then when the grown pigs started showing up in the rivers and the 1000 dead ducks and geese. they realized it had mutated. Fox news coverd this for about 2 minutes back in Feb. of this year.

      6. All depends on the fatality rate of the mutation of the virus. Some viruses become more virulent, deadlier, while others become weaker. This could be a very bad strain that kills at the level of smallpox or worse. Anytime you have a virus that can shut down everything, it is an economy killer. Even something with a 10% kill rate to it would scare most people into hiding for at least a few days. You would have a run on groceries like no one has ever seen. The fear factor would be worse than a widespread terrorist attack.

        Then you have the horror of what IF this is an Andromeda strain virus that mutants into a near 100% killer. This happens all the time with animal and plant life, humans can be no different. Yet another reason to store up what you can and get your plans in good order, AND think about keeping yourself away from just such a pathogen, decontamination procedures, and isolation, just in case.

        • Speaking only for myself, I refuse to be intimidated
          by every thing that comes along that could take me
          out. Certainly something is going to, we all know
          But being frozen in my tracks by analysis paralysis
          and missing what good things there are to be had in
          life while I’m here is next to dead anyway, IMO.

          • I agree OutWest, but I have four kids and if I can be ahead of the curve on what life is throwing at me, maybe I can make it to see another day with them.

            Nothing like a mama bear!!!

          • Agreed…use common sense and soap and relax a bit…THEY want you terrified all the time!

            • And liberals don’t shower as much…. so…. bonus….

          • OutWest,

            My exact sentiments, very well put. Thank you.

            John 3:16-17

            “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

            • Swinging on a star: Thanks
              Luk 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
              The day is far spent and the night cometh when no man will work!
              Jesus will save all those who call upon him in faith…Get yourself ready..destruction will come without warning, those without oil in their lamps will perish. Those with oil shall enter in, the others shall without…asking to get in…But Lord Lord we did all these wonderful things in your name…he will say depart from ye who WORK INIQUITY…for I never knew you.

              • I feel Luke 21 is so happening now.
                You just can’t argue against if you read it with an open mind..
                But, fear not:
                15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

                Looking forward to that part(note: dear God, already have the mouth part :-))

                • yep!

              • So lemme ask a question.

                If you hate the jews so much why are you quoting a jewish book. Shouldn’t it be considered a scam or whatever other nonsense you claim?

        • BI,

          >>”Then you have the horror of what IF this is an Andromeda strain virus that mutants into a near 100% killer.”<<

          Exactly. That's the big fear with hemorrhagic viruses like Ebola or Marbug. Just a slight change in RNA sequencing, a handful of people getting on the high speed train from the countryside to the airport, flying to London or Chicago, and we have a new pandemic on our hands.

          H7N9 is a nasty bug. So far it's maintained a mortality rate of 30-40% in it's most dangerous mutation.

          • and throughout it all, because to be PC is more important than life itself….our gubmint would NEVER put a halt on international travel. i mean…it just wouldn’t look right! it’d be racist!

            • CWinOR,

              The only time I can recall the government halting civilian air travel was on 9/11. And even then the government granted exceptions to charted flights sent around the country to quietly round up Saudi Arabian ‘VIP’ nationals to expeditiously remove them from the US. No questions asked.

              I don’t see the government halting flights in the wake of a virus outbreak. The negative economic effects would out-weigh the human cost in lives if I employ the government’s own logic.

              • and of course using their logic, the economic toll of potentially tens of millions of dead and sick Americans would be less than a 10-14 day travel ban (allowing for a VERY optimistic viral incubation period)? silly me…of course you’re right YH…like i said- they’d NEVER do it.

                • CWinOR,

                  >>”and of course using their logic, the economic toll of potentially tens of millions of dead and sick Americans…”<<

                  That kind of population reduction would play right into the hands of the Progressive agenda as they seem fixated on the idea that population reduction is not just good but necessary going forward.

                  Have you seen the latest Time magazine cover discussing the lifestyle advantages of couples choosing not having children? Progressive mind games are disgusting to observe.

                  • no- i haven’t seen the Time cover- but I’ve been following their agenda for some time, and yes- this would be a “gimme” for them. i’m sure they would do whatever they could to help (the virus)…

                  • …or all the hype about “TINY HOUSES”, where entire families essentially live in a glorified dumpster called a “storage container”, as if it’s a “green” thing to do…Agenda 21 anyone?

        • Im gonna beat Braveheart to the punch this time:
          BI, as usual you are right on target!
          God help the H7N9 virus that tries to infect me, it will not end well for them!
          Blah, blah, blah…

          • LOL!!!

          • Outlaw

            C’mon now, you’re clever enough to come up with your
            own good lines, aren’t you?
            We are all extremely individualistic here, you know
            that I’m sure. I’m not being condescending.
            It’s just kind of crass stealing another’s Thunder.
            Know what I mean?

          • Ha! Love it! Been visiting for awhile and truly enjoy most everyone’s wit and humor.

        • IIRC, this virus populates deep within the lungs. That means it is less easily transmitted via a cough or a sneeze. So far, it seems those infected via human-to-human transmission need to have very close contact over time in a small space. As the article states, the time to panic is when long-chain unrelated infections are seen.

          The experimentation is scary and intense precautions need to be taken, but, if all goes well, there will then be lead time on a vaccine. I am personally reassured when I see proactive measures being taken prior to anything widespread.

          Luckily for humans and animals, most viruses tend to evolve toward lower lethality, rather than higher. These combo avian/swine/human flu viruses seem to emerge regularly and we have survived. I believe the 1918 killer flu was made worse by wartime conditions, especially in the field. We had no vaccines at that time, except for a primitive one for smallpox, and no concept of anti-virals.

          People should not dose themselves with anti-virals as a precaution. This can help the virus evolve immunity. Read up on cytokine storm and prepare intelligently, meaning do not take the home-made recipes for cytokine storm as anything proven or even effective. They can be dangerous in and of themselves. Virologists aren’t mad scientists and they are the most vulnerable to infection when doing these experiments.

          If it doesn’t survive on fomites (inanimate materials capable of carrying infection) or populate more shallowly in the lungs, then common sense hygiene should be adequate. If it threatens livestock, I know for a fact that every county has a quarantine plan in place and it can be implemented quickly by a emergency response veterinary team. I was made aware of that during the hoof and mouth scare in the 1990s. As for the economy, it is pretty resilient, IMO. Look back at SARS for a model.

          Since colloidal silver is proven to work in vitro, then some sort of application to surfaces as a disinfectant would seem to be a good precaution.

        • Be informed: At the point of the beginning of a pandemic, you wouldn’t even be able to collect your mail or safely receive anything by delivery.

        • Any pathogen that becomes too lethal, will no longer be able to use its hosts to propagate itself.

      7. NO FRICKING WAY I LET MY FAMILY TO GET VACCINATED. I want every CEO and share holders of the big pharmaceutical to get injected with the upcoming vaccine that they’ll produce first if they claim this new pandemic is so serious.

        • Say, you’re an Indian aren’t you?

          What’s in it?

          I don’t know, I’m just the salesman.

          You drink it.

        • I have not had a flu shot in over twenty years…. I thinks I have had the flu maybe twice since then….. and then I use chicken soup and hot toddy tea (with Jack of course) to fix it….

      8. The Next Crisis Has Begun: and this one is going to be in the CURRENCY MARKETS

        “Today the dollar broke through 80.40. This is a major development as it signals that the current daily cycle topped in only 2 days, thus confirming that the intermediate cycle has also topped.

        …if you aggressively debase your currency eventually you are going to have a currency crisis.

        “Over the next 3-4 months the dollar is going to test the lower trend line of the megaphone topping pattern and ultimately break through. When it does we are going to witness a spectacular collapse in the dollar, probably testing the 2011 bottom by the next intermediate cycle low due in November.

        This is going to cause all kinds of problems. We are already seeing the bond market breaking free of Fed manipulation. This will only get worse as bonds recognize the severity of the crisis ahead. Ironically the Fed is going to print harder and faster to try and tame the bond market. It will have the reverse effect. It will just accelerate the dollar collapse which, in turn, will intensify the selling in bonds.”

        “Batten down the hatches – the next Fed created catastrophe has already begun.”

        • KY Mom.

          There’s a myriad of info out there regarding the underpinnings of this fraud of a financial/geo political system.
          We will,and are, inundated with positive false propaganda of a recovery while the wheels are falling off the bus.

          The problems ahead are too numerous but we are under assault in every which way..all created to overwhelm us mentally

          until we submit..

          or die in resisting the overbearing state..

          These bastards create everything!

          Everything..and assist in the genetic mutations
          flus/pandemics,diseases etc..

          Never mind the market manipulations and all the exponents thereof..

          Everything is by design

          Nothing is by accident..


        • @KY Mom:

          For 8/08/13:
          Dollar Index 81.149

          Not terrific and down a couple of points over the past few weeks, but NOT below 80.40, except briefly in intraday trading. This means it was too cheap and buyers rushed in.

          Beware of these over-the-top market newsletter sites. As long as things are volatile, they are making money by getting others to buy and sell at their whim while paying a commission as well as a subscription fee for their advice. They play both sides of a trade and make their money on our fear and greed.

      9. MAC, You need to change the title of your web site to

        for “Kitchen Sink Filled With Shit Hits The Fan.”

        Is there ANY good news!?

        • Several of us got layed last night…..

            • CND… I like the song and it is perfect. When we make the movie of the end this should be included… Great post.

          • I banged a 25 year old 5’6″ blonde last night… NO REALLY I DID!!!

            • I saw a woman you described today trying to sell a bunch of ID and credit cards she claimed she swiped while some guy was banging her and not paying atten to his wallet.

              • LMAO..!!!! Boohahahah

                • It keeps getting better!

            • Male or female? Just curious…

          • Hot debate over getting layed…. ????????

          • It looks like 5 didn’t.

            • LMAO!!!

          • Taken to a knew depth.

            • Every once in a while you just got to go…. and laugh a bit…. times are hard so have a bit of fun…

              • No Shit you do.

        • @UnSo:

          Here is some good news Sir.

          1. I finished my new shed today, and only drew blood once.

          2. I ate a cheeseburger for lunch, with so much cheese and grilled onions, my heart called 911.

          3. Since moving into the new homestead, I have lost fifteen pounds, I can almost see Mr. Dingus again.

          4. Just finished supper, leftover lasagna, mmmmm. Now I am going to clean the shotty, and the 357 before spending the evening with the missus.

          Hope that helps…..its the little things….

          …be safe….stay the course……BA.

          • Thanks for the silver lining, BA.

        • We all woke this morning; not sick; all parts working; we’re cool; we’re sheltered; we’re fed. 🙂

      10. Sounds like one of the points made is that high population density areas will be more susceptible to problems from this virus. Take note.


        • AWESOME… and now the story is on Drudg and Fox… the fun will realy begin…

      12. Umm…. Don’t go to China…. Don’t buy Chinese products.. Take a shower and wash your hands…. Enjoy life…. Prep….. Pray… and see a good movie… it’s the little things…

        • Oh and make some good lovin with the misses…

      13. It is not hard to conceive the physco’s in control would rid many of there skeletons in there closets by causing such a pandemic of global proportion. We can refuse gun confiscation , we can refuse taxation We can refuse starvation . But We cant refuse depopulation from world wars , or manufactured virus’s . It is the perfect way to depopulate while the upper echelon stay protected in there fortress’s. You want a vaccine come in or camps and we will help you just turn in your possessions at the gate they might be contaminated. Men on this side and woman on that side . Kids go to a different camp. Might sound a bit far fetched and out there but How could you not have that cross your mind given the current trends world leaders have shown . We know they are the sickest of the sick and perverted low down p.o.s. . Hell a guy who has a job scrubbing toilet scum with his hands has a more respectable job pos mafia banker owned puppet. ok breath now took a lot of wind to get that out.

      14. Zobees…. soon ….. can’t wait…. remember 2 to the head….

      15. The only protection for 99% of the population will be isolation – complete and total isolation and quarantine for any new arrivals. I’ll bet there is not one single person reading or connected with this blog who will be considered “essential” for vaccination in the event a superbug is turned or gets loose. So it’s simply YOYO folks. My plan is to grab my 2 kids and head for my retreat at the first sign of “it” hitting the fan, in other words I’m going to save time and panic early! And if it’s a false alarm? Shoot – a leisurely drive back to civilisation some days later aint gunna hurt a bit! A pandemic will happen sooner or later, that’s as sure as sunrise and sunset, and is one of my three SHTF world changing event concerns. #2 A financial meltdown is also as sure as night follows day but that could be a while away yet as TPTB dont want it to happen on their watch so they’ll keep propping the system up until it implodes. Again it’ll be YOYO. Global conflict is #3. Nothing much I can do about that, I’m too old for the Army anyway.

        Scary thought – maybe there is already a virus with a 80% fatality rate sitting securely in the laborotories of some nutcase in North Korea or Iran just waiting for ……? Germ warfare isnt new – been clandestinely worked on by the US, UK, USSR – even Hitler had a go at it nearly a century ago. Science has come a long way since then……..

        YOYO …. YOYO …..YOYO!! Got that?


      16. Damn.. it’s always the scientists with this shit.. I hate scientis

        • I am one of the evil scientists. When gasoline prices rise, I am the only one left smiling…as I walk the earth in my boots made of baby seal skin. Too many bleeding hearts hate the scientists but we keep the world turning round and round.

      17. can’t be any worse than the mutant viruses currently running this country

        • But, Insanity, we can’t do much about Congress!!

          • and why not? There is truly a feeling of helplessness in this nation … never give up.








        • Thanks for the reminder…I need to get a few more of these.

        • Remember these masks come in different sizes. You need the right size to be of any value.

        • Good thing I have three cases…. and mitral gloves… and multiple series of antibiotics… and multiple haz mat suits…. Most prepers have this stuff MR ALL CAPS…….

        • yeah the useless n95 mask LOL just put a paper towel over your face and use it it will be just as effective.

          Used to do asbestos abatement, had to take a few courses on Respirators. Piece of shit n95 you go on buy it trust your life with it….

          you want at least a .5 micron mask so you need one with cartridges or a class c self contained would be good

          • should of added alink to the pics 🙂


            you want at least the dual cartridge one and not the disposable one even tho those are ok not great but ok


            put on the mask and burn a nasty oil like banana oil letting the smoke move all around the seal line of the mask, if you smell it you need a different size mask or need to shave better. Bananna oil is great because if you smell it YOU WILL KNOW IT.

      19. A storm is coming: Sun’s poles are set to FLIP within four months and it could lead to bad weather and radio disruption

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      20. Back around 1918 there was a worldwide flu pandemic that killed 20 million people before there was air travel. A disease like that today could kill 200 million. The worst case scenario is when different people from different parts of the world start dying from the same disease at the same time.

      21. check around on EBAY for N95 masks also
        I’ve picked up a couple of cases at good prices

        and remember
        N95 masks dont last forever
        if your wearing one for several hours
        and it becomes moisture ladened from your breath
        its time to put on a new one

        ideally everyone would be “fit tested” for the proper size
        mask,as there are multiple types available

        but something is MUCH better than nothing

        and if you have a full beard or a lot of facial hair
        forget about getting a proper fit

        • HEPA filter “half-masks” are my preference, although I do have 40 of the N95 masks in storage. Just as you mentioned about the facial hair, even with the half-masks you are SOL unless clean shaven.

          You can buy new filters for the half mask and screw them on, two per mask. I used many at one point for asbestos removal paired with a 3M white hooded jumpsuit. Just walk around your neighborhood like that and you’ll surely scare your neighbors! I used to test it out on the riding mower for fun because I am allergic to grass. It takes a while to get used to breathing through a mask.

          • You’ll really scare your neighbors walking around in you hazmat jumpsuit with a .45 on your hip and AR slung over your shoulder.

        • A few years ago I bought a N100 mask. Was around $15.00. Does anyone know where I might find these any cheaper?

          • Amazon

      22. The world has about 6 billion people too many on it , so not seeing a problem here.

        • Moooo…..

      23. since most people can’t be “fit tested”

        at least do a user seal test

        if your mask doesn’t fit properly

        you have only the ILLUSION of protection

      24. One thing about the H7N9 virus is that it is connected to birds. More people have been infected through contact with birds than from other people. There may be changes in the distribution of this disease once birds begin their fall migration. I think this is something to pay attention to.

        Since it is spread by birds it might be very hard to contain. Suppose you wear a mask when you go out in public, only to find your flock of chickens have become infected from a passing flock of starlings? That could make it very tricky to control if it continues to mutate.

        The other concern is political. Already there are Chinese generals who are accusing the US as developing this as a bioweapon against the Chinese. It is not hard to imagine an epidemic in China leading to a response with a different bio agent or even cyber attacks or similar responses. China had already probably used a bio agent against the hog farmers in Taiwan (not confirmed but strongly suspected as a way to eliminate competition from Taiwan in agriculture)

        Right now, H7N9 does not appear to be a major threat. It is just one among many and it bears watching.

        • A few thoughts for preppers:-

          1. Keep your favourite cockeral and a few hens in a covered run if this kicks off.

          It isn’t beyond the wit of most of us to build one or two biosecure runs in order to at least protect our breeding stock in the event of a national bird flu outbreak. This link gives an example of what I’m talking about (I’d use coorugated iron or plastic for the roofing to deter redmite instead of the felt shown in these pictures).

          You may lose the majority of your flock but you’ll have something to rebuild your food stocks with AFTER the pandemic wave has passed your area by.

          2. Vermin control – doesn’t matter how society falls around you in a pandemic. History refers time and time again to common pests and parasites being a major transmission factor causing disaster time and time again. Deflea and worm the family dog like it’s a religious ritual on a regular basis. Ensure that rats, mice and other critters have no place on your property.

          Destroy any roach or other creepy crawly infestation as a matter of urgency. Invest in a few tubs of diatomaceous earth to sprinkle in high risk areas without harming your crawling baby or pets. If you have a choice – always purchase food grade DE, for maximum flexibility of use from the chicken coop to your kitchen. This stuff is still relatively cheap to purchase right now.

          3. Vinegar of the four thieves – google it and make up a bottle or two at home. This stuff helped a little during several plagues that swept Europe through the ages. Keep a demijohn in the cupboard for general disinfection, next to your collodial silver etc.

          4. Plain old soap and water + a good scrub has been proven to be far more effective hygiene wise than all these fancy smancy anti-bac over advertised products the MSM push at us. These fancy products actually erode our immune systems over time – don’t fall for this agenda 21 scam!

          Ensure you have sufficient supplies of SOAP, and a means of heating water. A few bars of carbolic & castille soap will last for ever, unlike the compounds in these fancy store spray bottles.

          For fun if you have time, learn to make soap. If nothing else it’s a handy skill come Xmas time as I find people will always purchase a few home made bars and this pays for my child’s Xmas pressies. Pin money skills today could become your main means of income post collapse.

          Every prepper can afford to stock up on a few nail brushes, hard brooms and scrubbing brushes + a few bars of non-brand soap. Store the soap in your airing cupboard for 6 months before use and each bar will last a little longer in an emergency.

          A daily sweep and mop of hard floors + shaking out the rugs will keep a home more hygienic than wall to wall plush carpets. This is especially true in regards to the vermin and pest populations that will erupt in many areas once regular garbage disposal is no longer taking place weekly. (in a pandemic regular services like this will break down).

          4. Quarantine – have you thought about which room of your home will allocated as a quarantine area? Even a tent out back could potentially save lives.

          None of these tips is specific to this virus. Anti-bac resistant TB is making a comeback in many parts of Europe and the vaccine is only 30% effective.

        • Not to argue but I was really involved in the fight against NAIS animal ID a few years back and had a lot of contact with political types and USDA state ag dept scientists and so on…everytime they brought up the bird transfer story Id ask for proof and it was always the same story…I had to take their word for it because they worked for the govt and I was only a farmer and they had sources that were so much smarter than my life experience or ability to research…and I did a lot of research and found out it was true…it was being spread by birds…only it wasn’t sparrows it was THEIR FREAKIN INFESTED DIRTY INDUSTRIAL FARM BIRDS(CHICKENS,MAINLY)…all one had to do was mark out the routes that the shippers hauled the birds to market on and you found the couridors where the disease was found…quite simple but highly embarrassing to the PTB… they did eventually acknowledge that this was true and for a coupla years they shut up about it…now theyre back with a similar story…not going to be fooled for a minute…sure biosecurity is a good thing on any farm…don’t let anyone from the govicorp on your farm…aside from that… most of this stuff is scare tactics designed to get people to demand the govt take over the farms and regulate all food right down to your back yard and they plan on it!

      25. N100 is even better. Home improvement stores sell respirators that you can change the n95 or n100 pre filters out on them when they clog up. They last a long time because there is a valve to keep breath moisture away from the filter cartridges. They also fit way better than a paper mask. I have used these for automotive painting. N95 means that it excludes 95% of particulates over 1 micron, or something like that. N100 is supposedly 100%.

        Hope this helps.

      26. This post is a tangent.

        I have seen recent information that the FDA is increasing its effort to make melatonin only available by prescription so you might want to stock up.

        Melatonin appears to be protective against radiation. I think it might be reasonable to take before having X-rays done. It is also good to have on hand if you are worried about any radiation from environmental sources. Some studies have shown it managing up to 70% of ionizing radiation when tested in mice.

        Melatonin also appears to be protective against Alzheimers disease -one of the few agents that I know of that does it. I suspect it may work better than most of the prescription products. It passes the blood brain barrier.

        Melatonin also stimulates cytokine production so it helps the immune system fight off infection. However, if the infection is worsening into a cytokine storm, I would stop the melatonin ASAP.

        Although melatonin is used to help people sleep, its effect is somewhat mild. Higher doses are not necessarily better. Melatonin does not directly induce sleep. It acts a regulator of body cycles, including sleep. So it is best to take it an hour or two before bed. Its effect for cycle regulation can be enhanced by a dark environment during sleep and light exposure on waking.

        There really hasn’t been much research done on melatonin so there is a lot we don’t know. However, it appears to be relatively safe. I just don’t know how long it will remain available to the general public.

        • thanks.
          I have a few months stocked, but will get more.
          I take it every night.
          puritan pride–free shipping.. and I found to be the best price.
          They did advertise here, but not in a while.

      27. The mass media lying to all of us. This should be a title of an article that anyone of us could write. Again and again the mass media lies to the public about what is really happening and the peril that the country or world could be in. This could be how they lie about the dangers of the size of the earthquake that is going to hit in California. They give a size of 7.7 because a 8 is way too frightening for tourism and real estate. There is the potential for a 8.4, but likely a 8.1-8.2 will hit.

        The mass media will lie to use about the potential of the New Madrid. Even Yellowstone is laughed off. They give odds of being killed for anything that might scare the public as astronomically near impossible. The actual odds of dying in a large asteroid impact are about the same as dying on a train wreck because the volume of death from an asteroid impact that is big enough is so huge and widespread globally or at least regionally. Skewed numbers.

        The other day I was trying to state that the mass media is trying to quell the public about the dangers of Hezbollah or some other terrorist organization bringing weapons of mass destruction from the battlegrounds of Syria over here or somewhere else. I was trying to point out just how the mass media lies to all of us about how these chemical weapons are no danger to the public because it would take such large amounts of them to destroy live. I showed that indoors this sh%^ is horrible and how we all need to take the dangers of these terrorists seriously. Maybe even catch someone before they can set something off. Mainly to NOT believe the mass media and the lies they tell.

        I have this little strange character named sam or seriously trying to say in a recent comment that I am trying to show some recipe or something to make this crap. I would not even touch one of the components of this ever. Yet in the mind of this disturbed person I am trying to say something entirely different. NO sam, or seriously, I am trying to point out that none of us should ever believe the mass media about the soft-pedalling that they feed everyone about the truth of any SHTF event.

        Just like I tried to help RICH99 get ready for hurricane Sandy in NY Long Island area last year when the mass media talked about how Sandy was going to be like the previous category Hurricane Irene because it was ONLY a category 1, this was completely not factual. Sandy had the pressure of 939 Mb at the lowest, this is a strong category 4 hurricane and this is exactly what happened to the east coast from not wind, but storm surge.

        The mass media is once again not to be at all believed. Same goes true with chemical or biological stockpiles from Syria, Libya, Iran, or other country that can refine these demonic clouds of death like no group of individuals could ever do, like that cult in Japan could not. You know sam or seriously, you need to read what I and others say, and stop believing piers morgan, wolf blitzer, and the others at CNN news and other mass media sources. The MSM lies to all of us, and this is what I and many others are trying to show to everyone else. This possible future pandemic is another example of this that the MSM will de-emphansize the possible significance of.

        • I agree with BI. On one hand, there are certain media elements that would latch onto an outbreak and go crazy until government officials step in and “do something”.

          And who knows if this is originating in the media, in the government, or in some large pharma company who wants to distribute supplies or test their latest vaccine?

          On the other hands, very serious threats are purposely downgraded or covered up. That is one thing that makes this site valuable. I hear about many problems here before it filters in from other sources.

          • Yep…. and don’t forget the cascadia fault BI…. that is going to be a party no one wants to go to…. a 9.2 full rip will put a 45-65 foot wave into sea side, newport, astoria, cannon beach… along with shaking at 7.1 in portland, both vancoovers, and seatle…

            • Lots of family there. When it happens hope they are all home.

      28. Hope it takes care of the Asian invasion.

      29. well, the regular flu kills 200K ppl/year or so.
        bird flu only killed a couple dozen/year
        swine flu? less than a handful a year?

        these ‘possible’ epedimics to me are constant media bluffings are just chaos to add to the mix. What else are they better at?

        Better safe than sorry (as usual), wear a mask 24/7?

      30. If the powers that be exist. China is 1.3 Billion or so. India 1.1 Billion. They will have to make up the bulk of the die off. Africa is 984 Million. There will be a huge die off there as aid from the world dries up.

        America is only 4.4% of the global population, a drop in the bucket.

        Some basic math, If there were an equal percentage die off country wise. A 500 Million world population is 1/14th survived. So that would leave 22 Million Americans.

        If they engineered a disease with a certain kill rate. I think we’d have more than 22 Million survive. Even with the stupid unprepared city folk.

      31. quote
        H.R.H. Prince Philip
        “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

        ― H.R.H. Prince Philip –
        Is it any wonder that the UK is experiencing trouble with viruses. Hmmm? Me thinkest not!

      32. Flu would be the worst kind of engineered disease. A properly designed disease would only work on certain groups of people. It could be designed to only work on people with West African ancestry. If it didn’t find those genes it would shut down. You also would want a disease where the victim was contagious but didn’t feel sick yet. That maximizes the spread of the disease. Then you’d want the disease to rapidly kill the patient once the contagious period is over. I don’t believe we’ve ever had an engineered disease released on the planet.

      33. I’m not worried at all about the flu. Even if it becomes a pandemic. I’m self-employed. I buy and sell things online. I have to go to the post office to ship packages every weekday and to the UPS Store to pick up my packages but other than that I don’t have much contact with the public. A school teacher or nurse or an EMT would have a very dangerous job during a pandemic.

      34. a little off this topic but something after reading about I have been toying with, mine is only about 8 by 10 and is set up with two raised beds one on either wall. I also installed sliding smoked polycarb glass for shading instead of the cloth he was speaking of, but is just a trial and error experiment. A MUST SEE AND READ FOR ALL with even a little land it can be done.

      35. Stock up on the N95 masks now – because if it hits here they will be gone in a second and it will be 10 bucks a mask on the street buy them by the case for your family MOVE TO THE COUNTRY NOW!

        • @geo
          Any suggestions as to where to move to?

      36. There is also the question of timing. Suppose you an evi government elitist bastard that wants a massive population die off from your “killer” virus, when would be the ideal time to infect the population? If I was writing a horror novel, I would do it on Black Friday at the major malls. It would be an ideal setting, lots of distracted people, focused on shopping till the drop for the best deals, packed in a very confined space. Perfect for infecting the maximum amount in the shortest amount of time. Add to this the folks doing the disease spending are willing to die for the cause, maybe muslims who get a special blessing and permission from their imams. Talk about being the ultimate martyr. Why blow yourself up when you infect and kill off millions of the infidels? Scary. And to make it more interesting, let’s say same imam, tells our would be bio-jihadist that, in addition, he now has special permission to do every single damn thing that the koran forbids, if it helps in infecting the infidels. Happy nightmares one and all.

        • Plus all the holiday travelers that time of year.

      37. I recommend all go to youtube and look up The History Channel’s docudrama “After Armegeddon.” It is nine parts and worth the watch. It centers around a family of three while a pandemic takes its toll on society.

      38. The current case fatality rate for H7N9 is around 44% you can find lots of information about this and the coronavirus (this is another one to watch) which has affected people in saudi arabia, tunisia, germany, france and the uk on A product that I have been looking at is resveratrol which has been scientifically proven to reduce influenza A by 98% and appears to be more effective than Tamiflu with no side effects but you have to buy it in a form that stays in your bloodstream for 12 hours. You can find the research and further info on this also on I live in the UK and am concerned that my govt plans during a pandemic to continue to allow mass gatherings in order to keep the economy going which is the stupidest thing I ever heard. The best and most important thing you can do next to handwashing with hand sanitiser (must be 60% alcohol) is social distancing.

      39. Maudy is afraid of MERS. She had a bad rash on her big old butt. She thought MERS stood for Maudys’ Extra Raw Spot. After drinking a half-bottle of Jack, the rash went away. Maudy shood have been a doctor.

      40. As background radiation levels rise, so will the rate of mutation. I would expect an increase in the rate of mutations in the environment due to Chernobyl, and the 100X worse Fukyshima incident. Perhaps this will increase the probability of evolving a successful (from the virus standpoint) pandemic class virus.

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