Scientists: The Globe’s Food Supply System Is Broken

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    The world’s science academics are saying that the global food supply system is completely broken. They say that in order to avoid a “climate catastrophe” the global population should overhaul the farming system and eat less meat.

    Billions of people worldwide are either underfed or overweight. The current food system fails to properly nourish all of these people. And that is currently driving the planet towards a climate catastrophe, according to 130 national academies of science and medicine across the world. More than 820 million people went hungry last year, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, while a third of all people did not get enough vitamins. At the same time, 600 million people were classed as obese and 2 billion overweight, with serious consequences for their health. On top of this, more than 1 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, a third of the total produced.

    “The global food system is broken,” said Tim Benton, professor of population ecology, at the University of Leeds, who is a member of one of the expert editorial groups which produced the report. He said the cost of the damage to human health and the environment was much greater than the profits made by the farming industry. “Whether you look at it from a human health, environmental or climate perspective, our food system is currently unsustainable and given the challenges that will come from a rising global population that is a really [serious] thing to say,” Benton said.

    And while these are all horrible problems, without vast reductions in individual freedom and liberty (such as the liberty to decide what to eat and how much) the problem won’t resolve.  Solutions are, of course, more totalitarian intervention to save people from themselves.

    For example, another member of the IAP editorial group, Aifric O’Sullivan, from University College Dublin, said: “We need to ensure that policymakers inform consumers about the climate impacts of their food choices, provide incentives for consumers to change their diets, and reduce food loss and waste.”  But information hasn’t changed minds yet, or the American population would not be mostly overweight or obese.

    According to The Guardian, the global food system is responsible for one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than all emissions from transport, heating, lighting, and air conditioning combined. The global warming this is causing is now damaging food production through extreme weather events such as floods and droughts, said scientists involved in a new report. Providing a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly diet for all people will require a radical transformation of the system, says the report by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP). This will depend on better farming methods, wealthy nations consuming less meat, and countries valuing food which is nutritious rather than cheap.

    The report, which was peer-reviewed and took three years to compile, sets out the scale of the problems as well as some potential solutions. Of course, thanks to lobbying, don’t expect much to change. Suggestions and solutions include convincing (or forcing through threats of violence/legislation) people to eat less dairy and meat products. Other potential solutions include crops that are more resilient to climate change, smarter crop rotation, soil protection, better use of fertilizers, and lowering the use of pesticides. It also backs innovation such as laboratory-grown meat and insect-based foods.


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      1. And on top of that, Biosludged has been released (finally).


      2. I ain’t gonna crop grass with Mr. ED…Period. Them brand muffin eaters, Ewell Gibbons jackasses can. I’ll eat my steak and/or venison.

        • Reper sleeper, same here. I’ve been a meateater all my life and will die with some kind of meat in my system.

          • I can put some meat in your system

            • Deplorable ReneTard likes ‘dem big ‘n meaty ones…

              • You and anonymous oughta know about sharing each other’s sausage.

        • Maranatha, we already pay a sales tax when we buy meat, whether in the supermarket or a meal in a restaurant. I’m gonna have my meat regardless.

          • Just eat a snowflake, after you clean and cook them not much left.

        • Taxes are often used as a way to modify people’s habits. So if they want a tax on meat, find something of theirs to tax in return.

      3. Does anybody believe the climate catastrophe lie anymore?

        For years we have had to listen to GLOBAL WARMING. Now that has failed to produce anything they changed the name to CLIMATE CHANGE. Now I read we will be entering into a mini-ice age.

        These assholes need to get their lies strait.

        • Thats true! You never have to change the “TRUTH”!

          • Genius, what is global warming? Some lardass blowing hot air, LOL.

            • Too many beans?

              Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opening you gave me.

        • Apparently somebody does.
          Last year I watched a farmers crew pushing over mature trees alongside the edge of a creek with a dozer and shoving them up into piles.
          I knew from growing up in the area that there was red and white oak,ash,hickory,walnut, pecan and cherry trees all along that creek….not to mention a bevy of pulpwood.So I stopped to ask what was going on.
          The foreman said they were going to burn them.
          I made a couple of calls to see if i could get a logging crew in there to harvest the trees.The farmer flat out refused saying he didnt want loggers tearing up his fields.After the trees laid in piles over the winter they were doused with diesel fuel and set on fire.
          Using google earth i measured along the creek and they had taken out roughly 5.5 miles of trees and burned them
          Theres no way in hell they burned that many trees bordering a tributary without getting a permit from EPA/Corp Of Engineers

          I ran in to the farmers youngest son at a party a month or so later and ask him what was up with all that.
          He said the trees were shading the crops and had to be removed to increase production. Also he noted that most people have no idea about the pressure they are under to increase production…and left it at that.

        • This seems like a hostile cli mate in here

        • assholes….you mean vegans?

        • A few years ago when record cold engulfed much of the midwest, Al Gore announced “The cold IS the warming…”

      4. Hmmmm, GMO lab grown meat? Insects? Meh, I’ll just kill something and eat it. Cow farts causing bad weather? What about Infidel and his earth shaking farts (had to throw that in lol)? I have a better idea! Get rid of the useless eaters and moochers! Nah, never happen….

        • Actually, cows CAN’T fart–if gas builds in their system, intervention by a veterinarian is required to save its life. Gas pressure would otherwise increase until the intestines burst. Global Warming laws that tax cow farts are just a legal instrument to steal more money from us, while claiming it’s our own fault…

      5. I don’t have anywhere else to post this:

        On this site’s home page there is an ad bar that runs down the left-hand side. Just above the SHTFPlan ad featuring the soldier with goggles is a click-bait ad showing a guy holding his girlfriend off the side of a cliff. The implication being that she will fall to her death if he lets go. IF YOU CLICK ON THE AD IT WILL TAKE YOU TO A WEB BROWSER HIJACK THAT DEMANDS A RANSOM TO FREE YOUR COMPUTER.

        • I once tried to let Mac know of all the dead, misdirecting, or dangerous links for the website listings off to the side on the left.

          SHTF Wiki – dead link – like it was when I notified a year+ ago. Nothing will get done. Just don’t click any unknown link is all.

          • Maybe Mac clicked on one of the links on this site, and now his computer is hijacked and he can’t get back to any of us (SARC)…

      6. and yet right here in my State (Florida) they arrest persons who try to feed people or confiscate the food people cook for those homeless or hungry. Same’s happening all over this country. But…. we sure will fork out the bucks for the poor immigrants or indolents of our society. Seems most of the women I see in those groups could stand to lose a pound or two.

        • I once tried to let Mac know of all the dead, misdirecting, or dangerous links for the website listings off to the side on the left.

          SHTF Wiki – dead link – like it was when I notified a year+ ago. Nothing will get done. Just don’t click any unknown link is all.

        • Whers big mama that was doing jumpin jacks in here yesterday? I want to hit that. She is fine

      7. what about soilent green?

      8. “Eat less meat”. Bunch of do gooders vegetarians crying again.
        Screw them give me MORE MEAT!!!!!!

        They will say Cow Farts is what is causing global warming. I beg to deferrer with them. Have you ever been around a bunch of guys in a hunting or fishing camp. Cows don’t stand a chance against them.


        • Always be upwind of a bunch of boy scouts in their camp as well. 😀

      9. I beg to differ I believe climate catastrophe and geoengineering it’s causing the food chain to break

        • But you don’t say why you believe that. What catastrophe? Who says the “food chain” is broken? Perhaps it is the same climate change scam artists.

          • I see chem trails daily in coastal sc. I do not buy into the vlimate change hype , someone is trying to alter the weather consciously.

      10. “without vast reductions in individual freedom and liberty”

        And there it is.
        If they say it over and over people will have that in their minds, and believe it after a time.

        So, after years of seeing this over and over in different stories (or has it already been years and we are here now?) the sheeple aill just agree with whatever they are told to do “to fix the (made up) problem.

      11. The world’s human population has increased by almost 6 billion since I was born in 1950, what do they expect…!

      12. What a surprise, more jerks trying to tell other people what to do. They need to worry about their own damn selves and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

      13. I actually read this post entirely, even past this section;
        “without vast reductions in individual freedom and liberty (such as the liberty to decide what to eat and how much) the problem won’t resolve. Solutions are, of course, more totalitarian intervention to save people from themselves.”
        Sounds like a typical Liberal Democrat.
        I say to them Molon Labe!

      14. Walmart alone is outstripping the food supply and a large portion goes right out in the dumpster.

      15. Why do we learn history. The threeish honor roll students in the whole school gave the same rote, parroted answer; to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

        What if the problems of the present day have been solved, already, by a more-pragmatic culture.

        Regarding monetary inflation and the food supply …

        Which commodity is forever constant — *time. You cannot make more hours, in the day. They cannot all disappear.

        Where does *time fit in…

        From Rev 6:6
        “A measure (choinix) of wheat for a penny (dēnarion), and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

        choenix — a dry measure, containing four cotylae or two setarii (less than our quart, one litre) (or as much as would support a man of moderate appetite for a *day)

        dēnarion — From the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, it would seem that a denarius was then the ordinary pay for a *day’s wages.

        Have you ever noticed that influential people (why are they so influential) can’t physically afford to feed their subordinates…
        Under *timocracy, social rank was decided by the amount of food you could produce for the country.

        Ag commodities were pared with *time, ie. how much have you produced over a certain period.

        Some of our microcurrency pays all professions, equally, based solely on the amount of time they have spent. Their units of measures are called “hours”.

      16. “laboratory-grown meat and insect-based foods.”

        Protein still results from a metabolism, meaning that it eats, excretes, and breaths.

        fwiw, farms would ideally copy the nitrogen cycle, from nature, creating a balance not found in factory production.

        • The alternative choices would still create an equivalent amount of metabolic waste, per useful protein.

          Using earthworm protein meal as an example (which has found it’s way into the human food supply) their farms produce nitrogen waste, possibly rich enough to burn plants.

          You have to eat the energy equivalent of whatever the land animal ate, causing you to leave an equivalent footprint.

          During a recent hurricane, ponds full of pig waste were a cause for concern. In sufficient numbers, smaller creatures would cause the same issue. The low morale famine food causes the same trouble as the feast.

      17. Meat eaters are not pushing McDonalds or a good New York Cut down the throats of the vegetarians. Why are the vegans doing everything they can to get rid of meat? Tired of these libtards.

        The truth of the matter is quite simple. Producers simply cannot produce enough meat to feed demand. They don’t have enough land or water. So, we get growth hormones and our children entering puberty earlier and earlier. The percentage of processed food in our diet doubles in 40-years, from just over 30-percent to over 60-percent in 2018. The drinkable water supply keeps shrinking and shrinking.

        All this would stop if the world population was cut in half. It’s not hard. There are already way too many people. We can feel it. If the population of the US was halved back to 150-million people life would be a pleasure. Hamburgers and steaks would be cheap and plentiful.

        • What if you aren’t one of the 150 million left?

      18. Climate change scientists need to be sacrificed at the altar of Baal at Bohemian Grove. Feed their remains to the starving children. That’s a start. Bring in the useless eaters at United Nations and do the same as with the climate change scientists. Feed hungry children with the remains of climate change scoundrels, liars, and agenda 21/30/50 scam artists.



        • This is sarcasm above. I wouldn’t harm a fly.

          However these climate change types are a danger because unlike some person like me with no power, these people do have power. People take the things they say, no matter how rediculous, as valid because they are considered experts in their fields.

          Agenda 21 is not a theory. It is being played out using the creation of a crisis, implementation of a solution toward a specific goal.

          To totally enslave the earth’s population requires a plan. This plan named an agenda for the twenty first century is population reduction, culling the herd. The plan is almost completely in place. The main objective is to regulate guns and make all Americans citizens a criminal. Being done ✅. Dumb down the people with stupid entertainment and a skinnerian education. Demonize National Loyalty to one’s own Country. Create regional rather than City, County, State Government. Hide Agenda21 under other names.

          They want us off the land so they can steal it.

          All the starvation in the world is directly related to the deliberate actions of the very people who want to steal our homes and our land.

          Farmers are being squeezed.

          Ranchers are being squeezed.

          Open border policies is the only reason that the USA population has grown.
          Stop importing people and the USA can let cattle roam free on the land owned by Americans.

          Globalists are liars and thieves. Sustainable cities, climate bull-shit.


      19. Most of the feed meat animals consume isn’t platable for human consumption. Example Goats eat browse and can turn it into meat & milk and to boot you get natural fertilizer in the form on nanny goat berries. A cow can compost a great amount of ruffage that is common everyplace and turn it into a great compost cow patty. that patty can be fertilizer or fuel when placed in a methane generator. Or simply dried and burned. A balanced diet contains meat. I like my bacon and burger and its good tasting.

      20. The next time a vegan or a vegetarian or a macrobiotic weirdo starts spewing about eating meat and saving the planet, ask them the following.

        The first thing Chinese folks do when they make more pay is buy pork. Are you going to tell them what to eat…too?

        What are the economic, political, and social ramifications of your diet on the 3rd world who produces these items?

        If what you say is true, why are you not growing your own food?

      21. I can hardly wait to dig into a plate of fried grasshoppers and a bowl of mealworms, all topped off with some chocolate covered ants.

        • Selco says gravy made everything taste better…

          so yes! chocolate on everything.

          • In survival camp we made stew as the fat is saved, the flavors blend so even offal tastes better, and some things are not recognizable then. And any broth makes it seem like more meat is in it. You’ll run out of flour and cornstarch but the Native Americans used other thickeners like blueberries and cattail root.

              Sometime y’all might want to try Kentucky Burgoo. It possibly originally came from Virginia but that’s a matter of debate as Kentauteh was originally decared part of Virginia while it was Native American terriitory to the Shawnee and Cherokee and several others.

              • Burgoo has been teasingly called road kill stew but today typically has beef, pork, and chicken in it. The first documented had blackbirds in it.

                Historically it had snake, squirrel, porcupine, racoon, oppossum, even bear in it (as it was whatever got trapped or hunted )but generally had some livestock meat. Personally I think mutton, squirrel, lima beans, onions, ripe tomatoes, and corn ought to be in it and spiced with mace. Good burgoo is THICK and sticks to your ribs.Cornbread and pan fried apple pies made from dehydrated apples are traditionally eaten with it.

                If you ever make fried apple pies(they look like turnovers) made with pearl lard and butter(you have to be a good chef to keep them from burning), your family will INSIST you make them often. It’s delicious camping food made in a cast iron skillet.

          • I will have to keep that in mind when necessity presents itself.

      22. While I completely agree that “The Globe’s Food Supply System Is Broken”, I do so for different reasons.

        When you live in an area and go to your local market here in the US but are surrounded by produce and meat that is from other countries, I’d say the system is broken.

        I believe we all need to be eating more local food and seasonal food.

        I live in the Midwest and cannot get fish from the Gulf but my store is full of fish from Indonesia and Honduras. THAT makes no sense to me.

        During the peak growing season here in the Midwest I can find all kinds of fruits and veggies from California or Mexico in my local store, but none from my local area.
        I do shop local growers, farmers markets etc. but this produce and meat and cheese should be what stocks our local stores as well.

        Each state should sell locally what each state produces and cut down on imports. It would help the farmers and it would help the consumers.

      23. Let them eat cake! I’ll take my inch thick steak any day! You want to fix the food supply? QUIT HAVING SO MANY BABIES!
        Look at any area where people are going hungry and it is directly caused by mass breeding! Having 6 brats when you can’t even feed one!

      24. Vegans frequently suffer from a much wider variety of mental illnesses due to a deficiency of brain supporting nutrients. I learned this at a lecture presentation by a highly educated researcher. Watch and listen to the people with these eating habits. It will become obvious and doesn’t take a rocket scientist if you just listen.

      25. The professors in this article are singing the Deep State song of 1996, when the U.N. drafted the HUD policiy for “eat less meat” and “increase legume intakes”… Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center blew the whistle on the HUD document. China requested the draft. I contacted both Senator Thurmond and Rep. Lindsey Graham for a copy of that document. Neither chose to deliver it. So, I asked Tom for a copy of it. It is archived. The food supply will be fine, as long as Americans stop “believing” the United Nations and its bogus “science”. Sincerely, R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences

      26. The professors in this article are singing the Deep State song of 1996, when the U.N. drafted the HUD policy for “eat less meat” and “increase legume intakes”… Tom DeWeese from the American Policy Center blew the whistle on the HUD document. China requested the draft. I contacted both Senator Thurmond and Rep. Lindsey Graham for a copy of that document. Neither chose to deliver it. So, I asked Tom for a copy of it. It is archived. The food supply will be fine, as long as Americans stop “believing” the United Nations and its bogus “science”. Sincerely, R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences

      27. I get tickled because back in the seventies vegetarians discovered that monks and nuns would eat vegetarian because of vows of poverty. Their sources were milk and gluten from wheat. But the former is rejected by many, not only due to issues with digestion but with odd ethical concerns, and the latter is demonized as an ABSURD amount of people think they have gluten allergies. Well I was taught that celiac disease was rare.

        Now…it’s somewhat true that GMO food like corn and wheat can cause fatty tumors (lipomas) in rats that EXCLUSIVELY ate diets of solely that.

      28. This report about the production of food causing global warming is as tangible as bovine flatulence! …Therefore wealthy countries need to eat less meat? Seriously?! This is propaganda from the Globalist UN Agenda 21/2030 sustainability crowd. I’m disappointed that you would push this garbage. I do believe crop losses are increasing due to climate chaos, which will increase.

      29. Wouldnt be broken if people had gardens and dealt with farmers, farms, and had a Chicken or 2.. some many Americans are far ftom it or haven’t ever tried

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