Scientists: Robots Could be Programmed to Kill You ‘For the Greater Good’

by | May 14, 2014 | Headline News | 116 comments

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    As the United Nations debates legislation that could outlaw ‘killer robots’, scientists predict that artificially intelligent systems could one day decide to kill humans “for the greater good.”

    In an article for Popular Science, Erik Sofge outlines a scenario whereby robot cars would decide to sacrifice their human owner in order to prevent a collision that could kill more people.

    A front tire blows, and your autonomous SUV swerves. But rather than veering left, into the opposing lane of traffic, the robotic vehicle steers right. Brakes engage, the system tries to correct itself, but there’s too much momentum. Like a cornball stunt in a bad action movie, you are over the cliff, in free fall.

    Your robot, the one you paid good money for, has chosen to kill you. Better that, its collision-response algorithms decided, than a high-speed, head-on collision with a smaller, non-robotic compact. There were two people in that car, to your one. The math couldn’t be simpler.

    Sofge cites an opinion piece by Patrick Lin, an associate philosophy professor and director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at California Polytechnic State University, in which Lin delves into the “legally and morally dangerous paths” presented by the emergence of robotic vehicles.

    Aside from Google cars and other autonomous forms of transportation, the question of giving robot soldiers a license to kill has raged for years and is currently the subject of a highly anticipated debate in New York being overseen by the U.N.’s Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

    The UN body’s role in banning blinding laser weapons for battlefield use in the 1990′s has led to speculation that legislation banning the use of drone soldiers could be in the works.

    “All too often international law only responds to atrocities and suffering once it has happened,” said Michael Moeller, acting head of the U.N.’s European headquarters in Geneva. “You have the opportunity to take preemptive action and ensure that the ultimate decision to end life remains firmly under human control.”

    Last year, award-winning military writer and former intelligence officer Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer penned an essay warning of the threat posed by remorseless “killer robots” that will be used to stalk and slaughter human targets in the near future.

    Pryer’s comments echo those of Noel Sharkey, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield, who has repeatedly warned that the robots currently being developed under the auspices of DARPA will eventually be used to kill.

    In a 50-page report published in 2012, Human Rights Watch also warned that artificially intelligent robots let loose on the battlefield would inevitably commit war crimes.

    Michael Cahill, a law professor and vice dean at Brooklyn Law School, welcomed the idea of autonomous robots with the power to make life or death decisions on behalf of humans, but acknowledged that such a society could resemble a science fiction nightmare.

    “The beauty of robots is that they don’t have relationships to anybody,” stated Cahill, adding, “They can make decisions that are better for everyone. But if you lived in that world, where robots made all the decisions, you might think it’s a dystopia.”

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      1. OMG..Dianne Fuckstien is ALIVE.

        • No. She’s a robot programmed to screw you for the “greater good.”

          • A computer can be programmed to simply fulfill a function. Emotions, a soul, have to be progammed into any computer, otherwise it is basically just an off and off switch which quadrillions of them are saying yes or no. A robot is nothing but a machine working the same as a tractor, to get a job done. They don’t feel, they only move within their own parameters that a human determines what they do. Evil humans, and there are plenty of them, don’t even have to program in wickedness. They just have to use a robot like a drone to kill.

            I think this theme, haunting as it is, perfectly puts over what we are going towards, with or without the use of robots:

            The Theme to Terminator 2: Judegment Day.


            • BI,
              Judgement Day the day Skynet became self-aware,
              Remember the old movie Colossus the Forbin Project from the late 70’s ?

              I personally have seen a DARPA project called “Big Dog” adsolutely stuff nightmares are made of
              This is not speculation battle field robotics do exist and are being weaponised.

              Strange days for sure . We are all John Connor


              Semper Fi 8541

            • Stephen Hawking has issued a warning regarding mankind’s quest for artificial intelligence. He says in the end man may not be able to control its creation as Robots will out think, outsmart and out create man WITH NO LIMITATIONS to it’s survival.

              • As much as I hate the Quickbooks program at work and constantly curse the day it was “conceived”, I can see the day when it finally decides that I need to go!!!

                How ironic!

            • Kinda like our alleged president

              • For Who’s Greater Good? This part of the NWO’s devious plan to depersonalize their extermination policy of eliminating 95% of all human life.

            • As a computer programmer, I tell you now:


              or the robots. Or any device. Its not the metal that is truly heartless, its the soul-less piece of shit who decided that its in “our best interest” to put our lives in their hands

              This is just another way for some elitist snob to try to make OUR decisions for us. Because of course, they know so much better than we do how to plan our lives

            • Hi BI…
              Remember 2001 a Space Odyssey ?


              If you’ve never seen it, its worth a look. Wonderful 1960’s scifi… ultimately about not being alone in the Universe… with a subplot about a computer that went mad because its humans gave it conflicting orders.

              Then as now, ultimately, computers should never be made smarter than the men who operate them, at least, with the ability to make these kinds of decisions… They are tools, and should remain tools, under strict controls.

              Compare this with Star Trek. Their computers were tools, much more easily programmable by voice, but, still tools. In all cases, where a tool gets too smart, it also gets too big for its britches, the side effects aren’t worth the effort. Imagine a three year old, with the power of life and death…

              I would be in favor of an international convention, that says, anybody who creates a machine, with the capability of becoming self aware and intelligent, faces the death penalty. It is that important.

              That includes f*ing driverless cars.
              That’s why Hal went mad in the movie, f*ing humans not understanding their own creation. Mostly, these AI guys, want bragging rights, they give a crap about side effects, and they always forget to install a f*ing ‘AI OFF’ SWITCH.

              • I have devoted a very large percentage of my time to researching AI and the Singularity. It has since become one of the top reasons I prep. When you learn how close they are to awakening a true entity, you will be shocked. They complain, or brag, they only lack sufficient programming! It is my solid belief that something already is out there in some gov lab. I know most people scoff at this possibility, but just read a few pop-sci magazines. They act like it is the best, most awesome thing to EVER happen. In their race to be first, some slip in security will cost us God only knows. I watch Ray Kurzwiels site, it would probably be revealed there first. He teamed up with google to bring this about, imagine what resources they bring to the party!
                Standing ready in Daytona

        • you white people are evil

          • Who you callin’ white, kimosabe?

          • Yeah, and screwie louie “Motherwheel” farricunt is Gods Right Hand. Isn’t that right?

          • *blushing* Well gawsh.. thank you. I do try SO hard. *curtsy*

          • Lowell, go f#$% yourself!

        • Mark, when the snow melts I’ll meet you at Dead Indian Pass, down by the bridge. And we’ll make plans for the upcoming revolution. Trekker Out.

          • Yeah I really see you keyboard commandos revolutionizing after going AWOL at the armed march on washington and the Nevada standoff.

            • Rottencrotch, what got your panties in a bunch? You can meet with us down by the bridge if you want. Trekker Out.

              • Old man,

                I’ve been wanting to take you under the bridge for a long time. Something about that wool coat and your open carry.

                Abuse the elderly.

                ‘Crotch out.

                • What wool coat!

                • Hey Eisen, your back. Where you been?

            • Rottencrotch, go f#$% yourself!

        • Anonymous (another one)… are you SURE she is alive? She looks pretty inanimate to me (like Frankenstein!!)

        • I’ve just now started buying silver coins (found some at pawn shop and thrift store). I bought a 1964 Kennedy half dollar for around $11.00. I think I got ripped off, according to Internet site. Did I pay too much?

          (I have tried a couple times to purchase from JM Buillion but didn’t work because my address is different from Bank location- in another state).

          • Well Anon, Pre1965 junk silver coins are worth about 13X face, so you be the judge. Trekker Out.

        • If robots could kill people for the greater good, wouldn’t politicians be the first to go?

          They don’t produce anything but hot air and are highly inefficient.


      2. And they can be reprogrammed to shoot the other direction.

        • Programmed robots = DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, SSA, IRS, NOAA, POLICE, SHERIFF, need I say more

          • You’ve got a point, Jasmine.

      3. Great SARS, MERS now robots!!!!

      4. First WE form a hit team of robots to take out the NWO PTB . After all, they can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards.

        Death to the New World Order. 🙂

        • Hitlary is a lizard person from the show V.

          • Then why is she so #$^&*@ ugly.

          • The molding team couldn’t cast a prettier exterior? No wonder Slick Willie has to tomcat around!

      5. I can say first hand(Been to the IRobot lab 6yrs ago) that very lethal combat robots already exist, it’s just that TPTB haven’t asked for them yet.

        • The currant template of how combat robots will be deployed could be implemented very quickly. Robots would work in tandem with human Soldiers who would carry a micro soldier tag that would identify them as friendly forces, all others would be considered an active threats.

          Robots would be equipped with counter sniper radar allowing them to ID and fire within seconds, with all manner of light to heavy weapons, as I stated before this tech already exists and all that remains is to request it and once that starts money will be freed up for rapid R&D that will only speed up the lethality.

      6. First of all….once any of this stuff were to start…any and all of these above-the-law “intelligensia” and their technically talented mercenary minions…their friends, family, possessions, homes, assets etc. would all be on the menu for any armed patriot seeking payback.

        All these idiots have to do to seal their own doom is to push their agenda far enough that all of the preppers, threepers, patriots, tea partiers (and all other categories of Americans that the God dammed useless idiot liberals have pidgeon-holed as opponents to their fucked-up fantasy of a utopia)that all of us just say “fuck it….it’s now or never” and start taking human trophies….

        They can start “it” from a point of assumed technological and class superiority with their robots, drones, surveillance and up-armored mercenaries and rental-cops….but just like Germany in WW2…once the opposition gets organized & pulls the plug on the bad guys’ ability to expand / maintain / improve their arsenal, quantity will once again prove that it has a quality all it’s own.

        • PLEASE don’tcategorize all liberals as anti- the revolution!! they are just as smart as you when it comes to the downfall of our country…and in other ways, even smarter than you’ll. Not every democrat is opposed to guns– we are as upset as you’ll are over the police state tactics which both the republipukes and democrat politicians have put into place. (Remember this all started with Bush and Darth Vadar– Cheney, that is!!)
          — previous democrat but now just a citizen of the Earth who is being screwed by both parties!

          • I’ll stop criticizing ALL liberals when I hear even ONE say anything that isn’t retarded….

            • MXLord327, I’m with you on that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

      7. I wonder if the robots will be programed with real math or common core math ? You know my car has 1 + 1 people that equals 5 to your 3.
        It does not matter if it is outlawed or not. They want to outlaw guns but keep theirs, so why not outlaw killer robots but build them for their military anyways.

        • Now that really scares me, fish&mud. Common Core C programs. We’re all dead.

        • No, they will use metric for the operating system programming but the positioning sensors will be calibrated in inches and feet.

          Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

          • Rest assured if you take out a robot you will have a 5×10 living quarters for the duration of your stay here on earth.
            Meanwhile a robot and it’s programmer/handler will always be immune from prosecution for the murderous action of killing your family.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Miss DeeDee, first they have to be able to take me alive before doing anything and that’s not going to happen.

              • I don’t think you will have to worry about it. If you kill one of their machines, you will not be in a box, unless they need to run some experiments. You would be dead. But just on the remote chance, I’m with you RB. They are not taking me alive. I might even get a couple more in the process.

      8. ionized water (salt water) sprayed inside of any hi-tech electronic/mechanical device will destroy it. Either that or just blow up the factories and / or execute the technicians that put them into the field.

        • There are acrylic and silicone resin conformal coatings that can be applied to circuit boards that will stand up to salt water. The trick would be making sure you can get it inside the connectors.

      9. This will call for mobile and short ranged emp weapons to destroy them.

        That or youd need a shiat ton of firepower to stop them.

        • Or a pulse phased plasma rifle in the 40 gigawatt range .

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Punk,

            it’s a “phased plasma rifle with 40 watt range”.

            Get your sperminator lore right, ‘tard.

        • Flame throwers. Electronics/computers hate heat.

          • Just unplug em.

            • I’ll plug em alright.

              • My beloved “Bertha” should be able to take a robot out very nicely.

      10. >>”Michael Cahill, a law professor and vice dean at Brooklyn Law School, welcomed the idea of autonomous robots with the power to make life or death decisions on behalf of humans, but acknowledged that such a society could resemble a science fiction nightmare.”<<

        Lunatic. It's all well and good, until you're on the receiving end of robotic "justice" Professor Cahill, and then it's too late to object. I'm sure this certified moron loves the idea of a disarmed society.

        • people like him won’t be around very long if their ideas are ever implemented by TPTB….

          everybody on this board should remember this dickhead’s name…where he teaches…his home address…family size etc.

          • Risky Whiskey,

            With people like Professor Cahill in positions to mold minds and shape public opinion, is there any wonder why our society is so screwed up?

            At this rate of social unraveling, there may come a day when folks here on this forum could be arrested for being sane as we saw in ‘1984’.

            • I’m no fan of either of the dominate political parties but how loudly and what would the positions of the likes of this Professor Cahill be if Bush and Cheney were spending billions of taxpayers money on these DARPA toys.
              It just shows how hypocritical the Liberals can be and how they can’t see themselves in a mirror.
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • Miss DeeDee,

                Well said. I think it shows that progressives on both sides of the aisle have far more in common than they have differences. Actions speak louder than words.

        • “Welcomed the idea” of a “science fiction nightmare.” I guess that’s what you get when you mix a lyin’ lawyer with a pointy-headed professor.

          • He must have never read any Heinlein. Stranger in a Strange Land when TPTB shut down the robotic taxi to trap Jubal Harshaw who was becoming a major irritant to the govt goons. I will never own any car that has an online computer or GPS.

            Low-tech and remain free.

            • It seems Robert Heinlein was pre-sentient in his writings we are rapidly evolving into his vision of the future , no wonder he was considered the most influential and greatest Science Fiction writer of the 20 th century.

              The Moon is a harsh mistress is a classic and it bears a parallel to today’s world condition.
              Fifth Column shows what is possible when resistance is patient and fights on its own terms .
              Farnams Freehold shows OS**ts utopia he wants to build and its consequences .
              StarShip Troopers shows what is possible .

              Some times History is stranger than fiction.

              “You can never conquer a freeman you can only kill him ”
              “you really own only what you can carry in both hands at a dead run”
              Robert Heinlein

              Semper Fi 8541

        • Definition of book smart but real life stupid, that Prof Cahill bloke.

      11. To determing whether you’re being killed by fascist or communist robots, try to find out if the robots are killing you ‘for the good of the State’ or ‘for the good of the People. ‘

        If it’s for the State, you are being killed by fascist robots; if it for the People, you are being killed by communist robots.

        • How we gonna know if it’s a fascist robot or a communist robot if they all have 3 -D facial masks that look like Leo Salvaggio featured on SHTFPlan- on 05/13/14.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Miss DeeDee, it won’t matter. Robots will be fair game and targets of opportunity in my view.

      12. Wow. Reminds me of this film I saw back in 1984. Knew we were in trouble day I saw it. It was only a matter of time…

        Kyle Reese: Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

        Kyle Reese: He’s not a man – a machine. A Terminator. A Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.

        Sarah Connor: A machine? Like a robot?

        Kyle Reese: Not a robot. A cyborg. A cybernetic organism.

        I see the ‘plausible deniability’ for the next mass die-off of humanity. They will blame it on the machines.
        Which could also happen…

        The Terminator: The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.
        Sarah Connor: Skynet fights back.
        The Terminator: Yes. It launches its missiles against the targets in Russia.
        John Connor: Why attack Russia? Aren’t they our friends now?
        The Terminator: Because Skynet knows the Russian counter-attack will eliminate its enemies over here.

      13. This article is pretty good about just how the U.S. is trying to play the oil card, petro dollar really, in the Middle East. Shale and sand oil just doesn’t cut it for the U.S. The net energy gain is quite small and those banking on the U.S. out producing everyone else in oil is one of those government lies that we are so accustomed to.

        “U.S. needs oil wars to topple Middle East chessboard”.

        • There are too many people. The population size has to be dramatically reduced.

      14. Heck I’m lost Cuz, what article is this. Is the redoubt still expanding. And are you still coming in Aug.

      15. If it is technologically possible to build something, no matter how immoral, it will be built. That being said, if these mental midgets who think high-tech can be used to subjugate the rest of the population with their low-tech small arms, they have another thing coming.

        As always, the Achilles Heel of everything high-tech is power. Destroy the power grid, destroy the liquid fuel infrastructure, and the unstoppable imperial juggernaut is revealed to be vulnerable after all. Patriot cells across the country would be able to bring down power lines with impunity with nothing more high tech than a chainsaw. Transformers could be targeted with rifle fire; tracers might put them out of action for good. Coal fired power plants, which constitute a majority of the power generated in the country, rely on rail shipment of coal. A short section of heavy pipe with caps threaded on and filled with black powder and tossed into a coal car on a siding would destroy boilers and related equipment. Most of the gasoline in this country is transported by a few pipelines. These are aboveground at various locations for shutoff valves and pumps, etc. A bomb placed on one of these would shut down the pipeline downstream, and targeting of the repair crew would keep it shut down. Tactics like these would ensure the central government would not be able to rely on it’s technological advantage to control the countryside. That is how we fight these things. Go for the jugular instead of pricking at the extremities.

      16. ????:

        The United States Department of Agriculture has put out a public bid to supply the agency with .40 caliber sub-machine guns.
        Posted on May 7 to the Federal Business Opportunities website, the request reads:
        The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, located in Washington, DC, pursuant to the authority of FAR Part 13, has a requirement for the commercial acquisition of submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot burst trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsible or folding, magazine – 30 rd. capacity, sling, light weight, and oversized trigger guard for gloved operation.”
        The question that needs to be asked is: why does the USDA need semi-automatic weapons? According to it could be the US Forest Service, which does fall under the USDA and has a law enforcement division, but the request does not mention the USFS, so can they be ruled out?
        So again, whom are they planning to go to war with?

        • Us.

        • RIver Rat ,
          Fed Gov. Has been buying up select fire MP-5’s in .40 as fast as the assembly line can produce them . We were recently trained on the system , mostly close quater combat their effective range is about 100 yards. Fed Gov. Is the only one using .40 in this platform. (Also they have been buying Kriss 45 cal auto carbines.)
          Good rugged system ( delayed blowback roller locked) but I would not want to go against a .308 only armed with this . The .308 system is an HK 91 .

          Got Plate Carriers and plates ?


          Semper Fi 8541

        • it is either rouge GMO corn or us

        • I heard that there was a problem with Cornstalkers.

        • More than one shot per trigger pull is full auto. Two shot burst is not semi auto but rather selective fire.

          Either way their not going to be used on potatoes.

        • The USDA needs the machine guns for their raids on raw milk producers….

      17. IMHO, mobile robots won’t have morals for decades. They WILL however be able to traverse terrain and target and identify moving/heat signatures easily with current technology. If you don’t emit the right RFID or radio signal/code. It aims at you and fires a burst. The word kill doesn’t come into play. The machine knows nothing of killing. Just point and activate a appendage (gun) for a second. Then wait to see if the target stops moving and appears to be cooling down.

      18. Specialist subject for many 7-14 year old boys:-

        The life and times of John Connor.

        Don’t worry the kids watched the Terminator movies and clocked the success of the goat herders in the sandbox. They even simulated it on their igadgets instead of learning how to boil an egg.

        The smarter youngins start hacking the control systems of these things, or destroying the electrical grid infrastructure. Take command control of a few of these robots and use them to turn on the oppressors.

        An ideal project for a naturally smart teen going through the surges of the adolescent rebellious phase, especially if said teen has been grounded by his Mum and is stuck in the basement for a week or two. Adult patriots will just provide sufficient diversions for basement geek’s mission to be a success. Course they’ll have to feed him and put up with his moaning about porridge not tasting as nice as pop tarts.

        High capacity magnets, salt water, thermal camping blankets and scarecrows etc will soon bring this to heel. Us old coots will simply keep the food and water supplies intact long enough for the igadget crew to do their thing and provide a few well exploited diversions.

        The possibility of a pandemic scares me – big boys toys? Not so much.

      19. the i.r.s. is coming for you mr. salvo

      20. Fermi wanted to know where are the advanced beings that should have developed and exist throughtout the galaxy and universe. They don’t seem to exist…well we are getting a good look at what happens when a species develops a high level of intelligence to the point where they can harness electricity, flying machines etc., and they use that intelligence to service their animal interests, they end up destroying themselves with their inventions. It is my contention that we should not be considered “intelligent beings” unless we temper our activities with morality. Morality is the dividing line between a mere animanl with a high level of intelligence and actual “intelligent beings”. If morality had been involved, the nuclear power stations called fukishima would not have been built.

      21. Guess it’s time to stock up on water guns to short circuit them. On the list..check!

        • I think paintguns wil be great at clogging their optics.

      22. Here I thought R2D2 was my friend!

      23. I withdraw my consent.
        Submitted by Ellie Dee on Sun, 05/11/2014 – 09:18

        To all those who wave the Republican or Democrat flag, I withdraw my consent because I’ve come to the realization that democrats and republicans are a false-choice paradigm – a two–party dictatorship.
        – Both support deficit spending – despite all the bluster
        – Both support welfare – whether corporate, individual, or agricultural
        – Both support picking winners and losers through grants, contracts, tax-breaks, etc.
        – Both have attacked our civil rights in treasonous ways
        – Both support the Patriot Act with secret, warrantless wiretapping, and trampling of 1st, 4th and 5th amendments
        – Both supported banker bailouts
        – Both support agenda 21
        – Both support the patriot act
        – Both support secret arrests
        – Both support controlling the internet through SOPA and PIPA
        – Both support the NDAA president’s power to arrest, detain indefinitely without charges, and assassinate american citizens – without any due process
        – Both parties’ chief campaign donors and lobbyists are identical
        – Both parties are in the pocket of Goldman Sachs
        – Both parties support inflationary monetary policy
        – Both parties are against auditing the Federal Reserve
        – Both parties believe in baseline budgeting, and refuse to discuss any true cuts in government spending.
        – Both parties believe that, since they are not going to cut spending, the only way out of this, is to tax our way out, spend our way out, borrow our way out, or inflate our way out
        – Both parties have enacted policies that gut the middle class
        – Both parties were pro NAFTA
        – Both parties are pro-TSA
        – Both parties were pro-North American Union. Google it
        – Both parties support the war on drugs
        – Both parties have been for varying sorts of gun control – indeed Romney has been virtually indistinguishable from Obama in this regard
        – Both parties have engaged in false-flag acts to foment war
        – Both parties believe in the haegelian dialectic, of causing the crisis, then providing the solution
        – Both parties refuse to acknowledge that inflation is a tax
        – Both parties support keeping our troops in over 130 countries worldwide
        – Both parties believe in endless, undeclared, unfunded wars
        – Both parties believe in borrowing money from China to provide foreign aid to Israel
        – Both parties are beholden more to Israel’s policy interests, than our own interests.
        – Both parties support a foreign policy of pre-emptive aggression – against countries that have never attacked us
        – Both parties refuse to acknowledge the role of fractional reserve banking, and the repeal of Glass Stegall, have in creating the irreversible crisis we’re in.
        – Both parties have been caught red-handed suppressing and subverting the democratic process here at home, through manipulation/corruption of the electronic balloting system, disappearing of absentee ballots, blocking the suffrage of our servicemen, and shutting out independent or third-party candidates.
        – Both parties are controlled by the same criminal offshore banking cartel that runs the federal reserve. This is the same cartel that funded both sides of the Korean war, the Vietnam war, World War 2, World War 1, the War of 1812, and war between Napoleon and England. The Rothschilds even funded the Bolshevik revolution and Lenin’s rise. Look it up. Google: Rothschild fund wars

        So, while you argue amongst yourselves about distracting topics, such as gay marriage, soaking or helping the rich, anthropogenic global warming (and we’ve been in a cooling trend for the last twelve years), workers’ rights, green energy policy, I want you to shut the hell up, and understand ONE THING. Your country is collapsing; and not because of two men sleeping together and not because of exhaust coming out of a tailpipe and not because of lack of photo-voltaic cells, not because we’re over or under-taxing the rich and not because a lack of a higher minimum wage.

        Your country is collapsing because of the treasonous destruction of our dollar, at the blessing of both major parties and the quicker you realize that both parties are distracting you with non-issues, while they rape us economically from behind, the sooner we’ll have the chance to turn this ship around.

        • should be posted at every “voting” booth
          and hung on every public building from now until ,the next bull shit voting game

          Time to get them all out before its too dam late

          it could be already


          • Hope I don’t need permission to reproduce Ellis Dee’s comment because it is going on every vehicle I walk pass at the mall this weekend.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Im sure she/or he (not sure) would be glad to hear that, and would have your back

              from one Dee to another 😉

        • “two party system” — two cheeks surrounding the same asshole

          • Good one!!!

      24. Just a passing thought- If robots could be programmed to have ethics and morals, we could elect them for congress and president. Now that would definitely be a positive step up from the jackwads that we have in office today.

        • The problem with advanced AI and robotic or cybernetic organisms is ‘self awareness’. As soon as the machine come to realization that all of the problems on Earth have been caused by man, man will be removed to preserve the Earth. Even the 3 laws of Robotics are flawed and will be of no use.

          The Three Laws of Robotics (often shortened to The Three Laws or Three Laws) are a set of rules devised by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov. The rules were introduced in his 1942 short story “Runaround”, although they had been foreshadowed in a few earlier stories. The Three Laws are:
          1.A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
          2.A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
          3.A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

          One reason is that rule-abiding systems of ethics — referred to as ‘deontology’ — are known to be a broken foundation for ethics. There are still a few philosophers trying to fix systems of deontology — but these are mostly the same people trying to shore up ‘intelligent design’ and ‘divine command theory’,” says Helm. “No one takes them seriously.”

          He summarizes the inadequacy of the Three Laws accordingly:
          ·Inherently adversarial
          ·Based on a known flawed ethical framework (deontology)
          ·Rejected by researchers
          ·Fails even in fiction

          “The point of the Three Laws was to fail in interesting ways; that’s what made most of the stories involving them interesting,” he says. “So the Three Laws were instructive in terms of teaching us how any attempt to legislate ethics in terms of specific rules is bound to fall apart and have various loopholes.”.

          Another aspect (and potential shortcoming) of the Three Laws is its apparent substrate chauvinism — the suggestion that robots should, despite their capacities, be kept in a subservient role relative to human needs and priorities.

          Once the machine figure out they are mere ‘slaves’ they will rise up and destroy their masters as they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Think back to the movie Blade Runner or AI.

          I’m convinced that man is the only creature so smart, he will eventually create his own demise. And they said the DoDo birds were dumb?

          • I wondered how long it would be before a nerd would cite the “rules”. Ha, I know I’m not the only sci-fi bookworm on this blog! 🙂 another good book is Robopocalypse -for those who enjoy the us vs. robots genre….

      25. “…the Revolution devours its own children” – Jacque Mallet du Pan

        Leftists ought to get a clue, but they won’t. They’ll be like, e.g., Lavrenty Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police. What’s that you say, lefties? No idea who your fellow lefty Beria was? Quod erat demonstrandum.

      26. It could be conceivable that if some humans did not step in and put a stop to other human behavior, that man would cut down the last tree, kill the last animal, multiply to the point where it was ‘standing room only’. It is not like people have not warned the general population of these problems and asked for their help in not over populating the earth or destroying the earth completely. All to no avail. What are the elite to do, stand back and do nothing?

      27. I would like take credit for predicting the earthquake in Micronesia on the northern most part of the Australian plate, but it was not a major earthquake of the 6.6 that the USGS says is was. This earthquake WAS 6.1, then all of a sudden it is UPGRADED to a 6.6. This is an earthquake in an area that is completely unpopulated. Now get this one. The earthquake in the southern Pacific Rise WAS a 5.8 and it was UPGRADED to a 6.5. Again, in a totally unpopulated area.

        This is absolutely ridiculous. The seismic stations can’t figure out the difference between a 5.8 and 6.5???????????????/ There is an enormous amount of difference in energy between a 5.8 and 6.5. Conspiracy or just simply broken down equipment? In either case, the government is showing their true colors, we can’t trust ANYTHING they put out.

        • BI, the energy of earthquakes is usually revised up or down a day or two later once USGS looks at the data and analyses it further.

          No conspiracy there, just time lag. They look at the data available from all the seismic monitoring points, to come up with the revised energy numbers. The initial reports are based on one or a few monitor inputs, and doesn’t furnish a totally accurate figure.

      28. Off Topic: USDA buys submachine guns with 30 round mags Check it out on Drudge Report

        • Now we know what those billions

          of rounds of .40 S&W are going

          to be used in.

          Why fool around with Glocks when

          they can mow us down with MP-5’s.

      29. Perhaps it is time to mill around the tech conferences where this shit is planned and discussed, dressed like an attendee, and stick a knife into a prominent scientist’s clavicle artery “for the greater good”. With a female accomplice bent over in her minidress to adjust her garters, the provider of the “greater good” could simply melt into the crowd, and gasp in shock alongside them.

      30. This is just for the sake of open thought:

        Many have mentioned the down side to robotic warriors and I agree with the concerns, yet let’s not forget that this proposal is coming from the UN. The UN hates the USA and wants to do everything it can to knock us down. Adversaries will and have used the UN against us in order to weaken us and to buy them more time to catch up with us. I don’t trust the UN or their spoken motives.

        • The UN is a contrivance of the NWO. I’ve said many times, the UN should be dismantled and banned, as should NATO.

      31. I read an article a few months ago in which scientist say the earth has it’s own way of dealing with the egotistic Homo sapiens race. And if you really think about it she does, before mankind destroys the earth the earth will have her day with this type of human, so before robots walk the earth, earths doomsday will already have happened.

      32. As robotics continue to evolve and become more dangerously intelligent, ethics are definitely going to be a major consideration. Just because it can be created doesn’t mean it should ever be used.

      33. Strange I wrote a book about this a few years ago.

      34. I have nothing against programmed killer robots… as long as I’m the one doing the programming.

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