Scientist: The Food Crisis Will Have Humans Eating Maggots For Protein

by | May 6, 2019 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    As an alternative to meat, one scientist has suggested that humans will acquire the habit of eating maggots in order to reach their protein intake requirements. “Maggot sausages” will be the “meat” of the future according to an Australian scientist, Dr. Louwrens Hoffman.

    Food scientists at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia are incorporating insects such as maggots and locusts into a range of specialty foods, including sausage, as well as formulating sustainable insect-based feeds for the livestock themselves. “Would you eat a commercial sausage made from maggots? What about other insect larvae and even whole insects like locusts? The biggest potential for sustainable protein production lies with insects and new plant sources,” said Dr. Hoffman.

    Hoffman says that the meat industry is not sustainable, but people can start eating insects instead. “An overpopulated world is going to struggle to find enough protein unless people are willing to open their minds, and stomachs, to a much broader notion of food,” said Hoffman. The scientist says that conventional livestock production will soon be unable to meet global demand for meat.  That means that other “fillers” and alternatives will be needed to supplement the food supply with sufficient protein sources, according to The New York Post.

    “In other words, insect protein needs to be incorporated into existing food products as an ingredient,” he says. “One of my students has created a very tasty insect ice cream.” The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) team is focusing on disguising insects in pre-prepared foods, says Hoffman, as studies have shown Westerners shy away from eating whole insects.

    A Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations report, which came out in 2013, urged global citizens to eat more insects. Apparently, compared to conventional meats, bugs are nutritious, cheaper to produce, and more sustainable. Inspired by the report and other studies, several snack makers have marketed insect-based products in the US, including Chirps chips and Chapul protein bars.

    Hoffman admitted that eating bugs might seem unpalatable to Westerners, “for many millions of people around the world they are a familiar part of the diet.” He also calls for a “global reappraisal of what can constitute healthy, nutritional and safe food for all.”


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      1. No….it will be Soylent Green.

      2. better bugs, than long-pig, i suppose….got BBQ sauce?

        • Mr. Hoffman can eat shit.

          • Curry powder will help hide the taste.

          • Menzo, unless I’m dreaming I think I just saw a picture of democrats at the top, LOL.

            • Maggots? I guess it’s better than eating faggots. By the way, there are much more appealing insects to eat than maggots. Personally I will continue eating regular meat. Let the shitforbrains public eat them…

          • Menzo, my thoughts exactly. I’ll be eating rabbit if such is the case as they are very high in protein.

          • JAW & Genius: Soy products (fake meats incl) now made with soy, eat more eggs, horse and goat meat and meat from birds, rabbits. I like lamb and BBQ pork- hogs grow fast besides. These idiots promoting this can eat BBQ rats and mice, roaches and cat feces, dog vomit!! yaay!

        • I think the ones they are calling scientists are the maggots.

      3. Sorry, I draw the line at earthworms and I prefer to feed them to poultry first and then eat the poultry. If it was the only food available, I would eat insects (except cockroaches).

      4. “Food scientists at the University of Queensland” – better known as: “Idiots” (with a capital E)

      5. Meccanized rice. sounds good pass the Tobacco.

      6. The best “food scientist” I ever met was my grandmother.
        She raised earthworms and ran them and the maggots through the chickens. That way she got fresh eggs and fried chicken. This was much tastier than a big bowl of maggots.
        Might point that out to the idiots in Queensland. I’m sure it will never dawn on them seeing how they’re all educated and such.

        • Stuart, that is a much better solution to their “problem”. I don’t even believe there is a problem to begin with though. Over population seems to be a reason for their purging antics.

      7. Having actually eaten both locusts and grasshoppers (roasted with some hot sauce), I can tell you guys that once past the ‘gag’ factor, they don’t taste too bad. If you need to some hints – strip off the legs and wings and head. Post roasting peel like shrimp. If you’ve got honey or peanut butter,actually pretty good. I’d guess maggots and grubs roasted would taste much the same.

        • Ha! Why waste good peanut butter on grasshoppers? Plenty of complete protein in the peanut butter all by itself. A PBJ sandwich is more nutritious than an equivalent load of calories from grasshoppers and you don’t have to waste resources raising pigs/cow/locusts/chickens/spiders/grubs/sea slugs, whatever.

      8. What is a crab but an ocean version of an insect? My people ate squid, calamari, which you now pay top dollar for in an Italian restaurant while it is fish bait in the USA.

        • And a lobster is just an ocean going cockroach. But so good.
          I’ll stay with coconuts in a shtf and pass on the maggots.
          Enough protein.
          I make milk out of them for cereal, use the ground meat for baking into granola and adding to pancakes and supplementing the dogs food.

          • I’ve been a meateater for my whole life and will be one for the rest of it. Those morons can go pound sand.

        • I have crabbed and oysters quite a few of the Chesapeake Bay tributaries when a young man. I can tell you that the Blue crab is basically the buzzard of the bay. There has been a many a drowning in the Bay and tributaries and when they were pulled into a boat were covered in more than a few crabs.

      9. I refuse to eat a Democrat. It’s ain’t happening.

      10. Good Article. Reminds me that if I don’t want to end up eating Maggots, I better get to Costco, where they have canned chicken 2 Dollars off!! Reg 9.99 NOW $7.99 per six pack.

      11. Actually, this has been done before.
        On the Burma-Siam railway in WW2 the Australian POWs were adding maggots to the boiled rice to increase protein levels.

      12. Ha! If you read the link, they are going to raise the maggots on “upcycled waste” like raw sewage. Sounds dicy to me. Hey honey, how about fetching some supper from the out house house, please.

        Sounds good on paper…real life not so much.

      13. This article gives me a post SHTF business idea: Use all the dead Democrats laying around to raise maggots to sell to people who made fun of preppers?!?!

        • Washington State just passed a bill to allow human composting of dead bodies. The human compost will be used in parks.

      14. Maggots, not just for wound care (debridement).

      15. Maggots, not just for wound care (debridement).

        • Maggots. It’s whats for dinner.

      16. They are really pushing Impossible Burgers. A lab created meat substitute. Of course Bill Gates is invested and involved.

      17. “… incorporated into existing food products …” Um, yeah, food factories are permitted a certain amount and still pass health regs.

        Many insects are also disease vectors. Are you willing to trust food factories to include only the approved types in bug burgers?

        So, where do vegetarians get their protein? and in sufficient amounts? Read this:
        ht tps:// The article also notes how to figure how much protein you personally need and it’s not as much as you think. Much of the satiation from meat has to do with its fat content.

        I noticed the article did not mention eggs and fish. Plus there is plenty of wild game in the USA. Long before the global inhabitants devours the entire bug populace, there will probably be other equalizing factors, e.g, major w@rs, famines, wild weather, etc. There always is in judging by history; it seems to be part of the grand cycle of things.

        • In the globalist way of thinking, sick chickens are thrown in open dumspters, polluting the air for some miles, and the chicken scratch is fed to Tillapia fish. (Real stories.)

        ^^^ Livestock.

        Fwiw, maggots, crickets, or protein cultured on a petri dish all have a metabolism, so create waste products, from the same basic materials.

      19. More fear porn BS trying to scare the public

      20. Maggot burgers….Now that would sure put a damper on the family B-B-Q. Maybe it will take off when people are starving and insect based fast food franchises will pop up. Locust Bell…Grasshopper Hut…McMaggots….Beetle King…why, the possibility’s are endless !

      21. For the obese American adults it would save their lives if they ate 2/3rds of their calories in bugs.

        The really revolting shit has a brand named printed on the cardboard or plastic wrap…. you know the shit with the sugars, processed flours, high fuckedup corn syrup, all things processed with little or no fiber. THAT IS THE REAL FOOD CRISIS. Again, SHTF has the wrong story! How you can eat that garbage, you deserve your self-inflicted victim-hood of early death.

        Motorized shopping carts and handicapped parking spaces for the entitled whales.

      22. I read somewhere that spiders crawl in your mouth when you are sleeping and you don’t know it. People get freaked out if you tell them.

      23. I think sometimes we should put a apple in some of these politicians mouths on a platter.

        But that is a garotte of sickness.

      24. This site has lost my interest…same crap different wipe. Bye.

      25. Firstly, the population crisis is only a crisis in the third world. In fact, to be specific, there is a population crisis in all countries that do a really bad job of running their affairs, ie: Africa.

        All developed countries stabilised their populations decades ago and are only growing because of the importation of trash from the third world, mostly from countries and civilisations that are falling apart.

        In the US people definitely eat garbage food and too much meat. Most Americans would be better off eating a third of what they do now and having a steak or burger twice a week only. The rest of the time, eat vegetables, fish, chicken and insect meal in some form.

        As for the third world, a sterilant needs to be sprayed over vast swathes of territory to bring the baby explosion to an end. That, combined with the fact most men don’t make it past 35, should stabilise the world population in a decade or so, meaning we can get steak back on the menu and not need to wring our hands about the fate of the planet again.

      26. White South Africans are actively creating the extinction of their own people because they have altruism in their genes, while black South African leaders say openly that they ” aren’t calling for the slaughter of whites ‘yet'”; and lead the black masses in singing a popular song “kill the boar (white farmer) kill the white man”.

        The insanity of unconditional altruistic love compels white farmers to teach the blacks how to operate the large agricultural farmland blacks are taking from them without compensation (stealing).

        In South Africa, 75% of farmland is still in the hands of white farmers who have not been murdered, “yet”. The United Nations globalists know that famine is coming to South Africa, because eventually that 75% will dwindle as more whites are swindled and murdered. Then globalists plan to take food from our plates and ship it to South Africa to “feed the world”.

        Get used to eating maggots and remember “you are what you eat”; or fight globalists; their policies of anti-segregation, anti-apartheid, forced integration and no freedom of affiliation, no freedom to choose whom lives among you.

        Ignore the low IQ black Somali migrants swarming into your Nation by the millions, brought in by globalists who want you to eat maggots.

        Check out the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. This month’s model is a Somali female in a burka.

        Cancel your subscription. It’s your duty to your Country, your own people, and your way of life, perhaps life itself is at stake.

        While you’re at it, spend the money you’ll save on a big, juicy, delicious steak !!!



        • So well put!

          I lived in South Africa so I can add some first-hand experience of what is going on there.

          Firstly, all the wealth and civilisation in that country is down to the whites. The nice roads, the nice houses, the nice shops, and the productive farms. All the shanty towns, the crime, the poverty, the lack of improvement in so many places, is down to the people there who do not know how to build civilisation because it has never been in their culture to do so.

          What is happening right now is this: the blacks are wondering why they aren’t living as well as the whites and the rich blacks. Rather than realise they have to work for it, they look over and say to themselves “why don’t I just take it?”.

          When you are dazzled by the baubles of modern capitalism, you do not understand how those things were made or what work had to be done to make those things. All you see is the things, the nice car, the nice house, nice clothes, beautiful blonde white woman (as opposed to the obese, homely women you have to look at every day) etc.

          When they move to take that stuff from whites, which is happening right now, the country will go down the crapper fast. Look at Zimbabwe.

          What we have to do is make sure no aid is sent there when this happens. No more food aid, no more grants. And we need to send the Chinese. Africa needs to be China’s problem.

          • No need to send the Chinese; they are there already purchasing land as they are in many areas of the world.

            ht tps://

            I know this reference is an older article but it’s more readable than others.

        • The problem is not blacks taking from whites. The problem is excessively rich whites taking from everyone else, including whites who are not doing so well.

          The blacks have left others alone for most of history AFAIK. It was the whites that came and screwed up everything for them since the Hispanics started taking African slaves.

          Please remember to read the Commenting Policy: ‘we ask that the conversation remain civil. Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site.’


        Have you ever seen a set of children’s building blocks, a cartoon, or a coloring book. There is a cow, a red barn, green grass, and a water well. Now, that’s all too dirty.

        • They considered it ethical to collect the street turds from hobos, and use the methane for green energy. Not ethical to have a dairy, because methane was damaging.

          That is an ethos of collective guilt and a death cult.

      28. Worms, maggots, and flies,
        Make delicious pies.

        They’re a great treat.

        They’re fun to eat.

        Just chew their guts.

        They taste like cashew nuts!

      29. I’d take these “food scientists” more seriously if I saw them consuming maggots on a regular basis. Come on guys! Chow down on television or shut up!

      30. I’ll let the ‘elite tell me how delicious, tasty and nutritious it is, FIRST.

      31. there needs to be a better understanding of the difference between animal feed and human food, and a global reappraisal of what can constitute healthy, nutritional and safe food for all.

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