Science Papers Now Subject To Extreme Censorship If They Question The “Official” Narrative on Anything

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: Science papers now subject to extreme censorship if they question the “official” narrative on anything: COVID, AIDS, vaccines, climate, virology, and more.

    The “moderators” at Cornell University‘s arXiv server, an open-access archive and free distribution service for scientific material, have been censoring scientific studies that they claim to contain “inflammatory content and unprofessional language.”

    A “preprint server” for preliminary versions of scientific studies that are moderated but not yet peer-reviewed or published, arXiv is supposed to be neutral when it comes to what gets published. The reality, however, is that arXiv is selectively censoring studies and even banning scientists for publishing work with “controversial” viewpoints.

    In one instance, researchers tried to publish a study presenting an opposing viewpoint to another study about room temperature superconductivity. Those researchers aligned with the opposing point of view study are reportedly now “in hot water” on arXiv for daring to buck the “consensus.”

    The server also proceeded to ban University of California San Diego (UCSD) theoretical physicist Jorge Hirsch from posting anything on the platform for six months as punishment for his conflicting viewpoints.

    “Hirsch was the author of a number of the papers that sought to represent a different point of view on a particular topic – from a paper published in October 2020 in Nature, authored by a team led by University of Rochester physicist Ranga Dias,” reported Reclaim the Net.

    “As scientists do, Hirsch was skeptical of the results of the study and asked for raw data from Dias, some of which was, after many rejections, eventually provided by a co-author. The relationship between the scientists soured, and it became evident in their subsequent papers.”

    Hirsch would go on to produce two papers of his own based on the data, only to have both of them blocked by arXiv administrators, who also removed another one by Dias. Many studies have also been retracted due to fake peer reviews.

    “The explanation for the latter was ‘inflammatory content’ and bad language – but Hirsch says both he and Dias should not be prevented from publishing papers, since that means preventing scientists from working,” Reclaim the Net added.

    “Hirsch thinks the bans and removals are ‘very unfair’ and has called on arXiv not to put its ‘arbitrary self-righteous decorum standards’ above scientists’ right to conduct unstifled debate and have their arguments ‘judged on their merits.’”

    How much published “science” is actually real science?

    In its defense, arXiv, which hosts over two million preprints, and its 200 moderators say that censorship is necessary to ensure that only papers with the “correct” conclusions get published.

    “If we allow this stuff, what is the difference between arXiv and Twitter?” asked University of Oxford physicist Paul Fendley, who sits on arXiv’s advisory committee.

    Concerning fraudulent peer reviews and other problematic elements of modern “science,” Dr. Marcia Angell, M.D., gave a lecture unpacking how special interests tamper with “science” to ensure that only certain narratives go public.

    Angell attended Harvard Medical School and is a retired editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). She has been blowing the whistle on this subject for many years, even when it was unpopular and “conspiratorial” to do so.

    “Science these days is more about the art of lying than about verifiable truth and facts,” wrote someone at Natural News.

    “So much for the belief in peer review and the honesty and integrity of journals,” expressed another.

    As for arXiv, that repository is following in the footsteps of Big Tech by flat-out censoring “controversial” science while apparently propping up status quo pseudoscience.

    The moral of the story: be careful what you accept as “science” because it might not be what it seems.


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      1. If it can’t be questioned, it isn’t science.

      2. Firing high intensity NI lasers at gold in a radioactive solution can induce accelerated radioactive decay.

        Crickets on this, even though its the easy solution to all that radioactive water in Fukushima Japan and ultimately nuclear waste itself.

        They’d rather just release into the Pacific, poisoning regional food supplies.

        • All by design. Put on your truth goggles and you will see that NOTHING is ever done in our favor. The culling is ramped up every chance they get. People asked for it, now they are getting it.

      3. Its not about what is truth, it’s about what you believe. It’s like the old days of the USSR, everything was subject to the control of the commissars. They decided what was true and controlled the dissemination of facts as they wanted one to believe. Political viewpoints actually superseded facts and reality. This is the case today in America. The topic or issue is irrelevant, all that matters is how you perceive and what you believe.
        The earlier your indoctrination begins the more lies you can be led to believe. This is one reason why CRT, transgenderism, anti-Americanism, and all manner of filth are introduced in lower grades. None of it mentally or morally enhances students, it’s not meant to, it is designed to shape what one believes is reality, and to warp one’s ability to think correctly and rationally.
        The commissars of today includes social media “fact checkers”, big tech, bureaucrats, intel, think tanks, teachers, and of course the the MSM among others, and I mean everything is spun to a narrative the State wants you to believe. These “commissars” best please their masters when they hide truth, twist reality, and concoct lies that destroy people and society. Absolutely nothing is true on its face, nothing. Prez Reagan’s intel chief Casey said in a staff meeting that their job was a success when everything the American people believe is false.
        Politicians are supposed to set the tone of public discourse, discussion, and public morality. (What a joke it is to compare the political leaders of today with the Founding Fathers, the politicians of today are pure gutter trash). Since they have much to hide they make many lies. Make no mistake, without exception when you see a politician or official speaking he/she is willfully lying to you with aforethought.
        Compounding the intentional lying and dishonesty is the fact that they genuinely and viscerally despise you. This is the one fact they can’t manage to hide.

      4. This does not seem very American. Science needs different viewpoints.

      5. More like science “fiction”.

        • Which is making “Science Friction”.

          (Couldn’t help it – it was there)

          • Good one! 😉

      6. This censorship started about a month ago, in the nerdier forums, where there were hundreds of pages long debates about their “ethics”. (Ethics is when something goes against natural law.)

        I started learning that you could just pay to get your opinion in these peer review journals. I showed them that Ihat I could just go through their official media channels, and post anything I want, as though it was an ad in the National Enquirer.

        You could quote these peer reviews as though it was the inspired word of God, to secular humanists.

        They fact-check-censored their own science, as soon as you call attention to it.

        attributed to Orwell —
        “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?”

      7. Big pharma owns the piss stream media literally. They spend billions on advertising and air time. They certainly don’t want anything coming out that will hurt their bottom line in anyway shape or form. Stay out of hospitals, about guaranteed to live longer if you do!

      8. Historically we have examples like: 1) the Earth-centric universe, 2) the flat-Earthers, 3) many examples from the British ROYAL SOCIETY, etc. that demonstrate those in power are reluctant to concede they were wrong. Today’s woke-culture takes it a step further & wants to silence those that challenge today’s norms & accepted fundamentals.

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