School’s Warning: “Your Child May Be Taken From Your Home” Over Unpaid Lunch Debt

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    A school in Pennsylvania is warning parents that their children can be taken from their homes and placed in foster care if the child has unpaid school lunch debt.  In a letter sent out to about 1,000 parents from the Wyoming Valley West School District, the warned stated that dependency hearings could occur if parents won’t pay their kids’ lunch bills.

    The letter’s ominous warning that failure to pay for their children’s school lunches could lead to dependency hearings and the removal of their children from their home came as the school district has multiple unpaid lunch bills. The bills reportedly range from $75 to $450 and total over $20,000, reported RT.

    Obvious fallout continues over the school district’s threats.

    Luzerne County child welfare authorities said the alarming threat was false and harmed those most vulnerable – such as those unable to make good on those bills.

    Responding to the outrage, the school district said the stern letter was simply a desperate attempt at collecting fees they are owed. Wyoming Valley West’s lawyer, Charles Coslett, said he did not consider the letters threatening and told WYOU-TV that it’s “shameful some parents don’t want to contribute towards feeding their own kids.

    Regardless of the reason the letter was sent out, parents were terrified – especially those without the money to immediately pay off their bills.  School officials have now said that they will send out a less severe follow-up letter to parents next week. But this letter tells us all we need to know about those who are “educating” our children with our tax dollars: Comply, or we will make you comply.

    Michelle Obama’s School Lunches In Pictures: “Is That Photo Taken From Death Row?”

    This is not the first time parents have been threatened either.

    Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands

    Back in 2013, parents were threatened with armed raids unless they complied with the demands of the school for children to undergo forced medical exams.

    The US government seems more and more convinced that THEY own YOUR kids. Just this week, a Tennessee dad was arrested for picking up his young children after school instead of allowing them to cross into traffic as the school’s policy demanded. Some schools won’t allow lunches to be sent from home, and if they are, the school insists on supplementing those lunches at extortionist rates in order to control the situation regardless of parental wishes. This doesn’t even take into account the dumbed-down Common Core curriculum, the absurd attempts to be politically correct, and the zero-tolerance insanity that causes kids to be charged with felonies for having loaded fishing tackle boxes in their vehicles or cutlery in their lunch boxes. –The Daily Sheeple

    If you’ve ever wondered why the homeschooling rates are so high, you should no longer have to. Parents are being threatened into compliance with government-run schools and most have become sick of it. Unfortunately, most families live paycheck to paycheck and homeschooling children has become a massive financial hardship for too many in the land of the “free.”


    The book IndocriNation by Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez (is about why a growing number of parents choose not to send their children to public school. The [American] classroom anti-Christian ideologies from humanism, marxism, utopianism, educational psychology, and more confronting students in public schools today

    Look behind the comfortable myths of an educational system actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Learn the history and philosophy of public school education – and discover it is based on neither Christian nor American values.



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      1. Ban Public Schools!

      2. Wow sounds more like boot camp then elementary school. I’m glad that I’m long passed my kids being in school. They’re on their own and will have to face this evil world. My daughter taught elementary school for nine years and then left to take a better job as she had had enough of Obama’s stupid “Common Core” learning program.

        • Or perhaps the “naggers” keep stealing their lunch money?

      3. Obama’s stupid “Common Core” learning program? That was originally a brilliant idea from ole Dubya!! Ole Jeb Bush was the biggest cheerleader for this steaming pile of cadaverine!! The Repubes had the House, Senate and Oval Orifice from 2017 to 2019 and they continued to increase funding to the Dept of Education. The GOP and DNC want mindless soldiers and compliant workers for their corporate masters!

      4. Just goes to show you how stupid Democrat School administrators are these days.
        They are worried about $20,000?
        All they need is one Pro-bono Lawyer to file a lawsuit.
        I’m sure someone will help one of threatened parents.
        That will cost them way more than $20,000.
        Solution – quit serving food at school.
        That is not a function of the local public school.
        Create a mandatory class “How to make a paper bag lunch”.
        give the students a paper bag, bread, a selection of PB& J, baloney, turkey, mustard, mayo, raisins, carrots, and an apple. Show them how to assemble. Watch and grade them on the assembly. They get to eat the results with milk and juices.
        That will be lots cheaper than operating a certified kitchen with employees.
        Until I started making my own money and left campus to buy the food I wanted, What I described is what I had for lunch as long as I my parents provided my lunches.
        Even to this day I cannot stand Wonder bread!

        • There was Home Ec and now, nutrition classes.

          r says, “Create a mandatory class.”

          But, Mommy can teach you on the private dime.

          r says, “Watch and grade them on the assembly. They get to eat the results with milk and juices.”

          Make milk and juice, without a subsidy.

          • But but but, wonder bread helps build strong bodies 12 ways!
            Damm, and you thought you were old lol…

            • But then again, you probably remember Flintstones cigarette comercials lol.

        • rellik

          Unfortunately too many children have neither the parents or home structure to facilitate “brown bagging”. If the child can’t get the small sum of money to buy lunch it’s unlikely that these same kids will bring a lunch. I’m far less concerned with the welfare state feeding children than the totalitarian state dominating the curriculum.

          • K2,
            As usual my comment was not clearly stated.
            “If the child can’t get the small sum of money to buy lunch it’s unlikely that these same kids will bring a lunch.”
            I’m suggesting a way to feed them at school, without charging them and to save the school money.
            Agreed to the central government controlling the education as being aberrant education.

            • Kev/Rellik.. hahaha funny!!

              you do both understand these arent students anymore, but instead little walking dollar signs to the $chool district?

              They dont want you brown bagging anything. They want you on the free/reduced lunch program so they can get matching federal dollars.

              was never about nutrition

              • NEC_Wrangler

                “was never about nutrition”

                Maybe so but I ate pretty good school lunches in the late 60s into the 70s. I still duplicate the tuna melt today from memory. Interestingly they cost 25 cents back then, likely $1.50 or so equivalent today. I don’t recall the controversy about it then but I do recall virtually everyones father had a good job in some form of making / refining something.


        • Genius

          Unfortunately the child got no say in that matter.

          • True, so then the parents should be FORCED to do community service! I am sick and tired of paying out the wazoo for other peoples kids!

            • Genius

              In the day, 45 or so years ago the poor kids with parent(s) on welfare got free lunches. I assume that it’s the same today. It’s highly likely that these kids have families or guardians who have the means. I sense substance abuse fueled irresponsibility is a major contributor but thats just an assumption. I however desire to limit police / government power and authority. Next thing you know someones dog gets shot (or worse) by a LEO enforcing a FORCED WORK FOR SCHOOL LUNCH payment. I have better things to do with the time, effort and authority of a $50K / yr LEO than enforce this.

              • Genius is pretty quick with the “forced labor” BS.

        • Also, if you can’t train them.

          I don’t believe that peoples’ property, nor the fruits of their labor, should be put under jeopardy, in order to cover gender studies for kindergartners or even just finger paints for the neighbor’s kids. You can do naptime blankets, juice, and cookies without my input. Go, be free. Free! You can do it.

      6. All right,. That’s enough.

        There was a point where it would be enough. This is it.

        This is a hot button topic for me.

        Bulldoze that shiz. Now.

      7. Rellik, were you peeking in my lunch bag way back in the day? LOL. The foods you mentioned were what Mom fixed me for lunch back then. We used to call it “brown baggin’ it” back then. It was cheaper and better quality than anything served in the schools these days. And the schools are crossing a line with those threatening letters regardless of the subject matter. No one would be taking my kids away if they value their own lives.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Thats the authoritarian state speaking. In essence, “when in doubt switch to a larger hammer”. This is a money issue, a civil issue. Taking children is a criminal issue that ultimately is backed up by the use of state approved violence. Put a charge on their property taxes, their drivers license being renewed, take their money, taking their kids are fighting words.

          All of this started with “Just Say No” in the 1980s. Law and the Enforcement of it has went nuts. Post 911 was a catalyst speeding it up.

          • They made the school guy apologize and the cps was like, that’s not how we do things. Me; Of course not, there is an entirely more efficient way of kidnapping children from their parents than signaling in a public form about unpaid lunch debts… If you’ve never looked at this site, you absolutely should. Warning, it’s a severe heartbreaker and you will never be able to unlearn what you have learned. People whom understand how this works might have fallen over dead on the spot with that letter about cps for unpaid lunch money. The gravity of it all is tremendous.

            • Quote from an article from the above linked site:

              There are approximately 450,000 children currently in foster care in the United States, and nationwide statistics show that only about 15% of them were removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse, but instead for “neglect,” which could be something defined as “medical neglect” because a parent disagreed with a doctor over medical treatment, or even just wanted to seek a second opinion. The vast majority of these children come from poor homes, where parents cannot afford legal help to fight the system. Even in cases where parents are accused of “abuse,” many cases are not substantiated and charges are never filed against the parents. Foster care is also the #1 pipeline for children to enter the lucrative child sex trafficking networks.

      8. BTW, I should’ve mentioned when I was 7 Mom taught me how to fix my own lunches. Sometimes I doubled up on what I fixed, LOL.

      9. Never trust what Child Protective Services say. Did CPS get a list of names from the school. Only an evolved rat would come up with an idea like this. But even evolved rats know what comes around goes around.

      10. The saddest thing is that if parents cannot afford school lunches, there are free/reduced lunch programs ubitiquous everywhere. So either the parents do not want to be bothered with filling out the paperwork when they can’t afford the lunches, or they can afford the lunches but choose not to. These parents are total losers either way.

      11. Neither the indebted, Satanic, Communist school, nor the teachers, custodians, aids, or other employees, were able to afford their own lunches, though.

        Civil servants (aka wage slaves) should then be tried in dependency courts, put in sleepaway camps, and ultimately ‘farmed out’ to strangers, against the will of their families, according to their own value system.

        Is this truly what they believe?

        • Bosses, who collect more laborers than they can feed, should also be treated like an animal hoarder, afaic.

          Liens and jail, since we don’t understand the same concept of life support, which we would afford a goldfish or a houseplant.

      12. – Child Protective Services.
        – Code Enforcement/Code compliance
        – Environmentl Protection Agency
        – OSHA
        All of these entities are similar in that they are nothing but tools used to harrass, Extract Money, to enforce the Leftist-Communist-NWO communist Collectivist agenda. They are not protecting anyone, or protecting anything, other than to enforce a communist collectivist agenda. They are Tools to keep you in line with the collectivist Leftist ideology.

        The Agencies/Entities, ALL attempt to instill FEAR and to Intimidate. That is their true purpose. Instilling FEAR, INTIMIDATION.

        If you have a business and these entities show up. If after a reasonable payoff for “fines”. If they still harrass you. LEAVE that location. Relocate. Move your business to other state or another country. LEAVE. We closed ALL of our California operations. Many people there lost good high paying jobs. Because of harrassment by State of California officials that are ALL communist . We Left the state. Closed the doors.

        Same with your children. If you are EVER “visited” by any of the “child protective” agencies for “interview”, “assessment”, “evaluation”. You should LEAVE Immediately. LEAVE that state/area. Sell out and Leave. Save your children. Does not matter if you loose all posessions. Save your children.

        Child Protective Services are evil. Foster system is evil. They are a cover for “child trafficking”, human medical research/trials, human organ harvesting, and practicing Satanist. I realise this may sound very “far out” to the uniformed, or those of you unfamiliar with the “system”. But those who have been sucked into the “system” have seen all manner of pure evil from those who supposedly “protect”. These CPS entities WANT your children. They PROFIT from your children and Taking/STEALING, your children.

        Many people who work for the agencies do not even realise the end results and what is really happening to the children once they are in “custody”.

        You as a parent must LEAVE that area/Location if ever on radar of the Public school couselors-Hospitals-Doctors-CPS agencies. They All work Together to steal-take, children from families, especially Christian families. The most minor of incidents and you will have a EXTREME very serious problem.

        I know. They tried to take me from my family as a child. BTW, My family are the best anyone could ever have. God Fearing with great morals. CPS tried to break up our family because all of us children worked on our family enterprises, and my brothers and I were often bruised up from being rough and tumble boys. Boys being boys playing outdoors.

        CPS isolated each of us children at school. Tried to brainwash us children into saying Untrue/False/Bad/Lies, about our wonderful parents. CPS and school conselors, worked on each of us children ALL day for Several Consecutive Days. It was like being a POW/ Manchurian Candidate. Thank God that Mom/Dad, BOTH prior military, had trained us/raised us to be strong, tough, self reliant. And God was with us. Each of my siblings said after the initial fear, they prayed, and peace came upon them. No one was broken by the brainwashers.

        Dad sold our place within months. We moved/Had no further issues. It was years later as adult before we children understood why we where forced to move. Years later My older brother said it was all caused by a rich connected politician in town, that wanted Dad’s successful business, and our property. That man bought both after we cleared out. Our place is now a expensive housing development.

        Appollogies for length. But thought important. Save your children from abusive CPS/System. This article brought bad memories of those evil “officials” that tried to steal us from a very happy home.

        Save your family. Leave. Leave Penn. if CPS/School are threatening families. LEAVE ASAP. These goons don’t want people to know who they really are. Free speech and communication will be ELIMINATED if you don’t fight back. Many comments censored here now. But I did try.

        • Anonymous

          – OSHA

          Obviously you never worked in a Chemical Plant or Oil Refinery. As bad as they can be, they were far worse pre OSHA. I Started in “the industry” in 1976 having worked with old timers that in the day (pre OSHA) bathed in benzine and made “snowballs” out of asbestos not knowing its hazard (that the asbestos manufactures knew about as far back as the 1930).

          ” Move your business to other state or another country.”

          Move to a real communist nation China that has no worker protection. Civilized nations as in Europe have an OSHA equivalent, China and India (can you say Bhopal) do not. It’s believed that in excess of 500 coal miners are killed in accidents yearly in China.

          GTFOOH——- In A Hurry Too

          • State of California would not leave our business alone to do business.
            We know what we are doing.
            We don’t need a Nanny.

            As a young man who grew up under OSHA, I say they are an ineffectual joke. Waste time, waste money, no real safety, only lip service to safety. If a company or job site is unsafe. Then quit and go someplace else that is safe. I have fired bosses. I have fired states. I fired my Commander in chief when he got stupid. I didn’t re-up. My wife knows that I will fire her if she gets stupid. I am the King of my kingdom.

            Our Risk. Our money. Our labor. Our effort. The state provides NOTHING of value. All government wanted was $$$$. Extortion racket under guise of safety.

            We left California. Closed all operations there. Now we sleep very well at night. No more ulcers. I despise you communist. I will never live under communist. I will leave. I will keep leaving until no where left to go. Then I will fight until dead.

            Better Dead than commie Red. Clear?
            No you won’t steal my labor.
            No you won’t steal my money.
            No you won’t take my firearms.
            No you won’t treat me unfairly.
            I will not be Threatened. I will not be Intimidated.
            If you do. I will Leave. Clear?

            I will leave the city. I will leave the state. I will leave the country. And yes I would leave the planet if required. I will not live under the beast system. I have a plane and a boat. They are for leaving. Not pleasure. For escape.
            My rights, freedoms, liberty, will not be infringed. I will be left alone. I will live in Peace.

            I may be robbed once. NEVER three times.

            • It’s not the we don’t need OSHA it’s that OSHA isn’t effective enough. The neighboring two towns never knew the tings that went on within the Refinery , chances taken to save in reality little $$$, chances with catastrophe that would reach outside of the gate into the civilians.

              Once again let me say, Bhopal India Union Carbide.

      13. we had the same problem here. a local resturant owner offered to give a substantial amount of $ she raised and the town said no. to me this just shows local gov is a joke. town hall meetings are like think tanks but your opinions of cutting spending never get considered as a solution to the problems. school sports are never cut when they should be. they always say they will find a way to fund it but refuse to tell how. you know how they do it. i say if your kids play sports you should pay its extra curricular not a educational right. there is many ways they can raise the $ to fund athletics. make the kids do fundraisers. work is an educational lesson they need to learn anyway. never heard of any kid being taken for not paying the lunch tab. they give them bread or something like that instead of a regular lunch. the advocates complain that the kids will be lunch shamed. really who the fuck cares. if the kids parents cant afford it go apply for free lunch. i will bet you those kids parents have $ for cigarettes and beer but not for their kids lunch. parents can send the kid to school with a bag lunch. thats what i had.

      14. Ahhh, the ‘ol lunch ladies ploppin’ the mystery meat on yer tray.
        And to think, my folks actually PAID for that slop back in the 70’s.Made me thank the dear Lord for Ma’s home cooking !

        • There is always the option of installing yet another junk food and pepsi vending machine on school grounds at outrageously overpriced settings, then use the proceeds to pay unpaid lunch debt. New studies show that most high schoolers refuse to eat that stuff and do go for the machines or just skip lunch all together. When cheeto’s are better than the mystery meat.

      15. TNSTAAFL

      16. Forced sterilization. I would rather pay to sterilize these lazy scumbags than have to pay for their little savages and then THEIR little savages and on, and on, and on….

        • Dmonic you are correct, surgical sterilizations should be carried out on moochers. I’m tired of supporting bast- – -d, ghetto children.

        • I agree with involuntary, irreversible,surgical sterilizations. We now have as many as six or seven generations that have grown up on welfare,EBT, WIC checks….These children tend to become the next generation of burglars,pimps,prostitutes,drug dealers and users….After the first b – – – – -d ghetto child is shat out, and da baby momma applies for any government give aways, both da baby momma, da baby daddy and da baby should be sterilized.
          America does not need more welfare dependants.

      17. More fodder for the Lolita Express complements of the psycho demturds.

      18. In the city I live, they give free breakfast starting at 6 am. in elementary school for the ones that can’t afford it but others show up that can afford it.

      19. the fact that the Administration of that school allowed it to get to 20 grand should be the story here

      20. This is unacceptable.

        Women, don’t work outside the home.

        Take responsibility for your children. Homeschool them.

        Divorce is not OK.

        Marriage, till death we do part.


      21. I decided to look up the background on this school system and the county. Per Wikipedia, scandals and corruption seem to rule there–literally.
        ht tps://,_Pennsylvania

        The school system ranks 429 out of 498 PA counties. There’s more but it’s sad.
        ht tps://

      22. You would have more money in your pocket, if others didn’t have an EBT card in theirs. You would have a higher standard of living, if you weren’t forced to support others. Why should your circumstances be reduced because others are too lazy, stupid, or irresponsible to be productive? If da baby momma and da baby daddy, don’t care about da baby, enough to marry, work and support it,why should you?

        • “Work hard Americans! Millions on welfare depend on YOU!”

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