School Cancels Veteran’s Day Ceremony… Because of 21-Gun Salute

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Headline News | 205 comments

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    21-gun-salute-B(U.S. Marines perform the “21-Gun Salute” at a Veteran’s Day ceremony – Courtesy US Navy)

    Today America honors its men and women in uniform for their bravery and sacrifice, unless that is, you live in Wisconsin’s Eau Claire School District where celebrating our liberties and freedoms should only be done when it’s convenient and politically correct.

    According to The Week the school district has cancelled its Veteran’s Day program because the shooting of guns is “inappropriate.”

    For more than 80 years, a local Wisconsin school district had hosted a Veterans Day program to honor former soldiers, featuring a traditional 21-gun salute. But after reports earlier this year of parents and students feeling “uneasy” about the firing of guns on school grounds — even with blank rounds, as is customary in the 21-gun salute — the Eau Claire School District canceled the program.

    Apparently, some parents complained to the school council – it’s not clear how many – but the town’s 80 year old tradition has now been cancelled. Well, maybe not cancelled, Veterans and those who want to celebrate can move down to the local Burger King parking lot, where the 21 gun salute has been authorized.

    Kaye Olsen, vice president of the Eau Claire Patriotic Council, which organizes the program, said she hoped to reach a compromise with the school district, but that none could be reached to accommodate the weapons. “It’s really hard to tell the veterans they’re not allowed to bring those rifles in,” she said, especially because “the only purpose is to honor our flag and our country and teach the kids.” (source)

    Tim Leibham, from the Eau Claire Area School District, said, “We do have veteran programs virtually in all of our schools on veterans day. We have had in the past.”

    But, with scheduling conflicts and parents, who were concerned about a 21 gun salute, the school district had to put to rest a long time tradition that has been in place since the early 1930s.

    Leibham said, “It was just this one presentation that was longer in length. It was 60 to 90 minutes. Specifically, we had children who either had an adverse reaction to the noise or precluded from being a part of the ceremony. We thought the needs of our children in our schools to be able to participate in those school activities would outweigh the 21 gun salute.” (WQOW)

    We certainly wouldn’t want children to have an adverse reaction to the noise or to be frightened by the guns. Children don’t need to know about the existence of firearms or that sometimes evil men wield them over entire populations of people to achieve their ends. Nor should children be taught that it is our Veterans and active duty military members that, with a gun at their side, are responsible for the very freedoms we  enjoy.

    Perhaps rather than banning the 21 Gun Salute, it would have been appropriate for the school district to use it, as our President often likes to say, as a teachable moment. Contrary to popular belief by the hyper-sensitive in our society, the salute designates not an act of war, but rather, peaceful intentions.

    Moreover, it is considered to be one of the highest honors a nation can bestow:

    The 21-gun salute became the highest honor a nation rendered.

    In 1842, the Presidential salute was formally established at 21 guns. In 1890, regulations designated the “national salute” as 21 guns and redesignated the traditional Independence Day salute, the “Salute to the Union,” equal to the number of states. Fifty guns are also fired on all military installations equipped to do so at the close of the day of the funeral of a President, ex-President, or President-elect.

    Today the national salute of 21 guns is fired in honor of a national flag, the sovereign or chief of state of a foreign nation, a member of a reigning royal family, and the President, ex-President and President-elect of the United States. It is also fired at noon of the day of the funeral of a President, ex-President, or President-elect.

    Gun salutes are also rendered to other military and civilian leaders of this and other nations. The number of guns is based on their protocol rank. These salutes are always in odd numbers.

    Source: Headquarters, Military District of Washington

    Video Report:


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      1. It’s official. Americans on average are the biggest pussies on the planet. How will we survive with this kind of pants wetting over a 21 gun salute?

        • Darn…..Where were these idiots before… Seriously are these scumbags being imported to bring down this country or they were raised here?

          I’ll counter this by taking my sons to the range this weekend to shot some flying bagels.

          • When obama passes, I hope they
            give him a 21-Fart salute.

            • OutWest, if Obama passes me I’ll give him the bird 21 times but no salute.

            • Outwest:

              I didn’t have a chance to answer your post concerning you and your wifes’ health. I want you to know I really am sorry to hear that and hope things get better for you.

              • Thank you so much, Granny.
                The best steel goes through the fire.

          • Fuck the U.S. Military!


            Fuck U.S. Military idolatry!!

            The U.S. military can’t even manage to subjugate a handful of sandal wearing goat herders with aged AKs in Afghanistan!!!

            BTW… Anyone here remember Vietnam?

            How’d that little bit of history play out for the USA… USA… USA???

            Does anyone here really think the PTB, and their inept military will fair any better in a gun fight with an armed American resistance???

            … That’s what I thought!

            • Its because of our military that you get to rant against it with the first amendment. you’d be bitching and moaning if you couldn’t if it didn’t exist.

              • YMWW, try speaking out against the government in Cuba where my wife came from and see how fast you get locked up. THEN you’ll really have something to piss and moan about.

              • TImes have changed since 9/11…

                “How can we, as a country, “honor” American military members who have fought or are currently fighting in illegal wars of aggression based on lies? What “honor” is there in invading and destroying entire countries thousands of miles away from America, murdering millions of people in the process, who pose absolutely no threat to the people of the United States? Since 9/11, American foreign and military policy has essentially consisted of invading, occupying, and destroying a number of formerly sovereign states in the Middle East, which has been justified by a series of egregious and quite obvious lies, particularly the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11.”

                “It is time we start asking these tough questions, rather than blindly supporting and “honoring” our military and its members. In San Diego, the tough questions and ugly realities will be ignored yet again this Veterans Day.”

                Remove the space between ht and tp…

                ht tp://

                • All branches of the military are honorable. The manner in which they are used is NOT honorable. The vast majority of us who signed up did it patriotically and with the full belief in the version of whatever story we were told. I believe General Smedley Butler was right, war IS a racket. After WW 2 the US assisted Japan and even Germany in getting stabilized. Presently, the trend is to send in corporations to sack the country of natural resources while binding them in massive debt. There is no true “stabilization” now; only opportunists taking advantage of our loyalty and patriotism to make money. John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) exposed this reality which began in the 50s. After all, is ANY country better off after we have gone in? God bless the USA! but not the bastards playing the money game.

              • Jim in Va:

                No one is serving in the military to protect my right to say what I have. No one in the military fought in Iraq or Afghanistan for “our very freedoms.” The latter presupposes that there are countries in the world that are trying to take away our freedoms. What freedoms might that be? It is the U.S. government that has been steadily eroding our freedoms since the ink on the Constitution was dry. It is the U.S. government that we need to be concerned about, not some foreign “enemy.” The former presupposes, not only that there are people in the world who want to infringe upon my right to say what I have, but also that there are people in the world who even care enough about what I say to try to stop me from saying it. Again, it is the U.S. government that we need to be concerned about. After all, it is the U.S. government that is listening to and reading everything that Americans say and write. There is no bigger lie ever uttered than “the troops are defending our freedoms.” The troops are standing by while our freedoms are being taken away!

                It doesn’t take a genius to play a nation of flag waving idiots!

                The American Empire will not be murdered by an external force because it is too busy committing suicide!

                • Yourmother, this was absolutely the best post I can remember you ever posting. Thank you for the truth.

            • Pussy! I beg for a civil war so we can get rid of pussies like this faggot.

              • So, Wisconsin’s Eau Claire School District = LIBERALVILLE…Got it.

            • yourmotherwaswrong, she should have aborted you

            • You must have asthma or something. Did they not let you in to play with the big boys.

            • You mother was a whore and should have done us all a favor and swallowed!

            • I’m a pussy and I suck dicks. I’m also a racist. I hate my life. Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

        • Us hardcore conservative Patriots are not pussies so we will be fine. Imagine the shit hemmorhage the libs are gonna have when Starbucks and McDonalds are closed and they realize we live in a world where guns are a necessity and they don’t have any because….gay voice..”we don’t like them”.
          The schools are run by the guv and the guv likes shitting on the heros who put on a uniform and went in harms way for no money.
          The most danger Obunghole was ever in is when he forgot his vaseline at the bathhouse. There are still plenty of people who love and honor our heros….A big thanks and I love you to all the vets out there!!!!!

          • Fuck you and your false idols, idiot.

            • What false idols are you refering too? Arent you glad your not a simpleton? Is McDonalds closed for Veterans Day? What are you doing here?

            • Even Satan hates Atheists like Acid Etch, no offense.

            • Acid/eisenturd, f#$% you, you sodomite bastard.

        • Slowly but surely our kids at the communist indoctrination centers are being taught that Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Service, common sense, love of country and flag, knowledge of the constitution, work ethic, Godliness, Respect, and true love of fellow man are all bad. Home school your kids, teach them the things your grandparents learned. Form private schools (this has been done in many communities), that the parents are on the board. It is the only way you are going to be assured that your child someday does not turn on you due to the drugs (prescribed), indoctrination, horrible education, and wrong kind of friends. PRAY, PLAN, PREPP, FORM TEAMS….. To help steer all kids on the team to proper education and a true sense of purpose.

          • 95% of all troops Never sawany combat action. Most were support panty folders, cooks, chiefs paper shufflers, grease monkeys, drivers, luggage packers fudge packers radio pansys radar monitors, computer geeks, pussys. So when you go thank any Veteran. You are thanking a shlwf shuffle dolt who did not see any action and folding pantys is not protecting our freedoms. Holidays like this are such a big fraud.

            • Says the pussy that posts “anonymously”

          • Hey KY Mom, The USA is now officially Eboli Free. So much for that fear false flag. With this news Obama can freely import his 34 Million Illegal Aliens. So back to watching the Southern Borders.

          • 100% correct MOTI…the whole country will collapse under the weight of the insane indoctrination of kids..not to make their own way but depend on the gov for everything, as well as “lets all be sensitive to everyone else’s special lifestyle etc”
            we’re doomed

            • ““lets all be sensitive to everyone else’s special lifestyle etc””

              If only that was true. They’re not being taught to be sensitive to other,s they’re being taught to hate everyone who isn’t like them, who does not live the way they do. That’s quite the opposite of “tolerance” IMO.

          • Man on the inside, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a disgrace and disgusting what the communists aka liberals have done to this nation.

        • BPD….The purpose is to make the youngster to adopt to the new rules as they grow up.

          The red thumbs will hit me again (if I care) but any Americans who believes this is not an organized manner to get the next generation ready to totally submit the the ZOG rule, is DEAD WRONG.

          Ask yourself who are the gun control forces: Bloomberg, Fienstien, Gates, and son and on Do you see the names? Can you connect the dots.

          • Stoltz…A 7 year old could figure this out….don’t know why it’s such a hot topic for people.

            • BPD….The issue is most folks don’t understand the true nature of the beast we are facing. They really don’t understand the beast in charge of our monetary system is capable of doing things beyond human imagination. They just can’t see it because they may watch Fox news as Mr. Spin Stops here accuses the entire world except his Zio Boss who signs his $25m check or Sean Hannity with lips shape as a six sided star due to major A$$ kissing of his boss and his tribe.

              We are in deep trouble if idiots continue to show there usefulness. And sadly really there is no time left.

              • Way too much television some of them.

          • You’re blaming the Jews for a Wisconsin School District cancelling a Veteran’s Day ceremony over a 21-gun salute?

            C’mon. That’s over-the-top paranoid hatred of Jewish people.

            Anyways, further down the thread, someone recommends the movie “Fury” starring Brad Pitt. I think it’s a terrific film as well, and when I read reviews, many moviegoers cited Brad Pitt in a movie called “Inglorious Basterds.” I watched the first 40 minutes or so a week ago. I quit watching during baseball bat scene. Apparently, there’s a squad of Jewish soldiers inside France who are intent on killing Nazi soldiers, Brad Pitt is the squad leader.

            They capture some German soldiers and they need to extract information. So Brad Pitt tells the German Officer to give him info about German troop locations and other intel. The Nazi Officer refuses. So Brad Pitt calls up someone called the “Jew Bear.” This Jewish American soldier is known for using a baseball bat to beat in the heads of German soldiers. Quentin Tarantino had this “Jew Bear” threaten the Nazi Officer in a very menacing way. I couldn’t bear what was coming next, so I turned off the tv. Whether it was an overhead hammer swing or a homerun baseball swing to the German’s head by the “Jew Bear”, I just didn’t want to see it.

            But for whatever reason I was able to handle the violence of “Fury.”

            • Free slave…FUCK YOU AND YOIR ENTIRE ANCESTORS. You haven’t see violence yet.

              • SV…you are a total ass!

                • Thank You Jim.

              • Fwiw, I’m not jewish. I detest modern liberalism (aka Marxism aka socialism aka Leftism) which many ethnicities embrace including many Jews.

                • FS. Let me say something here that is very hard but since it is not my character I must do it. I didn’t like the language that I used toward you but I was very close to my grandpa. He was an officer in the German Army. He wasn’t the killer or the psychopath that the ZOG owned Hollywood portrays on a daily basis. There were many Honorable Germans like him but getting to the point the statement about “Jew bear” really hit the nerve.

                  No one ever made a movie about the crimes committed against the German soldiers and the officers by the tribe who portrayed fake numbers and fake infrastructure after their total historical manipulations. However one day the truth will come up as I can see it already starting in Europe.

                  • Too bad Patton was murdered when he realized America had been duped into believing (all those years) that the “Nazis” were “bad guys’. He wanted to take the Waffen SS, some of the greatest warriors of WW2, and along with his troops, turn on the real enemy of the globe (after WW2), the Zionist Bolsheviks in Russia. But they got to him first. Sad, but true. Then Eisenhower, a pawn for the Z-B, ended up murdering 1.7 million German POW’s when he let them die in concentration camps without shelter, food or water. And people have been programmed to believe it was the Germans, no, make it the Nazi’s that were soulless.

                    What our American history books, written by the same ZIonist Bolsheviks, want us to believe, couldn’t be further from the truth.

                    remove space between ht and tp.
                    ht tp://
                    ht tp://
                    ht tp://

          • Yo Stolz:

            Just to give you a heads up. In the last article Old Coach said you are not being allowed to use ZOG anymore due to something in moderation. How did you slip this in? Old Coach making up stories again?

            • OK, I didn’t see his comment but Thanks POG. I’ll use GOZ instead of ZOG just to make him happy.

              All the haters — you heard what old coach instructed. Make sure to help him to stay useful as an ……

              • ZOG ZOG ZOG….I just had to see if it got hung up.

                • It didn’t.

        • I agree with the school. The firing of guns and the presence of military has no place on school grounds. Militarism, jingoism, and warfare are not values we should be teaching to young people. Teach them civil liberties.

          Moreover, 21 gun salutes should be discontinued nationwide out of principle. Fuck the veterans. How dare you stupid fucking old people glorify war and killing in the name of the transnational petrol corporations?

          You retards need to watch this film and wake up:

          Veteran adulation is like religion. Toxic poison through and through.

          If you served, fuck you. If you saw your friends being blown to bits in a shelling, fuck you. If you were spit on and called baby killer when you got home, fuck you. If you got veterans privilege employment or tax breaks for veterans, fuck you. If you marched in a veterans day parade and threw candy to children, fuck you. If your pappy got a military funeral, fuck him.

          Happy Veterans day, murdering pieces of shit. I home someone bombs your house.

          Spanish American war: Excuse for Amerikkka to steal land from Mexico out of greed.

          Indian Removal Act isgned by Andrew Jackson, father of the Democrat party.

          WW1: Amerikkka ships weapons to England in passenger liners before the war started to reduce the chance of them being sunk. Germany had every right in the world to sink the Lucitania.

          WW2: Amerikkka cut off the supply line to Japan and had them all starving to death before the war started. Japan had every right in the world to bomb Pearl Harbor. FDR knew about it beforehand and let it happen to build up a will to fight.

          Are you seriously going to argue that we didn’t have 9/11 coming to us what with the myriad of countries we bombed in the last few decades, totally unprovoked?

          The real enemy is not the Japs or the Gooks or the Krauts or the Dagos or the towelheads.

          The real enemy is old man with “support our troops” on his minivan. The soccer mom with the Amerikkkan flag flying on the porch on Veteran’s day. Grandma watching O’Reilly with the volume blaring. You fucking old vermin who think the Amerikkkan military does no wrong, might for right, Gott mit uns, or whatever the latest propaganda horseshit is.

          Grow up you bunch of fucking assholes.

          • This old man would love to kick your ass just on principal. If its so bad here why don’t you grace someone somewhere else with your presence You hate everybody that’s breathing regardless of gender,party,religion or age. Your friends count in the minus column.

          • Acid Wretch, you are a pure, unadulterated, five-star idiot.


            • Fuck veterans, and fuck America. Love the constitution. If tomorrow Somalia has more freedom and prosperity than USA, I wanna be a Somalian. If it’s India, I wanna be an Indian. What we love is America the grand experiment, not some land somewhere and sure as shit not a bunch of people.

              You say “sodomite” like it’s a bad thing.

              For as much gay hate as you bastards have, straight guys sure as hell as for a lot of blowjobs from their gay friends. Trust me.

          • Spot on Acid thumbs up. These dumb f@cks can’t stand the truth when it slaps them across their faces. Glorifying baby killing with medals on their chests. F- Em

          • First and foremost, if your post is remotely correct then good. I’m loud and proud to be the biggest boy on the block. Take a trip to another country and no Europe. you can go live and drink dirty water and eat shitty food as well. Sounds like fun right. The only reason that you are able to be a self loathing American hating American is because by god you are a f”in american. Get real. I am sorry that the military industrial complex exists. Oh woes me we are just bullies. Man this is the real world. Your ideals do not exist.

        • The popular culture IS a fearful, pussy culture. But it only takes in as many as can be coached to believe that being a pussy is a good thing. I think some entire states in this “Republic” have not been completely pussified, yet.

          We who communicate with each other here will probably be alive to see if the authentic humans successfully fight the “matrix” jellyfish.

          Read “Out of the Mountains” if you’d like to know how tribes have historically competed with state-sponsored and non-state-sponsored normative systems.

        • They might as well cancel 4th of July fireworks, we don’t want to scare the kiddies.

          The inmates are running the asylum, er schools that is.

        • well if i get 1 more awaiting moderation after 3 years of posting

          then i’m done with this site..


          • well then

            I’ve sent mac emails..many over the years..

            and established some great relationships with manos, burt the brit and daisy whom no longer post here..

            now I know why..

            good riddance


          • Not sure why your posts are dropping to moderation but will check the IP moderation queues to make sure you were t automatically dropped in there by the system . Apologies for any problems caused.



          • OK Possee, do me a favor and start using an email address when you post. Within 2 – 3 posts the system will “recognize” you and should auto-approve your comments. The email addy you use can be real or fake, just make sure to use the same one each time.

            The AKISMET validation system utilizes two data points to determine “trusted” users — IP + email address.



        • ***Disclaimer***
          All punctuation marks used in the following statement are made from 100% recycled comments.

          Well now, this just takes the cake. Oh wait, cake is fattening and full of wheat flour. Better skip that. Don’t want to offend the gluten-free crowd.

          Take 2– Well now, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever… Nope, can’t call people crazy. They’re just “mentally challenged”… or is it,…intellectually disabled… or, uh… differently saned…

          Take 3– This paranoia about the mere presence of fire arms in a school, especially for a traditional salute to honor veterans… Scratch that. Paranoia is not allowed (see take 2) and, evidently it’s not kosher to pay any respect to those with military service (not to mention that the word ‘kosher’ under certain circumstances, just ain’t kosher these days- it implies a possibly derogatory attitude to the Jewish faith which may indicate an anti-semitic hostility)and … Oh, the hell with it! (or hades, purgatory or the state of non-existence if you please).

          Take 4– The ghost of Chairman Mao must be dancing! Phase one, the brainwashing of the western masses is complete. People are frightened by the mere presence of an inanimate object. Live grenades and falling pianos being the exception, it is positively irrational to fear an object which has no will, no intellect of its own. But here we are.
          Americans are ‘offended’ (read ‘afraid’) of guns. Even if only loaded with blank rounds and in the hands of people simply performing a ceremony. Americans have LOST THEIR FREAKING MINDS! (whoops, I did it again)
          I’m just glad the dumb masses aren’t afraid of cable tv, video games and fast food. They’d all commit suicide for lack of anything else to do. Not that their absence would be a bad thing, it’d just be a whole lot of clean-up afterwards. And I haven’t time for that. Gotta charge up the blue tooth, reprogram the tevo and cruise thru the taco stand before closing…

          • “inanimate objects”…

            Ain’t that the truth. You reminded me of a story on the local news last evening.

            A young girl in grade school apparently took a couple of bullets to school. She didn’t know any better since I guess they were inanimate and she wasn’t scared of them.

            The breathless anchor related that no one was hurt. The bullets were live ones but luckily they didn’t explode.

            I just shook my head at how dumbed down most people have become.

        • This entire thread is bullshit. it was debunked a few times on the radio today.
          I defy any of you to find the phone # and contact the offended group/

          As usual, you all start running around like the farm animals when Henny Penny started screaming that the sky was falling.

          The original source was a blog. The school principal explained in an interview that the group was denied because the school already had a Veterans Day program planned.

          Bring on the revolution.
          The founding fathers.
          Sometimes you all react like push button toys.
          be well

        • Agreed we are A nation of complete pussies. Why would any veterans group want to hold any type of ceremony at a school like this again to hell with those people. And my words to them “I’ll see you in hell”

        • Holy Fucking Shit!!!!! Let’s take the 21 gun salute with blanks and replace it with live rounds and shoot every MFing LIBTARD that this shit comes out of their mouths!!! My God my Great Grandfather helped settle this country with a gun , my grandfather helped stop the world from destruction in WW1 and my Father helped stop WORLD WIDE TYRANNY in with a freaking GUN!! My family and myself have fed my family with a GUN! What the fuck is wrong with these people!!!

        • Saw something on Drudge about American women wanting bugger butts. Judging from what I see everywhere I go, mission accomplished!

        • Easy answer: We won’t. Well maybe some of us well, especially those south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I’m glad the photo above captured the MS state flag that still sports the Confederate Battle Flag.

        • I’m with ya bad dog! All I needed (and did) read was the first paragraph. What a bunch of fucking sissified pansies we have now in this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          ALL I can picture is parents sitting on their cushy couch, in their posh neighborhood biting their nails over the thought of a 21 gun salute! makes me fucking sick… God Damned cowards and sissies this nation has become!!! (Present company excluded of course!)

        • This is what happens when you have too many queers in the oval office…

      2. There are more important things to do, like Banning any IP address originating from Israel to log on to this website. The last article was a sea of red thumbs. It is the start of the ZOG Jews Anonymous digital attack on American Freedoms. Ban those IP address. The technology is available. We know who you are.

        • WWT, Is they any technology to automate IPs that are originated from the six sided star tribe ? If yes I WANT ONE. Even better if there is a technology to automatically attach the mid finger to such IP’s.

        • Your IP address has nothing to do with where in the world you are tapping a keyboard from.
          Believe it.

          • True. An IP address is assigned during the initial handshake between your router and the “internet,” You keep that IP address until your router breaks from the server. It is how you are identified and tracked while online.

        • How about posting the IP address in the signature of the post?

          I practice good OPSEC and use EtherSoftVPN. I can appear to originate in just about any sizable county you can name though.

          • Yeah we can all use Tor also if we want to to randomly select an IP loc.

            • Whats this “OPSEC” yall speak of? hehe

      3. Thats pretty unbelevable and sad .

        • Hey hammer… Staying busy? No 21 Gun Salute. I truly feel sorry for our country. It is unbelievable and sad. Liberal queers have taken over the country. Just isn’t right.

          • If the school every has an active shooter, all police should respond with wiffle bats, not guns. Not only will the noise scare the children, we don’t want to actually hurt anybody do we?

      4. The “rugged individual ” should be cherished as he is now almost extinct in the home of the brave

        • Not in our family… we are teaching the grandchildren…..

        • The ‘Rugged Individual’ should be placed on the ‘Endangered species list’ and protected by law. (grin)
          I is one. (smile)

      5. Disgusting…………

        • NO… borderline treasonous… and noted…

      6. I live an hour away from there. It is a pathetic city. The people opposed to this are nuts. If they hate the country that much, they should move somewhere else.

        • Fence it off, cut off all federal and state funds, cut the power, sewage and water, shut down any cell sites that are close, no vehicles in or out. Tell ’em if they don’t like the US that much, they can live without the US then.

          • “Tell ‘em if they don’t like the US that much, they can live without the US then.”

            They could say and do the same for preppers, patriots and real Americans too. WE are not exactly happy with how this country is right now, either.

            It’s a “shoe fits on either foot” argument.

      7. Liberals are ruining America some one please think of the children oh god please

      8. Liberals are ruining America some one please think about the children oh god please the children a haha haha waaaaaa

        • Eat a bag of dicks.

          • Sorry about the double post it’s my genius computer skills those are both mine laughing at self

      9. I’m shocked. Not because this happened but because it did not occur in California.

        • Coming to a town near all of us. It is the ruination of a nation. It has happened to countless governments over the years why is anyone suprised that it is happening to us. In case you all had not heard WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF A COLLAPSE as a nation. This is what most of us have been prepping for. It is one of those “can’t see the forest because of the tree’s” type thing.

          Ignore the red thumbs and they will go away.


        • Californians have totally trashed their state so they are moving to others, unfortunately, they take their liberalism with them when they go.

      10. Oh one more thing in the meantime these kids go home and play violent video games.


        • If liberals hate guns so much, why do they permit them to be in movies and on TV? Because you can’t make a movie or TV series without guns.

          What do liberal cops carry?

      11. Idiots…. Too many, too bad.

      12. These people will learn the sound of gunfire soon enough.

        • Good day, Townsaver. Yes, they’ll hear more gunfire than they ever bargained for when the 2nd civil war and/or revolution breaks out. This is BS with CAPITAL BS when you can’t even have a ceremony to honor the vets just because someone libturds don’t want to hear the sound of gunfire. Hell, I can’t even go to the range as much as I used to because of another commitment. I don’t even get to hear gunfire as much as I’d like.

        • Yeah, shoot first. All talk.
          Many ( note I did not say all) preppers are preparing for people like you/

      13. Does this mean it is a bad thing that my daughters and their friends at school go to the mountains and go shooting at lunch?

        • Nope… keep sending them there so they get better….. good job Rancher Wife!!!

        • Ranchers wife..if it doesn’t work out with your husband for some reason will you please marry me? :>) You sound like a dream wife.

        • Ranchers’ Wife, you’re doing exactly right. Practice makes perfect. They need to be able to hit the enemy targets when the uprising begins.

      14. I just shake my head, and wounder why I spent 20 years in the USAF…To defend POS like these?…No, I just have to believe it was for something or someone more worthy!

        • NOBODY, I understand your feelings. But I wouldn’t defend such trash even if I received an order to do so.

        • Nobody. You spent 20 years as a whore prostitute to fight the banker tribe wars. That’s why you are still Nobody scumbag.

      15. This is another example of the people being brainwashed with communist bullshit known as political correctness. If this is allowed to continue, it will only be part of the downfall of our country. all because of someone being uneasy about some guns being fired? GIVE ME A F#$%ING BREAK.

        • If Obunghole had his way, he would have our soldiers kissing the enemies neck and rubbing their crotches. Everywhere I go it seems like a contest with todays …ahem..guys, to see who can look like the biggest faggot. The commie manifesto is working.

        • Here trollies, trollies, trollies. Come to Papa Braveheart because he has a nice big surprise for you.

        • Renegade; so right. Soon states will get fed up and secede from the union and do their thing the right way.

        • RB, just a short comment on ‘political correctness.’ What many, and I suspect you, do not recognize is that PG is a sorcerer’s spell that when a question is asked on almost any subject, the (our) minds shut down until the programed response comes to the forefront. The libtards recognize this and have embraced it. We on the other hand do not seem to understand that sorcery is real and prevalent in our land.
          We must learn how to fight it, along with witchcraft.

      16. The “Kids” probably have more “fire power” than the Marines in the picture.

        Glocks, Sigs, Tec-9’s, S&W’s, I hear that the .40s&w is getting real popular in the hood?

        • On this Veteran’s Day I want to recommend the Brad Pitt movie Fury. It depicts war for what it is brutal. The men who fight them as very human/brave, and to me it had a deep Christian message of standing up for what is Rightous against what is Evil.

          If ever there is a call to arms today against all that is wrong in The U.S. Fury is it.

          • Yes, “Fury” is a great movie. Highly recommend it.

            • Fuck you asshole.

              That’s all we need is another fucking WW2 movie whining about the Hollowcaust from the fucking Joo rats in Hollywood.

              Where are the Hollywood movies about the Jew Bolsheviks in Russia killing 270 million people?

              I’ll hold my breath.

              • Acid ; keep holding your’d do us all a favor!

              • Acid…they didn’t show the Bolshevik Jewish Communists marching to very scary music on the history channel so most here think they were sweethearts I guess. The Nazis on the other hand have been marching to very, very scary music for years on the History channel so everyone is affraid of them.

                • badpuppy- I think you’re on to something. It’s all in the music.
                  The tone and rhythm of a particular melody goes a long way in framing the state of mind. It really does affect our human emotions.
                  Imagine the movie Jaws but with the Popeye cartoon theme playing. It just wouldn’t be the same.
                  Or how about Star Wars? Could you picture the Death Star ominously approaching… but they’re playing “Clap along, if you feel like happiness is for you..” in the background? Me neither. It’s all in the music.
                  And speaking of music… anybody know where I can get a copy of the soundtrack to Psycho? Got a family reunion this weekend…

                  • 🙂

                  • Smokin..exactly…the evil geniuses that do this know how powerfull a good music score is. Star wars as you said has a very powerfull music score. When it shows darth vader he has that music that lets you know darn well..thats the bad guy. IMO the music score makes the movie 100 times more powerfull and envokes emotional responses. It’s no different when watching the history channel. If it’s talking about a particular group with sinister sounding music playing in the back ground your mind automatically associates what’s being shown on the screen with evil. They could show footage of little bunny rabbits hopping around to an evil sounding music score and you would associate a cute little bunny with something evil or sinister. Rocky is another good music score…it makes you want to get up and shadow box becuase thats what it was ment to do. music scores can take you through all emotions happy, sad, angry, affraid, shocked, etc….Oh, and as for psycho and that creepy ass music WOW that music score couldn’t be any better for a shower stabbing scene…that score envoked fear. The history channel might start playing the psycho theme for the nazis soon to make it scarier than ever or possibly the jaws theme…could you imagine the nazis marching to the jaws theme? omg I’d go hide under the bed if I saw that. Anyways…great post are one of the smart ones here obviously .

                  • Going just a little deeper down that rabbit hole of music scores. It is the vibration frequency that has the effect of emotional influence. They,(the predators that be TPTB) have the technology to do this on a mass scale without music. Don’t even need a movie either.

                    • johnny..absolutely..I was going to get into that in the above post but didn’t ..vibration frequency is huge and these mad scientists know the exact frequency the human brain operates at.

          • “deep Christian message ”

            see all those thumbs down… leftist atheists are rabid.

            • LaughAtStupidPeople: “leftist atheists are rabid.”

              They must be a frequent source of laughter for you. 😉

              • FreeSlave and Laugh, the trolls are communist-atheist.

          • Sinner:

            Is it finally a movie about the Russian people fighting the Bolsheviks who are killing them by the 100 millions?

            Sorry, I know the answer.

            • That’s why I shake me head when people get all worked up about the “Communist Russians.” They’re wasting their time, hating people who just no longer exist, IF they ever did. I for one, don’t consider the Bolsheviks as an example of “Russians”. There is a simple explanation.

              Your answer, Granny, is:

              “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. WE are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity…”


        • No pistol is going to out gun a rifle AR15 or AK. And I run with 40 and 60 round magazines filled with steel penetrators. 3200 fps vs. 1000 fps .40 or a 1300 fps 9mm.

      17. And the pussification of American rolls on!

        • The correct term is “pusillaninous”. Pussy is an abrevation.

        • I don’t think so, those pussies are loud but not in the majority. They couldn’t handle a real job.

      18. Did anyone mention that our president is an illegal alien…….makes me cringe when he does some Veterans Day Ceremony……….from Indonesia with love……..

      19. This is what happens when natural selection is held back

        • Anonymous-
          Truer words were never spoken. Don’t know why all the red thumbs. Maybe they didn’t think through your comment.

          • Nah! Its ‘natural selection’ in action. It’s red vs green. Its the eternal struggle personified. Us vs them on the hoof.

      20. Can we presume the entire school board, and their pet herd of politically correct, professionally offended, perpetual complainers have been sent back to the insane asylum they escaped from?

        Also, I think Hillary has her campaign slogan: ‘Standing up for your rights if it’s convenient and politically correct.’

      21. All you assholes who blame the Jews are too much of a pussy to take responsibility for your own country.

        • If you don’t like the truth, then get your ass out and vote. But no, you’re too much of a pussy to even vote.

          • Now Macro, where did you come up with the “vote” comment.

            I voted, did you?

          • Macro, that depends on what you mean by truth. Plus, the system is so corrupt and there’s no one worth voting for. the ballot box has failed and so has the system.

        • Marco we can do just fine with out the 6 Million blood sucking Joo parasites riding our backs eating flesh.

      22. Oh no What a country full of little pussies we are going to raise if this shit keeps up no wonder the Russians could probably kick our asses in a fair fight ha

        • The Russians won’t have to fight us at this rate. We’ll open the doors for them.

          • Just the premise of the book The First Team

            BTW–The thread is based on bogus info. All BS.
            I posted at the end of the comments.

            This entire thread is bullshit. it was debunked a few times on the radio today.
            I defy any of you to find the phone # and contact the offended group/

            As usual, you all start running around like the farm animals when Henny Penny started screaming that the sky was falling.

            The original source was a blog. The school principal explained in an interview that the group was denied because the school already had a Veterans Day program planned.

            Bring on the revolution.
            The founding fathers.
            Sometimes you all react like push button toys.
            be well

          • The Russians are not our enemies, they’re fighting the same NWO cartel that we are. One major difference between Us and Them, is THEY are united in their fight, while WE sit around debating reality TV and betting on the play-offs.

            Shake off that programming, man! It may be deeply embedded, but that doesn’t mean it has to be permanent.

        • Geo..this population is SOFT compared to Russian culture. They teach kids in middle and high school how to take apart clean and reassemble an ak47 and other things of that nature in Russia. Here they teach kids how to be fags and politically correct wimps who piss themselves at the sight of a gun. It makes me freaking sick to watch what has become of Americans knowing it has been done deliberately.

          • Amen BPD.

            Imagine a day when we teach auto mechanics and/or shop to high-schoolers, along with Home Ec and First Aid classes.

            Maybe a short course in Krav Maga or just simple self defense, offered in Phys Ed, their junior and senior years, right along with baseball, football and all of the other team sports we all grew up with.

            A comeback for things like basic Chemistry, Agricultural studies and real physics in high school.

            Maybe an end to indoctrinating with “Poli Sci” and a return to teaching the principles of The Constitution and Bill of Rights…THE REAL PRINCIPLES.

            When mathematics are no longer “subjective”, but objective.

            When NO literature books are off limits, based on political correctness.

            When students are encouraged to think for themselves, not simply memorize data before the test.

            Okay, that’s enough day-dreaming…I’m hearing the intro to “Imagine” by John Lennon in my head now…

      23. First American Flag shirt on cinco de mayo ruled inappropriate by an american court system. Today 21 gun salute to honor The True Patriots is deemed inappropriate.
        Perhaps next year we cancel 4th of July so we do offend new illegal immigrants standing in line for food stamps?

        Maybe pointing fingers and barrels will not only be appropriate but necessary at some point.

      24. I think that continued actions like this will bring on the final solution…

        I further believe we HAVE reached the point of no return…

        May God have mercy…

      25. Good Day Everyone,

        To start, would everyone please hold Canada Cauck and her husband in thier thoughts and prayers; CC’s DH is going through a major surgery (or already has, just)…both need those rather much I think.

        On astrophysical matters, NOAA 12192 has completed it’s transit around the ‘backside’ and is nearing a return to the visible face in roughly the next 24 hours. Currently, the NASA SXI imaging show an enormous amount of auxilliary ‘sky-shine’ around the south-eastern limb in that spectra. As such, we may infer that that region will – upon it’s return – yet be ‘formidable’. We’ll soon see.

        On a final unrelated note, “How about them REPUBLICANS!”…Eh? If you thought that the “foxes were in charge of the hen house” before the elections, well…just wait a bit; now we’ve got WOLVERINES in charge of the that particular facility. Needless to say, it’ll soon be a blood-bath of Wall Street inspired Greed as the BIG MONEY takes over things in toto.

        Keep watching Folks…I’m sure it’ll be ‘interesting’ …WAY better than Monday Night Football or Dancing with the STARS.

        Adios All…

        • Much better indeed Mr. R, much more better. Remember the old saying “That’s Entertainment”. So whats your scoop?


          • Thanks for the sitrep on Canada Canuck, MR!

            ..will keep her & her family in prayers tonight.

            Please forward to her our best wishes!!!

          • Evening B, Hunter,

            Hmmm, where to begin?

            For starters here, I note that the ‘gov-troll’ brigade is out out full-force this eve…OICU2! (No offence to the actual OICU here….) Bang away, won’t make a bit of difference, “It’s a WONDEFUL day in the neighborhood!”

            As far as the antics ‘pon Capital Hill, we all know where that will go; the further destruction of the American Public whilst the entitled and or ‘bought and paid for’ politicians continue to vaccuu0sck the last of this once great country’s reserves to depletion.

            That said, I am seeing a (later) top to the market at about 19650 (DJIA) and commensrately high levels on the other major indices; YES, they do sTRILL have a range of options whith which to maniplate things, broadly…for a time yet. However, the EVENT that we have all been waitingfor, for so very long for is fast approaching. I am fully anticipating the ‘trigger event’ to occur around later Decenber into perhaps later January.

            The system – as it is currently ‘constituuted’ – is ‘exteneded’ beyond any rational point nad is operating on fumes at this stage. I ma sure that yoi have seen the recent spate of failed Corporate earnings reports?, Yes?

            IT WILL get worse, soon…a LOT worse. The stupid ‘shitz’ running things have – literally – ‘killed the Goose that laid the Golden egg’..and it is only NOW starting to smell ‘ripe’. Oh Well.

            Anywho…How goes it Friend? Yourself…as well some few others here, REMAIN of ‘concern to me’; all such are in my prayers daily as I hope we are in yours also Brother. The ‘offer’ made long ago yet stands…and will continue to be so my Friend, for the forseeable future…

            At Hunter here…Brother, I HAD a direct connect to CC – previously – but that appears to have become “inopeartive” quite recently. I do NOT feel that anything is wrong with her, ‘per se’…just something that I do not as yet fathom with our ‘comms’…more on that later, possibly.

            Anywho, till later All!

            • Nice to see you just one guy….keep those sun reports coming brother…very important work.

        • Mr Rodgers

          It appears you’ve taken the sweater off..and are ready to rumble

          Kudos sir..

          Refreshing to read another commenter that does not waste time bashing some imaginary boogeyman ethnic group for all the worlds problems…

          when in fact

          all the worlds problems have always been the pols and their financiers/handlers..

          The repubs will just continue in lock step with obama’s agendas ..just with a different flavor..

          Now that the red team has overtaken the blue team..the game continues to be the same..

          They all go home with a sackful of cash and options..while the rest cheer them on from both sides..and then go home to indebtedness and misery..

          Enjoy the day


        • @Mr. Rodgers…Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us.

          DH goes for surgery on the 19th, so a week from now, and needless to say, we are ‘holding our breath’… but so many of you kept us in your prayers during his last surgery (nearly 2 yrs ago now) and sure hope prayers keep coming! I will keep all informed. Again thanx and sure is good to hear from you. Take care, CC.

          • @ posse, CC,

            Good Morning Brother, Sister!

            Yes…it is becoming time to ‘take the sweater off’, soon it will be time for MOAR. So, ‘Heads-up’ Y’all. I concur whole-heartedly with your assertion as to ‘bashing boogeymen’…the AWAKENED, ALERT mind does NOT fall prey to such juvenile tactics…the NEED is to see beyond all such, only then is there Hope for us, ANY of us. Thus Kudo’s in return my Friend! 🙂

            CC, I was – plainly – mistaken as to the ‘when’ involved and thought it was around the 10th. Hang in there Sweety…’HE is with us, always…I think even moreso of late…’The Children must needs be made READY…”, Yes? Hang in there Hon, with Faith and Courage both, for miracles DO happen from time to time. I am the ‘living’ proof of that, to say the least.

            In part my presumption related to the absebce of a response to the email that I sent on to you previously…thinking that you were ‘preoccpied’ therewith; did you – in fact – recieve that M’am?

            In any event you BOTH remain in our Prayers…”Fur Immer und Jamals, mein Freundin du ist, Alles!”

            Till later All…

            • @Mr. Rodgers….good morning to you! Email? No, did not receive, however, still not used to new laptop, and wondering if it went to ‘junk’ box and got deleted in error?

              I have been checking that box though, to see if anything under a ‘different name’, or still the same address for you?….I would have surely noticed……do try again, (I still have the same address….but remember, no “n” on my last name….many do make that mistake….ttyl, CC

              • Howdy Sweety!

                Yes…I am aware that it comes without the ‘n’ at the end; that DID at one point – previously – ‘trip me up’ 😉

                As a matter of clarification here; REMEMBER the ‘handle’ that I used previously; I have thought through this a bit and that is a good way to keep it ‘on the square and level’ for any recieving from me. Eh? That said, it is LIKLY NOT your end of things where the malfunction occured; “J’s” construct – the ‘thing’ that shields us here from ‘unwant attentions’ – a is a masterwork of her trade, HOWEVER, that implies that it is ‘persnickketty’ in extremis…most likely I DID something that it DID NOT LIKE and as such it ‘vaporized the ‘send’…such is just the real world we live in, No?

                “J” had a near calamity a few days ago; when out retreiving the stock we yet had out in the high fells with my nephews, those we HIT with an ARCTIC blast that locked them down for several days; we have only yesterday retrived them to here, with us. All IS well though, so fear not. As time permits I will have that one ‘examine’ what I did so ass that rectification can be accomplished forthwith; I so yearn to ‘speak’ with you!

                Pleas etell DH ‘Hello’ and convey my best wishes and earnest prayers therefor..and for you, yourelf as well, my thoghts are WITH you both, continuously now.

                Well, tis late, till later then, “Auf Wiedersehen Sie Mein Freundin” 🙂 FIUJ-MFDI

            • @CC;
              We will keep you and your family in our prayers

              Mr R;
              Good day to you sir, hope things are well in the north


              • Good Day to you Ghost Rider….Thanx for your kind thoughts and prayers….appreciate that. Take care, CC.

              • Howdy GR!

                Ummm, at some point – soon – Thee and Me need to have a ‘dialogue’ of sorts. I must needs ask here: “Did you peruse the location that I mentioned a bit ago, via Google Earth?” THAT is rather important Friend, far more than of mere ‘passing importance’, in fact.

                Adios All….

                • @Mr Rodgers…Oops! Should have looked back here 1st… As I said in the ‘next’ thread….glad ‘J’ and the rest of the group got back safely…sounds like they had a couple rough days!

                  I understand your info on the emails, and of course remember your previous handle.

                  Looking back on some of your previous emails recently, I see where its just been approx. 1 yr. ago when things were not the best for you and you were about to start your long journey…..I am so glad all went so well for you and now just a ‘memory’ (:

                  I did get a chance to google earth that area…WOW! is all I can say for now. Well DF, gotta scoot for now, take care, CC.

      26. I was on a 21 gun salute group at a veteran’s funeral while at Fort Jackson, SC before being sent to Vietnam. Everyone but the tallest 7 had leave over that weekend. So I had to go. On another note, I notice if one makes a negative statement about war or service therein on some sites, such as a sports site honoring Veterans day, I said all veterans who died in U.S. wars died in vain. I received a backlash of insults that totally shocked me. It just revealed to me the complete brainwashing of the majority to support war without question. My dad, a WW2 vet died as a result of that war. I think we need to bring back the draft to wake these people up to what is being done in their names.

      27. So, are they going to cancel the 4th of July fireworks too… The “Rockets Red Glare” can be pretty intimidating …

        • Certainly “the bombs bursting in air” must be deemed as sending the wrong “message”, yes?

      28. At least in my area a middle school had a very nice veteran’s day salute and said the pledge of allegiance with ‘under God’ still in it.

      29. If there was ever any doubt in your mind where our muslim president stands, give this web site a listen. People on this site already knew, but this needs to be spread far and wide.

        Only 19 seconds long. PLEASE WATCH. Not reported by US media — the German Press had to do it.

        The German caption reads: “Obama declares the New World Order”.

        We are too small minded to govern our own affairs and we must surrender our individual rights to the world order.

        • CowDoc:

          Some here say that we have nothing to fear. That the problem ends in DC. How dare you report such news…. it just cant be true.

          Sarc off

        • Cowdoc, I just watched that video. EVERYONE needs to see the video cowdoc posted a link for. Obama came straight out and said that we are all “too small-minded” to govern our own affairs and should surrender ourselves to the NWO. Well I say, FUCK YOU OBAMA AND THE REST OF THE NWO BASTARDS. BRING IT ON. I WON’T HAVE ANY TROUBLE TAKING THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD.

        • GIT A ROPE…

          • There is the whole speech on utube….scuttlebut is that this was edited to make it sound that way…

            Not that I don’t think he really, really, wanted to say it that way…


        • that was creepy.

      30. School Cancels Veteran’s Day Ceremony… Because of large amount of stupid.

        • Yes, and you can’t fix stupid!

      31. I just gave everyone a green thumb. Got to give the trolls some competition.

        • Red Arrow Trolls get paid by the red arrow. It’s piece work.

        • freaking RULE man.

          • BPD, I appreciate that, but if I REALLY ruled, there would be NO trolls.

            • I don’t doubt that at all sir

      32. If I were trying to destroy a country. One of the many things I would do is attack their patriotic traditions by claiming it does some harm to someone. And slowly get them banned.

        Some of the people would be agent provocateurs. Others would be gullible sheeple.

      33. Why even have any Veterans Day activities there? The administrators and teachers have no idea what it means.

      34. Every year it is the same attacks on our Vets on this site. Well I’m Done. Wish you all well.

        • Ever heard of “Grace Under Fire”? Silent Resolve?

          Still waters may run deep, but the powerful current is always just under the surface…

      35. How many of these trolls would survive in other countries without the freedoms we have. You might be speaking German,Japanese or….Chinese,Russian…..Arabic……

        • So Jim you take English language over German language?

        • At least the Germans are WHITE…

      36. Why is the schoolnot free to choose not to have a 21 gun salute? If freedon means anything, it includes the freedom to make choices your weak and bigoted minds find objectionable.

        • It’s not because they exercised their freedom, it’s what they chose as the object of their exercise.

          Being opposed to the choice someone makes does not mean weakness or bigotry. It means the choice was misguided, mean-spirited, or disrespectful to our society and culture.

          Wrap you weak and bigoted mind around that.

        • Yes! YES! My simpleton!!!! Throw out your traditions and history under the guise of freedom. And I’m sure you will be happy to learn about Islam. Muhahahaha!

      37. Kids are “uneasy” about a 21 gun salute? And someone on this site wants a return to the draft??

      38. This entire thread is bullshit. it was debunked a few times on the radio today.
        I defy any of you to find the phone # and contact the offended group/

        As usual, you all start running around like the farm animals when Henny Penny started screaming that the sky was falling.

        The original source was a blog. The school principal explained in an interview that the group was denied because the school already had a Veterans Day program planned.

        Bring on the revolution.
        The founding fathers.
        Sometimes you all react like push button toys.
        be well

      39. My kids would have skipped school just to hear a 21 gun salute! Stay away from school because of a 21 gun salute? WTF

        • Stay away from schools, because of the pedophile teachers and homo-sexual administrators. That’s NOT what I want MY children taught.

          You try to teach my first grader about homosexuality and you’ll go home with a couple of black eyes…at least. I will get out of jail, but they’ll still be a freak for life.

      40. once again we hear from the confiscators, this time its the noise. where was the opposition? this was a last minute decision i assume.

      41. What a bunch of overly PC pussies…..

      42. When I buried my father with full military honors he recieved a 21 gun salute. While I was there 4 or so salutes were being fired for other families. THAT is were those school kids should be.

      43. Kids raised in Wisconsin. The week before deer season. Being traumatized by the thought of guns. Hahaha, oh, that’s funny. Tell me another one.

        That super must not be from around here. 😀

      44. Ohh say can you seeeeee?

      45. As a veteran I find this pathetic and offensive. I hope these cowards and communists will continue to enjoy freedom and liberty in spite of their oppressive, asinine, and tyrannical decisions and actions.

      46. …thunkit…I usually do not resort to this type of exchange, but…

        FUCK YOU!

        Things were different 40 years ago when I joined up. Times, and I have both changed. You are correct about some of the things that “us” GI’s supported by enlisting, not all of them correlating to constitutional correctness…but we served even in spite of this…Bottom line…We put ourselves in harms way for your worthless ass. If it were not for “us”…Who’s dick would you be sucking today?

        I believe I can speak for the majority of veterans, when I say that you are JUST ANTHER FUCKING CIVILIAN.

        To every one else…
        I humbly apologize for my coarse language. As I said I am usually not prone to this, but in this case I feel that a personal attack such as this justifies my reaction!

      47. Un.Fucking.Believeable.

        • What is unbelievable is that nobody wants to hear that the entire premise of this article is made up BS.
          Just any reason at all to start screaming .
          Please, do not let propaganda make you behave irrationally.
          Wait for the real stuff.
          Be well

      48. Hmm, after reading through all of these “comments” it is confirmed that our country is pretty much hosed.

        Intelligent conversation has been run over and replaced by incessant babbling, yelling, screaming and of course the requisite profanity that would make any 9th grade phys ed class jump for joy.

        Oh yeah. Cancelling an annual 21-gun salute that has dated back 80 years because some soccer moms thought it might scare little Johnny? HOPELESS.

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