SCARCITY vs. Abundance: How Globalists Enslave Humanity By Creating Artificial Scarcity In Everything

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

     How do evil globalists control the world and enslave humanity? By creating artificial scarcity in everything from energy to money to food.

    Abundance is the enemy of globalist control. When people experience abundance, they become more self-reliant and realize they don’t need big centralized government to run their lives. Abundance leads to economic mobility and human dignity, and these must be crushed by globalists to keep humanity suppressed.

    That’s why globalists — and all their corporate minions like Google and Twitter — go all-out to create an artificial scarcity that keeps nearly all human beings living in a cycle of complete subservience.

    To achieve this, breakthrough technologies are routinely suppressed that could give decentralized, nearly free energy to everyone. Food technologies exist today that can grow so much food that no person on the planet would ever face starvation. Information and knowledge exists right now to cure most cancer, prevent most diseases and transform impoverished, mass-medicated human beings into strong, healthy, creative geniuses.

    But the powers that be don’t want humans to be healthy, creative or free. They enslave humanity through artificial scarcity, destroying the quality of life for billions of people in order to make sure the globalists stay in control. This is why Google and Facebook now ban content promoting nutrition, by the way, or why Twitter de-platforms channels that share knowledge about human liberty and freedom.

    Watch my shocking 45-minute lecture here to learn the truth about scarcity vs. abundance:


    In Larken Rose’s book, The Most Dangerous Superstition, Rose describes the biggest problem facing humanity today and throughout our history.

    When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else’s hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him. But in most cases, it is. The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels.


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      1. “Food technologies exist today that can grow so much food that no person on the planet would ever face starvation.”
        Democrat politics cause this.
        “Information and knowledge exists right now to cure most cancer, prevent most diseases and transform impoverished, mass-medicated human beings into strong, healthy, creative geniuses.”
        Pure BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Cancer is really caused by Gama radiation messing up your cellular DNA exacerbated by your daily living habits. If you live long enough you will die from a degradation of your cellular DNA, one form is cancer.
        Most people are too stupid to even bother to educate past the 8th grade eg the “basics”. The author doesn’t understand the difference between “Clever” and “Intelligence”.

        • I don’t care what you eat or what diseases you cure, you can’t fix STUPID!
          Sounds like round 1 missed you, good! Hope you got the steer to the butcher ok. Ready for round 2? I know, get yer bat out and try and smack the flying coconuts for fun! All kidding aside, glad yer ok!

          • There is one such limited product that is becoming more scarce, and that is good land to live on. FREE from all the entrapments of society and chaos.

            Caught some County Aquatic Air boating A-holes dredging on my property last Oct. They failed to take responsibility, so I kept digging into their phony permit. They were miles out of the permit zone and in and on our 100% private canal system illegally and have been dumping invasive plant herbicides and pesticides on our canals for the last 6 years, and been illegally collecting reimbursement from the FWC IPM program on private property they been claiming as pubic waterways, which FL Tax payers permit funding fraud. Its all a scam. the more areas they can dump the more they get paid. But here is the catch. Their permit is only good for public waters, not back man made private canals and retention ponds. So here is what I found out because I like to dig into peoples business to get the facts. Public Information and document requests are a powerful tool. We get to ask for the info and they need to comply or take them in front of a Judge for their beating if they refuse to answer. So what I found out is that the Co Property Appraiser Office has just been stealing land and renaming it DEP for Dept of Environmental Protection (Public Lands). So they steal private lands with canals and rename they a DEP new owner to change the status to public, and erase the previous owners history, so the Co Aquatic teams then can enter under fraud maps to dump more chemicals in private canals for profit claiming these waterways are public. Hellofa program eh? Funneling Mass Wealth transfer to Counties with permitting riddled with Fraud. SCAM written all over it. I discovered all of these stolen lands under this same Bogus DEP Alt Key, about 6770 acres, mostly wetlands in private ownership and all theft from the real owners in this County. So get your land surveys out, and start protecting your land and get your property land patent from the BLM in Washington DC and get the full sandwich of your property ownership titles and go file that land patent at your Counties recorders office to solidly protect your property from land theft. A Warrantee Deed is just the color of title on your property, and why they can tax you. A Land Patent is the Absolute Title to your land and will beat any warrantee deed claims in all court disputes.

            Wake up people the land theft by our governments are all well under way. They steal our land, gain access foothold, and then they try to poison us with chemicals that can percolate down into our water wells causing cancer.

            Situational Awareness is needed in all aspect of our lives.

        • Have you observed it, directly, or made an inference?

          • CW,
            referring to which subject on my post?

            • “degradation of your cellular DNA”

              Whether or not you believe like Sarah Palin, who suggested that Fukushima would result in hormesis, or Galen Windsor, who allegedly swam in power plant cooling tanks, or the garden clubs, at the beginning of the nuclear age, which intentionally exposed plants to radio-activity, DNA has the ability to heal itself. (I assume there are probably rules and limits.)

              Ideally, broken pieces have an affinity for eachother and regenerate when mixed with raw materials, to the best of my understanding.

              Otherwise, everything and everyone would be cancerous, when usually exposed to similar conditions.

              To be morbid is no more scientific than false hope.

              • CW,
                I disagree with you statement
                “DNA has the ability to heal itself.”
                when it “Heals” it is not the same as it was.
                That means you have a different DNA sequence.
                Sure the stuff will recombine, as any chemistry
                student can tell you.
                But it is altered.
                Life is very robust and can tolerate
                a lot of “stuff” but at some point it can
                no longer do that. That is why we die.
                DNA is a perfect organic machine. It will work
                no matter what, if it is not interfered with.
                My point is, it is always being interfered with.
                You could live the perfect life, exercise,
                best foods, no vices. You will still die.
                Why is that? Theoretically DNA
                should keep you alive forever, you should
                never physically age past a certain point.
                The universe blasts us with particles
                we cannot stop and eventually it will
                get you.
                I’ll mention the non-secular aspect of
                my comment.
                Why doesn’t a physical man live forever? Because
                he wasn’t supposed to.

                • We were supposed to ask permission, before attempting this advanced science project in highschool, due to ethics considerations, but it will typically be mentioned in the science fair rules, starting at junior high.

                  “Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used in molecular biology to make many copies of a specific DNA segment. Using PCR, copies of DNA sequences are exponentially amplified to generate thousands to millions of more copies of that particular DNA segment.”

                  Also, more of it is created, in nature; where does yours come from.

                  r said, “but at some point it can no longer do that”.

                  In fact, the project starts with what might be called broken DNA, beyond the point of regenerating itself. The raw materials are made by the destructive action of enzymes, akin to meat tenderizer.

                  r said, “I’ll mention the non-secular aspect of my comment.”

                  I am not strictly secular.

                  r said, “Why doesn’t a physical man live forever? Because
                  he wasn’t supposed to.”

                  Except, when he was in good standing.

      2. Not too sure about the scarcity meme the author puts forward. Some things, I believe, are naturally scarce, not by design.

        The Health Ranger also claims that you are being enslaved by having to use gas to drive your car, gas to mow your lawn, etc. By what logic does he believe this? You can cut your lawn with a push reel mower, you can ride a horse or donkey to town if you don’t like gas powered equipment. No, energy is actually YOUR slave not the other way around. It provides you with all the modern conveniences and saves you a ton of labor you would otherwise have to do by hand yourself. Look at everything around you. Now get rid of anything that doesn’t take some kind of hydrocarbon fuel to make or transport. Gee, there you are sitting naked in the middle of your yard. It even takes 10 calories of energy to produce and deliver one calorie of food energy to your house. If you feel enslaved driving your truck or riding your tractor, be my guest and do it all by hand.

        In the not too distant future you will be doing everything by hand anyway…and not by choice. Enjoy your energy slaves as long as you can.

        • I like your response. Very well said and I agree 100%.

        • (I must be an optimist. Who knew.)

          A big, fat apple or kernel of grain are naturally-scarce. Although pepperoni pizzas, air conditioners, soda pops, and PC’s *are rare in nature, we are not at the same stage as early pioneers, taming the land.

          Still, we forever keep trying to earn our technological birthright, from some ceremonial authority figure.

          j said, “It even takes 10 calories of energy to produce and deliver one calorie of food energy to your house. If you feel enslaved driving your truck or riding your tractor, be my guest and do it all by hand.”

          Starting at square one, brute labor without status or social promotions will not cover the expense of a truck or tractor, in the formal market. Noone is technically able to afford it, cash and carry, in and of himself.

          • If we are theoretically able to make different shapes, parts, and pieces in a machine, and to print and mill, the printer and mill, how many years of service should it take before you are allowed to run a small errand, in the most convenient way, humanly possible.

            (The answer is blowin’ in the wind )

      3. Globalists as the name implies are global. There is ultra cheap labor and governments that have no environmental and worker safety regulations which are therefore very exploitable. Business has no allegiance so it’s a fallacy that its an “American Company”; such a creature does not exist. An eye opener is the book, “Trading With The Enemy”, by Charles Higham. “All the world is a stage” and the globalist business and financial interests create the set and their media promotes the show. We buy tickets with our labor and some with their lives. Some are critical of the performance others are quite pleased, but regardless in the end it’s many things, but it’s not real.

      4. We can make multi leveled green houses with new/old light weight eco friendly renewable polymer Henry Ford invented it in the 1940 it is stronger than steel and made of plants we can cultivate and crops could be better water plants by making man made ponds to pump water on crops during dry seasons etc. A Jewish doctor who worked for Hitler found the cure for most cancer through a nonprofitable change in diet We can run a car on hydrogen we can create hydrogen by using electrolysis we can separate the hydrogen and oxygen as it rises we can get the energy for electrolysis useing wind, solar, etc. You can use hydrogen to create electricity people that run the government can quit stopping people from being able to take advantage of all of this through regulation licencing the IRS court system etc big business can stop preventing this by not useing disinformation lies and social media and regulated search responses and suggestions the and if all of the strange accidents and sudden deaths of people on the forefront of these industry’s would stop that would help too

      5. The Most Dangerous Superstition reveals a precious truth. It is not and easy read but your effort will be rewarded.

        I want liberty. Period. I could accept the constraints of the period when Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty, that was under the Articles of Confederation and common law. There was no federal government, no Constitution and no political parties. Yet the States defeated the mightiest military in the world.

        Before you can be a free man you must be able to think like a free man. Sadly that has be cleverly indoctrinated out of Americans. Their every solution is a government solution. They refuse to think outside of 2 boxes. Like the saying goes, when your only tool is Republicans you think of all your problems as Democrats.

      6. You are right in thinking that supply is controlled to keep demand and prices high. If the market is flooded, the price goes down.

      7. “…breakthrough technologies are routinely suppressed that could give decentralized, nearly free energy to everyone.”

        1. Explain it so simply, that anyone can have it, so the self sufficient can make full benefit, for ever and ever.

        2. Retain legal claims, to your intellectual property, so the dependent (knowingly and viciously dependent) have to pay up and keep paying, until the very last drop is used up.

      8. * Free Speech.
        * Free Thought.
        * Open Discussion.
        * Real time conversation.

        How do you like your “change”?
        How do you like your “new” internet?
        Notice the “scarcity” of comments?
        Notice the “scarcity” of views?

        These are the “Scarcity” imposed by Political Correct NWO communist TechMonopolyBullies.

      9. Even the current food shortage on shelves we see starting now. Media push it on the horrible crop season, however the ecoli boogyman that pops up with other microscopic critters causing food recalls, I believe are also part of it. they are either redirecting the recall to special storage, or destroying for spite.

        researching actual crops lost shows only certain items should be running scarce………..yet we see it even across all items on shelves.

      10. Also, I have noticed the past three years, I am having HORRIBLE gardens here in South Florida. From invasive critter species that CANT be killed to the enhanced sun effects due to chemicals in the air and the resulting stuff that settles on the soil, Urban gardening ( containters with controlled medium/food/water ) have now been completely useless this season. We have all but decided to give up for this year, as we have yeilded zero useable crop.

      11. I have a similar respect for frn’s as I do for cereal box tops, coupons, and Marlboro points. (Do you like what you have bought with it?)

        But, I have zero respect for Boomers, Old Economy Stevens, unionists, various and sundry and diversity hires, who act like crony capital is a missing ingredient or proprietary secret. It’s a placeholder, not fairy dust. An Old Testament prophet never anointed Your Highness out of the cash register drawer.

        To the rich, who aren’t outright pedants, who don’t live in a golden cage, I bet it works like a math game…

        • (Pardon my typing.)

      12. Most of the human race should die in the nuclear fires that the illuminated ones have planned for the human race. Look at all the shit bag single mothers who have let losers shoot cum in their vaginas. Then they want hard working responsible people to have their life’s time, energy and money to be taken from them to pay for their mistake. I lost a “friend” who kept having more children than he could take care of, and laughingly bragged to me how great it was to have the government taking money from me to give to him and his illiterate welfare babies. His wife thought is was great to. My the starve, suffer and parish, because their nature is to live off of other people and to take the food from other’s mouths for the welfare babies that they can’t support.

      13. – Problem.
        – Reaction.
        – Solution.

        – – False Flag ops.
        – – Programmed violent actors on personality distorting perscribed drugs.
        – – Scripted events.
        Wake up.

        You are careless if you go out in the world unarmed. There are too many dangerous Violent idiots – violent criminals, nowdays. Nutjobs on drugs.

        YOU are responsible for the safety of your family. Get proper training FIRST, Practice often. Then arm yourself, Carry daily.
        Protect your family. Personal responsibility for your family safety.

        Why are China Intel operatives all over North Texas?
        I have also seen several Russian Military personell locally.
        Why are they allowed to be in USA? Why in North Texas?

      14. Thank you for your honest video. My oldest grandchild
        Had a “history” class that taught moslem beliefs in a
        Positive way; grandchild smart and researched enough
        To know it was hogwash. I thought no religion was to
        Be allowed in schools? Vaccinations and health care
        Prison are real. Laws here and there are to keep taking
        Away rights from people to live. Even threaten parental
        Rights,etc. Answer is for people to first know that
        God created you, and pray to be saved and guided.
        Read the Bible to know about Jesus and how to be
        Saved. Read first Corinthians, Romans tenth chapter, genesis.
        All the answers are in the Bible as how to live and what
        Is happening on our earth now. No fear! Strength and
        Always have a heart for others. Can’t get to heaven through
        Good works, only by calling on the name of Jesus to help

        • They tell school children Islam means peace, which is a total lie. You can tell people that if you believe they are too stupid and lazy to read up on the history of Islam. If they did, they would know Mohammed was from a tribe that had the concession rights to Mecca: they literally sold the snacks and water to travellers. Various environmental calamities caused a decline in sales so they had to come up with a wheeze to make money for the tribe. Mohmmed had a think and came back with a great idea. Why don’t we just steal wealth from other tribes and call it religion? This “jihad” was to be a money making Ponzi where those who first helped in stealing from others would get first dibs on the loot. This worked very well and Islam spread quickly: the Amway scam of its time.

          Islam is basically the first Halliburton or Bechtel: a for-profit outsourcing and military contractor feeding on war and chaos. And it is to this day.

      15. Like many here the powers that be want the majority of the world population dead.

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