Says It Ain’t So Joe: “IT’S A DEPRESSION” *Video Biden vs. Obama*

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Headline News | 141 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, got the economy moving again…

    President Barack Obama
    August 15, 2011 (Transcript)
    Decorah, Iowa

    While the President, his czars and inner circle experts promise Americans that we are well on our way to recovery, Vice President Joe Biden isn’t so sure.

    “The unemployed are really in trouble,” Biden said in a campaign stop in Dubuque.

    “My grandpop used to say — from Scranton — he said, Joey, the guy in Dunmore, the next town over, when the guy in Dunmore is out of work it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother in law is out of work it’s a recession. When you’re out of work it’s a depression. It’s a depression for millions and millions of Americans.”

    But, but, but….

    What about the trillions of dollars we added to the national debt that was supposed to create millions of jobs, kick start the economy, and get consumers spending again?

    As we and others have maintained for several years, this country is now smack dab in the middle of a Depression. We’ll know in hindsight how bad it really is, but we can be assured that, as trend forecaster Gerald Celente once noted, “it will be like nothing we’ve ever seen in our lifetime.”

    Millions of Americans are out of work and no meaningful labor is being created. We have generated more debt in the last tens years in this country than in the entire history of our nation combined. More Americans today are receiving nutritional assistance to help put food on the table than ever before – nearly 50 million of our fellow countrymen. Nearly half of American households now receive some type of government assistance or distribution. The middle class is being rapidly wiped out, with some 40% of Americans’ wealth having been vaporized in just the last three years.

    Some 51% of Americans now believe a catastrophic economic collapse will happen – and for good reason.

    Because it is happening, right here, right now.

    If you aren’t prepared for it – if you don’t have food to feed your family when the income stream stops, or skills that will give you the ability to barter for goods or cash – then you’re going to be in serious trouble.

    Vice President Biden is right. Millions of Americans are living through a Depression right now. Those who still have jobs and credit just haven’t realized it yet. But they will.

    It’s a depression.


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      1. This guy is like a force field to Obummer!

        • This guy is a JACKA$$!!

          • Come on Kevin. Obama injected trillions of dollers into his friends pockets and they have done wonders spending the money and hiring new maids and drivers for their new GM volts that no one else will buy.

          • He’s also a plagarizer. Ripped that saying straight off of Reagan.

          • Biden may be a jackass but he is speaking the truth about the situation we’re in. I’m sure obama would love to shut him up and stop his speaking engagements but he wouldn’t be able to explain that away very easily. Not in the middle of a campaign. obama is the real jackass…and liar.

          • “Jack-in-the-box Joe” is what I call him. Just crank the handle and he flys out wearing a court jester’s hat and stupid shit-eatin’ grin on his face.

          • kevin, I agree with what Biden is (Democrate mascot)but I’d rather have a jackass than an illegal alien in the white house.

        • osamabinbadin is going to speek at a major la raza event in a couple of days.

          What a F^CKING joke of a man,american, and a VP.

          A DISCRACE!

          • I can’t decide who’s worse, the Demopublicians or the Republacrats.

            • cause it’s the same team, the plutocrats.

            • SilverFox: You hit the nail on the head. We’re being force feed a sandwich and it MUST BE only one of two choices: Bullshit or Horseshit. Either way we end up eating a shit sandwich between the Demopublicans and the Republicrats. This country will get the government it deserves as long as most (95%+) of the morons in this country continue to accept what is served up on their plates. I’ve heard every excuse possible, to numerous to list here, but these fools always have at least one for voting ,YET AGAIN, for one of these two ‘sandwhiches’. And doing this will always make them shit-eaters until they decide not to take it any more, but you and I know that they are going to come up with a million reasons why they do and why we’re the fools. But that’s to be expected because all that crap they’ve been eating has rotted their brains to the point that they can’t think clearly anymore. Less government means less taxes and fewer regulations; that’s the only formula for freedom. The one saving grace in all of this mess is that our current form of government is going to collapse from over-borrowing to cover their over-spending. Then it will be reset time with the opportunity to place into law that there will never again be deficit spending, that private banking cartels like the Fed are illegal, and that our currency must be 100% backed by precious metals. And last but not least, that we stay out of other counties busniness and bring our troops home to defend America, not international business interests. Sounds impracticle, perhaps, but one can dream.

            • Vote the elephonkey!Or donkephant!

          • La Raza…. hell ya!

            • Peterson: I don’t know why people are giving you the ‘thumbs down’, I get it. La Raza has turned into a another racist group. They believe that they had, what is now our Southwest (SW) stolen from them. Well, they’re morons who don’t even know their own history. Having been born and schooled there myself in the early 60’s, I too know the history of the SW. In summary: we (USA) took it from the Mexicans who took it from the Spaniards, who took it from the French, who took it from the Spanairds the first time, who took it from the origianl inhabitants, the American Indians. La Raza’s only real arguement is that we are better at taking land and holding it than they are-Boo Hoo you crybabies! The Mexican’s and their ansestors were at least as brutal, if not more so, to the Indians as we ever were, which makes them just as racist as everyone else. Let’s recap shall we: La Raza is a group of racists who are also whinny-assed sore losers. Any questions?

            • The “hispanics” from Central America are the offspring of the Spaniards interbreeding with the Indians. Note that they are still speaking the language of the conquistadors even though the Spaniards left about 500 yerars ago.

          • Who are you refering to? Biden or Obummer? Seems like English is not your strong suit.Biden is finally telling the truth and you don’t like that?

            • Only a true moron would take anything osamabinbaden says as telling the truth(perhaps you are not as far above us and the sheep as you think).Problemo wayneo with that statement? oh, I meant problema hohn?. La raza is full of morons also.
              You going to watch biden speek??

              40 men could take L.A. back.

              Turn off the water, blow some strategic landslides, blow some bridges and go have lunch.

              BUT we are so balkanized now, who is going to lift a finger for california and there commie ways?

              Americans (mostly of mexican descent, until the gold rush) made S california a paradise.

              Mexicans will turn it into a waste land.

              You were correct with your demographics comment(the other day),but there is a magor die off comming.

              No water, no las angeles, no 5 million of them.

            • Oh my god I miss spelled los !!!!

              Help me john, please correct all spelling/typing errors.

              Thank you.


        • Right now BO has no clue to stop the floodwalls from coming down, other than to go to the old reliable reaction to a collapsing economy, WAR. BO is so far pushed into a corner that the people will elect anyone to replace him, just like how he was elected in 2008, anyone other than the party that dumped the economy is a depression. BO can go against anyone and still lose because of the economy. However, any president can declare some executive order if the country is in full war, or in full martial law for many different reasons. I imagine that if the election can be deemed unfair because people cannot get to the polls, then there would be no election. Can anyone say false flag?

          I see putin, assad, and these other tin horn leaders that rig elections, and I could see any leader desperate enough to employ all sorts of measures to stay in power. Could BO get away with something? Of course, because most people will believe most fables as they have in the past. Or most people will forget about it like they seem to do everything like the radioactive ball of death over there in Fukushima.

          I wish I knew the future, but NEVER in my life have I seen more aspects of civilization ready to fall apart. Sure we have been close on some occasions to the end like the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I sure cannot remember so many different angles of destruction pointing at humanity as of now. One thing after another have happened that people have become desensitized towards it. Even the planet seems to have a bull’s eye pointing at human civilization.

          • @Be infromed: Off topic – USGS is taking elevation’s every 1/4 mi on Il State Route 1. This where they placed steet rods every 1 mi. to bed rock, got any idea of what’s going on. ( New Madrid )?

            • Most likely measuring the uplift resulting from Glacial rebound. That is also what is suspected to have caused the New Madrid quake. The Great lakes are rising pretty quicly on a geologic scale. Most likely the ice will return before the rising is finished.

            • @ copperhead. Glad to see you watching what is going on, this is important for all of us. Two earthquakes I saw that would show some strain on the New Madrid Fault; one again in the Azores about 20 hours ago, and a 5.7 in El Salvador about 24 hours ago. The rest of the activity points more to the southwestern Pacific plate. There was a 5.2 in the Kachatka Peninsula that shows stress on the San Andreas.

              The New Madrid is an interesting fault in that it was fused together and was actually a plate boundary that was akin the activity that Japan or other very active area like Indonesia is today. On a globe where you can see the planet the way it really looks, you can see the twisting of the continents and where the New Madrid Fault still has pressure from other plates, such as the western Carribean plate and why I said that the El Salvador earthquake slightly affected it, or at least showed stress points directled towards the New Madrid.

              The USGS is taking elevation readings for deformation that is associated with pre-breaking of faults and volcanoes. The ground swells and contracts before a major event and can be read. Just like the quiver effect of a break of wood or rock, there are signs pointing to something possibly occurring. The government just like the “fearless” leaders discussed above will tell everyone that it is for surveying and nothing more. This is not likely the case.

              Earthquakes just don’t suddenly snap without having a “pre-warm up” to the main event. Stress that builds up exerts pressure all over the fault system, it has to. It is not like some thermonuclear bomb that suddenly is detonated underground, rock tension that has built up that much stress is going to show in spots around the fault. This is what the USGS is probably looking for, and yes with the much higher tech equipment it certainly can be detected. An impending earthquake coming and the government letting the public know about it has about the same chance as The Virgin Islands getting 2 feet of snow tomorrow.

              What John W. says below about glacial rebound does have some validity to it, but so does the twisting stress of continental drift that is still going on. There is still pressure coming all the time in areas away from the plate edges and why you can have very large earthquakes in the middle of plates. Another theory is the siphoning off of fluid can lead to earthquakes as the 1933 Long Beach earthquake was thought to be caused from the massive oil extractions years before, especially in the Signal Hill area. There has been a lot of underground water use for agriculture for the past century around the New Madrid Fault, and this could accelerate an earthquake coming sooner than its time.

              Again, I glad you are watching, the government sure doesn’t like eagle eyes out there watching what they are trying to hide what they doing.

            • A BIG THANKS to all who care. I have relatives living in the area and are like us. Again Thxs
              Live Free and keeping an eye out. Oh more drones again over my homestead will try for pics. Again 3 this time and No Sound. Out of Terre Haute IN., they have them there know for a fact.

            • Hey one more thing from TPTB back room talks about stopping agriculture watering (do to lowering water tables). This from some big farmers in and around area.

            • @Be Informed: There were about 7 small earthquakes in the New Madrid area… I’ve been watching the ones on either poles and haven’t seen too many. What do the small earth quakes on the Madrid mean?

            • @ you don’t need to know. It is funny you brought up about small quakes on the New Madrid. Small quakes mean the fault is active and WILL break someday. In areas in northern california there is something called creep in which the fault moves along each year and does not build up decades of stress, a big earthquake, usually. I have fould that small quakes sometimes are foreshocks, but many times not. In california there is often a quiet time in which 2 and 3 pointers become dead, then there is a big earthquake.

              What I would be looking very closely at is a sharp increase in micro-quakes, the ones below 1.5 in magnitude. Before a really big earthquake the fault begins to exhibit failure to hold back the stress, much like a dam that all of a sudden develops hirline cracks all over the structure. You start to see an increase in these micro-quakes, especially all over the fault, LOOK OUT!

          • Be informed, BO is too stuck on himself (his place in the history of presidents) hindering him from having a clue. Then add in the fact that he is so use to being a liar, parnoid, narsistic, and no resume. What and who is he? A con artist. Who runs the country? His czars.
            Both DC and hollywood make me sick. One we pay to lie to us the other we vote for them to lie to us.

        • All Aboarrrrrrrrd!!!!! HA!!HA!! HA!!HA!!!!!

      2. What is most disturbing about the fact that so many Americans feel that a catastrophe collapse is probably going to happen is, still ONLY 1% are doing anything to prepare for it. An economic collapse means that people BETTER have something stored up because their “government” will not come to the rescue. People will be faced with empty shelves and empty stomachs. WHEN more people than the very wise 1% wake up and start preparing, then that number of people feeling that the collapse is on the way will truly mean something. We can all hope for a mass wake up to prepping, we can all hope.

        • Hows it goin informed?

          I imagine this guy has NOTHING to worry about when it happens, he probably has a nice fully stocked shelter with a wet bar and plenty of food.

          the swiss spend their money building shelters for ALL their people, ours? just a$$ wipes like biden.

          Our government will probably spend the last of the gold on jet fuel, picking this guy and his family up and wisking them away to safety(as well as the clintons beloved daughter,pelosi’s family and so on).

          To Hell with us!! Thats what goes through this guys brain.

          • @ Kevin. This is so true it makes your stomach turn. We don’t matter, we are all less than peons. Those that use their minds and actually think for themselves like the people on this site, the government actually thinks of us as a big ugly thorn in their sides. This is kind of a nice thought, a nice thorn and a pest for those in control. Until they decide to shut down the net, then……………..

            • Thorns tend to be pricky. They (government officials) have to come out of them bunkers sometime, and chances are people wont find it to amusing that they and their families came out of them thar bunkers (on our tax dollars) without a mark on them. thats when the real pricking begins.

          • The government has been running FEMA adds telling people to prepare for emergencies AND to store food and supplies. They have never told people to store more than 3 days of supplies or food and now they are but sadly most people won’t listen because they are used to just running to the store for what they need or want in that minute.
            So If 50,000,000 people are out of work and on the dole, what happens when they keep cutting down on the dole $? They will come into the homes of those who are at work and take what they need/want. They will believe they have the right.

        • I hear lots of people say things are going to get much worse as time moves on, but almost none are doing anything about it. It’s like they’re standing in the road and hear the truck, but want to see what make it is before they move to the sidewalk.

          • One of my favorite sayings-

            “History moves quick while reading it, but is slow as hell while living it”

            the problem(I think) is due to our banking systems flaws, people have been screaming COLLAPSE for years(which it should have allready collapsed. celente calls it “schemes undreamed of”), but it just keeps going.

            Great post.

      3. So then we’re now officially informed we’re in a depression?

        The contradictions just keep coming:)

        • No. It’s not official. They still deny it. Mr. Biden was just using his grandfather’s saying that was a take on Ronald Regan’s saying that – if your neighbor lost his job, it’s a recession and if you lost yours it’s a depression. It’s not meant to be an official statement, he’s just recognizing the hard times the common people are in. I do give him credit for at least that. Pres. Obama is very detatched from what the common people are facing.

          • It will never be oficially called a depression during out lifetime. For 2 years we have been told we are in a recovery but in danger of slipping back into recession. BACK???

            • Kuntikinta: Recessions and depressions have specific, formal, economic definition.

              Do yourself a favor and look those definitions up.

            • No, no ,no, Obama will call it a depression the day after he is reelected in November. Then we will get this old worn out line, “Let me make this perfectly clear” we inherited a mess started by Bush and the Republicans and now we have to clean it up.

              You didn’t inherit shit Bitch, remember you applied for the fucking JOB! And your Harvard education left you quite a bit under qualified and we are stuck with your fucking mess.————————— F.O.A.D.!

      4. Biden is just another moron…

        • I disagree. The VP is a SPECIAL kind of moron.

          • He isn’t called “Slow Joe” for nothing.

          • The scary part is world class moron that he is Biden cannot hold a candle to many in the House and Senate which truly are monuments to morondom.

          • I really believe that Obama picked him as an insurance policy for his own life, who the hell would take out Obama just to have Biden for president???? That’s why jumpin’ Joe is allowed to say so many moronic things in public, just keeping the policy up to date.

        • biden is obamas life insurance policy
          could you imagine this guy as pres ?
          that would truly be idiocracy

      5. Shouldn’t he have STRANGLING the middle class on his podium?

        • Whose fault do you think it is that the jobs have disappeared? Obama? He has been the only person to create jobs since 2008 (not as much as you like, but until you only start buying American and put in politicians that will fight against NAFTA), the middle class is gone. Obama did not cause globalization, corp interests did.

          • But he’s one hell of an enabler. I kinda watch this stuff, being a US manufacturer.

          • The only jobs I recall Obama creating were the expansion of Homeland Security and the IRS. The IRS expansion was to monitor Obamacare. The expansion of the Homies was to fulfill a campaign promise to have a domestic army as well funded as DOD. (He forgot to mention it would essentially be a private army run by him.) Do these “jobs” create ANYTHING other than chaos? No, they just eat up tax dollars like a dinosaur. Whooops! I’m wrong. He also created jobs headed by Czars. Now there’s an American ideal.

            • SWIFT: I’m not here to support O’bummer, he should be in a Federal prison for fraud; but Lisa is right.

              Unfortunately most folks here are not willing to look at the facts, (which is why she has gotten so many thumbs down) because the folks here are predisposed to economic collapse.

              Total meltdown is not in the CHARTS!

              Everyone should check the charts at Business Insider. They tell the story. Celente wants to sell you a monthly subscription to his newsletter.

              Almost every Alt Media mogul has a vested financial interest in YOUR fear: “buy this, subscribe to that”. Follow the money.

              Yes WE are heading for a double dip so the GB’s can dispose of O’bummer. So keep prepping. Eventually We will come out of that as always and then the economy will flatten out with a higher than normal unemployment rate.

              Eight to ten percent unemployment will be the “new normal” when things stabilize, so there is a new paradigm, but the Uber Rich who control the world are not going to shoot themselves in the foot and destroy their own wealth.

              No gonna happen.

          • Ok so your just like BOBiden, clueless!!

          • Hi Lisa – nice troll!

            In the future, you may want to know a few things before splattering the prose next time.

            I’ll help you out:

            1) most folks here really ain’t that happy with the idea of Romney, either. Let’s just say that both candidates, well, suck. Badly.

            2) To be honest, most of us fully expect most (if not all) national governments to collapse. Thanks to globalization, it is a near-certainty.

            3) Speaking of which, globalization has been facilitated and pushed by nearly every president after Reagan (mostly due to the putative end of the Cold War). Corporations merely took advantage of the openings that overly-exuberant governments everywhere made for them.

            4) Once collapse begins in earnest, your political party preference won’t really mean jack shit. Most of us have figured that bit out by now, so trolling really won’t get you too awful much in the way of responses. 😉

            • OQ: Lisa is right. O’bummer has created jobs since 2008; most of them initially were federal government jobs.

              Since then federal employment has been slashed according to the charts at BUSINESS INSIDER and private jobs have been created.

              This is NOT a major accomplishment, when you consider that GWB offshored 42,400 factories and 60 million American jobs during his tenure as POTUS; it shouldn’t have been difficult for O’bummer to create jobs.

              Anyone betting that sovereigns will collapse has not thoroughly read their bible. Sovereigns in general get stronger, not weaker.

              Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots describes the birth, development, and destiny of America. Everyone should read it.

              Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it; if the American people will acknowledge the Source of their liberties and honor it once again.

              The Union will prevail and so will WE.

            • Never said either way… too many ways to manipulate the stats, after all.

          • Lisa,
            Obama has created zilch for jobs. The only way the unemployment rate has come down is by eliminating people off the job base rolls. The amount of money that has spent they could easily just given every family in the country a hundred grand. i guess you Obama supporters just have a problem with reality.

          • They’re all so very different, with different goals, and different… Stuff? Stuff, yes, different stuff and things, I want to vote, just cant make up my mind they’re all very convincing… Look how well our country has done the last century. We never really war with other countries and things and stuff. All the prez’s we’ve had really did love all the families they bombed, they are just superior in intelligence and knew/know its alway for the worlds best interest. (Boy, we sure know how to let Hitler have it, but when it comes to our superior smarts in office, they always know best) Good dead families that just wanted to live to see eachother the next day, thank you for your selfless sacrifice, and know that it wasnt for money or power, it was for freedom. We have and will continue to bomb the shit out of the earth in the name of freedom, but when someone decides to bomb back, its a terrible travesty right? Ah, just love it. Love the bombing, trust me, its for everyones freedom… They say it is and I believe them!

        • @lisa-“who’s fault do you…….. obammy”

          The federal reserve,(bankers) I KNOW destroyed the jobs.

          THEY OWN those companies. THEY OWN the politicians

          Out sourcing is another way to fight inflation.

          THEY write the laws that kill business, to FORCE them oversees.

          100 years of unlimited money for them to do this with.

          Presidents don’t “create” jobs, what do you think I am a child?

          The president of the united states is just supposed to sign legislation and BECOME (once again) BECOME commander in chief when congress declares war. Thats ALL the presidents job is supposed to be.

          Te last 5 president have increased the presidents power 10 fold,(with executive orders)to the constition.

          Do you know what the first executive order a president signed?

          George washington, for plates,bowls,glasses, and silverware for the white house.

          We have gone from kitchen utesiles to killing citizens.

          • I gotta go with DK on this
            I dont see some major collapse
            we are
            and will continue to have
            what I call “the great grinding downwards”
            unemployment and underemployment will stay HIGH
            a substantial portion of the middle class will join the working poor
            retirement will be out of reach for a majority
            more and more people will be dependent on the government for
            their livelihood
            the police state will continue to develop here just as it has in England
            we ain’t seen nothing yet
            this so called economic collapse has a rhyme and reason to it
            its planned
            TPTB aren’t stupid
            they are evil and greedy
            but they are anything but dumb
            politicians control nothing
            they are the lackeys and water carriers for the big banks and corporations
            they have but two purposes
            #1 is to serve the banks and Wall Street
            #2 is to provide us with the ILLUSION of choice

            wanna win “the game” ???
            then stop playing it

            • A slow collapse, is still a collapse. But what is slow?

              My questions are-

              Is a 20 year collapse historically fast or slow?
              I think of the old saying “rome did not fall in a day” but was it in 7?

              Some say it took the myans 100’s of years to collapse, so are we living in a historically fast collapse?

              This is the FIRST time in human history the whole world has had paper money, and such intertwined economies. NO ONE can look back historically for an example.

              Me/you/everyone on the planet can only guess whats going to happen. Time will tell.

              Alot of us have been watching this in slow mo for a long time(from our prospective, but IS it really slow mo? a long time historically?)

              Amen to stop playin it!!

              Coach wants me to play, but hommie dont play it.

        • LoL, time to screen cap a shot of that video and photoshop that in. Then, spread it far and wide as an embedded image on blog sites across the net. Nice call!

          • Both these fools are bad used car salesmen. The white one is a drunk and the half breed black well his mother was a stripper and his real name is barry satero or high school friends just called him a memeber of the chumb gang where dumbies where the hit of the day.

      6. I know I know….
        Lets make sure the gay population can marry and all that…

        No wait I mean….
        Lets avoid immigration laws all together and just give the kids a pass….

        Uhm no I mean
        Why don’t we kick the Assad hornets nest and see what happens there?

        Someone forgot to tell these guys American politics….ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!

        • Wait, wait…Why don’t we help the economy by shutting down the coal mines too.

          • JayJay – isn’t that the truth. Our beautiful state has enough problems without BO closing up the coal mines which are the foundation of our economy. With our steel companies gone, coal is the only industry we have left. Hubby and I both think the man is Bellevue bait and should be forcibly removed from the Executive Mansion by “those nice young men in their clean white coats”… Ron Paul is a doctor – he could sign the order!

        • this country is going into a civil war i aint paying the irs for not having their health care piss on americas laws

      7. I don’t want Obama to get re-elected but I like Joe as VP assuming we have a very healthy President above him. Joe has the “Can’t Help It’s” and more truth comes out of his mouth by accident than out of the average politician on purpose.

        • I’ll admit that he does provide a badly needed spot of accidental entertainment once in awhile.

      8. another bag of shit speaks.

      9. Greeting Everyone!
        So uncle Joe got the newsflash at last….
        At he admits the cold hard truth.
        Perhaps he’s getting a pink slip himself real soon too!
        either that or he’s switched sides in the REPOCRATE lifeboat they’re all sitting in.Meanwhile back on the Titanic do you have your life-jacket?All the lifeboats have rowed away to what they think is a safe distance.
        So they think…..

      10. Dumb and Dumber, well more like the blind leading the stupid, but that would be an insult to blind people. They really have no clue.

        • At least blind and severely sight-impaired people will never see JB smile. Every time he flashes those pearly whites I find myself wanting to give him a knuckle sandwich…

      11. does anyone still believe that this latest worldwide financial meltdown is an accident? or that it just happened ??
        it is DELIBERATE
        it is being orchestrated

        put whoever you want in the WhiteHouse
        Obama or Romney
        it wont make a bit of difference
        the outcome will be the same

      12. You know, I agree with Bush… we do have an “Axis of evil”!

        Obama is the north axis and Biden is the south. Or is it the front end of the donkey and the ass end of the donkey? No, I know… Bush was wrong… it is the
        “ASSES of evil”, and those two are the asses!

        • you do realize when bush left office we were losing 700k, jobs a month? And now, we are gaining????? Do i need to show proof????

          • Yes, please.

            According to this (, there are no gains. When showing official proof, we must remember to count the millions who have not found jobs, plus the roughly 100,000 to 150,000 people entering the (non existent) workforce for the first time each month.

            • A lot of us have simply dropped out. 2 out of 10 males on my street have on-the-books jobs, the rest are just making do.

              You know it’s kind of funny, I shit in a bucket and I need to do a proper re-roof on this crappy trailer-shaped-object, “take a shower” using 100′ of hose heated by the sun in the afternoon, get my eggs direct from under the chickens, and probably only spend about $50 a month in gas because there’s not much reason to drive anywhere. But I get enough to eat, have free time which was a scarce commodity when I was slaving for TPTB, pay my medical bills as I go (for instance, I lost a filling last year, just rode my bicycle on over to the dentist and got ‘er fixed and paid cash, rode home) and I have to say, a Depression may be worse for the oligarchs than for us little folks.

              I’m no Pollyanna, I know sooner or later as this Depression progresses the oligarchs will put the squeeze on us, this is why to have plenty of guns and ammo and other implements, and lots of training and willingness. Kinda like knowing you’ll have to deal with fire ants.

            • Well, frankly, the tea leaves say the jobs are coming back. Good luck paying the rent with them though…. Something the traitors call globali-something.

            • Good call Mac… I think Obama’s job creation comes in the master plan of drone bombing whoever he fancy’s til theres more jobs to fill than people to fill them… Thats gotta be it.

          • Winning!!!! Gaining, yes we are, gaining more people on food stamps, welfare, SSDI and every other entitlement program. Keep smoking the Hopium and sipping the cool aid Lisa.

            Just go ahead and add those jobs to the saved, created and shovel ready category. I still can’t figure out where those numbers come from. Oh I know, I’m just stupid!

          • Yeah, you do.

            Bush had a Democrat Congress for his last two years. It isn’t just Obama, himself, it is the entire freaking Progressive agenda. Everyone in the private sector saw Obama coming and went dormant if they couldn’t figure out how to play the angles to profit on tax payer money. Every investor went to cash.

            We are not gaining private sector jobs in the manufacturing sector. We are *gaining* part time service employment, contractors who are essentially self-employed and union sinecures. No one can afford to hire, considering the regulations, the taxes about to descend, the cost of raw materials, the shrinking margins due to cost of energy and the incessant demand of the unions to kill every business in right-to-work states.

            Our banks are being sold to foreign banks. See BMO Harris, for an example. In most industries the distributors are partially, majority or wholly foreign owned. China is allowed to buy Treasuries without going through a bank or a broker. Our builders are being sold to China. See Lennar. Our shovel ready jobs have Chinese partnerships. See American bridges. This is not the fault of American corporations. They are hurting and they are selling to either get capital or to get out and retire while they can.

            You, LISA, are an administration troll. Administration figures are total lies and everyone with two brain cells knows it.

            • america is run by rich jews. google Henry Fords International Jew it will explain what happen to amrikkka.

          • Are you hott??? What are you wearing?? You sound like an easy mark.

          • We’re waiting…and you CAN NOT use public jobs..they don’t produce, just consume our taxes!!

            • LISA @ June 27, 2012 at 8:16 pm
              you do realize when bush left office we were losing 700k, jobs a month? And now, we are gaining????? Do i need to show proof????

              Uhhhh…say what???

              2004 5.5
              2005 5.1
              2006 4.6
              2007 4.6
              2008 5.8
              2009 9.3
              2010 9.6


            • LISA @ June 27, 2012 at 8:16 pm
              you do realize when bush left office we were losing 700k, jobs a month? And now, we are gaining????? Do i need to show proof????

              Uhhhh…say what???

              2004 5.5
              2005 5.1
              2006 4.6
              2007 4.6
              2008 5.8
              2009 9.3
              2010 9.6

          • You are so delusional it is not even funny. I suspect you are a democrat shill sent over to spread BS on this blog as I have heard your talking points thrown out by Obama. Just more made up stuff. There were no seven hundred thousand job loses a month. The whole 2008 crisis was a set up.

          • Lisa, the dumocrats had been in control of both houses FOR 2YEARS when Bush left office!!!! Why won’t lefties admit this simple fact. They controlled all the money and all the legislation from January 2007 on. Bush had nothing to do with the economy after pelosi & reid (uncapitalized on purpose) took over.

      13. Oh please!!Do you really think there is a difference between Obama and someone else,is Mitt going to save the day?No polititian is working for you,they are for big banks and corporations!!

        • moonbeam,
          You must be one of Jerrys kids to believe that there is no difference between Obama and Romney. Obama is the first openly anti American president ever. By Jerry i mean gov. Moonbeam the big Jerry.

        • Yes, please see my delusional rant above… I think it just sums up the US’s existence. In the big perspective, all anyone has done is slaughtered the world at the taxpayers expense. From the natives, to our own civil war, to all the wars over seas (for everyones freedom.. and stuff… And never ever forget the things that usually come with the stuff) If people cant see it now and wake up they never will.

      14. Too bad we must support the 20 million gov. Employees and their dependents
        Plus our overseas obligations and medicaid and welfare

        at HOME.stop being so greedy a d file and pay your fair in taxes friggin bunch of whinners… thats how these F.cks look at everything.

        • Yep, and there are reports that 50% of congresses staff have not payed in years.

          Taxes are for us, not them

      15. Wait a minute folks…we got the story from Joe first that Obummer was for the gays. Maybe Joe is the first to admit we are in a depression.
        Sort of off topic: I am in North Central Florida and the flooding is so bad. Thank God my house is high and dry but coming home from work saw lots of houses that are flooded. Then I was watching the evening news and watching all the coverage about the fires out west. I see lots of Insurance Companies defaulting with all the claims that will be made. Don’t see how the Gov can help them out. We do live in some interesting times.

        • Default,no; our insurance increased the last 4 years EVERY year…Farm Bureau…I had all I could stand; found Liberty Mutual for $300 less per year, and am covered for $50,000 more.
          The insurance companies have the upper hand…even IF you have no mortgage, you want coverage if your house is in a

          • Funny, I just left Liberty for another company and my yearly insurance costs fell by $1,500.00 annually.

            • who are you with?

            • Answer, Please???
              Who are you with??

      16. Biden is hilarious. Pathetic, but hilarious. He reminds me of that uncle who always shows up at the family reunion. You know, the one who puts his cigarette out in the potato salad, then a few minutes later, absent mindedly begins eating the salad again. And he never notices how ridiculous he is.
        Joe is sort of a combination of people. He has the intelligence of Forest Gump, the brasshness of Clint Eastwood, and the eloquence of Charlie Sheen. And to think, this man is a heart beat away from becoming the czar…I mean king….er, um…supreme potentate. What is it we’re calling the guy in the oval office these days? Oh yeah, he’s a heartbeat away from becoming the Chief Shithead of the Yoonited States (all 57 of ’em).

      17. this country is in a world of doo doo and it is beginning to fly a little faster each day that goes by. i have been spending the last several years getting my ducks in a row and preparing for every “what if” i can think of…some may think i am wearing a tin foil hat, but i just do not care anymore what anyone thinks about me and my business. i will remain independent and free as long as i breathe.

      18. Meanwhile, I’ve had to get a part-time job to supplement my income. I’m canvassing neighborhoods trying to get people to sign petitions. I get 25 cents for each signature. Today I made a dollar and a half! (seven come eleven, let the good times roll!)
        Our petitions today, we had two of them, were to raise the legal drinking age to 45 and the other was to lower the voting age to 13. Or maybe it was vice versa, I forget. My work area today was a kinda rough neighborhood. A white trash area near the corner of Grumble Blvd and Cranky Street. Hardly anybody wanted to sign, and none of them told me to have a nice day.
        I did pick up one black eye and three dog bites, though. So it aint like the whole day was for nothing!

        • Oker Smoker – Learn Red River Valley on the geeter and sit on the street corner, you’ll do better.

          • Great suggestion. But I gotta get my pick and the last two strings out of the pawn shop. I’ve been buying it back from them a little at a time!

      19. biden is a nwo u.n. nato globalist “blue blood” rich leech insider on the nwo oligarchy fascist control political power grid of ameriKa .

        he see’s you all as nothing more than cockroaches .

        to be play’d and crushed as he desires .

        trust this pucker not one bit .


      20. (3 days ago)

        “At this moment the air force and navy are conducting search and rescue operations in the western Mediterranean and luckily our pilots are alive, we have just lost a plane,” he told journalists while travelling back from Brazil

        How can that be? Why would he say that? The above link also has some good points on the syrian “defector”

        Pilots still missing?????????? (link below,story from 1 day ago)

        Helmets found??? The magical TWO helmits.

        They found 2 pairs of boots (link below) The magical TWO pairs of boots

        Link to pilot writing about f-4’s ejection seat

        ” Connected both of my leg restraints. Each leg had two garters – one that went AROUND the calf just ABOVE the BOOT and the other that went around the thigh just above the knee. These four garters were connected to two nylon lines that went into the bottom of the ejection seat”.

        LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!!!!!!

        QF-4, F-4 phantom DRONE

        THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO Hmmmmmmmmmm!!

      21. Biden, you fucking moron! Quit wasting good air. Why is it, everytime you open your mouth, nothing but stupid shit comes out? You make Quayle look like a Professor…

        • Biden is a moron, but he is also extremely dangerous. You do not survive in Washington as long as he has without having sold your soul to the devil. He is a very evil man.

      22. In the mid 90s when the economy was ‘poppin’ I had a conversation with a work friend that concluded with “This is crazy, to many people are living beyond their means. Buy houses and driving new cars.”

        Just because you have a credit card with a $25,000.00 limit, does not mean you should max out the card. When you can afford only $1400.00 max a month rent, don’t buy a house at $950 a month with a $10,000 balloon payment in five years – if you can not afford it.

        That BMW you are driving to impress your neighbors and friends is not owned by you – it is leased – you don’t own it – you are renting it.

        Living beyond your means causes no impulse in my life to bail your butt out of your own financial irresponsibility.

        Those days in the 90s when you were “in the money” set you up for failure because you were not paying attention.

        I got smart. I paid off my credit cards, the new car, and in 2006 I paid off my house. 1 November 2008 I retired for good.

        I knew (okay suspected)these hard times were coming. Anyone could have realized what was going on in the 90s were unrealistic.

        • That balloon payment would be $166 a month for the 5 years so …. save it during the 5 years and you’d be OK.

          Oops – “saving” = otherworldly concept.

        • 1982MSGT: What is the difference between a cactus and a BMW? With a BMW the pricks are inside! 🙂

          A hot Chinese lady from Hong Kong told me that one.

          • How many nights in the motel with her? You man whore? 🙂

      23. AWESOME Story Title, this place needs a little bit of humor!

        • I got one-

          A man walks into the bar

          sign on the wall says-

          cheese sandwich $2.00

          handjobs $5.00

          the man walks up to the lady behind the bar and says-

          “exuse me miss, are you the one that gives the handjobs”?

          she says- “yes I am”

          “Well wash those hands and make me a cheese sandwich”!

      24. Note to Joe: Insert foot in mouth remove head from ass!

        • I bet it was priceless to see Obamas face when he heard Biden make the depression comment. He better stay out of Ft.Marcy park.

          • And plane rides with the commerce department.

      25. Wakan Tankan Nici Un

        (May the Great Spirit walk with you)

        Everything is a mess now and getting messier every day. Tomorrow will be nothing of importance, people getting all hyped up wondering what the supreme court will do about Obamacare, will Holder be held in contempt? None of it matters anymore, this country is in turmoil, confusion, and denial, only a miracle could save it from collapse. Turn off the tv, remove the garbage in your life and hunker down for the impending storm, looming on the horizon. To me it is like white noise that makes no sense but is getting louder and louder. One day it will be silent and that is when people will stop and realize what has happened to their lives, but for some it will be too late. My heart aches from the devastation in Florida and Colorado happening now. Life is precious and fleeting, for the people and the animals.

      26. Joe Biden is a Dunce

      27. Actual conversation from last Friday:

        My dear mother: You actually believe this shtf stuff? I know this is a bad recession, but, really?

        Me: Let’s see.Ten years ago I told you my co. was losing work to china, it did not look good, and I do not know what is going on, but our govt is not this stupid, so I say they are in it deep. Five years ago I told you my industry was toast, we are just the first domino, unemployment is going to go apeshit, and my tried and true Ben Graham-ish investment strategy was having bizarre results. Two years ago I pointed out the first time you saw this verified on the daily news. Today it is all you see on the news and I’m telling you our way of life is toast, time is short, and if you do not listen to me now you are making a huge mistake.

        Mom: So, Romney or Obama?

        Me: Dammit, mom…

        Mom: It’s time for a visit. Your dad wants to talk.

        • So, which one of my siblings are you?

          That is my story, too.

          • What a shit sandwich the young people coming up now are being handed. No jobs, terrific debt and a govt. that favors illegal aliens over its’ own citizens.

            • Man it hurts green thumbin you twice in one morning!

              Could you please return to your spellchecking incoherant ways!! 🙂

      28. Biden is Only comparable to a pair of Clown Shoes..

        • A most fitting analogy! Last week we saw him in video clips on “Jeopardy!”, giving answers in the category “U.S. Government” or something to that effect. The clues were only one or two sentences long, and he was READING A TELEPROMPTER – and stumbling over a few words in the process.

      29. Okay,

        It’s time we change Fox News to Sheep News!

      30. Have any of you ever seen Clue, with Tim Curry ?? I often think that the third ending is similar to what is going on today. Communism ( the economy ) is just a red herring. You mean the police aren’t coming ?? (the crash) No, We’ll just stack the bodies in the cellar (keep working as slaves for the corporations) leave quietly, ( expect some drastic hyperinflation to happen tomorrow) and pretend like none of this ever happened. As long as goofball Bubbas keep driving 7 mpg monsters, I personally can’t call it a depression. The food stamp numbers don’t worry me either, cause most of those people could get by without the EBT. They would just adapt.

      31. “Lord, I wish that a promise
        Didn’t break so easily,
        And I wish hard livin’
        Didn’t come so easy for me”
        -Keith Whitley

        • “I’m no stranger to the rain,
          I’m a friend of thunder, friend isn’t any wonder lightening strikes me…..
          I’ve fought with the devil, got down on his level, but I never gave in, so he gave up on me.

          When I get that foggy feelin, one when I’m feelin’ down, if I don’t keep my head I may drown..
          But it’s hard to keep believin’, I’ll even come out even, while the rain beats a hole in the ground, and tonight it’s really comin’ down.

          Keith Whitley
          Another favorite: “Don’t close your eyes”

      32. We ARE in a depression.

        Most of the American public doesn’t see it, because there are no ‘soup kitchens’. They’ve been replaced by SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) debit cards.

        For those who don’t know- SNAP cards work like credit or debit cards. At the local grocery store where I live, you can easily find cold fried chicken, as well as other items, with a sticker saying “This may be purchased with an EBT card”. (Pre-prepared hot foods can not be purchased with an EBT card. Don’t ask me how I know.)

        • I read a few weeks ago–maybe here–that fast food will be available with the EBT cards.
          This will make the tax-payers even more pi**ed with CONgress.
          We at home use leftovers, have macaroni and tomatoes for dinner, hot dogs and mashed potatoes, etc. to extend our food supply …
          So these lazy people can spend our taxes like that???

      33. I told you – it’s a depression! This is a DEPRESSION!! You [expletive deleted} {expletive deleted] There are no more good [expletive deleted] jobs in this country! What’s it gonna take to get us out of this? Another [expletive deleted] government alphabet soup mixture like FDR did in the 1930’s? No? How about another world war?

        Word to the wise: The war thing doesn’t quite work anymore. Tried that with Afghanistan, and again with Iraq.

      34. A little different than his 2011 speech at a Chinese university where Biden said back in 1979 he led the way in building up China and is proud that he helped raised 100’s of millions of Chinese out of poverty. He believed then as he does now it was good for China and great for the US. He takes credit for building up China and he equally deserves the credit for putting million in the US into poverty. Yes the US has big problems and Biden’s a big part of that problem.
        A problem can’t be fixed if it’s not acknowledged and will never be fixed if ignored and treated as a joke. This in far from funny it’s tragic. This man has caused irreversible damage and is now lecturing to imbeciles on a situation he helped create. The nation of Homer Simpsons is alive and well.
        Listen for youselves

      35. kevin,

        Great info as always.
        THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO Hmmmmmmmmmm!!

        Thanks!! TPTB have much more in store for us.

        I have prepared for the upcoming Obamacare situation. I have solicited the services of one of my key MDs and at very reasonable rates:

        Dr. Shmirnoff

        Y’all Beware! If we don’t laugh, there would never be smiles.

        PS – Lisa troll off! Did you really graduate with Rachel Maddow from Bimboville University?

        Sorry, I just woke up from a dream it also included 7-2,6-3,5-4.

      36. I know this is not easy, but it is the way of many people who came before us.

        Depend on God and your God given abilitys to take care of yourself.

        If all I can do is dig a ditch, then dig I must. Anytime we put faith in man, govt. or any man-made institution, we lose, as all are fallible.

        I am blessed to have been raised the way I was, I’m passing that down to my daughter.

        Here is what we did just this last weekend. Friday I made a huge pot of chicken, sausage, shrimp gumbo…ate some and pressure canned 17 quarts. Wife harvested tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from our raised bed gardens and canned them all, hot water bath. Also went to the farmers market, bought a bushel of zipper cream peas, canned the whole lot.

        Saturday and Sunday spent all my time in backyard shop working on the distillation units for you peeps. It is slow going as here in Texas, it is 100+ degrees and must hydrate and take breaks to avoid heat exhaustion. But they are coming along, be patient, I build them as if I were the one to own them. And some say they are a work of art….lol, me an artist…maybe an industrial artist….lol

        keep on keepin on, hurricane season is barely beginning.

        Terry W. Reed

        • His part we can not do; our part He will not do.
          Wow, 12 words of wisdom.

      37. Clerk fired for refusing to accept welfare card to pay for cigarettes…

        “EBT cards in the cash phase can be used for any items, including alcohol, tobacco and gambling.”


        Direct link below…

        • Good for the clerk, only hope he can find another job.

          • She was in the wrong. She should have quit if she doesn’t like doing her job.

      38. I watch it get worse an worse every day and honestly have no qualms about walking away from everything.. yesterday at the thrift store for 12 dollars i bought a colman cook stove and a 10 gallon water jug for 12 bucks .. been slowly getting my 500 dollar camper trailer ready need to put the stove back in it. and getting my ole chevy truck prepped so if the day comes.. load it all up me and the dog and head south to the rural emptyzone of westren south dakota. I’ts just getting sickning to look at the news gleam the web fallow the markets and walk the malls and see all the dam dumb people who can’t wake up. When or if it happens its gonna be a nightmare. I thank my lucky stars that i live out in the upper central planes states every day.

      39. I don’t know where these ‘jobs’ are that Obama says he’s created, but Main Street certainly isn’t seeing any evidence of it. I guess most of the money’s being spent on militarizing our police and all those wars against somebody’s enemies overseas (read: The wanton killing of innocent civilians because of the greed and hubris of the elite.)

        I haven’t been able to find regular employment in well over a year. I’m just barely scraping by… at least I have food and a roof over my head for the time being.

        As another poster pointed out; our species is facing unprecedented catastrophes on so many levels it’s only inevitable that “life as we know it” will be coming to an end pretty soon. And with Fukushima on our backs I suppose we may as well replace the aforementioned with “all life on earth”. When I take the severity of the Fukushima situation into account, I really don’t see the point of building shelters and doing all that prepping stuff since the entire Earth is going to be one giant steaming pile of radiation pretty soon. The level of contamination alone just boggles the mind.

        But maybe I’m just a pessimist….

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