See Something, Say Something – Unless It’s About The Government

by | Dec 25, 2010 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    While Department of Homeland Security is ramping up the Nation’s See something, say Something program, expanding into Walmarts and other venues, we warn our readers to be cautious of what you see, what you say, and to whom you say it, as evidenced by recent backlash from the government for an airline pilot’s personal exposé on airport security:

    An airline pilot is being disciplined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting video on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security.

    The 50-year-old pilot, who lives outside Sacramento, asked that neither he nor his airline be identified. He has worked for the airline for more than a decade and was deputized by the TSA to carry a gun in the cockpit.

    He is also a helicopter test pilot in the Army Reserve and flew missions for the United Nations in Macedonia.

    Three days after he posted a series of six video clips recorded with a cell phone camera at San Francisco International Airport, four federal air marshals and two sheriff’s deputies arrived at his house to confiscate his federally-issued firearm. The pilot recorded that event as well…

    Source: News 10

    Ahhh… so if we see something of actual importance, like say, a massive hole in our security infrastructure, then we become suspects and are stripped of our Constitutional protections of due process.

    In the new America, spying on your neighbors is an accepted practice, while pointing out the deficiencies of our benevolent government is met with heavy handedness, force, the threat of arrest, and the probability of a law enforcement response under the Patriot Act’s terrorism clauses.

    Once again, the powers that be have proven that See Something, Say Something is NOT about protecting the American people – it’s about controlling us.

    The pilot in question is a military reservist and was licensed to carry a firearm. Now that he has publicly released videos on Youtube outlining the security holes, he has lost his right to carry a firearm.

    It’s clear by our government’s actions in recent months and years that we are on the road to totalitarianism. At one time we were taking tiny steps, hidden from the public’s eye. Not anymore. Those in the power sphere of this country are so arrogant that they are now doing it in the open in what we perceive to be a drastic and expeditious manner.

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      1. Merry Christmas – Happy Holiday Season – welcome to Amerika…

      2. Great articles and perspectives.  Just one question.  Where will YOU be when the shit hits the fan?

      3. Score another win for the corporation.

        Protect yourself from it, don’t expect it to protect you.

      4. Comments….. I sent a seething e-mail to corporate WalMart and told them I wouldn’t be shopping in their stores any more.  I told them I didn’t like government intrusion or their intrusion into my life.  I also pointed out the RFID’s they are now using on their jeans and underwear to track you was over the top.  So, vote with your money. There’s other places to shop at with better prices than WalMart – like Big Lots.  I told them to not bother responding to my e-mail, they are on my $hit list.  BTW, I also told them by the looks of the kind of people that shop at WalMart =, I can see why there’s a security risk–some of those people are a danger to themselves! 🙂

      5. Comments….. God’s creation:  They don’t win if you don’t shop there. Boycott them and tell your friends to boycott them as well.  Sam is rolling over in his grave I bet.

        Merry Xmas everyone!

      6. He doesnt need a CPL to carry..he has his second amendment..the CPL is just a tracking device , so they know who right off the bat they need to pull confiascation games on.
        Nowhere in our states constitutions or countries constitution does it have a provision for permitting or revocation of an amendment, especailly not for bringing up gaps in a vunerable  system.
        sore losers it would seem..ok take away the guys “federally issued” but to also remove his citizens right to carry , isnt that going a bit too far?
        still this entire CPL licensing in in of itself is an infringement of our right to bear arms.,,and the sooner we all file a citizen action against this amendment grab the sooner they will see were taking this seriously..the enforcement of our rights, the ones we the people gave them. the Game is being played backwards ,, why are we standing in line for this..?just lay down and watch as slowly each fellow man is stripped of his ability to defend himself and his rights?

      7. Dear all,

        There is no comment for the article. I only wish to all of you Merry Christmas, happiness, and above all your health.
        It’s so important for the months to come to be physically and mentally healthy.
        We must be able to support our beloved ones so no harm reaches them.
        My parents still think that i’m going nuts, but it’s something weird which cannot explain. In simple words i feel that my hate and anger keep me alert.
        In any case be safe, health, and happy.
        May our Lord enlights those idiots and help them see what they are doing to the nations of the world.


      8. So let me get this straight……….a concealed carry permit can be revoked for making a video that someone does not like……..I guess that is one way to get the guns out of law abiding citizens hands! If only we could focus as much effort on REAL crimes………….

      9. I believe he pursued this incorrectly. I believe he should have sent registered letters to the head of the Airline Pilots Union, Nappy at DHS, and His Senator and Congressman or woman exposing these safety hazards with the intention of getting them addressed.

        That doesn’t mean I believe he should be punished for pointing out the problems, but as a senior pilot who is part of the aviation industry charged with our safety, I think the more responsible thing for him to do was report it in a way that ensures these concerns get addressed rather than exposing the weakness to Al Qaida and others.

      10. Don’t worry about the Obama’s fascist desires.  His sodomites couldn’t hold a candle to a Nazi bathroom attendant.  Incompetent career EEOC employees and Obama’s hand picked dipshits scream of incompetence in all levels of government.  

        Human spirit is programed by the Almighty to be free and free shall we be.   Once the greater population calls them out on their sick bluff the TSA pantywaists will scream uncle and the rest of the facade will crumble. 

        It will be a great day.  Cheers!

      11. I can’t see the video.

        I have a question.  “… arrived at his home to confiscate his federally-issued firearm.” Does this mean that he lost his system-granted authority to carry a government-issued firearm into his cockpit? Or does it mean he lost the right to carry his personal firearm in his private life?

        And oh by the way … I thought the 2nd Amendment was a right. Why do we need the tyrant’s permission to exercise it? What do you think a license says … it says “Sir, please may I, if it’s OK with you?”

        One helpful perceptual shift is seeing that letters to congress, letters to the editor, or “voting the rascals out” will achieve nothing.
        With one or two exceptions (the Paul family) one is neither nominated nor funded for office unless one is the tyrant’s lickspittle. If someone achieves elected politician status, it’s because the Power Elite approves of them. They represent the PE very well. They aren’t there to represent us.

        Do you think the Graham and other families who own the Washington Post, PowerEliters all, give a damn what the hoi polloi think of anything? They are a propaganda arm for their class interest.

        And I”m sorry to burst yer bubble, but your reverence for The U.S. Constitution is misplaced. It doesn’t restrain power. They violate it all day every day. It doesn’t (give) us any rights, enumerated or silent. What it does is ratify rights we have by virtue of our humanity. A piece of paper won’t make authority worshipping sheep free, nor keep them free.

        If one doesn’t have the spine to assert one’s rights one loses them. Any law that doesn’t protect an individual’s right to life, liberty or private property is in place for only two reasons: to control us and as revenue generators. If you proudly boast “I’m a law-abiding tax payer” you tell the tyrant that when push comes to shove you are impotent. The tyrant will wink at you all day every day … because you’re no threat.

      12. Comments….. there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things…with the government especially. if you are reporting a problem of any kind you send the message up the corporate ladder, but always with a long and serious list of copy tos.  walmart shoppers-if anyone is crazy enough to shop there knowing that their actions are being tracked and videoed then you deserve all the crap that comes from them and china and every foreign country they buy from…and sorry but big lots, dollar general, freds……just a few among the many that are out there doing the same thing that walmart is doing…selling cheap crap so the dude in mexico or elsewhere can have a job…well, we need jobs too and those jobs will come back out of necessity if we are smart and quit spending at these places.

      13. Merry Christmas Everyone. 

        Wishing America a heavenly Christmas season and ten trillion more to come. 

        May God watch over you and bring peace and happiness to all.

        And best wishes for a happy New Year!


      14. “Those in the power sphere of this country are so arrogant that they are now doing it in the open in what we perceive to be a drastic and expeditious manner.”

        Yes they are, and the airline pilot story seems to fit right in with these two:

        “We’re Fighting A War”: Civilian Disarmament and the Martial Law Mindset

        Police… gunning down… [a deaf] artisan who was carrying a carving knife and a block of wood… — which meant that he couldn’t hear the demand that he drop his knife – 

        “…law enforcement officers are on a war footing, which means that their default setting is “overkill.”

        …he did the “right thing” — even though the official review subsequently ruled that the shooting wasn’t justified.”

        Here’s another from the comment section:

        “…police officers shot and killed a man Sunday when they apparently mistook a pistol-grip water nozzle he was holding, for a gun… [while] sitting on a backyard porch landing…

        “They didn’t say ‘Put your hands up’ or ‘Freeze’ or anything,””

        Durango Kidd said, “…he should have sent registered letters to the head of the Airline Pilots Union, Nappy at DHS, and His Senator and Congressman or woman exposing these safety hazards with the intention of getting them addressed.”

        As if they care.
        As if security was the objective.
        As if Al Qaida and others don’t already know about these weak points.

        It’s not about, “exposing these safety hazards”
        It’s about the hypocrisy and double standards showing the whole security process is a big joke meant only to cow down the public.

        Perhaps he should have written a letter asking them to look into the unanswered questions and inconsistencies surrounding 911?

        Oh, that’s right, They Don’t Care! This is how they want things.

      15. Comments….. I have flown out of Sacto numerous times. While we’re not allowed to carry a bottle of wine through security, once beyond security, there’s shops where you can buy high-end wine, and all kinds of trinkets that are banned going through security.  I also saw personnel going in and out of a door to the outside, and people coming in without any authorization card, they just waited for someone to open the door and they were in a “secured” area.  The pilot is 100% correct.

      16. Did you ever notice how government dipshits love to throw the US Constitution in your face when they use their very limited authority granted by such, yet deny the sheeple with glee their vast rights  under the same?   The Constitution is ours, not theirs. 

        Let your New Year’s resolution be to take back all your rights and to put the perverted genie back in the bottle.

      17. Its only a matter of time before they come knocking on the doors of people who post on websites like this one.  Agree with us or we will take everything you have.

      18. All  you fucksticks nagging on Wallmart are so full of it.  You idiots shop there just like the rest of us.  You say you’ll shop elsewhere but there is no where you can shop that won’t do the exact same thing as Wallmart.  So what’s it going to be skippy cheap or stupid ?

      19. Anonymous -  I see you hold to the same strange view of rights held by Judge Napolitano.  But you would both be wrong.  Our rights come from the “Creator” not our “humanity.”   Rights based in our humanity carry no moral force whatsoever, and hold no moral consequence to those who violate them.   Moral  absolutes apart from a person — i.e. God Himself  — have no logical basis for existence.  Moreover, apart from God, being human has no intrinsic value as man is just another animal, and in that case, there can be no absolute right or wrong.  This is precisely the mindset of our God-hating government whose motto is, “Might makes right,”  i.e. whoever has the guns and the gold decides what is moral and what isn’t.   The repeal of DADT is just one more step down into the abyss of absolute tyranny.  I take comfort in knowing that these tyrants will not escape their fate because G-O-D  W-I-L-L  P-U-N-I-S-H  T-H-E  W-I-C-K-E-D.   Nowhere in the Bible does God command obedience to tyrants.  The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and those who violate it (i.e. the Government) are tyrants by definition.   NO KING BUT JESUS!

      20. Clarification…he was a Federal Flight Deck Officer, allowed to carry a weapon in the cockpit. I believe it was THAT license that was temporarily revoked. Having been through that program, the officials have a limited sense of humor when an FFDO makes the news. I suspect he’ll be allowed to carry again.

      21. i love amerika, walmart, halliburton, obama, the federal reserve, credit expansion bubbles and crisp new  uncirculated ten dollar bills.

        i hate the taliban, al whatever, jihads, free speech,  and roadside bombs.

        merry christmas and many happy new years.

        your friend,

        /s/ mushroom…

        I refused to buy the Christmas cards at Walmart–they said Holiday cards and even talked one employee into bringing hers back and going to Dollar General for Christmas cards there.

      23. xusmc268 If that was meant for me, I know full well where where my rights come from.  And who, ultimately is the protector of those rights.    I take the same comfort as you in knowing that the tyrants will pay in due time.

      24. I find peace knowing God has that special place for the tryants & homos that have perverted our nation.  Although never perfect, it once offered the best chance humans could devise to live and let live with a sense of justice.  The justice of today is simply a tool for depriving freedom and enslavement of God’s people.    These perverts hate God
        and spend night & day working on ways to smear their filth into your face.  Stand tall and never give in.

        Come quick Lord Jesus. 

      25. I went to the Dollar Store instead of Walmart and not only was I Not creeped out by those who spy for kicks and Stasi, I saved money too.

        Also, it was a Joy not to be surrounded by tons of surveillance cameras, I didn’t see any, not a One! It was like stepping back in time, it was such a good feeling even though I didn’t have the larger selection of goods, they had what I needed.

      26. The TSA should thank the pilot for revealing this imperfection of the whole system instead of punishing him. But their anger is obvious since billions have been spent on the new devices while basic security flaws are still ignored.

      27. Clark: I do not disagree with the fact that the government did not respond correctly. I am merely stating what he should have done about it as a member of the system.

        I have no doubt that Al Qaeda knows the weak points. I am just as sure that someone at ground level was responsible for ensuring those weaks points were addressed, but did not fulfill their responsibility.

        By taking it to higher authority an inquiry would have begun and someone who should have got his or her ass kicked, did not; and he did, instead.

        You still on 911? I thought I pointed you to the facts about that: It was planned by men in cave; it was initiated by bearded guys with box cutters, and it was completed by the Mossad.

        End of story.

      28. “By taking it to higher authority an inquiry would have begun and someone who should have got his or her ass kicked”

        That’s the point, if the pilot had said anything, an inquiry wouldn’t have begun.  Or if one was, it would have been a sham designed to fail.


        December 26th, 2010 at 2:46 pm
        I went to the Dollar Store instead of Walmart and not only was I Not creeped out by those who spy for kicks and Stasi, I saved money too.

        Clark, the last 3 times I bought rice for my 5 gallon buckets, it was cheaper than walmart—walmart is not the best buy all the time!!

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