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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    The tides have completely turned; if you want to be able to INTERPRET Donald Trump’s latest move, you NEED to understand the delicate dynamics of INTERNATIONAL politics and how DECEPTIVE and sophisticated politicians need to be in order to ultimately PURSUE and ACHIEVE their desired goals.

    On Monday and Tuesday, Trump didn’t appear OPTIMISTIC at all. He sounded concerned and he sounded BEARISH, but why?

    After first downplaying the COVID-19 disease as a mere case of acute flu, followed by weeks of reassuring messages, he totally CHANGED his tune and is now the most pessimistic of all the people that the Task Force conferences feature.

    There are two MAIN reasons for this, chief among them being that he wants MORE stimulus. And in order to get it approved QUICKLY and with less friction, he needs to create URGENCY.

    This is textbook politics and what Trump is ATTEMPTING to do is make it IMPOSSIBLE for the average voter to go with the Democrats because what the democrats have chiseled on their flag is an INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM and Donald is gunning to rob them of it and make it part of his list of achievements!


    Trump’s WET DREAM has been zero interest rates, which make it possible for a politician to have the MIGHT and the INNOVATIVE genius of the collective business community in the U.S. – the strongest in the world – behind him, while he PUNTS the national debt into the 2nd half of the 21st century.

    Compare this to the situation in Europe or Japan, where zero rates and negative rates have done ALMOST nothing to create productivity. This is because the governments have used it for UNPRODUCTIVE social programs and CORRUPT purposes, like increasing their own salaries and terms and for buying votes, by enacting unsustainable social programs. In the United States, an infrastructure program is LONG-OVERDUE and will dramatically boost productivity.

    Trump knows that even though the experts THOUGHT that stock market performance was the PRIMARY cause of his popularity, his APPROVAL RATINGS are actually on the rise, while the stock market just underwent its WORST first quarter of a CALENDAR YEAR in history!

    Q1 was the worst 90-day period in Dow Jones history. For the S&P

    500, it was the worst since 1938!

    President Donald Trump appears DAILY in the news. COVID-19 is offering a FREE platform that puts him in the spotlight every single 24-hr loop. He is in the voter’s face constantly.

    This is the result:


    Donald Trump HASN’T stopped caring about the economy; that’s ALWAYS going to be his bread and butter. But he knows that by spooking investors into SUBMISSION, causing the ROUND TWO sell-off that I predicted in both my Sunday and Tuesday letters this week, he can PUSH his infrastructure plan, worth north of $2T, SUPER-FAST.

    Trump’s economic team saw the INCREDIBLE rally, which began after the Federal Reserve stopped the panic in the credit markets and after the announced HELICOPTER MONEY, which is already going to make him SUPER-POPULAR anyhow. He then realized that the Treasury could issue a massive 0% BOND, with a 50-yr lifespan that could put hundreds of thousands of displaced workers from the industries that will struggle for years, back to work.

    This was an UNUSUALLY short bear market rally, but very sharp, actually creating a new bull market. Don’t let these swings mess with you since they’re ARTIFICIAL.


    Wall Street, sensing Trump’s game here, is WAITING on the sidelines until this infrastructure program becomes a DONE DEAL. In the meantime, they don’t mind seeing the market BURN for a bit.

    Washington and Wall Street are bearish; don’t fight them.

    On the other side of this battle, though, lie GREEN PASTURES.


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      1. The insanely opportunistic tin foil hat alarmists, opportunists, CYA  agents, and propagandists have continued total insanity and continued ignoring fact inconvenient information regarding the COVID-19 hype on Sputnik  Radio show Fault Lines with professor and economist Mark Frost who said that he “Wants the government to protect me and my family from my crazy neighbor who believes that the coronavirus is no worse than the flu.”

        Fault Line hosts say that math proves that the coronavirus is worse than the flu, but did not provide the math, which would be an essential element to make that claim. They did provide computer simmulated modeled numbers which do not correlate to reality, so they cannot make the claim that the math proves it.

        Fault Line propagandists also use the line of circular logic which is becoming the main line of propagandists on Sputnik that all of the countries in the world would not be on lock down if this was not truly an emergency. Fault Line and other radio show hosts on Sputnik conveniently ignore the fact that Sweden is not on lock down, and that not a single country in the world, which all have intelligence agencies and many are not even allies of America reported the truth about the faked 9/11 Islamic terrorist hoax. Sputnik radio show hosts also conveniently ignore that the WHO has been overstating viral threats, contagion rates, and fatality rates dating back as far as 2005, particularly in 2009 with the Swine Flu threat, and that with the economic collapse that precipitated the COVID-19 hype and hysteria that there are $640 trillion in derivatives compared to 2008 with $28 trillion in derivatives, and that stock market capitalization went from the ridiculously high 110% of GDP at the end of 2016 to the insanely high ratio of 155% at the end of 2019, while corporate, government and household debt all ballooned at the same time! So those are the incentives for TPTB to use this as an excuse and as a fall guy for their own failures. 

        The oil market crash has had a profound effect on all of this as well, which occured on March 5th of this year.

        The Fault Line propagandists falsely claim the every physician and medical expert in the world is saying how life threatenning COVID-19 is, but Dr. Anthony Fauci that is the director of the National Institute of Health stated himself in a peer reviewed study that it will just be similar to a bad flu year.

        Part of the hype is based on a new testing method using Polymerase chain reaction testing which tests for the most minute quantities of the pathogen in tests which is why they are claiming that 80-90% of the population will contract the virus. Of the percentage that are exposed to it and have the antigens present in tests, an estimated 25% of the population may experience symptoms.

        The fact that a different measure is being used cannot be overlooked in any scientific approach. Using an apples to oranges comparison will not yeild accuarte data when making comparisons to the past, which is what is currently being done.

        Every year 50-70 % of the population experience ARI ( accute respiratory symptoms) from viruses ranging from the common cold, to the flu, and coronaviruses whose threats have been overstated in the past.

        This will not be as fatal as SARS Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome according to experts. 

        I believe that a very high percentage of the population has always died from ARI, in the act of dying, many experience what is referred to as the Rattle of Death, and that has been a long established fact, and is a result of respiratory failure. 

        All of the facts prove that this is a conspiracy, and that Sputnik propagandists are in on the conspiracy. They have been guilty far too many times for lies of ommission, and circular logic which places them as propagandists and not reporters, just like the main stream media! 

      2. You’re saying, “Trump bets…”

        Which stocks does he own.

        Who gets the stimulus.

      3. Trump is a Smart Guy. There is more behind the scenes than any of us know of what his plan is. Trump has about a 99% success Rate.

        Imagine for a Minute or just 5 seconds, what America would be looking like right now, if Hillary the Globalist Sell Out to America was President instead of Trump. The human genocide and devastation would be a million times worse. And the UN would me marching in our neighborhoods. So Be thankful for Trump being President in the right moments in time of America’s History.

        So what happened to the 24% of America’s Uranium Hillary’s State Dept sold to Russia through various shell companies. Hillary is fir sure a Russian Agent, Bill said so.

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