Sanctions Lose Power: Russia’s Economy Continues To Expand, Sanctions Irrelevant

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The United States is experiencing the problem of their sanctions no longer working as nations increasingly disobey what is declared by those in government.  Despite sanctions, the Russian economy continues to grow at a steady pace and expand.

    Inflation in Russia remained low while the expansion of the economy occurred last year according to a World Bank report. Although economic sanctions tightened, Russia experienced relatively low and stable inflation and increased oil production. As a result of robust domestic activity, the Russian economy expanded at a 1.6 percent pace in the year just ended,” said the report.

    The U.S. has long used sanctions to harm the economies of other countries for a variety of reasons, however, those sanctions seem to be failing.  According to a report by RT, The World Bank pointed out that Russia and other oil exporters maintained steady growth in 2018, supported by a rise in oil prices.” In Russia, “growth has been resilient, supported by private consumption and exports, the bank said, projecting a short-term slowdown this year to 1.5 percent. In 2020 and 2021, the bank expects an increase in the growth rate of Russia’s GDP to 1.8 percent.

    In October, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its forecast for Russia’s GDP growth in 2019 to 1.8 percent. IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld said that the positive impact of rising world oil prices on the Russian economy would outweigh the negative effect of Washington’s sanctions. –RT

    In May of last year, Bloomberg reported that the U.S.’s “sanction power” was reaching its limits. It appears that countries susceptible to U.S. sanctions are dropping the dollar like hotcakes and working around them making the issuing of sanctions powerless.

    Six years ago, in the course of investigating London-based bank Standard Chartered Plc over suspicions it had flouted U.S. sanctions against Iran, the New York State Department of Financial Services published an email from a senior executive to one of his counterparts in New York. “You f***ing Americans,” the message read. “Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?” –Bloomberg

    Russia isn’t the only nation to make sanctions obsolete.  China has set up its own lending institutions parallel to the Washington-based World Bank and International Monetary Fund and pushed the yuan as an international currency. The country is likely to strengthen its presence in Iran no matter what Trump does.

    The key decisions, to comply or defy, will be made by the only actors on the same economic scale as the U.S.: China and Europe. “For absolutely core national security reasons, China will find ways around the hold of the U.S. banking sector,” says Jeffrey Sachs, an economics professor at Columbia University.


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      1. Just ban international trade. Watch how fast the US economy thrives when we only sell to ourselves. Then they will beg us to start selling to them again. If natural resources are finite, then their price can be infinite. Whoever sells a finite resource cheaply then loses.

        Crops are not finite but petroleum sure is. The US has loads of natural resources as does Russia and China. But if we cut off resources, the price rises. We actually could seize control of the world economy as OPEC managed in the past. I mean we can be as ruthless as we want. There is no need to import there natural resources and no need to cheaply export ours.

        Tariff the heck out of all imports. Let’s put Americans back to work.

        • Who is this WE you speak of…Do you mean the Govt?

          You want the Govt to tell people who own stuff that they can no longer sell it to whoever they want to?

          Or only those evil Corporations (Yeah, everybody hates Monsanto – me too !)

          Don’t we already have too much of that right now ?


          • Only a traitor would profit to sell soybeans to China. Feed the Chicoms and cause Americans to starve who lost jobs in the American south.

            • For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

              • You are confusing personal morality (with which I agree) with Govt policy.

                Freedom is a nasty, messy thing now isn’t it ?

                What happens when your vision of what it is and mine clash ?

                We do it your way, Right ?


                • Well, you can personally push your view. I on the other hand support what GOD says we should do.

                  • Yes Ma’am or Sir. God is definitely on your side…


            • Let them have the soybeans. They are bad for human consumption anyway.

        • Better yet, have Congress make a one time “quantitative public easing” to the American people of a IRS refund check in the amount of 500,000 to every American Adult citizen. That will cost less than 200 million dollars (which is a drop in the bucket” and will make the economy thrive overnight!

          The bankers, mortgage companies and and credit card companies would not allow this as they would lose billions in interest!

      2. Can anybody name one event where sanctions actually worked… ever?

        • How about the Boston Tea Party!

        • How about the US sanctions against Cuba or North Korea or Iran? Those all are crippling their economies. Then you can always frreeze their assets as well to ramp it up.

          • How about the US go back to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and founding principles?
            Not this foreign meddling, pro big brother, pro police state anti 2nd amendment agenda Trump is pushing.
            Take the guns first and follow due process later- Trump 2020!

            • What nonsense. So if Hillary was president with a Democrat controlled House, she wouldn’t be a gun grabber???

              Too crazy.

              • Ha, ha, so the facts are now considered crazy?
                What does Hillary have to do with Trumps agenda?

            • Three different times during the election, crazy Hillary threatens Putin with nukes.
              Even Sanders gave her baleful looks and commented on it. That higbeast is crazy.

            • Trump threatens bombs, but Hillary threatens NUKES.

            • It’s so weird that people are anti-Trumpers. Right now Hillary is pushing for 3rd trimester abortions without limit for the state of New York ie up to giving birth abortions.

              So it was vote for Trump or vote for the whoreofBabylon.

          • Maranatha, I can speak with some authority on Cuba and its economy. My wife and the surviving members of her family fled Cuba in the early 60s after the Castro brothers took over. They had already sabotaged Cuba’s economy with their socialist crap by the time the trade embargo was enacted. Ever since then those on the left blame the trade embargo for Cuba’s economic problems when it’s really what their own government did which is the real issue. Same goes for North Korea and Iran. Whatever their governments did to those economies is the real issue. It’s not so much whether sanctions are effective. NK and Iran keep crying about the sanctions so they must be having some serious effect. What do countries like Iran expect when they constantly have bad intentions toward other people? Muslims are some real scum.

        • If sanctions didn’t work, no sanctioned country would protest them.

          But they do protest them, without exception, because they do work.

          • No they don’t.

            Has Iran given up their tyrannical rule and state sponsored terrorism? Has Venezuela returned to democracy? Has Russia withdrawn from Crimea?

      3. What ever happened to the hydrogen powered car?

        If we stopped killing inventors, we would be at the top of the totem pole.


        • I’m not understanding your claim of killing inventors, particularly in relation to hydrogen power.

          FWIW, fuel cells are the only real and viable option for hydrogen powered vehicles at this point. There are a number of them in low scale production -they can be made to run on anything from natural gas to petroleum if easily available hydrogen isn’t around- but no one seems to have any real interest in pushing their development.

        • The plans are stored at the US Patent Office in the old safe right next to the ones for the 150 mpg carburetor, Tesla free electric, and cold fusion reactors.

      4. Sanctions hurt people, not governments. Let’s leave people alone and in peace. Our government, run by Globalists, has about 800 military bases, mostly overseas. That government in D.C. isn’t ours.

      5. ht tps://
        575,000 good paying American jobs lost to China. Well the Chinese are thrilled you’re willing to sellout your neighbor. After all, that won’t end up bankrupting the local, state, and national economies, right?

        Just bow and scrap to Mammon as you sell your soul for a few more bucks.

        • Right after the 1969-71 recession, about 200,000 jobs went to Mexico. I remember buying a GE AM-FM clock radio back in ’74, got it out of the box & almost pissed my pants when I saw “Made in Mexico.” Back in ’84, wanted to buy a Chevy El Camino & the sticker showed the car & most of the parts once again, “Made in Mexico.” Even back then, thousands of illegals were coming from on a daily basis. Saw first hand in San Diego, CA & El Paso, TX!
          By the way, enjoy your comments. I’m up here in South Central Ohio, right across the river from Kentucky. A really depressed area that missed both Ohio’s late great industrial era (1942-1980?) & LBJ’s “Great Society Program”, some how. My family is originally from the Blue Grass State.

          • Thanks. If you go back even further to the late fifties and early sixties, “made in Japan” was synonymous with “junk”. They made extraordinary effort to reverse this, but people should know that the electronics for domestic use are well known to be of higher quality than what is exported to the USA.

          • I read somewhere that after Virginians and new immigrants (KY was once part of Virginia) had been homsteading for a time, that when people started settling in Ohio, intentional effort was made to better plan settlements in a logical fashion. As such, cities began to consistently use the “block” system instead of being a hodgepodge based on rapid growth. Ohio was very intentionally civil engineered.

            There were hostile Native Americans who lived in what is now Ohio who then routinely hunted in the newly forming Kentucky and were perturbed about it. Some were Shawnee under Blackfish.
            htt ps://

            The boundaries were of course the Ohio River but claimed by at least four groups of Native Americans.

          • qcg98V3x5ow
            The History Channel made a four part series on the explorers who helped open up America. It was called Frontiersmen. Daniel Boone is the first one, and all of them are great.

            Once, every seventh grade student HAD TO take Kentucky history and it was a great course.

            • Do they teach in Kentucky that eminent domain is good and the fed’s forcing people off their land in the land between the lakes scam was a good thing?

              Trump loves using eminent domain. He probably thought that it was a “really, really great thing” that the people were forced to leave by the fed’s.

      6. Governments, an imaginary construct of the human mind. And we give it unlimited power, when someone can push a button and kill everyone. An “entity” one cannot face, an authority that must be obeyed. Every humanitarian disaster, large scale genocidal acts have ALL been perpetuated by “GOVERNMENT”.
        We have do to something different.
        A small step would be mandating that persons entering politics must under go a psychological evaluation.
        Might hold back the worst of the psychopaths/sociopaths.

      7. I met some really fine Cuban refugees awhile back and I was glad to help them with second hand furniture and furnishings. There are hard workers and very patriotic about America. They arrived with absolutely nothing and Cuba even denied essential education and work history for one of them who was well educated in order to sabotage him. That is just cruel.

      8. Was it NAFTA that was recently renegotiated without any explanation of the changes to the American people? It’s none of our business like anything of importance that impacts our survival. So they think. As the people wake up the ruling cabal does just what they are doing now, preparing to smash all dissent in our nation. Not much of a push back considering the decades of slow building schemed reality in our faces.

      9. The USSA barks. The World moves on.

      10. If there’s a doctor in the house, could you please ship some psycho-meds over to Maranatha asap?


      11. 1- Pay VERY careful attention to those who want us to fight with Russia and who want Russia to fight with us because they in fact are the globalists, the very people who profit financially and otherwise from war, any war, and they will do anything in the press and in politics and around the world to manipulate both Russia and us.

        So the horsecrap accusations that Trump was conspiring with the Russians during his campaign and while in office are made by the very people who do NOT want “peace”. Think about it, and think about it hard. Don’t let them distract you from the darkness in their hearts.

        2- Stanley Meyer was killed because he invented a spark plug that allowed his dune buggy to get 100-miles to one gallon of WATER! Others with parallel or similar inventions have had to go into hiding or cease and desist.

        3- Nicola Tesla powered a car by sucking in the electricity surrounding the globe. He also wirelessly transmitted energy (electricity) for free yet we get a utility bill every month. And the same buttholes have the gall to outlaw off-grid independently powered homes. Time to rise up and shut these people up through the press and the ballot box.

        Stay spiritual, let truth IGNITE you and FREE you, and prep and pray.

        “The truth will set you free.” – Christ

      12. Test

        • The rumor is that Iran has backed out of Obama’s $152 billion nuclear deal which means we are in a technical state of war duty to violating the terms.

          • …”due to”

            • ht tps://
              No official word yet but it is a valid Iranian announcement that they are returning to enrichment They aready have the missles,just not the payload, but rumor has it they have some payloads.

      13. Test.

        • Mexico has been experimentigwith RFID chipping of military personnel for some time now. The US began experienting with it in 2012 and it’s supposed some aspect that is routinely done withsome soldiers. Now Russia is openlky discussing.

          Something is up as a patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has condemned it in conjunction with the Antichrist of the End Times. That was not done lightly.

          Meanwhile in the last 72+ hours, another article about the Ethiopian Coptic Church discussed possession of the Ark of the Covenant.
          htt ps://
          The only way to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem is to possess the Ark of the Covenant for the Holy of Holies.

          Ominous signs. Signs which Jesus discussed in Matthew 24 marking what must happen before the “gathering in the clouds of the believers” (in Greek harpazo) that is simutaneously witnessed by all.

          • ht tps://

            ht tps://

            • htt ps://
              Compare his statement with the heretical statements made by leftist and globalist Pope Francis.

      14. It is comforting to know that Trump, Putin, Merkel, Pelosi, etc really don’t matter. What does matter is that the pipelines to bring precious gas to Germany are being built and there is nothing the political class can do to stop them.

        And guess what short of an act of war that will really upset the overly taxed and under supplied Germans, Swiss and Austrians to the point of breaking down most international structures.

      15. Does…does anyone else find it bizarre that this article about Russia’s economic expansion is IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY an article about how the world economy is under “darkening skies”? Is that everybody BUT Russia, or is Russia’s economic expansion so temporary that no one has to worry about it?

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