San Francisco’s New App ‘SnapCrap’ Lets Users Report Public Feces

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The city of San Francisco now has a new app that allows users to report poop in public places.  The city, under complete totalitarian leftist control, has a large homeless population thanks to unaffordable housing and the high costs of living in the city.

    Created by a tech-savvy resident, the SnapCrap app allows users to take photos of errant public human feces and send those photos to city management using the city’s 311 information hotline, which serves as San Francisco’s official “poop-reporting” phone number.  According to the Daily Wire, Sean Miller, the app’s creator, told NBC‘s local affiliate that he was “inspired” to launch the poop-reporting system after moving to San Francisco and finding himself forced to step over human waste lying in the middle of city sidewalks, a phenomenon he hadn’t experienced in his home state of Vermont.

    The city of San Francisco approves of the app’s creation. One city manager told NBC that “anyway people want to report concerns and service requests to us … that’s great.” City officials stress that they are trying to get ahead of the problem of poop all over the city.  They also say that incidents in need of immediate attention should be directed to the city’s 311 hotline, which dispatches the city’s so-called “Poop Patrol.”


    One of the most expensive places to live on the globe, San Francisco, has been bombarded with fecal matter that they cannot seem to control.  As disgusted residents continue to put up with the high costs of living and deteriorating state of the cities public places, little can actually be done except alerting others to the existence of feces. The “San Francisco Poop Map” and a fecal matter “heat map” created by a local realty service as a way to use information provided by the city’s 311 services to map out areas of the city where poop is a prominent feature, is another way to warn others of locations where human feces has been spotted.

    Miller says he’s working with the city to make the app more efficient.  He said he has plans to roll out versions for phones that don’t run on Apple’s iOs and for people who don’t want to have to log into Facebook and share their private information with app developers just so that they can report human waste.



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      1. A real problem in a lot of cities. I watched a foreign woman swat and take a shit right along the corridor in Reagan national airport. Homeless people in Orlando regularly go right on the sidewalks. A real health problem.

        • The whole city of SanFagcisco is a shithole thanks to the progressive liberals turning it into a sanctuary for scum trash that regularly shit where they eat and sleep.

      2. Third and fourth world people who have never been potty trained don’t need to be flown in on 747s, or shipped here on luxury liners. It is not their fault that they are uncivilized. I blame those in power who arranged to have the wretched poor bastards imported from slums around the world.

        I also blame the makers of pharmaceuticals. They have become, literally, deplorable drug dealers. And they are destroying not only San Francisco but all of America.


      3. So are they then going with a crew to pick up the mess? Or simply telling people where it is? I live in Houston and the homeless here (lots of them!) seem to find private places to poop. So far I have not seen any on the downtown streets where I go. Maybe we have higher class homeless!

      4. On another blog I said that the US should create a shelter for the caravan from Central / South America on the Mexican side of the border as a holding pen for the illegals. Maybe we should send them to San Francisco to supply human fertilizer. You want em? You got em.

        Seriously. At what point will the wealthy residents of SF rebel and literally say, “Stop this shit”?

      5. Not just San Fran. Here in Seattle Wash it’s the same. Glad I got away from there.

      6. You have a city planner, or maybe 50 of those guys.

        There are formally expected to be a certain number of adult bodies, in a certain space, and a certain number of adult jobs.

        It works like math.

        If there is no social bargain, in which you are fit, courteous, and attentive, so expect first world living standards, then, make anyone your boss. Everyone can be “the man”, because there is nothing to back that up.

        The “authorities” are like people with too many housepets or who run the bad orphanage.

      7. I can’t imagine that situation caused by greed getting worse than it already is. But worse it will get before better.

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