San Diego Port Director Admits Nuclear WMD Found Entering United States *Video*

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    A report from Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub should leave no doubt that we may soon see a wide-scale terrorist attack on US soil:

    Al Hallor, the assistant port director and an officer with Customs and Border Protection has openly admitted that an unnamed government agency has found a nuclear weapon or weapon of mass effect at a U.S. port in the last year!

    That’s right, an assistant port director has spilled the beans on a possible major government cover up. During the conversation the port authority press agent continually interrupted the officer in an attempt to get him to shut up.

    Excerpt from the video report that follows:

    So, specifically, you’re looking for the dirty bomb? You’re looking for the nuclear device? asked Blacher.

    Correct. Weapons of mass effect, Hallor said.

    You ever found one?, asked Blacher. Not at this location, Hallor said.

    But they have found them? asked Blacher.Yes, said Hallor.

    Video Reports from News 10 San Diego:

    One could argue that Mr. Hallor’s response to the question of  whether a “weapon of mass effect” has ever been found neither confirms nor denies that such an event occurred. However, Mr. Hallor’s mannerisms, body language and speech suggest that an agency of the US government has, indeed, found a weapon of mass destruction entering the United States in the very recent past.

    Recent reports from a Wikileak indicate that the “world stands on the brink of a nuclear 9/11” as rogue organizations are attempting to, and in some cases, have already acquired materials to build dirty and/or nuclear bombs. Curiously, the news story regarding a terrorist threat with the potential to kills tens of thousands, perhaps millions of people, quickly disappeared from mainstream reports within hours of it hitting the news wires during the Egyptian riots. The Vancouver Sun details several threats facing not only Western nations, but soldiers on battlefields in Afghanistan and other theaters.

    Thousands of classified American cables obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph detail the international struggle to stop the spread of weapons-grade nuclear, chemical and biological material around the globe.

    At a Nato meeting in January 2009, security chiefs briefed member states that al-Qaida was plotting a program of “dirty radioactive IEDs”, makeshift nuclear roadside bombs that could be used against British troops in Afghanistan.

    The briefings also state that al-Qaida documents found in Afghanistan in 2007 revealed that “greater advances” had been made in bioterrorism than was previously realized. An Indian national security adviser told American security personnel in June 2008 that terrorists had made a “manifest attempt to get fissile material” and “have the technical competence to manufacture an explosive device beyond a mere dirty bomb”.

    Alerts about the smuggling of nuclear material, sent to Washington from foreign U.S. embassies, document how criminal and terrorist gangs were trafficking large amounts of highly radioactive material across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    While it is likely much easier to transport these types of materials throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, there are no doubt attempts to achieve the same in North America. If Assistant Director Hollar is to be believed, then weapons of mass destruction have already been found entering the United States at our ports.

    There’s also the issue of the 2000 mile unsecured southern border.

    Another story buried under the information rubble of the Egyptian protests was that of leading Muslim cleric Said Jaziri. The controversial figure is known to oppose American values  and called for the killing of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard  because he drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed. As it turns out, Cleric Jaziri was recently caught being smuggled into the United States over the Mexico-US border. Perhaps Jaziri was seeking asylum as he claims, but the point is that 100 other extremists may have made it across. All it takes is one with a dirty bomb or suitcase nuke.

    This threat is real, it’s present, and it can be realized at any time. We’re not talking about the Cuban missile crisis here, where both parties involved knew each other’s capabilities and had the ability to negotiate peace. We’re talking about factions determined to strike targets for whatever sinister goals make up their agenda – be they Islamic extremist in nature or something else.

    Alex Thomas at The Intel Hub suggests that we could be looking at the possibility of a false flag attack orchestrated by shadow elements within top Western nations – something that has happened throughout the last hundred years for various reasons and includes everything from assassinations of Presidents and Monarchs (Archduke Ferdinand, et al.) as well as staging attacks that eventually took nations to war (Gulf of Tonkin, et al.) :

    This appears to be some sort of pathological mind game that certain elements of our government are using on the people, almost as if they are getting us ready for the reality of a  nuclear attack in America.

    Whatever the case may be, understand that any major American city is a potential target, and any such attack on US soil would lead to complete and total chaos throughout the United States and the rest of the world resulting in the real possibility of worst-case scenarios: food transportation systems being frozen, banking systems out of service, emergency personnel being unavailable, and even global war, to name just some.


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      1. Comments…..In school, the bully would go around picking on kids, eventually all bullies get wooped by the little guy(and the bully never see’s the little guy coming) I wouldn,t worry to much about little dirty bombs, all the little guys of the world want to kick us in the nuts. I read 1 second after the other week, pretty scary!

      2. I am amazed that this hasn’t happened already.  There are a lot of crazy people out there who actually believe that they do God a service by killing a bunch of people in a suicide bombing.   If they are willing to blow themselves up then there is not much we can do to prevent it.  If somehow they get hold of a nuke then the damage could be unreal.   It is truly incredible what these nuts can do with some money and lots of time on their hands, ESPECIALLY if they are doing it in the name of Allah. 

        On the other hand, there is no use in worrying about it.  If its gonna happen it will happen.  Just don’t fly if you don’t have to and don’t eat at open food bars. 

      3. There’s the key phrase, “If Assistant Director Hollar is to be believed”

        Psft, as if.

        You sure do make a jump from, “Weapons of mass effect” which could mean cases of undeclared bottle rockets, to a “weapon of mass destruction.”

        Shades of Condoleza Rice and her boogy man mushroom cloud.

        I have read many articles which say “dirty nuclear bombs” simply Do Not Work as advertised.

        I suspect that if they did indeed intercept “something”, we would be hearing about it 24/7/365 in their efforts to transmorgify American ideas of freedom and liberty into their dreams of a total East German-like police state.

        And how the Fheck would foreign U.S. embassies be able to document how criminal and terrorist gangs were trafficking large amounts of highly radioactive materiis from all across Europe, Africa and the Middle East? Those people can’t even spot uranium yellow cake if their shoes were untied and it was in front of them.

        From reading about the other numerous contrived F.B.I. plots to entrap idiots, the biggest threat America faces is from the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. for crying out loud.

        At least you use the phrase, false flag. i suppose there’s a potential problem there.

      4. Hind Sight is 20/20..there were supposedly tons of leaks or slips..and hidden messages about the 9-11 event, before it happened..days weeks months and maybe even a year or so before hand..could this be another tip of the hat to the general public?..remember this guy is probably and Oath this his way of sending a warning to all of us what is going on in his little part of the world, and a warning to all of us?
        Very well likely..and chances are this will be the last time we ever hear from him again.
        this will get buried..and he will end up the kook..keep an open mind and an open eye.
        watch for other possible links..or telling tid bits..Movies..cartoons, slips, to condition the response to this as a possibility..
        There are so mant ports of entry, seems like he was trying to say “maybe not here..but yes definetly has already happened else where in this system”
        Who ever that was off camera redirecting the interview I feel has some liability if something ever goes down..and they should be interviewed and or water boarded, than told the american people want their head for a cover up..these types need to be put on warning that if theyquell this mans testimony, they will be found liable and executed when..not if found guity..the pressure for the truth needs to be so harsh, and swift, that if any agency is playing cover up..they should be immediately dis banned and all involved extinguished from the face of this earth. The American people should be up in arms Demanding a full on explination..NOW!

      5. oh and BTW..where it says ” neither confirms nor denies that such an event occurred” complete bullshit..the man said yes..i heard him.
        maybe not at that port..but else where in the system..means YES to me

      6. In the video he says 1:14..this needs to be pushed and not forgotten like the 2 missiles that were fired..notice how we never got the “truth” about this

        it was reinforced at 2:39 in the video..period!

        nervous? mis spoke?,,Bull shit and redirection already

      7. From our incompetent border control, to the incalculable number of shipping containers coming in, to the high potential for a false flag incident, I am amazed that something terrible already hasn’t happened.  I have never been so distrustful of our government.  Let’s not walk around terrified, but always be alert in your surroundings, take common sense precautions, and don’t be surprised at anything that comes our way.  Good luck to all.

      8. More..
        also look at the wording used around the 1:57 point..
        seems the  the DHS can lie in the larger picture while being truthful in the narrow sence of the issue..

        coulld this be leading up to a false flag NWO implimantation?
        or scare tactics?..To be honest I dont know how to view any of this..there are so many ways to view this information..
        whats your take on all of this?

      9. Comments…..  Hmmmm, the timing of this is somewhat suspect since the Patriot Act was fumbled by the Republocrats last week.  I guess we need the Patriot Act more than ever now. lol

      10. @jerry..very very good observation

      11. Maybe our puppet master..or should i say the puppet of the master, is seeing that he is about to be shot out of the they are gearing up to cement his rein over us thru fear.

        much like, slightly over a decade ago..but they have to go much bigger each time..

        personally if something does go down on US soil..we should all hold our Gov. responsible, after all its their systems supposedly in place that are supposed to catch this sort of will show just how innept and useless they are..unless it is them that we should be looking into for this sort of fear mongering..or action..depending upon if they pull the trigger

      12. Comments…..Pick your poison. Islamic extremists or our own government. I wouldn’t trust either. At least with the muslims you know where you stand. The Feds would just smile at you and say don’t worry this won’t hurt at all, we’re here to help.

      13. oh my god the boogey man/woman is coming to get me……i’m so scared.

        i’m gonna vote for big SIS for president. she will protect me no matter how much it costs…

      14. They said no NUCLEAR devices have been found, how about ATOMIC devices?

      15. Sooner or later this is gonna happen.  It was said that during the cold war Russia had sneaked small nukes into the country and placed them in the hands of sleepers who then resided near key military bases and other targets.  so where did those bombs go?  Are they still out there?  Are the sleepers still out there?  Some ‘experts” theorize that some terrorists factions have hade nukes for some years now and that they have already smuggled them into the U.S. awaiting the command.    All of this and more is quite possible and maybe even quite likely.  Oneday you will get up and turn on the news just as you did on 9/11 and discover it is all real…  

      16. I agree with Stan; but I think bio and chem weapons are cheaper and easier to make.  CBS news warned that open food bars/buffets could be contaminated with bio/chem by terrorists.   On the nukes, if they had them here, they would have used them already.  Live for self/family and enjoy what time is left.  I prep. in moderation as I’m limited on space and finances.  All political activities are futile as scum politicians are sold out to corp./banks and won’t listen to the people.

      17. the video hinted at things being found but never hinted at WHERE the devices came from. Steel frame buildings do not erupt like a volcano and turn to dust from an airplane impact. Al Queda has already been exposed as a CIA front. 

        if anyone is smuggling dirty little bombs into the USA it’s an ally of the states.  My money’s on israel.  

      18. For the 9.0 X 10 to the 5th time in ten years … if it was “our freedom and prosperity, our jazz and our World Series” that they hate, tiny Switzerland, at least as prosperous and at least as free as we are, would live in terror.

        No Pacific Fleet, no ICBM’s, no standing army with five-eighths of a million soldiers. Wide open. Helpless. Defenseless. Oh woe!!!

        Why don’t ‘”they” hate the just as prosperous and free Swiss? Maybe because Switzerland doesn’t have military bases all around the world. The don’t support every dictatorship on the planet against the aspirations of the indigenous people. Most of all, they haven’t spent the last 125 years trying to impose themselves on other people who just want to be left the fork alone.

        You can’t get in other peoples’ faces in a big way, everywhere, since forever, and expect there isn’t gonna be some blowback.

        Unless we want to live in a police state that would make the worst of Nazi Germany look like Sunday in the park we’d better start minding our own forking business.

        Sorry, neo-con “patriots” but it’s about time you woke up and smelled the coffee. Since you’re in such a tizzy to see this nation constantly at war somewhere in the world, why don’t you sign up to do the dying instead of sending the working class to go die for your blood money?

        Maybe if enough of us said, “Not in my name you don’t” and meant it we could stop the madness of our imperial out-of-control government.

      19. They cant stop those crossing the borders, why would any one think they could ever stop something like this..

        its all just a works program and a dump of our money..they aint doing shit to protect us..if anything, they are the threat..
        hell its probably nukes we(our government) gave them and trained them on..isnt it ironic?

      20. ANON 6.8: Good points all. One error. Most Americans don’t want military bases all over the world and we don’t want constant war. That has been the decision of a few in power (with dual citizenship) who themselves never had the balls to go to war but want to impose war to protect Israel and their own financial empires.

        The PTB/ Ganster Banksters who run this country managed to get Congress to create an all volunteer force that they could use like a private army under the American brand,  knowing the masses would not support institutionalised war to extend capitalism and protect Big Business.

        The other problem we have is that there are those here without the courage to stand up and say “No!” and prefer to hide, and cower in secret and “opt out”, erroneously believing that if they ignore the situation and not even so much as vote, it will somehow undermine the PTB. LMAO!

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it.

        February 13th, 2011 at 3:05 pm
        the video hinted at things being found but never hinted at WHERE the devices came from. Steel frame buildings do not erupt like a volcano and turn to dust from an airplane impact. Al Queda has already been exposed as a CIA front. 
        if anyone is smuggling dirty little bombs into the USA it’s an ally of the states.  My money’s on israel.  
        Wow–girl, and here I was thinking  I was all alone in my convictions…that makes two of us with these thoughts-opinions-suspicions..keep it up, we’ll soon have a club!!

      22. The collapse & destruction of the United States IS the objective…It is the last brick to fall before the onset of  the NWO.  Timing is the only variable at this point.

        False flag attack coming soon…Count on that.

      23. There are already rumors on the web about the comet Elenin that is passing by the Earth on March 15th. People in general are jumpy over the least little thing nowdays.

      24. Why is it that the name Al Hallor only comes up on activist websites in relation to this article, and is not listed with US-CABP as being an “assistant port director” in San Diego?  Did anyone at all take 2 seconds to dig into the claims?  The dude in the video looks like he works in the guardshack behind him, checking papers.  If you think someone would get to be an “assistant port director” without knowing when to STFU, especially with a (supposed) PR puke right there, and a camera in their face, you may be as easily duped as the rest of the public.  There are no “unguarded moments” with a camera three feet away.

        Go ahead and search for “al hallor” and look at the results – activist websites that copied, pasted, and parroted all this BS.  Whoever put this together must be laughing their asses off at all the Chicken Little conspiracy theorists and ranting about the NWO, all based on something that looks like a put-on con job.

        I’d have to agree with Clark posting at 7:56 am.  If something nasty was ever really found, it would be milked endlessly to extend authority and power.  Look at the shooting of the Congresswoman in AZ, and all the instantaneous howling about banning high capacity magazines and other proposed legislation.  Seriously, do you think something like a DB would be covered up?  “TPTB” would absolutely wet themselves for the control opportunities that a DB would represent.

      25. Wow, do some people ever get themselves tied up in knots over Opting Out and would likely benefit from reading the non-voting archives as there’s nothing sillier than someone criticizing that which they have not even bothered to read, such as:

        How Can You Think Voting Matters?

        In some instances just saying “NO!” is enough, but in many other instances you can say “No!” all you want, all day long, and it is not going to matter and it is not going to change anything… at that point, a Person is not any different than a baby throwing a fit and a tantrum.

        “For if tyranny really rests on mass consent, then the obvious means for its overthrow is simply by mass withdrawal of that consent. The weight of tyranny would quickly and suddenly collapse under such a non-violent revolution.”

        “obviously there is no need of fighting to overcome this single tyrant, for he is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement.”- Etienne de la Boetie

        Opting Out is saying “No”

        Opting Out is addressed further in the comments section here:

      26. NOYB-
        With all due respect, I wasn’t aware that “assistant-anything” was such a prestigious position.  The premise of your entire post above is based on the perception (yours) that an assistant Port Director is a position of tremendous status & influence.  Might I ask what you are basing that belief on? 

        If you think someone would get to be an “assistant port director” without knowing when to STFU, especially with a (supposed) PR puke right there, and a camera in their face, you may be as easily duped as the rest of the public. 

        To the contrary, I would argue that an Assistant-Anything would be somewhat unpolished in matters of public relations and outside the “inner-loop” and rarely, if ever, would find himself in front of a camera being asked sensitive questions.  To me, he acted just as an “assistant-anything” would/should…nervous, unsure how to handle delicate questions and generally uneasy with the attention. 

        Forgive my candor, but the question as to why you think this position is one we should marvel over must be asked.  With the premise of your post in question, the only remaining question is the conclusion…Are you suggesting this entire thing was a hoax?  Perpertrated by whom?  For what purpose?  At a huge risk for what?  They would have had to have access to the port, fooled the local news station regarding who they were, then give out false informaiton regarding National Security…Seems VERY far-fetched to me… but I’m just a lowly assistant.  🙂


      27. Comments…..Someone was caught trying to smuggle a barrel of cyanide  across the southern border.   Haven’t heard any thing about it since.  ???Maybe to learn and stop blaming the government we should all read a comic book called ALBERTO published by Chick Publications in California.  I understand the author of the book was poisoned to death.

      28. @Gone with the wind:  About a hundred of them are estimated to still be in place.  They have to be powered externally and they will degrade over time, eventually getting to the point at which they may not detonate.

        That is typically a factor of the degradation of the chemical explosive used to initiate the fission reaction – but they are all supposed to be small.  In the 4-8 kiloton range.

      29. Comments….. my queston would be? why would any corporate affiliate of  CBS  air such a interview in the first place?SEEMS TO ME, THEY WOULD NEVER ALLOW AN  INTERVIEW LIKE THIS TO  BE BROADCAST IN THE FIRST PLACE. WITHOUT A MOTIVE.just listen to the responses,  the are very clever,and would lead you to believe, they  have done the homework for you, it takes years of programing to get the desired results.and  in the end, we will not believe anything , unless we see it with our own eyes. this is the objective.

      30. I wouldn’t trust this guy to babysit my dog. And, you can bet that, if there was a “dirty bomb” or similar device that was intercepted coming into the US, it was constructed in a CIA lab somewhere not by some guy in a cave. Just like that “unsolved” anthrax case that could have ONLY come from the most sophisticated lab in the world and that means the U.S.

      31. If this is really happening and the US doesn’t lock down it Mexican border then everyone on Capital Hill should be locked up for not trying to protect us.  The US can’t protect citizens without locking down the Mexico border.  This is treason in my opinion.

      32. As someone who used to hold a Q clearance and worked with radiation detection, I call bullshit on this entire story.  Most likely: it’s a rogue radiation alarm on some contaminated steel or other materials.  Just another false positive.

        If even remotely true – that it’s a nuclear device, it’s an American device re-imported for the sake of a False Flag operation (a repeat of 9-11, gulf of Tonkin and the battleship Maine) and this is an intentional leak.

      33. Comments…..As a  former peace officer, I have been told by a former partner, just retired from 30 years in law enforcement that they have been told by federal officers that we have intercepted several devices.   One, supposedly at the port of Houston about 5 years ago.



        your daddy

        I’d say you have never worked in law enforcement.  Having worked with different departments it has been my experience that the assistant chief can actually be the man running the department.   Just like sergeants are often the ones running the shifts and not the Capt’s or Lt’s. 

        Especially in a larger  department the assistant chief, such as at my local port athority police, may have as much or more experience than the chief.   I knew an assistant [& the chief] at the local port police and the assistant had 10 years on the chief.

        We aren’t talking about an assistant dept head at Macy’s, or Walmart.

      35. Harold-

        Granted, I cannot claim any military or law enforcement experience.  And I can accept your argument that the asst of any department is in fact the muscle behind the operation…especially with the example of a Drill Sergeant respective to a Capt.

        However, just because the Drill Sergeant is the one running PT with the cadets, and putting them through hell daily, doesn’t mean is the most polished & prepared to be the Emecee at the Officer’s ball…

        In fact, if there was some insidious plot here, it would almost make sense that the actual director wanted to be as far away from this as possible, and sent out PFC Holland to handle this PR aspect of “the plan.” 

        Either way, it doesn’t pass the sniff test for me, you & many others on this board.  Which definitely opens it up for scrutiny…I just can’t get to “Hoax” as a possible scenario.  I could be wrong.  Wouldn’t be the first or last time.

      36. @NYOB,
        The extension of authroity  and popwer wqill come right after the false flag attack like it did with 9-11. What this could of been is called “conditioning”.
        And what your doing might be called dis-information provocateur???……..just sayin

      37. @NYOB,
        The extension of power and authority will come right after the false flag attack like it did after 9-11. What this might of been is called “conditioning”. And what you might be doing is called “dis-information provocateur”………..just sayin

      38. Hmmm….

        You can’t say I haven’t worked in Law Enforcement…and you can’t say I’m not a physicist or a first responder for radiological incidents in my area.  OK, you COULD say that but you’d be wrong.

        The primary threat is not a dirty bomb.  The primary threat is someone popping a 1.3Gton nuke 400 miles above Kansas, fired from a surfaced submarine or a container on a ship.  You can do your own research of the feasibility, but the EMP would destroy the entire electrical grid of the US, northern Mexico and southern Canada – and all electronics -and almost every vehicle.  It would probably destroy secondary and tertiary communications systems as well and we could not recover from it as a nation.  We no longer have the manufacturing facilities to rebuild.

      39. @BJ – it could also be just me offering my opinion, after getting a little tired of hearing about things like the seafloor moving in a BP well monitoring video, and someone who appears to be a gate guard acting like a bigshot, being huge conspiracies.  My opinion and 50 cents will get you a cuppa Joe.

        Agree with yourdaddy that the chief would send an underling to be the flack target.  I’m waiting for the classic official statement “that information has not been confirmed and was not authorized for release.”

        Except for what seems to be activist commentary, there does not appear to be a major backlash after this on-camera “slip”.  @yourdaddy, I’m not sure of I would call it a hoax, probably more like a prank.   Maybe someone who knew there would be no official repercussions (and knowing the GDP would miss the point, since it’s not about American Idol) did it just to watch all of the activists go straight to Massive NWO Conspiracy based on the deliberately vague insinuations of our Mr. Hallor.  I’m sure there are plenty of “them” having a great laugh at all the conjecture derived from this video.

      40. Dr. Tom, I agree with your assessment. It wouldn’t take much… Either a single nuke detonated 200 – 400 miles over Kansas, or three nukes 100 miles (or slightly less?) detonated over the east, central and western regions would do the job…

        My view is that any preemptive  attack by, say, China or another nuclear nation would come in the form of EMP. No need to radiate the entire country, as the resources would then become worthless for thousands of years…. One could detonate an EMP nuke and sit back for 30 – 180 days while the population was wiped out by starvation, disease, violence and civil wars.

        As you mentioned, we simply do not have the agricultural, energy and communications infrastructure to support 300 million people if their is no electricity, and it would take years to rebuild even a basic modern (Western) society. William Forstchen, in  his book One Second After, deals with this particular scenario, and it’s a scary possibility, indeed.

      41. Comments…..To JJ…..Only a  muslim would make a statement like yours. Only a muslim would worship a pedophile prophet and a false cult moon god. Only a muslim would destroy freedom and democracy. Fuck you JJ.

      42. Correction to my previous 2/16: 00:58 post.  That should read 1.3 Megaton and the distance should have been 400 Km, not miles.

        Mac is correct.  The one-megaton blasts 200 miles over the center of the country would have the same effect.  And the defense department is so freaked out about the possibility that they are evvedtively having TSA convert the US into a place where no one trusts anyone.  At some point we will get tired of it and no one will have to do anything – our paranoia will do it for them.

        The problem with that is that we would know where they came from.  There would have to be three launch sites and there would be particulate residue.  At 400 Km the particulate matter would disperse or burn up prior to re-entry – so there might not be any hard evidence. Thus the source MIGHT not be apparent – especially if it was launched from twenty mines off Los Angeles – as something was on November 9, 2010.  This clip is from Fox, but all the major outlets carried it – and it was promptly forgotten/ dismissed/ called a vapor trail.

        There is an article at the Wiki.

      43. Dr. Tom, interesting point about the November 9 “event.”

        While I can’t fully support this particular theory, some have suggested that the projectile may have actually had an EMP element to it, and the evidence they use for this ‘conspiracy theory’ is the cruise liner that suddenly experienced a total loss of power around the time that vapor trail was spotted… The liner had to be towed into port and the Captain of the ship reportedly told passengers it was a flameless fire that made the ship inoperable and knocked out all electronics…

        Here’s a forum thread on it:

        One note of interest in opposition to the theory is that passengers reportedly had working cell phones once they reached port – of course this is anecdotal for now, so I can’t speak to the validity of that, or any other report surrounding the incident.

        One of the guys at EMPact America and I had a discussion about EMP blasts, and from my understanding there are several different categories of EMP – four if I recall correctly (can’t seem to find the email right now)… A solar flare, for example, would be on the low end and would not effect the electronics on cars or cell phones, while certain nuke generated EMP’s would take out all systems from the power grid to your portable DVD player and car ignition systems…So, perhaps a certain type of EMP could take out the electronic systems of a cruise liner but leave cell phone electronics untouched? I don’t know.. Just thought I’d throw that out there…

        In any case, it’s obvious that if that was a non-US missile on November 9, then we are completely exposed to this sort of attack… Many a Congressional member has called EMP the most dangerous vulnerability to national security out there…


      44. Aloha Mac,

        This may be what you are looking for.

        A strong solar flare provides a major EMP component.  If one happened to generate a nuclear EMP concurrently with a solar EMP reaching earth, it would be difficult to track down the culprit or even prove it was intentional. 

        Interestingly, earth-crossing bodies present a real and present danger and they are not usually discovered until they are within 24 hours of potential impact.  Because there is no defense, warnings are not issued to prevent useless panic.

        Back to my vector: none of these scenarios are a matter of  ‘if’.  They are a matter of  ‘when’.

      45. @Mac:  If you cared to email me privately:  tc at xemaps dot com, I would be interest in learning such background and expertise as you are willing to divulge.  I suspect you are a physicist, since almost no one else would have any interest in this subject matter.

      46. @TOM,
        What do you mean, no interest…I find it facinating

      47. @BJ:  Sorry.  No offense intended.  It is simply that most people don’t understand why a toaster heats up when you plug it in and turn it on, and the concept of microwave cooking is completely beyond them – so gamma ray burst theory, and especially things like this:

        are right up there with learning to use a slide rule.  :-)  But if you follow the links, you realize that a nuclear detonation isn’t necessary at all – and non-explosive versions of this aren’t illegal to build or own, although they are expensive.

      48. Oh I definitely do not understand it completely…..but still like it and find it fascinating…thanks for the link


      1. FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate: 100% Chance of WMD Attack - [...] print this page | get our rss feed We recently brought your attention to a report indicating that security…

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