Same Doctors That Push Violence-Inducing Psychiatric Drugs Are Trying to Take Away Second Amendment Rights from Americans

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    This report was originally published by Lance D Johnson at

    coalition of healthcare providers wants to end the “epidemic” of gun violence and implement an “evidence-based policy” on guns. The organization is called SAFE (Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic). While reducing violence is a noble goal, the group isn’t focused on eliminating the actual triggers that cause violence or the conditions of the heart that breed violent outcomes.

    Instead, they want to get as many firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens as possible. SAFE merely wants to give doctors authority over patient’s second amendment rights, to get patients to talk about the guns they have in their homes, so more action can be taken on guns. As the medical profession gathers intel about gun owners and puts firearm ownership on healthcare records, liberal doctors can make a case that certain gun owners are mentally or physically unfit to own a firearm.

    Last week, thirty medical schools demonstrated at hospitals across the country. Thousands of medical students paraded the hospital halls, donning scrubs with SAFE’s bright red logo. Calling for tougher gun control and more federal funding for gun violence research, the students walked around hospitals oblivious to the actual causes of violence. SAFE wants doctors to be trained on how to talk with patients about guns, yet this group is oblivious to the damage their profession does when they prescribe psychiatric drugs to patients.

    The causes of violence are exacerbated by the medical profession

    A person who shoots down innocent people in a school, mall, theater, concert, etc. has lost all empathy for human life. Taking firearms out of people’s hands doesn’t change the violent motivations within the human heart. If the shooter is motivated, they will find a weapon and they will act out.

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    Jealousy is another reason someone will pick up a weapon and kill. A heart that is consumed with bitterness and motivated by revenge will act out. Does SAFE advocate for medical professionals to take on any of these root causes of violence?

    When the root issues are not dealt with, the heart of a person will act out in unspeakable ways. How do psychotropic drugs make the problem worse? The act of prescribing chemical changes for someone’s brain does not deal with the heart issues. Drugs can only suppress impulses and behaviors for so long, and often actually make them worse. The motivations of the heart will surface. When the issues of the heart are suppressed and the brain is forced to undergo changes, the person becomes emboldened by their sinful desires. When the feel-good chemicals wear off, the impulses and behaviors that were once suppressed become more dangerous. As the person becomes more dependent on the drug’s chemical changes, they lose their ability to make healthy judgment calls for their life. They lose their personality and may act impulsively or against their moral standards. This is why agitation, restlessness, insomnia, depression, and anxiety are side effects of common anti-depressants. This is why these drugs heighten one’s risk of committing suicidal and homicidal acts. Almost every mass shooting in the past two decades is linked to the shooter’s use, abuse, misuse, and withdrawal from psychiatric medication. How’s that for irony?

    Notwithstanding, doctors are one of the professions with the highest suicide rates. Doctors are not above the violence they wish to eradicate. Statistically, doctors themselves are more vulnerable to violence, unto themselves and unto others, than any other profession. Before doctors begin asking people about the firearms in their homes, they should instead look inside their own hearts. If medical professionals want to make a difference on the issue of violence, then they should stop prescribing psychotropic drugs to every patient seeking help.

    Check out the latest science on mental health at Mind.News.

    Sources include:


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      1. Two observations.

        Open a Robbins Pathology book on disease states. There is no definitive test indicating any mental illness as a diagnostic. Mental illness cannot be measured by any objective criteria. As such, one psychiatrist may entirely diagnose a totally different mental illness. It’s the very definition of pseudoscience. There is zero quantifiable evidence of a “chemical imbalance”.

        Actually the most egregious medicine practiced in history is the bewildering often torture that passes for psychiatry. I encourage all to look this up, use their critical thinking, and prove me wrong.

        Therefore, why in the world would you limit a natural right as there is no “how” in determining the veracity of an “expert claim”?

        Next, even IF there was a scientic criteria not a subjective determination, would you ever apply a limit on free speech in the same manner? What about freedom of assembly?

        • While there may be no definitive test for mental illness, there are certain symptoms such as LBGT and liberalism, very strong indicators of mental disease.

          • Infidel, you hit that one right out of the park. And I always thought doctors were supposed to be SMART? Looks like they’re just as brainwashed as the patients they treat. The problem has NEVER BEEN GUNS. THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE WITH BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD OTHER PEOPLE. But these doctors will never get a clue.

          • INFIDEL

            You are SPOT ON.

        • Marantha,

          The day they take our guns is the very same day they take away our rights to free speech and free assembly. So YES, they DO want to take away our rights, ALL our rights.

          The fact that THEY will also lose their rights very soon afterwards never enters their tiny little minds. Because despite all their “advanced training”, they are too frigging stupid to think for themselves

      2. How can you trust a doctor when his job depends on pushing pills for every ailment under the sun? Older people don’t stand a chance to improve their health when taking multiple pills a day. What incentive is there for the doctor to actually improve your health? None! Because you are no longer a customer.

        • Aljamo:

          That’s right.

          For more information: see Eustace Mullins “Murder By Injection”. Either watch the video on YouTube or read the book.


          • Book is free on pdf.


        • Aljamo, you hit that one out of the park. Every time they see a patient for anything they get the dollar signs in their eyes. They’re never getting out of bed with Big Pharma and the insurance companies. Last week, I had to go to a foot doctor for a corn in my pinky toe on my right foot. He claimed I would have to come back a second time, let him do blood work and take x-rays, numb the toe, and do surgery to remove the corn. Well, I haven’t had any trouble with the toe since that time. I was in some pain and limping when I went there but it stopped hurting after I left. All he did on that visit was take something and shaved off the part of the corn he could without surgery. That visit was $98.00. I’m trying to avoid that surgery if possible. If it starts hurting again I’ll get it done but so far no pain and I’m doing fine.

          • Aljamo, I forgot to add that the foot doctor only concentrated on my medical issue and never asked me about guns or anything else. For that I have to give him credit.

            • Be careful of those intake questions too. Have you ever felt depressed, or sad, or suicidal, or abused, or etc-etc-etc

              Answer Yes and you get a knock on your door to grab your guns.

              Answer Yes and get denied care or a job or life insurance etc-etc-etc five years from now because you didn’t get treatment.

        • I am fine with one pill for your greatest ailment – but you are a guinea pig if you take 3 or more at the same time.

      3. I’m a Vet.
        I get my medical care from the VA.
        My GP doctor would never ask me about
        guns. He was an emergency room surgeon
        for many years prior to joining VA. So he has
        seen it all.
        When I first enrolled in VA they make you
        talk to a Psychiatrist(an MD), not a
        psychologist(not an MD) and he never
        asked about guns. They worry about
        Never discuss guns with your doctor.
        You are there for personal health reasons,
        not for political documentation/labeling purposes.

      4. Let’s hypothetically say that mental illness is a valid phenomena. Well, there is not a shread of evidence that pharmaceuticals can cure or even aleviate mental illness over time ie a chronic condition. What studies were done were largely based upon “situational illness” like situational depression.

        Likewise there is absolutely no evidence that counseling helps. It cannot be quantified or objectively assessed.

        The only logical conclusion is that psychiatry is pseudoscience analgous to Phrenology ie the dubious study of bumps on the noggin.

        This means a shrink cannot detect, diagnosis, treat, or cure the mental illness, but what is worse has no objective evidence as to the improvement. Yet liberals was these quacks to limit a natural right to own and bear arms?

        This is absurd.

        • I recommend to all, to read “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker, published 2010. Scary, and well documented that most psychotropic drugs either mask or temporarily alleviate mental illness symptoms, but in the end create worse problems and a shorter, sicker life. And that frequently used phrase, “chemical imbalance” (for bi-polar, schizophrenia, and other ailments) has no documented basis – it’s just convenient to delay accountability. Mental illness is undoubtedly real, and really damaging, but defining it and treating it is terribly difficult. Pills just don’t cut it, and even exacerbate it in the end.

      5. Rellik, damn good points. No doctor or anyone else is taking guns or anything else away from me.

      6. They ask you about guns just tell them its none of their business. Or, ask them what guns do they own.

      7. Jim, good points. All they need to deal with is whatever medical complaint I show up for and that’s it. As long as they do that they’ll be just fine.

      8. Authority? Only G_d has authority over me. And anyone who wants any of my rights, can go fuck themselves!

      9. Early warning for people along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. A tropical storm is forming just south of the Gulf. Could become a hurricane next week. Get your stuff together and/or warn others.

      10. Before we were asking questions about your brains and natural rights, some of these shelter-in-place events happened under extremely-questionable circumstances. Did you ever ask exactly who was calling your entire existence and mental life into question.

      11. That’s be the day that

      12. I think the word “scrubs” in their name fits them nicely.

      13. Infidel summed it up in one fricking sentence.


      14. Excuse my type o, meant one fucking sentence.


      15. How can anyone “take away” Second Amendment-expressed rights if those rights are exercised? That’s what the Second Amendment expresses–the ever-existent right to defend the right to defend that right and all the other rights from infringement. Failure to exercise the Second Amendment-expressed rights is to allow government (by the existence of government’s ability to do so) to “take away” the very security of free states that the Second Amendment-expressed rights are necessary to defend.

      16. Considering the poor medical care many Americans receive, these physicians have better things to concern themselves with.

      17. HCKS, you hit that one right out of the park. Michael Savage said that liberalism is a mental disease. He wasn’t kidding.

      18. Isis warns of knife attacks at US concerts. I am attending one here locally in Houston, Look forward to isis fuckers trying that shit on me and my woman, or if I catch you trying that shit to any other concert goers, your going to get fucked up.

        My Sifu was invited to Indonesia to train with Berendal, since my sifu knows si lat, and has passed the techniques off to me. I have mastered 7 of these moves and have been tested by my sifu to make sure that I can implement it in a real threat.


      19. How can a doctor negate an amendment ?

        • How can you comment if you did not even read the article?

      20. Americans have been worshipping doctors for far too long, a doctor can do no wrong it seems. This is a Marxist principle to empower doctors. Millions were sent to the Gulags in siberia after a doctor would write, “Patient is mentally ill”. Doctors will do anything for anyone who pays them the big money. They are out of control along with those who use and misuse them.

        • In the “Kingdom of Flesh” after a nation has lost it’s religion, Doctors take on the role of High Priest.

      21. A long time ago, physicians noted that some patients either due to a tramatic event or due to their nature from childhood were given to “melancholia” ie a persistent state of sadness that would not leave. Today that is called depression. Patients have to face reality and that bad things happen to all people, yet they cannot face reality. Nothing will cure it. It’s an enormous waste of money as sedation or giving drugs to mask sadness with excess serotonin then like all drugs creates tolerance so it is ineffective. Then about ten years ago they experimented with drugs to increase “drive” thinking this would force patients to overcome their situation. That doesn’t work either.

        The patient must understand they are unwell, and on their own, elect to change their outlook. It is no different that having your heart broken or dealing with grief.

        If we started taking away “arms” from ever person who was heartbroken or griefstrike, then no soldiers would bear arms! My gosh, how many soldiers have gotten “Dear John” letter?!

        Now it’s estimated that between 25-33% of American women have “depression”. You know, maybe they are depressed because they lack genuine romance and friendship from a decent stand up guy! Maybe feminism ruined that for them? Maybe they are broke because the dollar is worth half as much since 1990? Maybe taking away “arms” from 25-33% of all American women is moronic and would lead to massive sexual assault? Ya think?

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