Sabotage: Special Forces To Target U.S. Economy, Infrastructure, Railways, Power Plants, Waterworks, and Refineries In the Event of Mid East Conflict

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    If you were under the impression that the brewing conflict with Syria is over or that it would be a simple one sided affair with the United States launching “brief and limited” strikes on Syrian military assets, then consider the following report from a Russian military review.

    According to Senior sources within the Syrian military, as well as Russian insiders, an attack on Syria will not come without repercussions here in the United States. The report, published by the widely read European newspaper Pravda and not carried by mainstream U.S. news channels, indicates that Bashar Al-Assad has been pre-positioning Syrian special operations teams inside the United States with the sole intention of disrupting our economy and causing maximum damage to critical U.S. infrastructure elements in high population areas including railways, power plants, water utilities, oil refineries and military targets.

    Should President Obama launch an attack on Syria (or perhaps even Iran, Syria’s closest ally), these forces have been given orders to engage key targets on U.S. soil.

    Hundreds of Syrian army special forces soldiers are currently located on the territory of the United States, ready to conduct a series of sabotage operations in case of a military aggression against Syria.

    The publication lists potential targets that can be damaged, including railways, power stations, power plants, waterworks, oil and gas terminals, and military objects, mostly air and naval bases.

    An anonymous source said that the diversion could be implemented in the most densely populated areas and states in order to cause maximum damage to the U.S. economy and infrastructure, simultaneously causing panic among the population.

    Attacks against civilians are not planned, the anonymous source at the Ministry of Defense of Syria assured. All fighters grouped in units of three to seven people are employed by the Syrian special forces “al-Qassam” and undergone an extensive training. They are equipped to carry out sabotage operations in the United States.

    The source said that the Syrian leadership has chosen this strategy based on the experience of the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya, where the aggression was reflected from a defensive position, which doomed these countries to failure.

    If true, it’s possible that this and the threat of a Russian military response are responsible for President Obama’s back peddling on military strikes in Syria.

    Save September 11th, there have been no large-scale foreign born attacks on U.S. soil in recent history. Though German submarines targeted U.S. naval assets off our coasts during World War II, America has been left generally unscathed during military conflicts since the Korean war in the 1950’s.

    That will change should the United States attempt military intervention in Syria or Iran.

    If this report is to be believed (and it could be nothing more than propaganda), this time around Americans will directly experience the fallout from wars we initiate in other countries, and it will come in similar fashion to what we’ve done in Iraq and Libya, and have planned to do in Syria. The targets will be the civilian population, which will be left without electricity, water and potentially even food due to lack of gasoline supplies should the handful of refineries that make it available in the U.S. be destroyed or damaged.

    These critical infrastructure elements are totally exposed to sabotage. Each of them, as well as our nuclear power plants, are usually only protected by private security firms (not the military-grade kind) and local police forces. Thus, a well coordinated military style takeover of utility plants or refineries is not out of the question, and is a completely plausible scenario.

    We don’t know the exact number of Syrian special forces commandos supposedly in the United States. However, even a limited strike force, combined with cyber fighters such as the Iranian backed Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, an organization that may have been responsible for last month’s NASDAQ stock exchange outage, could wreak havoc across a totally unsuspecting U.S. public.

    What we know is that our life sustaining infrastructure is not secure. The U.S. government knows this and has been planning contingency operations should these areas of our country come under attack.

    We also know that any disruptions to the regular flow of commerce would be disastrous, leading very quickly to panic, looting, and a breakdown in civil order.

    The Syrians, Iranians and Russians know this as well, thus it only makes sense for a country with limited military resources to take this course of action should we engage them in military conflict.

    If we attack Syria or Iran in the future, the American people can fully expect a direct response on U.S. soil. This could well result in our emergency response personnel being overwhelmed and without the ability to provide aid for the millions of people who would be affected within a matter of hours.

    The only prudent steps to be taken by the American people are to individually plan and prepare for such events. The government will not be there to provide aid, because despite their efforts to convince us they have everything under control, nothing could be further from the truth. Isolated regional disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina led to complete pandemonium in the streets.

    If we can’t handle a Hurricane when we have been given a week of advance warning, what do you think will happen if our infrastructure, economy and commerce systems are hit with a coordinated military attack across the most densely populated areas of the country?

    Hattip CB


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      1. Did it start today? Is this navy shooting, 12 confirmed dead, a false flag? Sure sounds like terrorism started today.

        • You bet, Be informed

          The underbelly of the USA is wide open
          to these kinds of subversive attacks.

          Prepare fast — prepare hard.

          • @ OutWest. Isn’t it amazing how everyone calls these alternative news sites conspiracy nuts? Yet I have seen several sites warning of a false flag for many days. After BO and the U.S. were totally embarrassed by Putin and the other countries such as China, you can expect ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

            • Right. If it’s never happened before it can never happen now. Great logic.

              • Lets see. A 2 teams of 7 in each state is only 700 “special forces” soldiers.

                Given the damages that only 536 people have done from Washington DC, while pretending to be trying to do something good, the damages can be severe when the pretenses are not needed..

                If such attacks come, it is not the Syrians (and Russians) doing them that need to be addressed. Let us learn from the “elites” and not let the crisis go to waste. It may be a perfect time to clean up NY and the District of Criminals.

                • This has actually been attempted several times. Before they can execute their plans we give them an EBT card, a free cell phone with 250 free minutes a month, a subsidized apartment, HEAP to pay the utility bills, free Internet access, and tuition assistance.

                  Now the are playing Call of Duty instead.

                  • … free public education for their children, in-state tuition for their college age children, medical and dental care….

                  • If we are lucky they will target NY and the DC area. No harm, no foul

                  • Sometimes TRUTH is GREATER than FICTION!!!

                    You are a worthy brother in arms Kimosabe!!!

                    I’d bet this that you say happens more than anyone would be willing to admit.
                    I get about 20 “Game Invites” an evening on MW II from dudes named Mehmet, Muhammed and Mustafa!!!

                    I’m always wondering why that’s the only three Arab dudes that ever game-invite me?!!! And they sure get around to – Mustafa has done game-invited me from 5 different states in the past four hours.
                    Mustafa once texted me that he has two brothers both named after their father Mustafa who was named after his father who was named after his father who was named after his uncle Mehmets father, Mustafa who was a third cousin of prophet muhammad on prophet muhammads father, Mustafas side.

                    Something like that anyway!

                  • Oooops, Mustafa must be following our comments. Some dude just rode by my house on a Camel and set a box over the fence. I almost fell for it to but it was addressed –
                    To: MagenD
                    From: UPS

                • 15 man teams that can splinter into 3 5 man in a heartbeat…

                  Think of what 5 heavily armed men can do to your local police station at shift change…

                  • Will they please come to my local PD and end the bull crap please, please


                  • If they were told no civilians, they will go after bridges, power stations government buildings, dams etc. In and out and never seen but what a mess they will create. And that will affect the economy and functioning as the story says they are told to do. Shooting police will be a minor target in comparison and technically the police are still civilian targets.
                    Obama and Congress better hope they are well protected because if Asad really wanted to send a message to those who are actually doing this, his teams would have politicians in their sights. That would be a clear message that he knows it is the politicians and bankers and not the people who need to be stopped.
                    If you want a bigger picture of what the OWG types are doing check out Youtube video: “Your 72 hour Red Flag before US Martial Law” It is part of a radio program that features Susanne Poser. She starts giving specifics at about 2 1/4 min into it. Anybody who has been watching the international news since 2008 will already have seen this but if not you will recognize the truth in her words. But somehow hearing someone else say it makes it seem even more real. We WILL go into Syria because it is part of the long range plan. Our troops will be sent to fight there beside murderers from Saudi prisons and jihadists who would happily kill our troops once they get control of Syria. If the troops refuse they can be jailed. If they fight, they KNOW they are fighting on the wrong side. What would you do in that position?!
                    Mac: anything out in the media about where to put assets under the coming circumstances?

                  • my local PD only has 2 part time cops.
                    during shift change they could probably trash the office, leave giant poops on the chief’s desk and spray paint “Syria wuz hear” on the wall.
                    Probably pretty uneventful. Why? Do you live in a town with a big PD?

                  • 5 men could cause some major problems. What makes us think that they have not already started this??? Might want to look into the Railroads over the past 6 months. I think that it has begun. And today shooting just proves we (Goverment) are unprepared to prevent this from happening.The guy was armed with a shotgun to start with and by the time he was shot he had a pitol with mags and a m4 that fires full auto or 3 round burst. But hey they have everything under control right?

                    Keep prepping it looks to be a wild cold winter.



                  • I and others have said before people need to network with each other near and far. These events will happenagain just like the past. I think the next big one will shut down states were you will be forced to meet check points and so on. They shut down a town in Mass. over two little punks as a example they can do it. Im sure they are using that as a text book example for future drills. Keeping calm and protecting your assets from confiscation is crucial.Timing is of great importance also. I do not know as most on here do not know when the shtf in a big way. Network without divulging yourself to danger . It is possible.

                  • Just look how those 5-Dancing Isralie Mossad agents were ALLOWED by USA FED Govnt to sneek into usa Prior to 9/11 and rent an apt overlooking the Twin Towers, to FILM 9/11 as towers went down! Before they collapsed…Plus they were conected to More Isralie’s that were based at a fake moving and storage co, which after NY-NJ cops pulled over that white van full of explosives on a bridge overpass that blew up several minits After israli occupants exited van per cops request.

                    Then the fbi and/or dhs Took Over…Thats when the Entire over 100-israeli illeagle immigrants were again Allowed…..That time, allowed to quietly Escape and exit america to backtrack to israel HQ aka Mossad.

                    Unless Assad has trained terrorists since they were 5 yrs old, Kept them totally hidden in a cave, and NSA-FBI Et Al has zero intel on their existence? Highly Doubtfull.

                    But with todays Total Surveilence appratus in the usa, and europe etc…There is zero chance of this articles scenario unfolding without USA-Fed agnecys full Approval.

                    UNLESS! Once Again we get false flagged, and it later turns out like so many prior times, that it was Mossad-Israelis in “Arab Costumes” doing the FF and afterwards Blaming “others” aka syrians or iranians…

                    If Israle could pull off the USS Liberty ship episode and blame Egypt with 100% support from LBJ(prez johnson) untill it Failed to Sink.

                    Then the Only thing necessary for israel/mossad to again do a FF here is, Insiders at the Highest Levels of whitehouse-dhs-fbi et al.

                    Oh yeah! and Plenty of BS excuses and double talk by americans Most famed Dual Citizen jews Finestien-Bloomberg-Schumer and several Dozen More at highest fed govnt levels in every major agency and senate or house committee.

                    Indeed in That respect I’d believe such a false flag attack is possible….If done by israel/mossad.

                    It is very easy to do because as Cousins, isralei “jews” and all other mid east perps look so Alike.

                  • Think of what “ONE” unarmed man could do to your local police station by taking a job at the local Dunk’n Donuts!!!

                • why don’t we just nuke Syria hang Obama and kill the Syrian s-ops

                  • With all the thumbs down I am getting why don’t you and his black ass move to SYRIA and leave AMERICA to real
                    americans fucking commie trolls

                • Sorry but I don’t buy it. If they have this capability now then why not just do it since they hate our guts anyhow. What’s stopping them, a conscience? No, I don’t think so, most of these religious zealots want to destroy us so what are they waiting for, my guess is they do not have the capability to carry it out just yet.

                  What about the flooding in Colorado that is of biblical proportions, why is that not a topic of discussion? There are over 1,200 people missing, only God knows their fate. Everything is backwards, ignore what is currently taking place in this country but dwell on what might, could, would happen if?

                  Say your prayers people because no one is safe from anything anymore. Take the time and look at some of the aerial shots of Colorado, unbelievably tragic and still unfolding.

                  • “””Sorry but I don’t buy it. If they have this capability now then why not just do it since they hate our guts anyhow. What’s stopping them, a conscience?””

                    A sense or right and wrong that has long left the shores of America to the point that anyone still having it must be evil in the eyes of the average person.

                    NOBODY wants a war, except for the US government at behest of it’s bankster owners.

                    A country stating it’s intent to protect itself from the evil US corp is merely doing what it has to do. Not because it hates us, but because it has enough respect for the people (victims) to try to deter the criminals that have hijacked our government and forced the situation on them.

                  • They don’t make a move because they don’t want to piss us off and have us attack. Right now the US citizen wants no part of a Syrian civil matter. That would change if they attacked us. I have always wondered just how many Jihadist and other bad guys are lurking asleep in the US. Just think how many could have come thru the southern border over the years. I have also always thought about how relatively easy it would be to reek major havoc with a bomb on the Hoover damn, a large power station, rail tracks in important locations, maybe just jump into a gas tanker as the driver gets out to do his job at the local gas station. Then plow this truck into an important building. Way too easy. We are vulnerable as hell when the time comes.

                  • Greetings from Christchurch, NZ. Been watching MSM – RT, CNN, FOX, BBC etc… hardly any mention of the floods in USA. This must be a huge event and yet media is not picking up on it. Kia Kaha (stay strong)

                  • ” I have also always thought about how relatively easy it would be to reek major havoc with a bomb”


                    What… using a stink bomb?

                  • Hummingbird 007 lives where the flooding occurred and has some amazing photos of devastation from flooding the worst I have ever seen. She has suggested a cause I never thought of: the government weather control technology in punishment for Colorado recalling the two gun control senators.

                  • The West is doing a great job of destroying itself. All those local school boards, and town councils making short term choices that benefit the council members over the long term sustainability of their communities. All those politicos choosing to take back handers over the welfare of their constituents. Corruption is rampant.

                    The cumulative effect of these choices is starting to come back and bite us. Here in the UK our sewer systems, and railways are suffering the effect of decades of neglect in terms of infrastructure maintenance over short term fat cat pockets.

                    Detroit wasn’t brought down from it’s former glory by external foreign military enemies. Instead poor management, greedy unions, the scourge of outsourcing, lack of market responsiveness and a buying public with no loyalty to their own nations producers did it in. The same story is repeated ad infinitum across the West.

                    I’ve given up our state school system in disgust as I refuse to raise yet another ijeet to add to the multitude. Part of my reason for making this choice was that as I reside in a multi-cultural community I got to see that other nations are NOT raising fools, but instead are educating their young properly.

                    The 3 R’s and critical thinking may be a relic for the UK working classes, but in Korea, Singapore, Iran, Nigeria parents and teachers take these four basic skills seriously.

                    Our real enemy is not some special ops foreign forces, it’s our wilful mass stupidity and utter arrogance. Why are the transformers so critical to the national electric infrastructure not made in the US – given the reliance of the US on the grid? Why in the UK have we sold our water infrastructure and supplies to foreign nations?

                    Why are so many troops surrounding Syria, when right now their skills & equipment would be much appreciated on the ground for search and rescue + reconstruction in Colorado?

                  • “most of these religious zealots want to destroy us so what are they waiting for”

                    They R waiting 4:
                    1. Obama (Illuminati) to finish arming their “National Police Force”(DHS-which is essentially the New SS)
                    2. Obama and company (Illuminati) to finish destroying our military.
                    3. Iran to get the Bomb

                    That’d be my guess!

                • I thought the roundup of the D.C. criminals started today with all the security surrounding the Capital while we were watching the “event” on the Naval Base. I must be mistaken.

                  • Lonelonmum: I agree good info in general. However as a former 43 yr long Detroiter since birth there.

                    I would just Add that:#1-You forgot to mention Black Run Detroit City offices from Mayors and City Councils purse string controlers, to the vast majority of african savage racist minded residents.

                    AND #2-Main reason so many americans quit buying usa made autos, was a Direct effect of Affirmative Action Policies, which are widly know of as “Reverse Racisim against Whiteys”.

                    Allow me to explain how affirmative action agenda policy caused so many usa folks to begin buying Jap made autos…

                    Once affirmative action aka “AA” was made law and put into actual Practice, one of if not The first things done was to Force the BIG-3 auto makers in Detroit, Fords-Chyrsler-GM, all to fire or “Buy-Out” aprox 1/3 of all White factory worker forces.

                    To make room for all Big 3 auto makers to Replace that 1/3 of white worker forces with African negroes.

                    Now due to PC brainwashings, and white-Guilt-induced Fear of being labled a Rayssis, once 1/3+ of entire big 3 factory work force became African Negroes, soon after most Every auto made, of every distinction or brand, regardless of price…Cheep Mavricks and Pintos, to full luxery Caddys(Cadilac, french general that detroit was orig named after or by). Began to Fall apart soon after purchace.

                    The warrenties back then were for 12 mo or 12,000 miles. Prior to “AA”(afirm action policy) Most detroit made autos were the Best worldwide. Other than Mercedes or ferraries of course! They usually lasted well Beyond normal warrenty limits.

                    Not so once “AA” policy went full blown and not just the Big 3 auto makers but another aprox 20,000 Auto-Related industrial “Car Parts” manufacturers also were FORCED to likewise Replace at least 1/3 of white workers with African Negores. Negroes who never worked an honest day prior. Even those Small “few” who did have actual work experiences…Not many If Any had done Auto assembly line work before.

                    Now it soon became evident that those african negroes were Well Taught by NAACP and ACLU operatives/kommies, that any african negroes that cannot “Keep Up” or Do the work properly can bide their time untill after the first 90 days employment was reached…Then they too became full Union members. That meant it was next to impossible to Fire any of them.

                    After the 90 days passed, many africans hired to Replace Good hard working Whiteys, decided basically to screw off and work Very “Slow” while on an Assembly Line that does NOT slow down to meet the Lower requirement necessary for Lazy Black workers. This was also a major method used by Racist Africans seeking “revenge” against all whites,due to naacp-black liberation theology teachings. By slowing down and acting like a huge Pain in general aka Race-Baiting whiteys, it created massive “tensions”.

                    The remaining 2/3 of white workers had Two choices…Bitch and complain, then be labled a Vile white Rayssis and they Will get Fired pronto!

                    OR…Do the whitemans work load And assist lazy negores do their work load also…That aint gonna happen.

                    So after the hireings of 1/3 total work force city wide and suburb wide in many “Other” support companies and parts makers etc…Soon almost Every new auto made in detroit Fell apart at the Proverbial Seams, way before even the 12 mo warrenty expired!

                    In Other words what began as the world manufacturing capitol called, The Motor City, makers of the worlds Best cars useing the Best made american made parts And Labors…Soon turned into the Laughing stock worldwide as the Worst possible choice to buy a new car from!

                    Thats when and Why so many americans began to buy Jap autos like Toyota or Hondas…Those Jap made cars Lasted for 150,000+ Miles when detroit Big 3 autos barely lasted 40-60,000 miles and time to Junk yard whats still left.

                    I won’t even get started on Rust issues!…Not sure? But My honest guess is that to Offset Poor labor work from African replacement “AA” policy mandate workers, the Big 3 auto makers went to Thinner fenders and Hoods and Doors etc to still make a buck.

                    But whenever Quality is cut to offset lousy labor workers, it results in a product folks will soon reject to buy. And then turn to well made Jap autos!

                    So basically I think adding My post info to Yours really sums up quite well what Walter Winchall called, “Now for the REST of the Story”!

            • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

              Well, now they have a ‘reason’ to lock down another U.S. city.

              One shooter dead, hunt on for two more suspects in Navy Yard rampage
              Washington police chief says “two other shooters may be at large.”


              Maybe, Obama will now HAVE to call in the Russian troops to patrol and ‘protect’ Washington.

              June 2013 – Remember this…
              Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops for “Upcoming” Disaster

              “An unsettling report prepared by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) circulating in the Kremlin today on the just completed talks between Russia and the United States in Washington D.C. says that the Obama regime has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.”


              • We will never be told the truth about the Washington Navy Yard shooting but we will be told a story.

                1 thing for sure – 3 shooters is not work place violence.

                According to the news – This is a secure military facility with top secret government stuff going on.

                Is there any Navy command and control there?

                • Indeed there is along with top secret systems as well.

                  I was thinking if a shooter could have been a distraction while another individual could sneak in and access top secret intel undetected in all the confusion.

                  This was a hard target, heavily secured with armed guards. It wouldve had high end tech access and control systems in place.

                  Unlike a school, mall or public space which are soft targets this attack had to have been calculated considering the layers of deterrent defense.

                  What also sticks out to me is the fact this shooter engaged and took out so many security and police officers. A simple navy electrician unless he’s an avid crackshot recreational shooter with out intensive shooter scenario training or real combat experience in all likely hood would have been cut pretty quickly.

                • A while back I used to work at the Wash Navy Yard and it has never been a secure facility. There are one or two buildings out of 40+ which are tightly guarded and secured. The NAVSEA building is not one of them. Almost anyone can get on the facility; and most vehicles are not checked or searched so an AR-15 would be easy to get on base.

                  What hurts me is that CNO did not stay on the base with the folks; he and his wife were tucked tail and ran. I think he should have stayed; it’s the Navy way.

                  • Unless maybe, he knew something…?

                  • Yep. I used to make sales calls at the Navy Yard. No more security there than, say, General Motors Powertrain Headquarters, which is to say next to none.

                  • Now that’s interesting. The senior commander gets whisked away with his family while everyone else is left there in danger? I understand the admiral there is a high-value individual but this just bad leadership. If our Chief of Defence Staff has full-time close-protection escorts then it stands to reason someone like your CNO would have some personal security as well. But in a crisis, I certainly hope he would remember the Principles of Leadership, especially the one that stipulates a leader should share the hardships and dangers his subordinates face.

              • KY MOM:

                If the article you site about Obama calling on Russian troops to help with disasters in the US is true he must think the the US military will not stand behind him when he decides it is time to pull the plug. Foreigners were brought in to take down Russia. Is it our turn?

                I would also like to know where the security agents of the US have been during the time that all these Syrian agents have been coming into our country.

                I truly believe there will be a false flag event big enough to convince America that Syria is responsible and the dumbed down percentage of the US population will swallow that poison.

                I do know that part of the plan to take over a nation is to keep them so fearful that the population will accept any solution they think will bring “peace” and the end game regardless of what it takes is the United Nation’s One World Order.

                • Granny,

                  We will probably never know the whole story of what happened at the Washington Navy Yard. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, was reported to be suffering from mental illness. So, we can assume he was taking psychotropic drugs.

                  I believe there is more to the Obama – Putin relationship/goals than we are being told. Could it be described as two sides of the same coin?

                  I doubt it just ‘coincidence’ that Putin put in action the ‘plan’ that saved face for Obama in the recent Syria situation. I believe there is a lot more going on than we will ever know…until it is too late.

                  Caught on tape in March 2012…
                  Obama Promises Russia to Be More “Flexible” After Election

                  “WHY does the president need to be more flexible after the election to begin with, and to what other special interest will Obama be far more responsive than to his mere electorate.”

                  In May 2012 Russian airborne troops trained how to target (read ‘kill’) terrorists in America in a joint anti-terror drill with the United States at Fort Carson, Colorado.

                  The Russian soldiers were said to be “given access to U.S. special service weapons at Fort Carson.”

                  Xinhua news agency
                  RIA Novosti

              • @ ky mom, if you’d like more info on the question you posted last week, ask mac for my email or i can build a temp address.

              • Don’t you have any opinions of your own or are you just a conduit for others??

              • …………..Notice to all regular SHTF constituents……………
                We won’t hear ANYTHING critical out of Obama on the Navy yard shootings.
                #1 the shooter is a vet (non combat)
                #2 the shooter is black (African American)
                #3 the shooter killed white people
                #4 officials aren’t saying what the weapon is.
                #5 the NSA fucked up and missed this one
                Yepper; Aaron Alexis just pretty much in one fell swoop shotguned Obamas entire premiss in standing. Obama will refer to himself as being white and the shooter will be a little green person armed with a Gun show weapon illegally purchased on the MOON!!!!
                Get ready for the Shuck and jive!!

                • You forgot #6!

                  #6 the shooter is a distant (2nd) cousin of Obama’s that speaks fluent Russian, Arabic, Farsi (Persia/Iran) and Manderin Chinese that hails from Kenya, entered the country with a fake passport that he obtained with a doctored Hawaii’n Birth Certificate after attending KGB school in Moscow, Madrassa’s in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Indonessia and all funded and paid for by the Saudi Royal Family and The Obama Foundation!!!

                  Just some things better kept secret from JQ Public for his own good!!!
                  Man – the BS is deep in BedRock!!!

              • Howdy, KY Mom. while I always enjoy the articles you post links to, please let me point out that is not a reliable source of information; one of the bogey sites. Their IP address is not even in Europe; somewhere in IL. however, I have seen that article at some other sites that are more reliable. braveheart

              • @KY Mom, if OUR troops were HERE, where they belong instead of over in the ME causing hate and destruction, we wouldn’t NEED Russian troops (not that we ‘need’ them at all). As long as we refuse to be disarmed, we can protect ourselves quite nicely, even against subversives.

                Let them knock out our power—our AR-15s still work.

              • Opps! A CORRECTION: My detroit autos Post should state “Cars Fell apart soon AFTER 12 mo warrenty expired”! Not fell apart Before 12 mo warrenty expired!

                Sorry for the mistake.IE: in This section.

                So after the hireings of 1/3 total work force city wide and suburb wide in many “Other” support companies and parts makers etc…Soon almost Every new auto made in detroit Fell apart at the Proverbial Seams, way before even the 12 mo warrenty expired!(should Read soon After 12 mo warnty expired!- sorry).

            • Embarrassed?

              Come now. They’re puffing their chests up, and spitting out propaganda, and trying to make themselves look good to save their own sorry political positions. Syria and Russia are I mean.

              You expected them not to? Just like a kid on the playground that says “I made you do that”.

              But the look on their faces was… priceless. Why’d they backflip to get out of this if they were so fricking cool and collected?

              I’m not buying the “embarrased” thing.

              That said, this is very plausible. The scenario in this article. We’d get a very badly broken leg in several places, they’d get a broken neck. And they know it.

              I don’t think we’re ready for a badly broken leg in several places, was why I was so opposed.

              Take care of the grid and the infrastructure and attempt to de-centralize your coalition first. Minimally.

            • Not to mention that Mr. Brotherhood(Obummer) was to address the nation in the Rose garden today that the U.S. economy was improving. Ha! What a joke. What a distraction all this shit is! If you are not seeing what’s going on, just keep watching t.v. and play with on your ipods! Nothing to see hear sheeple!

            • Howdy, BI and everyone else, sorry to be so late for the party; had a terrible day. The Navy Yard shooting has false-flag all over it. Expect the gun grabbers to start up their BS again. I’ve always suspected something like the above scenario will take place in this country but just don’t know under what circumstances. My prepping is still ongoing. I’m also stripping down my weapons this week to make sure they’re in good order. Any foreign troops that show up in our cities and towns, etc. are legitimate targets. They are invaders. The American people did not authorize any foreign invasion of our country to take place. Everybody make your final preparations. Party time could come sooner than anyone thinks. braveheart

            • @Be Informed I’d bet that the shooting was a false flag event.
              1) The government has staged false flag events in the
              past. And/or has lied to the public about the event.
              2) A distraction is needed to divert attention away
              from Syria. Antichrist Obama needs more time to
              create a new reason to invade Syria, thus starting
              3) The recall election in CO, did make the gun
              confiscation politicians look very bad.
              4) Gives justification to all those .gov agencies the
              legal fiction to continue to break/ignore the law. An
              excuse to use all that equipment they have. Gotta
              keep the public safe from all those potential
              terrorists out there. It is done for your own good
              you know.

              It was not that long ago that it seemed we were ready to go to war with North Korea. Then the crisis just dropped off the news/propaganda cycle, as if nothing ever happened. TPTB, need another war. Another war gives them the cover they need to wipe out a portion of that unrepayable debt and justification for more statist control over the public. In the words of a certain Chicago city mayor: You never want to let a good crisis go to waste. And a war lets you break your promises and the law to the public and blaming it on a third party.

          • i live in houston and i still cannot believe some terrorists hadnt come up the gulf in a boat with who knows what from some sympatizing latin america country and attacked texas or louisianna energy industries, thats the easiest way to throw the US for a loop imo.

            the US is living on borrowed time from a crisis thats makes 2008 look like a teddy bear picnic imo and both obama and bush’s lack of real enforcement at the southern border has just laid out the welcome mat for it.

            • That’s how you know 9/11 was an inside, false flag event. There are SO many wide open points in the US that could cause major disruption in the country, and yet, after 12 years, not a one of them has been hit.

              A car bomb a week in random Walmart/mall parking lots around the country would shut the economy down.

              • You’re more than observing…need I say “spot on”…

              • cyberattack against financial interests, power grid, communication systems, military, done from afar with no people in danger

                • What is it with the American obsession with high technology? The Afghan insurgents could defeat some of the most advanced military hardware in existence with simple, low-tech means, from a PMN-2 mine under a mixing bowl used to ignite a 5 gallon jug of HME to using runners to deliver their messages.

                  JO is right. Simplicity is extremely effective. You don’t need grand elaborate plans to create chaos.

                  • Gorilla fighters or should it be “grassroots insurgents” always have the upper hand, always. The defense complex understands this to some degree but its prime focus is to create wildly extravagant expensive combat systems with the promise of the ability to defeat gorilla fighters. The problem is that high tech doesn’t understand no tech. Dumbshits in Washington will never know or understand this as long as they are able to benefit financially from steering defense contracts. President Dwight D Eisenhower warned America of this defense complex scourge long ago. Our leaders (I say that with a smirk) will willingly be complicit in killing anybody in mass and sleep at night as long as their bank accounts are fat and sweetened.
                    Look at Vietnam, Iraq,Afghanistan, they killed the enemy in droves wholesale and what happened in the end? Not a odd damd thing other than enormous amounts of defense debt. And these countries just slid back into what they were to begin with. They got a butt load of combat equipment and scrap metal and we got a lot more occupied 6x6s in Arlington.

            • @ lena –

              Houston/Galveston are both at extreme risk because of the chemical factories that line the Houston Ship Channel.

              Not really too far off topic. Some years ago a nephew desperately needed a new ‘start’; he got it via a 6 year enlistment in the Spanish Foreign Legion. At the end of his enlistment, he applied for and was allowed to transfer into the Spanish Marines. He currently serves as a senior NCO in their equivalent of our Force Recon Marine Units.

              The Spanish Marines and other special operations troops are still training like crazy for a deployment to Syria.
              If we aren’t going to still ‘whack’ Syria, then why are our amigos in Spain gearing up for it? Go figure!

              Ya gotta love it!! The ‘whack-a-doodles’ are running the asylum! Keep your head down.

              • Why Spain? Do you think the banksters own only the USA?

            • The southern border has been deliberately kept unprotected since the 1940s. That is when the infiltrations (communist) really began. For years now, people living on the border have been finding evidence of islamic infiltration.

              Americans have no idea they have been set up…

            • You know why? It is because Muslims also do not want war. All they want is to be left alone and fix their problems. But since the government has a hand in the Middle East, they won’t let that region be at peace.

              I remember a U.S. General once stated that if the Middle East was left alone, they’ll be able to fix their own problems. It will be rough but the problems will be fixed.

              But people think that people there are violent only because the U.S. government wants it to be violent.

              • I can see how they fix their own problems like in Egypt killing each other, Lebanon still in violent civil war, Philipines, Libya, Syria, Iraq, every where they are at, they behead christians and shoot each other.

                • Its because your government secretly supports each sides and their leaders. Just like they control alqaeda. If you get out of their way, they can fix their problems. There will be some bloodshed, but not as much as now.

                  As you know, your government support and spread extremism starting with support alqaeda from the time of the soviet union. So Muslims aren’t responsible for extremism, your government is.

                  If you get out of the way, the balance will be naturally restored. Not the current status quo such as bribing middle East dictators, over throwing governments, supporting both sides of a fight. Etc. Your government is responsible, yet you blame and group all 1.5 billion Muslims together. To me, that is unacceptable.

                  • Thats because Many in Both Parties, dems and neocon repubs are loony believers in the massive “Rapturist” false teachings so prevelant today.

                    They are “Waiting” for Danials 70th Week to arrive, and believe that all this mid east war etc is going to “Speed” up Jesus’s return to “Rapture” them away to safty.

                    If they would Read their bibles correctly they will discover that the Danial 70th Week prophecy has already happened 2000 yrs ago!

                    Its really about the Messiah, who came and brought the jewish folks in israel back then, a NEW covenant.

                    But “Most” of them Rejected both thier Messiah and His new covenant. THATS the “7 yr contract” of danial so many phony misguided pastors preach of. The New Covenant has been spun and Twisted into a, 7yr “peace treaty with jews of israel by antichrist”.

                    Read Rev Ch 13-Once revealed the antichrist gets ONLY 42 Months time and it is GOD who says that. Who you gonna believe? God’s words? Or phony false prophet Pastors?

                    Where they say “he shall be cut OFF in the MIDST of the WEEK aka each day represents One year or, that “week” 70th danial week, is a 7 Yr period..

                    When was Jesus “Cut Off” from his Ministery and Executed by hatefull Talmudic Judiacs?…Right at the MIDDLE of a Seven yr time frame! at the 3&1/2 Yr point Jesus was Crucified.

                    The “Curtain” of the Temple sanctuary was TORN in Two from TOP to Bottom,(a six inch Think woven curtain! Ripped in half top TO bottom by? No humans did it thats for Certain!) Once that Curtain was Ripped wide OPEN it Revealed to ALL reg jew folks watching that there was NO “Golden ARK’ inside their Temple! NO ARK means NO legit animal scarafrice etc any longer! Many jews knew then their Talmudic Pharisee rabbi were Swidnlers and Shysters! For quite a long time! couple Centurys at least!

                    And That is what caused the “Sacrafices to CEASE!” as Danial speaks of! Do You get it Yet? A Swine(Pig aka Pork) was also brought Into their Temple and sacfrficed by a slit throat to Bleed pigs blood all over their Alter to DEFILE it.

                    The FINAL fullfilment of Danials 70th week prophecy, is also what Christ Predicted to ocure to the jewish talmudics Temple…In 70 ad their temple was Demolished and over one million jew folks were killed by Roman troops etc. Thats the danial 70th week fullfilled Period.

                    The Jesus Prophecy telling folks “When thses things begin and You see Jeruselem Surrouned by enemys etc etc…THEN he whos on a roof top need to HEAD for the Hills! Do Not go indoors to grab a coat or You will be too late escaping etc etc”

                    Who does them false teacher preachers believe Thats speaking of?…I will Tell you who. Jesus was Warning CHRISTAINS, and All who will Listen, to Exit to safty and which Christians in 70 AD Did do! While Christ hater and rejecting Jews rejected every word Christ told them of…And those jews got killed by Rome soldires troops, it was Christians in the area of jeruselem who Did trust Jesus and did escape to safty in mountains etc.

                    Falsehoods taught on Danials 70th week as YET to occure also teach that, that warning of Jesus to head to safty has never yet happened but will after They start WWIII armagedon war….What a swell Plan eh…Lets start armagedon WWIII so we can Speed jesus up to Rapture us and give zionist Talmudic Judiacs their NWO-Jwo antichrist world system the jews has chomped at the bit over for the last 3500 yrs!

                    What “IF” them Preachers are WRONG?! Think they can shut off WWIII once started and their phony pre trib rapture event is a worse failure than hobammycare will be?

                    They are going to Have to wait for Resurection(rapture to them) like the Rest of us, untill Jesus makes His one time only Return to Remain On Earth as King of Kings etc.

                    BUT with 50 Million evangelical delusional Voters who also believe they can Speed Jesus up by Forceing Their ideas and interpretations of Revelations and Danials prophetic issues to Happen Now asap!

                    Those, probobly a majorty, of the 535 usa house and senate evangelicals that believe such false interpretations, are doing what all those 50 million evangelical voters elected them to do….Keep doing Wars in mid east, fund israel excessivly, do unquestionable support and defence of israel and all jews no matter where located worldwide. And no matter How evil or wrong their doings are and how many get killed.

                    And hopefully(They hope for it!) Begin WWIII or as They all lable it “Armagedon”…To Speed Jesus’ “secret” Rapture evacuation of them all to safty for the 7yrs of danials 70th week…Which is a pipe dream of non thinking falshoods so many preachers has brainwashed even very intelligent folks to subscribe to and believe in.

                    Otherwise by Now most of them fools would have already figured it out. That Danials 70th week is a done deal 2000 yrs ago.

                    And nothing They do or try is ever going to Speed Jesus up nor shall it slow Him down!

                    Just do Not tell them that!

                    I wonder often what thoughts shall permeate their shallow small minds after they sucessfully start WWIII or Armagedon, as they prefere to call it…And begin to realize once their awaited Pre trib Rapture events Fails to occur, and They Too are stuck Here On Earth suffering due to their Creation of armagedon aka WWIII?

                    I bet it will be the Race of all Races between stupid Polititions and False prophet Pastors, attempting to Exit America Stage Left on all their Private Owned Leer or G5- Gulfstream Jet Planes.

                    Before that Vast group of then highly pissed off 50 Million Duped, and likly very Robbed of Much “Tithes” paid in for so many years and Decades, while believing all those Falshoods they believed every sunday. Begins to HUNT down the ones who so Badly Duped them…Those Pastors and cohort Polititions who started WWIII based upon so many falshood beliefs.

                • Behead? How about the united states invading Iraq based on a lie and using depleted uranium munitions against civilians. Now, Iraq will be radiated for a long time. People are getting sicknesses and babies are being born with deformations.

                  But I know that you don’t care. After all, you all care only about yourselves. You can bomb countries, but if they defend themselves, you call it unacceptable and a form of terrorism.

                  • Depleted uranium is so safe that the shops that make those D.U. penetrators are no different from the ones that make parts for your snowmobile. Except they collect the swarf more aggressively because it’s so valuable.

                    D.U. has had all the fissionable isotopes removed. That’s why it’s called “depleted”. Been there, done that.


                • Up to 60 million have taken to the streets in Egypt. That’s true cohesion and “people power” in Action. A strong belief in your own national sovereignty and a wish for the right to self-determination is not to be sneered at. The unhappy peoples of this region are merely unlucky enough to live in the crucible of a conflict that will, if unchecked destroy us all.

                  I’ve noticed that individuals I’ve met from the Maghreb/Middle East and E. Europe are much wiser to the wiles of the Central Bankers/gubberments etc than Western Europeans or Americans.

                  Get rid of the Saudi Royal family (a bunch of true zionists!) and restrict the actions of dual nationality controlled alphabet agencies and mossad to within the borders of their own nations for 5 years. The Muslim world would quickly find peace.

                  For thousands of years coptic christians, real jews (not the Zionist usurpers of the post ww2 accord) and Muslims lived in these regions without any fuss. Now any religious belief system that does not actively promote USURY (forbidden to Christianns as well as Islam), or HATE (the Koran dictates that other children of the book should be allowed to exist in peace)is being ruthlessly oppressed.

                  The rise of the Orthodox Churches in Russia and Eastern Europe should fill us all with hope. Goodness cannot ultimately be suppressed forever despite the best efforts of the Communists/bankers/zionists.

                  Frankly at this point in time, many in the West should be hanging their heads in shame at their failure to support their fellow Christians in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and many other places around the world. In these nations humanities faith is being tested as never before and yet, there are MANY, MANY brave individuals willing to stand up and defend truth, faith, freedom and justice. Turn off your TV evangelist nonsense and pick up your bible.

                  At the very least, instead of criticising these peoples in their struggle against the hydra that will enslave us all unless stopped, send a few spare dollars to organisations such as medicins sans frontiers to support genuine humanitarian causes and ease their suffering (The red cross is too politicised).

                  • Thanks, lonelonmum …you too moe…voices of reason in a empire of brainwashed fools.

              • Moe, uh, don’t know where you been, but Muslims are treacherous and are determined to impose their faith on the rest of the world. Go to any bookstore like Barnes and Noble, etc. and pick up an English translation of their Quran, the Muslim holy book and read it for yourself. There’s nothing peaceful or even decent about those people. braveheart

                • Braveheart:

                  Wish you could go to your local book store and pick up a copy of the Talmud. That, Braveheart, is the story that needs to be exposed.

                  • Or go to the “Judaica” section of any university or theological library.

                    Sincere medieval Jewish converts to Catholicism (e.g., Reuchlin and Pfefferkorn) revealed the diabolical content of the Torah to the world. The rabbis were called to defend their teachings at the Disputations of Tortosa and Paris, but the rabbis were caught barehanded, flat-footed, and without any redeeming explanation for their Master Race, blasphemous, and perverted teachings and Black Magic from the Torah (Torah SheBeal Peh, “Oral Torah,” the Talmud). Since those humiliating revelations of their wicked creed, they have published censored and expurgated Talmud editions. In English, the Soncino and Art Scroll Talmud editions are the most carefully sanitized.

                    So, please be aware that most of the English and other vernacular translations are redacted for Gentile consumption. Code words and blanks are substituted and the most revealing sections are mistranslated, relegated to footnotes, or completely absent.


                    …just before the rabbis reconstituted the Sanhedrin. They selected Rabbi Adin Israel Steinsaltz as the nasi (chief rabbi) of the Sanhedrin. Rabbi Steinsaltz had just published several volumes of an accurately translated “Steinsaltz edition” of the Talmud, but, in revealing what had been concealed for centuries, he opened the eyes of Gentiles and a hornet’s nest of criticism ensued. Publication of the remaining Talmud tractates was halted indefinitely and prices of the existent tractates skyrocketed.

              • You are spot-on! And why hasn’t the US (WEST) left them alone?!

                Cause the Novus Ordo Seclorum couldn’t advance without bringing Islam to its knees!!!

                • As to the hexagram, there is NO biblical reference to a “Star of David,” NO “Magen David,” but there are references to the Star of Rempham (Acts 7:43) and Amos 5:26 notes:

                  “But you carried a tabernacle for your Moloch, and the image of your idols, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves.”

                  “And you took unto you the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Rempham, figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Acts 7:43

                  Moloch, as most know, was the devil to whom the Jews sacrificed their children.

                  Jews are not “orthodox” for following Mosaic Law, but orthodox for following the perversion and Master Race and pagan precepts of the Oral Torah (see below) for which Jesus unmistakably damned the Pharisees and their followers as “children of Hell” Matthew 23:15.

                  The Kabbalistic books of the Oral Torah, including the Zohar and Sefer Yetzirah, are in the lineage of Egyptian and Babylonian black magic that spawned idolatry of the Golden Calf, even to the Israelites worshipping, fornicating with, and sacrificing their children to the demon Moloch (Leviticus 20:3-5, 3 Kings 11:5-33, et al.). No less than in the days of the Israelites (1 Kings 8:8; Malachias 2:8-12), contemporary Judaism retains worship of pagan “strange gods”: Birkat ha-Hammah sun worship (persists even though Ezechiel 8:16-17 specifically damns it as an abomination in the eyes of God). There is other pagan devil-worship within Judaism:

                  “The religion of the god Baal was widely accepted among the ancient Jews, and although it was put down at times, it was never permanently stamped out. Kings and other royalty of the ten Biblical tribes worshiped the god. The ordinary people ardently worshiped this sun god too because their prosperity depended on the productivity of their crops and livestock. The god’s images were erected on many buildings. Within the religion there appeared to be numerous priests and various classes of devotees. During the ceremonies they wore appropriate robes. The ceremonies included burning incense, and offering burnt sacrifices, occasionally consisting of human victims. The officiating priests danced around the altars, chanting frantically and cutting themselves with knives to inspire the attention and compassion of the god.”
                  Entry for “Baal,” Encyclopedia Mythica,

                  There are other pagan black magic elements in Judaism, for example, moon worship and reincarnation.

                • In moderation limbo since yesterday…As to the hexagram, there is NO biblical reference to a “Star of David,” NO “Magen David,” but there are references to the Star of Rempham (Acts 7:43) and Amos 5:26 notes:

                  “But you carried a tabernacle for your Moloch, and the image of your idols, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves.”

                  “And you took unto you the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Rempham, figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Acts 7:43

                  Moloch, as most know, was the primary devil to whom the Jews sacrificed their children.

                  Jews are not “orthodox” for following Mosaic Law, but orthodox for following the perversion and Master Race and pagan precepts of the Oral Torah (see below) for which Jesus unmistakably damned the Pharisees and their followers as “children of Hell” Matthew 23:15.

                  The Kabbalistic books of the Oral Torah, including the Zohar and Sefer Yetzirah, are in the lineage of Egyptian and Babylonian black magic that spawned idolatry of the Golden Calf, even to the Israelites worshipping, fornicating with, and sacrificing their children to the demon Moloch (Leviticus 20:3-5, 3 Kings 11:5-33, et al.). No less than in the days of the Israelites (1 Kings 8:8; Malachias 2:8-12), contemporary Judaism retains worship of pagan “strange gods”: Birkat ha-Hammah sun worship (persists even though Ezechiel 8:16-17 specifically damns it as an abomination in the eyes of God). There is other pagan devil-worship within Judaism:

                  The religion of the god Baal was widely accepted among the ancient Jews, and although it was put down at times, it was never permanently stamped out. Kings and other royalty of the ten Biblical tribes worshiped the god. The ordinary people ardently worshiped this sun god too because their prosperity depended on the productivity of their crops and livestock. The god’s images were erected on many buildings. Within the religion there appeared to be numerous priests and various classes of devotees. During the ceremonies they wore appropriate robes. The ceremonies included burning incense, and offering burnt sacrifices, occasionally consisting of human victims. The officiating priests danced around the altars, chanting frantically and cutting themselves with knives to inspire the attention and compassion of the god.”
                  Entry for “Baal,” Encyclopedia Mythica,

                  There are other pagan black magic elements in Judaism, for example, moon worship and reincarnation.

            • You can go from the Galveston bar to the turning basin in a Cigarette boat and never be molested by USCG. You could drive through the gate at ***** with a cooler full of C4 plastic and detonate it at the unit of your choosing; the guards are helpless.
              They need to get all the OTMs that have come across everywhere from Big Bend to Brownsville out of this country!!! The Border Patrol have told us this, but nobody is listening!
              PS: security in Texas towers has increased in the last couple of months, and they are expecting something. Local police are working with FBI. Fine and dandy, but deal with the problem at its source, instead of waiting until our cities are nothing but modern art masterpieces of twisted stainless steel ribbons and human intestines!

              • You have hit the nail on the head. Asymmetric threats are practically impossible to predict or guard against because frankly, there are just too many potential targets. As for illegal cross-border traffic. We have the same problem up here. Too much real estate to observe or patrol. There is a reason the Mohawks in my neck of the woods are armed to the teeth with everything from pistols to .50 cal machineguns and run everything from smokes and weed to hard drugs and guns across the border.

                There is just too much. And you can’t just blame us to the north for all that illegal traffic, just like we can’t just blame you. There is no way to effectively counter asymmetric threats 100% simply because the people trying to defeat it try to think outside the box but are still stuck in a certain doctrinal mindset, and really the list of possibilities that need countering are really only limited by one’s imagination, which is effectively limitless.

        • The timing is impeccable. Right after Syria here we are full circle on the homefront focusing on gun rights again while the economy disentegrates.

          Can’t wait to see how they spin this.

          • AP history textbook rewrites the Second Amendment.

            Here’s the Constitution’s wording:
            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

            Here’s the AP history textbook’s reworking of the text:
            “Second Amendment: The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia”

            The revision interprets the Second Amendment in a way that concludes that the only way it’s constitutional to “keep and bear arms” is for a person to be part of a “state militia.”


            • Fine, Im a 1 man militia ..just like the army says an army of 1

              come and take em if you think you can


              • molon labe…bring it.

                • VRF and lastmanstanding, I’m with both of you all the way. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

            • Brilliant, isn’t it? The 2nd Amendment gives the military the right to bear arms.

              Of all the stupid, illogical, concepts of the left, this is one of the stupidest.

              • The 2nd amendt Is the Only place in all our founding documents where the words “Necessary and Security” exist.

                The entire us const does Not name or list Any other provisions for americans to achieve security, other than the 2nd amendt. “Necessary To THE Security” aka OUR Private owned Firearms Are the Major main “Thing” that can and will Keep america secure.

                None can have Liberty or freedoms unless they First have “Security”….So The 2nd ammnedt IS the Most important single issue wrote in all of our founding docs. IE Us const-BOR-Declaration of Indep.

                The MOST valuable and imporatnt right that ever existed IS to OWN Guns and ammo period. Guns Are essential to Life itself! Just go ask 250+ Million Disarmed folks from the 20th century killed mostly by Kommies that first Disarmed folks.

        • All by design. Just another page out of the playbook for the destruction of our country. Whether it be a FF or inciting others to do it. Obama won’t take your gunz, the braindead buttlicking yes men in uniforms will! Anyway heres your prep tip for the day… A 99.00 infrared detector and how to make a homemade radar.. some free survival downloads.. I had issues the last couple of days posting so maybe go to the previous article and check out my tips there too!

            • hahhaha as he shrugs his shoulders and drives on

              Im going to put this in my memory bank for the day I need it

            • That is genius! Noone wants to hear about justice while they’re raping their own country of Freedom.

            • Lol @ Genius…..That’s GOOD !! Start trying to convert someone is a QUICK way to get the ‘Brush-Off !! HaHA!!…….mm

        • Oh come on BI, you know this is going to be twisted into a white racial KKK domestic terrorist on black kids and women. Probably will be a greedy republican that’s from congress that’s blocking Obamas agenda.

        • I call Bullsh*t on this one! If these vaunted Syrian SF troops are so damned good why haven’t they taken out Israel? They’re right next door and have had 65 years and four wars to do it. It should be easy for them because they look like most Israelies and many speak Hebrew. Why not because they suck that’s why. These clowns can’t even take out the rebels (many untrained) in their own country who are mostly Arabic speaking Syrians like themselves. Yet somehow a group of them are going to travel 6700 miles to America, where their looks and limited language skills are going to make the stand out like a sore thumb, and are somehow going to become invisible until needed to blow sh*t up here. That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard since than the remake of Red Dawn about the N. Koreans attacking us.

          • Terrorists and foreign military could never cross into the highly secured borders of the United States…

            Or can they?

            Israel is a completely different animal in terms of security than the United States. And, as a sidenote, how often have we heard about suicide bombers killing restaurant goers in Tel Aviv? Regular occurrence over the last three decades.

            Furthermore, consider what happened when two (2) “terrorists” detonated a bomb at the Boston Marathon… They literally locked down an entire city for days… that was a single event executed by amateurs.

            What could several hundred or thousand trained military personnel do?

            They have specific targets and they are ready to die for their country.

            Underestimating such a threat, be it from Syria, Iran or rogue elements of whatever government or conglomerate, is a mistake, in my opinion.

            • I grew up on the Tex/Mex border I am 1/2 Turk and if I dyed my hair dark
              Have never had trouble passing for a Mexican.
              Even got a bus ride back across once when I got caught without my Tx DL.
              From what I have seen in recent trips home the border is easier to cross now than in then 80’s when I was a kid.
              Most recently have been living on the Canadian US border. The various tribes such as the McCah, Elwa & Blackfoot are very active in smuggling both drugs & persons.
              Most of these folks would love to see the US fall at least till they figured out BIA was not as bad as they thought it was.


            • i am not great at chess, so maybe some of you war-college-types can help out with this line of thought… if there are 72k troops in syria to secure chemical weapons (no, it doesn’t matter what color helmets they wear, us, un, ussr, etc.) then what does a force that size do to hobble israeli attack on iran? or slow down an attack on israel by iran if they are ussr? maybe all the syrian saber rattling was to put troops in israel’s backyard?

            • Six months ago I told my wife about an scenario I thought terrorists with limited resources would use to take down the US. I said I believe that seven determined individuals is all that would be needed based on the current condition of the US population. The majority of the sheeple have no idea of the condition of the world around them, and as long as their EBT cards are working, their obummer phones have minutes and the beer and drugs keep flowing all is well in the progressive utopia of the demon-cats.
              With seven terrorists working out of seven areas spread across America in strategic locations like maybe LA, New York, Huston etc. Once they start causing disruptions, the sheeple will take over for them and finish the destruction with panic, looting, raping and on-and-on. There is no doubt in my mind that this is possible if not probable. The American people of today are not the god fearing Americans of the past. Without the fear of god, there is little humans will not do to other humans. The other nations of the world know how dysfunctional and corrupt America is now. I would use this knowledge, wouldn’t you?

            • Anyone remember the ‘Dancing Mossad Agents’ who were filmed celebrating the collapse of the Word Trade Center towers? It’s not difficult to imagine trained Mossad agents who resemble Arabs doing more dirty work against their “best friend”, America.

            • 5 pricks so far and turbo tax tim is “not interested”.

          • Probably because Israel has actual border control….

          • Man has a point!

          • Anaonymous,

            One word deterrence. You don’t see Israeli passenger jets being hijacked. Everyone in Israel is encouraged to be armed. They have mandatory military service. Their entire culture is geared toward self defense. It’s very difficult, but not impossible, for terrorists to succeed in that environment.

            It is diametrically opposite here in the U.S.. When a terrorist attack occurs here, people are conditioned to stay indoors, seek cover, don’t get involved, let the police handle it. WRONG! Look what happened in Afghanistan or Fort Hood. What happens when the police or military are infiltrated by the enemy? This is why the U.S. is so vulnerable to attack. Citizens are punished and called vigilantes for attempting to stop crimes in progress.

            • Self defense???

              That was hilarious! Tell us another funny one.

              Their entire Master Race culture is geared to killing and looting others with pretending to be the victim.

              “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” —Polish proverb

              • John Q. Public,

                You are correct!!

              • You’re free to voice that opinion if you’d like, but I’m not here to engage in a racist anti-Semite debate. No race or ethnic group is pure and without crosses. Every single ethnic groups has committed some offense against another group at some time and some place. Cherry pick if you’d like but leave me out of this. History shows us clearly enough that you start singling out one group for hate and retribution, bad things invariably occur, a.k.a. ethnic cleansing.

                I know one thing, no Jew ever called me an offensive name to my face growing up in NYC. I can’t say the same for other ethnic groups I met.

                • August 27, 2009
                  Rabbi: Kill those who report Judaic rape of children
                  Synopsis of the ruling of the Ungvarer Rov, Rabbi Menashe Klein:
                  An 8-year-old girl who has been raped and who identifies her father as her rapist to a trained medical professional is not to be believed. The medical professional is forbidden to contact law enforcement, social workers or child protection or do anything that could get the father arrested. If the medical professional is about to call police and cannot be stopped by any other means, he can and should be killed. And the father who raped the little girl? The father remains just as he was before, free.
                  The author of this depraved ruling is Rabbi Menashe Klein, a contemporary Hasidic “Gadol” (great rabbi of his generation), who heads the Ungar kehillah Yeshiva Bais Shearim, in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York.

                  • John Q. Public,

                    You have serious unresolved issues with Jews. I get that. I have issues with slow drivers in the left lane on the freeway.

                    Like I said before, I am not getting into an anti-Semitic debate with you on this forum. Period.

                    I’ve traveled the world many times over, and met more cultures, peoples, and races than I can count, and I’ve never ever been offended or mistreated by ANYONE of Jewish descent.

                    You can pull articles like the one you posted off the internet that applies to virtually every creed, color, and religion on Earth and just substitute the necessary references.

                    Time is too short, and threats too plentiful, to hate just for hate sake. That is all.

                  • Sweet platitudes, waving your hands, claiming worldly wisdom, and pretending that their behavior is my “unresolved issue” may be good for a laugh, but none of your non-responsive diversions erase history or current events.

              • John Q. Public,

                You’re free to voice that opinion if you’d like, but I’m not here to engage in a racist anti-Semite debate. No race or ethnic group is pure and without crosses. Every single ethnic groups has committed some offense against another group at some time and some place. Cherry pick if you’d like but leave me out of this. History shows us clearly enough that you start singling out one group for hate and retribution, bad things invariably occur, a.k.a. ethnic cleansing.

                I know one thing, no Jew ever called me an offensive name to my face growing up in NYC. I can’t say the same for other ethnic groups I’ve met.

              • Moron.

              • “The Islamist cries allahu akbar as he slits your throat with a butter knife”
                New Proverb

                “The Catholic (Jesuit) cries FOR THE QUEEN and POPE as they BURN YOU at the stake”
                New Proverb

                “Love your NEIGHBOR (Be he Jew or Muslim) as yourself”
                Jesus Proverb

                • In their 50 years in Occupied Palestine the Master Race has killed more people than have been burned at the stake by 2,000 years of Catholicism.

                  Then there are the 60+ million they killed in the USSR.

            • You’ve probably seen the photo of the Israeli gal in tight gray sweatpants, talking to some guy, packing an AR-15 over one shoulder ? Took me several minutes of looking at the pic to even see she was carrying…… 🙂

                • John Q. Public:

                  If any one did that little skit to any other countries god, there would be a hue and a cry. Blasphemy!

                • Now, THERE’s your false flag. That was never on Israeli TV.

                  • It is a 2007 segment from the pilot episode of Toffee Ve-Ha Gorilla on the Israeli Bip network.

              • Just Observing,

                No. I have not seen that picture.

                • John Q Public: Look how the red thumb deniers group reacts to Actual Talmudic Judiac Verses from the jews OWN Holiest of Holy Books!

                  Their attitude is Akin to Old Coach’s…If they do not like accepting Truth…Simply Deny it!

                  “Oh That was never on israli TV”!

                  “its Just a…COINCIDENCE! OyVey!

                  “Its a…FORGERY!”!!!

                  “its just a few non religious jews thats like That!”

                  Yet only One tribe or group of people worldwide fully support their Entire group, good Or Bad no matter what…More than african blacks do…That being jewish folks.

                  If Israel the State, Today officially Declared all out WAR against america…We’d be Very lucky if of the entire jewish peoples IN america Now, aprox 7+million, we would see even 1% stand by Our side and defend america and its 98% Gentiles populations from an israeli war attack ON usa soil!

                  Just like their Talmudic Rabbis state…Kill even the best of goyim gentiles. Especially if its a goyim telling the cops another jew is screwing his own small daughter age 5 yrs old!

                  Jews Must always defend and protect all jews. But whatever evils or wrongs or Harm jews do to gentile goys….Its no big deal since their Religion allows and Encourages it!

                  And in order to Stifle and Halt ALL such TRUTHS and Facts from being shown-presented-spoken-written of in any form-way or place…The Jews Invented the word “Antisemite”.

                  Exact same as the word “Racist” to accomplish all as wrote above, only when the persons or issues spoken of happens to be of African Blacks.

                  Well if not Mine, then someone elses prayers Has been partially answered of late…I refer to how today “Most” whites are so sick and tired of being called Racist, by so many asshole african black apes such as Al Sharpton and his sidekick Jessie Jackson, that in recent times, those same “Most” whiteys folk NO Longer fear being called a rayssis…Most ignore it or like Me Laugh Loudly when called such in a public setting!

                  Very Soon now that vile word Racist used to stifle all debate or free speech that blacks consider negative even though Based on facts or Truths, shall have such little effect it will become like the Whig Political party…A Forgotten relic of the Past.

                  NEXT Prayer to be answered! That the Exact Same occures whenever jews or their enabler defenders whine and cry out “Antisemitie” everytime any facts or truths spoken or written Reveal to all, the true depths of depravity and pure evils not only Perpetrated by or on behalf of jewish peoples, but also as JQP posted, show and Reveal to All folks of good will and seekers of such truths and facts what exactly Does the Talmudic judiac religion Teach jews to be like and do etc.

                  They can cry antisemite till their deep souless black eyes turn Red with anger and yet soon that word too shall also be tossed into the proverbial Dust Bin of History.

                  Then once folks, whites especially lose all PC and Guilt Fears so Many shall speak out freely of these issues..It will all come crashing down around their talmudic heads.

                  Where is it wrote in stone that Jew run MSM in usa and entire world MSM’s has some type Right, to speak freely and candidly about Muslims and their Koran book….And Christians and Their Holy Bible….Even in the worst and Most Nefarious ways to slander and oppose Those Two religions and the folks who adhere to each…

                  Yet the Very Moment word One about Talmud religion books, israel, Jews, is even Thought of in a gentiles mind, its slammed, slandered, called vile names like antisemitic before a spoken word is even spoken on jews or their issues or books?

                  two “Shoes”, Racist and Antisemite..One to benifit Blacks, the other to benifit jews…So far the Black Shoe has dropped..One shoe left to drop, the jew shoe.

                  The Only question then to still remain will be “What will those 50+ Million eveanglical jewdeo-christian, jew defenders and enablers do once they too come to the realization that most all they were taught to believe of as a “chozen” group, who can never be spoken of other than in words of Praise and Worship, was all a bunch of malarky taught by self serving and unqualified preachers, most on the Take promoting the zionists jew agendas”?

                  Will they Then turn to their Bible and read Gods true words on these issues? Or continue to deny such truth and remain enablers and believers of such vast falsehoods?

                  • The GLOBAL increase in knowledge about their Master Race creed, their false flags, their genocide, their economic crimes against humanity, and their cultural subversion is making their ritual epithet “antisemitism” lose its mojo.

                    Simply tossing out “anti-Semite” no longer has the magic effect that it once did. They are very frustrated by that—and enraged that the internet has decreased their ability to suppress information and evidence.

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          • Really, think about this. Israeli populace is hardened and prepared, because everyone hates them. Culturally they have always been hated since that Jesus killing incident. USA offers a soft target. Small town USA – nice people, good life, easy target for a lone wolf attack. Saw that some raghead had called for his filthy followers to launch one wolf attacks on the USA – was it last week, not sure, maybe a couple of days ago.
            Unfortunately, it seems that the life of a westerner is valued higher than that of a person from a third world country. The kudos for killing American’s on home turf would certainly be perceived a major win for the rabid dogs that call themselves extremists. Wish that we could do what needs to be done to all rabid dogs and just shoot them. All of the world would be a better place for it.

            • @ Joyzy Girl (Goil?)

              Try this—cause and effect.

              Master Race creed, killing, looting, swindling, banksterism, instigating wars, financing both sides, cultural subversion (porn, homosexuality, sex slavery, etc.) > not likable

              • Reply to John Q. Public.

                Girl as in female. On line I call myself Joyzy Girl, just for fun. Not sure what you are implying by your question mark. I’m of European descent, Irish/Welsh. Ancestors left Ireland in 1850’s to settle in NZ .

                • “Goil” was simply a phonetic attempt to get the “Joyzy” accent correct.

                  I have never heard anyone from New Jersey pronounce the “r” in “girl.”


          • @ California Resident. You know each week at least, you see yet another attempt to shot holes in the Constitution, as in loopholes. A police state cannot exist while any type of foundation remains of the Constitution. Like this article says, the main focus of the attacks is on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I am waiting to see diarrhea mouth piers morgan to go off tonight about how horrible it is that Americans have the right to firearms. That bum should look into Medusa feinsteinless’ eyes and turn turn to stone so the pigeons will have a perching place to sit on, that is all he will ever be any use for.

            • @ BI,

              I hear you 10-4. It’s infuriating to endure, but the bottom line is that we can’t give up the resistance to the BS legislation designed and imposed. Amendments or no amendments; they can only infringe on your rights if you ALLOW them to. Government doesn’t give us our rights, and therefore can’t take them from us at their whim.

              Being a Californian, I, along with millions of others, are going to be subject to some new stuff coming down the pipe regarding our guns.

              I plan on ignoring every last official letter, demand, requisition, dictate, threat, and admonishment that comes from any and all California legislators requiring and/or instructing me to take any action ending in the relief or removal of my weapons. I suspect law enforcement won’t enforce same assertions that I listed above either.

              I submit that the counter-revolution starts with people like myself that will simply say “NO”, I won’t submit”.

              Just say “NO”. The counter-revolution starts with me.

          • California Resident,

            I read the article. They seem to be always on the look out for new ways to advance their agenda.

            I agree, we must always watch the other hand.

            Be safe. Keep prepping.
            KY Mom

          • California Resident:

            For anyone who didn’t go to your link I would like to just point out a quote in the middle of that article about “Media Shield” legislation.

            David Rockefeller talking at the June 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden Germany “We are grateful to the Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose DIRECTORS HAVE ATTENDED OUR MEETINGS and have respected THEIR PROMISES OF DISCRETION for almost 40 years. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for us to develop OUR PLAN FOR THE WORLD if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is mor sophisticated and prepared to MARCH TOWARDS A WORLD GOVERNMENT. The supranational sovereignty of an INTELLECTUAL ELITE AND WORLD BANKERS is surely PREFERABLE to the national auto determination practised in past centuries.”

            Now, I would like to know how all the red-thumb liberal progressives that come to this site can spin that quote?

            This old, evil Zionist Jew has gone to his “just reward”.I hope he is enjoying his company and the temperature there. However there are some of his old crony conspirators still alive and a new crop has been hatched to follow in his footsteps.

            Just look up David Rockefeller and see what he stood for.

            The date of his speech was 1991. He said the media had been in his sack for 40 years; 1951. Most of us know the “federal reserve” was the real beginning of the end of America; however their one world scheme dates back at least a century.

            One of the only things standing in the way of making their scheme a reality is America and its patriots. They are afraid of your arms and will do any and all “false flags”, laws, martial law, etc. until they succeed.

        • Disinformation alert!
          If this indeed does incur.
          It will be from the inside out,
          Not from the outside in.

          Don’t mean to discreet your reporting here.
          Yes, sleepers may exist.
          And those folks may be a Patsy.
          Please don’t underestimate our own corruptible
          CABAL Gov’t.

        • they did start something today, the big question is what did they start? more ammo for gun control? was it a test of the MK_ultra project mind control to see if it was working? who knows what there plan is, BUT one thing for sure it is NOT good for us folks!!!

        • I can smell Pierce Morgan’s gun control douchery warming up again from here. The worst thing about stupid people doing stupid things is it just gives the other stupid people a platform to try to spread their stupidy onto the rest of us.

          Just when guns and ammo prices were startign to return to normal too. what an asshole.

          • I wonder if Obama will claim “Aaron Alexis” would look just like my son, if I had one.

            Any bets?

            • Notice how NO ONE is discussing “race” in this shooting. There goes the KKK, white supremacist, white racist, militia, and tea party “blame game plan”.

              I wonder if Jackson and Sharpton will weigh in on this one?

              • As I’m sure you noticed, the shooter was originally described as “six feet tall with a medium complexion” whatever that is supposed to mean.

                • Thank you, made my point. Imagine the “MSM ADJECTIVES” that would already be EVERYWHERE had Aaron been “white cracker stock”.

                  It should prove very entertaining/interesting to follow the state propaganda spin on this story.

                • he is BLACK.

                  • and I’m so tired of being demonized because I’m NOT black…fuck these people, I am what I am and proud of it!

                • They could be describing Brad Pitt.

                • What that means is “he is not White”, therefore msm will not only not tell you the truth, they will push a lie as long as possible. They still put out Trayvon’s 13 year old picture, when they mention him, despite the fact everyone knows better…

                • Racism wears many different hats

                  And blacks are not exempt from having racist and hate mongering ideas either, haven’t you ever heard of Farrakhan or Malcolm X? Or how about the quotes below from popular and vocal black speakers:

                  Quotes From Those of Color

                  “The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing.” – Malcolm X (on hearing the report of a plane crash)

                  “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law upon his system of values and that I was defiling his women.” – Eldridge Clever, former Black Panther Party member on why he raped White women.

                  “I am writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to murder.” – Bell Hooks (black professor of English at City College of New York)

                  “I am anti-white. I don’t limit my “anti” to just one group of people.” – Sonny Carson (black activist in new York when asked if he was anti-Semitic)

                  “If black people kill black people every day why not have a week and kill white people?” – Sister Souljah (rap artist and black activist)

                  “You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it’s our turn.” – Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.
                  [from a Supreme Court Justice even!!! Now you see why so-called Affirmative Action is said by Christian strait white males to be so unfair – because it is, it is simply reverse-discrimination is a pretty package.]

                  And even the very popular Spanish language newspaper is called La Raza (The Race). So perhaps now you can see why this present study on the origin of the different races is far more important than many may think on It’s surface.

                  When was the “beginning” The Two Creation Events.

                  www dot biblestudiysite dot com/creation dot htm

              • Yentil. Mental health issues are not race specific. Shootings or bombings clearly thought out like OC are blamed on zealots who happen to be white, hate filled, anti government, baby killers like mcveigh.

              • Must be in the Hamptons again.

                Charlie Rangel is on the Red Eye.

            • one little pric so far.

            • I bet two pork chops.

          • Its just like any of the previous deals…we wont know a fraction of the truth for months…anything that comes out today or next week will be a bunch of crap till they get their story straight…you know…there were 3 shooters ,no there were 2<Ihear ,No he was korean,no he was black…conspiracies till they find what we will swallow…its most likely BS…

            • MSM will say something like “the Black shooter was Just a reactionary. Who was mixed up and unaware of his actions due to the slavery that happened almost Two centuries ago. He was Forced to React as he did because White Racisim Caused his reactionary reactions.”

              That is why we ate CNN Demand an abrupt End to the 2nd ammnedt, and to have All Private firearms turned into the Police, or for the Polcie to begin Confiscating such unnecessary implements, foisted upon unsuspecting poor beaten down Black men such as this Unfortunate Victim of America, and its vast white majority.

              And we at CNN also Demand Pro Bono lawyers from NAACP and ACLU to work side by side with Lawyers from the ADL and SPLC in Defending this Poor Black Victim at Once!

        • This has nothing to do with terrorism or Syria ….just another false flag that will be used to further convince that the UN small arms treaty needs to be signed

          • Wow, I am stunned and somewhat confused to completely agree!

            • I am STUNNED that people on here are thinking that a domestic shooting will be used to blame terrorists whether it be Syria or Iran and NOT THE OBVIOUS !!!!! absolutely STUNNED so like I have stated in the past , the mindset with many here is just not there !!!
              Even the obvious isn’t obvious to some on here

              • You don’t stun met R99.

          • Rich99, that’s the first sensible statement you’ve made in a long time. Keep that up and you’ll be allright.

          • I gave you a thumbs up for that one, Rich

          • @ rich99 yep! give that man a cigar! CBS news is reporting “executive action” coming.

            In the wake of the shooting at the Navy Yard, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said the president is implementing executive actions and reiterated his commitment to strengthening gun laws, including expanding background checks to sales online and at gun shows.

            “The president supports, as do an overwhelming majority of Americans, common-sense measures to reduce gun violence,” Carney said.

            • Yes let’s support common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. I fully agree with spokesman Jay Carney.
              THE best place to start is to disarm all those .gov agencies. No more SWAT teams, assault rifles, submachine guns and light tanks/MRAPs them. Demiliterize all LEO and departments. Hey cops if you want to play soldier, then go join the Army and be a real soldier. Abolish the Dept of Homeland Security and the TSA. Stop arming the other nations, make them make their own weapons of war. End the so called war on terror and the war on drugs.

        • This piece of human garbage left the Navy reportedly because he didn’t like getting out of bed so early….

          Of note is the report that he recently traveled to Thailand. Where, as an enlisted man in the reserves, living in relatively high-cost-of-living Fort Worth, did he get the money for an international trip of that cost?????? He would have had to purchase a passport, which runs about $125 now, a round trip plane ticket costing in the thousands, hotel accommodations costing in the hundreds if not over a thousand, meals, local transportation, transportation to and from the airports both there and here, plus incidental expenses. How does someone making an enlisted man’s wages afford that????

          What did he do while there? Traveling Thailand alone isn’t much fun. Hard to believe that he went just to sightsee by his lonesome. Yes, he apparently considered himself to be a Buddhist, but that belief system has not been known to lead to massacre of innocent strangers. Thailand does have a radical muslim population in the south of the country that has used violence to achieve their goals. Was his claim to Buddhism just a cover to go to Thailand for linking up with the radicalized muslims in the south?

          Lots of questions to be answered in coming days.

          • You can fly to Bangkok for $1000 or less. Once there, you can shack up and live on $10 a day.

            • Smokey,
              Don’t stop there, what are the prices for “other things”? Inquiring minds want to know!!

              • “other things”, meaning 8-year olds?

                I wouldn’t know. Try another forum.

            • Losers like this guy, who had numerous disciplinary incidents while in the Navy, don’t have even the cost of the plane ticket to their name. Dimes to doughnuts he was collecting welfare of some type or another.

              Now it’s come out that he was in Thailand for a month, and went within the past six months!!!

              And, it’s reported that he shot his way into the building on base, carrying an AR, a shotgun and a semiauto pistol. Just where did he get the money for THOSE???!!! And checked the prices of ammo lately…??

              This smells to high heaven. Who has been financing him???

              • Hey! Who is “Hattip CB?” This appears at the end of the article and appears to be a name. “Hattip” sounds like a South Asian first name. The “CB” part may be a handle, as in CB radio.

                • Acknowledgement for the story from Mac to CB…

                  Tip of the hat?

            • Ten bucks a day is living like a KING! Rent a bungalow, eat from street stalls, and swim at the beach all day. Even hire someone to cook all your meals and clean house. Me and the Missus did that for six months. Made many friend, especially with the many many expats that live there. You go there to live ….. Not spend all your hard earned cash on resorts and tourist operators. Same goes for Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
              I have a friend who lives in India, who lives the high life in a beautiful home at the beach. Even has his own maids, chef, gardener and maintenance guy. And his kids have their own tutor!
              Most people have a very distorted veiw on what happens in other parts of the world. There isn’t poverty everywhere you look and NOT every male between the ages 12 and 95 is a Muslim extremist with a vendetta to overthrow the West.

              • But this trip STILL would have cost him much more than he was likely to have had in liquid assets. And what motivation would he have had to expend his extremely limited cash on this trip??

                This murderer was unable to even manage his own emotions sufficiently to keep himself out of trouble, so it is impossible to believe that he could manage his meager income well enough to accummulate the funds needed for a trip of this distance and duration.

                Stop offering up speculative explanations for his actions. There is something extremely fishy about the background that is emerging about him. There is a tremendous amount of information about him and his circumstances that needs to be explained.

                In addition, while he was in Thailand for a month, how did he afford to also keep the rent and utilities paid on whatever hole he lived in in Fort Worth? What about a vehicle…was he making payments and paying insurance?? How were those expenses taken care of in addition to the costs of the trip??

                Even if he spent the entire month in Thailand at a Buddhist monastery, he still has to eat, pay something to sleep, etc. Buddhist monks live off of donations, but a foreigner would be expected to pay their own way. How did he make contact with a monastery, if that’s where he stayed?? Who paid for his computer and internet connection costs to communicate with the monastery to set up his stay, if that’s what he did???

                Walk this through and it becomes clear that a guy with his lot in life would not have the overt income to finance all of the facets to a trip like he took.

                • And, HOW in the world did he get a job with the government, with a security clearance no less, with his record???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NOTHING about his background or “experience” that has been reported so far to indicate that he had any qualifications to work in a computer job for the government.

                  A job like this is a plumb. Millions of good, decent unemployed Americans would have sacrificed any number of things to get a job like this.

                  This garbage was such a known, obvious, proven loser who liked sleeping in — in adult language, he was LAZY — that conventional wisdom dictates that he would be expected, under CURRENT regulations, to have been mooching off family and collecting welfare.

                  He had a HISTORY of inappropriate use of a firearm and intimidation with a firearm!!!!!! In this day and age, that alone should have precluded him from so much as parking lot attendant with the government. WHO hired him and WHY??????!!!!!! And who were his competition for this job and why was he selected over them????????!!!!!!!! What was the justification for hiring him???????!!!!!!!

                  Call it an inquisition if you like, but that’s precisely what is needed and it’s time for this country to demand one. Enough of this baloney is enough.

                  Fire and imprison the entity that conducted his background investigation and cleared him for a security clearance. Enough is enough.

                  Wake up America. Pieces of garbage like him are not unusual… “nice” and “quiet” and this and that. It was an act. Still water runs deep — that’s the way human nature has been for eons. Start using some common sense and return to using some judgmentalism about those you come across. This politically correct pacification nonsense seems to have stripped this country of its ability to THINK.

            • His friends said he went there. What if that’s what he told them and instead he became a militarized islamist.

              Malayasia and indonesia are hot beds for islamists just as the middle east

          • If your housing , utilities , food , healthcare were all paid for . Then you had about 2000 left over how much of that could you save per month ? Now multiply it by four , six or eight.

            My cousin went in in 2005 got 19 k bonus , reenlisted downrange in 2009 for another 12 k .
            Is getting out this year with over 100 k in base pay alone saved up.

            Not everyone is a diptard who blows every dime at the girly bar . Then borrows gas money on the 3rd and 17th of every month.

        • We will have to wait for the mainstream media to lie to us, to know exactly what did not happen and then deduce from there. One thing is for sure… It fits this fall’s re-amped anti-gun agenda like a glove.

        • Could be an attack…but whatever it was get ready for the doubled effort to take our guns.

          This is just what the anti-guns zealots were hoping for….another mass shooting.

        • Sure looks like some kind of false flag shooting today…

          In the 1980’s, a Soviet military General, said that WW3 would start with “grey terrorism”. This will not occur, unless it is somehow useful to the parasites, in their bid for world domination. However…

          It would be far easier for enemies to EMP the place, enough of them have missle assets to do so, and they could probably get The Bomb from someplace if they really wanted one.

          One the other hand, Syria, Iran, and North Korea, see their future, in Iraq. They may have just decided on the Last Great Act Of Defiance, since they see themselves as doomed anyway.

          This probably plays well for Russia, and China, buying them crucial time to prep assets. In any case, Russia and China have now openly stated they will not stand by while Syria and Iran are attacked, despite what some people want to believe.

          But then, how does this figure into reports of foriegn troops present? Are they waiting for the word also? Put nothing past the parasites, and their lackies in dc…

        • I think it might be a False Flag event. This shootings just happens to come right after Antichrist Obama was made a laughing stock of a world leader by how he backed away from his red line in Syria. Then there is the recent recall elections in Colorado. Some thing is needed to divert the attention of the public, and keep the propaganda message of more “gun control” is needed to keep the public safe. I always pressume the offical government acount of any event is a lie.

        • Kill for your savior
          beg for more from the slaver
          white house eats the product of your labor
          you made a business, but you didn’t ‘make her’

          now the IRS wants to rape her
          all cause a bumper stick says
          ‘no to the Fed, its time to taper’

          cause asking for the right to fly without being molested
          is like a caper, making us less safe
          by robbing the TSA of its powers to ‘save ya’

          from yourself and the monsters
          in your closet and under your bed
          shelter in place,
          the terrorists are in your head

          and in the offices of higher powers taking commands from ghouls in suits
          the armies of fascists wear armani with dress shoes
          and their enforcers wear their jack boots

          singing in unison ‘heil american’ every time they wave a flag,
          because bombing children in the middle east makes you a hero
          especially if you come home in a body bag

          or are ‘just doing your job’ when you shoot peoples dogs
          breakup families, and kill people who talk back
          because the police are a bunch of incompetent slobs

          while congress all shouts ‘look at what the president does’
          and their profiting from the death of everyone you love
          your sons and daughters are busy spilling their blood
          so we can rob another nation and call it aid,
          “god’s mission from up above”

          because the white house and the commander in chief
          are just scape goats for congress, the den of thieves
          and they know this so they surround themselves with armed bodyguards so they can sleep
          while preaching that guns don’t make us safe, “they have to protect us”
          from ourselves, cause they look at us like sheep.

          so don’t ever say to me “America The Exceptional”
          because I’ll just respond “America The Imperial”
          This is a war of all powers, winner takes all
          And our families are the fallout, now prepare for the fall.

          The bureaucrats sit in their chairs,
          greedy and growing fat
          In their offices where they steal children,
          and plan wars, but look at that!

          Kim Kardashian is having a baby
          Look at this cute cat
          Check out who won the superbowl!
          Gas prices are crazy
          and politicians sling mud, tit-for-tat.

          Keep working at your job
          Keep eating at MCdonalds, its good for you
          Keep turning on the news about apple products and Steve Jobs
          Keep paying your taxes, yet you haven’t a clue

          that that money doesn’t even pay the interest
          on the interest, for the money our government borrowed
          from the ‘federal reserve’, a private bank,
          who is screwing your children out of a better tomorrow.

          So line up at your trough, the propaganda pews
          the church of the official story
          to receive your daily dose of nightly ‘independent’ news
          even though the top five news companies
          are all owned by the whos-whos
          billioners run this country
          and the bastards blame it on the Jews.

          Everything is fine,
          keep on carrying on
          The economy is recovering,
          the nation is strong

          DONT pay attention, the cost of living isn’t going up,
          your wallet is wrong
          there are plenty of jobs left
          hey did you know its now legal to hit the bong?

          And we hear this every time, the same song
          “heil America, we are never wrong!”

          the greatest, the best
          as we proudly beat our chest
          and wait with bated breath
          that gas wont go up, so we can rest

          for the weekend before work
          while politicians pop corks
          repealing laws on insider trading
          and make millions screwing families on the edge
          denying millions more who are silently raging

          at being robbed of their voices in favor of corporations
          or as Republicans and Democrats parrot one another
          ‘the times are changing!’

          but if you try to feed families without a home
          in the ‘homeland’ you have to pay for a permit
          just so the police will leave you alone

          and if you are a veteran
          in need of a place to stay
          don’t expect any help
          from the good ol’ U S of A

          like thousands of ex-soldiers now living
          in tent cities and in the woods
          and those being locked up for vagrancy
          but its for their own good!

          cause according to politicians,
          who don’t deal with the problems that they create
          if they get rid of or lock up men women and children,
          then its like they dont exist
          and the fat fucking bastards
          can heap more millions onto their campaign plates

          Oh, america, what went wrong with you?
          Where did you go astray?
          when did lies become the truth?
          When did it become terrorism to speak your point of views?

          When did it become okay
          for police to taze, beat, and murder us?
          and search us without warrants, night or day?
          and harass us for protesting actions that are unjust
          when did fascism become morally grey?

          America is in the toilet,
          not the sink
          I think I need
          another drink.

          – Fuck This Country

          • Jim — poetic truisms, I must concur

            Though the sweat of our brow bleeds red
            and the shouldered stone forced to carry
            a will of the spirit until we are dead
            let me rest not til my journey is memory

        • That could have been his son.

        • So Syria was not a big enough distraction soooooo…… we get another shooting…. Hmmmmmmm ….. false flag or another nut job…… PRAY, PREP PLAN FORM TEAMS.

        • BI. I was thanking u for ur posts a wk or 2 ago
          I really look for ur posts here about eartquakes.
          I just want everyone to check it ou. 40 billion in
          Cuts for food stamps @ rt . Com. It’s over 10 yrs but
          That doesn’t make me feel any better

        • DontComplySanAntonio is drawing a line in the sand. Calling for TX gun owners to show up Oct 19th and exercise right to open carry. Trying to send a message to the chief of police who evidently thinks a badge and uniform supersedes the Constitution.
          Link at Sipsey Street Irregulars or DontComply dot com…

      2. Im so scared. (sarc). We have had enemies for decades and the infrastruture is still there. Its Nature that we had better watch…..check out: The Extinction Protocol.

        • The border patrol has been picking up scattered arabs (Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis) illegally crossing the southern border for more than twenty years. Given that they only catch a small fraction of border crossers, I would be surprised if there weren’t a large number of Syrians already here.

          • they come here for our booze, women, drugs and EBT.

            • And to hate us “for our freedom”…..

              • Freedom????

            • As one of the women…I protest!!!

              • Ditto. I only do “Proudly Made in America”…

            • Do they really Dave? I can’t speak about Idaho but I can speak about Northern Virginia.

              There are Seven-Eleven owners and taxi drivers of Middle Eastern extraction here. There are also refugees from the Shah’s Secret Police torture squads in Iran after our CiA overthrew a popularly elected government. I went to high school with the son of a refugee Iranian family in the 60s. Their paternal grandfather died in a Savak cell.

              There are also neurosurgeons and civil engineers of Middle Eastern extraction. I doubt if any of them, taxi driver or surgeon, came here for the booze, women, drugs or EBT cards.

              Is everyone in Idaho an ignorant Aryan Brotherhood racist? Take your pressed white sheet and crawl back under the rock you came from. Your racism sucks.

              • @ John Allen… Fuck you. The ones you speak about came here Legally, not sneaking across the border. Didnt you read the post above I was repling to? You Ignorant Liberal pile of shit.

            • Yeah back in Detroit and Dearborn next door to detroit, it was normal every day to hear some arab guy hitting on a good looking white girl and saying something similar to:

              AAA! Baaa Beee! wan go ride? Come ride in car I gotz Tranz amsz! Iz veddy Veddy!….Veddy Veddy Low and Veddy Veddy Fast! Come ride car I give to you goldt chaniz! 14 karrot baaaaby! Come wit me we go Veddy Veddy!

              They LOVE whitey women!

      3. I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is a false report.

        • @ you don’t need to now. Everything they are telling you is false, other than at least 12 dead. There could be more. What about the other two “suspects”? I am waiting to see whom they blame this for. Top list, Hezbollah, Syira, Iran, Russia, and of course they want to always blame this on domestic terrorism to try to destroy everyone’s gun rights. Just like Before Its News has been reporting for several days, False Flag being readied.

          • B.I. you forgot the number one terrorist former military.

          • I don’t doubt you at all BI. All I’m saying is that I am 100% positive that there are not Syrian special forces here. I can’t give you any proof, just that where my hubby works, he is in the know how. I told you that there was seriousness to us almost going to war with Syria, which we almost did. That’s all I’ve got. I don’t know about the attack today, but I do know for sure that there are not Syrian SF in America.

            • I agree. Pravda is not a “European” publication: flashing neon Clue Number One. Pravda is the longstanding — and I would have thought the author of this article would know — Russian “news” outlet and disseminator of Russian/Soviet government propaganda. Pravda has been around since the Soviet Union days, since well back into the Cold War.

              Could Syrian bad guys infiltrate through our unsecured southern border with Mexico? Sure. Everyone else is, so why not Syrians? Hope your source is right, though, and they’re not here.

              Have any relatively recently arrived Syrian neighbors? Anything unusual about them? Face it, they have to live somewhere and if they’re here as this article claims, then some American must have crossed their path.

              Methinks Obama doth protest too much about the “mass shooting” theme of the WDC incident. Seems almost tailor made for his anti-AR campaign. Not going down the conspiracy theory path, but it will be verrrryyy interesting in coming days to learn the scoop on the perpetrator.

              Victims and their families should be in everyone’s prayers. A sad and tragic day.

              • Pravda was the official Communist Party newspaper in the old USSR.

                • I thought tass was the official news source or was it live news?

          • Someone shot 12 people on a boat?

            Tragic, but they better not blame Syria for this… it would look like the most incompetent special op of all time. It would make them more laughable than a threat.

          • This is being used to further destroy the second amendment ….are you people kidding …..look at what rifle was used ….if it was a foreign terrorist it would have been an AK that was used ……the UN small arms treaty is just SITTING waiting to be signed .

            • Rich99, I agree and there could be some other motives behind it as well.

              • Can you give me some ideas as to what because I’m only seeing the blatantly obvious one !

                • Rich99.

                  The other motives after the treaty is signed could be door-to-door search for those guns that were registered, but unaccounted for.

                  It could allow the motive to have the UN and its allies on USA soil having control over all ammo and guns itself.

                  Maybe the UN will need to Chip ID gun owners so they can watch them.

                  Maybe the UN will do the small arms at first, and then become the Food Police later. Who knows?

                  Why do we need the UN in the USA anyway?

                  We need to ask the POTUS….

                  • Ugly:

                    Why do we need the UN in the USA? Hundreds of reasons, and they are all EVIL……

      4. When I was a kid there was a poster of an eagle swooping down on a mouse and the mouse was standing there flipping off the eagle. The caption under it said “The Last Great Act Of Defiance”. Google it. It use to be heralded by the anti establishment nonconformist rebel youth, now it seems like it’s meaning is expanding.

      5. One thing’s certain – whatever Hussein Obama does, it’ll be the wrong thing.
        If this info is available to the average Joe, of course Hussein Obama already knows about it. What’s been done about it?

        • Maybe thats the false flag plan for instituting martial law?
          Supposed foreigners attacking here n there, everybody gets locked down, boom donkey obammy can TRY to get his gun control,
          Note i said TRY
          They might get a few but theres no way they will succeed nor squash that can o worms.

      6. people who hate us are all over the military, I guarantee it. ever hear the term “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”?
        how long have they hated us?
        how many years ago could they have gotten a job at a nuclear plant, water supplier, etc etc.. they are already in our country, waiting for the word “GO!”

        kinda makes you think… how many years ago could they commit to going to Harvard, becoming a great speaker, and maybe becoming president?…

        • Or at least having all his papers falsified to show that he went to Harvard, and is a US citizen, complete with a SS# from a dead man that once lived in Conn.

      7. BI, CNN already started blaming the cause as too many guns available in the society. I’ll hold judgment until I listen to the Brit – PM tonight to make sure it is indeed blamed on guns and AR15.

        • Who’d a thunk?

        • The irony in this is as wet as a fish. DC has some of the most strict firearms control laws in the US. Nearby Maryland isn’t far behind. Speculation on some of the local news websites said while the Navy Yard is essentially open to anyone with ID and a reason to be there building 197 is pass card controlled. So if they were inside the building it was an inside job.

          I live across the river in VA. Nothing has changed here as far as I can see. imo this is too small and too local an event to be the pretext for widespread martial law.

          One thing this does is demonstrate to anyone lacking a liberal brain that even the most stringent laws do not prevent determined people from doing what they will do.
          But pass more laws anyway because it makes certain folk feel so virtuous. The evidence-immune who care more about intentions than results will always want more laws. /sarc

          • The left is already screaming about guns. No one can blanket muslims, or blacks, or arabs as violent, but gun owners? You’re all a bunch of Neanderthals.

            The tolerance and understanding from the left for the millions of law-abiding gun owners is overwhelming.

            Typical bigots.

      8. Obama isn’t going to launch on Syria. This is nothing but chaff in the air keeping our attention off of Obamacare till after October 1. There isn’t nearly the money to scrap off of Syria as there in Obamacare. Obamacare is about the monster influx of cash that will be raked out of Americans and their economy. Obama has to much to loose if he starts shit over there. Not going to happen!! The fear is, “if he does”they will put the first one on DC proper. OOPS, plan B.

      9. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already. Any outside entity could have read this site (or others)to gather info on what would cause the most damage/panic in the populace and get their maximum return on investment. It wouldn’t take a nuke or a pandemic seeding….although it could. Hopefully their oversight of this opportunity is an indication of their lack of real leadership and an inability to coordinate an intricate or difficult plan.

        • I have been thinking about this for a long time and I agree. Although no one is immune, I moved to a rural state without nuclear reactors, large cities, or other attractive targets in hopes of suffering only collateral damage. I would think maximum impact would be in December. Most people foolishly rely on electricity to heat their house, it’s the biggest retail month in a consumer-driven economy, and it would be demoralizing for the masses to spend Christmas cold, dark and hungry.

          • PP….the farther you are from a target, the less likely you’ll be hit by the stray rounds…good luck….I personally like the boonies. You’re probably right about the Grinch stealing Christmas also….people would wonder where “normal” went, and if it will return.

        • OAG, if ‘they’ are truly monitoring this site, then they already know we are against bombing them. They already know we distrust our own govt. They already know that we are prepared for disaster and will not think twice about popping an invader a new one, right in the middle of their forehead.


          This site wouldn’t be too reassuring, to a force intending to invade and/or occupy us…despite what our stupid govt does.

          • Off topic:-

            A solar energy course has just started on edx. It’s a free online college level course


            Hoping it might be of use to other preppers here. If nothing else it’s a useful topic for any home schoolers to cover.

            Coursera is also running a disaster preparedness course that might be of use to some.

          • SIXPACK:

            [email protected]

            Leave me one number in your home address and I will come back to this site and ask you what it is. I will then give you my real e-mail. Great world we live in where we have to guard our privacy.

            • a single word email has been sent.

            • We’re guarding more than just our privacy.

      10. There are about 2.6 million Muslims in the US. It’s estimated that 10% of them are jihadists. That would mean that there would be 260,000 active terrorists on US soil. If estimates are wrong and the number is only 26,000 that’s still an incredible amount of chaos.

        • 3 million+ with 5% hardcore and enablers…the rest are consenters…

          You’re right, with only half of that 5% willing to die…
          lots of havoc…

        • They probably have more collective spine than American gun owners…

          • You’re probably a prick as Ted says.

            • LOL…

              • +

      11. Could be hogwash but we also know that ‘sleeper cells’ do exist in the U.S. I have see more than my share of ‘foreign’ troops here as well.

        FBI issues alert a few days ago about possible attacks on power plants and fuel storage areas as well. Timing is everything, as they say.

        U.S. oil group says FBI warns fuel storage operators of ‘terrorist’ activity
        WASHINGTON, Sept 13 | Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:45am IST

        (Reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued an alert to petroleum storage operators to be on the alert for “potential terrorist activities” at fuel storage plants, a U.S. petroleum marketer industry group told its members on Friday.

        The FBI had no immediate comment on the alert the Petroleum Marketers Association of America sent to its members. A copy of the PMAA alert was obtained by Reuters. A senior law enforcement official in the New York area said he was unaware of any bulletin or any threat to oil storage plants.

      12. Russian Pacific fleet conducts anti-cruise missile drill
        The Russian Pacific Fleet successfully held a large-scale naval exercise off the coast of Kamchatka on Sunday, the navy announced. The task was to destroy 4 shore to sea launched cruise missiles. This was just one exercise in a series of training maneuvers that started on August 9. More than 50 warships and support vessels including 30 aircraft units are taking part in the drills. Some 15,000 military and civilian personnel are also involved. Currently about 20 ships, submarines and support ships are stationed off the coast of Kamchatka. Meanwhile on Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry officially announced return of Russia’s military to the Subarctic region.
        Syrian navy on 24-hour combat alert
        The Syrian naval forces have been placed on high alert and are conducting naval drills off the Mediterranean Coast in anticipation of a possible US led strike.

        The Syrian navy of 10,000 strong is based out of the docks of Baniyas, Latakia, Minat al Bayda, and Tartus.

        RT’s sister Arabic news channel Russiya Al Yaum has witnessed the combat readiness of the navy by filming the naval exercises.

        India tests nuclear-capable ‘Agni V’ missile
        India has conducted a second test firing of a nuclear-capable missile with a range of 5,000 kilometers. New Delhi is struggling to challenge Beijing in the race for missile dominance in Asia.
        ‘Agni-V’ long-range ballistic missiles are about 17 meters long, with a diameter of 2 meters and a launch weight of about 50 tons, The Indian Express reported. It can carry a nuclear warhead of over 1 ton.
        The missile was test-fired from Wheeler Island, off the coast of Odisha. Missile scientist and ‘Agni 5’ chief designer V.G. Sekaran said the test was an “overwhelming success and showed the reliability and maturity of the sub-systems,” the Hindu newspaper reported.

        It just looks like everyone has a STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCH IN THEIR HANDS. The Shit Bomb is about to EXPLODE!

        • It looks to me like those other countries are sick and tired of being pushed around by the globalists, and intend to fight back. Of course, the elites don’t want this to happen. Just like any other bully, they don’t want their prey to be capable of defending itself, if it can be avoided…

          These countries are NO DIFFERENT than any of us, who are presently arming ourselves to protect our families, homes and freedom to be what we choose to be.

          We even seem to have the same enemy in common.

          • sixpack – the point I’ve been trying to make over the course of several months exactly!

            A small minority want to not only CONTROL others, but to OWN their very souls. Humanity has a common enemy, who goes by many names, and hides behind many otherwise decent creeds. My preference at this time is simply to describe them as Satan’s minions.

      13. Hard to take seriously with no verification and only anonymous sources.

        • True, but what military official in Syria or Russia would speak on the record of such plans?

          Only Barack Obama lets his military strike plans be known in advance…

          Just sayin’…

          Throughout the last several years we’ve heard reports of Iranian personnel sneaking into the U.S. via the Mexican border.

          See this report from a ‘verified legitimate’ domestic source WSB-TV2:

          “We have left the back door to the United States open,” former Rep. J.D. Hayworth told the station. “We have to understand that there are definitely people who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.”

          Is it out of the question to suggest that some of those who have crossed the border are Iranian or Syrian military assets?

          There’s a 3000 mile gaping hole down there… If I wanted to launch attacks within the United States, that’d be my point of entry…

          • Other than Mexico, are they going to use Landing craft across that 1500 miles of coast?

            • Yacht drop on beach middle of night, pick a spot any spot!

            • Shit man , they probably get her via American Airlines…

              get the irony of that?

              • Probly even use their extra miles card so they can order more supplies too!

                • Is it possible that the actors in CAPITALONE VISA commercial are all Syrians? Alec Baldwin specially?

          • Only an extreme fool would believe that the fruits of our overseas meddling would never or could never be brought onto our own shores.

          • Anyone remember the Chuck Norris movie, Invasion USA…?

      14. The article said we would be attacked “IF” we attacked Syria or even Iran. Well we haven’t as far as I know attacked anyone, so the attacks today at the Naval Shipyard could not be a retaliation for that. I did notice in the article that Naval bases was mentioned twice and last both times. Was this a clue? Today is also the five year anniversary of the economic collapse. I am as ready as I can get.

      15. You must move out of the city !!!!! that’s where these goons operate!!!!! all the bad happens in the city riots-looting etc…it starts there move to the country while you can 1 hour away from any large city buy some woods at least 5 acres the perfect escape and defense in times of trouble food to forage-creek water and critters move and move now then gently wean yourself off the grid heat with wood , grow some food you’ll be in better shape to weather all the crap from the real world when it shuts down!!!

        • I didn’t completely move out of the city, to one of 30,000 about 100 miles away from anything bigger so we can continue to build reserves. Small emergencies go unnoticed here with 16 million gallons of water stored in tanks on the peaks, fish and game in the valleys, and gas wells so close they don’t require compressor stations.

          Anything that could last more than a month would prompt relocation to our acreage in a gated secluded community and hour further into the mountains. Solar-powered, wood heated, with hot and cold running spring water. All for about $10,000.

          • Prepared Pastor I am with ya. i already live too far away from the city too run anymore so now its stand and fight. we are self contained so if it goes on we will be here. on a lighter note ol peckerhead the bull got too upppity with my tractor so he got the 44 mag treatment. he was ornry at 3 months old when we brought him here and after 3 years his attitude didnt change much, but when he decided to ram my tractor that was the last straw. He sure is tasty on the grill though. the freezer is full, veggies are canned, lots of beer made, What more could ya ask for? Now if the crackheads in DC cut and run We will be alot better off. Ok its time for a shot of single malt, maybe a big fattie before i gotta feed the girls. Wildman out

            • What a Wildman!
              Bull pissed em off, he shoots em!
              We had one a few years back that didnt understand what fences were for, i think the ranch sold him off to some other unsuspecting rancher, nice big Angus bull but damn that fucker wouldnt stay put, hed either jump over or just smash through any gate, fence, etc, not wild, just didnt get the stay put part!

              • Moose ram vehicles all the time. A engineer for BSNF railroad told me he had a bull ram his engine while idleing on the tracks.

                • Now that would make another good “final act of defiance” poster!

              • No brains makes better bull burger! Or Buck, Ram, boar, etc…

      16. Stop making false claims, if you have no proof. Where is the proof of Syrian special forces inside the US. I am not saying there aren’t, but I’m also saying the lack of evidence shown there is not.

        • The acknowledged number of “OTMs” [ other than Mexicans] who’ve been stooped at our southern border is in the THOUSANDS

          Not every illegal is Pedro looking for landscape work. The day of 9/11 a lady almost had her Cessna “carjacked” on a taxiway in Las Cruces, by a “ME looking gentleman.”

          There are two “faces” of the faithful; one is the obviously Semetic face of Osama, as an example. The other is the “Africanized” face of admixture of Pislam with NA and Southern Mediterranean stock as a result of Pislamic “Outreach” beginning in the 800s and 900s. THOSE faces easily pass as CA, SA or Mexican.

          Planes coming into beautiful Detroit Metro make final over al-Dearborn, and those planes have been getting lased – continuously – for years now. That shit is not hand-held laser pointers. There are Pislamic enclaves in every major metro center in this country. There are armed camps in the East Coast region – look up Ja’amat al-Fuqhra.

          Clue Up. CLUE UP FAST. Seriously, wake the fuck up.

      17. How about some consistency?
        First 9-11-2001 was a conspiracy. There was no way 19 terrorists could have taken over four planes and crashed them into significant structures.
        Now after years of war with Al qaeda the “Syrians” are the ones to orchestrate a Mumbai type attack in America with their “Special forces”. Hard to believe they couldn’t be put to better use say in Syria!
        Now lone extremists or small teams (Boston) I believe could be a threat but if those nineteen guys didn’t do 9-11 then I don’t think thousands of Syrian-Afghani-Iraqi-Iraninan-al Qaeda soldiers are going to strike here.

        I am much more wary of Obama’s guys than I am Syria’s.


      18. What is considered “terrorism” now was the guerilla warfare of the past.

        What did we learn from the Civil War. The guerilla groups, like John Singleton Mosby’s Raiders in Virginia and John Hunt Morgan’s band of Raiders in Kentucky were effective because they did not necessarily follow the rules of war. It’s these groups that would take out the railroads and supply lines of the Union. They were unpredictable and ruthless.

        That’s what I thought of when I read Mac’s article. Guerilla warfare against the US, inside the US.

      19. I told you.

        This falls under the heading of “no sss…omething Sherlock”.

        Just remember, kids. Two can play at that game. It’s not like it’s a really high-tech approach.

        And were we hit in this manner I’d 1000% support something as underhanded as that.


        The best approach is the “internet model”. De-centralize your “peace keeping coaltion” to such an extent that hitting any single one of them has no effect on the overall result to your third world sss…omething hole.

        The first worlders can duke it out old skool, for all the good it does these days.

      20. Were they to do that to us, I wouldn’t stop at messing up their economy or their power transmission either.

        I’d stop somewhere north of flesh-eating ebolapox for wide and indiscriminate distribution.

        So check yourself before you wreck yourself, kids.

      21. Yeah that’s messed up. Welp. Shrug. Their people’s fates are in their leader’s hands then. Clearly.

        Side note: this is where having a heavily armed general population is your FRIEND, not your enemy.

        They’d hit about two power stations before everyone started gunning down black pajama boys.

      22. Ive said it before, some will remember (many previous threads)

        War is coming here..( yes it will take on many shapes, no it will not be conventional as we think)

        weather you like it or not

        R U ready for it?


        Don’t fuckin tread on me

      23. Just keep watching the MSM. Did they mention that Turkey just shot down a Syrian Helocopter? Japan (thank God it was South of Tokyo) had a Typhoon hit this morning, flooding and knocked out power to over 800000? 100 mile winds and light snow in Scotland yesterday? MSM is a very Bad source of info. It is pure propaganda.

        • You forgot the Colorado floods.

      24. “There was a tall black guy who stepped around the corner maybe 20 yards from us with a gun in his hand. He pointed the gun our way and started shooting,” Mr Brundidge told the Daily Telegraph. He said the gunman wore an all-blue outfit and that the weapon appeared to be a handgun. The gunman said nothing as he fired down the hall.

        Found this on the Daily Telegraph

        Blue outfit..not cammo, not tan..BLUE

        • Navy’s cammo is blue.

        • Your point being, what?

      25. another eye witness described a second shooter

        Raf Sanchez spoke to Captain Michael Graham, a 28 year veteran of the Navy who had received a first hand description of one of the shooters from a colleague. Captain Graham was told that the shooter was a “tall olive-skinned male wearing fatigues, but it did not look like a US military uniform. He was carrying an M-16 like weapon.”

      26. I have a hard time believing that organized parties of this magnitude (hundreds of Syrian military teams) could be present in the US without specific US government complicity.

      27. These counter forces fighting in Syria are funded and armed by u.s. dollars. The Islamic jihadists are also funded and armed by u.s. and their allies. That is why there is no attack on Israel. The Israeli’s are controling u.s. foreign policy. The money given to Israel is fed back to control our government politicians. Obama just said Israel is sacrosanct to the u.s. establishment. Israeli government demands supercede the American peoples. Look at zionist crimes against America forcing the u.s. to bow down and do the murdererous regimes bidding. The Cole missle strike, the attack on the uss Liberty, the murder of JFK, the 9-11 attack, all mossad hits. The false jews have less than two percent u.s. population, yet are saturated at the top of u.s. government, military, media and banking centers. Nothing will get better for the u.s. or the worlds people until enough realize the den of vipers whose plans are pure evil in plain sight. We are far along into this take down of America

      28. The gunman that was killed was identified by the Associated Press and other news organizations as Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old civilian contractor for the Navy

        Or was he a patsy..? or was he killed and used as the suspect?

        im sure we will never know, or see the video tape

        • Um yeah, the ship yard doesn’t have video cameras…a military ship yard..

          right, sure

      29. If you haven’t already and you’re short then get online and pick up something you’re missing. You know what I’m talking about or prepare to have another year of bare shelves without anything to get range time with.

        • DUCK HUNTING = shooting at anything that tries to duck out of sight.

          • …I forgot the question mark at the end…

      30. Man, if Syrians, Iranians or whoever DO attack – it will be open season on anyone who can’t speak proper English and looks Semitic. At least around here anyways…

        You’ll be finding their dead bodies in dumpsters, back alleys, canals and lakes, etc. Not that I’m saying I will of course!

        • Open season on them, as you call it, would be unjust. What did they ever do to you. They wanna live in peace too.

        • @Jerry, are you watching “Natural Born Killer” over and over or you are just a psychopath?

        • Jerry, I’m with you. any foreign troops I see, and I don’t care where they’re from will be fair game and targets of opportunity. braveheart

      31. Read Jon Rappaports article on the shooting at the shipyard.

        nomorefakenews dot com

      32. Funny That. How the shooting was so perfectly timed just as more of our gun rights are about to be signed away by that a-hole Libtard Jerry Brown in CA.

        • Are you refering to the ban on Lead Hunting ammo? That would remove about 90% of the ammo off the shelves in Ca.

      33. We will get spin and changed stories just like Sandy Hook and Boston.

        Americans better wake up.

        We are about to lose this Land, our economy, and our lives.

        The Navy thing today wasn’t some kooks, but a well planned event. Planned by whom? We may never know?

        • Does anyone get the fact that these service people like at Ft. Hood, all could be brain-fried??
          The opportunity is definitely there for MKUltra.

          • I’m sure you didn’t mean to say that ALL the soldiers at Hood are into psychotropics. Maybe not even any active military are. But there are some Vietnam-era vets that participated and who are so many accidents waiting to happen.

      34. Hey; where’s the NSA spy program?
        What, how did they miss this one? Billions and billions of dollars, infringing on Americans privacy and rights, the lies that emulated out of DC about protecting Americans and keeping our children safe. WTF? How did this shooter soundly defeat the NSA and all of their equipment? Maybe he went black. (Not a racial slur either, sorry Obama)
        There might be something innovative here. Maybe he didn’t use a smart phone, maybe he didn’t GOOBBLE it, maybe all of that “metadata” wasn’t aimed at this domestic terrorist type of thing. ( kind of makes you wonder what is it for).
        NOTE TO NSA! Dudes, you tripped on your dicks, where’s Ed Snowden?
        Oh yea; Vlads got him.

        • lol! @ Hammerun, Great Response! Loved it.

        • Yep. Lots of Arab terrorists eschew high-tech and use couriers like Bin Laden did. Most people don’t realize that the bad guys don’t have to have all those squeaky electronic doo-dads to take care of business.

          • What I find remarkable is that for a few bucks, you can get the equivalent of a burn phone through a Walmart store, etc., through a major cell phone company totally anonymously. How is it that everything on this planet is being tracked but somehow these are available….???

      35. Well living on the southern border I can say for a fact that plenty of OTM’s (other than mexican’s) have & do enter the border down here on a regular basis with very little resistance from Border Patrol & DHS. Heck there was an article just awhile back in the local paper stating that the Border Patrol had just been given funding back to fuel all their vehicles so they could now get back to patrolling the border in full force. What they didn’t say was how long the units have not been patrolling because of the fuel issue. To top it all a lot of border town LEO’s are on the take (you know anything for a buck) & let everything through anyway so I would suspect just about anything you can think of is already here !

        • Soon, if the economy collapes they will be flooding in the southernly direction back to mehico

      36. As far as panicking the general population, that should prove to be way too easy already. We already have brain surgeons who call 911 when their cable teevee goes out or when McDonalds runs out of chicken nuggets.

      37. The Muslim man-child was quoted as saying that he “wanted this investigation on the shootings streamlined”. He also said that he will not negotiate with congress on a debt ceiling extension. He has drawn his line in the sand…….again. You’d think if this dumb bastard had sand kicked in his face once he’d stay off the beach.

      38. c’mon man, stop speculating. I am preparing but let’s get some evidence.

        There is no security in the US, there never was. Only the security they can create by spying on us. Everybody knows that if they had to track down and locate an unknown assailant, FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA etc., couldn’t find a hooker in a whorehouse!

        • @theglimmerman: Secret Service are really good at finding hookers.

          • Oh yea,

            Forgot about those bozos. Yea, those bozos can smell it! LOL

        • They got all these amazing drones, neh?

          How about deploying them around power stations and water supplies instead of over suburbia for a change?

      39. If they tell a lie long enough and loud enough it becomes fact. Has anyone noticed how the facts change as the media continues to cover a story. First off they said one gunman killed and two escaped. Now they say one has been identified and is no longer a suspect. I mean really. Ok we will just take your word on that. Anyone remember when the twin towers fell, then the media said they were going to pull building number 7 because of the extensive damage and everyone was ordered out. Later they changed their story and said it fell because of the heat and damage from twin towers falling. I know smart people who still say I am nuts because they believe only two buildings collapsed on 9/11/2001. They refuse to research it because they refuse to believe the msm would lie to them. Geeze. It takes everything in me sometimes to keep me from shaking these people and screaming at them to wake up

        • Been researching the twin towers & building 7 collapse myself. I say false flag for-sure, controlled demolition is what I see.

        • Oh, Okie–don’t forget the film of the runner in the trees behind Sandy Hook!!!!
          Yeah, one lonely shooter my arse.
          And no one knows truly if that kid WAS the shooter.

      40. Wow. So many things happening at one time. Prep hard folks. The writing is on the wall. And its not pretty.

      41. I believe Obama who taught Alinsky Tactics 101 in college, is behind these FalseFlags and he did the Chemical Attacks in Syria. NOT ASSAD. So, your conclusion that it is ASSAD, if pure speculation. More evidence of late points to Obama.

        • Indeed. Strange how the UN released their report on the Syrian chemical weapons today and could NOT say exactly which side used them! I’m willing to bet had there been a US attack on Syria, that the UN evidence would have been OVERWHELMING that Assad used them. Christ, you can’t believe anything these people say anymore, it’s every man for himself at this point.

      42. Yes it started but not today but the day the obamanation was elected. It is going to get worse. The feds will use this this thing that happened today as a false flag to lock down things. then they will let the attacks start. Do what you can to stay armed, and fight back. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by six!!!! Just let them know at DC we are fed up and we aren’t going to take it any more. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU. If using the word God offends you TUFF!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale, I’m with you all the way. Whenever the balloon finally goes up, ‘law and order’ will quickly disappear. LE, prosecutors, judges, and even defense lawyers will be at home with their families. Courts won’t be in session. There won’t be any 12 to try anyone. All the rules we currently live by will go down the toilet. I will remain armed and fight back. anyone who comes to me with evil intentions toward me had better reconsider such plans. I do have something for “ventilation”. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • Braveheart.
            You are right there wont be 12 to try you. But until the balloon dose burst we still have the 12 around. That was what I was getting at. Like you said L.E. won’t be around you are right. I’m L.E. I’m going to be home taking care of my family. You know that the Obamanation army will be on the march so be alert, and keep your powder dry. When B.O’s army starts marching I will do everything I can do to stop or slow them down. I will be hoping and praying that I will have good men like you behind or beside me.

      43. If McCain wants to work for Pravda, then you know it’ an “Onion” online phony news business.

      44. It’s sad, but brilliant, if the Syrians really are here and trained to perform these types of attacks. Such uncertain times we live in 🙁

        • Leslie Anne, the thing of it is, we have to live our lives. If we hunker down in some bunker, they already win.

          There’s always uncertainty in the world. Today, I went to Home Depot. As I was walking across the street in front of the store, a van came out of nowhere, driving very fast, and almost clipped. I happened to see it out of the corner of my eye, and stopped short. If I had been one of those people who I see all over glued to their cell phone, or someone with an I-pod who wasn’t paying attention, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you now.

          Most of the day, just to get away from my TV, which was talking death every five seconds, I was outside putting in firewood. It was a beautiful day. Soon, I put everything out of my mind and just was thankful for the day.

          Life is precious. It’s a gift. Live it!

          • Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re alright.

            • Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

              I have to admit that as he was speeding away, I flipped him the bird. I don’t usually do things like that, but it was too close for comfort.

        • C’mon Leslie Anne….we always blame everyone else but ourselves. The hell with the Syrians…but please don’t make general comments like this without proof. btw, did you know that Syrian army freed a Christian village from the cannibals aka ALCIA who were beheading them if they weren’t being converted to Islam per the report by RT? There are times that we need to think outside of the box and give some possibility that perhaps the enemy is within.

      45. If there are such teams here, which I don’t believe for a moment, this would be the end of Barack Obama and his soft on terror, soft on Islam, muslim-arming, borderless amnesty administration.

        • Well, there is always the chance obama is in on it. Who knows what goes on in that man’s head or the puppeteers in control of him. It seems there is so much unbelieveable stuff happening lately, why not toss that possibility onto the pile, too? I mean, truthfully, would it really be that shocking? That’s the problem when dealing with obama…no matter how far-out a conspiracy you can come up with, it would not be such a surprise if it turned out to be true.

      46. Baa baa thanks for marital law.dc representative just said dc was the safest city in US

      47. I suspect we are already under attack from Russian and other special forces inside the country. Just look at all the massive fires that have been burning and the massive flooding going on now in Colorado.

        I think the flooding is a result of weather warfare which is being done to send the CIA a message in their new Colorado headquarters.

        Be strong in the love of God through Jesus Christ.

        • Myself In hoping that the SHTF trigger is of a clatyclismic nature. Im convinced only divine intervention can save mankind. The odds are stacked against free self reliant productive folks. The earth change events we are having are mainly caused by a end of an age pole shift. These events are not caused by or cannot be mitigated by mans activities. These weird weather and other clatyclismic events would still be occurring even if man had never walked the planet. That’s why the NWO types want to use wars to reduce the population of the earth. There simply wont be enough food & other resources to sustain the current population.

          • People that hope for SHTF really piss me off. Go into your bunker and never come back out. Then you’ll be safe either way.

        • @Raider….Would it be possible the Colorado flood was caused due to heavy vodka drinking by the Russians?

      48. WOW

        Looks like a win win for the insane controlling “The Powers To Be” or TPTB for short and a loose loose situation for freedom.

        Logically this would:

        1. Pretty much end the outcry of the people to have any privacy and hence the opposition to the NSA spying goes away with Uncle Sam saying, “See I told you so”.

        2. If firearms are used as they would no doubt be there goes Uncle Sam again saying, “Told you so”. Obviously its more fuel to attack the Second Amendment.

        3. The economy in reality is tanking anyway so what better timing and excuse with; “See Obama was bringing us back up and this happens”. Blame therefore gets cast upon a foreign enemy which by default justifies the US military intervention. Its kinda like an Ex Post Facto Pearl Harbor to galvanize support for TPTB goals.

        Say what you want but they are not dumb. Predictable maybe but not stupid.

      49. Americans are nervous. Count me among them. That is because we are suddenly faced with an incredibly incompetent White House and Congress. The only thing they care or cared about is domestic politics; keeping their butts on the public nipple. They do this by dividing the country and they have been very successful. This is the weakest this country has ever been from a leadership perspective. So look for our enemy’s take their shot now.

        Also People have made comments that the Moskva and its SS-N-12 Sandbox anti-ship missiles would not get close enough to cause danger to any Carrier before it would be neutralised. Well that’s not true. The defensive screen of an American Carrier group is just a mere 200km. The SS-N-12 carrying either a high explosive or a 350 kt nuclear warhead has a range of 700km’s, nearly 3.5 times the distance of that defensive screen and travels at Mach 2.5. The guidance system is mixed-mode, with inertial, active terminal guidance with radar and also anti-radar homing. Mid-course correction is possible. Yes a sub could take it out, but if it let go any missiles it will be game over for the carrier.

      50. Here is a statement for us preppers:

        The mass media holds us in a powerful illusion of normalcy. However expecting the worst you will never be disappointed. If you are wrong you are relieved. IF YOU ARE RIGHT YOU ARE PREPARED.

      51. Mac, have you read Paul L. Williams book The Day of Islam? It’s eye opening and mentions that Iran has people here who will conduct terror attacks if the US attacks Iran. Also read about the American Hiroshima plan.

        I wouldn’t dismiss the Syrian plan

      52. Russian Army to Receive New Kalashnikov Assault Rifles in 2014
        03:27 17/09/2013
        MOSCOW, September 17 (RIA Novosti) – Various modifications of a new Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle as well as a host of other small arms will be put in service with the Russian armed forces in 2014, a senior government official said.
        “In 2014, the Russian army will start receiving new assault rifles, handguns, machine guns and sniper rifles, including 5.45-mm and 7.62-mm variants of the Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle,” Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission, Oleg Bochkarev, said in an interview with Echo Moskvy radio on Monday.
        Development of the AK-12 began in mid-2011. The new weapon retains the overall layout and features of the AK-74, in service with the Russian army since the 1970s, but features several modifications and ergonomic changes.
        The new assault rifle has being developed as a basic platform for nearly 20 different modifications of the weapon.
        The rifle features three firing modes: single shot, three-shot burst and automatic fire. The muzzle of the AK-12 has been designed to shoot foreign-standard barrel-mounted grenades.
        The weapon is also equipped with Picatinny rails to mount optical, and night sights, grenade launchers, target indicators and other special equipment.
        The AK-12 has a folding stock, and a height-adjustable heelpiece. The weapon can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people, and can be easily handled with one hand.
        The state trials of the AK-12 assault rifle are slated for the fall of 2013.

        • They finally fixed the controls 🙂

      53. RR & waterworks covered by public & private means.

        • I know foks want mexican labor but maybe best to use others & CLOSE borders.

      54. Kinda funny seeing all those Syrian SF carrying MP-5s in the picture at the top.

      55. Hey jay jay. I remember. They said the ar 15 was left in the trunk Then they said he took it in. Next they showed a video of officer pulling ar15 from his trunk. Then medical examiner said rounds did not exit victims. I mean really. 55.6 or 223 rounds would exit next. only four or five corp own all media. U would think they could keep the media away until the perps could get their story straight. Four guys being filmed by helicopter running through foilage near school trying to leave and they expect us to believe they didn’t exist and had nothing to do with it. DHS or some other three letter agency running similar training of event only short few miles from the school and we are expected to believe it is a coincidence. I heard the perps panick when they hear true red blooded Americans talk about false flag events or use those words. My opinion the perps hypocrocy knows no bounds and there isn’t any depth they will not sink to in order to Cary out their masters plan or to speak frankly, Satan’s plan against Christians and the just people of this world.

        • Yes, Okie–all that and the child with the Ak hit every child with such damage–every child now–the parents weren’t allowed to see their children??
          Closed caskets all??
          If I’m wrong, and please no trolls respond, let me know.

          I do know as a parent, and not one of those proven actors we all saw, you could not carry my child away in the middle of the night without me being jailed or chained to a tree.

          • or dead.

      56. It does not have to be just Syrians. More than likely a collective effort for their cause. But it go’s hand in hand for the overall agenda.It’s a mess and a shitstorm is coming. Shit economy, race relations, war, constitutional right’s being taken.

      57. There’re Everywhere! There’re Everywhere!

        Been selling us slurpies for the past twenty years at every Quickie Mart in the Good Old U.S. of A. Highly mobile as they use N.Y. City cabs to reach their destinations. First objective is to infiltrate Miami and become Closet Yankee’s and replace Greyhounds with camel racing. Then move on Key West where the Battle of the ages between them and the Parrot Heads as they try to make Margaritas a non-alcoholic beverage..
        Yeeeee Haaaaaa!

      58. @ braveheart. I am not into coincidences. There must have been about 20 different articles the past week or so that said look out for a false flag. Then you have some black guy that is some Buddhist go into a secure military navy base and shoot up the place. Then you have mystery black man number 2 disappear. Why does this sound like some script made up? Then BO comes on and talks about “yet another mass shooting”. I smell attack on the 2nd Amendment written all over this. Or maybe they will link this guy to some terrorist organization in the Middle East.

        All these sites talking about something happening, and boom it happens. Someone knows something and it is leaking out somehow. No coincidence here, but you know the MSM will have all the explanations and the masses will be satisified, and the hate the guns crap will be once again alive and kicking like a rabid skunk.

        • BI, I smell false-flag attack on 2A, also. Plus, the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty has not yet been signed. shockingly, rich99 mentioned this earlier and I’m inclined to agree. There could be some other motive as well, but I believe this is the primary motive. braveheart

        • Looks like another grab for 2nd amendment. With so many people watching and waiting for some kind of false flash to get us rallied to go to war with Syria, I guess they thought it better to go back to the drawing board and work on disarming us. Oh well, saw out coming, just didn’t know when or how.

          • Flash was supposed to be flag. Auto correct snuck that in, along with out/it.

      59. White House immediately said it wasn’t a terrorist attack at naval ship yards. No one knew who had done the shooting. Apparently the White House knew who the attAckers were and their history and background even before anyone else knew anything about what happened. Apparently if the White House has all this info, the attorney general needs to pay them a visit for withholding information on the criminal investigation

      60. ON THE STORY:
        That’s OK “We get some prepping info on the side here”

      61. Did any of you see what this weeks Powerball is up to. I put down 4 bucks. Crossing fingers/toes.

        • I bought a couple of day-old lottery tickets. The guy who sold ’em to me said they only have one-in-a-million less chance of winning…

          In all seriousness- I have a cousin in Oregon who won $4 million in the state lottery. That was about 25 years ago. I haven’t seen him since…. guess he’s been busy…

        • Prepped in CT, I just knew that was coming. thank you for the link.

      62. OK Sure, let me know when youre around.

        I have that e-mail set up.

      63. Here is the deal, if this is true, then all us unemployed prior military need to hunt these pigs and exterminate them before they think they will strike, if they do strike it will justifie the complete extinction of radical Islam, the wihwobby, ( spelling stinks, but you get the point) education system over entire US, if not world.

        “Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no Evil For I am the Evilest Mother Fucker in the Valley” ! This is a paraphrase from OUR CATHOLIC RELIGION, and you will meet SATIN AND HAVE NO VIRGINS, YOU WILL BE THE VIRGINS, PIGS

        • In my teens I had a T-shirt that said:

          Heaven don’t want me, and Hell’s afraid I’ll take over…

      64. DUSTOFF, AMEN and I’m with you. braveheart

      65. The term sleeper cell was first used by Hitler. The disinformation and propaganda that is everywhere in the mainstream media and on line was also used by Hitler. 3 things you have to ask yourself when you see or read anything now days is-

        1. Who benefits from it?
        2. What or who suffers if a statement is fact.
        3. What does it draw your attention away from?

        Then you can at least make a educated guess &
        Have some ide

      66. O.K. This is weird…and kinda off topic, my apologies.
        I just looked at this article and it appears the date is wrong…this event happened TODAY Sept 16th (unless I’ve accomplished time travel and forgot to tell myself)
        Goto this link and look at the date of the article. WTF?

        The headline itself is not the above however- it is about the Navy Shipyard shooting?

        Police, FBI: Shooter Reported in Military Building at Washington Navy Yard; at Least 1 Victim

        WASHINGTON September 15, 2013 (AP)

        Associated Press

        Police, FBI: Shooter reported in military building at Washington Navy Yard; at least 1 victim.

      67. Probably just more of that weak kneed Prez.’s African relatives,
        looking for more prepaid Obamaphones!

      68. Before the reasoned attacks, the cowards who huddled in closets as spies who worshiped their demigods realized that they had became the ’cause’ of their own uprising.

        It was only at their precipice of this reasoning that they had realized the err of their ways, only it was too late… since the catastrophic chain of events that had been foretold eons and ages ago had fermented and become the stew of discontent that was set to ready the angst of sorrow that would lead to so much discontent because so many had felt that their souls purpose had been belittled by the state.

        Then there were those who claimed per-dominate knowledge based on the 33 degrees of light. This hope was soon reasoned by the most dated and seasoned to be the cause of the coming that had for so long been dreaded, that they cried in horror; for they had ed generations of their kin unto this belief, which had ultimately brought this beast upon the earth, and they feared in horror what they had created so they bowed to it like the petty cowards that they were so led to beleive that they were.

        They knew the only way out was to see the disease of ease through it’s primordial ooze and unto the beckoning, at which time they would strike at it’s heart…..only it was too late for their ways had cursed their souls for a millennial of re-births. They would soon learn what the price was for such a mistake and misplaced mode of uncaring.

      69. Just more of that lame ass prez.’s Kenyan relatives looking for another prepaid Obamaphone!
        Russia 1
        USA. 0

      70. Pravda is a highly untrustworthy source for legitimate information. Remember last winter when they reported Russia was installing nukes in Cuba? They are just another sensationalizing publication looking for ratings. I’d trust the Enquirer before them.
        But then again, many will find reason to believe it. And trolls will continue to be trolls.

        • “Tass” was the central agency for collection and distribution of internal and international news for all Soviet newspapers, radio and television stations. It had a monopoly on official state information which was delivered in the form of TASS Report. It was never a newspaper, but the organization WAS in charge of the information that would be printed in Russian Newspapers.

          Pravda was the Russian political newspaper.

          Just thought I would chime in on that, as there were some people who were confused.

      71. These militants are what I call the “SILENT ARMY” or “the ARMY OF KHAN”, and they are everywhere.

        American citizens don’t even have the high-tech weapons like they do, no wonder the call for a revolution, hmmm 🙁

        They even have American-made STINGER MISSILES which are classified weapons.
        They have UNLIMITED RESOURCES & all FREE to them.

        Why do they cover their faces???
        Al-qaeda, the French & the Mumbai’s insurgents who also wear the same black hoods.

        The recent massacres/crises which happened in America, the murderers also wear Hoodies. The HOODIE was originated when Mark Zuckerberg wore it, and the media and Hollywood pick up on it. 🙁

        So many articles (propaganda) which talk about our system is vulnerable to the natural disasters??? So the agenda/schemes change accordingly to fit the current events and their purposes.


          • @ Anonymous,

            Dude, whats the matter???
            Mac did not take a good picture of you?

            You’re right, oh – my gosh! 🙂

      72. If it does happen, it will be done by a group who is paid by the US Gov to attack within. History tells it all, the US Gov is to blame for just about every conflict worldwide for who knows how long, I question what our Gov is not to blame for these days, oh yeah, it is not to blame for doing anything good or humane.

      73. As usual, all the sensible comments have already been said by somebody else. So, all I got to say is this_

        ‘Today My World Slipped Away’ by Vern Gosdin is the best damn sad song in the universe. If you ain’t cryin’ by the time it’s over, you just don’t have any feelings at all. Heck, you don’t even need to get divorced to appreciate it… just pretend.
        Now (sniff, sniff) I gotta dry off the steering wheel and go drive some more. Damn you, classic country station! I had to pull off the road…
        From now on, it’s Pink Floyd or nothing!

        • SmokinOkie — you sir, are a sage of the first order

        • long life time of free sat radio for you…

        • @smokinokie “brothers of the highway” by dailey and vincent may help sooth you as you sail in that detroit-diesel-pirate-ship… ask kyle to play it for you 🙂

      74. Anyone who fought against sealing our borders is a traitor. They have let the enemy inside.

      75. Just to add salt to all off this, the border problem has gotten worse! Now aliens are claming Asylum refuge in Arizona by the bus loads every day. Scary part is most are Indian(so they say)not from Central America! Here is a big hole for any enemy of America to get in! Every day a bus pulls into grayhound bus station drops off a load of Indian asylum seekers. Cars are there waiting for them taking them away to who knows where! Here is a way to get an army in the U.S. to cause problems!

      76. In keeping with my new persona (it’s the old one- just more of it) I’ve come up with some competing terms to battle the politically correct nitwits of the world…

        They say: bisexual
        I say: bi-chocual ( I like hersheys and nestle’s)

        They say: multicultural
        I say: multi-truck-ural (Freightliner, Pete, KW, I’m ok with all of ’em)

        They say: Celebrate diversity
        I say: Hell yeah! Plain or peanut is fine with me.

        They say: Hope and change
        I say: You’re a freakin’ Obamunist

        They say: Tolerance is good
        I say: Tolerance is only good up to 8/1000ths. After that you need new rings and pistons

        They say: We must find common ground with our enemies
        I say: Common ground? Just bury them in a mass grave!

        They say: United Nations
        I say: This nation, United…

        I’m sick and tired of being nice to idiots. And I don’t want to DEBATE over the invasion of this country! You want dialogue? Then learn MY damned language. Otherwise we’re left with nothing but sign language, and I only know one finger’s worth! But I can say it loud and clear… comprende?

        • SmokinOkie.

          The debate on whether this country is invaded is a lost cause for it is already invaded. I agree with SmokinOkie. That is why I made fun of this thread a few posts above. We are drowning in a sea of Political Correctness. We have lost common Sense. We have failed to take respondsibility for our actions and let others get away with their actions because we have made laws that provide them protection. When I was young and did something bad I was given a verbal chastisement and if I continued, was given an ass beating. Didn’t kill me and I did not end up in jail. There is no fear of punishment and the excuses made are a never ending line of lies to perpetrate this form of societal acceptance. What they have learned in early childhood is use to benefit themselves as adults and in some cases make laws to justify their shortcomings and transgressions upon others.
          There is a danger here. One that can come from within as you Pick (7) your fellow people in your group for protection. As I have stated before, there will be those with opposite opinions that will be quiet to enlist your help in times of danger and fear. Only to surface with their true selves when times are safe.
          In a state of disorder and lawlessness I will not tolerate any form of Political Correctness. In my life I have been taught to face my problems or suffer the consequences. Either I cut wood or suffer the cold and I will not have others drink coffee and watch my labor or tell my how to do the work. I am done with people who need help and then place conditions on how it is accomplished when you offer assistance.
          Over the years I have been place in position over men where danger is present. I know the sick, lame and lazy crowd. I do not ask others to do what I would not do and know the limitations of the individual asked to do the task. If given a mission or task I mean to complete it to the finish and ask others to do the same by the best way possible.
          Many of you are going to become “Leaders”. You will wear many “Hats”.. You will be the Field Medic, Armorer, Cook,
          Soldier, Mechanic, Nurse, Farmer, and many others. You will comfort those in pain and give sound advise and solutions to everyday obstacles.
          One thing for sure, Political Correctness is dead on arrival in my camp.

          • Agreed.
            we need to start holding them all to their responsibilities to this country and who they are to represent, we are allowing them to throw dirt over their wrong doings with out repercussions ..this has to end or it will end us

            If we are to be held to our responsibilities our representatives must be held to a higher standard, and NOW!

            Too many times we allow the wrong to get swept under the rug and not hold them accountable

            we have lost the will to hold them to the rule of law every day we allow them this pass, and it will bite us hard in the ass if it continues

            we have a system for this.. we better start pushing for it or this country and this republic is done for

            And as for your own “group” , never let this type of shit creep into the ranks..because just as we see it destroying this country, it will destroy you and your group

            • VRF

              The only way to save this country is to let it burn itself to the ground. I have done all the voting. Attended many town meetings. Wrote my Congress person and it don’t do shit. It may delay what THEY want but it comes right back again. You vote for one politician and he changes his party after he is elected. I’m sick of it. As many here try to show people the Light of Day, they would rather cover their eyes as it does not impact them at the moment.
              So what rule of Law would I enact? Since our laws are bent and watered down I would use the Military Law of the UCMJ. No getting around that. Plain and simple.
              Harsh? You bet. But is there any other form that can used. I would like to have some form of rules to dispense justice in the absence of civil law. I do not want to be a dictator or tyrant. Not to be confused with Martial Law.

              • SmokinOkie, VRF, slingshot, I agree with all 3 of you. braveheart

            • VRF–not gonna happen when every judge in every district is…..’bought’!!

              • 1 word


          • You know the ‘real’ reason 1 million are allowed to ‘slip’ through each year??
            They buy ‘their’ ****!!
            They truly don’t care that they admitted 1 million that costs the taxpayer (notice, ‘they’ don’t pay any)billions, just as long as those trespassers buy their ****!!!
            Like Chinamart–it would be out of business if not for these vultures on govt teat.
            ‘They’ never could do math–one of THE biggest problems in this nation..these ‘leaders’ do not have to have a budget at home like we.

      77. Amen Smokin Okie. Definitely couldn’t have said it any better or plainer than that

      78. This latest threat of terrorism can easily be avoided with the government taking its surveillance program up a notch by implementing a program to mandate the installation of micro-cams and microphones to the toilet seats of of all wives, daughters and girlfriends of the American male population.

        This should fill the intelligence gap that has the government 100% certain about the nature of the attacks and the specific targets — but leaves them totally clueless as to the terrorist’s identity and location to stop it.

      79. Its my Birthday today, but even better…


      80. At 9:35 a.m. on Tuesday CNN just stated: The gun that was used WAS NOT AN AR15, rather it was a shotgun. As the result there is a fight between Anderson Cooper and his Brit Lover Pierce the Morgan shit head. Pierce now wants to ban shotguns in addition to the AR’s but Anderson stated he has been enjoying the shotguns with breacher head for a while now and therefore such should be exempted.

        • Anderson Cooper with his old comment of a “TEABAGGER”.

          Now the media is determining our Constitutional Rights.

        • Why as I supposed to care what Pierce opines about? I don’t watch any of those news-opinion network shows. Of course Pierce wants to ban shotguns, he wants every thing banned. Too bad we can not send him back to Britan.

      81. I just love the crazy responses to stories like this. The last paragraph said it all. Besides, all any group would need to do is jackknife a few semi trucks at key freeway interchanges and it would shut the entire country down for hours which then opens the entire crumbling infrastructure of the country to strategic strikes. By the next day society would devolve into every man for himself chaos for months. Not to worry though, the police have full auto weapons and tanks. And since they are the elitists private army they will have matters well in hand. Pretty crazy huh?

        • It would require guerrilla actions on a weekly basis for it to have an effect here, honestly. One every couple of years, or every six months wouldnt do much for them. Basically it would have to get to the point where the average American was in fear of going outside, and we are nowhere near that level.

        • We just had a bridge fall in the river up here on the interstate. There was no chaos, and the trucks kept on rolling.

          • The Trucks Kept on Rolling? Are they Anphibious?

          • The Trucks Kept on Rolling? Are they Anphibious?

      82. I don’t buy it, we heard the same thing after 9/11 and before we went to Iraq and before we went to Afghanistan.
        When we do hit Syria, I have no doubt that there will be a response from Syria, Russia, Iran, and maybe China. But there are not thousands of elite units hiding among us waiting to pounce.

      83. Maybe we could just lock up most of our politicians and banksters “for their own safety”, wait it all out and see what happens…..nothing bad probably!!
        Sigh,,,, What an American Dream!!

      84. I just issued a “PowerShell” command in Windows to find out who is really running things in these United States. Is it the Bilderbergers? The FRC? Rupert Murdoch? The Shadowy Cabal(tm)?

        The answers may shock and surprise you.

        PS C:\Users\jblow> Get-WhodahellRunninDisPlace –FuzzLevel=Max | Format-List

        George Soros
        Barney Frank’s Bidet
        “Charles in Charge”
        Ren and Stimpy
        Nacho Libre
        Bob the Builder
        Swamp Thing
        A carton of Grade “A” large eggs
        Your Wife
        “Naegleria fowleri” brain-eating amoeba
        Hunter S. Thompson
        The Lucky Charms Leprechaun
        The Department of Redundancy Department
        J. R. “Bob” Dobbs
        Xi the Bushman
        Kim Jong-un and Rodman’s love child
        Schrodinger’s Cat
        An Armenian Dwarf
        Joe the Plumber
        Larry the Cable Guy
        The Flying Spaghetti Monster
        Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
        Cotton Mather
        The Hairball from “Huckleberry Finn”
        The Zeta Greys
        Nurse Ratched
        Elmer Fudd
        “Gizmo” the Mo-Gwai
        A Brooklyn cobbler named Irving Fishbein

      85. Infowars website (Alex Jones) is showing a picture of William S. Burroughs and his infamous quote.

        Burroughs wants to promote an ANARCHY like POL POT SOCIETY with mass KILLING FIELDS.

        “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military. ” — William S. Burroughs

        When you have NO POLICE or NO MILITARY to control local and international GANGS, then YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF & fight for your own survival. Look at the picture above that Mac shows you, they are “MEN IN BLACK”; they are well trained and well equipped.

        With the confisication of guns, 🙁 and the coming chaos can you fight these “men in black.” without guns or even with the gun.

        We don’t want the Soviet Union style gov’t 🙁 that they had in the past either, because it was NOT RUN by the ethnic Russians. Their system was infiltrated by agents from foreign gov’t.

      86. It’s very unusual to see several good postings in a row without TROLL comments.

        Usually when you see a good posting, TROLLS COME OUT & BURRY IT 🙁 :

        – with their BS postings
        – or their PSEUDO arguments
        – or pat each other on the back

        Just to sell their agenda or to promote one of their own.

        They are the true merchants (salesmen), selling you something they don’t even believe in. 🙁

        • When the government shuts down, you would think Trolls and the mainstream media would slow down or take a day or two off, right?? But NO, their “Divide and Conquer” guerilla war game never ends. In fact, it’s at its worst. These people are actually the ones who are pursuing to conquer all. 🙁


          TROLLS also want you to believe their agenda aka prophecies, and the US is being punished for bringing devastation to the world and to the native Indians. It’s just another one of their MANY LIES.

          So the Americans do not deserve to live and own their lands. The new race/groups will move in to replace the old groups/the pilgrims, and the world will not even notice the difference; just like the France and other European countries, etc….

          Crises have happened in the past that were done by madmen, HAARP or by small nukes.

          And if anything were to happen in the future it would be a false flag(s), 🙁 not because of the wrath of (their) God, and certainly not by the Christian God.

      87. Nothing goes down without the government knowing- therefore this would be planned from within- you can count on it. What traitors have we?
        Yet, I call bs on much of this. Heard similar before and all came from “Dependable sources” and nothing happened. LOL.

      88. Bullshit.

        We have already been invaded and our country is being plundered and destroyed from within by the stinking Jews that have infected the entire control hierarchy. If it wasn’t for them fomenting war with Syria, we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

        Eliminate the parasitic Jews once and for all. Problem solved.

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