Russia’s Largest Chemical Plant Engulfed In Flames Hours After Mystery Fire At Military Research Facility

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Update(1540ET): The death toll in the massive fire that broke out earlier in the day at a sensitive Russian Defense Ministry research facility in the city of Tver has risen to seven after emergency crews battled the Thursday blaze throughout the afternoon, state-run TASS reports.

    The cause of the fire is still either unknown or not being disclosed by Russian state agencies at this point, but now, more questions are being raised as another mysterious large blaze has erupted, this time at Russia’s largest chemical plant, a mere hours after the fire in Tver – the latter which had engulfed a facility belonging to the secretive Central Research and Development Institute of Aerospace Defense Troops. UK media is reporting on the latest mystery fire, which marks the 2nd of the day, as follows:

    Huge plumes of smoke were seen enveloping the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant late this afternoon. The cause of the fire remains unknown. Almost 150 plant workers were reportedly evacuated.

    The facility in Kineshma, east of Moscow produces more industrial solvents than any other in Russia. It is less than 1,000km from the border with Ukraine.

    Naturally, observers are starting to ask in connection to Russia’s war in neighboring Ukraine: coincidence? sabotage operation? 

    Anti-Putin racecar driver Igor Sushko in tweeting the above video of the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant going up in flames commented: “We are beginning to see a pattern develop.”

    And Western mainstream security analysts are also beginning to muse over whether active sabotage could be behind two large Russian facilities going up in flames in one day…

    As we noted earlier in relation to the fire at the research facility in Tver, Russia has already been battling a string of forest fires – mostly in remote areas including in Siberia, thus the spread of these fires impacting government or industrial facilities is a possibility; however, there’s been no word from Moscow authorities that the Thursday blazes are linked to this.

    Adding to the mystery of the possibility of some kind of intelligence sabotage operation targeting these places, the now largely destroyed defense research facility was reportedly developing Russia’s newest ballistic missile technology…

    Interestingly, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry tweeted out the following…

    * * *

    Russian media is reporting a large fire at a Russian Defense Ministry research facility in the city of Tver under mysterious circumstances. The site is about 110 miles northwest of Moscow.

    There may have possibly been an explosion, given that RT reports two people killed and at least 20 injured, and with aerial footage showing a huge blaze and thick clouds of smoke over the area.

    Emergency and rescue personnel are on the scene. The upper floors of the building are said to belong to the government’s Central Research and Development Institute of Aerospace Defense Troops.

    “According to preliminary data, the blaze spanned across some thousand square meters and caused a partial collapse of the roof,” Russian media reports.

    “The fire had  started in one of the rooms on the second floor of the administrative building.”

    There have been reports of an uptick in forest fires in various parts of Russia, but it’s as yet unknown or unclear the cause behind Thursday’s massive blaze.



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      1. “DEW” you have a clue who did it?

        • @Genius….”YEW” are absolutely on mark!

      2. Just dumb luck.

      3. The ship Muskva is being framed as their Pearl Harbor, except they hit war related plants.¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

        They believe in dealing a first strike and are reportedly prepping their population for retaliation on Sunday.

        • Would be more like a Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was used to rally the American people behind escalating Vietnam when they were becoming hesitant about being there.

      4. Possibly one of those satellite laser beams pinpointed the Bld. Just like the building where the vote counting machines burned up after the fraud US 2020 election. Like out of no where, “Poof !!!!” it burned up.

        And seems a team of professional sabotage Arsonists are targeting large US food Manufacturing companies burning down. We are in a war, and that Lets Go Brandon Open border program is working great. Only 1 in 8 are caught entering the US. And over 1 Mil caught in the last year. So guess the number of the rest are out there creating chaos, so follow the Soros money funding trail. All of this chaos is Man-Made.

        • TSB – EVERYTHING that is happening cannot only be mere accident and/or coincidence. Shut down pipelines, pulled pipeline permits, broken supply chains, transport issues, coming fertilizer shortages, DEF shortages, likely food shortages, crippling inflation and prices, open borders, surging crime – especially serious crime, and all at the same time. The list goes on and on. Not a g*dd*m thing is getting fixed. If fact, the gov’t is both sponsoring and facilitating everything getting worse. It is planting the seeds of chaos, it is destroying the standard of living, it is undermining civil society, it is creating lawlessness, and above all, it’s utmost goal is to irrevocably alter the present demography and culture of the US. Remember the Hegelian dialectic, in this case the State creates disorder and chaos, then proposes the remedy for disorder and chaos. The remedy being what is commonly referred to as the “great reset”. Dictatorship and marxism, permanent poverty and powerlessness for the masses. Wealth, power, and privilege for the “elites”.

      5. America tells Russia “What Jew gonna do about those fires?”

      6. Amazing, chemical plants and food processing centers in the US being bombed and burned, meanwhile chemical plants and food processing centers in Russia are being bombed and burned! Is this a freaking Jack Ryan novel?

      7. I fucking despise all of you rascist, bigoted, pea-brained assholes. Let’s Go Covid! Finish the job!

        • Darwin – The fact you despise us is of zero consequence. I mean, you really think we care? It’s like someone saying they don’t like the color blue. It means nothing. What a bore you are. I imagine you’d like to think you’re taken seriously. No silly, a mere pest is more like it. I can assure you you are laughed at. By all means, keep posting!

        • Mr Darwin; Useful Idiot…..
          You whine and complain about everyone else Not 100% establishment. With Mostly the same script on Every single article, for no reason but to antagonize. Why? Your masters don’t Care about you as you are Also a Useless eater. And Just like the rest of us, YOU Will be against the wall when “they” are done with you. So give it a rest already.

        • Then why do you come here? You an idiot or what? Get the Fook out of here and stay there faqqet. Go smoke ol Joes pole ya queer.

      8. Good to see the CIA still has got its mojo.

      9. Mr Darwin; Useful Idiot…..
        You whine and complain about everyone else Not 100% establishment. With Mostly the same script on Every single article, for no reason but to antagonize. Why? Your masters don’t Care about you as you are Also a Useless eater. And Just like the rest of us, YOU Will be against the wall when “they” are done with you. So give it a rest already.

      10. The raw beauty of the war in Ukraine is breathtaking to behold.

        Ukraine’s Nazi militia’s versus Russia’s neo-Nazi Wagner Group.

        Old-skool Soviet tactics leading to a vast zit-popping session as Russian T-72s get zapped by modern anti-tank missiles.

        Beautiful Ukrainian women run out of the country and spread around the world to feed the beast.

        NATO getting its show back on the road and, for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, waging an encroaching war into Russia. Russia’s military bleeding out conscripts and equipment at a phenomenal pace.

        And when the big day comes, we will see the most black, the most Muslim Western militaries deployed on an invasion into Russia. What’s not to like?

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