Russia’s Attack Posture: “The Enemy Must Be Destroyed Or Conquered; The Ultimate Soviet Objective Is Total Victory”

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Headline News | 190 comments

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    This article examines the roots of Russia’s eleventh-hour posturing for an offensive and outlines the possible actions they may pursue. 

    (Pictured: Dubbed “The Black Hole Of The Ocean” this Russian Kilo Class Submarine is built with advanced stealth technology and sound dampening tiles. It has a range of 4800 nautical miles.)


    As of this writing, the hotbed is the Ukraine; however, this is the opener, as the main event in all probability is the defeat of NATO and the U.S. in Europe.  The prize: reclamation of all former Com-Bloc satellites previously held by the Soviet Union and the possible conquest of the United States of America.

    Yes, the Soviet Union.  The Russian Federation, if you prefer.  They face a paper tiger: a hollowed-out, command-decimated United States military that is but a shadow of its former self.  We have been weakened from within.  SHTFplan reported in January of 2013 of how our TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System) lining the Gulf of Mexico was mothballed on 3/15/2013, dropping our response time for incoming missiles from 1-2 minutes to 10 or more.  After concessions, command-purges, and downsizing, our fighting forces, once the greatest in the world, are now a skeleton.

    Enter Vladimir Putin.  He vigorously conquered and dominated the Crimea.  The contested point was Sevastopol, a critical Russian naval base that enabled her to have access to the Mediterranean.  February 28, 2014 the Russian military was sent into Sevastopol.  In that time frame, a larger event went unnoticed by most of the world: a blockade by Russian destroyers of Sevastopol harbor.  The blockade kept in Ukraine’s only submarine detecting vessel and a command vessel.  Indeed, it was the only non-Russian ASW vessel in the Black Sea.

    By sheer coincidence, no doubt, the Russians had just rolled two Varshavyanka-class submarines (improved Kilo class boats, designated “project 636”) into the Black Sea.  These Kilo-class subs have advanced stealth technology with the outer hulls covered in sound-damping tiles.  The U.S. Navy has dubbed these the “black holes” of the ocean because they evade both sonar and AWACS.  They have a cruising range of 400 miles and in their complement can hold 8 SAM’s or cruise missiles.  Designed for shallow water operation, they have an extended combat range of 4800 nautical miles and can be refueled.  These stealth boats can dive to 300 meters.

    As you are well aware, the Russians have been running all of the Cold-War bomber routes along the U.S. West Coast, the Gulf, and the East Coast.  On March 16, the Russians began extensive air force drills in Siberia, and communications exercises in the Eastern military district. The Russian Northern Fleet with 38,000 men, 41 ships, and more than a hundred planes are conducting Polar exercises in postures toward the U.S. and Europe.  March 17 saw Russian Iskander missiles deployed in Kaliningrad for SNAP exercises; these can be nuke-capable.  That day also saw a Latvian military report of two Russian “black hole” subs shadowing their territorial waters.

    March 18 saw the Airborne units activated and sent from Ivanovo to the Arctic, as well as activation of Spetsnaz units and deployment to LD (Line of Departure) areas.  All of these operations are slated to occur until March 21, a significant day, because it is Friday.

    All of this is rooted in the plan formulated by Gen. Alexander Shelepin, KGB-Director under Kruschev; he originated a 40-year plan to disarm and eventually defeat the West via strategic deception.  The West, followed by the “release” of the satellite nations, would swallow a “managed” collapse of the U.S.S.R.  Then would come the march into democracy and false-capitalism.  All of this would lead to arms reductions, demobilization, and investment into infrastructure and economic development.  Gen. Shelepin’s pursued agenda was spurring Western hopes of democratization, and then ruthlessly exploiting the situation.  His plan worked.

    An excellent work outlining this plan and Russia’s true stance is J.R. Nyquist’s Origins of the Fourth World War.  In addition to this, read Viktor Suvorov’s Inside the Soviet Army.  Soviet military doctrine has not changed one iota.   The Russian military revolves around one concept: the Strategic Offensive.  The best defensive operation for them is an offensive.  They also believe that the best method of protection is a massive preemptive attack.  And when is the best time for the attack?  Friday.

    Suvorov (the pen name of Spetsnaz and GRU-agent Vladimir B. Rezun) wrote this (p 195 of his aforementioned work):  “In practice, what happened in Czechoslovakia was an operation by a group of fronts carried out swiftly and without warning.  Significantly this operation caught the Czechs off guard – profiting by the Friday evening relaxation of the State apparatus after a working week.”

    The field of battle is before us.  Now allow me to “prognosticate” the most probable course of actions.  The Russians have been prepositioning the subs, and when the moment is right, they’ll pop cruise missiles out of them.  The missiles can reach a speed of 550 mph in about a minute.  Right at the mouth of the Potomac would be perfect for one sub to pop out half a dozen.  One missile incinerates D.C.; one climbs to 300 miles altitude and detonates for an EMP to send the U.S. into the Dark Ages, four more for the East Coast Cities of New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, and Philadelphia.

    The West Coast would see the loss of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  The Russians (and their allies the Chinese and North Koreans) will cut off the pipeline and annex Alaska, driving southward into the country east of the Rockies and cutting the nation in half.  They could then seize the Mississippi and all of the arable heartland of the Midwest.  The invaders would also want the Imperial Valley in CA, and all of the oil of the Gulf States.

    Nyquist on p 201 (of his previously mentioned book) listed two vital principles for Soviet War-waging:  “The enemy must be destroyed or conquered; the ultimate Soviet objective is total victory and not mere survival.”  The Russians are great chess-players.  They play a conservative game with each move a calculated risk thought out many moves in advance until the time to strike.  Then they attack openly and decisively in a skilled and ruthless manner.  They are great fighters.  I know this from personal experience, and not from fighting alongside them.  We are in the eleventh hour; let’s hope it isn’t too late to riposte as the clock ticks toward midnight.  Remember, my fellow countrymen, there’s a Friday at the end of every week.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at


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      1. We just need a war to destroy international Zionism and their banking cartels.

        • The term “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum. Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

          • This piece by J.J. is pure tripe!

            This is Neocon propaganda 101!!

            This crap is aimed at addled patriotic morons who sport their “American Exceptionalism” pinned to their foreheads. These are the same above mentioned “morons” who thrive on Putin-baiting!!!

            Congratulations Mac on giving air to the message of Mordor.

            “Dressing it up doesn’t make it true.”

            • Yes, I agree… this piece by J.J. is pure hogwash.
              I belongs more on sites operated by Steve Quayle or Susan Duclos (All News Sewer-Pipeline).

              There is absolutely no threat of “Russian Invasion” of North America… none what-so-ever!

              But there is an imminent threat of nuclear war with Russia.
              And if it breaks out, Russia will win, and the USA will loose out.

              So why is Russia stepping up military preparations?
              Answer: because the USA is pushing and rat-fucking that country over the Ukraine with the intent of starting a conflict.

              Russia interceded in the Ukraine after the USA spent over 5 billion dollars overthrowing the Ukrainian government and installing a Neo-Nazi backed regime.

              Russia is helping the ethnic Russian speaking peoples of Eastern Ukraine who do not wish to be a part of the collapsing western banking/dollar-tyranny… of which both Russia and China will emerge (after the USA collapses) with gold-backed currencies (the winners).

              The USA has no national interest in the Ukraine.
              The only interest in the Ukraine is to provoke a war with Russia that will somehow (in the sick mind of the DC thugs) distract the people in the USA during the comming economic collapse… and of course conservative retards (who believe in the Neo-con-job propaganda) will line up like good sheep and sent off to be slaughtered.

              Actually it won’t go that far–Russia will launch a series of lightning, precision nuclear strikes against NATO bases, and selected targets in the USA. The war will be over within 24 hours (most likely less), and this country will be changed forever–and possibly Emperor Seotoro will be sitting in a bunker as a temperament dictator.

              Anyone who supports the actions of the USA within the Ukraine (leftist, right or center) is completely delusional.

              • Well said. Anybody who doesnt see america is the aggressor is delusional. we’ve been the aggressor. Russia is just defending against what we do all over the world.
                I also dont believe how a Christian man such as Steve Quayle who promotes end of the world times and then tells you in the next sentence to buy gold from him..
                bring me a wheel barrel load of gold and I wouldn’t give you a steak off of my venison.some of these people think during the collapse you’re going to take gold to pay your taxes ,or buy food,are out of their freakin minds.

              • The US wants the fossil fuels that Russia has. As the arctic melts, all that natural gas in Siberia will be quite desirable.

              • Anonymous said,”There is absolutely no threat of “Russian Invasion” of North America… none what-so-ever!”

                Wow anonymous.So Russia doesn’t really have all those nukes pointed at the USA? Or are you saying that they don’t really work? Are they just kind of sitting in silos for bluffing everyone around the world? And what about all of the Russian troops we keep hearing about in DHS uniforms in Alaska,Colorado, etc? Nothing to worry about you say?

              • BOY MAC,your right over the TARGET,you got every TROLL,snitch,COWARD,and government paid MORON in america after you on this one,HAHAHA,good for you my friend,THEY CAME out of the woodwork to attack,I guess oboozo was shitting in his pants when his goons and paid whores read this…..good work……HEY ALL YOU TROLLS,move to NEW YORK CITY,PUTIN has a big surprise for you coming……

              • Lots of Troll lurk these replies.
                Russia has no desire to reclaim the ProRussian region that lines their boarder, only territory that has been theirs for over 200 years.
                TO say they want to reclaim the Soviet Territory is the Filthy Pentagon Propaganda Spewed by Pentagon Shills. The same train of though would be to say The USA wants to claim the country of Mexico.

              • Kudos for a great post and well said. Putin bashing is all the rage for the Brezhinski New American Century folks, any way to get back into power, and if Jeb Bush gets in this is what you’ll see 24/7.

                • Thank you. I agree with you regarding Jeb.

            • Yourmotherwaswrong: You know your naval weaponry well. This Kilo Class sub is for anti-sub/anti-ship warfare. This is what we call “Fast Attack” like our Los Angeles Class. Russia has only 9 modern SSBNs, the other 9 are relics. On the other hand we have 18 Ohio Class ships with guidance systems that can literally land a nuke in anyone’s backyard given the address. Our subs carry nearly half the nuclear warheads on active duty. The senior officer in our intell unit had it right when he said the Soviet Union was a 3rd world country with nukes. And Russia is a much smaller and older country now than it was 30 years ago. Nothing to see here.

              • Survival blog has a link yesterday to a story about the defcon warning system tweeting about going to defcon 3 (yah apparently defcon has a twitter account) Anyhow, it said we haven’t been at defcon 3 since I think 9/11. The warning was to expect possible incoming and something else. I’ve never really worried much about some foreign invasion but it does feel like we are inching ever closer to ww3 and I really wonder how the majority of America would respond if Russia nutted up and attacked. Anyways I just thought it was kind of peculiar, may be nothing though.

            • I didn’t know there were psychedelic mushrooms in Montana, because this article is a hallucination. Talk about dragging Red Dawn out of its musty closet. The Soviet Bloc fell apart almost 25 years ago and you think they are ready to attack. We, the USA, spends more on our military than the next 10 countries combined. The fact our nukes are on a 10 minute warning system instead of 1 or 2 minutes to try and prevent an accidental launching triggered by a flock of geese or a computer glitch. Everybody knows, or should know, that if even 100 nukes are used, the destruction and radioactive results will be catastrophic and the country will collapse,and we have 1000’s of them. So do the
              If you want me to take this site seriously, show some editing sense and not shovel out such cow manure.

            • Well, this is odd! the exact OPPOSITE of what I’ve been reading in very reputable websites, which tell the story very clearly, in a reasonable way, unlike the mumbo jumbo above.

              For a coherent report of what is actually occurring, please go to Paul Craig Roberts website, Zero Hedge, Global Research, or just read “Crossing the Rubicon” by Mike Ruppert (the book is used at Harvard as a reference book). All these sources tell the same story, namely that its the US which is the aggressor.

          • Every ‘Murican needs to read “New Lies for Old” and “The Perestroika Deception.”

            • As does every Brit (ahem).

              Just a word of caution, though. Nyquist (mentioned by the author of the article above) and his followers interpret all the world’s evils as originating from a single source: a closet Soviet Union thriving behind the scenes in Russia today. When one starts to shut one’s eyes to any other source of evil, pretty soon everything looks like a communist conspiracy. That’s what these lunatics are guilty of. I know this, because I had my fingers very badly burnt interacting with them. They accordingly see no danger in the predatory wickedness of the western elites; rather, they speak generically of the West – especially the USA – in singularly benign ways.

              • You know what, quite a lot of (what’s left of the tattered remains of our) domestic social policies IS a communist conspiracy, or minimally, communism lite.


                • Sure, but who agrees with Nyquist that:

                  ISIS is a Soviet plot?

                  The Mexican cartels are being run by the Kremlin?

                  The Ebola crisis is a Russian ploy?

                  The gay agenda in the West is being directed from Moscow?

                  Just some of the badness in the world that Nyquist and his disciples are pinning on Russia.

            • Never, ever, forget the day Obama was caught on a hot microphone telling medved to tell Putin that he would get more done after the election. He knew he was going to be the president, his masters made sure of that, and he knew he could blow the constitution out of the water with no recourse….

              He exposed himself, and our government as being in collusion with the Russians. Our government created the UN and wrote the document “Freedom from War”, which was then given to the UN to implement. The document made it clear the US wrote the framework for a globalist new world order based around the UN. It also made it clear a police state would be manifest in every nation state….. it also made it clear the plan was to disarm everyone along the way and create an UN peacekeeping force. Truly the masters whip. Folks, your government is guilty of the highest level of tyranny, and that goes back many decades…… it is not of by or for the people. I had an article published in on january 18th, Tyranny 101. Take a few minutes and read it. Part two shows up, scroll to the bottom and start part 1.

              It’s full blown tyranny, and we the people are the lambs to slaughter. Now is the time to network with those who have eye’s to see. The coming days will take a unity of mind and understanding. Prepare wisely, an army runs on it’s stomach…

              • By the way, the state department committee that represented the US in creating the UN was full of commies. Algier Hiss led this committee. There was a reason Stalin and Lenin stated they would topple the US without ever firing a shot….. consider the communist party today. Proud progressive democrats with republicans hiding in the wings….

        • Ruled by Judeo-capitalism, Judeo-Zionism, or Judeo-Communism—are we supposed to appreciate that there is a meaningful difference among such “choices”?

        • Spot on!

          But I just can’t reconcile why ordinary jews don’t distance themselves en masse from zionism… stinks.

          • Judaism and its Zionist offshoot teach that only Jews are human and “Kill even the best of Gentiles.” In this day and age the distinction then between Judaism and Zionism is largely meaningless.


        • Well said. Anybody who doesnt see america is the aggressor is delusional. we’ve been the aggressor. Russia is just defending against what we do all over the world.
          I also dont believe how a Christian man such as Steve Quayle who promotes end of the world times and then tells you in the next sentence to buy gold from him..
          bring me a wheel barrel load of gold and I wouldn’t give you a steak off of my venison. some of these people think during the collapse you’re going to take gold to pay your taxes ,or buy food, theyare out of their freakin minds.
          I noticed the article was written by a war dog, one who helped the International Monetary Fund and the thieving America wage war on the world,then he hides in his mountain home, to hide from all he has helped cause.may God find him

        • I’m just amazed how much paralyzing fear people have. Whether it’s ISIS or Russia or the next great plague…come on. Can’t live your life in fear people. Besides, like it or not, the American military is no joke and is fully capable of making HASH out of anyone still. Now, in 20 years? Maybe not. But everything changes in time. The people so certain and fearful of America’s end are no better than the ones pushing that America is the great exception and will stand for another 1,000 years.

      2. What a crock! US/NATO are the aggressors in this conflict. This article is clearly designed to help blame some future false flag events on Russia when in actuality they will either originate from the West or be cosmically beyond anyone’s control.

        • I don’t believe that there are really any good guys in this prefabricated drive to extinction. On the western side I give you the NeoCons. From the east, we have the Sino-Russian Federation. What we need are lots more Anti-Federalists everywhere. Where can we find a few million Jefferson’s and Madison’s?

          • I think you mean anti-statists. Though it doesn’t sound right, a federalist is one who supports states rights, a statist supports a strong federal government.

        • You are SO very correct FreedomFighter~!!!

          The only thing(s) that this ex beret has correct is that Russia is far more militarily advanced than the US. And that Russia thinks in terms of “offensive” rather than “invasive”.
          Everything else is conjecture at best… and fear porn at worst. And YES I agree that this may be a calculated set up to cover the US’s infiltration via NATO by twisting things around to “blame” Russia.
          BTW… Crimea VOTED.. as in the PEOPLE individually VOTED.. (not a bunch of bureaucrat / politicians.. but the flesh and blood popular vote).. 97+% to re-join the Russian Federation.
          How in heck is that to be construed as “Putin invaded Crimea”?????
          This “ex-I know only war” dude, ought to go do his due diligence / homework before he commits himself to paper.

          • So if Texas voted 97+% to succeed then Obama would just let them go?

            • Putin could send the Texans non lethal aid and then just drop the non like we do. NATO was outplayed and needs to go to their corner and cool down with a standing ten count. NATO is not a country it is proxy armed forces that are out of control and non elected and they lead us to annihilation.
              At least the Crimeans got a vote on it. Us, not a chance.

        • Ding..ding..ding, we have a winner !

          I’m no military expert and I can already see what will happen. Russia will just wait for NATO and the USSA to make their move and counter it. The problem for NATO and the USSA is that Russia has more advanced everything than the US. And the reason Russia can wait for everyone to make their first move is because this is all happening in their backyard.

          The big worry is if the NATO/USSA gets their ass kicked by Russia/Vlad they get mad and decide to go Nuclear? Then all bets are off.

          • Btw, Russia has the most advanced and sexiest looking fighter jets in the world.

      3. I wish them luck with that.THey don’t have the resources to pull that off. Russia can barely hold Russia together. Let alone other countries that really don’t want to be there.

        • Ditto U.S.A.

      4. Fuck Russia.

        • And the Traitor they rode in on…

        • Iowa….. Guess what? Russia doesn’t care about your sentiments.
          They have bigger fish to fry. Like 20 to 50 year agreements with the MAJOR nations around the globe for mutually beneficial trades……
          Your politicians ALREADY sold the land right out from under your feet to the Chinese… do your homework. This new age is all about agreements and MONEY….
          Not “wall street of crooks”……

        • Of course, tin-Foil hat Jeremiah Johnson exposes himself as a NAZI sympathizer. Dare we bother with facts? No way—this conspiracy nut has a theory! Wow! Does Jeremiah Johnson also believe that Justin Timberlake is Elvis Presley in disguise? Did the Loch Ness Monster sink the Titanic? Is Russia coming up the Mississippi? Did he see Jesus in his muffin?

          The grown-up people of the US need to focus on holding the US together. People as dumb as IOWA (Iowa being a state with a lot of imports from Nazi Germany) need to get their diapers changed. US and Crown bankers overthrew Russia through proxies in 1917. If you bought in to the “cold war” junk you are part of the problem.

          Now please, someone change Jeremiah Johnson’s diaper. It’s starting to stink up this site. Maybe pull out a new roll of tin foil and make him a new hat, while you’re at it.

      5. ahh no shit sherlock that is any warring nations outlook

        succeed at any cost.. so what else is new?

      6. The geographic size of USA and the amount of armed people would make this a tough project. Too many armed Americans would be out doing a resistance for it to succeed. Long supply lines are a bad thing plus 330,000,000 population. Regards, James

        • You can’t invade North America. Destroy with nukes, sure. But no one can invade and conquer North America. As you said, supply lines would be too long. Resistance would be too great.

          • Hell the majority of the left would probably throw rose petals at their feet as they came marching in.

            • And then we would know who else to target and clean up!!

            • at the proper time the lefties will be liquidated

            • Obama would be at the front of the line, holding out a red rose.

            • Only until they started to get pushed around. Then I think they’ll see the light and realize what fools they were.

            • Half the country’s already been invaded…

              • No, half the country has been sold off…. and 75% of the jobs have been “off-shored”….. BY YOUR SUPPOSEDLY ELECTED POLITICIANS.
                You can call it an “invasion” if you want to, but YOUR trusted representatives made the deals and made the profit.

          • That’s not necessarily true. No one can invade and conquer the US with a standing army. Today the invasion is by hordes of unarmed civilians called illegal aliens that walk across the border and the Chinese establishing special economic zones.

          • It’s really just a question of starving them out given a long enough time frame. Remember that the estimate for population loss following the collapse of the nations power grids is 90% after one year. Besides, you never attack when and/or where your opponent is strong and/or expecting an attack; wait until they’re weak, starving, and unable to mount a viable defense. Dealing with military assets is another issue, but without industry to keep everything running, lack of maintenance and parts will eventually grind everything to a halt.

          • If Russia and China used neutron bombs on a hundred cities along with a few insurance emp nukes and then let the dust settle for a year or so. They could easily invade and likely conquer….. at that point most people would be tired of the difficulty in just trying to stay alive.

            I suspect a first strike of some legitimate size. With Barry holding the keys to the response, I’d suspect we’d lose, they win. Strategists have made it clear, he who strikes first wins.

        • We would be easy to invade, first set off 2 or 3 EMP weapons, second wait a year or two. How many people would be left at the end of year 2? How many would still be able to fight? We would have starved off or killed each other off.

          • And in a year or 10 the planet would glow in the dark.

            Fukushima times 300.

            Not to mention the rather disgusting but equally disgustingly effective fact that MAD doctrine works wonders.

            EMP the US, three things immediately happen. Our subs launch, the silos we have that are still operational launch, and if anyone has any brains… all the reactor spent rod pools, IF the cooling systems are still functioning… those cooling systems get turned off.

            We can’t survive it anyway.

            Neither will they.

            This says nothing about any fun loving viruses we may have kicking around here and there all willy nilly. Or any suitcase nukes we may have kicking around here and there all willy nilly.

            You get the point.


            I guess if dying is your objective, then yeah it’s easy to EMP us.

            • You miss the point of war. They want us to die. Does anyone really believe the dick in chief would launch ANY weapon against any enemy? Is MAD still in place? The only part of that that will happen will be the nuke plants melting down.

            • You know one day someones going to figure out that you can insulate from EMP’s, and they won’t exactly mean shit for anyone to set off anywhere.

              But hey, What do we need that for right?

      7. 21 March is a Saturday.


      8. Obama Signs Another Executive Order

        “President Barack Obama signed an executive order Thursday to slash the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions, which the White House said is the equivalent to taking 5.5 million cars off the road.

        Specifically, the order aims to cut federal agencies’ emissions 40 percent from 2008 levels over the next decade. It will also increase the level of electricity from renewable energy by 30 percent — a likely boon for solar, wind and other alternative energy industries the Obama administration has subsidized over the last six years.”

        “Obama has been unable to get cap and trade legislation through Congress, and has vowed to take unilateral action on addressing climate change when possible.”

        “The new action is part of Obama’s commitment made with China in November to cut emissions by up to 28 percent below 2005 levels over the next decade.”

        • If that be so, best buy as much silver as you can afore the Chinese do.

        • I’m so glad you came back ky mom. Your research has been missed.

      9. Agree with FreedomFighter. This article is BS. Russia did not initiate the Ukrainian situation, and has been trying to defuse it (even if they helped the Novorusdians from being slaughtered). Attacking a nuclear superpower directly would be insane, and neither Putin or his top advisers are insane.

        • Dear Crat,

          Thank you for your comment and opinion. I wished to present the topic from a purely military and strategic standpoint without assigning blame to either side. My objective was to show what Russia is capable of tactically, supported by their doctrinal history that runs to the present day. I focused on Russia’s actions: no “predetermined notions” of right or wrong on their part. I have been to Sevastopol and was stationed in Novosibirisk for six months; I am well aware of their mindset. If I stood in Putin’s shoes those would have been my actions as well. Technically they were in the right; they leased the base for 50 years. Tactically it was brilliant: preserve their access to the Med. Beyond the technical, the IMF-led charge to depose Yanukovych was nothing less than a bypass, a coup to install a puppet government that would step on Russia’s toes and run a NATO-conga-line into their region. Then Europe would make Ukraine a vassal, dependent upon the dollar and cut off the “breadbasket” to Russia. Further, we would cut off their only access to a warm-water egress (except for their base in Syria).
          Hope I’ve explained my reasons for writing the article.


          • JJ, I do believe you outline a plausible scenario in the article, but I don’t know if it’s the real game plan. I don’t think any of us will know until after the fact.

      10. That story would make a nice book.
        But the reality of it is NORAD is still in Colorado and there are many other bases in Europe that would annihilate Moscow and the rest of Russia. The Russians aren’t stupid. As devastating as an attack like this scenario poses would be, it would not be sufficient to knock out the US and it’s defenses or any of the US forces. Might actually do us all a favor by taking out DC…

        • Rich, if they took out DC, NY, and City of London, that would solve most of our problems.

        • @ rich

          Your last sentence made me LOL because I’ve thought the same thing so many times.

          Two references about vilifying Russia and Putin:

          Since 1983 the USG at the highest level has used CIA disinformation tactics here to prevent another Vietnam Syndrome, in which people here who didn’t buy the warmonger propaganda eventually stopped our aggression. in brief, conditioning the US sheep to ALWAYS see the US as the white hats and anyone who opposes our aggression at the black hats:

          The Victory of Perception Management, Robert Parry, 28 December 2014,

          Also, Vladimir Putin’s speech on 10 February 2007 at the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy, at which he stated his intention to foster a multi-polar world power positioning BRICs as a counterbalance to US/NATO. Our warmonger elite in attendance didn’t like it one bit. You can see a full transcript at:

          Taken together, these documents call the neocon warmongers on their bullshit.








      11. Yes I would normally agree with your thoughts, but sit back and think, could they all be working together, our government is trying to take away our weapons and ammo, our right as Americans we have allowed Putin to fly his bears off the coast several times buzz our aircraft carriers and the list goes on, rest assured ww3 is coming I think the economy will collapse and we will go to war with Russia so the government can say hey the e onomy collapsed but with our relentless persuit of Putin we have saved America I think the government is very aware of the comming collapse and they are going to use war to save America if you need a refresher look up the history of the Great Depression and the following WW2 that happened. Putin is our Hitler

        • YE RMG-
          America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

          Abraham Lincoln

          I think he knew something .

          • I think we have already been destroyed from the inside

            • By Lincoln

          • Lincoln was a tyrant, had he not won the war, history would not so revere him and our children wouldn’t grow up thinking the civil war was just about freeing slaves and hundreds of thousands of evil white southerners died fighting just so they could whoop their neeegruz. Him and Obama share many qualities IMO. And he used the slaves as a tool much like Obama is using the Mexicans.IMO. Fuck Lincoln I guess is what I’m tryin to say.

        • RMG, I agree. Remember “glasnost” and “perestroika” back in the 2nd half of the 80s before the USSR went out of existence? During the 90s, certain Soviet defectors came forth revealing a master Soviet plan to deceive and defeat the West. Check out a book called “The Perestroika Deception” by Anatoly Golitsyn. Very interesting reading. I still tend to think the globalists are still playing the US and Russia against each other. In any case, we are being set up to take one helluva fall. I will still stand and fight regardless.

          • Amen, BH.

        • The unarmed Russian fighter jet did not just “buzz” the US carrier… nor were they “allowed to do what they did”… the EMP / scalar technology disabled the electronics on the carrier for 7 hours…. they were dead in the water and could not move.
          GEt your facts straight.

          • Watcher

            Was a Destroyer. USS Cook. Affected only the Missile systems.

        • @ RMG

          seen on the internet;

          I would trade one Obama and two Clintons to have a President who loves America as much as Putin loves Russia.

          Notice … the Bear and Bison flights in international airspace near our territory began AFTER the US/NATO warmongers deposed a popularly elected Ukrainian leader to install their own stooge. And began acting aggressively against Russia.

          Ukraine for 350 years was part of Russia. Ninety-four percent of Ukrainians in eastern and southern Ukraine voted to join Russia.

          Ukraine was never part of the US or UK. Although centuries ago it was part of the Polish-Lithuanian confederacy.

          The US warmonger propaganda is designed to instill belief among the sheep the “we were so nice to them and they are so mean to us.” Its success depends upon widespread ignorance among the US population. It’s been VERY successful.

          Do the bankster suckups have a unique right to demonstrate military prowess? Did you catch the video of the USS Donald Cook, in the Black Sea, when a Suknoi shut down its Aegis System? No, that’s not NATO aggression. (sarc)
          Look on a map. It’s like a Russian battle cruiser sailing in Lake Michigan. I guess that’s only aggressive when Russia does it, eh?

          See my comment up ^ thread.

          • It is as simple as Donald Cook black and Obama white and nothing more than a school yard bully taking his football and going home. Then blowing the stadium up because he cannot be quarterback. They don’t want truth Mr Allen. They think a nuclear exchange is survivable. Let them be.
            Truth would be capping the Japanese sizzles not poking a bear with a golf club. Their fiction is our fact.

        • Audrey Thomason, the other woman in the picture when Osama went down, other then Hillery, supposedly wrote her college thesis, The Apocalypse Equation. The jist of it was since they all knew the Ponzi scheme was over, an agreed upon nuclear exchange would take care of all their problems. Their, being those vested in the new world order via the UN. If the US, Russia and China decided to launch a first strike together, they could bury the economic collapse, and kill off the ninety percent they have made clear they want dead. To save the planet of course.

          The powers that be would pick the city’s they most want destroyed, likely based on ethnicity or the like. They purge the world, and then pick up the pieces and start the new world order. The elite, and the serfs in every country. A new slave based world.

          The Apocalypse Equation. With neutron bombs, this becomes feasible. Given the demonic stance of the worlds leaders, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

      12. FROM the outset; this article appears to be a crock of BS. HOWEVER; from a Russian perspective; its ENTIRELY plausible; regardless of what WE think here in the states. The Russians truly think; in conjunction with the Chinese and assorted terrorist groups; they can actually pull this off and Succeed. And I hate to say it; but they just might be Right. Our enemies are almost legion around the world; and we are right now; in a COMPLETELY weakened state; Thanks to O’Bummer & Company. It IS possible; athough it would be a tough paper route.

      13. Dude watches too much FOX entertainment news…

        • NO JRS , not really , but he failed to mention WHY Russia is all puffed up like a chicken hawk and war gaming the arctic .

          ht tp://

          Its just a response to the US in europe.
          All fun n games with a little chess .
          BTW theres a cool interactive map that explains what all those US troops are supposed to be doin and where .
          Its for public consumption , but interesting none the less .

          • I have an idea .
            Putin likes to wrestle tigers and act all macho , right ?
            Well a REAL show of machismo for Obama would be to go to Montana and poke a grizzly that just woke up with a stick and wrestle it into submission , while wearing his “mom” jeans .
            I firmly believe this would make Putin think twice about messin with the US .

            • Hammerhead I think that is a good idea. I know Barry O is really a macho bad ass and can kick a bear’s ass. Lets show them Ruskkies how tough we are by having him do it

            • JJ (the author of this thread)>>>>>

              It’s funny in an off-hand way, methinks…as the “odd thing” per being a true (conservative) American nowadays, seems to orbit around.. our past/bygone glories, victories & high-five moments..

              …you know, the (cue martial music w/ Old Glory fluttering in the background)..and wholesome images of ‘mom & apple-pie’ slathered across our cerebral / mental flat-screens..with rapid-fire video images of the silent “grunts” who’ve fought & died for such an ideal..


              ***—(rest in PEACE brothers & GOD BLESS)—***

              ..cue Taps………..& salute!

              ..all inter-spaced amid a solemn chorus of:.. “..GOD Bless America” ..reverberating from manifold throats, in precise choreographic unison!!!!

              ..give me a break, dude!!


              FYI, that re-occurring ‘trip-down-memory-lane’ loop feed…is now a dead end! Its been blocked..cordoned-off and quarantined, by the real enemy of human-kind!!!

              ..all the while..they’re feeding your / our hunger, for a limited & approved return to such..via soaking the airwaves & cyber-space w/ controlled countless blogs, & radio/TV shock-jock gurus, bloviating scripted propaganda & psyop-agendas..

              ….call it Orwell’s 1984 symphony in Shoah-business mode(B-minor)!!!!

              But..’tis actually a control medium, so as to herd us into “CATEGORIES”…for future re-programming, $$$/party line-voter donation lists …and / or elimination.

              ..whilst seriously gambling(w/ the your life & your progeny’s).. hedging, that the other guy(Russia, in this case)..won’t “pull the trigger” they “fuck” with their country / peoples…

              ..all in the name of profit, power & hegemony, of course!


              Whilst never referencing the ‘solid / sound advice’ of (our)country’s founders…you know, those brave guys who fought, bled & often died..back during the Revolution(1.0)…so as to bequeath LIBERTY unto we, their future beneficiaries.

              The founders advised, we trade w/ everyone, avoid foreign entanglements & misguided treaties..and to monitor / limit FEDERAL POWER & remain a moral, GOD-fearing people etc..etc. -(see 18th century American history)-

     the end of the day, they believed / hoped, that by sanctioning / quantifying, self-evident GOD-given “individual” rights…they were in effect, guaranteeing the survival…of the experiment..we call the USA.


              IMO, per the (immediate) above…said “BELIEF / HOPE”…has been hijacked…and!

              ..thus, we the real beneficiaries..have been condemned / ostracized, to the nether margins of the debates..swirling about the controversial topics we hold dear..even and unto the shared belief system..we acknowledge as that of our forefathers…being the same!


              To those who want to ‘chest-thump’ & growl/grrrr/snarl at the Russians, our “Talmudic-regime” antagonizes my guest & knock yourselves out!

              ..but be forwarded..if & when you see a blinding-flash or two, on the horizon or closer, ..bend-over and kiss-your-ass-goodbye…..

              ..then mutter “thanks to the Khazar-bastards” & their paid followers who’ve orchestrated…this drama..for the benefit….of ‘their’ g-d (satan).

      14. I hope Russia and Incorporated realize they’d be in race against the so-called US allies that would move quickly to pick over a US carcass …

        There’d be so many blue helmeted NATO troops rushing in to “assist” that there might not be room for a real invader.

        • IW, a helluva lot of those blue helmets will be ‘ventilated’ before it’s all said and done and those will only be part of the invasion force.

      15. When the economy collapses, martial law will be ushered in nationwide. During martial law, guns will be confiscated. Look at Katrina and other natural disasters where martial law was instituted. Since Russia is an excellent and calculated chess player, all they have to do is wait. It looks like we would be hit from all sides. With the Russian soldiers that are already in the U.S., they probably have a plan to hit from the interior. But the American people will not go down without a fight!

      16. I used to believe in Golztsyn theory. I have his book and that was the Soviet blue print for World conquest. However, the author tells you a one/sided and biased view. I have documents when Kissinger and his Trilateral gang came to Moscow in 1987 to seduce Gorbachev to give up the USSR and join the Western Capitalism. Gorbachev was playing a double game. He needed technology and investments from the West to infuse his dying Communist system. He gave some freedoms but like a child, when you give people freedoms they want more. The KGB plan spiraled out of control.
        I was in Russia in April 1992. The country was destitute. Long lines of people waiting for food, discontent, regions wanting to break away, etc. A civil war broke out an Yeltsin smashed it. I do not think this was the original KGB plan written New Lies for Old. The Jewish Oligarchs and Jews from Wall street came like wolves and raped Russia financially. Russia was nearly ripped to pieces. The same nearly happened with the Bamboo curtain in China in 1989. You see, you can not have a NWO *New World Order( with different blocs. The Iron Curtain and the Bamboo curtain had to be destroyed and incorporated into the Western World.
        I do not think USSR wanted Serbia to be destroyed, NATO on its borders, Libya, Syria and now a war in Ukraine. The author is obsolete. I agree with him Putin is a die heart Nationalist and hates what the USA has become. I am a Gulf War veteran and hate what America has morphed into. I left the USSA to Germany to get away from the country before it collapses. Russia has built a formidable military while we were wasting trillions in the deserts fighting third world countries and killing millions. Russia quietly has built a superb military and just like Hitler, Germany battered by a economic depression, sanctions, poverty, humility, rebuilt their military. Now, they are prepared to end this aggression by America and restore their glory. I am married to a Russian and have been their 6 times. People, like everywhere, want to live.

        • Based on your experience, do you believe Russia / Putin has any desire or plans to expand Russia’s territory past Crimea and further into Europe or even outside Europe?

          • We are the ones sending military there. Ukraine was Russian territory for hundreds of years and they are slavic too. I do not think they will invade. Russia has special forces there anyways and a joint Russia and China declaration of dumping the dollar is enough to destroy the USA. That is why they are moving to their own swift system and buying gold.

      17. Jeremiah,

        Good article, thank you for your service. I did 10 years myself: Korea and Vietnam. You guys need to pay attention to what’s being said. He’s giving all kinds of back-up and references, and its obvious he sees what we can all see if we look hard enough. He didn’t blame nobody, just showed what the Russkies can do if they try hard enough.

        Y’all keep your eyes open. Later.

        • Ignored, like the intel that reported Russia has amended their first strike doctrine. They don’t heed the advice of greybeards anymore Lonesome, but that news sure perked my ears up. Like a shoe pounding on a podium.

      18. Well if the Chinese are in on it that would give them a hell of a lot of bodies. But with an EMP they wouldn’t really need them, the population would die off and they could walk right in. I’m sure the US would have their subs ready to retaliate and lay waste to parts of Russia,China and North Korea. Nobody would really gain.

      19. Why post this propaganda BS? Russia has been content to leave us alone and work WITH us on the ISS and other projects —UNTIL WE instigated a coup in Ukraine, so we could park our missiles right on Russia’s doorstep. WE/NATO are trying to surround Russia as we speak.

        We don’t need this kind of BS. We need to UNITE to take down the globalist elites who are the REAL enemy of mankind. We don’t need to commit billions of our tax dollars and hundreds of thousands of America’s young people to a war we shouldn’t be in, on a place we shouldn’t be.

        Articles like this make SHTFplan no better than MSNBC.


        • I think I’ll take a break from this site.

          • try Off The Grid news

          • Sixpack. Missing you already. xXx

        • Another government troll?! The greatest threat to peace and freedom in the USA And Globally exists here in Washington D.C. and the corporate criminals who have bought every American politician, who are promoting Empire and hedgemony because the neo-cons believe we are ‘exceptional’. If we are on the brink of war with Russia it is 100% on these people. I agree with sixpack, this is no better than the absolute nonsense coming out of the mainstream Ministry of Truth propaganda government news agencies, just pathetic and insulting.

        • Amen brother. It looks to me like Russia is the only nation that can block total world domination by NWO maniacs. China, Hell, they’re the “model” for what the powers that be would turn the entire world into if given half the chance.

          You want to see the 90% reduction in the world population as called for in the Georgia Guidestones. ..take Russia out and then it’s game on for the NWO. And THAT is exactly what the staged coup in the Ukraine is all about. Taking Russia out.

          Putin and Russia know it and are preparing accordingly to defend themselves. I’m having a real hard time not seeing them as the good guys in all this.

          • Fully agree with you brother, but don’t be insulted when an old timey flag waving march in the parade type patriot calls you a pinko commie! ha ha

      20. Think of it this way sixpack, these are opinions of what can be happening, in reality we don’t know what, when or how all we know is that we will die eventually. The question is will we stand up and fight to the end in what we believe in.

      21. We have better things to worry about than whether Russia will kill us. We have to concern ourselves with the feelings of people that don’t know what gender they are, the feeling of blacks subjected to “micro-aggressions” and “micro-racism”, the feelings of women, who are every bit the equal, nay superior, of any man, but somehow are continually oppressed, etc.

        This is what’s important in pitiful America.

        • Musashi:

          You work for CNN? Or maybe Ellen Degenerate? You are, at the very least a slobbering illiterate liberal who seems to know nothing of the ‘real’ important issues facing America.

          I passed by your post several times hoping someone else would take you to task. Most here must have felt as I did at first. At the least, laughable. At the other end of the spectrum, pitiful.

          • Wooosh! That’s the sound of Musashi’s post flying over your head POG. Pure sarcasm/satire on his part to illustrate why most Americans will not even know that Russian activities are a concern or how we got to this point. He was reflecting upon the typical attitude seen in our society today and how such trivial concerns as ‘microaggressions’ are considered WAY more important than any actual issues like potential thermonuclear war.

            If you weren’t so pissed off Granny, perhaps you’d have a sense of humor? Off your meds today? I got what Musashi was saying entirely. You obviously did not and then treated him to the typical round of name calling and presumptions of your own superiority like most liberals do.

            This site has truly degenerated and deviated away from it’s ideals. If the reactions on this site from people during good times is so angry and unbalanced, I can’t imagine how some of you will react when things get real. Granny, I wouldn’t want to be any where near you during tough times. You’d likely blow a gasket because you misunderstood someone due to your meds being unavailable during SHTF.

      22. Russia can take over the USA. Look at what the F#$K is in the white house. This POS would surrender with in seconds if Putin grabbed him by the balls(he would like it) and told him to surrender.
        When that happens is when the world would see the TRUE PATRIOTS come flying out of the wood work. The good old USA would have an awaking like has never been seen before.
        The only way the nation could be defeated is by someone thing that is 100 years more advanced the us.
        Remember what you see on the front line of our military equipment is out dated by the things we have that is top secret.
        Could there be an war or an attack sure there could be and there would be a lot of death, and the world would never be the same.
        We at this time would not be defeated!

        • Dum Spiro Spero

        • I wish Putin could grab that usurping muslim sumbitch by the balls and end this conflict without nukes flying…we could be so lucky.

          • I find it incredible that anyone would jump to defend the very same race-baiter who has almost single-handedly destroyed what was left of our country. I would spend my rent money to see Putin get a hold of obama.

            The misconception here seems to be, that taking down the usurper-in-chief, is the same as taking down the American people…to be perfectly blunt and UN-PC, the HNIC does not represent ME or my interests, and never has.

            I would not mourn his passing.

      23. Total fantasy. This piece was either written by the CIA or a well meaning but (very) misinformed individual.

      24. Sarge, I’m not looking forward to what’s coming at all. Don’t know how or when but I’ll still stand and fight regardless.

        • To the last rebel breath.

      25. Regardless, even after all that. There’s still those pesky 300 million known firearms they have to worry a out…

        • Never understood that number. Just the people I know have a total of around a million altogether. Guess some place don’t have any.

          • Southron, in my family’s area alone, there’s more guns than people.

      26. Why would anyone WANT to conquer America ? Wait a few years, and you can buy it cheap at the foreclosure sale.

        Of course, you get a few hundred million useless eaters to go along with the purchase, so consider that as well.

      27. Bait and switch… sucker the Americans in to Europe, then strike Alaska. Rest assured…Obama is probably in on this with Russia. Trojan Horse Obama…

        The only resistance will be a small part of the military and the Americans who will stand and fight.

        Mexico will be offered a slice of America, to cause trouble on the border.

        Get ready to shoot in a circle, because we will have no friends to count on.

        • Chinese on the West Coast, Rooskies on the East, Mex’cans on the Border, Yanks from the North. Time to order more Ammo.

      28. All of these operations are slated to occur until March 21, a significant day, because it is Friday.

        March 21st is a Saturday. Just saying.

        • I saw that too , right ?
          Seems to take the “significance” outta it .

      29. The fact that we’ve been pumping in troops and tanks to the Baltic States and pouring air assets to all the NATO countries bordering Russia for months has gone unnoticed. Sending troops to Ukraine!! We’ve pushed naval assets into the Black Sea!!!! Bells Bells!!! Can we be any more blatant to the world that it’s us who are spoiling for a fight?

        Are we so brain washed by our own propaganda to believe, that every country who doesn’t do our bidding is obviously evil?

        Good on Russia for running their drills ….. In their own country!! I would be freaking concerned if they were pumping tanks and AFVs into Mexico, with soldiers to the Mexican Border and naval assets into the Great Lakes and the waters between Vancouver Island and Canada!!! But they ain’t!! Good Lord! What a Bull Shit article.

        England, Germany, France, Italy, half of Asia, BRICS New Zealand and possibly Australia have signed up to China’s new Bank. It ends control of the IMF on global finance. We control the IMF ….. So it effectively ends our control over all global finance. We’re sunk! The world is telling us to go fuck ourselves with our rules and regulations. In the last few days, the U.S. has demanded!! and even ordered our Allies not to sign on to the Chinese Bank. The U.S. Dollar is dead.

        That’s what’s going on!!! Write about that would ya? Not some hair brained fantasy that the Commies are coming! Your article could have been taken straight from an MSM news room. Written to provoke Anti Russian sentiment on behalf of our Nazi-Zio-Propoganda War Machine.

      30. That’s enough fear-mongering for me, I’m going to a different site. I heard offthegrid news is pretty good.

      31. To who this may concern The FEDCOATS have been very busy, stocking weapons , ammo ,heavy equiment, food they can take per POTUS EXC ORDERS ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY. , I believe it may be called PREPOSITIONED AT STRATEGIC POINTS . POTUS has removed many real AMERICANS from leadership , and many have been cut loose. Some of our enemies are inside the gate. When POTUS first came into office he ran guns into mexico,not all of his gun running did we see .So our enemies are many and we should not think they will wear a uniform of another country. So with that said we will never be able to stand their first assault but our trust in GOD we know how it ends for our enemies , WE WIN THEY LOSE .THE TREE OF LIBERTY NEEDS WATER . To the poolitcal bands we will DISSOLVE YOU .I trust GOD and know I will be on right side of history. My name is Mike Day I AM A SON OF LIBERTY.

        • Mike Day, welcome aboard. You’re in the right place. Again, welcome.

      32. War drums are getting louder and we have fuckers here actively trying to ban guns, ammo, and body armor. Russia wasn’t bothering anyone until the west overthrew Ukraine, threatened war, and moved military assets into Eastern Europe to encircle them. The agenda was going on for years with the missile shields and the Georgia incident in ’08, it’s just reached a crescendo now. The surrounding satellite countries of the USSR were a buffer against invasion and they lost a lot of land after the collapse.

        Modern Survival Blog has an article called US Nuclear Target Map. I’m not sure how accurate it is but it’s worth a look.

      33. The twenteeth century was the turning point in man kind.

        It became easier to kill millions than to control them, and cost effective.

        If they do come knocking on the door it is not to move in with you, it will be to replace you.

        Why worry about trying to control a hostile populas, when you can eliminate them and replace them.

        Look at all the Chinese, this would be the perfect way to relieve their over crowding and colonize all in one shot.

        The object is to take the US with the least amount of damage, but eleminate most of the population.

        Look towards this for the answer of what is to come. But do not rule out total destruction if there plans do not play out.

        They want the prize, but will destroy it to survive.

      34. Once the subs of China, Russia and the USA reach Firing Depth. It’s Flash, Boom and Heat. Don’t worry. Your President will be alive to give you an update of Ferguson, Mo.

      35. The twenteeth century was the turning point in man kind.

        It became easier to kill millions than to control them, and cost effective.

        If they do come knocking on the door it is not to move in with you, it will be to replace you.

        Why worry about trying to control a hostile populas, when you can eliminate them and replace them.

        Look at all the Chinese, this would be the perfect way to relieve their over crowding and colonize all in one shot.

        The object is to take the US with the least amount of damage, but eleminate most of the population.

        Look towards this for the answer of what is to come. But do not rule out total destruction if there plans do not play out.

        They want the prize, but will destroy it to survive.

      36. my ? is who really wrote this bullshit of a zionist propagandized misdirection blame the ruskies report?

        shtfplans ‘wanna be’ jeremiah johnson needs to pull his head out of his ass and learn a little more of current events , asian/ central europe history.

        jeremiah johnson is a fuckn joke of a alt news writer and now has zero creds in my book.

        an in the know american veteran

      37. THE REAL THREAT to zog amerika is still and always will be amerika’s master NUCLEAR ARMED ISRAEHELL and the international zionist jews.

        the russians are being forced to fight back or be enslaved by the international zionist jew bankers as zog amerika has been since 1913.

        my ? is who really wrote this bullshit obvious propagandized misdirection blame the bad bad bad commie ruskies report?

        shtfplans ‘wanna be’ jeremiah johnson needs to pull his head out of his ass and learn a little more of current events , asian/ central europe history.

        jeremiah johnson is a f*ckin’ joke of a alt news writer and now has zero creds in my book.

        an in the know american veteran

      38. It seems this writer must be studying at Kimberly Kagan’s Institute for the Study of War (Kimberly is married into the same Jewish Kagan clan as Vicky “F**k the EU” Nuland). The more likely scenario would be an Israeli sub off the coast launches a cruise missile, like the one that hit the Pentagon on 9-11, but this one is nuclear. My guess is that NYC or L.A., with their large Jewish populations, would be the targets to dispel suspicion that Israel might again be involved. Our Zionist press would immediately broadcast that it was identified as a Russian attack, just as they knew Bin Laden ordered the WTC attacks before the smoke cleared. War is declared, with a Blitzkrieg through Poland into Russia. Of course, Russia responds with theater nukes, and the mad Neocons get the game of Global Thermonuclear War they have have wet dreams over. Putin launches his old Satan SS-18 liquid fueled missiles in a use em’ or lose em’ gesture. 300 million Americans are just collateral damage.

      39. I’m terrified of all the Russian Spetznaz soldiers in my neighborhood. They hide behind the bushes, sneak around in peoples’ garages. I even caught one hiding under my bed last week! They are just waiting for the right moment to attack.

        I’m so frightened of the Russian Spetznaz that I don’t even go outside anymore to the grocery store!

        • I found a Spetznaz in my ass. {SARCASM}

          • Braveheart:

            So how did you dislodge it?

            • 🙂

      40. Their children are raised learning how to use an AK47.

        Our adults run away screaming in terror if a 6 year old chews his pop tart into an “L” shape.

        Does anyone really think they stand a chance against us?

        • A perfect summation of the times, Sharon.

      41. The hollowed out fighting forces of which you speak are the foreseeable result of spending cuts you idiots have clamored for. You morons bemoan the results of these cuts but are unwilling to pony an extra penny in taxes to rectify the situation. The lack of logic and reasoning skills demonstrated here are appalling. The only possible sliver of a silver lining to your stupidity is you are too stupid to survive in the even of a SHTF event.

      42. Things will start to heat up around or shortly after June.
        Just spoke to my neighbor (officer in army reserve) and he was told he will be getting deployment orders in June. Two of his buddies, one army, one af (active duty) were told the same. Destination unknown but definitely to be deployed. Something going to kick off in a few months.
        Not sure if it will be ME or Europe.

      43. The West Coast would see the loss of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

        And there was much rejoicing. Yayyyyy. ._.

        One missile incinerates D.C.; one climbs to 300 miles altitude and detonates for an EMP to send the U.S. into the Dark Ages, four more for the East Coast Cities of New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, and Philadelphia.

        AND then they all die over a period of 15-20 years. Need I remind you how radioactive the entire planet gets if you pop off an EMP over the continental US. Not from retaliation, from all the nuclear power plants.

        Have fun watching your 57-eyed kids die of dysentery you morons.

        • We Fukushima’d some folks.

      44. I doubt the Russians will attack anyone. They just are trying to keep from being attacked. Nonetheless, not to all them: we in my city are a peaceful people and have NOTHING to do with this. Don’t take out any aggression on us. We are NOT involved other than as conscious objectors.

        • Exactly,
          To the Russians,,,
          Please turn DC to glass,,,,
          We will hold a parade in your honor yearly!

      45. why in God’s name are we poking the bear?

        • Risky Whiskey—

          Per the “WE’ thingy…..I ain’t poking ’em….neither are you…nor are most Americans.

          ..Sad to say…’tis the gawddamned joos in our & the EU’s governmental the money-masters of the various stocks / bonds markets……..-(same tribal affiliation, of course)-

          ..who’re sexually obsessed-infected w/ “Dr. Strangelove syndrome.”

          ..funny how a quick/curtsey review of Ukraine’s current (tribal) junta….is overwhelmingly ‘kosher-approved’…

      46. The #1 threat to peace in the world? World polling suggests it’s the United States

        The controversial speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s to Congress had one purpose: to convince U.S. officials and the Israeli and American public that Iran and its nuclear energy program poses a dire threat.

        “Iran’s regime poses a grave threat, not only to Israel, but also the peace of the entire world,”

        Netanyahu said.The U.S. Congress certainly agrees with Netanyahu. But much of the rest of the world thinks Iran has a right to enrich uranium, which is at the heart of the dispute between the U.S. and Israel and Iran. More importantly, the rest of the globe thinks the United States is the biggest threat to peace.

        In early 2014, Gallup International/WIN released its annual global survey based on research conducted the previous year. The most striking statistic was that 24 percent of people around the world believe that the U.S. poses the greatest threat to peace.

        The runners-up were far behind: eight percent of respondents thought Pakistan was the greatest threat, while six percent thought it was China. And only five percent of those surveyed thought Iran was a threat to world peace. The numbers are based on interviews with 1,000 people in 65 different nations. (The survey published this year did not contain the same question.)

      47. Jeremiah,

        PLEASE do some historical and legal research before undertaking such an opinion. Your article sounds like a “cut and paste” from the mainstream presstitutes.

        I am fortunate to have in my circle of friends Russian expatriates who include PhD’s in Russian and world history and US DoD advisers. Though well written and grammatically correct, your article is simply a regurgitation if the propaganda on the daily presstitute media.

        I don’t mean to bust your chops, but in SHTFplan I expect more accuracy even in op-ed articles.

        • Mr. Mines,

          I must state for the record I do not avail (rather, subject) myself to any such mainstream media pressitudes or deliberately-fostered misconceptions. I post this reply to your words because you wrote them clearly and (in my opinion) objectively, according to your personal experiences.

          Our government (under Clinton) subjected the Serbs (once our allies in WWII) to a relentless, unconstitutional bombing campaign. The sorties were directed against civilians and military targets and destroyed infrastructure unrelated to mission parameters. The Serbians (naturally) were aligned with Russia. I personally fought against Russians as well as Serbs. I spent the majority of my time in Novosibirisk not as an analyst but as an operative in the field.

          I did not wish to engage in a protracted conversation in my article about political bantering and the IMF-sponsored coup of the duly-elected president of Ukraine deposed in 2014.

          I merely wished to present the possibilities for Russian action should they engage us in combat and their doctrinal paradigms formed through decades of military operations.

          Sorry if I aggravated you. For a thousand-word article, we’re just scratching the surface. The topic merits an article ten times that length. Unfortunately this venue does not lend itself to such a piece.

          Have a good day.


          • “I did not wish to engage in a protracted conversation in my article about political bantering and the IMF-sponsored coup of the duly-elected president of Ukraine deposed in 2014.”

            Please forgive my frankness…

            BUT, of course you didn’t want to engage in such a conversation, because you know that if we closely and honestly examine the “political bantering and the IMF-sponsored coup of the duly-elected president of Ukraine” that the whole premise of your article would be systematically torn to shreds in the comments, just as it has been.

            I wasn’t going to visit this site for a while, but after reading through the comments here, I feel too much at home to leave. I think that it would be in YOUR best interests to review the massively intelligent comments here, and reconsider YOUR view. Your experience seems to come up short of the truth.

            I understand that your personal experiences in Russia, have influenced your perceptions of Russian policy. I’d just like to mention that, if one day I was to be robbed by some thug on my way home, that I would not use that experience to claim that the entire American populace was a bunch of violent thugs, out to get me. One does not represent the whole, and the minimal dealings you may have had over there, does not represent the whole either. We all tend to only see what is in front of us.

            Just so you know, I am of Russian descent, but born and raised in America. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Russia. I don’t dispute your view, just the blanket application of it upon the whole arena.

            The thing about ‘blankets’ is that they tend to hide most of the details and distort what little you can make out of what lies beneath. That’s why blanket conversations are usually used by the MSM to COVER UP facts that don’t fit the intended narrative.

            Personally, I resist “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” tactics, and IMO, your article serves as a reminder that there is much work to be done, to unite the people of the world against our TRUE enemy…the globalist elites who have us ALL by our bank accounts, and our short hairs.

            We should aspire to regain the fighting spirit of the Russian people. We had it before, but somewhere it has been lost in normalcy bias and laziness and fear.

            Please Jeremiah, think it over and try again.

      48. Why is this article even posted at this site?

        This national security state, police state mentality is what is making the SHTF in the first place.

        It is what brought us to where we must prepare for the SHTF.

        So why would anyone want to listen to this Jingoist war-mongering BS?

      49. With respect, my money is on Dave Hodges’ recent article at wherein he describes that Russia will invade Alaska and launch its attack on the U.S. from both Alaska and up from Mexico.

        With respect, Mac, that article deserves to be at your site parallel to J. Johnson’s.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Dave is a Russian hater as well. He can’t see the forest for his hate of the trees.

      50. Was at the range today, just plinking with my 308 and 300wm
        Was looking around at some of the folks there,
        Had this overwhelming feeling that things will be ugly when it all comes unglued,
        The more i think about it the more i am liking the one bullet policy my sweety has, one for her one for me and were set free

        • Come on kula just stay the course. I know you don’t know me but I have found wisdom and education in some of your posts. Would love to meet and talk with sometime if I ever get to the islands.

        • Kula:
          I don’t go to a public range any more too many scary people, that makes you think WTH.
          I have my own range, I’m very lucky.
          Firing off a couple rounds the other day my self. It has been a long and very cold winter and I didn’t get out very much.
          Had two Nagats that I reworked, shot great.
          Getting to shoot is almost as good a sex. ALMOST!
          Hang in there my friend.

        • Kula, that’s what I’ve always called a “last resort option”. When eating a bullet is the better side of what you face. I too, would rather end it quickly, than to face inevitably being tortured and hacked to pieces. That’s about the only time that should apply, unless you’re dying from the last stages of some horribly painful, incurable disease. I do believe in mercy.

          Stand down friend. It hasn’t come to that yet.

      51. I have read some real horse apples in the comments section today, all you folks spouting off about the “superior ” Russian Army need to do some research on the subject. The ONLY place the Russians enjoy any appreciable advantage over us is in Strategic Nuclear Weapons. They HAVE been upgrading their nuclear weaponry in the last 10 years, while we despite urgent warnings from numerous military leaders, have not . As for conventional forces we are still superior. Has Obama degraded our forces, yes. Has he degraded our command structure,once AGiAN yes. However to say we risk being over run and have Russian forces on the Mississippi , that’s absurd fantasy..despite Draconian cuts our Navy is still the largest in the world, and we still enjoy a advantage in tactical aircraft. To think the Russians could pursue a war where several east and west coast cities are nuked as well as Washington and not be met with a massive and ruinous American counter strike is also fantasy. We could and would retaliate, and in the end only the cockroaches would emerge victorious. China is a much more menacing potential future adversary in my estimation than Russia.As for the EMP attack do any of you really believe that we do not possess the same capability Russia and China are just as vulnerable to such an attack as we are. All of this article is just fantasy.

        • Well said. Look at the what the Novorussians just did to the Kiev junta. A core of a couple of thousand fighters crushed far superior numbers, and took their weaponry. The “Russian” tanks in the news are Ukrainian T-72’s from the Soviet era, now ready to fight the next Kievan blitz. The only way Russian or Chinese troops are going to get here is march, since the USN is still our Great Wall.

        • Absolutely NONE of that, puts us on the moral high ground in Ukraine, bigblue. Might does not make right, so put your dick back in your pants, we’re not comparing sizes here. We’re talking about a life changing event that both doesn’t need to happen, and that we’d like to AVOID.

          Just because you COULD beat someone up, doesn’t mean you SHOULD, nor does it make you right of you do.

      52. This piece was clearly written by the team behind Red Dawn. Look, I have been to all these countries and seen first-hand their militaries and capabilities. They are nowhere near capable of launching a conventional military attack against the US or North America. The Russian military is effectively a homosexual ‘fight club’ filled with drunks and bullies who spend much of their time abusing recruits and extorting sex from local teenage girls and boys.

        I do agree they could mess with non-conventional weapons but then so could anyone. Anyone with some brains, discipline and a plan could execute a very disruptive event on the US. We have been lucky most terrorists are stupid, cowardly, lazy and lack the ability to effectively follow through on things. Very lucky.

        If the North Koreans/Chinese/Cubans/Russians tried to jointly invade, they would be killing each other pretty quickly after victory. More than likely most of their aircraft would crash on the way due to mechanical failure.

        • Whatever helps you sleep at night, Frank.

      53. The EU is akin to the communist control of the soviet blocs. It was originally set up by communists. We are already sick of the Troika and it’s 10,000 of endless laws and treaties, which have already destroyed our sovereignties.
        We’d probably welcome change to be honest.

        SHTF is a great site, but most Americans don’t seem to get what’s actually going on in Europe.

        • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, ATO. We’re limited to our own biases, fed by life-long brainwashing in our so-called education system. Few of us overcome that deficit and manage to think for ourselves. Even if we manage that, the control over what info is available to us is huge. We’re definitely starting from behind.

          I, for one, welcome any insight you might have to add to the narrative. You opinion counts just like mine/ours. I might just learn something.

      54. When I first heard Joel Skousen’s prediction regarding war with Russia, about 2 years ago, I thought he was nuts. Basically, he said we (the USA) would goad Russia and the rest of the world to hate us so much, we would be eventually attacked with nuclear weapons. It would be at that point, the secret powers that be, would roll out the alien technology, and wipe out any opposition. Then the new world order would be rolled out. He said there would be no currency collapse. I wonder. Is all the politics, and all the posturing, just a smokescreen? All kabuki theater? Methinks the rabbit hole goes far deeper, and they are happy to let everyone focus on everything other than that.

      55. The Russians don’t even have the population needed to invade the US or any other large land mass. Saw a blog the other day that claimed the Russians were going to invade us over land through Canada. Really? Ever been to northern Canada? No way. Ridiculous. People can print anything they want. We don’t have to accept it as true.

        • Exactly: the last thing the Russians would want is to inherit 45 million black Americans and God knows how many hispanics. What would they do with them?

          I might see them grabbing Canada, however, because Canada would be a tasty acquisition, and, as of yet has not degenerated as far as the US. Canada would be pretty straight forward to invade: the country has a military the size of a small city police force and is spread out over the second largest country in the world. The Russians also know the environment very well and can fight extremely effectively in cold places. It would not take much to grab the capital and the two biggest cities.

      56. The quickest way for a nation to die is to underestimate its enemies.

        Or fail to know who they are in the first place.

        • Absolutely Sharon, and there is no honor or glory in annihilation the most vulnerable you can find, then declaring “victory”.

      57. Although this website has posted a great deal of good information in the past, the current post contains so much misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies as to be sickening.

        It is the U.S. and its NATO puppets that are pushing the world toward war. The Soviet Union no longer exists and Putin is far more honest than the bipartisan lying criminal slime that currently infest Washington.

        There is not now nor has their been any “Russian aggression” in the Ukraine. There has been and continues to be U.S. aggression there.

        Because of the near total blackout by cooperative U.S. “news” organizations, few Americans know that the U.S. orchestrated the violent overthrow of the Ukraine’s freely elected government in February of this year. The State Department employed the arrogant and foul-mouthed Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) employees, CIA Operatives, Black Ops specialists from Academi (formerly known as Blackwater), and about five billion dollars to achieve regime change in the Ukraine. Nuland’s performance, by the way, proves that not all neoconservatives are Republicans.

        Google “Who Killed the Republican Party” to find out why this matters. When war comes (and it is coming), it will be the lying, murderous neoconservative American traitors who are responsible, not the Russians.

        • Yes FB, and when some alternative news try to point out the discrepancies, people call THAT state-owned propaganda, trying to minimize the message. It doesn’t even matter that the message is coming in from real boots on the ground…WE over HERE think we know better what’s going on. (not counting the usual paid govt shills, who claim to be from there).

          Hell, this country even says that the Ukrainians had no right to vote their self-determination. The justification is that the referendum was “fake” or that the people were “coerced”.

          We just can’t handle the fact that we don’t know everything, and know it better. Nice post.

      58. Yes, US may have the advantage in a conventional sense although that is what makes the current situation so dangerous. If the US gets too close to Russias borders and decides to have a conventional exchange with them, Russia will use the nukes as they will allow to be overrun. Unfortunately the idiots that are pushing The Bear near these limits are the neocons and think tanks who make billions of dollars for the military contractor / wall street. A very reckless situation caused by these idiots. If there is a conventional exchange like that occurring it wont be long before it goes nuclear. In that case society will go nuts here in the US and martial law will be declared but not possible to stop the craziness that will ensue.

        • If nukes do fly, may they be aimed directly at the head of this snake…

      59. Every since i had that russian spetnatz up in my face in The Galleria of Houston, Tx, it changed me on the russians. I realized quickly that what Steve Quayle, Hawk, a Hodges were saying was a sickening fact. My female friend posted that link on her facebook page and before we knew it, within 20 mins, a russian, all musclular built just like me and i am a bodybuilder and a martial artist. This son a bitch scared me, he was 5’11’, 26-27, and extremely musclular, let me repeat, he was extremelay muclular, and i have won contest, and he looked really serious, more muscular than me. He demanded to see the computer, so i told him to step outside, My little girlfriend who ran the shop was so shocked at what happend, since i warned her not to post the link on facebook, which she did. So i informed him that i am from north Houston, so he told me he was russian and i told him i am red neck, from the north side, and that we will be ready when shtf comenses. I belive me , and am not certain, but he might be spetzatz. I talked to one of my cop friends a former veteran from the Irag war and he thinks that he was possibel spetnatz, and met the criteria. Needless to say, he jumped in his white lexus, sponsored by American tax payers money and drove off. Now its Jeden Helm, the new mass invasion of north Texas, the supposedely drill. Obviously on standby to await to make their move after the upcoming false flag, which they will pull right in the middle of it, to get the domestic terrorist, all whites with guns….So this being said, i can mention that this not vietnam and most of the people in my area are not rice farmers.. Welcom Vlad, you have come to right city. Your boys will not like it here, you might as well call it off. I have this strange feeling that i have just made the red list. According the leaked report, the entire sate of Texas is considered hostile, and was colored in all Red. That drill is nothig more than and excuse to place military equipment on standby to get ready to force north american union on Texas, since Texas will breakaway. This is is going to be a possibly war by September 2015.. This is not looking good at all. I taught the russian was giong to attack me, i was prepared, he looked at my shoulder, my legs and my feet, as he calculated the attack, he knew that i was like him, a martial artist. So he decided to move on. Wise decision on his part.

        The Great mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the engagement, you aught no worry weather it ends in victory of defeat, let mother nature takes it course,and your tools will strike at the right moment,
        Bruce Lee.
        The Tao of Jeet Kundo.

        • “might be”, “he thinks he was possibly”? THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BASED YOUR OPINION OF THE ENTIRE RUSSIAN PEOPLE ON? Are you kidding me?

          What you should have realized, is that you POSSIBLY met ONE alleged Russian, that was an asshole—but you don’t know that for sure, do you? You might consider reserving your hateful bias until after you’ve actually met a few Russians, in different circumstances.

          Boy, I’d hate to shop in that store…what store was that, BTW, where snap decisions about a customers entire ethnicity are made, based on nothing more than a few seconds in passing?

        • You’ve got way too many “maybes” in your post to be credible. What’s your game?

      60. In what part of the world “in the year of 2015” will the 21st of March be a Friday?
        My calendar says Saturday, 21st of March, in fact the world Calendar says Saturday is the 21st of March
        Now last year had a 21st of March on a Friday.

        So I would say w e are pretty safe

      61. Wow
        double speak:

        how can you claim not to censoring, when you have to moderate, before posting?


        • We receive about 5,000 spam comment posts daily, which is only manageable because of automated comment moderation… Unfortunately some regular comments are forced into moderation as well until the system ‘recognizes’ a regular poster.



      62. Uhh, that is how all dickators, communist and liberals talk. It is really nonsense and actually a lie.

        It is actually their DOOM!

      63. So the silly yanks think that Russia is the aggresor as the USA and its NATO puppets move even closer to the Russian border.

        Russia has no fly’s on the USA when it comes to stating wars and people in europe no longer see americia as a freind after starting trouble with our freinds across the border.

        if i had my way we in europe would point our weapons at the USA and tell them to leave our lands but we don’t have control of any of the missiles over here because we have a occupation force calling the shoots and jewish bankers runiing our money markets.

      64. Wow! What an amazing plan! Total invasion of the United States! Using nukes too! Brilliant! But all your planning has just one little thing wrong. The 21st of March is a Saturday….not a Friday. Other than that small mistake…..brilliant plan. (stupit freaking moron)

      65. Running for what? please reset-up & try to live a piece’s of ur age that makes u infant. Always truth became .. l vote Jesus and feel in to good Moscow

      66. I’ve read many theories as to how our enemies would attack us. They hate us and want our wealth, not that we’ve got much in the bank but our true wealth in the ground, farmland, whatever.
        The means of attack has been underway for decades and it has to do with all the legal/illegal immigration which idiots support.
        How it all happens seems to be an impossibility but anything could open the way. I’ve been interested in how Russia and China have been making headway into the Latin Countries and now Cuba is opening up. The way they do it ‘reluctantly’ seems to fit into the patience of our enemies. Opening Cuba would give good cover for the need of improved land and seaports. The maneuvering in the North is also interesting as Alaska would be a good beachhead. With the cities in turmoil the military would be focused on them and once given the go ahead all the preplaced groups would easily get the ‘poor downtrodden of the cities to go on a rampage such as we’ve never seen before. It’d take the white targets a while to even realize that their love of multi-culturalism does not immunize them from the hatred built into our enemies.
        Of course there are books and articles written that cover all this so the only question that needs answering is will this come before, during or after our financial system is completely destroyed.

        One thing is certain and that is they hate us and would like nothing better than to be able to rampage through our country and take what they want and kill like they’ve been threatening to do for, seems like forever.

        I base a lot of my thinking on the Great Attack pointed out in the Bible. Unfortunately all this is a result of our stupidity and the false “love” of many.

        There can be only one boss on this planet and this coming war will probably be the one which settles the argument.

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