Russian Strategic Bombers On West Coast: Did They Take Down Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Systems?

by | May 6, 2014 | Headline News | 343 comments

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    air-traffic-controlWith the situation in the Ukraine escalating and the US continuing to call for sanctions against Russia’s financial and political elite, Vladimir Putin is now not only mobilizing tens of thousands of troops on his Western front, but sending intercontinental strategic bombers across the Pacific Ocean. According to the US military, it’s the first time since the cold war that Russia’s incursions have come this close to America.

    What’s even more alarming is that Russia is making it clear that any attack on the Motherland would likely lead to widespread bombardment of western interests. Nuclear capable Russian bombers have been spotted all over the world as of late including in Guam, Japan, South Korea and Europe.

    Gen. Herbert Carlisle, Commander of United States Air Forces in the Pacific, acknowledged a significant increase in the activities by Russian long-range strategic aircraft flying along the California coast.

    There was no comment about whether the aircraft were nuclear capable, but it has not been since the Cold War ended in the early 1990s that Russian patrols have skirted the West Coast and California.

    Other than fleets of Russian bombers making passes in close proximity to U.S. interests, the military hasn’t reported anything else out of the ordinary.

    But last week something weird happened in Los Angeles and it likely involved a high altitude fly over.

    Air traffic controllers at Los Angeles LAX airport reported that their computer systems were overwhelmed and crashed, leading to hundreds of flight delays and cancellations across the country. According to an NBC News investigation the outage was caused by the flyover of a U-2 spy plane. Apparently the 1950’s class spy plane entered LAX airspace at about 60,000 feet and its jamming systems crashed not only the primary air traffic control systems used to monitor and direct commercial airlines, but the back up systems as well.

    A U-2 spy plane is being blamed for a software glitch at a Californian air traffic control center which led to delays earlier this week.

    According to NBC News, the U-2 was flying at 60,000 feet, but air traffic control computers were attempting to keep it from colliding with planes that were actually miles beneath it.

    The computers at the L.A. Center are programmed to keep commercial airliners and other aircraft from colliding with each other.

    The spy plane’s altitude and route apparently overloaded a computer system called ERAM, which generates display data for air-traffic controllers. Back-up computer systems also failed

    But within days of the original report, disseminated across broadcast networks all over America, the Air Force officially denied that it was a U-2 spy plane, claiming they found the glitch but provided no reason for what caused it:

    It’s still not clear why the U-2 flew into the L.A. Center’s airspace, or why it didn’t give advance warning of the flight, as per usual. According to NBC News, the nearby Edwards Air Force Base and NASA’s Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center (located at Edwards) “have been known to host U-2s.”

    But an Edwards rep said no such planes are assigned to Edwards, and a NASA rep said that none of their U-2 planes were flying on Wednesday.

    The U.S. Air Force, on the other hand, confirmed that it had sent out a U-2 plane that day — but denied to that the spy plane caused the airport confusion. The Air Force Times has more:

    Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren confirmed that there was a U-2 operating in the area. The Air Force “filed all the proper flight plan paperwork … in accordance with all FAA regulations” and was conducting a routine training operation, Warren said. The FAA has issued a statement saying technicians have “resolved the specific issue that triggered the problem,” but the agency did not say what the problem was. FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown declined to comment about whether the U-2 was connected to the computer problems at the control center.

    With the revelation this week that Russia has deployed strategic bomber fleets for fly-by’s along our West Coast to gather intelligence and test their capabilities, is it possible that someone flipped a switch to see what would happen?

    The Air Force likely knows what caused the outage but refuses to share details, which suggests that either the United States was engaged in a military exercise and they want to keep it under wraps, or, it was the Russians and going public could further inflame the already heated geo-political climate.

    Both the United States and Russia have advanced stealth and jamming systems, either of which may have been responsible for the LAX outage. But one particular technology stands out, especially considering that Airforce technicians had to step in to resolve the issue.

    The United States, Russia and China have been testing non-nuclear capable electro-magnetic pulse technology that can be deployed either via a missile or a attached to an airplane while it travels in proximity to a particular target. Unlike the nuclear-trigger Super EMP Weapons capable of taking down the electrical infrastructure of an entire country if detonated about 200 miles above the earth’s surface, non-nuclear EMP technology is a line-of-sight weapon that can be directed at a specific city, building or computer system.

    In the United States a similar weapon is called CHAMP (High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project ) and is manufactured by Boeing.

    We hit every target we wanted to. We prosecuted everyone. Today we made science fiction into science fact.

    We took out everything.

    Granted, no missile was detected over the United States within the time frame that LAX computers were taken out of service, it’s important to keep in mind that CHAMP, while advanced, is known to everyone and the technology is already at least half a decade old.

    It’s certainly possible, and probably likely, that Russia has similar technologies and ones that do not necessarily require a missile to deliver its “payload.”

    With bombers flying right along our coast, did Russia take the opportunity to utilize a new advanced technology to target specific components of the air traffic control system, sending it into a frenzy?


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      1. Oh shit. Why didn’t I put two and two together? Good article. I wouldn’t out anything past anyone nowadays. Get ready, folks. Pray,pray,pray.

        • Yeah, it’s certainly kind of odd…

          And if you go back several years there had been reports in the Pacific right off the coast of missiles being spotted… Then a few days later they had to drag that Cruise Liner in by tug boats because all the electrical system went down…

          Look at the date of these two reports:

          Cruise Line without power (reportedly caused by an engine room fire):

          Mysterious missile spotted off California coast – Pentagon still has no answers:

          November 9, 2010 and both incidents occurred off the West Coast.

          Call me a nut, but somethin’ ain’t right.

          • From things I’ve learned from military personnel, law enforcement, federal workers, computer specialists in international corporations, etc… and of course the idiotic stories of the lamestream media trying to cover up overt actions of other countries, we’ve been in a “luke warm” war with Russia and China for quite some time.

            And things are heating up quickly.

            God bless you all.

            • Just Putin telling Obama —

              ‘We got plenty more where that came from ……

              • Drought in California, earthquakes in Ohio, expensive gas, common core, Boston bombing, war in Syria and Afghanistan, Ukrainian crisis … (this list could go forever)
                Of course all of these happening because of russians and Putin!
                What a M.F.kers!

                Typical shorted mind of US doomsday preppers.
                Can’t agree with you guys.

                • Noname, kinda sounds like a new Billy Joel song, doesn’t it?

                  • Let’s not forget that the U.S. and NATO has piled up forces on Russia’s borders already. Even IF what you say is happening, is actually happening, it is not without provocation.

                    Or lemme guess— How dare those Russians give us some of our own medicine, we’re ‘mericans and we do what we want, because we’re the good guys…USA, USA, USA.

                • You say I see Conspiracies , I say your blind and Uninformed!

              • Defiant don’t buy it Putin and Obama are in bed
                together this is a setup to kill america

                • I hope that isn’t right Swampratt,

                  but it does seem like it’s almost

                  a case of the turkey picking a fight

                  with the axe, doesn’t it?

                  Anymore, I wouldn’t put a thing

                  past that treasonous POS in the

                  mosque they call the Whitehouse.

                  • This entire “cold war” with Russia reinvented strategy is all b.s…as was the prior so called cold war during the 70’s and 80’s..all fluff and propaganda on both sides..but never ever any threat of real nuclear confrontation..just more fear-mongering to keep the proles in check..period.and obviously is still a religious practice amongst so called enlightened folks 50 year later..

                    The biggest threat to mankind is the likes of the IMF, World Bank, Bank of London, Federal Reserve and all their situational ilk worldwide..

                    We are being played once again,as always by the ptb,and nearly everyone buys into the game..proles once again.

                    Nuclear weapons and emps are old technology in the grand scheme and the current weapons of war are far too advanced for that old notion of direct combat conflict.why do you think they are shrinking,all the world powers,their manpower and navies worldwide?

                    It’s because they have new weapons of war ,not military, but technology,weather,droughts man made,pharmaceutical genocides,monetary weapons of mass destruction,viruses,all easily deployed in plain sight and nearly no one ever notices..

                    Yes there will still be conflicts and death by military prowess..but far fewer than previous history..

                    We are indeed in a brave new world..

                    Study it ..research it is here..embrace it for what it is and individually defeat it..

                    We must come to grips to the new reality ..


                  • John Q Public

                    I saw that times of Israel article within the past couple days. Anything that references Newsweek and their “anonymous sources” shouldn’t be trusted. Newsweek is a left wing rag and has a sordid history of BS reporting. Just google Newsweek scandals.

                    If you’re interested in some numbers take a look at the Defense Security Services 2013 report on the Targeting of US Technologies.


                    East Asia & the Pacific account for 50% of the targeting of US technologies (increase of 88% in FY2012 vs 2011) vs Near East at 16% (43% increase) and Europe Eurasia at 9% (13% increase).

              • Yeah…and didn’t Obama literally laugh in Romney’s face when Mitt pointed out the impending threat of Russia? Idiot.

              • Of course those are old planes. They might just fall out of the sky without warning. You never know.

            • U2’s don’t have jammers. The whole purpose of a spy plane is to be invisible. Knocking out all the navigation kind of lets people know you are there.

              My bet is on the Bears.

              • Not to mention the U-2 no longer exists but is now a NOAA research plane using a highly modified U-2. We actually had U-2 planes fly on and off the carrier I was on. They were used in certain areas of the world where the threat of being shot down was not that high. The SR-71 was sent to the dangerous areas. There also would have no reason to be jamming over L.A. Most likely the antiquated FAA equipment could not handle a illogical track at 60,000 feet and froze while processing it. You can do the same thing by getting on a network and asking for the value of PI to some large value.

                • I’d like some amplifying info regarding your claim of U-2’s on a carrier. No catapult or arresting capability. Long takeoff roll and even longer landing. Probably impossible to bring aboard a carrier even with an automated system. 103ft wingspan as compared to the old Douglas A-3 (which I ave flown) with a 72ft 6inch wingspan; the biggest aircraft actually built to operate from carriers.
                  Remember the Doolittle raid? They had to bring the B-25’s on with a crane, kept them strapped down on deck until launch and then there was no coming back. Sure the newer carriers are bigger but there are limits…

                  • A U-2 did operate off a carrier, but only once.

              • Right, you know what U2 Spy Planes have because you fly in one to work everyday, park it in your garage at home each night, and work on it all day for employment….

                It’s called “Technological Advancement” Google it…

                • A U2 is a glider with a jet engine attached to it. It was design to fly high and loiter for a long time. Even if it was possible to cram some ECM gear into it, There is nothing to power it. This sort of operation requires brute force. Lots of energy. It just plain dosent exist in a U2

                  • Just takes 28 volts

                  • All it needs is 28 volts driven by a couple of amperes.

                • OK Mick, I learned something today. But “Suitability Trials” are a far cry from operational capability. The vid showed only day and twilight ops and a stable deck. I’ll concede somebody came up with this crazy idea but I still doubt it would work in bad weather, night or rough sea. No mention of what the fuel load limit would be at takeoff nor what limits there were on the improvised tail-hook apparatus. The plane’s keel must have been significantly beefed up to handle the stress. Also there was no mention of the official after-action report.

                  @”Lost”: as you question my credentials, I confess I’ve been out of military cockpits for years but I was involved in flight test work (A-3, A-4, A-7, and F-18 programs)as a, “Test Pilot” long after Orville and Wilbur were out of the business.

                  • There was only one U2 built for carrier operations. I don’t think it ever did see operational status but who knows.

                  • U2s are Still Very Much In Operation And Are Based At Beale Afb Ca. I Was Assigned There From 93-2005 And Held The rank Of Ssgt. The U2 Can Be Configured To Carry Out A Multiude Of Missions To Include Radar And Signal jamming, Recon And So Much More.

              • Not exactly true. U-2s have Electronic Counter Measures (ECMs). One of the counter measures they have is that they can electronically project an image of the aircraft somewhere else. This is used to fool SAMs or Air to Air missiles.

                • Careful…if you are an “old crow” you know to stay quiet.

              • The Moscow Circus variety,… Or the Pandas ?

              • Ed mine too


            • My .02 on Barnes & Noble

              Such a business model will never work. These stores occupy a large amount of expensive commercial space. How many books would they have to sell to pay the bills? The profit margin per book would have to be huge. Bookstores have traditionally been small, hole in the wall shops in locations other than expensive malls.

              • You Only have Two Days….As the Blackbird flys….

              • Profit margin on books IS huge. Even “remaindered” books selling at ten cents on the dollar are still making a profit.

            • And the obamarrhoid is eviscerating the US military as fast as he can, along with all the rest of what used to be the United States of America. This may not end well.

            • I think it would be so stupid of Russia and China to even think they have a chance. The lifes a war like this would take out is so sense. Cause the end is what God allows not one man or men will make the out come go their way. I know if I was Russia nukes that can hit a country on one side only and yet the country you nuke can Nuke your WHOLE area. Think that would be very STUPID. Men and their egos. Fighting over flipping LAND! To me sorry I laugh cause what ever Russia feels they will gain is dumb. This little boy must have been brain washed as a kid and want the mean coldness back in a place that had came around. It is sad anyone would want to look back. And I been saying it for years… We the USA just keep buying this bull crap from China then cry about them! It is DUMB! Stop giving your money for them to build weapons that will kill us. And too think of how many people backed Mitt! And he is one of the biggest givers to China.. SMART 😉 So wake up stop doing those things. And pray like you should have already been doing. At the end of the day only One God. And God bless everyone. And God bless anyone that would die in such a DUMB war. I do believe our people know what they are doing. And fear drives the public here in the USA to know more and more. The more you know the more the other places on this earth know so be happy they do not share, and when they share stuff about our weapons on the history channel SMILE cause that only means we have stuff that blows that stuff out the water! Give your country more credit. At least do that. No matter who is in Office I do not see any president laying down. Russia can show their hand. Shrugs ego’s keep that in mind. O well my thoughts on it. O and I believe we allowed 911! So not like I love our government. I do KNOW HOW DIRTY WE ARE!

              • ugh my typing above lol sorry sleepy and going to bed. Sorry for such bad typing please try and understand it lol

          • Basic strategy and tactics dictates stretching your opponent as widely as possible kinda like the Global variation of the Monroe Doctrine to sustain Dollar Hegemony or otherwise indirectly known as war for oil. The principle purpose is to spread an opponent to the point holes or breach points can be attained. Politically, this is done by simultaneously using a Top-Down, Bottom Up approach or effectively Inward, Outward Pressure.
            What makes the present situation even worse is, we’ve been contributing to globalization, Agenda 21, re-institutionalizing Eugenics, and etc for over 50 years and sustained in de-development and slowed invention and innovation.
            When you come down to it, the de-development, beneficiaries of globalization, and etc, the next major war will likely be very bad for the US.

            • honk

          • Mac, as I recall, both of those incidents occurred on the same date. the missile was purportedly fired from a submerged Chinese submarine to send us a message. Then we get the report about the cruise liner’s electrical system going out of service. That Chinese missile must have been an EMP weapon. Pentagon will NEVER admit to a Chinese sub near our shores.

            • There’s a third thing that happened too, Braveheart, that most people don’t know about.
              The Chi-coms took out one of our satellites by playing pool with some Rooskie crap in space. I had confirmation of this from two different a sources a year apart, one military and one non-military. Ask around about it and you may find out some of the details.

              Like I said above, we’ve been at war with them for awhile.

            • They already have boomers off our west coast, but our govt would never admit it. All the pieces are being put into place, and its almost checkmate.

              • Don’t worry, your pretending president Barry Soetoro (you know the one raised by the commie poet, recommended to school by the commie, befriended by the commie bomber, introduced into politics by the commie, started the commie organization in Chicago, funded into the not-so-white-any-more-house by commies…you know that guy…whose name meaning ‘lightning from heaven’ is synonymous with the true founder of communism) will single handedly save us from the commie threat on our borders. It only SEEMs that he has strategically weakened our military in a myriad of ways. He’s really made us stronger than ever and the Yellow and Rus Hordes won’t know what has hit them when the Kenyan pretender lets them have it.

                Sleep tight.

            • We will win, final score: 2,000,000,000 to 400,000

              • What wit! (sarc off)

          • Hmmmmmm, a curious phenomena to be sure, but U-2’s have been flying for 50 years without a similar incident in the USA that WE know of, so I am not buying that idea.

            On the other hand, I wouldn’t put a “live fire” exercise past OUR military even if it could jeopardize American lives in civilian airlines. Just the same that kind of testing could be done in the lab, easier, quicker, and cheaper.

            If Russia were capable of during this, and I a sure they have that capability, why would they want to disclose it when it could become so valuable in a real war? The flight alone would be a “message”. They need not disclose military secrets as it gives the enemy an opportunity to adjust and harden their facilities.

            One of the reasons that Russian planes hug the American coast is to electronically monitor and record American military communications.

            The other is to check radar frequencies being used so that they CAN jam them at a later date. They probably collect civilian data too, take it home, and practice shutting down similar equipment and frequencies at home.

            So whether done by the Russians or the Americans I think someone actually did make a mistake of some kind, aka “the Glitch”.

            Gremlins are everywhere!!! 🙂

            • Unfortunately, that particular U-2 was out of Beale AFB, in northern California and was indeed one equipped with highly sophisticated electronic intel gathering gear. U-2’s routinely “shadow” the Russian bombers along the Pacific Coast, as has been standard USAF SOP for decades now. this wasn’t any kind of “Russian event” at all. It’s the result of crappy outdated FAA equipment that still has not been upgraded thanks to our incompetent Congress and Administration. If, one wants to speculate or infer that this was somehow a Russian “test”, to inflame the fears of people who cannot manage to research information on their own, Mac succeeded in spades. I spent 8 years in the USAF, most of which was working with the intel capabilities of both the U-2’s and the SR-71’s out of Beale AFB, which has been the home for some time now of the USAF’s most sophisticated over-the-horizon electronic intelligence gathering capabilities.

              • Thank you. Someone has to drown out those war drums, before we get our own dumb selves killed.

                • Sixpack- If these idiotic politicians want to sent troops in to fight the “Evil Russians” then we should make all of them create a new Congress/Admin brigade and THEY can all pickup a rifle and go fight. Leave our troops outta it!!

                  • There we go! That’s a new take on “accountability”.

                    I guarantee there won’t be so many little incursions and wars that way.

              • Good stuff, Egbert. When I worked on MM III EMP protection, I learned how hard it is to do anything to the power grid using nuclear yields. Fearmongers find plenty of believers with tin hats at the ready.

              • The LAX ATC outage was caused by a U-2 training flight (they fly hundreds of them each year in the southwest)…but it wasn’t due to “jamming”, it was due to the aircraft’s flight path/duration, and actions by the air traffic controller. ECM doesn’t jam large areas (like an EA-6B/EF-18 Growler), it simply helps protect the one aircraft it’s installed on. The ATC system wasn’t antiquated, it’s only a few years old. The Russians didn’t do it…the Boogey-Man didn’t cause it…it was a computer error. If you’re ignorant about the facts, you shouldn’t act like you know what happened, or why.

            • They know all of our frequencies as most of our radars have been around for a long time the SPS-48 has been around since the mid 1960s. It is the primary height finding air search radar on Navy ships. There are no live fire exercises around any airways. Most of you people no nothing about how things really work and jump on any half assed conspiracy that comes along. Pretty sad.

            • Have to agree with DK. The US government is most likely the culprit. This year’s Tuskogee airmen incident. More are likely to follow.

            • It did happen years ago on the whole eastern seaboard. It was done from our side.

          • Cruise Line without power (reportedly caused by an engine room fire):

            Is that the one that was rescued by The Ronald Reagan and the passengers were extremely upset with Spam for dinner?? 🙂

          • I remember that BS line of it’s a planes contrails off the coast of California that created the missile plume look. IMO, it was a test to see how fast America’s Air Force responded.
            I think the cruise ship was hit by a tactical emp missile, because the Navy immediately sent an aircraft carrier and support ships.
            It will never be known or acknowledge, but we know China and Russia have run their subs inside United States Waters. We have done the same I’m sure? The Cat and mouse game.
            All in all, we the American people will be hung out to dry, because our Government does not care what happens to us.
            One can only think how much longer things can keep going the way they are right now?
            Expect the unexpected.

            • They care about us, just like a chicken farmer cares about preserving his chickens. We are their stock in trade.

          • Could it be that the powers that be know the only way the U.S. Gets out of this debt jackpot is to default. So the U.S. Gov has told Russia and China that we have to default on our debt.

            We said we are going to default but we want you to be prepared. So China and Russia have been given time to buy as much gold as they can. This will cushion the blow to them when we crap ourselves and gold goes to 5000 an ounce or more.

            So they have been buying gold as fast as they can. Also China is buying other hard assets, like farm land, mine and other commidities. They are doing this by using the US treasuries they have.

            So the gov lets them get prepared as they continue to kick the can down the road until the ultimate pull the plug day. The American people will have their SSI, pensions, 401k and other retirement instruments destroyed leaving 90% of the people financially devastated.

            The gov will pull the plug when China and Russia say they are backed up enough to weather the default by the US.

            I have nothing to base this on except my own thinking. This is now NWO thing. I dont believe there is a NWO. Just the US letting its people take it in the shorts for the gov debt.

          • The ship was to be towed to the closest port = mexico but was diverted to the navy base at San Diego, a much greater trip. strange indeed.

          • We have a microwave missile that functions much like an EMP only you can turn it off and on. It can do a flyover and zap multiple targets and be selective. They have to test it somehow.

          • This is incorrect. The cruise ship lost power in the Gulf, not on the west coast. So I WILL call you a nut and tell you to keep your tinfoil hat on.

          • So you FINALLY figured out the connection between those two events. But you have not put the third activity in to the moment. The third activity was the U.S.S.Reagan having pre deployment flight ops off the coast of California that day! It was the Reagan that went to the rescue of the stranded cruise ship. It stopped flight ops and turned south toward the cruise ship and head there at full speed.
            When carrier air squadrons are practicing landings and take offs off the coasts they do not carry jet fuel on the carrier. it is shipped by barge out to San Nicholas island to be stored there.The carrier pilots will come to San Nick to refuel before continuing their landings and take off.The time Reagan got the word to go to assist the cruise ship there was a F-18 on deck
            refueling at San Nick.He was going to go back there but because the ship had sailed over the horizon he did not know where it was.So, to get high enough for the ship to see him on radar and the fact he had a full load of fuel he did what any jet jockey would do.As soon as he left the runway he pulled it back and hit the afterburners and went straight up! THAT IS WHAT WAS FILMED THAT DAY!
            He had to get high enough so they could vector him back to the ship. I worked for a company that use to transfer the fuel from the barge to the island.Experienced observers even say it was two engines and the object was spiraling.Just like a jet pilot is taught to do.And now you know.

          • I would to know, just who in the world didn’t get it when the potus said “we’re 5 days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America????? And by that, I mean, every aspect right on down to turning his back on all of allies.

          • A completely irresponsible article no wonder the feds monitor the drudge report for posting this shit.

          • A completely irresponsible article no wonder the feds monitor the drudge report for posting this shit.

          • least ye forget children we are short one U-2 that I know of


        • The US Military was too busy spying on Americans, arming domestic police departments with Military gear, and starting new wars in other countries to think about actually protecting America or our airspace. The Costly Fraudulent US Military is basically worthless and useless. Ever take a close look at the true average enlisted person in the Military? Its their last refuge for a job, as they would never cut it in the private sector. Why do you think 65% of the people in Afghanistan fighting are contractors? We are doomed folks. Get your preps ready and in place today.

          • Spot On!
            I’m in health care and took care of soldiers at a special ops base for 3 years and your exactly right. Most were degenerates who couldn’t make it in the private sector. I was floored. The degeneracy goes straight to the top–base commander too. I’ll never work at a base again. Now, i’m former Army and I clearly recognize there are a few top notch soldiers out there but yes, the degenerate is ubiquitous.

            • Josey go to hell. I’ve never bombed on anyone on this site before but you make me vomit. 12 people agreed with you. I had teeth pulled by one of your health care proffesions. You know the ones that could not make it in civilian life. The Army paid this butcher to be a dentist and was angry at the world be he had to fullfill his duties for school. To pull teeth that were just crooked he cramed his knee into my jaw will grabing on pliers . No joke. But because he went thru ROTC hes not a “can’t make it on the outside” These idiots came in the arms room after rifle practice to turn in there dirty rifles ROTC cadets don’t clean weapons. I pull back slide only to have round fly out . No big deal. Let an enlisted loser do that. My eye sight has never been the same after dentist caused massive damage. “Drill sargent” for cadets when told live round in rifle just smirked an ROTC cadet did a wooping 10 sloopy pushups. That’s O.K. You say you were in the Army? Where you a degenerate? I went in 1975 at age 17 and have perminate problems that I don’t recieve a dime for. When I got out had trouble finding a job. I finnally asked interviewer if I messed up being out of the job market for 3 years.”I’ll deny it but we don’t hire people out of the military” 20 years old and I’m a life loser. I lied on next interview and said that I was bumming around the country for 3 years. I was hired on the spot. The army started calling people for 2week reserve duty. I was fired for lies on job application. I still came with a good attidute untill the CO cursed that he had another #@*@ resevist to deal with.
              Yes my spelling is bad as I am pissed. My country pisses on me. A high and mighty cute like you pisses on me, and from the reviews most of you agree.
              I hope the SHTF and I meet you and your starving children. I will piss on their dying ass. For the rest of you who think those who give there youth to their country- Fuck Off. I thought the people in this forum where better. No. So all you “degenerates” that want to inlist – don’t. The high and mighty hate you and love those with rich daddies.

              • Mike,
                calm Down , been there brother enlisted in the USMC also in the Late 70’s times were not to great in the Carter years , you were In the big green? Things were rough back them it was the E-6 ‘s / E-7 ‘s that kept it all going they later became the officers of the 1980’s era.
                Most of the enlisted back then with families had to accept food stamps just to get by .
                The field equipment was mostly broken and not serviceable , readiness and moral was at an all time low. I remember it well, to forge iron into steel you must pound and shape it , each time of hardship refines the metal we are made of.

                Bad things never last forever all things in time pass , you just have to have endurance and patience and trust that things are going the way it should outside of our understanding , GOD is in Control.

                We survived , the change of administration was beneficial to the armed services , we few never wavered in the obligation to each one of our brothers that served .

                We few EVEN IF WE DO NOT REALISE IT have a skill that will be valuable in the days to come.
                Look at the benefits of this regardless of our personal sacrifices and burdens we bear related to our service , we know how to survive in times of extreme stress, we know what is expected of us , we know our OBLIGATION to the constitution and the American People. It does not end at the termination off our service that oath is life Long.

                Never in the time of our countries history have our way of life and Liberty been challenged as now.


                GOD DUTY HONOR COUNTRY


                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                SEMPER FIDELIS 8541

                USMC FORECON 1977-1993

                • Night Breaker;
                  I posted a message on a previous post for you. Check it out and let me know. No problem either way.
                  Article from May 1st, comment ID3050458.


                  • GR,
                    Went back checked the post In reference to the AO, if you are in the same state as me you understand the need for OPSEC, things appear to be devolving on the 2 admin. issue ,
                    We are basically screwed in this state the only enlightenment I can bring to this issue if when what we all expect occurs you should be ready to leave any urban or crowded suburban areas , the best areas for increasing your survivabilty will be in the north western part of the state ( mountain areas ) Barnegat bay areas ( southern ) pine barrens will act as a buffer to the urban areas to the west. I kid you not it will be a challenge and a half this state has its own special difficulties . Being armed is ONLY an option in a complete breakdown scenario a partial will require extreme use of common sense due to the current atmosphere in the state. Be prepared to Bug in and keep a low profile as priority one. Bug out as a last resort only when life and limb are in jepority.

                    I recommend getting some form of tactical training ( Max Velocity Tactical highly recommended ) and investigating an out of area bug out location ( north eastern penn. Mountain areas) . Everyones situations are different unfortunately only you know what’s best for your situation and family.

                    For me I plan to keep a low profile depending on the situation, being stealthy , and EVAC only when absolutely necessary. ( the nightmare scenario) . A crowed state like NJ most roads will become impassable quick and most likely will have security elements in place early on. Not to mention to leave the state the bridges to the north over the Delaware will most likely be blockaded . I am still trying to figure out a way around this in the event of a total societal collapse. Like I said we really have drawn the short stick by living here .

                    Unfortunately exchanging emails may not be in our best interest , I hold a sensitive .gov position ( PMC , private military contractor with a .gov agency.based on a miltary reservation)
                    And the way the current work environment ( post snowden) is would rather keep doing SOP what I have been posting on SHTF plan as is. OPSEC is VERY important I can be more effective in this manor posting , no sense making it easy for TPTB. .( and I still have to eat LOL)

                    I think Mac needs a FORUM set up without email registration required .
                    I am sure I am not alone in this respect there are a few others that post here from inside the .gov


                    KEEP RESISTING

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • Thank You

              • Mike and Night Breaker…Thanks for you service, bro’s. USAF ’76 to ’86. Understand the emotions…am totally upset about the way things are going down, at present, myself. When the time comes, me and my family will be standing with y’all, guaranteed! While not trained quite like y’all, I got the discipline and the heart to be there…

                I can only say, we MUST ENDURE!!! We gotta clean house in Washington, and put the Constitution back into effect. Even though it seems “all is lost and falling to pieces”, with GOD on our side, who can be against us?

                7 AMS, 7575th Spc. Ops. Grp., 97 AMS.

                Like you said, Night Breaker, we must, no, we are OBLIGED to, learn from our hardships and endure to Conquer!

                Semper Fi, Hoorah, Aoooh, etc. May our paths cross again soon…

              • Mike,
                See comment under Night Breaker’s Post…
                Hang in there, bro…There’s more of “us” than you know…

              • Whoa, whoa asshole! First thing I started out as a combat medic.
                Now the only reason I was working on base was because my wife was active duty. For you to go off on rage like that is inexcusable. I’m simply pointing out the fact we have a large amount of idiots in the military these days which is fact! Now for you to go off on a tangent about your malpractice at the hands of military providers is sad, don’t just make ridiculous statements like I couldn’t get a job anywhere else–I had to be there! My wife was active duty. For you to even speak harm of my children is absolutely sickening! You know damn well we are on the same side but just because you had a bad experience with military doctors, you automatically crucify me AND my family off subject. My point was only this–again there are a lot of degenerates in the military nowadays. Your transferring of anger to me and my family is off subject and way out of line.

              • Hey homeboy! i can’t figure out if your angry that I might be a physician or if its because I pointed out that many folks in the military these days are idiots, degenerates, fat asses, you name it. I don’t really care what happened to you years ago at the hands of some military doctor but to make a blanket statement denigrating all military physicians is just plain stupid. What you are doing is projecting anger toward an innocent person. Now listen here you illiterate little shit, how dare you tell me you will piss on my children’s graves. How effin dare you and how disgusting. Mac, the moderators……you actually let this pass? How about those of you who green thumbed this idiot after a statement like that? Do you realize this degenerate threatened me and my family–my children!? For what? Assuming i’m a lousy doctor just because his past doctor made a mistake. Let me be clear little man, I started out in the military, enlisted as a combat medic. The only reason I worked on base was because my wife was active duty. Eff you and anybody else who green thumbed this idiot. The point is, the military is purposely being dumbed down, degraded–its the plan shit for brains! Mac, I say once again, how dare you allow some psycho threaten to piss on the graves of my children. How damn fricken dare you.

            • Oh, nice to meet you, I’m in health care too, I self-medicate when the need arises. Thant coincidentally is any time the medication is available.

              I’m thinking about getting my Self-Anesthesiologists license, what with saturation levels reaching the point they have with no relief from the debilitating stress and anxiety in sight…

              As impressive as all of the experts are that have collected here in this eddy of the information super cesspool.., none of their views, be them correct or dubious, have any real value to the average individual.

              Foreknowledge of whatever will come to pass, is useless. Even if one has the means to make some preparations, there are no long term solutions available. This is why I enjoyed very much the epic rap battle between Santa Claus and Moses:


              The nature of mankind and the inevitable course of events and thus possibly the very meaning of our existence upon this planet may be revealed to the astute viewer.

              No matter what you know, or think you know and be that correct or incorrect is irrelevant. The best thing you can do is enjoy whatever finite quantity of time measurement units you have left out of the original quantity allotted to you.

              No, stating this concept of a predetermined quantity of time modules/units does not in fact, reveal any predisposition to embrace any negative emotional arousal based upon any political, socio-economic or faith based considerations, and therefore shall not qualify to any reasonable, logical mind, as an attempt to force this contributors’ indoctrination upon thee, the reader through unscrupulous intellectual gag response inducing methods.

              In reality, it is irrelevant whether the aforementioned time module allotment is predetermined or not. The indisputable fact is that their number is finite.

              Therefore, with a copious quantity of further adieux, it is hereby deemed by the high counsel that there is one recommendable solution to the quandry the reader now finds him/her self.

              That solution having been hinted as previously, is only one of the many paths that come from the one true path. Each to his/her own, the rest of your time should not be blown, no one cares about your ego or what you think you know. 100 years from now, you’ll still be all alone.

              The party is almost over, blow out the candles and avoid leaving left overs.
              Don’t be a fool. Have your cake and eat it too.

          • Who
            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You make me sick. I would like to know how you know were you get your info. I can tell you that you my sack of shit friend are doomed. Dommed to be a jackass!

            • The message is just enjoy your life, you have no control over the large scale events between countries.

              Apparently that was lost upon thee. So the humor rankle your sensibilities to the point where you want to hunt me down? Really?

              In a world of millions of diverse viewpoints, you must be constantly offended.
              All my best with that.

            • …. anyways, on to more pertinent issues….

              you never said who you thought won the rap battle, Santa Claus or Moses?

              Unless you think you have some valuable advice on how to survive a nuclear holocaust or major unrest…..?

              LOL, or maybe you fancy yourself as forming a ragtag band of losers who are going to usurp the powers that be…?


              Yes, please do inform the readership, once you crawl out of your basement after the event;

              How will you even begin to communicate and organize?

              How will you get those who even bother to forget their own situation, to pay attention to you…. and further, recognize your “authority” & command structure let alone follow your orders? LOL

              Even if you could create a company sized group of people;

              How will you then feed your “troops?” … or get them to focus on your agenda when the basic issue of survival is knawing at them 24/7

              If you cannot feed yourselves, will you be willing to resort to cannibalism like the Japanese defenders of New Guinea and the Philippines did in WW2?

              Do you actually believe that everyone under your “command” will politely share the meagre resources you might be able to pirate from other people you encounter?

              How will you transport those who are vacuous and stupid enough to follow you in your crusade?

              How will you replenish your ammo?

              Who/what will you attack? What significance will it have even if you were able to occupy a building…? (other than becoming the newest definition of an “occutard..”)

              How will you hold on to anything you are able to take?

              What about your loved ones?

              How will you deal with the drones and armored vehicles and overwhelming weight of numbers of adversaries and other forms of firepower that descend upon thee once you have actually “mobilized?” LOL

              Will you designate a few individuals to serve as an “NKVD” like the Russians utilized in the “Great Patriotic War”…, to shoot the ones who shirk in the face of battle and want to desert your little band of desperadoes?

              Have you developed a defense against the projected heat ray weapons that will melt your face when and if you make a frontal assault on any objective you deem worthy of expending their lives in capturing?

              Will you inspire your followers by leading from the front and shout “over the top boys” like you did at Verdun? or will you simply use the plies of their corpses as cover as you try to escape the hail of lead being thrown at you?

              How will you house and feed any prisoners you might take?
              Or will you simply act like a reincarnation of Genghis Kahn and summarily execute them?

              Once you can answer these questions, there will be more.

              After all, you seem to think enjoying what time you have left if beneath you, it will be fascinating and enlightening to learn how you plan to succeed in your aims in the aftermath of events you cannot grasp the scope of have occurred….

              Please do tell…


              • oh yes, and will you use manhole covers to cover your foxholes to keep the submunitions raining down upon thee from unseen adversaries above, from shredding you into piles of hamburger?

                If so, how will you move them to each new destination you fixate on?
                Will you add an extra sling to your ruck sacks…?

                Just wondering

          • You are talking out your ass. Just what experience do you have around the US military? None, you are just a loud mouth a-hole. How is your job on the deep fryer going anyway?

            • If you had ever been in combat, you might be better able to understand the message.

        • There was an excellent video at SGT Report yesterday, called, “The death of money: the coming collapse of the International Monetary System” and the speaker was talking of this very thing– ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE.

          He said that no one can go toe to toe with the United States Military, but other countries can kick our butts with asymmetrical war fare, financial war fare, chemical, etc. He also talked of “mutually assured financial destruction”. Guess there’s a lot stuff various countries have that we don’t know about…yet.

          • Yeah, sadly we taught them everything they know! Accidental, no way! It’s obvious the so-called opposition was/is being trained to quell the herd!

            It’s all in the elites playbook, and the leaders of all these countries have already read it!!!

            • At a PTA meeting in the early 80’s I stood up and presented a short critique on a Weekly Reader that my daughter had gotten. It was full of speculation and brainwashing…I pointed out the flaws of logic in it, then remarked, if this is what our children are being trained to believe, then the next war we have will be fought and lost not on a battlefield, but in a board room. Stunned silence and a couple of nodding heads was the only response. Later a couple teachers came by and thanked me for pointing it out, as this left leaning liberalism had been bothering them too, but they didn’t want to jeopardize their job….we are truly screwed….prepare like you never have before…

        • The problem with this speculation is that we will NEVER hear the truth out of this government any longer. They are so used to lying that they can no longer understand the difference.

          • As General MacArthur said of FDR: “The bastard never told the truth if a lie would serve.”

        • Seems I always come back to… yeah, I play around with other websites, tinkering here and there, but for some reason my heart seems to belong to SHTF… (sigh!)

        • BABYLON (Mur’ka) will be destroyed soon!!!

        • russia has no military gps at the moment.they are in the process of establishing their own.thats why they use “Bear”aircraft to carry nukes instead off missiles.countries use the civilian gps provided by the U.S.but is disrupted in regions of the globe where conflict exists.for obvious reasons.

        • NBC does investigative reporting? Who knew? I thought they were strictly a propaganda channel for the current administration!


          A U2 does not have the capability to knock out radar. It takes a large power plant that could only be done on a large Russian military plane. The Russians excel in this kind of radar technology.

          Another Pearl Harbor is coming to a neighborhood near you.


            The Russian Navy was able to sneak a BOOMER inside US territorial waters and launched a unarmed ICBM out into the Pacific for everyone in California to see. It was not a Jumbo Jet taking off. Your Obama and his Democrat traitors have disarmed the US. A Pearl Harbor is coming to a neighborhood near you.

        • Lets see, a 777 is entirely fly by wire, what happens when the wires melt? The flight pattern of Malasia 370 would simulate a partial meltdown of its control and communication equipment and fits the sequence of events pretty well.

        • I was a tourist visiting East Berlin prior to the end of the Cold War. I was walking around video taping various sites and one was the Berlin Wall. I am on the Russian side of the wall and about 100 yards from it and I here a loud noise from the other side of the wall. I looked in time to see an American helicopter rise straight up near the wall and when it was about ten feet above the wall it scanned the area. Once done it lower itself behind the wall. It frighten me to see such brazen display of power and attitude. It was as if the Americans were saying “come and get it, Commie”. I actually was proud of being an American and seeing that display of attitude. I didn’t sleep well in East Berlin but I sure did in West Berlin. When visiting old Lenningrad I was able to visit their huge memorial for the WWII veterans. It was very impressive. I had the feeling they don’t want another war. They have experienced it and the hardship that it creates. None of the doors in the hotel I was in closed or opened properly. Water pipes shook when used. Windows leaked.
          In summary, I fear not the Russians. I fear the military establishment in America. Watch the price of oil. It will be manipulated to squeeze the Russians and they well succumb to our economic power. They haven’t learned from the first time that attic was used.
          Fear the powers to be. They know not what they do.
          Proud to be an American.

        • Don’t feel bad for not putting “2&2” together. Seems not many people, or news sites, have until today. I’ve been looking into this over the past week and could not find any articles or online comments relating to a foreign adversary (Russia) causing this incident at LAX (as well as at UK airports on the same day). It was not until today that I’ve finally found this article on something relating to this incident regarding the Russians. Although I notice this article does not mention that UK airports, such as Heathrow Airport, also had computer malfunctions on the same day Wednesday April 30th…although supposedly different types of malfunctions… All computer malfunctions nevertheless.
          On a side note, this may or may not have anything to so with this, but I also stumbled upon many Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) being posted on the same day as these incidents April 30th by a few U.S. Air Force bases on the FAA website with the “Type” being “Security”. Two of these include Beale AFB and Andersen AFB in Guam. If you look at the history of TFR’s being posted, it seems April 30th had many more than usual, especially relating to “Security” as the type of TFR. Coincidence?

          Temporary Flight Restrictions, Type: “Security”

          From the Guardian – “Airport chaos after UK immigration computer failure”:

          • TFRs at Beale are almost daily.

            • Thanks for the clarification. Did not see any other TFR’s post for Beale, but figured it was a usual thing for that base. Nevertheless, it was just a side note also taking into account the other TFR’s being post on the same day. May or May Not mean anything relating to this subject. In order to put the puzzle together, we must gather as many pieces (of information) as possible. Some may fit, some not.

        • Another thought is the possibility that a U-2 out of Beale AFB (or another type of U.S. E-Warfare Aircraft) was sent up to jam radars on “Russian” aircraft and ended up jamming LAX radars in the process… Just a thought.

        • The Russians probably did do it! I haven’t heard anymore of the “rocket launch” off the coast of California that the government claimed was a vapor trail from a commercial aircraft.

        • You mean it wasn’t a spontaneous outage caused by a YouTube video??????

      2. Anything is possible as the US continues to escalate and push the East into a confrontation.

        • It was Hitlarys snuke that set it off!

          • The Russians and Chinese have gone through much research and money in disabling the superior technology of the U.S. before having to actually deal with it. All the while if by some miracle the U.S. is not nuked, the ONLY line of defense will be the civilian militia from full invasion. All the while, the very thing that is the ONLY chance for the country, they are trying to destroy the 2nd. Amendment at every chance.

            If EMP is used successfully it might be wise to learn to speak Chinese and Russian. It sure feels like it is coming more than anytime past.

            • BI,
              Sorry, I had to jump and ask you a question…
              This sounds curiously like you have already surrendered?

              We know the Black Caesar will possibly surrender to the ‘UN forces’, or whatever they’ll call themselves after Europe caves, but, then, that will simply force a split in the military, police, and ‘the good guys’. You will either be on the side of liberty, or the Globalists. Most will be simply scared, and want to feed their children.

              That is why others like me, have been promoting the idea of the spirituality of prepping… an auxiliary, an underground economy that supports the good guys. Otherwise, the bad guys will cut you off, and turn your neighbors against you. Reprisals will be the name of the game when you’re dealing with nazi’s. Militias of One, will not have a chance, because of the primary requirement of war; logistics. (You’re hiding from the enemy, you’re out of beans, bullets and band aids… what ya gonna do now? Stone soup.)

              The Beast will win the short game, and then the good guys will take it back. This is always the way of good guys. We have to get really, Really, REALLY, mad before we will unite so evil is dealt with. Evil must go to the next level, and be seen by all. In this case, there will be no more centralized republics, or bankers, or corporations. With 3 percent fighters, and 30 percent auxiliaries, all we have to do, is remember who we are, Americans, our motto used to be; CAN DO.

              Because the Elite must all die. That is the only way to win what comes. The Elect vs The Elite, is the spirituality of the prepper, the spirit of America.

              • PM, good evening, and I’m sure BI was just speaking ‘in jest’ about learning Chinese and Russian. I don’t believe he’s surrendered, but I do feel something serious coming.

                • Not so quick, braveheart.
                  Read this when you have time:


                  Now, part two which I didn’t realize was posted:

                  I’ve been reading of this for a year or two.

                  • JayJay, I’ve seen both articles this morning, thanks anyway. there have been reports of Russians and Chinese in this country going back to the 90s. I still can’t believe BI has really surrendered. I’m going to stand and fight. I’m not learning ANYONE’s language. They better understand my language. If you have bad intentions toward my country, either leave, or get your brains blown out.

                  • BH,
                    That’s the spirit…
                    Nobody is making me learn any language other than english. I have even REFUSED to learn spanish… F** the mexicans. They can learn english or go home.
                    But, Russian or Chinese?
                    Nah, my daddy died fighting communists…
                    I’m his son.
                    I can think of no better death…

                  • Thanks for the link, BJ.

                  • Learning languages is a good thing to do. You get better intel from an interrogation if you speak your opponent’s native toungue.

                    Some might hold that there will be no interrogations, but there is limited info available from a dead prisoner.

                  • I want my family to leaarn Dakota……less than 10??K left that speak it.

                    Dakoteyah Wogdaka!

                • It’s just a thought, but guerilla ops against an enemy are probably easier to conduct if you can speak, read, and write in the language of said enemy.

              • And who decides what constitutes “elite” in your future culling? After the first few rounds it’s gonna look like the french revolution revisited; “hey…his car still runs, that elite bastard! Kill him!

                • If they have so much money that they don’t know how much money they have…they might be an elite.

                  If they are in an executive position in one of the big banks…they might be an elite.

                  If the own palaces and mansion all over the world…they might be an elite.

                  If they have several congressmen and/or a president in their pocket, bought and paid for…they might be an elite.

                  If they think anyone who doesn’t have billions in their portfolio is scum…they might be an elite.

                  If they have a multi-million dollar bunker with all the bells an whistles…they might be an elite.

                  If they have so much net worth that the law doesn’t apply to them…they might be an elite.

                  How’s that for a start?

                  • How many of those multi million dollar bunkers will be occupied and closed when the “owners” arrive? The uber rich have the most to fear from their own minions, the same way tyrants fear their own underlings.

                  • Dammit SixPack! I don’t qualify! Is there a remedial course or something that I could take?

                • The Elect, will know The Elite.
                  If you cannot understand spiritual warfare, then you’ll probably be in my sights…

                  Because you’ll fail The Test.
                  The Time is the End of Materialism as we know it… the end of the statue of the Head of Gold, the time when the Day of Darkness has already begun, this began on Dec 21, 2012… the new cycle, the stretched aether at the edge of the Galaxy. The Aether, was debunked by special relativity you say? No actually, it was reinforced by General Relativity as a necessity. This was, and is, the conundrum of science…

                  My research has proven that the Aether is not ‘luminiferous’, but Dark, invisible, the source of magnetism, through what you could term; spiritual geometry. IT, reality, is so simple once you see what the ancients were talking about… and the Church burned as HERESY.

                  Ah, but the preachers would scream at me, and call me devil worshiper…

                  You see the signs all around, but, first it must become an orgy of socialist/gaia madness(pale green). For the only way to know the good, is to know the bad. The Earth must have earthquakes in ‘diverse places’… oh, but, damn, there we go again with those pesky Roman Latin and old English translators… substitute ‘everywhere’ for ‘diverse’, and you’ll see The Truth.

                  Those who cling to their animal, their materialistic dark side, will go mad with a ‘deranged mind'(political correctness), and those who cling to their Light, will hide in a back room, in the wilderness, out of The System, and light shall find light.
                  Let him who has ears, hear, and he who has eyes, see.

                  The Rule of Gold must die, conquered by the Golden Rule.
                  And then, at the time of greatest Dark energy, The Light of the Universe shines forth, but to ‘pound our swords into plowshares’, requires somebody around to pound them… think about that. Release your apathy, your complacency, seek justice, for you are His hands.

                  Believe whatever makes you happy, but understand this. You are energy, eternal, proven by science but misunderstood, rejected, and reviled. Religion must become science, and science must become religion. The Nexus has the answer, the spirituality of prepping.

                  20 years to the point of maximum dark energy stress. The Time of Jacobs Trouble, has begun, the Grand cycle will complete in 2034. Oddly, exactly 2000 years since The Sacrifice of the Son.

                  • “the Grand cycle will complete in 2034. Oddly, exactly 2000 years since The Sacrifice of the Son.”

                    What a perfect time for luciferians to desire the completion of the downfall of mankind.

                  • Thank You Piper Michael, for stating what many of us already are aware of….You brought it right on point.
                    Hope others will “get it”….
                    Have Faith, Keep Faith, Share Faith, and above all, Share the UNDERSTANDING
                    And….have Sisu

              • @ Piper Michael. Just trying to add a little humor like braveheart says. The world is coming to an end as we know it. There are more signs than anytime I or others can remember. The whole human civilization is in deep decay. You can see it everywhere. The main issue is to try to survive the opening rounds of hell. I figure if you can last 60 days, you have a pretty good chance of lasting the year. The mass die off from whatever mega SHTF event(s) will be fairly fast, then plateau off.

                • Bi,
                  thanks for that sir.
                  I’m sorry, I don’t believe in any plateaus…
                  I don’t accept any more ‘standard’ shtf scenarios…
                  Because, it has already begun, and it will be multi-phase. The people of the Light, must defeat the people of the Dark, those IN the world, must defeat those OF the world. But many must die to restore balance, the evil ones understand this, they are the only ones who can perform a necessary task. Evil, has a place in the cosmos. It is not a ‘problem’, is an Opposite. Its time has begun, it must now do its job, to Consume, the opposite of build up. For the Light builds, and the Dark tears down.

                  You are a good technician, keep on measuring the earthquakes. You will become very… very busy as the Aetheric dark energy stress slowly builds upon Sol, Earth and men’s minds…

                  This is the only explanation that makes sense. That is common to all phenomena, and a media of transmission between phenomena and all the Cycles. The Particle universe is merely the surface illusion, the Cave of shadows.

                  I have seen you struggle for an explanation, a common theory, a scientific proof… but, it eludes you because you see things in shadows. But, you are one of few who sees the patterns…

                  See beneath the patterns. All forces are dual… electromagnetic, gravitomagnetic… and ask; How can all things go mad, at once?

                  Creator’s blessings upon your house, kind sir.

            • Wo bu huai shuo Zhong wen… xiou.

              • Wo hui shwo Jungwen hwa. Dung bu dung?

                • Its Zhong wen (chinese language/culture)…not “jungwen”

                  • PM, way to go. My wife lost part of her family to commie butchers. sounds like the right way to go to me.

                  • Thanks. You are absolutely correct according to the official Beijing (Chinese Communist Party approved) system of Romanized Chinese. The Wade-Giles (Yale?)system was the standardized Romanization of the Chinese language in use universally until the academic community adopted the Beijing script in the ’70s. That seems like a long time ago.

            • Be Informed,

              I believe knowledge and information is very important.

              Regardless of what the future holds, being fluent in other languages is good. Knowledge of Chinese and/or Russian would be to our advantage.

              • @ KY Mom

                Exactly so!

                • But bible interpretations while haveing LSD-25 Flash Backs aint so good an idea eh.

              • When one of them comes to me, I will just say ‘me speak no ‘nese’. Or, no understandie ‘Muskie’. It has worked for years….

            • Now you tell me after finishing Lesson 12 on Spanish Made Easy….

        • Agreed. The West (specifically the USA) is in financial dire straits and needs to keep expanding markets to keep being able to kick the can down the road. When Russia finally said enough and drew a line in the sand, the West about had a massive coronary!

          Now the West doesn’t know exactly what to do. Well I do and that’s to keep out of what occurs on Russia’s borders. It’s simply none of our business – period!

          But the West full of young amateurs posing as experienced diplomats and politicians will blunder move after move until WW III starts!

          Enough said! Rant off…..

          • They’ll do it because their masters told them to.

            • And the Masters running every western nation, especially the usa are located in Telaviv & New york, city of London also.

              If I learn a new language I will combine Both of americas Two worst curses ever into One new language…African-Yiddish!…Oggaski Bogga BooSki! OyVey!

        • Anything going on is with the full knowledge and cooperation of Putin and Obama. They are both communists and have the same end game in mind. This is one time when I am not so sure of the happy ending.

      3. They were claiming a old U2 did it. Who knows more than likely we won’t really know until we see Russian bomber over the midwest.
        If you think for one second that the Feds will tell the truth. Well I got a bridge I will sell you.
        It is all pretext to WW3.
        Prep, pray, and pray some more.
        Aim Small Miss small

        • Sgt Dale, the current (especially) Gov’t has had less transparency than many previous administrations that I can think of!

          Our Gov’t knows exactly what occurred and how! Of course “We the People” aren’t considered worthy of knowing the truth about anything.

          But then again, just look at he many scandals that have been occurring that are “right in our face” so to speak!

          I have always wondered what exactly will be the final straw for the American people to say ENOUGH?

          I love this country of ours and served my country and the people my entire life!

          I know how things used to be and I know how things are now, what a difference……

          • As long as they can keep us focused on the evil Russians, or the evil middle east, those evil domestic terrorists or the evil NSA, it will never be “enough” to prompt people to action.

            Confusion will keep people doing nothing, while the banksters get away with theft and murder. We need to stop assisting the elites in changing the focus from the NWO to the “enemy du jour.”

            …but first, we have to quit buying into it ourselves.

      4. Love this site, my first post but been following for ages.
        All the clues seem to point to something big on the horizon. Russia can only be pushed so far by eu an usa.
        Been prepping for years now, know my efforts wont be wasted.

        • Thanks for joining the conversation Rich!

          • Welcome Rich…stick around & banter w/ us. We’re a dysfunctional bunch, but most call our shots & come back for another round!

            Glad you’re here!

        • Rich Wales, welcome aboard, and you’re in the right place. If you need any advice on any survival-related topic, feel free to ask and we’ll try to help.

        • R.W.

        • Yeah, looks like something big is coming… have you seen the pictures of Obummer and Putin together? They look disgusted!

          The thing is, I’m rooting for Putin on the one hand and feeling abit anxious on the other: no one wants to get bombed! ; (

          • Thanks for the welcome.

            Im unsure how much to say about myself as this is the net, an some spook will surely be reading this.

            40yr old nurse, well travelled an read. Have small family, an want to protect them. From a switched on family, an devoured information all my life. Learnt to read between the lines, form my own opinions and ignore most msm years ago.

            911 was a turning point for me, but ive always been the one to question things. The more I learn, the scarier it gets. Ignorance is definitely bliss, thats why there are so many sheeps about.

            Obviously wife thinks im nuts, but as she is from behind the former iron curtain, she plays ball.

            we have what preps we can afford, an a bug out plan and vehicle. What we lack due to draconian firearm law’s in uk is a way to protect whats ours.


            • Rich, you’re definitely on the right track with disregarding MSM. too bad you’re stuck in UK where the “authorities” frown on self-defense. You say you’re wife is from behind the Iron Curtain? So was my wife who is no longer alive thanks to a bloody POS drunk driver.

              • Sorry To hear that renegade, there are some true pos out there. Rich

            • Is there a way you can emigrate? Maybe a family of like minded individuals in the US could use an extra pair of hands? I’d hate to see you stuck there with no way to defend yourself…if I gather from your pseudonym, you are in the part of the UK where my relatives are from…:). Welcome aboard!

          • Negroes always look disgusted. So that won’t work here. But if it was two disgusted looking whites then we would know.

            That is why the negro does not belong there. The world and America are primarily white people. We work along those lines.

            Someone threw in a monkey wrench (the sodomite negro) in to *uck things up.

        • rich wales,
          Welcome aboard the site.
          I’ve learned much from the good folks here.
          The most fun site to learn about gloom and doom.
          Once again
          — Miss Dee Dee

      5. I would believe the Rooskies had something to do with cooking LAX’s system then from an errant U2.

        • The Air Force straight up denied it was the U-2… Of course, that in and of itself could be a cover story so they don’t get blamed for it…

          But with Russian bombers off the coast, there is certainly a possibility that a microwave technology could have been used here… The line of sight on those is hundreds of miles (the phone company MCI used microwaves to transmit long distance phone signal since way back in the 70’s across hundreds of miles)…

          Who’s to say they couldn’t have found a critical failure point within air traffic control systems and just directed a beam at it for a few seconds?

            • Mac-

              Skin paint radar & its adversary… “ECM” (electronic-countermeasures) is within the realm of microwave frequencies.
              Receiver sidebands/octaves/harmonics etc of damn near any given frequency can be jammed/muddled or sleuthed/fooled etc.

              Call it electronic voodoo….

              …my question/problem with the LAX episode revolves around the “somewhat reported” occurrence involving a shutdown of “system monitoring software”…!!!!

              Any clues????

              • “a shutdown of “system monitoring software””

                THAT sounds more like this govt wanted to sneak something in/out under the radar. On 9/112, they just ordered everyone to stand down. Perhaps they tried a new approach this time and just “shut off the monitors” for a little while.

                To me it sounds more like an inside job, masquerading as something else.

                • sorry, fat fingers, 9/11

          • check out angelfire dot com/oz/cv/scalar weapons
            tesla’s technology ???

      6. Wasnt the U-2 taken out of service years ago & replaced by the SR-71 which was removed from service because it was no longer needed or obsolete?

        info please from someone who knows

        It looks like once again the Amerikan public is being given the mushroom treatment

        they spoon feed us crap & keep us in the dark in regards to the truth

        • The U2 was taken out of service because it flew way too slow. And Satellites revealed a lot more data anyways.

          The SR-71 is *still* the world’s fastest and highest flying aircraft…that we know of. It is also very difficult to fly, and very, very expensive to service and maintain. It fly’s so fast it can outrun missiles fired at it (and has). Again, Satellites revealed a lot more data anyways. They have tried to retire it a few times, but NASA (and others) have still used them from time to time.

          The SR-71 can outrun a 30.06 bullet and take the pilots to the very edge of space. The original aircraft designation (YF-12)was truly cutting edge as even the super alloys used to make it and the fuel…were all designed from scratch. One of my favorite aircraft.

          More here:
          h t tp://

          • Not to sound like a total tinfoil basket case, but wasn’t the SR 71 supposed to be the fruit of something like the Roswell crash? Previously unknown metallurgy, ram jets etc. just lept from Kelly Johnson’s mind at Lockheed’s Skunk Works? Whatever. Sounds like a case for old Indiana Jones

          • I saw the Blackbird up close and personal at Clark air base in the Philippines in November of 1970, and in broad daylight. It was amazing.

            Even more so when you put it next to an F-4 Phantom. 🙂

            • Back in the early 90’s a company sales (his son flew a C-130 cargo plane transporting equipment) rep invited me to watch the Blue Angels perform in Florida. I was taken back by how small the F/18 and F-16 are. The F-15 Strike Eagle and the F-14 Tomcat look much bigger.

          • The Blackbird (sr-71) was a truly awesome aircraft. It is still believed to be the fastest aircraft in the world. (declassified, Mach 3+) Every crewman who flew one rated GOLD wings rather than silver pilot wings. Gold indicated an astronaut, the thing flew so high. They wore Gemini program type spacesuits. Besides, it was a really beautiful bird.
            There is a persistent rumor that one was lost when it went suborbital during altitude trials and got out of atmosphere( or at least too thin for the controls to work) and tumbled on “reentry”. If it did, it’s still classified. The B-70 Valkyre bomber was built in the same time frame as a high altitude/high speed bomber to replace the B52. It was believed that the Russians couldn’t get a missile or an interceptor high enough to stop them, then the Russians shot down Powers’s U2 and proved they could. Then the US decided to go with low and slow with ECM.

            • I think Powers flew too high and had a flameout, and was shot down when he lost altitude to restart engines.

            • Not a rumor. But not suborbital either. All aircraft at high altitude become almost uncontrollable due to the air being so thin that the control surfaces get no “bite”. They talk about the “coffin corner” of speed and altitude, where the margin for error becomes razor thin. Read Chuck Yeager’s experience with that in his bio.

              The amazing thing about the SR-71 breakup is that one of the pilots survived. I just read his personal story about it in the last 2-3 months.

          • The Blackbird has been replaced by the SR-91 aurora. Capable of Mach 6 and can fly at the edge of space. Makes the SR-71 look like a model T in comparison. Google all the US goodies.

          • Actually, the U-2 STILL is in service in the USAF in an intelligence (electronic) gathering role out of Beale AFB, Ca. and does indeed shadow the routine patrols conducted by the Russians all along the Pacific Coast. The dance between the Soviets-now Russians and the USAF, has been going on for decades. the U-2’s have highly classified electronic intelligence capabilities that literally can vacuum over the horizon intelligence emissions from aircraft, naval vessels, etc. (known to the Russians) So, yes, for reconnaissance-photo purposes, they were withdrawn and then retrofitted for intel gathering, for which they are ideally suited. Hope this helps. The SRs’ have been removed from service entirely.The tires were $10,000.00 each and all had to be replaced after each separate mission each aircraft flew.

          • Taking it out of service was just one of many numb nuts things this countrys leadership has done. Satellites are wonderful but their overhead times are known. An SR71 can pop over a target at any time. Another one was Rumsfield cancelling the F-22 and also ordering all the fuselage stampings destroyed. Why would he do that? The F-35 is a piece of shit and will never be worth a damn. A nation of fools ruled by morons.

            • Fuselage of the F-22 is hand-laid carbon fiber. No stampings in it. Moulds are just wood, machined on a large 5-axis CNC mill. If they were destroyed, which I doubt, they can be recreated in a month without breaking a sweat. F-35 is designed to have ground-attack capability. So of course it’s not the perfect one-on-one air combat machine, but still pretty capable. About 2008 I watched one take off from the field by the Fort Worth plant. As it went through 5000 feet, climbing, the already airborne F-16 chase planes had to light their burners to keep up.

          • Socrates-

            SR-71 was replaced by (allegedly), the TR-3A (maybe B) series aircraft (hyper-sonic/mach5+)…via high altitude, external/skin effect compression/afterburner!!??!!

            ..anybody out there dialed in???

          • Blackbird rox. Plus, it was designed with a slide rule and drafting on paper.

          • I Read that they have to wait till just prior to take off before fuleing the blackbird plane since the bodys panels and parts were made a loose fit and it leaks like a sive.

            But once airborn up to speed all parts and body panels etc expand so much from great heat due to friction it becomaes tight as a drum and fuel leaking stops totally.

            That plane flys around 5000 mph don’t it? or maybe close to that speed?

            Everybody that reads here can probobly Heat their homes for a full season on the fuel that plane uses up in one flight eh.

        • The U-2 flys out of Beale AFB in northern, CA. It’s still used for recon but I don’t know of it having any jamming capabilities.

          • Fox just ten minutes ago was reporting that a U2 out of Palmdale ca (IE Skunkworks) got up high and was only supposed to be a VFR flight to 7000′ and crossed over into LA Centers airspace, way higher than 7000′ and screwing up air traffic controls computers and diverting inbound/ outbound due to unknown flight.

            • I’m surprised to hear that a U-2 would be VFR for other than pattern work.

              • I’m with ya. Maybe they forgot a zero. That might be a little closer at 70,000′. I don’t think that it could climb out that fast before it hit the coast. The Blackbird defiantly could, but U2?
                That would be a little difficult to explain, U2 wipes out 210 Cessna midair at 6500′

              • I think they wanted to say VMC instead of VFR in the reports.

              • At 70,000 feet who else will be up there? Most commercial airliners stay below 37,000 feet. Why not VFR? If in fact it was a U-2 working for the CIA they do not respond to air traffic control at least they did not when I saw them being used.

        • D.Y.
          When the SR 71 was retired? They brought back the U2 to be used for a while. Why I don’t know.

          I don’t know who shut down the radar center, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Russia, or China.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the U2 was armed with a new weapon and it worked better that they thought.

          What I’m getting at would be a EMP that doesn’t go “BOOM”
          but is carried by a airplane and used on many targets and not just one. This weapon could be a control EMP. This way you just knock out targets but sill have power to others so you could use that area. Just a thought.


          • Sgt. Dale & everyone else thanks for the most interesting feedback.

            time grows short

      7. We are approaching the 75 year mark since WWII began, WWIII is the next quarter quell.

        • May the odds always be in my favor, the heck with the rest of you ! (sarcasm)

      8. More kabuki theater, what did we expect? THE TRUTH?

        The government can’t handle telling us the truth.

        NO F%^*!@? way it was a 60’s era U2 that did that either.

        ALL military (and commercial) air traffic fly on FILED flight plans. That means point of departure to destination are pre-logged and filed into the flight control computer systems.

        That’s how they know where planes ARE when the radar goes down- it’s a process you use to control aircraft within your airspace (or jurisdiction) while radar IS DOWN.

        One minute you are looking at a scope full of primary returns. Next minute scope goes down and YOU, the controller have to know where everyone just was. What altitude, what heading, climbing or descending, and where they are ultimately headed to. This is ALL printed on the flight strips you use to manually rack & stack them.

        To say that one little 60+year old spy plane took down ONLY the SW radars is absurd. To think that Russian bombers with advanced EW systems onboard did is very possible.

        • Socrates is correct.

        • “the outage was caused by the flyover of a U-2 spy plane. Apparently the 1950′s class spy plane entered LAX airspace at about 60,000 feet and its jamming systems crashed not only the primary air traffic control systems used to monitor and direct commercial airlines, but the back up systems as well.”

          O.K. I have got to interject a bit more. The guys that think these LIES up cannot get their FACTS correct enough to make a LIE sound plausible.

          Firstly LAX (and ALL airports do not ‘own’ or control the airspace above them to FL180, no WAY no how.

          “Unless otherwise specifically designated, that airspace within a horizontal radius of five statute miles from the geographic center of any airport at which a control tower is operating, extending from the surface up to, but not including, an altitude of 3,000 feet above the elevation of the airport. Also called ATA.”

          For those who want to see more about airspace classifications (and why that U2 was NOT cleared for VFR operations (climb to VFR is a special request made by pilot) but generally ALL military are on IFR flight plans. Oh and VFR is not even permitted above FL180.
          h t tp://

          • Dang, Socrates! They didn’t even have airplanes in Athens agora back when you were a kid!

            The U2 is not a broadcast jammer, it is an intelligence gatherer. Still, it has some jamming capability for its own defense. It is hard to give credence that a U2 did this. It is too easy to give credence to an outage of outdated equipment.

            Any Russian spy or jamming planes are not going to submit flight plans. Any Russian or US intelligence departments are not going to reveal publicly what they know about what happened. Heck, even if it is an FAA breakdown, they won’t admit it for several years at best.

            So who in hte public can say with certainty, and prove with reliable and independently verifiable evidence, what happened?

            My theory is that it was Canadian goose poop which hit a crucial element of the infrastructure. Happens all the time.

        • The airframe and general design is 60’s. The electronics have certainly been replaced over the years..upgraded with who knows what. The B-52 is the same age but still getting modern digital electronics.

        • Pay a visit to ARTCC.

          Commercial transoceanic flights have only the strips of paper on a cork board and HF radio—no radar, no line of sight VHF/UHF communication.

        • socrates, the system you’re talking about hasn’t been in use for 10 years. we don’t use “strips” in the en-route environment any more. we use a computer called URET to hold and sort all of that information. the problem wasn’t the U2, it was a new radar system being put into place across the country called ERAM. apparantly, the controllers at LA center were in the habit, prior to the installation of ERAM, of coding U2s flying above normal air traffic as VFR on top on there displays. ERAM took acception to this practice. it was a glitch that has since been corrected. if this was not the case, the FAA would not have gone to the trouble of sending out an emergency training order for all enroute controllers (of which i am one) across the country to stop coding aircraft at FL600 VFR on top. while all of the hypothetical discussions have been quite entertaining, the truth here is very simple. sorry to bust yall’s bubble. 🙂

          • Don’t talk sense to these people. It ruins their day.

      9. You can bet if we have a champ, so does China and Russia.Yet they want us to believe it will only take out computer screens and cameras with no collateral damage,who are they trying to fool? How about the rest of the infrastructure that is controlled by computers and electronics? They are going to keep poking around until they get what they want a War with Russia and a civil war with the US.!!
        Stay Awake! Its about to get Interesting!

      10. In over 50 years, NOT ONE incident of a U-2 jamming radar/computers/communications — isn’t is supposed to be invisible at 95,000 feet? The NSA is so busy listening to us it got caught with it’s probverbial pants down and MISSED THE RUSSIAN JAMMING completely. This ‘story’ is a means to cover up their incompetence.

        • Maybe NSA is just spending it’s time doing what Dear Leader is telling it to do?

          • Maybee they were all on their union sanctioned break. Reading comments on the SHTFPlan site so they can be prepared in case the Russians fly down the coastline and detonate a radar jamming frequency.
            — Now get back to work everyone.
            — Miss Dee Dee

      11. HILLARY ALERT!

        In a speech to the National Council for Behavioral Health, Hillary stated that she believes guns should not be available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. She thinks the gun culture is way out of balance.

        She referred to Vince Foster’s (supposed) suicide by gun and repeated the story that he had been depressed. She said she has known other men who committed suicide by gun…(Oh really!)

        She responded to a question about running for prez by saying that when she knows, we’ll know, and that she has a lot to think about.


        This “woman” is so unbelievably arrogant that it’s difficult to comprehend how she has remained in the public eye. In addition to her Marxism, her arrogance reaches heights that rarely are seen in public figures. She does not seem to have a humble bone in her body. She seems to truly believe that she is some sort of queen on whose every word everyone awaits with baited breath.

        It’s one thing to be a highly capable, highly intelligent American woman in a professional position.

        It’s quite another to be an overrated, self-promoting, blow hard American woman who believes her own empty hype.

        I don’t care that she’s the darling of Wall Street or is continually in demand for speaking engagements at high-powered business conferences. I don’t care that she receives endorsements from highly powerful and influential news makers. I don’t care that virtually her every move is reported as if it were a major news event.

        I care that she appears to me to be a complete phoney, a manipulator extraordinaire, an habitual dissembler, a socialist, an overbearing pain in the behind, and an elitist of the first order who cared not what difference it made in what caused the death of four Americans who served this country to a greater extent and with greater honor and bravery than she herself can ever begin to comprehend.

        The faster she exits from American politics, the better off this country will be. This nation has had enough of the Clintons. This nation has its plate full with the rectifications that are now necessary because of the damage the Clintons did.

        Hillary should think long and hard about exiting stage left. And staying there.

        As for Billy Boy, MONICA has reappeared and is talking…..and who said things don’t happen for a reason…..

        This country is so much better than the Clintons. We deserve so much better. We have worked hard, done the right thing, done the honorable thing time after time after time….we have earned to right to expect better.

        • Anon, that is the best description of Hillary Clinton I’ve ever heard.

        • Just remind the ‘simple people'(we outnumber wall street) about Benghazi every post you send.
          “””””What difference, at this point, does it make??”””””
          should NEVER be forgotten.

          To those you must explain what Benghazi is—they are already lost. Move on.

          • I do just that. I also keep posting the stats on every harry greid article I find.

          • I keep recommending that Chelsea Clinton be named to the State Department. What difference would it make?

        • The Bush and Clinton political dynasties are like dingleberries. You just want them gone.

          • In the last two yrs or so, Hillery-Al Gore-and Don Trumps Daughters ALL married top honcho, Banksters and/or goldman sachs guys….And at least Two but likley all three daughters converted to talmudizim.

            That alone should Tell folks ALL they need to know regards how loyal or patriotic those three Parents are.

            Also is a huge Clue as to Who or What truely controls american Politics. Thru AIPAC of course!

      12. Thanks mac,

        im from uk, (obviously) so things are different here, but the same. Most of my friends and colleagues are sheep, too interested in watching tv, while waiting for the next paycheck. Money is tight for most of us, people are struggling to pay their bills. But still there are so many new cars on the road an everyone has a shiney new mobile.

        Something is drastically wrong with society, most people still believe 2 aeroplanes caused 3 buildings to collapse that day. Our education system here doesn’t teach you to think for yourself, merely conform and obey.

        the Ukraine is just the latest move in a complicated chess game, which will ultimately result in a major and significant world wide mass slaughter.

        Those of us with open eyes know its coming, and it frustrates me to be powerless to change it

        Been busy watching, kymom, sgt dale, mac an many others, even eisen have been great inspiration. Thank you.

        Please forgive spelling mistakes, using crappy tablet.


        • Rich, the spelling mistakes I can live with much better than you mentioning Eisen. he is a sore spot, to say the least, for all of us here. A useless troll. Otherwise, welcome aboard.

          • Hi Rich

            Nice to see another Brit here. There are lots of really useful tips you can pick up from regular posters here.

            However sometimes it’s hard to source an item for purchase on this side of the pond.
   This site is best source of info on where to locate prepping items in the UK, I’ve found, so may be of some help to you too.

            I cannot agree with you enough about our UK education system. As for our general population – sleep walking into disaster is the only way I can explain it, even though the warning sirens are blaring.

            • Thank you lonelonemum, thats a site I visit regularly.

              Get best advice fron usa sites I’ve discovered, most of it translates ok!!!

              Luckily can get most of the good toys in uk.

              • One can tell who the sheeps are when you try to alert folks with school age kiddies to how corrupt public schools are. Most I ever spoke with will tell me something like this “oh Yes I agree! americas schools are so screwed up and way too much fed govnt involvements and mandates etc….BUT!!…At least MY kids schools a Good one thank God, and I even went to a PTA meeting once and met a couple my kids teachers and all were so nice to me!….Plus MY kids grades are always A’s and B’s so I KNOW at least His or Her school is one of the FEW good ones left”.

                Thats when I ask “Are You aware that fed govnt mandated crap applies to EVERY public school nationwide and for EVERY student regardless Where its located or which state is in?”…..Thats when they just stand there a moment with their Glazed over DEER in headlites stare, before stumbling away confused a bit.

                Thats when I tell self “Yep there went Another Sheeple!” poor kid.

            • @ Lonelonemum ~ From what I have read and heard about England is the following: If you have a child, the child Must Attend School. If not, the parents go to

              • @ rich – no, no I am not offended, I don’t know if you were referring to my post, actually, I think it is an admirable requirement to have the parents be responsible for keeping their children in an educational environment.

              • If your child is registered at a school, then yes, school attendance is something the authorities take very seriously.

                However home education here is perfectly legal and thousands do so. A parent must ensure their child receives an education suitable for their age, aptitude and abilities if they are of compulsory school age. How they do that is entirely their choice. The Welsh government recently tried to introduce compulsory registration and monitoring of home education but failed!

                The only two exceptions to this are for special school pupils where you must ask your local authorities permission and Scotland prior to deregistration.


                • @ lonelonemum ~ Thank you for your explanation and knowledge. I think your educational system is far more advanced than the United States. Its a sad shame on the U.S.’s part.

              • Midwives are swell. Do you need some kind of document to convince you your child exists? Best gift you can give a child.

          • Didn’t realise, no offense meant.

            • don’t worry about it.

            • rich wales,
              Sybil was and still is a sore spot on this site. It took a community of all us folks to agree to ignore him thus sending him (her or it )onto a more fertile trolling spot. Most here ,I believe, are disappointed with ourselves for being reeled in like a lazy catfish by his antagonistic comments. Hopefully we learned our lesson and use the learning curve to our advantage. As I had mentioned a few articles back, I can only think of Jerry Sienfeld and his distain for Newman every time someone brings up the name Eisen.
              Take Care and again Welcome aboard the
              good ship SHTFPlan
              — Miss Dee Dee

        • +1 on the new car thing. I ..just… don’t …get …it. I guess I am just way out of touch with something. I make good money but clearly not the kind of money everyone else makes. maybe I’m just an idiotic still thinking about a time when reality made sense.

      13. Our government is so compromised by foreign interests. I harbor no hope for us. Would take a real firebrand to start cleaning house. And I ain’t seeing one.

        If we had a military coupe and they promised us freedom. I’d consider that better than what we have now.


        Check out this letter from a Russian to the American people.

        ‘Letter to the American People on Ukraine’

        And in more horrifying news, look at this story over at veterans today –
        !!!warning – graphic images!!!

        This was one of the comments on the site
        It appears to me at least, the situation in the Ukraine has deteriorated beyond the point whereby a diplomatic solution is possible. That means the current turn toward use of military options will dramatically intensify and expand. The Junta in Kiev has as much as said it is now seeking a military solution. The possibility of civil war is real but should be untenable to Russia as it will inevitably spill over into Russia itself. To avoid this, Russia will have to decide in the next few days if it ready to capitulate to US demands and hand the Ukraine over to NATO (a suicide for Russia), or seize the moment and take Keiv itself, securing the whole of Ukraine for Russia. This risk nuclear war, but a nuclear war down the road is a certainty if Russia capitulates now and allows the putschists to have their way in Odessa and Eastern Ukraine.

        Interesting times.
        It certainly feels like it is ramping up.

        • That is a great website, “VT” (!!! Really excellent!! Thank you, “Later…says”!!

          • RT TV news showed Uncut unedited Live footage video of that attack on the odessa building folks went into. The rioters or whatever they were were throwing into building molotov cocktails and firebombs which fast set it all ablaze big time.

            Then they refused to allow those inside to escape the fire. Many jumped from upper floor windows and got hurt badly or killed when hit ground. Even badly injuried got beaten till dead with bottles, huge boards and sticks etc.

            You could hear some speak in broken english saying do not let that bitch out let her Burn!…Any who were able to exit building were quicky surrounded by huge mobs of very vioent folks going crazy killing them by any means avail. Something like 46 killed or burned to death inside building and over 200 badly injuried at last report.

            There is so much now going on in ukraine and in so many different locations nationwide its very hard to tell bad guys from good guys…Its now to point that both sides has honest complaints of other side doing wrongs etc.

            But from looks of it all it appears the rioters types orig funded and prompted and supported by usa state dept victoria nueland and her zionists swindlers like Yatz the Yid who she “installed” as prime minister(?) and that other guy as Prez, whos a jewdeo-christian zionist baptist minister trained in seminary same as usa pastors who preach same stuff, are the true bad guys along with usa fed govnt and state dept actors.

            Its no wonder america now is so badly hated by entire world almost. There don’t seem to be One single sq foot space on entire planet usa fed govnt, state dept, cia, and their cohorts from telaviv haven’t yet screwed up or are in midst of doing so….This cannot end well for america down the road eh…I just Hope most folks globally know that Most usa folks aint so supportive of it all.

            it appears they are useing the usa and every asset we have to destroy, ruin, infiltrate, kill off, steal etc in every nation globally…With an express plan to destroy america finally once its services are no longer needed or capable. The ONLY nation usa aint screwing or destroying seems to be…Israel!! gee who would have guessed that outcome eh?

      15. South of the Border -Mexican state and federal police, along with military troops, seized several armored vehicles, drugs and a cache of weapons over the weekend after busts in Reynosa and Rio Bravo……”confiscated numerous weapons, including a grenade launcher. The troops also confiscated drugs, one armored truck, military-type clothing and communications equipment.”

      16. Monica Lewinski Alert: She is going public to spill the beans on the entire Bill Clinton Affair. Oh my Hitlary has a lot of work to over come.

        • I really don’t want to know anything that skank has to say about that dirty old man.

        • WWT
          If Monica is found dead. She will be another suicide victim known by the Clintons.

        • Lewinski can be had…like Breitbarted!!

          • Monica has Tribe protection most assuredly. if she is still a tribe member in good standing, it wont be so easy for hillery to “Vince foster” monica.

            • TOO Funny! I get free weather alert updates and emergency info combined in single daily update emails on a automatic email service…

              just got a latest emergency/weather update with several Links to my Local weather etc and the usual several links to “Breaking Terrorists news”

              The funny Link headlins said “Breaking news alert!! new info says Global temps are getting Warmer…AND…COOLER!”

              Well gee wiz no shit eh! weather Always gets warmer AND cooler as day wears on into nite time cooler!

              What a bunch of new ager tree hugger global warm lib kommie lunatics eh.

              PS anybody yet seen brand new TV ad, I think its one of those Public service type tv ads…Shows some Semi-good looking chick telling folks “we Must wear skin protection for suns UV rays due to increases of skin cancers…Folks WE all NEEDED be TOLD to use chapstick, and EAT better foods!…and NOW Yes we ALL NEED be TOLD to Use UV sun skin protections…so just…DO IT!”

              Not sure if it was actually foods and chapstick as i didnt pay very close atten..I was more focused on her saying how “WE NEED be TOLD same as prior NEEDED to Be TOLD to yadda yadda”….Thats precicely the kommie marxist cultural methods used to Brainwash everybody too stupid to think for their self…Keep repeating “WE NEED be TOLD folks!”….What a typical hollywood phony lunatic at large….Again! and just barely “semi” good lookin at best to boot!

      17. A couple weeks ago a “Bear” tested the air defenses of the UK and they scrambled to intercept.

        Later Russia and China announced a joint Navel war game in the South China Sea near Japan.

        I posted this earlier today, but it bears repeating. #1 China and Iran are expanding their military ties, #2 China has started work on a 2nd canal to circumvent the one we built in Panama. It is being dug in Nicaragua and will be wide enough to allow Russia and China to float Aircraft Carriers into the Gulf of Mexico.

        Sweet Dreams my Fellow Patriots!

        • The Clintons give new meaning to the term “Fostering Relations”.

      18. Karma is a bitch,
        The idiots in washington have been doing the same thing to them,,,
        Dont piss in someone els’ back yard if you dont want them to do the same to you!

      19. Russians will be dropping leaflets over our towns.

        “Give up, stupid Amerikens”

        • A scene right out of the old version of RED Dawn, priceless!

          Putin has about 1/2 the population as the U.S. while China is still maybe 10 years away catching up to our technology. So may be a nuclear attack does make some sense in a do or die situation?

          Every guy knows, put a bunch of rowdy guys into a tense competitive environment and a fight will break out sooner or later.

          If/when it does, it won’t matter who is right or wrong, Mad Vlad ?, Barry the Fairy? , Soros?, Hillary?, when the bodies start to pile up!

        • Slingshot, they’ll probably just tell us they’re filming some reality t.v. show and for us to just go along with whatever happens.

        • I think we already have….

      20. The one thing I have noticed is that when there is any problem ,even as minor as a traffic accident ,the people in charge create more of a mess than the original problem.we should all prepare In case of a disaster . Here in michigan ,it’s crazy. No ones on the road at night, what a great time to do maintenance , but they do it at rush hour and snarl traffic for miles.if there’s ever a storm a lot of people will be stuck. My point is like the air port,if your not prepared ,if you don’t think for yourself and be alert to all situations,you my find you and your family in a bad way.


      21. Politics at its best. World wide, those with their eyes open, know that the economy is tanking. Everywhere. What creates a good economy? War. The game is on. Prep harder folks. Its going to be a long one I think. Things are breaking down fast.

      22. This makes me root for electronic trigger systems on our guns……

      23. Off Topic.
        Again at 1650 hrs. Ameren power at the same poll. License plate number F/P 32 287. Got photo on my phone. They were only there for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t get out there soon enough to talk to the guy. I only saw one person in the truck.

        • Sgt. Dale, I’ve had a “phone” truck parked at times for weeks in the line of sight from my farm, less than 200 yards. They show up at 7am, sit in the truck all day long, leave late around 5 pm. Usually one person, I’ve seen both males and females.

          This has been going on with us for about 3 years now here in MN.

          • But has SS visited you yet. “just looking for someone who used to live at this address” (even though your rental is new and probably never occupied before).

        • Way to go Sgt. You’ve let them know that you know what’s going on. Don’t be surprised if they take a break for awhile then start again. Good job.

          • Conf.
            I wish I knew how to post the picture, but I don’t
            What I did was end it to several different people so that they could see it. JUST IN CASE!

            • That’s good thinking. Have you thought about setting up hunting cameras and hooking them up to your computer? That way when your gone, you still have a record. Any incidents of copters flying over your property, especially at night. Here in Florida it’s almost every night, recently not so much but summer is coming and who knows what they’ll do.

          Off topic a little:
          Does any one know why a group of 5 linemen (I guess that is what they are called ). Would be going around and digging around power poles and cuting out large slices of pole?
          Why would you cut out a 1/8 of the pole about a foot under the ground to see if it was rotting?
          Would it not be easier to drill out a nickle size piece with a core bit???
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Not that I want to justify what they are doing but,
            They could be cutting out the rot and re-coating with Tar or creosote to keep the post up longer. Alot of utilities will do this as a cost saving measure instead of replacing the poles. Up in our neck of the woods many times the posts are so old you can still find the old glass insulators when you get off the paved roads.

          • Sgt.
            They are probably replacing the copper grounding wire , they tend to get stolen and sold for scrap.
            Happens a lot in my area.

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Put a game camera on em if you can Sarge,,, if i were close id lend you my Reconyx game cam,, will take clear as day shots on the blackest night with no flash.
          And during the day resolution is real good

        • Sgt, My Good Man
          Check your home as I am sure you do, but watch the order of papers or of disturbance. It’s not paranoid.
          I had documents disappear then reappear weeks later.
          It will be tedious but if you can ascertain what was inspected you can get a better idea of what is going on.
          Surveillance, targeting, recruitment?
          IF they are outside your home regardless what you do and think that they cannot get in you must assume that they have been in your home.

          • To all above.
            Thanks for the advise. I will follow thru with it.

            If you try to get into my house my dog will have your ass or at least a mouth full before you get out of it. To look at a Lab, Australian shepherd mix you would not think he would be so protective.

            I have some older model cameras I will put out, I also have some new BOOBIE traps, noise makers.

            It is more than likely nothing, but today how knows?

            • Trust your instincts.
              If you think something is watching you
              there probably is.

      24. Somebody is going to get punk slapped.

      25. All this Russian news has me in the mood for classic music.

        1812 Overture by Tckaikovsky
        Flight of the Valkyries, by R. Wagner.

        • “Finlandia” maybe ?

          • Google and U-tubed, “Finlandia”.

            Learn something new everyday.

        • Sounds like some kind of warning too me.

      26. This is the kind of story that makes my shiny foil hat tingle. Hoo boy here we go.

        • Im going to add a little more to mine so its more pointy on top,,, that way its more streamlined fending off those overhead rays!

      27. This is what happens when a compromised fool of a president beholds to neocon warmongers and fuels the flames of violence and revolution RIGHT IN RUSSIA’S OWN BACKYARD.

        He then guarantees its success by funding it with blood money, sends in U.S. intelligence assets to further destabilize the region, and attempts to intimidate Russia by ramping up NATO forces RIGHT IN RUSSIA’S OWN BACKYARD.

        What’s Putin expected to do, send Barry a box of chocolates?

      28. I grew up with the cold war doing the duck and cover training in school. I had less fear then of foreign attack than I now have of my own government.

        • Kevin2, you bring back memories for me. I remember “duck and cover” all too well. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, my older brother helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies. that was my first contact with anything considered to be “prepping”. I was only 5 years old at that time.

          • Braveheart: You may be interested to know that a new writer guy is at newswithviews dot com website. Hes a White Cuban guy a Former cuban usa citizen guy or at least i think he says hes former from cuba as a kid.

            Anyways hes written like 7 or more books mostly dealing with Truth and Facts on Castro, castros CIA ties as a secret cia agent, the FRAUD’S we were told to believe on cuban missle crises and JFK era stuff…hes got quite alot of good info and a whole Bunch of debunking proofs in his articles at that website.

            He recently had article that proves cuban missle crises was a total fake fraud event. Same as the “Cold war” was fake fraud event. The guy seems to really have a good bunch of inside info or great investigative reporter abilities to flesh out facts and truths…Check him out you may like his articles I think since you seem to have an intrest in cuban stuff etc.

            Writers name is …Servando Gonzalaz only has a few articles so far I am aware of as is a new writer at

            www dot newswithviews dot com click his Name for his archived articles. All well vetted/documented with plenty links to proove what he claims are fakes or frauds related to cuba, missle crises and JFK etc.

        • Pretty sad isn’t it? All the people like Holder have become that which they used to protest. Since both parties are in on it and the media is totally corrupt there is very little that we can do. If the Stupid party pushes amnesty before the elections then their anticipated big win might not happen. Doubt that even if they sweep they will do anything as all they want is power.

      29. Ah it coulda been anything. The craptastical computer itself, the U-2 trainee screwing up…

        But I tell you what. Since they’re bringing back the 80’s at this point, I want the music, big hair, and better movies back too. Gotta have something fun from that time period going on… aside from the 10 trillion teratons pointed at us with a hair trigger…

      30. ***OFF TOPIC***

        But important none the less.
        People who think ‘limited’ nuclear war is possible need to rethink that. One countries melted down nuclear plants is another’s and another’s! In other words, EVERYONE loses.

        Nuclear Fuel Fragment from Fukushima Found In EUROPE

        Fukushima did not just suffer meltdowns, or even melt-throughs …

        It suffered melt-OUTS … where the nuclear core of at least one reactor was spread all over Japan.

        In addition, the Environmental Research Department, SRI Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius, Lithuania reported in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity:

        Analyses of (131)I, (137)Cs and (134)Cs in airborne aerosols were carried out in daily samples in Vilnius, Lithuania after the Fukushima accident during the period of March-April, 2011.

        The activity ratio of (238)Pu/(239,240)Pu in the aerosol sample was 1.2, indicating a presence of the spent fuel of different origin than that of the Chernobyl accident.

        (“Pu” is short for plutonium.) Fukushima is 4,988 miles from Vilnius, Lithuania. So the plutonium traveled quite a distance.

        Today, EneNews reports that a fuel fragment from Fukushima has been found in Norway:

        Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, Atmospheric removal times of the aerosol-bound radionuclides 137Cs and 131I during the months after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident – a constraint for air quality and climate models, May 2012: Hot particles (particles that carry very high radioactivity, e.g., fragments of the nuclear fuel) were present in the FD-NPP plume.

      31. Are we sure that we have high-tech weapons? Last month’s fly over of our Arleigh-Burke class destroyers says differently.

      32. You worry about nothing.
        There are 250,000 Chinese troops
        stations in Mexico.
        You don’t believe me? Look it up
        in google earth. Chihuahua state.
        Right in the middle of the state.
        You can see buildings and motorized units.

      33. You nutjobs get nuttier by the year !!! Do you even listen to yourselves

      34. @socmarine87

        I went thought the Dave Hodges articles. I think he has conveniently taken a lot of coincidental information and woven a nice story…..unless he can provide some sort of corroborating documentation. For just saying he has a CIA source isn’t good enough.

        As far as china owning debt…..anyone with advanced economics understanding please jump in….
        China has about $1.4 T US debt. That is 1/10th all US debt. At first blush doesn’t seem like they could do much. HOWEVER, SOCIAL SEURITY is the largest holder of US debt. (About$3T) We already have more soc sec payments going out to retires and disabled than are coming in. Yet the fed gov is borrowing soc sec taxes and giving soc sec govt bonds in return. Other large holder of debt are retirement, securities, pensions, and mutual funds amond other US gov agencies. Do you think the US gov is paying interest payments to itself? I doubt it. Which actually makes Chinese held debt HUGE in the sense that the gov is just loaning itself funny money. When we reach the day we can make interest payments without ending soc sec and entitlement programs we are FUBAR. So in that sense it makes DAVE HODGES STORY PLAUSIBLE. I would still like to see some real evidence, not just convenient conjecture.

        Breakdown of us debt as of 10/13

        Publicly held debt:

        Foreign – $5.724 trillion. (1.4TChina)
        Federal Reserve – $1.794 trillion
        State and Local Government, including their pension funds – $703.5 billion
        Mutual Funds – $946.4 billion
        Private Pension Funds – $457.7 billion
        Banks – $341.4 billion
        Insurance Companies – $263.3 billion
        U.S. Savings Bonds – $181.7 billion
        Other (individuals, government-sponsored enterprises, brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts and estates, corporate and non-corporate businesses, and other investors) – $1.497 trillion. (Sources: Federal Reserve, Factors Affecting Reserve Balance, March 28, 2013; Treasury Bulletin, Ownership of Federal Securities, Table OFS-2, as of March 2013)

        Intergovernmental debt:

        Social Security (Social Security Trust Fund and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund) – $2.764 trillion
        Office of Personnel Management (Federal Employees Retirement, Life Insurance, Hospital Insurance Trust Funds, Postal Service Retiree Contributions) – $826.8 billion
        Military Retirement Fund – $419.5 billion.
        Uniformed Services Retiree Health Care Fund – $189 billion.
        Dept. of Health and Human Services (Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund) – $260 billion
        Department of Energy – $54.8 billion.
        Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – $33 billion
        Department of Labor (Unemployment Trust Fund) – $30 billion
        Department of the Treasury (Exchange Stabilization Fund) – $26 billion
        Other Programs and Funds – $260 billion. (Source: Treasury Bulletin, Monthly Treasury Statement, Table 6. Schedule D-Investments of Federal Government Accounts in Federal Securities, August 30, 2013)

        So basically, if you work for the govt, or depend on payments from the govt you’re gonna be getting bent over a barrel soon.

        Only good thing about that all the politicians will lose pensions and healthcare!

        • That should read “when we reach the day we CAN’T ” make interest payments without cutting off soc sec, etc….

      35. My girlfriend tried tried to fly NY to LAX on wed and got all screwed up. While she was stuck in NJ, reported that lights went out at lax. Article only mentions radar, wonder if there was power outage as well.

      36. do svydanya comrades

      37. 1. We haven’t had a TRUE “presider” since November 22, 1963, on that we all can agree.

        2. The last several presidents including the current one sold us out and this is just one example.

        3. Check out Dave Hodges’ posts yesterday and today on the invading Chinese.

        4. Get right with God.

        In the meantime, Watch your Six!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Violence is that which violates, FORCE is that which PROTECTS.” – Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

      38. May mean nothing but I watched 62 fuel tankers load at a southern Ill. refinery in just less than 2 hours. I have never seen so many loads like that before (more waiting to load, like Pilot, Fling J, etc.) . Called a friend who owns a trucking Co. and ask him if he knew anything. He said rumor has it that refineries will be filling Government orders for the most part soon, so all are filling tanks and storing as much as they can. Government just ordered 35,000 gals. (JP-8 jet fuel) a week to be shipped to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. To start soon and with no end date. (thedailysheeple)
        Things are warming up fast.

        • 35000 gallons is not alot. Most truck stops go through that in one day. I use 120 to 150 gallons a day in my truck alone. That is only 1 or two tankers worth.
          BUT, that being said, Many companies right now (as in this week) are telling their drivers to fill the trucks and keep them full even if it is only 20 to 30 gallons.
          Was parked last night outside of Fort Worth and the pumps were full all night with guys topping up. Guys buzz in
          pump and leave, no bathroom break no coffee. Anybody who knows driving know that is weird.
          If the gov is going to buy up all the fuel look for local news stories about refinery fires or shut downs from far away states that you have no way to confirm and this will be the reason they give you that fuel is short. Even should you see the green mean machines pulling out with full fuel loads they will still tell you something different.

      39. On a previous post mr muslim just proclaimed the prophet muhammad as some saint. I didn’t want to continue this, but everyone please read this abbreviated version Top ten rules in the quran that oppress and insult women, right from the devil’s handbook the quran itself:

        Top ten rules in the Quran that oppress and insult women
        James M. Arlandson

        Islam in its purest form honors and elevates women, so we are told. But does it?

        Truthfully, too often textual reality (the Quran) matches up with seventh-century Arabia. Gender inequality and oppression in the Quran reflect this excessively patriarchal culture. If Allah and Muhammad improved on this patriarchy, then they did not go far enough for a worldwide religion that claims universality.

        Therefore, the following rules and attitudes should in no way be transferred to today’s world.

        But before reading the list, we should prevent a strategy of Muslim polemicists and missionaries who believe that Islam is the best religion in the world and who want it to spread around the globe. Sometimes they attempt to refute my top ten lists. But attempting to refute such a list is like reviewing a long book only from the last chapter. The reviewer has skipped over the hard work of reading all the preceding chapters. Likewise, Muslim polemicists must not skip over all of the links under each point or all of the commentary from a respected and traditional Muslim scholar, Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi (d. 1979) (The Meaning of the Qur’an). They must not take a shortcut, but must instead do the hard work of refuting all of the supporting articles and Maududi himself. This present “top ten” article is merely a summary of all of the data found in these back-up articles and Maududi’s ideas, all of which are quickly referenced under each point.

        Here are the top ten rules in the Quran that oppress and insult women.

        10. A husband has sex with his wife, as a plow goes into a dirt field.
        The Quran in Sura (Chapter) 2:223 says:
        Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like . . . . (MAS Abdel Haleem, The Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)

        9. Husbands are a degree above their wives.
        The Quran in Sura 2:228 says:
        . . . Wives have the same rights as the husbands have on them in accordance with the generally known principles. Of course, men are a degree above them in status . . . (Sayyid Abul A’La Maududi, The Meaning of the Qur’an, vol. 1, p. 165)

        8. A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.
        The Quran in Sura 4:11 says:
        The share of the male shall be twice that of a female . . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 311)

        7. A woman’s testimony counts half of a man’s testimony.
        The Quran in Sura 2:282 says:
        And let two men from among you bear witness to all such documents [contracts of loans without interest]. But if two men be not available, there should be one man and two women to bear witness so that if one of the women forgets (anything), the other may remind her. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 205).

        6. A wife may remarry her ex-husband if and only if she marries another man, they have sex, and then this second man divorces her.
        The Quran in Sura 2:230 says:
        And if the husband divorces his wife (for the third time), she shall not remain his lawful wife after this (absolute) divorce, unless she marries another husband and the second husband divorces her. (In that case) there is no harm if they [the first couple] remarry . . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 165)

        5. Slave-girls are sexual property for their male owners.
        The Quran in Sura 4:24 says:
        And forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people except those who have fallen in your hands (as prisoners of war) . . . (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 319).

        4. A man may be polygamous with up to four wives.
        The Quran in Sura 4:3 says:
        And if you be apprehensive that you will not be able to do justice to the orphans, you may marry two or three or four women whom you choose. But if you apprehend that you might not be able to do justice to them, then marry only one wife, or marry those who have fallen in your possession. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 305)

        3. A Muslim polygamist may simply get rid of one of his undesirable wives.
        The Quran in Sura 4:129 says:
        It is not within your power to be perfectly equitable in your treatment with all your wives, even if you wish to be so; therefore, (in order to satisfy the dictates of Divine Law) do not lean towards one wife so as to leave the other in a state of suspense. (Maududi, vol. 1, p. 381)

        2. Husbands may hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives (quite apart from whether they actually are highhanded—as if domestic violence in any form is acceptable).
        The Quran in Sura 4:34 says:
        4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great. (Haleem, emphasis added)

        1. Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.
        The Quran in Sura 65:1, 4 says:
        65:1 O Prophet, when you (and the believers) divorce women, divorce them for their prescribed waiting-period and count the waiting-period accurately . . . 4 And if you are in doubt about those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, (you should know that) their waiting period is three months, and the same applies to those who have not menstruated as yet. As for pregnant women, their period ends when they have delivered their burden. (Maududi, vol. 5, pp. 599 and 617, emphasis added)

        The nightmare must end for women in Islamic countries.

        <Those that would like to get sick to their stomachs I will give two links to other sites and the full text to this article below when Mac approves it through moderation.

        • Awww piss on that buncha crap,,,
          Ive got my religion, dont get any of yours in my space thanks ya freakin muzzyz

          • @ Kulafarmer. You have got to read that load of horse manure on the article Racist A-holes, comment #3059200.

            It says that Americans are all scum in other words, and that muslims are the most peaceful people on Earth with honor, honesty, and diginity. WOW, we have a real life jihadist on the site or someone that sypathizes with these monkeys hair balls that saw off people’s heads and put women into dirt up to their shopulders and stone them to death. Or whip someone 2000 times because they disagreed with the devil’s handbook, the koran.

            I can’t believe how anyone can paint a rosy picture of islam like this when there are millions of examples of blantant torture all over the muslim world. Please ead this. In fact everyone should read this. WOW! Talk about taking raw sh$% and polishing it off.

            • Its getting ridiculous,,,
              Im all for freedom of religion, but if your brand of religion affects others who are NOT part of your group, it needs to be shut down,,, i feel for the women in those shithole countries, reminds me of the White girls whose families from Saudi Arabia sent them to a boarding school some friends went to, the pigs actually offered the families money for their daughters, the younger ones more,,, disgusting.

        • Here is the link to the full text version of just how evil muslims are to women:

          Here are two more links to prove just how the cancer of islam is infecting the whole planet and ruining it for the human race:

          I don’t like to harp on this, but you sure don’t see too many muslims condemning that ape chimpanzee leader in Nigeria that kidnapped almost 300 school girls. You never see muslims condemning their “brothers” when they blow up a bunch of innocent people in the jihad against others. Even when they murder children, like little girls holding their Bibles walking home from church.

          Like I said, islam is a cancer, a demonic cult based on blood lust like Dracula and control like that of the worst dictators.

          • BE INFORMED seems to act as “Judge, Jury, Executioner” condemning out of hand FAITH of around 1.7 BILLION world over have been made. Maybe I may take some of viewers’ time to share TRUTH & NOTHING BUT TRUTH just so FACTS are CLEAR:

            [a] This post is clearly taking actions of one totally misguided and ill-advised person in Nigeria, who is directly CONTRADICTING his own holy book, killing, kidnapping innocents who have NOT attacked him. BE INFORMED uses this to CURSE out ALL MUSLIMS WORLD OVER, THE WHOLE 1.7 BILLION OR SO, does smell of a petty mind filled with PARANOIA & HATRED. It appears as CLEARLY unreasonable and unjustified ATTACK on those not here to defend themselves.

            Western history is filled with similar horrors like Jim Jones Temple Guyana mass suicide of 909 believers. Yet NO reasonable people or ANY MUSLIMS used that to CURSE out all the Christians.

            Did ALL Christians speak out against EVILS done there that are so patently wrong? No sermon is needed to convince of some thing so OBVIOUSLY evil.

            ONE IS GUILTY, BY GOLLY THEY ALL MUST BE SO! What does that remind us of? The most evil, misguided, misinformed part of our NOT so distant history.

            This is not the 1st time: Saudi/Wahhabi/Salafi/Osama are from about 25 million out of 1.7 BILLION Muslims, that comes to about 1.47%!

            Yet ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT MEDIA, got to work MALIGNING 98.5% for the actions of few from 1.5% causing WARS based on LIES for which innocent USA kids died in thousands with hundreds of thousands damaged.

            Their MAIN purpose: To achieve their goals, we see all of them being fulfilled.

            [b] BE INFORMED uses I did SEARCH & found TRUTH tellers @

            Here is a quote from them about BE INFORMED source:

            “I started with searching out the base from where it is being operated. For this I had to logon to ( .I found the registered address is

            “ 15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160, PMB353 “

            All websites registered on this address were scams, fraudulent and porn based – and there were not one or two but in hundreds”

            CARE to know about REAL Islam, please checkout:



      40. Looks to me like someones EMP weapon works.
        You always test a proto type before you use the real weapon.
        Remember this saying: After the election I can be more fexable.
        So do what you want and you can really stick it to the next President. You just might get your old country back,(USSR).
        The USA will be to weak to do any thing.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      41. Look whom is thinking about joining NATO, JAPAN:

        Talk about totally solidifying the ties of china and Russia together with a common enemy. China was not in full support of Russia with Ukraine. That is until they see NATO in their own backyard.

        God, WW3 is so rapidly approaching it is scary.

      42. The ATC guys were overloaded? Then how do they deal with all the chemtrail traffic?

      43. CONTROL is being outfoxed by KAOS.

        Better download some new apps to that shoe phone.

      44. Among The Perks For Amazon’s Part-Time Workers: Being Homeless

        “Judging by the narrative promoted after last Friday’s idiotically connived jobs report, any job is a good job… however, as The Guardian reports, that does not include a job working for

        Quarter after quarter, we highlight the growth in Amazon employees (and death-cross-like plunge in annual sales growth). While Amazon makes no secret of the fact that it relies on seasonal work force, what went unsaid and unnoticed during President Obama’s visit last year, was that the Amazon ’employees’ would not have jobs or prospects after the holidays.

        Many of the people in those Amazon warehouses were among the long-term unemployed – shuffling from one temporary job to another to another; and due to this unstable employment, a growing number of them have found themselves living in shelters… ’employed’ but homeless (or “the working poor” in America).”

        “Work is indeed being punished in America”

        A “single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”


      45. Update on the “recovery”

        U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created

        “during the most recent three years of the study — 2009, 2010 and 2011 — businesses were collapsing faster than they were being formed, a first.”

        Washington Post

      46. Administration rolls out new immigration regulations, Obama OUTSOURCES 100,000 more jobs to guest workers

        Administration rolls out new immigration regulations
        -The Hill

        GOP Senator: Obama’s Guest Worker Plan CUTS 100,000 Jobs for Americans
        “Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Tuesday blasted an Obama administration proposal to create up to 100,000 more guest worker permits for the spouses of foreign workers, calling it a plan that would keep 100,000 Americans from finding jobs.”
        -The Blaze

      47. Has anyone else noticed Russian Military ads playing on YouTube before some videos? I saw one last week about their missile defense system. Then one just now with their version of the B1 bomber. I took a screen shot. Both ads are filmed in low quality, but have no text or call to action. Just random footage of their military and then the normal video begins.

      48. my .177 cal. big BERTHA is and will be ready if and when WWlll comences.. in the meantime i’ll keep watching FOX news and What Not To Wear re-runs…..toodle ew.. MOLON LABE trbh

      49. Mers CoV case in Washington DC ???

        story on the web early today from several sources
        concerning a possible MERS case in DC
        however all mention of this has disappeared from the Web

      50. here’s a link that hasn’t been scrubbed yet

        Second U.S. Case of MERS Suspected in Washington, DC

        “May 6, 2014 — (TRN) — A Washington DC-based public health emergency preparedness firm has learned of a suspected case of MERS in the nation’s capital. If confirmed, this will be the SECOND case of MERS in the continental United States within a week.

        “In the greater Washington area, a patient traveling from Saudi Arabia last month is suspected of having MERS and is now hospitalized at Children’s National Medical Center,” Aegis Health Security said in a statement. “The patient is isolated as the CDC follows testing and evaluation protocols.”

        Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) was first reported in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. The CDC does not yet know where the virus came from or how it spreads. According to CDC most people infected with MERS develop severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. About 30% of people with MERS have died, CDC said.

        The first US case was confirmed on May 2 in Indiana. The patient flew from Saudi Arabia to Chicago via London.

        “Hospital management and health care practitioners may or may not officially confirm or deny the existence of a patient being evaluated at this time,” Aegis said of the DC case. “The CDC will make the official determination of whether the patient has MERS. It can be expected that the CDC will have results by the middle of this week based on standard protocols.”

        This story originally appeared on the web site of FOX 45 in Baltimore, but was removed from publication just hours after appearing.”

      51. surfers in miami report seeing a perescope come up next to them near coast and 911 operators tells them to stop making jokes. our country is ruined by bozo and chubacca

      52. USA vs Russia would be the most retarded war ever.

      53. Hooey…No plane caused the outage. The flight plan is what caused the issue. From the BBC…”On April 30 2014, an FAA air-traffic system that processes flight-plan information experienced problems while processing a flight plan filed for a U-2 aircraft that operates at very high altitudes under visual flight rules,” FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said.

        She added the computer system had “misinterpreted” the U-2 as a more typical low-altitude flight and become overwhelmed in trying to make sure its flight path did not conflict with other air traffic in the area.

        “The FAA resolved the issue within an hour, and then immediately adjusted the system to now require specific altitude information for each flight plan,” she added.

        The agency said it had now added more flight-processing memory to the computer system.

        The Pentagon confirmed on Monday that an Air Force U-2 spy plane had been conducting training operations in the area, adding that “all the proper flight plan paperwork” had been submitted.

      54. Saw a U2 take off from Plant 42 in Palmdale that day. A normal thing. Edwards AFB states they do not have a U2 there but there is in Palmdale where they LAX-SoCal FAA station is that was disrupted. They deal with such flights on a regular basis taking off and landing adjacent to their facility. The Neil Armstong flight center is located in Palmdale at Plant 42 rather than at Edwards.

      55. Remember: Obama told Putin he will be more flexible after the election. Well this is after the election and he is letting Putin get away with murder.
        Impeach NOW!

      56. I read that it was a computer lock-up caused by a Controller entering altitude incorrectly.

        Anything to distract us from the 0bamaCare disaster and the Benghazi fiasco.

      57. Typical…..Obama regime saying that the shutdown was caused by a U2….just a case of CYA.

      58. I doubt it was EMP. An EMP would take out all the electronic devices in an area, not just the LAX ATC system. More likely a software bug that the U2 was travelling in a particular direction relative to the radar that overloaded a numeric operation that was attempting to calculate speed and altitude that are higher than what the system was designed to handle.

      59. Considering how this administration has been has been so involved in shady dealings (guns out of Benghazi for example) would it be to wild to think that our own government might have done this? Just to see if they could? It just seems rather “odd” that first it WAS a U-2 and then it WASN’T a U-2. Who said it was a U-2 first (I can’t remember!)? I’m not sure I’m any happier with the thought that it was the Russians!!!

      60. My two cents:

        Obama is an idiot. If you learn real history, you’ll find interesting thing. Any time someone attacks Russia, he will have his ass served and Russia will get bigger. Karl XII of Sweden, Germans was not smart enough so got it twice, Ossamans, Napoleon and so on. So in our best interests is kick thous hawks from our government before they do something irreversibly stupid…..

      61. Yesterday I read it was a U-2 flying high and fast.

      62. Whatever happened, it was not a plane at a different altitude that caused the system to fail. Har-har, what a gas. They need to become more creative liars.

      63. this is the CIA dropping the radar to fly drugs in.

        and as dark occultists typically do they mislead the zombies, you and me, and collect a paycheck.

      64. Act of War.

      65. I do not believe this was an EMP-type attack. An EMP attack would have affected a much larger area, and not just the air traffic control system. Civil/private comms, cell, satellite TV, computers, anything in the footprint (line of sight) of the EMP pulse that wasn’t shielded would have been shut down. Even cars, aircraft, and ships would have shut down and the shut down would be permanent as the electronics would have had their values changed and they’d be useless until replaced.

        The attack could have gone one of two ways:
        1. Injected so many new targets into the air traffic system that it became overloaded and shut down.
        2. Provided contradictory information in real-time on a single target that caused the system to devote too many cycles to a single target, causing a shut down. In other words, the system couldn’t discriminate/exclude in real time.

      66. 1. The article is totally based on speculation.
        2. If the Russians have the capacity to turn LA Air traffic System to black status they wouldn’t use it. It would be like throwing your cards on the table before the start of the game.
        3. From the content of some of the posters at this blog some of them have a Medieval mindset, just get a grip on this, you’re an embarassment of Western civilization.
        4. Yes, we are in deep trouble and the problem is occupying the White House.

      67. Please, people; calm down. Try Occam’s Razor.
        ERAM is a new system. The likeliest situation is that an error was made entering the flight plan, or that 60,000 feet (Flight 600) was an “out-of-range” number that was misinterpreted or truncated. We do Not need some global conspiracy or ancient aliens to explain this.
        Have a cupcake and chill out!

      68. “Diversity” means chasing down the last White person

        The program of “Diversity” in EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries will continue until there are no White children left

        “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

      69. Diversity means chasing down every last White person

        The program of Diversity in EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries will continue until there are no White children left

        Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

      70. You know the worst part of this is that NBC has become such a laughing stock as a “news service” that if they report anything you can’t believe a word they say anymore. They’re simply a mouthpiece for the Obama regime.

      71. Please know that one, U-2 spy planes are out of commission because they are obsolete with current tech and have been for years now, and two, oh no Russia is being a dick in their region guess we all have to assume world war 3 because the vice president decided to make a dumb comment towards Russia. shut up about this topic it is annoying to hear blatant lies that a high school student can tell you is very easily false information. Heck I could tell you in third grade this article is not factual at all.

      72. Most iodioc article ever written.
        Who took down LA ARTCC?
        Lockheed Martin & their poorly
        written flight data processing software
        In the ERAM system. 4 plus years over
        Deadline & hundreds of millions over
        Budget. No accountability.

      73. Best explanation I’ve seen so far:

        “The extensive number of routings that would have been required to deconflict the aircraft with lower-altitude flights used a large amount of available memory and interrupted the computer’s other flight-processing functions,” the FAA said in a statement.

        The Pentagon also said that “the necessary flight plan had been submitted.”, so it’s curious that the LAX computers were somehow seemingly all-of-the-sudden convinced that the U2 was flying at 30 feet and all-of-the-sudden ERAM started trying to do all sorts of “deconfliction” measures.

        “In its statement, the FAA said it has adjusted ERAM to require altitude details for flight plans.” Ok, so this helps! Apparently the flight plan didn’t include altitude data or the ERAM software didn’t receive it.

        Here is some more helpful info:
        “VFR flight is not allowed in airspace known as class A, regardless of the meteorological conditions except after failure of two way radio communications. In the United States, class A airspace begins at 18,000 feet msl, and extends to an altitude of 60,000 feet msl.”

        So it would seem that the problem is a programming oversight with the ERAM software. The software was written under the ASSUMPTION that all flights above 18,000 ft would be on Instrument Flight Rules and that any aircraft flying VFR above that limit would be in violation and instructed to descend to below 18,000 immediately. The U2 spy plane was not taken into account. I would guess that ERAM is a rather new system and this hasn’t happened before because U2s haven’t been flying for awhile. YUP! Check the WiKi page for “ERAM”. It went into operation in Los Angeles at ZLA – the LA Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) just in the last 2 or 3 years.

        I think ground operators would know the difference between a jammed radar and a traffic-control computer failure.

        Well, it appears that the FAA explanation makes sense once the details are fleshed out. Another example of typical human failure to not realize that people other than yourself do not know what you know because they don’t work in your field.

      74. There are lots of military (usually spying) planes that fly that high. SR71, U2, etc. None of these have EVER caused a radar failure in the past. The only thing that could have done this was a radar jammer. And unfortunately the radar system at that airport wasn’t built to withstand a jamming signal, so rather than coming back online after the plane with the jammer had flown by (what a radar system is SUPPOSED TO DO), it instead crashed and had to be manually reset. Whether this was a US test or a Russian test, I don’t know, but I DO know that a radar jammer is the ONLY thing that that could be responsible. It certainly couldn’t be an EMP or HERF (high energy radio frequency) weapon, as those would not only have caused a software glitch, but would have burned out the physical electronic components (the actual hardware) of the radar system, and there was no physical damage to the system (despite another article headline calling the system “fried” which would imply physical damage, as reading the text of that article reveals that the system actually “crashed”, which is a software failure).

      75. Or maybe…ERAM (En Route Automation Modernization) built by Lockheed is a piece of junk. It’s much more likely the portion of the system that detects strategic conflicts (Conflict Probe) or tactical conflicts (Conflict Alert) simply ran into a loop (software bug) attempting to track an unexpected target at FL600 (Flight Level ~ 60,000 Feet above sea level) and crashed the entire system.

        Both ERAM channels (the ACTIVE and BACKUP) have failed a number of times at different Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs) while the FAA tries to deploy the foundation automation piece of their $150 billion (yes, a “B”) Next Generation (NextGen) ATC system.

        This is not the last major ERAM failure you’ll hear about. And while an unexpected aircraft, military or not, may have triggered the failure, my money says it was a self-inflicted wound by ERAM.

      76. Typically, Class B airspace such as that around LAX extends up to 10,000 feet. So a U-2 or anything else at 60,000 would not have been in LAX airspace.

        • ERAM is at ZLA (LA Center in Palmdale). Southern Cal TRACON (Terminal Radar Control) uses STARS (Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System) and LAX uses STARS from SoCal TRACON for radar data, but gets flight plan data from ERAM.

      77. Jason Bradstreet (comment 3062194) got four out of five. Not bad, young Paduan!

        Item five: The other part of the problem is Congress.

      78. Where do you come up with the notion that the problem was the “U2’s jamming systems”. You don’t know if the U2 was even equiped with “jamming” systems or if they were active at the time if they even had them. The news reports I saw is that the ATC computers crashed because they assigned the U2 the wrong altitude and became overloaded when the collision avoidance routines were triggered due to the erroneous altitude.

      79. socrates: “O.K. I have got to interject a bit more. The guys that think these LIES up cannot get their FACTS correct enough to make a LIE sound plausible. Firstly LAX (and ALL airports do not ‘own’ or control the airspace above them to FL180, no WAY no how.”

        i have found in my 20 years as a controller that reporters are either too stupid or too lazy to research the subject of air traffic, with the notable exception of miles obrien at CNN. therefore, they almost ALWAYS get their facts wrong. most notably, they seem to think that every controller in the country works in a tower. in reality, a very small percentage of the over 15000 controllers in the workforce are tower folks. in the interest of time, i’ll try to give a condensed version. there are three basic types of ATC in the US: tower works usually about 4 to 5 miles around the airport and usually up to around 3000 feet. approach control or “TRACON” is the radar supporting that airport(and sometimes many other surrounding airports) anywhere from the surface to as high, is some place, as 23000 feet. ARTCCs or “centers” are the radar facilities controlling everything else. in some places our airspace starts above the TRACON’s and in others we own down to the surface. the top of our airspace is basically space, which is where the U2s come in.

        socrates: “For those who want to see more about airspace classifications (and why that U2 was NOT cleared for VFR operations (climb to VFR is a special request made by pilot) but generally ALL military are on IFR flight plans. Oh and VFR is not even permitted above FL180.”

        well, yes and no. the U2 operates well above normal civilian traffic. because of this, there is generally no traffic for them to be in conflict with. therefore they are allowed to maneuver as necessary to meet there mission requirements. how that deviation from the filed flight plan is handled differs from center to center. in this particular case, they were encoding the data tag associated with the target as “VFR on top”, which is technically an IFR clearance. because we don’t have much traffic in those altitute ranges anymore, the new ERAM system’s computers had not been confronted with this scenario (and obviously no one had considered it an issue), and it crashed ERAM. when the FAA figured out that this was the cause, they immediately sent out a notice to all centers around the country to cease using VFR on top for these type of flights. then they built a patch to fix the problem. i hope that clarifies things for you.

        • VFR On Top was extensively tested at the Tech Center. There’s more to the story…

      80. Good news, bad news.

        Bad new first as it becomes increasingly likely with each passing day that the start of WWIII inevitable and will likely occur before Obama leaves office.

        Good news is when China and/or Russia do strike the US the US west coast will get hit first and do us the favor of clearing the board of a few million lefties who put the incompetent coward Obama in office in the first place.

      81. Ah, comrade, just like the good old days, eh? It’s good we just want to fry your electronics and not yourselves with those old fashioned nuclear bombs, not good for the environment, nyet? You should thank us! This cold war thing just feels right, like an old comfortable shoe. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you, we are just poking you with a stick to see if you are awake. Ah, sleep well, comrade! V. Putin

      82. None: “VFR On Top was extensively tested at the Tech Center. There’s more to the story…”

        it was tested under normal circumstances, not in class A airspace, where this occurred.

      83. Oh my, one error after another!
        A. The U2 did not ‘enter LA airspace’. At 60,000 feet plus it is way above any airspace that LA would lay claim to – no commercial planes fly anywhere near that height (they ar max 35,000 feet).
        B. The error that caused the crash is a classic computer programmer’s ‘roll-over’ fault. The LA radar geek did not allow for any aircraft being that high, so made space in the computer’s memory to store numbers up to 56,000 feet – anything above that ‘rolls over’, so 56k + 66k = 10k, which was the height the ‘intruder aircraft’ was reported at. The crash then happened as the air traffic controllers overloaded their system trying to route regular flights out of the way of the non-existent (well, only in the computer’s memory banks) aircraft.
        C. Jamming one computer system without affecting the other round it? C’mon, maybe the aliens can do that, but not humans.
        D. If you guys are going to survive it when it hits, you need to be MUCH more technically savvy, otherwise you’ll loose your prep like a candy to a baby. “Say man, didn’t you know those bullets are programmed to fire backwards, give me your weapon before you hurt yourselves!”

        • you might want to check out this link to learn about LA center, which most certainly DOES own airspace that high:

          also, not half and hour ago i was working a sector in which ALL of the commercial traffic was between 35,000ft and 41,000 ft, not including the business jets, one of which was flying at 47,000ft. this link will give you a little more information about the capabilities of today’s commercial aircraft:

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