Russian Prime Minister Warns: There’s No Hope Of Improved Relations – Deep State Aims To Remove Trump From Power

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    When President Trump won the election, there was hope that he would be able to finally help the US government make peace with the Russians, and stave off the possibility of another world war. He has undoubtedly made some progress in that regard, by ending the CIA’s program to arm the rebels in Syria. And it’s safe to assume that if Hillary had won the election, that there would be absolutely no chance for our nations could reconcile with each other.

    Overall however, the Trump administration hasn’t made much progress with the Russians. With every step taken towards peace we’ve fallen two steps back, as our government’s relationship with Russia continues to crumble. The deterioration of this relationship reached a new low recently when congress approved legislation that issues new sanctions against Russia, and prevents Trump from easing those sanctions. Trump signed the bill anyway, knowing that it passed with so many votes that if he had vetoed it, Congress could have immediately overridden his decision.

    And as you might expect, the Russian government isn’t taking these new sanctions lightly.

    “The U.S. President’s signing of the package of new sanctions against Russia will have a few consequences,” Medvedev, Vladimir Putin’s onetime successor in the Kremlin wrote on his Facebook page in Russian and English. “First, it ends hopes for improving our relations with the new U.S. administration. Second, it is a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia.”

    But that’s not all Medvedev had to say on the matter. He added that the approval of the new sanctions essentially amounted to a kind of deep state coup.

    “The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way,” Medvedev wrote, lauding the “U.S. establishment” for having “fully outwitted” the White House. Both U.S. chambers passed the bill to take the power of lifting sanctions on Russia from Trump, with an overwhelming majority.

    “The issue of new sanctions came about, primarily, as another way to knock Trump down a peg,” the Russian prime minister wrote. “New steps are to come, and they will ultimately aim to remove him from power.”

    That makes Medvedev the latest in a long line of high profile individuals, to warn that there is plot within Washington to have Trump removed from office. As time goes on, it’s becoming harder to doubt the possibility that there are forces in our government who not only want to overthrow the Trump administration, but they want to derail any efforts to find peace with the Russian government.


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      1. But, but, but, but……CNN said they were friends that colluded?

        ~this is my shocked face~

        • We are reaching a boiling point where the only the 2nd Amendment and armed Patriotic Americans will need to remove the deep state ourselves. Just give us the word Pres Trump, and your list of names and addresses where we begin to clean house with full immunity under the Constitution as prescribed under the 2nd Amendment. Dead or alive, as the Deep State are Traitors and a threat to our Country and world peace. The People vs. Deep State of Criminals. Any person of Congress who signed on to sanctions against Russia is on the List. We the people have the power and Constitional law on our side. Time to replace our current Government of political Deep State of criminals. Term limits will never be approved by these criminals.

          The Russian Sanctions were approved based on the false premise that Russia hacked the Election which there is not a single supporting fact proving that claim. This just shows how criminal and fraudulant the deep state is, pushing us into WW3. So Patriotic Americans, do we have any other choices to save our country? If Trump is removed from office, its game on. So get prepared with your lists of traitors now.

          • Hell yeah!

          • What and end up like the people who supported Bundy?


            • Well, BigB, at just what point will you be prepared to risk your ass to save our country. If Trump is removed the gloves must come off. Whatever replaces him will be a totally illegitimate regime with no legal authority. What do you do then? Write a letter to Congress? Wake up. Civil war is coming.

              • You are both correct but it is not too late to support the Bunkerville patriots, in fact, now would be the perfect time. Bust them out to bust it up. You can bet your ass that if Trump is JFK’ed that martial law will ensue and it will be too late then. Let us bring it on our terms and hold oathkeepers to their word. But we must be ready, like a new age minuteman, to act massively and spontaneously for they are well set to literally decapitate any organizer or any small resistance like Bunkerville was. She deserves the justice she gives. When Navarro swings, freedom rings. And then we can apply a little round up to those hairy reeds.

              • I agree: If Trump is shafted some way, well, that is it. He is the President, no matter what the fruits on the Left say and or think, it does not hold water, Trump is the president. If they “take” him out in some fashion, what will us patriots do in return? I for one will NOT just sit here and write silly emails and complaint letters – that is a true joke and a waste of time in this day and age.

                • If Trump is killed or show trialed out, wouldn’t that make a martyr for the Republic?

              • “Two hundred and thirty six years ago, a brave group of patriots signed their names to a document that would change the course of human history.

                These fifty-six men publicly declared their commitment to the “self-evident truths” that formed the foundation of our nation and which have continued to serve as a beacon of hope for all people around the world who have ever yearned to be free.

                The final sentence of the Declaration of Independence is a promise among the signers, to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor,” and many of them and their fellow patriots did in fact sacrifice their lives and fortunes in service to our country. No loss of life or money could ever diminish the honor of these heroes, and it is that honor that we celebrate today.

                Over two centuries ago, fifty-six men put their lives on the line to preserve and protect the freedoms that are the God-given unalienable rights of all free people.”

                – Sarah Rumpf

                Last I checked, these were still officially our Founding Fathers.

              • And what then? They get Pence? He just may end up being as big of a poison pill to the left as Trump.

              • Even the Chinese, after they had gone thru decades of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and brain washing had Tienanmen Square, even the East Germans after almost 50 years of Stasi oppression and propaganda gathered in Leipzig to oust the communists after DECADES of withering propaganda.

                Personally, I walk around my neighborhood at night, having left leaving THOUSANDS of flyers that I make myself. That’s my “samizdat.” How much had it done, or will it do? You don’t know, nor do I. But I’m not going to sit on my derriere and simply curse the darkness, even if everyone around me does. I write massive amounts. The guys at 5 Minute Forecast (circ. around 100,000) very often put my comments in at the bottom. The Daily Herald (80th most read newspaper in the US) publishes a lot of my stuff.

                Am I the next coming of George Orwell? Just read above to disabuse yourself of that notion. However, I will do as much as I can, as long as I can, whenever I can, to the abilities I have, and as creatively as possible. My fav antic was posting anti-fascist/leftist/Hilary notes when I would go in to some dept store to try on pants, using the pins stuck all over. I just found that kind of fun to do for some reason. None violent, using clever witticisms, it was great fun.

                I told both Target and Home Depot I would stop shopping there when the pandered to the gay-uber-alles brownshirts, and walked in to Macy’s, when they fired a woman in CA. for preventing a man using the women’s washroom, and very politely, but firmly, told them we would in NO WISE shop there if that happened at our location. I’ll bet I was the only one. Imagine if even TEN people spent just TWO minutes doing that? My time was NOT confrontational, NOT nasty, not anything. In fact, the guy agreed with me. But we MUST get off our lazy butts and DO SOMETHING. Better to try and fail than do zilch.

                If I am the last person on Earth, I will not stop fighting the leftist fascists. Why? Of a truth, they HATE humanity. These people have, whether they know if or not, have become a John Wither or Augustus Frost messing with the Oyéresu found in CS Lewis’ That Hideous Strength – and just like those folks they have ZERO idea they are messing with spiritual realities far beyond their ken.

            • Check out Venezuela, it is a window to what a good NRA member longs for. Gun free zones.

              • Shut up idiot. You sure do have a hard on for the NRA. Go jerk off to some maxine waters photos already.

                • Are you saying the NRA does not support requiring govt permission to own guns or that they don’t support gun free zones? Or are you attacking the messenger? Or are you too stupid to do understand the difference? Perplexed here.

                  • I’m saying that without the NRA the US would be Canada at best, the UK at worst.

                    The NRA is pragmatic. The NRA does not support Gun Free Zones. The NRA being pragmatic took the instant background check over the waiting period. The NRA with its pragmatic wisdom got a 10 year expiration on the 1994 Clinton Assault gun ban. Over that decade the political winds changed regarding the Second Amendment, with much thanks to the NRA and the votes were not there to continue the ban. Thats being politically smart. The greatest victory is “Shall Issue” and now in select States “Constitutional Carry”. Thank the NRA again.

                    Hope I cleared that up.

                    • You did, Kev. Another great post by you. I literally have ZERO idea what DMONIC was actually saying, other than a bunch of foul-mouthed epithets. I got the insults… just not his point.

            • you’re gonna end up that way anyway so go down fighting take some devils with you

          • Although I understand the frustration out there, however, this will never happen. No one will ever start something like this due to fear. I agree that even through elections we will never rid the swamp of the establishment and they know it. That’s why they are not hiding it and is in your face.

            • So, Misfit, we start our own Long March (cf. the Mao story. He was evil, but the trope is perfect). Margaret Mead wasn’t that much better than Mao, but her quote is instructive:

              “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

              This site is just ONE of a LARGE group of people who are that small group. A reverse Frankfurt School, if you will. Only for good, not evil.

          • CSS, damn straight. I’ve already got my list.

          • CRACKED

            I bet you got a phone call from BIG BROTHER on this one.

            Oh! there goes my phone too……..

            hell-o hell-o

          • So say we all !!!!!

          • CSS
            I completely agree

          • I agree,BUT, what if Trump is a part of the plan,then we are all enemies of the state and screwed.

        • A coup is taking place in the coup de etat…?

          (I thought a coup de etat had already taken place.)

      2. There was no meddling in the election, but the Russians are meddling now. This coincides with the comblocs military movements.

        Just a rare thought. How many deep agents did the KGB infiltrate into FBI and other parts of the U.S. govt ?

        Who guards the guards ?

        Did the Russians collude with thousands of voters or is the arrogance of the political class such as to dismiss the opinions of others. The so called little people who can be misused and abused at will because of vote every four years for different faces, but same group at every election and the same old promises.

        What does the abused voter see ? These people who are in the govt love the foreigner, but hate the American voter.

        So the voter wanted Trump, warts and all, they got him. After not finding Saddams Nookular weapons and eight years of being told that they are racist nobodies and others looking for any job they could get. What would any reasonable intelligent person expect. duh.

        This whole thing just points to one basic undeniable truth. They in Washington DC do not respect the American people, nor do they serve them and they have more in common with the “Centre” in Moscow than the American people.

        • Meddling?? Obungler and his minions were EXPLICIT in their involvement/interference in the Canadian (and Israeli) elections, and nary a word.

          Oh wait, I forgot. If you are a leftist, you can be as big of hypocrite as you want, and no problem (cf. Al Gore).

      3. If Trump is forced out of office by the deep state-MSM-swamp, thereby nullifying the will of the voters, then this country will be in a state of civil war. Liberal politicians, RINOs, and members of the news media, most of them, will find things have taken a turn for the worse, for them.

        I worked in Australia for a year and they have a saying. When a situation becomes too oppressive or intolerable then people become “bloody minded.” If the PTB won’t play by the rules then there are no rules.

        We shall know them by their words and deeds.

      4. They will remove him from office AFTER the economy collapses and not a minute before! His big scene is coming up soon.

        • Justice

          Anyone can see it who desires to look with open eyes. Eisenhower warned us about MIC. The die is cast. We’re going along for a very bumpy ride that may culminate in disaster. The rainbow types, professing peace and tolerance while supporting war and foreign aggression are most hypocritical.

          It would have been preferred if Hillary was at the spearpoint so the “liberals” could cast blame in the correct direction. The neoconservative supporting patriots that support any and all US military actions regardless if its globalist designs have much in common with the liberals they supposedly loathe.

          If ignorance is a disease we have an epidemic.

          • Liberals ALWAYS have a “heads I win, tails you lose,” approach… they would never blame Hitlery, just like when Slick assaulted all those women, suddenly the feminists blamed THEM. Hypocrisy predicated on arrogance, and the stupidity that eventuates in even smart people from that, is what these people actually ARE.

            You know the old story of the frog who gave a scorpion a ride across their river, right? The frog initially demurs, but the scorpion said to trust him – why would he sting him in the middle of river, as they would both die. Half way across, the scorpion does, in fact, sting the frog. As they are drowning to death in the water, the frog asks him why. The scorpion replies “It is just in my nature.”

            Such is is with the fascist left. It will also, of a surety, eventuate in the demise of their power – and in the world to come, a literal place called Hell. The world is littered with tyrants, some lasting longer than others. Where are they now? Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Ghengis Khan, Woodrow Wilson (who later on, at the end of his life, lamented “I have betrayed my country!), where are they???

            Rather, as Dr. James Allan Francis wrote in 1926, Here is a man who was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village. He worked in a carpenter shop until He was thirty. Then for three years He was an itinerant preacher.

            He never owned a home. He never wrote a book. He never held an office. He never had a family. He never went to college. He never put His foot inside a big city. He never traveled two hundred miles from the place He was born. He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness. He had no credentials but Himself…

            While still a young man, the tide of popular opinion turned against him. His friends ran away. One of them denied Him. He was turned over to His enemies. He went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed upon a cross between two thieves. While He was dying His executioners gambled for the only piece of property He had on earth – His coat. When He was dead, He was laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend.

            Nineteen long centuries have come and gone, and today He is a centerpiece of the human race and leader of the column of progress.

            I am far within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, all the navies that were ever built; all the parliaments that ever sat and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as has that one solitary life.”

            Sorry, I cast my lot with the King of Kings, not some Deep State despot who truly is more akin to Hitler in terms of worldview (power over all else) than anything. I can tell you this: These Deep State playes – even Ray Kurzweil and his singularity gambit – are finally going to be alive a LOT longer than they will be alive (or whatever “alive” means when Kurzweil becomes a machine).

            • Great Post Test!

      5. Naw…. Trumpy will be ghosted to a bunker and the word will go out that he’s gone. Can’t off someone who’s part of the clan. No, WE ARE THE ONES who are going to be disappeared. Trump will only exit the stage and thanked BY the Deep State for being a good tool.

        • PO’d Patriot, NOBODY can disappear you as long as you’re willing and in condition to fight them.

          • Yup but only by the grace of God and a smooth trigger pull.

        • PO’d Patriot….. Thank You For one intelligent comment. Many will market Trump to be the new messiah, but he really is the new puppet for the new show. This is how to keep people busy so they don’t feel how the rape feels. They do it every 4-8 years and the idiots fall for it. Anyway…Thank you for seeing the truth.

          • Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny show Looney tunes music….”On with the show this is it”.

      6. Sickening anyway you look at the situation confronting the hidden government and the power and control it wields over the people’s everyday existence. The level of ignoring the obvious by average Americans is through the roof. Then again easily duped and mind numb is the status quo. 9-11 apparently wasn’t enough watching 100+ story buildings turn to dust on the way to the ground and then be called a pancake collapse.

        • Aljiamo There isn’t any difference between the hidden or shadow government they are one & the same. Just as the Democraps and Repugthugs. Did obummer care get tossed? Has hellery been arrested? The hidden government and the out in the open government where in cahoots to bring down those towers. They are both UN NWO and agenda 21 proponets.

      7. This is what happens when you have a nation full of crooks, wimps, foreigners and illegal aliens.

        • Press 9 for English…So you need to get the fuck out.

      8. we all knew their wasn’t a viable political or ballot box solution. There will not be any type of second admendment solution . What needs to happen and it will eventually happen. Is every producer to go galt. We are eventually going to end up like Venezuela. Almost everyone will be enabled by the government. And when that’s government teat goes dry its the beginning of some very dangerious upheavel. That’s my plan to have enough Know How and self reliance to survive the time of famine. The preppers and patriots will not need to attack the government lackeys and political elete. Those enabled commie parasites who at present believe in the liberal socialistic agenda will turn on them the second that teat is no longer available. Think about it in Venezuela if the government teat had not ran dry would the people be causing problems? Now I urge those who prep. save your food for you and yours. Save your ammo to use on the teat suckers after they overthrow the government . We know many government officials will go into the bunkers like Mt weather. That’s the moment when you know the starving parasites have beaten the government. Those parasites will turn to cannibals and kill each other.that’s when we dispose of the remander of them. And we then seal up all those bunkers so the countinuation of government folks and wealthy elete never see the light of day ever again. Do try a bundy and take on the government. All that will do is get you dead. wait be patient every old dog has his day.Now think about this. Look at the physical shape of most folks. Those on the right are just as fat and unhealthy as those on the left. The prepper right has so few who are ready willing and physically able to wage a prolonged battle let alone a war that the government isn a bit concerned about us. We are no more of a threat than a hang nail. Its their very own minions who will turn of them. Their very own adoring fans who will cause them to seek safety in the bunkers. So for now go galt don’t produce in excess of your very own needs. don’t buy anything you don’t need. And try not to buy anything new. Buy black market at yard sales& auctions buy anyplace where you don’t pay sales taxes. That’s our best course of action to endeavor to avoid paying taxes at every opportunity. If we all make avoiding taxes second nature pretty soon it will have a cascading effect. I know a guy who got fed up with paying taxes that where glommed on to his water bill. Stuff like fire dept -swim park ect. He couldn’t afford to drill a well. So he catches his gutter water in big containers and pump’s it into a large overhead tank and gravity feeds his home. they get their drinking & cooking water from a friends well out in the country. Told the water company to shove it. Please don’t do anything stupid like Bundy & Finnicun .

      9. BS! Nobodies gonna do anything but talk. We (myself included)have done nothing but watch this country go to crap .

        • true and if someone wants to do something who’s going to lead the patriots and plan the strategies and coordinate with other patriots

      10. What is upsetting are the parents that are so proud to send their kids off to be named or killed for globalist Wall Street in some misguided ignorance induced patriotic fever. How someone can pay attention to NASCAR or the NFL and not bother to investigate world affairs when their kid life is at stake speaks volumes for sheep think.

        • I really don’t think it is in us to save ourselves. When Bush two declared a New World Order was the time to board the ship. It has now sailed away, its hold bulging with our freedom. In its wake, our liberty. It is in times of crisis that our true face emerges. And it is one ugly mofo. A spineless quivering mass.

        • Yep let your children join the military to become cannon fodder for the UN and NWO. Stupid is as stupid does!

          • Its apparently cultural. Grandpa was in WWII (the good war), Dad in Vietnam (known mistake then, redefined with patriotic spirit today). I’ll follow the family tradition. “Be the first on on your block to have your boy (or girl) come home in a box”.

            • What are we fighting for? Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn. The next one is the Korean man… Every generation must bleed is the globalist creed.

        • Kevin2, you are right on. The vast majority of parents are self-absorbed in ‘frivolous pursuits’ (Brandon Smith’s term). And the US military is today’s golden calf. It is the meal ticket for the 530 (out of 535) traitors in Congress who voted for sanctions. They don’t want peace. Peace is simply not profitable.

          • rand paul was one who was against sanctions on russia he should have been prez they wouldn’t run over him

      11. It is my humble opinion that the Deep State aka The Shadow Gov. will “Herbert Hoover” President Trump just like 1929. When they crash the stock market, it will utterly destroy his presidency and the RINOs will be swept out of office in 2018 like the Fukushima tsunami. President Trump will have been in office just long enough for the vast majority of simple minded idiots in Amerika to believe this economy is his and when the market collapses, they will say it was Trump’s fault. I find it amazing that just 20-25 years ago, if you mentioned the terms “Shadow Gov” or Deep State, people would call you a tin-foil-hat nut job “conspiracy theorist” (a CIA derived term). What some of us have been saying for years is now in the Lame Stream Media – er Propaganda. Our Republic is terminal. There is no stopping our downward spiral. No other civilization in history has come back from where America is today and revived itself – at least not that I’m aware of. Civil War is coming because the Left are rabid in their Identity Politics and are like unreasoning animals. There is no way to have a rational debate or discussion with these people. They are as brainwashed as the German people were in the 1930s. No amount of rational factual logic is going to penetrate their thick skulls. Unfortunately their thick skulls will have to be penetrated with Cu-Pb logic.
        These Godless animals (the Left) want their Venezuela utopia and I fear with the way the Republican’ts are not governing, they will win back power and ram it down our throats with a vitriolic vengeance. And then Civil War II starts. And unlike some here on this forum, yes Patriots will finally fight back because the Left will use the control of FOOD as their primary weapon. And I don’t care how much of a fat lazy pacifist arm chair keyboard warrior you may be now – when you are starving, you will kill anything in your way to eat. Just that simple. America – 120 volts away from the Stone Age.

        • JimSlade, welcome, and that was a damn good post. I’ll damn sure kill anything that tries to take whatever I have.

          • When are you going to start? The establishment has been robbing you for years and years and all you do is sit there and bitch!

        • JimSlade

          Do not slide the globalist neoconservatives that label themselves right when they are oh so wrong. They are at the spearpoint of foreign affairs, both military and trade while the “progressive” (actually quite recessive) left is culturally sinking us domestically. Its a team effort to destroy, equalize and homogenize the USA into an unrecognizable bland component who’s only purpose is to enforce globalist corporate rule.

        • The “deep state” is not the Clinton Crime Family. The Clinton Crime Family are a mere school yard gang next to the Mafia internationalist bankers that control the world.

          • I was going to say the Clinton’s are just the “pretty face” of the deep state… then I thought again!

      12. Jim Slade….very well spoken….120 volts away from the Stone Age

      13. The dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum Trumpbot cowards actually still believe the vice peddling pussy grabber is in charge of the collapsing Police State hell on earth of New Babylon America……that is the Trumpbot coward insanity that is really amusing and amazing to watch as damned and doomed America falls.

      14. I like the term 120 volts from. the stone age. I still have doubts about Trump. My advice have some way to feed you and yours. If you have enough food it cannot be used as a weapon against you. Their aint any difference between republicans and democrats. The shadow government and in the open government are the same. It is still a dog and pony show. The UN NWO agenda 21 90% die off is still right on track. What we need to do is survive the culling. And seal those countinuation of government folks up in their hidey holes.

      15. On another note:

        Yea! Italy sends ships to prevent the “refugees” from invading.

        Italy is a member of the European Union. This is a huge turnaround !!!


        • Italy knows just what all the savage ape muslims will do deep down to their country and that is: DESTROY IT period! Those 2 legged muslim rats are an out of control cancer.

      16. Sometime in the near future, we will all know that the line our government should never cross, has in fact been crossed. The American People will see it as sure as if they stood upon the banks of the Rubicon and watched the Roman Army cross.

        When that day is upon us, each of us in our own way will have to fight back. Remember, it takes a whole lot of electricity, diesel and communications abilities for our government to effectively oppress us. We need none if these resources to fight them. Start by refusing to pay any more tax. Refuse to go to work. Refuse to allow a banker and his paid thugs to repossess your home and belongings. Cut the power, cut communications. Stop resupply to military installations. As rebel groups begin to form, become a soldier of one, and stop the government paid bastards on their front porch in front of their wife and chuldren. Do thus, it would t take very long for the Glibalists to surrender and be hailed or exicuted.

      17. Send ships to prevent. Likely too little too late. Europe is already full. That’s kinda like closing the barn door after the horse has already escaped.We need to realize its pretty much over. All the worlds goverments are corrupted. its all going according to their plan. The UN NWO using wars created those refugees. And the NWO is redistributing them where they want them to be placed. Once in place they destabilize and destroy. They create dissent. Good grief they have already told their plan. Read those Georgia Guidestones. Look at what is being condoned a Somali refugee is given a gun and a badge. And allowed to murder that innocent Minneapolis woman. A mob should have lynched that animal and the bleeding heart Mayor too.

      18. Old Guy:

        Your analogy is spot on. I am not certain, but I believe the ships are being set up to take the Somali away out of Italy. It is the first step in possibly rectifying this catastrophe.

        This invasion of Europe was and is being created and organized by 3ews. The opposition in Italy is now so great that 3ews risk a backlash or progrom. A progrom is when the 3ews are evicted by the host Country on account of their shenanigans.


      19. I think the whole russia collusion is a big pile of you know what?? cow poop.. that Hillary get’s by with everything she wants and worked selling her ideas as on the u.s. time clock to the highest bidder.. she is a real bit#h… and all those who follow her crappy dialogue.. Russia was not gonna go for the sell of hillary and soro’s crap.. and therefore the didn’t chose to go… I dont blame them.. Trump is actually the best we have.. it’s sad we can work thing’s out with russia.. whom I know it would have been great.. let’s pray for Trump and for America..

      20. Just a note. Removing Trump from power extra-Constitutionally IS, in fact, TREASON. I hope anyone attempting this is prosecutied and jailed for a very, very long time, after they get their due process.

        • not sure trump is part of the plan and in on it with deep state trump has a very inflated ego but who really knows

      21. And the line in your sandbox ends where?
        Bundy ?
        The standoff at the wildlife preservation
        The Federal reserve?
        Time and time again the war drums beat and no one shows up. When they do they are publicly shot and humiliated on tv.
        They I’m sure also had enough and they did go do something while the rest of us called them example the stand off at the wildlife preservation. They were begging for support all I heard from here was “I’m not going to help” , ” those people and idiots” , it’s a foolish cause”
        And of course crickets and silence.
        Everyone just ignors it in hopes it passes their house. As I’ve stated many times here. Everyone’s out for themselves.
        1. Who’s gonna organize a militia
        2. Who’s gonna be in command
        3. Where’s your logistics
        4. Who here would be willing to donate his gear weapons and ammo to the cause ?????
        5. Who here would take orders.
        6. Who here would sacrifice like a soldier
        (Apart from our vets)
        The painful hard truth VERY FEW.
        1. No one wants to be that crazy bastard on the evening news
        2.none of us are prepared to be a martyr for the cause
        3. No supply lines
        4. Not one of us would stumble across a militia camp and hand over our stuff be given one rifle and orders to fight in battle you know nothing about in hopes you’ll eat that night and see your family again.
        So no there will be no civil wet dream war only a soft takeover as been happening over the last 100 years.
        Tptb know they can only push just so much one one generation at a time.
        In my grandparents generation they would never tolerate open homosexuality.
        Fast forward to today that generation is mostly gone now. Today it’s openly tolerated in my parents day it was considered gross indecent and would never be tolerated on tv or taught in schools
        My generation grew up mostly ridiculing the fags and now today it’s everywhere
        Over the last 100 years they have slowly corrupted our morals. By the time they do something that crosses the line in your sandbox you’ll be too old and won’t really care just like my grandparents.
        And the next generation will happily accept whatever happens

        • Bestiality. Group marriage. Harvey Milk and his disgusting antics. Say it enough times, and it will seem “normal.” The vile “Will and Grace,” anyone?

          Charleton Heston wrote: “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.””

          “Politics is downstream from culture.” — Andrew Breitbart

        • Angry Beaver, what you say is correct. I have sat by while the Constitution has been twisted and perverted right before my eyes. I sat by and complained and whined (i.e. did nothing).

          I know in my heart that when I look in the mirror I am looking at a coward. I am not a shadow of the man my father is and I am ashamed.

          I cancelled cable TV about two years ago and boycott various businesses who are NWO fronts. So I try to use the power of the purse to protest but I know big deal.

          I accept that future generations have the RIGHT to curse my name and dig up my grave because much of this happened on my watch. However, in fairness, this enemy is EVIL and perhaps beyond mortal man’s ability to deal with. Can I control the weather? Despite what Al Gore says, No i can’t. Can I or even Russia stop the NWO, no!

          At this point it really may be God’s fight, because ALL this has been written and God’s will shall be done.

          • as my cousin says all this HAS to take place and you’re correct this is God’s war

          • Well justice we may be cowards. So what!? We are alive and not behind bars. Not dead like Finnicun or in jail like Bundy. We did nothing because it was in our best interest. There is old advice that’s pretty good. I think it applies here. When you are not for certain sure what to say or do. Then don’t say or do anything. Undertaking some action that your not confident of the outcome often does more harm than good. Its not for others to decide or judge us. We all have free will. You do your own thing and I will do my own thing.

      22. Ps.
        Both my grandparents contributed to the Canadian war effort
        Mom worked in a textile factory making combat uniforms
        Father fought with the black watch over most of Europe.(these were some bad ass boys in thier day)

      23. Without a Constitution and Rule of Law we have no country anyway, so what do we have to lose by fighting back? I will die on my feet before I live on my knees.

        • Aaaaand what version of the Constitution will you be standing up for.
          How many times has it been fucked with?
          As for rule of law well you don’t see that anywhere.
          Mass illegal immigration
          Leftists burning cities
          Career polititions
          WMD in Iraq
          Confederate flag outlawed
          Free speech outlawed
          Gun rights diminished
          There are no laws except for the little guy.
          As I said if you try to fight back you’ll be hunted down and shot dead all on CNN fox ABC NBC you’ll run the whole alphabet.
          Won’t be long before your neighbors are on tv saying all kinds of shit.
          However. If you were part of an organized militia were will to sacrifice donate food ammo and supplies for a greater cause then you may have a chance at life after the shit settled. Look at the history of insurgency they are extremely effective but not without organization leaders and followers.

        • Yep you would be dead just like the fools at the Alamo. Me I wish to see my grandchildren grown. So I will not participate in some half baked revolution. My plan is to try and make certain my grandchildren survive the great culling and 90% die off. Things go in cycles. And at present my life is pretty good. Im happy playing Hobby Farm and Drawing a social security Ponzi Check. Ive got a bit of seed money ,no debts and If that continues for the remainder of my days that is OK. Im content to only worry about crossing rivers when I come to them.

      24. Don’t ask me why, but after reading this post and all the comments, I couldn’t help but think of the final scene in “Fargo”, one of my favorite movies of all time. This scene, to me, is a small reflection of what the big picture is in the whole world today…

      25. Trump could have vetoed it and even if Congress passed it, the SCOTUS would rule it unconstitutional because congress does not act in this manner without the Commander-In Chief.

      26. Study the Vietnam war a direct head to head conflict will result in a loss for Patriots. Adopt the strategy that resulted in successful defeat of the United States there don’t fall into the strategy of out gunning or out fighting. Hit and run!
        If Trump can’t pull off reform do you want to live under communism?
        Read “The Art of War” or watch it on YouTube the History channel did a documentary on it and why wars are won or lost.

        • Thanks!

      27. I’m wondering how many patriots will be duplicating the same mission at the same time in going after killery and obummer when the shtf

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