Russian President Vladimir Putin Tests New Kalashnikov Super Rifle

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    Russian president Vladimir Putin got his hands on a modern sniper rifle from renowned weapons-maker Kalashnikov.  Putin was seen picking off targets at a distance of 600 meters (656 yards) with the new weapons manufacturer’s new super rifle.

    According to Russia Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited an exhibition of the Kalashnikov Concern weapons creator in Patriot Park outside Moscow on Wednesday. Putin didn’t just inspect the military hardware and eyeball the new goods. Russia’s president got up-close and personal with a modern SVCh (Chukavin Sniper Rifle).

    The SVCh was initially called SVK. Recently, Kalashnikov has renamed the rifle to include the designer’s last name (Chukavin) into the designation of this firearm and revealed more details. Now the rifle is called Chukavin Sniper Rifle or SVCh (Снайперская Винтовка Чукавина – СВЧ) wrote the Firearm Blog. 

    A video from YouTube shows Putin firing the sniper rifle.

    The SVCh rifle is loosely based on the iconic Russian SVD and another lesser-known weapon by renowned weapons designer Evgeny Dragunov – the “Compact Assault rifle” prototype. Taking the best concepts from both weapons, the SVCh is said to be more accurate and less prone to dislocation of the optics than the SVD, which is the main rifle for the Russian Army’s designated marksmen.


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      1. Nice rifle, unfortunately Putin doesn’t know how to operate it. It’s a semi-automatic rifle that loads another round in the chamber after its fired. So when he pulls back the bolt handle after he fires, you can hear a live shell fall on the table.

        • Reminds me of the photos on the Whitehouse lawn when Odumass was having pictures taken of him firing a semi-auto shotgun.

      2. Looking at the rifle it doesn’t look like it is designed for long range precision shooting.

        BTW, anyone know why a semi-auto rifle needs to be cocked between shots?

        • Ignorant rifleman.

          • … but are YOU going to tell Putin that??!!

            You know what happens to people, who criticize him… don’t you?

        • Anon, there is a sound suppressor on the rifle. On some rifles the gas knob must be adjusted when equipped with a suppressor. If it’s not adjusted the shooter may have to eject the empty shell case manually. I don’t know if this rifle has a gas adjustment knob.

          • Live round on the table @ 0:14 sec mark. Putin still a badass.

            • And watching the charging handle, it makes a full stroke.

              • I saw the spent case hit the wall following his shot between the 0:03 and 0:04 second marks.

            • Orion is right. That’s the bottom line.

      3. Nice looking rifle. Wonder if he actually hit the target, nothing said on that……

      4. It’s cool and all, but I want a very powerful air rifle foitr hunting.

        Lewis and Clark had an Italian air rifle and they demonstrated it to tribes on their journey out West. And thus had few issues due to overwhelming technological superiority. The NRA has a video on it.

        Imagine the possibilities if the SHTF. Listen how quiet it is. It’s like a whisper.

        • I don’t know about whisper quiet. My air rifle has a muzzle velocity of 1260 fps and it’s louder than my .22.

        • Maranatha, that’s an impressive air rifle but I have in mind to get something more than a single-shot. On the other hand if I can reload fast enough it might be feasible. I was thinking in terms of the possibility of having to engage multiple targets at one time.

          • DR, your best off using a .22 subsonic round. Most of those air rifles aren’t much more quiet than a .22 and don’t last very long before they break.

            • repr, I have been informed that subsonic ammo may need a faster rate of twist than supersonic ammo. If the bullet is heavier than 40 grs. I have 60 gr. subsonic ammo and that’s the kind that needs the faster twist in the barrel.

            • Repr Sleeper, thanks for that advice. I’ve got a Ruger 10/22 and a shitload of .22LR ammo, subsonic rounds included. So the air rifles don’t last? Thanks for keeping me from wasting any money.

        • A properly tuned .22, or even .25 caliber air rifle is just as quiet as a supressed .22LR.
          The pellet hitting the target down range makes more noise than the pellet leaving the barrel on my tuned .22. JSB 18.3grn@900fps out of a Beni Mrod.
          They are great for small game and keeping quiet along with cheap practice.
          Even Cheaper than .22LR.
          And you can have them delivered to your doorstep with no paper work, or hazmat fees.

      5. Due to both longevity and availability the AK47/AKM / variants will be used for a long time, likely surpassing the British Brown Bess for theater of operations and years of use.

      6. And then we get advertising for “airsoft” below???

      7. “First Person”

        An astonishingly frank autobiography.

        Only ten bucks. Always go to the source. See what he has to say before I read a biography written by someone else. That’s my approach to understanding these well known figures of the past and present.

        That photo of Putin is something special.


      8. Gun show in my area next month. I’ll be looking for another rifle for long-range shooting, possibly .308 but I’m open to considering other calibers. Any suggestions?

        • Take a look at the Valkarie (My spelling may need tweeking) A thousand yard gun on a AR platform.

          • That Valkarie bullet uses 6.8 brass.

        • i had a bushmaster ar10, and it was my favorite. very accurate, and not that expensive. ammo for it at wal-mart usually around 50cents a round….what’s not to like? optics will be your next “problem”. i put an acog on mine, and like it a lot, but i’m told it will beat it to death after a while. good luck.

          • HK91 Much better platform….

          • HK91 Much better platform….

        • Military is going to the 6.5…a flat shooter and less recoil. ammo is a little more. I’m sticking with my Remington 700 in .308.

          • I think you are right.
            Might be some good sales on 5.56 once the military goes 6.5USA.

            But I agree: I will keep with my .308.

        • 30-06 outperforms the .308 in the heavier bullet weights (more case capacity) and heavier bullets are desirable for any given caliber for long range shooting.

          Depends quite a bit on the type of rifle you want, how much you want to spend on it, and its intended use. Larger calibers retain more energy at long distance for hunting and such but are not necessarily the most accurate if you are only going to shoot paper with it.

        • The Deplorable Renegade, I went with .308 because “of the availability of ammo.” If it’s a SHTF gun then that has to be a top consideration.

          Unless you’re an expert marksman the performance is more than good enough.

          • Justice, you just confirmed what everyone else has told me about .308 and I see the ammo in stock everywhere I go. Now I just need to find the best .308 rifle around.

        • TDR – call me old-school; but, I own, shoot and enjoy the ballistics of my Rossi single-shot 22-250. I was able to find a brand-new (in the box) factory-scoped one that is a joy to fire. @ 200 yards, the drop is slightly less that 1 2/3″. You can see the specs @ The nicest part is that the speed stays close to what we’re all used to with the .223 round @ 500 yards (with the drop ~ 3′ compared to a .223’s drop of slightly over 5′ also @ 500). Basically a faster more aerodynamic round. Lots of energy still as it hits.

        • 6.5 Creedmore, or even a 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser.

          Exceptional accuracy and low recoil.

      9. I’m calling BS on the 600 meters. When that camera spins and looks downrange, there appears to be no targets beyond 200 meters.

      10. Any idea what caliber the rifle is? By the size of the magazine it may be 7.62 X 54

      11. we are only seeing what the Russians want us to see. In the hands of a good marksman this rifle likely will better most rifles in its class. Putin is a cold Russian bear trap and is modernizing the Russian military quietly while half of America still can’t get over their girl losing the election.

      12. People in north and South Carolina have lost everything they own and demonic rats are trying to stop kavanaugh from being confirmed. This is the lead mainstream news story while trump is going to the floods to see what the federal gov can do to help flood victims. The demons don’t care about anything but their agenda at all costs. A vote for a democrat is a vote against yourself. I’ve lived through a flood and it ruins your home you lose almost all your possessions that took years to acquire. It’s a big setback when you already struggle to get by. Takes years to recover.

      13. To Bob1,
        I am sure Putin knows perfectly well how to operate it and I am sure he fired one shot at a time for a reason. He was a Lt. Colonel in the KGB and has had plenty of weapons training.

      14. I’d make a bet that it is a piston gun as opposed to gas tube as the AK uses a piston. If it has a gas block which can very or adjust the bullet gases, to the point you can shut it off, then you do have to operate it just like a bolt gun.

      15. The Russian military is modernizing while the US military is cannon fodder for bankers, Zionist Neo-Cons and sexual perverts.

      16. While the AK series of weapons is renowned for reliability, the design that gives it that attribute means it has always sucked in the accuracy dept. Therefore, I am glad my potential enemy is using an inferior sniper rifle and I’m also glad he will be supplying it to all his friends. None of which seem to be my friends.

      17. new record for gun violence here in chi-town this a.m.6 month old in car with other family in mothers arms gets two bullets in the gut at close range.badass dad only gets a graze in the head as he unloads on the perps out to kill him.

      18. 650 yards a new super sniper???? B.S. I call B.S. Hells bells you can do that with a 03A3 out to 1000 yards. That is 110 year old weapon. Mod 64 and 700 can do the 1000+ standing on there heads. a 338 Lap. and a 50 Call a mile+

        So no super rifle. Hell I’ll take my M1A/M21 all day long and shoot over 600 yards with a 6 to 7″ group. I shot my 300 Win Mag Noreen at 400 yards getting 2.5″ groups. so 600 yards no problem.


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