Russian Plane Loses 3 Tons Of Gold On Takeoff

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    In the west there is “helicopter money.” In Russia, they do “airplane gold.”

    Gems, precious metals and diamonds worth hundreds of millions rained over Russia’s coldest region when a Russian plane with ten tons of gold, platinum and diamonds lost a significant part of its cargo upon taking off from an airport in the Russian region of Yakutsk, famous for its rich natural resources and diamond deposits.

    The precious rain then continued as the aircraft gained height.

    The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane hit problems during takeoff, resulting in a breach in the hull that allowed its precious cargo to fall all over the runway.

    Local media reports that the glittering metal bars seen in the photos are indeed gold, platinum and gems. TASS cited officials from the Interior Ministry as saying that some 172 gold bars weighing about 3.4 tons were recovered.

    Yakutsk Airport insisted that the plane was operational and was ready for the flight. After leaving its cargo on the runway, the plane made a successful landing in the nearby Magan Airport, some 26km north-west of Yakutsk.

    According to the Siberian Times, police sealed off the runway and a vast search is underway.

    The monetarist dream plane was en route to Krasnoyarsk and further to the Kupol Dome mine.

    The plane was carrying more than 9 tons of “concentrate containing precious metal” that belonged to the Mining and Geological Company in the neighboring Chukotka region, the committee said. The ill-fated hatch fell on the local auto market, causing no injuries. The Chukotka Mining and Geological company is 75% owned by Canada’s Kinross Gold.

    Meanwhile, the technical engineers at the Yakutsk airport who prepared the plane for takeoff have been detained.

    The value of the load was put at 21 billion rubles, or $370 million.


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      1. Hey, come fly over my house!

      2. Hey come fly over my neighbors house, I don’t want to get hit by one of those lol
        But seriously it’s probably tungsten coated anyway!

        • Coated with gold MB

      3. Wow, when the Ruskies mess up shit, they do it-to it!

      4. Who moves real money in a flying Datsun?

        Who uses gold as ballast?

        It’s not an old fashioned hot air balloon !

      5. Something like that happened in the USA. It was an ordinary summer evening in Berkeley, California on April 20th, 1972. Lennard was passing a joint around the room and Chris was rolling. Through the large picture window we saw a large wooden box drop from the sky and break apart.

        All four of us went outside. There on the lawn lay the box which had broken apart. Clearly visible were it’s contents.

        We divided the contents. Afterwards we never met up again. We took a vow of secrecy. I went on to become a successful person.

        After all these years, I can finally talk freely. But I will not discuss the actual contents of that box except to say it was pretty awesome.


        • You know the FBI monitors this sight, don’t you?

      6. Leave us hanging huh? A shame the plane didn’t go down over a well traveled highway and get plucked clean like it would here in the states.

      7. Hey… they were just told to load the stuff onto the plane. Nobody said anything about tying it down. Not their fault it slid across the cargo hold when the plane tipped up the nose.

      8. Heck, I’m volunteering to go help clean up that mess!! Just let me have a way home with a 10% finder’s fee and I’m already packed up.

      9. When it’s raining water, few pay attention. When it’s not raining water, most pay attention and anxiously await the rain. When it’s raining gold, everybody wants a piece of the action. Twenty years before he died, my father picked up over eighty gold Kruegerands at a garage sale where the owner was unaware of the contents. The price of gold was around $84 then, and he cashed them in. If I had them myself now, they would fetch about $105 thousand dollars more than he got for them then. Whatever. He had fun with the money, and it was his. I listened to my father in law and have been getting into silver.

        • my step-dad collected coins from our paper routes for many years. in 1972, i think it was, he sold 73 silver dollars for 100$…..within a few months, they would be worth over 20 times face value….i bet he was sick!

      10. In Soviet Russia, Gold market crash you

      11. The AN12 is a Russian version of a C-130. They have good designers, but really bad workers.
        Note for you gold guys, the picture of the gold bar in this post, is it valuable to a starving man and family? Who will buy it?

      12. Want to bet that Putin has them all in a gulag by now?

      13. Want to bet Putin has them all in a gulag by now?

      14. Dushka Bravda Cooper strikes again

      15. Let’s hope that the people who loaded the plane were stone cold sober! Probably, the first thing they did was to give them blood tests to check their alcohol levels.

        Doesn’t this seem a little suspicious? For the workers sake, let’s hope all of the valuables are recovered.

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