Russian Nuclear Weapons Can Wipe Out An Area The Size Of France!

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    Russia has tested a new nuclear weapon that can hit anywhere on the globe and wipe out an area the size of Texas or France. The military footage shows the weapon of mass destruction in action during the latest round of testing.

    According to The Daily Mail, Russia has claimed that the RS-28 Sarmat missiles are capable of striking targets via both the North and South poles and can carry more nuclear warheads than any other missile on the planet. Additionally, the RS-28 Sarmat missiles are able to deliver up to 24 of Russia’s new Avangard hypersonic gliders, each of which can carry its own nuclear payload.

    The Avangard missiles currently travel at speeds of Mach 20 (20 times the speed of sound) and there is no defense system on earth that is capable of stopping them.  Once launched, the new weapon uses aerodynamics to sail on top of the atmosphere. It is capable of making sharp twists and turns on its way to targets, making it “absolutely invulnerable to any missile defense system,” reported the Daily Mail. 

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that both the weapon also dubbed “Satan 2” will be combat ready by 2020.  Putin has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the United States, especially when it comes the insistence that he meddled in the 2016 election, favoring president Donald Trump.  He has also previously delivered a warning to the United States over its pursuit of anti-missile defense systems, according to USA Today.Efforts to contain Russia have failed, face it,” he said. “Nobody listened to us. Well, listen to us now,” Putin added, referring to accusations that Washington has been violating non-nuclear proliferation agreements by assisting countries from Poland to Japan to establish global anti-missile systems.

    “No one in the world has anything like (this weapon),” Putin said. “It may appear someday, but by that time we will develop something new.”

    The United States and Russia have about 90% of all of Earth’s nuclear weapons.


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          • One more time…

            What you see going on was in the works, long before the “baby boomers” got into psuedo-authority. The real powers in the back room, came up with things like the Kalergi Plan, almost a century ago.

            The parasites in power, want White genocide, and White people refuse to comprehend it…

          • The Immigration Act of 1965 became law when Pres. LBJ signed it. It severely restricted the numbers of people of European descent into the US for the first time in American history, but favored and facilitated migration from 3rd world countries. This was initiated by politicians of northern states and the Fed. Gov’t. The oldest boomer would have only been 19, and at the time ineligible to vote. Yes, unchecked illegal immigration is wrecking the country’s culture and demography but the boomer generation did not initiate this problem, though the boomers subsequently certainly haven’t done much to rectify it. However, it is entirely wrong to blame the entire generation as most Southern boomers are against unchecked immigration. Unfortunately, we are outnumbered by the rest US boomer population. For now on when you curse and blame all boomers you’re not speaking for me, my family and relatives, or my friends.

          • White is RIGHT.

        • Actually I’d like to see if they can really wipe out France. Go ahead I dare you. And while they are at it how about: Iran Iraq Syria Israel Afgan India and Pak

          • DC, NY, Shitcago, Hollyweird, San Fransicko, Mecca, CITY OF LONDON. Many problems solved.

          • Putin only needs to send France a tweet, and they will surrender.

          • Don’t forget: china, japan, btitan, gernany, brazil, australia, sweedon, canada, mexico, Venezuela, poland, Austria . . .

      1. And… SO !!!

      2. Why was it that important, to disarm Russia’s protectorate, NK.

      3. This is old news. C’mon you can do better than this.

      4. Well, we all knew it. Russia not only has the same GDP as Texas but the same “Go Get ‘Em” Texas attitude. Think Big! Do Big Things! Make It Happen!

        So why is the biggest symbol of martyrdom in Texas? The Alamo?

        • Because real Texans’ aren’t a bunch of fucking pussies, like the majority of this country. Besides HICKS that is… hehehe

      5. The USA and Russia have 90% of all the nuclear weapons. It is the other 10% that worry me: Two Countries in particular; Pakistan and (not India) Isreal.


        • How many nukes does Israel have, when and where were they tested, and who can give verifiable answers to this?

          FWIW, I don’t expect a truthful answer from you.

          • I looked and looked and could not find anything that gives definite information about nukes in Israel. The sources I saw say it is ¨suspected¨ that they have somewhere between 75-400. So they may have them or they may not. I would suspect that they do and the U.S. probably helped them build them or gave them to them.

          • Its called “plausible deniability”. You really should look it up sometime. Israel has nukes because the US supplied them. They didn’t do any testing. It’s the worlds best kept “secret”. Dipshit.

            And NO, I am not a jew hater like so many on this site.

            • I like how my comment went into moderation because of the word- J. E. W. Fucking lame.

      6. Ahhh…but do they have a SPACE FORCE?

        • Yes, and they can actually still go to space.
          Russia has tested a cannon is space, and even welded metal in space.

          “Space Force” on paper means nothing.

          • sarc

      7. Whatever.

      8. Russians are nuts.
        But I have more in common with them than I do with any Black American or Liberal Democrat.
        Full disclosure, My great grand father was a carpenter in the imperial Russian army. He was Born in Poland, a practicing Catholic, and racially a J3w.
        We would be smart to become friends with Russia, as we have a common enemy, Moslems. 1.6 Billion nutcases that want to die and some have nukes.

        • The Globalists are freaking that Trump is talking to Putin, because the only country in the world to stand up to the globalists was Russia before Trump came along.

          The globalists had already launched their plan to divide up the world with literally a third to go to China and communists, a third to go to Muslims, and a final third to fall under control of a globalist Marxist corpotocracy.

          Hillary was to have finished what Obama started, a 16 year plan to overthrow the US government, and destroy the US converting it into a vassal of the western globalist one world government.

          Oops except Trump won….

          • So true!, great post, the sentiments of most of us here!

            What I have to urge and encourage every Patriot to buy 223/556 because I suspect the Marxists/Gloablist will win in November, and Impeachment proceedings will begin. The NWO Factions: The Progressive/Marxists and Neocons will roll our another AWB and ban ARs and High-cap mags and 223-556. Patriots, buy ammo and high-caps.

      9. A armed society is a polite society. Its not a bad thing that Russia has a potent weapon. The threat of mutual annilation has prevented a nuclear war for about 70 years. Now that they have this capability possibly idiot folks will quit demonizing Russia. And its not illegal for anyone to meddle in elections. George Soros meddeled in the 2016 election by using his money to support Hellery. The fact is President Trump isn’t guilty of colluding with anyone to win the election. The left Dimocraps just cant accept the fact He won Fail & Square.

        • Old Guy

          Your correct, nuclear weapons with the reality of Mutually Assured Destruction in event of their use has done more to preserve peace than all of the treaties written and signed throughout history. I think a close second is the knowledge that the political leadership authorizing their use along with their families will likely die in the subsequent exchange. Their lust for war significantly diminishes when they have personal “skin in the game”. Russia is concerned that the US/UK is intentionally aiding the Islamic Fundamentalists (Libya / Syria) with token “show boat” attacks having the intent to ultimately export this radicalized philosophy into Russias southern region. Its madness.

          • MAD assumes neither can survive, but Russia also has the most extensive national defense program in the world, they estimate it could save 90% of the population in the event of a nuclear war. Them Russians are some preppers.

      10. All Russians are not nuts, not anymore than all Americans are nuts. I have nothing in common with leftist liberals, but not all Democrats are leftist liberals, many life-long Democrats are leaving the Democratic party due to its newly acquired rabid, radical nature.
        There are some Black Americans I would much prefer to be around than Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Mudd, Pelosi, and West Coast white people in general. I am white, but just being white is not virtue in itself.
        We should have amicable relationships with Russia, absolutely!
        Not only are ragheads a common enemy but you can add George Soros, big bankers and Globalists to that list as well. Just sayin’.

        • You probably said what I meant far better than I did in an earlier comment. But can you get away with this in America?
          ht tps://
          I’ve done 120MPH with my wife on the back of my bike,
          but it was open road. No traffic.
          Russians are crazy.

      11. Russia tells you what weapons they have developed or that are under development. Unlike the US where development is secret and the American citizens are kept in the dark about what might be used against them if they come off as actually having a voice and thinking that they can do anything to change the current course. Hitlary is far more entangled with subversion involving Russia than Trump, can’t you hear her cackling at the ignorance of the American people wearing her extra extra large mumu looking like a haggard beached whale.

        • He, he, Hillary sold them the uranium to power those missiles and bombs.

      12. A lot of this is capability not capacity saberrattling. Yew, they have some amazing scientists who have developed better hypersonic and better thermobaric and developed MIRV and so forth. But it also was well known that many of their silos were dummies because they lacked the money, talent, skills, and personnel to man them all. Much of Russia’s rhetoric was and is psychological warfare and gaslighting by paid journalists to spread propaganda.

        And the globalists and neocons encourage it as it helps their cause to strength the military industrial complex to build even more weapons.

        • Let me guess… you heard this, on the sly, from the CIA. No?

          • Well they have the worst intel and those spooks are hardly Christians.

      13. Hey! Whales have feelings you know. Beached whales should be insulted by that remark.

      14. Jim, agreed. Hillary makes REAL beached whales look GOOD, LOL.

      15. Howdy Y’all
        Finally a spot of free time.
        I’ve long sat mystified at the apparent and obvious insanity espoused by Western leaders…the Swedes importing Islam, as well the Brits. Each of you has pondered these – and a myriad other things about the obvious failures of Western leadership endlessly, I’m sure…so it is that I actually caught myself thinking the other day, “Gee, if circumstances were different I just MIGHT consider applying for a visa to emigrate to Russia on…”. Yup, I know…that might sound a little strange to some here but lets face it, other than Trump, what other leader in the West actually stands up for their OWN country, protects their own citizens by controlling their geographic borders, acts in a fashion that serves to ACTUALLY strengthen their basic economies (and not just the parasitic, generationally entitled wealthy?
        The short answer here? Not a single one.
        Hell, on the face of it it would appear that the West – en masse – is mid-course along in executing a gambit whose only possible outcome is genetic, economic and cultural suicide.
        Yup, Russia begins to start looking good compared to that, doesn’t it?
        Just a thought for everyone to dwell upon…



      17. BREAKING NEWS:

        Russian hackers have invaded U.S. utility control rooms. As of now, hundreds of utility control rooms across the US have been infiltrated.

      18. Yes there is a war on the white race. And most Russians are white. So they try and paint them as all bad crazy nuts. same as Trump voters are supposively all deplorable NATZIS. I don’t like it, However I do not know of any viable solution. Our only hope is some kind of divine intervention. Its happened in the past Remember the Storm that sunk the Spanish Armada?

        • While the rest of the West swallowed the Marxist load from the Globalists, Putin followed a “make Russia great again” policy. Putin went to war and purged his government of the globalists.

          Now Trump is poised to do the same.

          What is to become of the scum sucking EU, Australian, NZ and Canadians that still embrace the globalist Marxist “One World Government” crap? Can they make it work if both Russia and the US step out of the plan that Obama sold the whole world….. Which assumes Hillary won. Oopsy!

          Wars are started over less.

      19. What does anyone really expect Russia to do with US-NATO encroaching on its borders heavily armed?

        Just roll over and go all USA Bigly Tranny?

        • Trump and Putin are more on track with reality, than the liberal media lead on.

      20. I don’t know if Russian men are crazy, but my ex-wife….who was a full blooded Russian was certifiably psychotic.

      21. Go to death and watch what these Muslims are doing around the world killing woman kids men anyone even their own kind and we let them into USA are we crazy

      22. At this point nukes are a waste of money. We already have a enough nukes to destroy most of the world. Our defense budget should be spent on first strike capabilities that would render those nukes useless.

      23. But in reality, this is all fantasy. Nukes are a myth. The stack tons of TNT, explode it and call it a nuclear weapon. It’s time we moved on from this hoax.

        • Joe,
          My first introduction into practical calculus was to calculate the critical mass of a uranium and then a plutonium bomb for physics class.

          Your “nukes are a myth” remark may be cute, but your talking to someone with an engineering background who can do the calculus. Please, take your nonsense and just go away.

      24. The Russians need not use nukes at all. They have far more powerful thermobarics than the USA. Look up the Russian father of all bombs versus the USA mother of all bombs.

        Sure, they could have it impact but instead, they could burn it higher and suck out all the oxygen and suffocate most. Doing that consistently, infrastructure is not damaged, just all life in a region.

        But MAD ensures that if they were to do so, the retaliatory strike seconds after launching would annihilate them. And long ago in the eighties they developed a dead man switch via computers that will launch all in the event of a first strike by the USA which we would never do as it’s suicidal.

        The far more likely scenario issome dolts in India launch low yield nukes at Pakistan. Just a total of a hundred would alone cause a nuclear autumn. Everyone in the North and far to the South would have no working agriculture. The equator would be okay. Much of the deep South would be okay, but everywhere else wouldn’t have sufficient seasonal lengths to harvest and yields would be very low and all would have concentrated radioactive isotopes effectively ruining the food chain.

        This is why taking Iodine is never enough as Strontium, Cesium, lots of radioactive isotopes of various half lifes would concentrate. So your lungs are full of radioactive particulate, your bones concentrate the Stontium 90, you digestive system soaks up lots of them, etc.

        Or some moron uses tactical nukes or dirty bombs and it’s unclear in the fog of war who used them and every nation starts a cascade because it’s use em or lose them.

      25. “And you don’t beleive we are on the eve of destruction”

      26. Where is the story line XI has to put up with every time one of these stories appears. I mean the narrative that ___ stole the technology from the exceptional nation? The nation where the sheeple can not do basic math or read? Thank you Russia and China for standing up to these yankys. Keep that middle finger high in the air. LOL LOL LOL LOL

      27. “I gotta bigger red button than your red button…..” He, he, he!

      28. Tossing around planet busters like this is some kind of football game. Hooray for Team Whatever.

        I will remind you I can still salt your entire food production geography with radioactive cobalt and cesium via SLBM. Good luck with that Team Asshole.

      29. It only takes 100 low yield nukes to ruin the Earth’s temperature with nuclear autumn. Mass famines would occur and that would kicking mayhem, starvation, disease and death.

        Anyone wishing for a country to be erased literally is clueless about the result. Such an eradicated country would ruin ALL countries by altering the global climate for a hundred years.

      30. What total and utterly foolish propaganda.

        Our Earth has had mutually assured destruction, MAD, as the operating global geopolitical rule since the 1960’s. The USA’s triad of nuclear armed bombers, submarines and ICBM missiles aimed everywhere and anywhere at will and Russia and now China, along with France and England all having the same armaments is NOT news. Having ultra-super-sonic delivery of the same planet-killing payload is no advance or improvement in security or mankind’s future. That’s why it is foolish propaganda.

      31. It’s about reaction time. The USSR had long range ICBMs many decades ago, so hitting anywhere is nothing new. And nuclear subs meant mobile platforms which severely cut the length of travel and meant nukes could suddenly appear right off the coastlines which makes response problematic.

        But hypersonic missiles means ABMs and Star Wars tech maybe nullfied. Advanced MIRV means the Russians can launch fake and real warheads or many warheads simultaneousfrom the same missile. So a hypersonic and MIRV tech means it may be extremely unlikely to get many especially is submarine based and just off the coastline.

        But then we aren’t talking a 100 nukes but Russia has 527 known ICBMs on subs or bombers, and Russia has 1,444 standard ICBMs and about 800 launchers. If that is an honest assessment and that is 2018 data.

      32. It came out about four years ago that Israel has a significant EMP weapon which they could deploy to destroy a neighbor’s total ability to resist conventional weapons. There was consternation that they would use it to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions as Iranians are trying to foment discord to intentionally trigger the arrival of the Mahdi (what Christians call the Antichrist). Therefore such weapons could result in armageddon.

        Otherwise the most likely case would be a rogue state employing nukes, or an India-Pakinstan war, or terrorists intentionally using them to trigger a cascade of the major nuclear players.

        Mutually Assured Destruction should prevent the USA, or Russia, or China from ever initiating. I would expect a bioweapon before a nuclear attack.

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