Russian Lawmaker Issues Sobering Threat: We’re Willing To Use Nukes To Defend Crimea

by | May 30, 2017 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    As of late, the media has forgotten about tensions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine have largely left the public’s awareness. However, that shouldn’t be the case, because this region is still a powder keg that could blow at any time. And if it does, it could easily result in another world war.

    If you don’t think the situation in Ukraine could still explode into a wider conflict, take a look at what this member of Russia’s parliament recently said at an international security conference.

    “On the issue of NATO expansion on our borders, at some point I heard from the Russian military — and I think they are right — If U.S. forces, NATO forces, are, were, in the Crimea, in eastern Ukraine, Russia is undefendable militarily in case of conflict without using nuclear weapons in the early stage of the conflict,” Russian parliamentarian Vyacheslav Alekseyevich Nikonov told attendees at the GLOBSEC 2017 forum in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Russian military leaders have discussed Moscow’s willingness to use nuclear weapons in a conflict with military leaders in NATO, as part of broader and increasingly contentious conversations about the alliance’s expansion, Nikonov later told Defense One.

    That’s a startling admission when you think about it. It seems the Russian’s believe that if there is a war between Russia and the West, their conventional forces won’t be capable of defending Russian soil from NATO. They’re basically warning us that “if you bring a knife to this fight, we know we can’t win, so we’ll be bringing a gun.”

    And there’s a good reason for them to believe that NATO poses a dire threat to their territory and interests.

    “For us, [NATO] is a military alliance spanning three-quarters of the global defense money, now planning to expand that figure,” said Nikonov.

    In the two years since Russia annexed Crimea, NATO’s Baltic members have doubled their defense budgets. In 2018, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are projected to spend nearly $670 million, up from $210 million in 2014. “This growth is faster than any other region globally,” Craig Caffrey, principal analyst at IHS Jane’s, remarked last October. “In 2005, the region’s total defence budget was $930 million. By 2020, the region’s defence budget will be $2.1 billion.”

    NATO has been expanding its troop presence in Eastern Europe as well. In April 2016, during the Warsaw summit, NATO agreed to increase the size of the NATO force deployed to Baltics, a posture move sometimes called enhanced forward presence. In January, the U.S. deployed some 4,000 troops to Poland. The following month, Germany, announced that it will send some 1,000 troops to  Lithuania.

    Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has slowly but surely encircled Russia. Just last month NATO admitted another Eastern European nation into their alliance, and the current antagonism between West and Russia is being driven by NATO’s attempts to absorb Ukraine.

    The West needs a reality check. The further we encroach into Russia’s traditional sphere of influence, the closer we come to World War Three. And if Russia really is such a serious threat to us, as our government has claimed many times in recent years, is expanding NATO really going to guarantee our safety?

    We were perfectly capable of protecting ourselves from the much more powerful Soviet Union, and we did so with a much smaller alliance. We’re expanding NATO to Russia’s doorstep, and all we’re receiving in return is the heightened risk of nuclear war.

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      1. Don’t forget…we have psychopaths in control. They don’t know that in a nuclear world “war itself is the enemy”. A regional conflict in the Baltic/Ukranian corridor would certainly lead to WWIII. There would be no way to stop it. And it will be the end of humanity.!!!

        • We HAD psychopaths in control: Obama, Clinton, McCain & Company. They are out of power now. Marine Generals control the military, intelligence, and DHS UNDER TRUMP.

          TRUMP will not go to WW III over Ukraine, any more than he would go to war over Syria. His focus is on N Korea and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION where the real danger to America lurks.

          ICE has arrested 33,000 criminal aliens since TRUMP took office. That’s averages 6,000 per month and BIG MO is building.

          It’s a good start !!! 🙂

          • DK

            Love your optimism. JFK thought that he controlled things too because he was President. The tentacles of the Establishment, Shadow Government, NWO, Globalists or whatever title they go under reach far and wide. Admiral Lyons had a video on YouTube where he stated that a retaliatory air strike ordered by President Reagan for the Marine bombing in 1982 was not carried out. He said, “What or who is really controlling the country”.

      2. As a boy I had a dog my parents named nato.
        He ate turds.

        • Of course they will use nukes. They have been spending billions of rubles and years of work, there is a reason for the nukes.

        • A Boy and His Dog, with Don Johnson was a good movie. Sorry, had to toss that out there.

          Back in the day, as we sat in Europe, The Red Army, backed by the Warsaw Pact, outnumbered everything we had, by around 10 to 1. We did have quality. But, the only reason the Soviets did’nt invade Europe, is that we would have nuked them. Now it has come full circle. Is it really worth it to provoke them into nuking NATO troops.

          As for Crimea, Russia owned it long before Europe was even stabilized. Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine, so they could foot the bill to administer it. Taking it back is kinda Indian-giver, but understandable from a defense perspective. Not really worth a nuclear war over…

          • “But, the only reason the Soviets did’nt invade Europe, is that we would have nuked them.”

            Think the inverse might be possible? Think the USSR had those troops so they wouldn’t be invaded as they were repeatedly throughout history? Think the USSR wanted another repeat of WWII where they lost 20 million people?

            • No, the Soviets were heady with expansionist dreams. They wanted Europa. A recently declassified plan was developed in the 1970’s, called “Seven Days To The Rhine”. They planned to use tactical nukes, and swarm invasion, gambling that no nukes would be used against them. The Warsaw Pact armies were not defensive, nor were they meant to be. The Red Army, in Russia was defensive, but their front line units were offensively organized.

              • Well the most offensive force on the US have been the globalists using every economic instrument at their disposal and when all else fails Americans as their cannon fodder.

                How The World Works

                h ttps://

          • That was a GREAT movie !!! 🙂

      3. The globalists who are the real rulers have global as the root of their philosophy; they want it all, not 75%, not 99% but all. They’re quite willing to risk it all to get it all. If there is something they don’t control or they have to truly negotiate in good faith with another power they’re deeply troubled to the point of anger. The individuals involved have one driving quest, more. If by some chance they collectively had it all they would fight among themselves to fulfill the goal of more for me. Sharing is not part of their makeup, they don’t play well with others. They could best be defined as sociopaths: a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Nothing is more extreme than unjustified war. Certainly they have no conscience defined as: an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. They are amoral: lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something. This is what is ruling the world.

        • Russia has a 40 year Lease for the use of a Naval Port in Crimea. Which allows them access to the Black Sea. The US and it NATO freaks are provoking war so Israel can take over the Middle east and Make everybody their slaves. And they are more than ready to waste the entire USA’s Blood and Treasure to do it. NATO is a Freaking Pack of Asshole Psychopaths and the US Government has been Hijacked and our shill Politicians Blackmailed by Israel so they keep getting their way.

          I ask Russia, to make Israel a sheet of glass. The sooner the better. You have my permission. Get that 1000 LB parasite slob Gorilla off our backs. Thank you in advance. 85% of the worlds problems will be instantly evaporated.

        • How do you know this Kevin?

          • Gandhi

            Observation. Have they ever been satisfied? Do they start unjust wars predicated on false flags and or ostensible “justifications”?

            I have a question. How do you not know it?

      4. What would we do if they were on our doorstep? Remember Cuba?

      5. Russia could easily kick NATO’s ass, without using nukes. What Russia really needs to do is take care of its own house and not be scaring the shit out of all the people they used to enslave. Russia should be as rich as America, on a per capita basis, with all the resources they have.
        The entire world should be focused on Moslems. Moslems are the thing we need to wipe out. Systematically, one man at a time.

        • rellik

          The US spends 10X what Russia spends on its military. Russia has good defensive capability I believe as logistically they’re already there. Russians historically have a nationalistic pride. Regardless this thing going nuclear, by accident, misjudgment or fear of the other guy doing a first strike in event of a NATO / Russia clash, is high, too high for the sane.

          • K2,
            We pretty much agree. We spend 10X more but we are trying to cover the whole damn world. Hopefully we re-evaluate and re-prioritize.
            For example why are we in Korea? Buy the shipyards move them here and bail out of Korea. Let them finish off their war. Keep in mind I have a lot of Korean friends. I’m pretty sure they will clean the dystopian Northern states clock, but it will be messy.

          • Russia is not the Americans Enemy. Our Hijacked Government and Media uses propaganda to try and evoke hate towards Russia. Been like this since the end of WW2. What has Russia ever done to the USA? Nothing!! In fact is we had let Russia go kick ass in Afghanistan back in the early 1980’s instead of the US supporting and arming the Taliban to fight the Russians, we could have wiped out much of the Middle East Hot spots of terrorism as we know it today. The US continues to be on the wrong side of History over and over again. The US creates this Monster like al-Qaida and ISIS and it is now way out of control.

            The US Government is being sodomized to act, not in our interests. Our US Military is a Proxy army for Israel’s benefits. Anybody today serving in the US Military is a fool. You are an idiot working against our people, our freedoms, our culture and values.

            Starve the Beast!!! Stop Paying Taxes. Vote out all of the Blackmailed Shill Politicians that support this Crap. Take our Country back!!

            • Nailed it!!

          • “The US spends 10X what Russia spends on its military.”

            No people, we DO NOT spend 10 times what Russia or China spends. Quit looking at defense spending around the world in DOLLAR terms.

            Russia does not buy its arms in dollars. It pays for them in Roubles. Roubles are 65 to the dollar. Multiply the dollar value given by the asshats with shit for brains for Russian arms purchases and multiply by 65 !!!

            Same goes for China. The Yuan is 6-7 to the dollar. Multiply the dollar value ascribed by the asshats to China military purchases by 6.5 and you get a number much closer to reality.

            Even an estimate of military spending as a percentage of GDP does not give a better picture of the true defense spending. It only shows the ability of the particular country under scrutiny to pay for its arms purchases.

            Think people, THINK !!! 🙂

            • I do think and your wrong. Who has 10 fleet carriers? Who has 800 bases world wide. Those figures are computed in dollars with the relative worth of the currency FACTORED IN!

              65 X Rubles to the dollar at 10x = 65 x .1 = 6.5. So Russia spends 650% more on their military? The US spent $598 billion in 2016 so 6.5 x that is 3.88 trillion. Russia’s GDP according to “Report for Selected Countries and Subjects”. IMF. Retrieved 2 May 2017 was $3.938 trillion.

              As Jack Swagart said on Apollo 13, “I can add”.


            • DK

              In 2014, Russia’s military budget of 2.49 trillion rubles (worth approximately US$69.3 billion at 2014 exchange rates) was higher than any other European nation, and approximately 1/7th (14%) of the US military budget.[1] However, a collapse in the value of the Rouble greatly reduced the dollar-value of the planned 2015 Russian military budget to US$52 billion, despite a 33% increase in its Rouble-value to 3.3 trillion.[2] Due to the ongoing crisis the planned 33% increase had to be reduced to 25.6%, meaning the 2015 Russian military budget totalled 3.1 trillion rubles. The originally planned 3.36 trillion budget for 2016 has also been reduced to a planned budget of 3.145 trillion rubles, an increase of only 0.8% over 2015.[3]

          • “Russians historically have a nationalistic pride.”

            They still do. Putin has stated that patriotism is “the sacred duty of Russians” and “a moral guideline” for teenagers. Look at us…

            What do you think would happen in Russia if a comic held up the severed head of Putin, or someone burned the Russian flag in public?

            I think the part about them going nuclear is mostly posturing but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. They are a tough, resilient bunch as a people and we’d have a real fight on our hands even if it didn’t go nuclear.

        • Every fertile muslim female needs to be sterilized or shot and do muslim males in non muslim countries. Also everyone in public authority needs to be shot globally. I pray that Jesus would comeback and do His job.

        • Agree: Russia should be our ally. Russia should be focused on prosperity and getting rid of radical Muslims: that’s it. The Russians should stop wasting their time trying to restore the Soviet Union: it’s over.

          We should never engage in a war with white people, period. Why? Because white people are inventors, scientific and technological innovators. This means conflicts are horrific in body count because each side can innovate better weapons and methods.

          Stick to limited conflicts against people who can’t innovate or think rationally.

          • Frank Thoughts

            I don’t see regardless what the official narrative / MSM propaganda says that Russia is trying to bring back the USSR. The US in violation of promises encroached on the buffer zone around Russia. Imagine Russians in Mexico. The Ukraine, a democratically elected government by all standards was overthrown by the US/West and their gold looted. This was to be able to take control of the Russians gas to Europe main distribution manifold / piping. The US is arming ISIS and our “Friend “Saudi Arabia is the main finance center for Islamic terrorism. This in and of itself threatens Russia due to its southern regions high percentage of Muslims. The US has used these forces to destabilize and ultimately overthrow Libya and is currently using it on Syria. Think using it on Russia isn’t in the playbook? Who is the aggressor?

            • I can’t fault you on your analysis. Having worked on some of this stuff (the equivalent of getting in somebody’s face in a bar, trying to get them to throw the first punch), you are right up to a point. But there are factions in Russia that want the Soviet Union back. I agree most Russians do not want that and want freedom and to live in peace but some do want to be aggressive and lash out. A war with Russia is not in anyone’s interests and I just see more opportunity and fun to be had working with and partnering with Russia and Russians than being in conflict.

              There is only one country that thinks a war with Russia would be great and it is Saudi Arabia.

              • The USSR was an alliance cemented together with an economic system in opposition to the west. Russia today has an economic system that is in parallel to the wests private ownership. The USSR cannot return because its glue communism is dead. If anything fascism could potentially resurrect but then that would put them on par with the US.

                “There is only one country that thinks a war with Russia would be great and it is Saudi Arabia.”

                Saudi doesn’t want the Russian oil on the market. None of this is about security or terrorism and all of it is about control of resources and their distribution.

          • Frank Thoughts

            While the Main Stream Media / Government is Joseph Goebbels the narrative (repeat it over and over until it becomes the truth in peoples minds) that Russia is trying to bring back the USSR can you site an example of that action? Please don’t use the Ukraine because its a known fact that that democratically elected government was overthrown by the US / West. Please site one example to validate Uncle Sam’s allegation.

      6. Russia remembers Turkey too as the US had ballistic nuclear armed missiles there in 1962. We were also on their doorstep. The reality is we’re now on theirs, they’re not on ours. We’re attempting to cut their means of their economy, natural gas sales to Europe hence the overthrow of the democratically elected government in the Ukraine (and looting of their gold). Likewise the actions of removing Assad from power in Syria who is blocking the Saudi/Qatar natural gas line to Europe thus depriving Russia of that vital economic source.

        Ukraine Looted Gold

        h ttp://

        • K2,
          I’m not to sure I believe those numbers at the URL.
          but I’d rather have all the American energy reserves
          than 8,000+ tons of Gold.
          P.S. we have as many bombs as the Russians. Most
          of ours are in storage, but easy to re-activate.
          it takes a few hundred years for that
          stuff to deteriorate.

          • The US didn’t take the gold, the bankers took the gold to suppress its value and make good on enough sales of paper gold to maintain stability in the gold market. The US gold reserves are collateral for the money owed to the Federal Reserve. Pretty sweet deal, they legally turn paper and ink into gold, an alchemists dream.

            Actually the fission fuse to a hydrogen bomb is good for a couple of decades.

      7. I hate foeking warmongers destroying humanity. I despise these mfers with unbridled passion. All the money wasted assaulting life itself. Pitiful excuses for human beings.

        • What’s even worse is it can be summed up is that the reason is to obtain 100% market share of the worlds energy, food and manufacturing resources. An old timer friend still locked into the cold war said, “You can’t let Russia have it”. My reply, “Oh I should care if XOM ExxonMobil or OGZPY Gazprom has it”? We’re nothing but pawns in a huge economic game.

      8. This should not surprise anyone. Crimea has historically belonged to Russia. And it’s NOT our business, but I’m sure the psychopathic PTB in Wash DC will find some way to make it our business.

      9. Buy a lifetime supply of Potassium Iodide and lets just get this sh!t over with. Time to play last man standing. I got enough ammo and weapons, gas mask, etc.. Time to play Fukashima x 1000.

      10. Does anyone remember Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey was a reasonably good looking teenager. He grew up in a middle class home with two intelligent, apparently normal parents, who did not get on well enough to keep them from getting divorced. Jeffrey was very lonely. He was also homo-sexual. Believe it or not, at one time homo-sexuality alone was considered morally unacceptable, and an indication of mental instability. As Jeffrey grew up he developed an interest in how animal systems worked on the inside. He says that he became interested in dissecting animals when he was going through puberty. For this reason, he believed, the two became entwined into a secret. He felt ashamed of his homo-sexual fantasies and his animal “surgeries”. This morphed into a single fantasy which culminated in the death of young men.

        If Jeffrey had been found out early, he believed he would have become a homo-sexual taxidermist (stuffed animals), or a surgeon. Maybe so.

        If surgeon Dahmer had had sex (with a female) and passed on his genes; what would future Dahmers be like? If the female had similar tendencies what then? We can see that this genetic combination would likely produce more Jeffrey Dahmers. When a group of Dahmer types form committees and determine goals, these people would think different. They might come up with plans to dominate and subject the world to their authority. They might form secret societies to accomplish their goals. Along with their genes, they might pass on these goals from one generation to another. They might conceive secret sets of ideas and form them into written texts so that these ideas are not lost or forgotten. And they might expel offspring who did not share their unique way of viewing the world. They might develop into a band of warmongers who kill with genocidal glee. Where others show restraint, these killers cut babies from the wombs of women and feel no remorse cutting a child in half and parading around. Such a man would be made President or King.

        Other people would not be able to defend themselves against such people because other people would not imagine such things. If these people develop a relationship with their victims, their appearance and mannerisms being like anyone else make them able to enter any other group in any part of the world and knowing their true intent is to enslave the unknowing victim, this murderous group takes delight in it’s sheep’s clueless lack of hate or any thought of self preservation by an act of killing before killed. So, it goes. Like a cat plays with it’s victim, these lunatics play with their victims.

        What were you saying about nuclear war ??


        • I read he would drill holes in their skulls and inject battery acid to make zombies for sex . He would also pay anyone to shit in a pizza box and bring it to him for 10 dollars. That’s how low the soddomites go?Coming to a neiborhood near you?

        • what did jeffry dahmer say to lorena bobbit?…………….”you gonna eat that?”….i KNOW that was tasteless….wait…..oh hell, never mind.

        • B from CA

          Interesting historical analysis of Dahmer. Its my belief that when you make 320 million of anything your bound to get some defects. Governments can increase those numbers by making murder for the state, war, completely acceptable thus creating killers that previously didn’t exist. With little exception the root of wars can be traced to economics as USMC MG two time recipient of the MOH Smedley Butler pointed out in his book, “War Is A Racket”.

          Dammer was a first class nut. His lack of empathy and actions qualifies him as a psychopath. We occupiers of the world are largely ruled by sociopaths that only differ in reasoning / justification for their actions but due to their positions of power kill a whole lot more. Add up the psycho killers and you total a few 100 victims. TPTB have killed millions and wouldn’t link an eye at a billion.

          • I saw a report that Jeffery Dahmer as a baby came down with a near incurable contagious skin infection.

            He went into the hospital a normal happy baby. After five months in an isolation unit where no one was allowed to touch him except to apply medications he was finally cured and sent home. His mother who had not been allowed to touch him for many months found a new baby that would not look at her and would recoil if anyone touched him. Jeffrey Dahmer would never be normal again.

            I’ve seen studies of primate infants that are deprived of contact (sensory deprivation experiments) they always developed mental illness and antisocial behavior.

            • better than bein’ dropped on your head…..

        • I have, shall we say, looked into the abyss. You are correct. They are all psychopaths. The elites rape children as that is a sure-fire way to make more psychopaths. The only difference between madness and genius is success. I think they will nuke the big cities, then Marshall Law. My state’s OEM has a Pdf, it says if you have a bug out in a safe zone they have to let you go. You’ll need to remain as calm as possible, or they won’t let you go. Best of Luck.

          • Sociopaths are psychopaths that operate within the system. They are not the clinical “abnormal” as they decide what is and isn’t “normal”. Killing in a street drug deal gone bad is abnormal and illegal. Overthrowing nations that nationalize their resources for the benefit of their people killing lots of civilians in the process, normal and legal. Its just easy to go from insane to sanity by the mere position one has in society.

      11. They are not going to be pushed into a corner and Trump knows better than to do so.

      12. Another politician running his mouth, saying, “I’ll do this, we’ll do that”, rule to live by.

        Never ever walk into a place where everybody is armed and say I’ll kill the first motherf^cker who bumps into me”, becacuse somebody will definitely take you upon it.

        Welcome to the Nuclear Saloon Mr. Nakonov

        Fyi. Nakonov was talking about Axe Theory.The old USSR first strike doctrine., which is now the new Russian doctrine.

      13. This story is a repeat. Communist McCain wants to punish white Orthodox Christian Russians.

        I just wish the stupid US Elected Communists had the gonads to publicly admitted they are Marxists! Most WWII voters have passed so who keeps voting this traitor in? Korean vets? Not! I think its time to investigate voter fraud in AZ.

      14. NATO is the NWO’s army. Russia could win a war without nuclear weapons, but Russia is letting them know they will use everything they have to win. Russia will not bow down no matter what it takes.

      15. This is not even about any territory for those that have a clue about Putin’s grand chess moves…This is Putin saying that if you don’t get a grip on your insanity, Im going to make you EAT it because I am not f__king around anymore with your MORONS and the NEOCONS and the Deep State “controllers”..If I were him I would shove a FEW NEUKES right down the US throat (the major Deep State operations cities and COG facilities that everyone knows about anyway) and goddamn the rest of the crap. and simultaneously decapitate the overseas deployed US military. Everyone thinks he is screwing around with them, but he is deadly serious that he is NOT going to let the US Deep State and the NeoCons dictate jack schit to him. If you cant stomach that truth, GFY, go swallow a few more blue pills..

        • And for you morons that still do not understand Sun Tzu, you better break “The Art of War ” out of the boxes in the basement again, because you fuckers STILL DO NOT understand a lick of it, but I would daresay that its waay over your competence to ever understand it and understand it when it is used in the REAL WORLD as it is today.

      16. Guys, hello.
        I’m from the Crimea.
        Do not frighten yourself. Nobody wants to fight with us. But our forces and means are enough to defend ourselves without nuclear weapons.
        Remember that there is an unofficial military alliance between Russia, China and India. In the event of war, America will have to fight on 3 fronts. And the Pentagon understands this. That’s why they only show the weapon, that’s all.
        Our complexes Krasob-3 will make a no-fly zone anywhere 600 kilometers. Our S-400 air defense systems will destroy any target at a distance of 400 km. Our rockets Caliber will reach for 2000 km.
        I’m just saying – there is protection. But there is no need for war. Crimea is Russia, everyone wants to live in Russia in Crimea. Just accept our choice, do not decide for us. And there will be no problems.
        Live in your home and do not specify how to live another.
        All the best!

      17. Do not be duped. A nuclear war to preserve a swamp infested with secret societies, thieving bankers, crony politicians, rogue security agencies, a rogue military industrial complex, big pharma that drugs us into compliance, big chem that creates weed resistant frankenfood, and blesses itself as indispensable and exceptional is not a shining beacon on a hill it is just a stinking swamp. If it is not clear to you now that the real conflict is between the deep state and everyone else then you are just a swamp critter too. They turn us against each other to hide the true cause of our remorse. The true aggressor is clear and it is not Russia. We let them take our Constitution, our country, our lives and do not stand up. So lay down and drink your Russian flavored kool aid with your left hand and try to think of why we are not what we could be. What we should be. Instead we are what we are. A nation of weed free patsies that cannot come up with a 500 dollar emergency expense. I just wonder what version of America is imagined in the patriots heart.

        • Apocalypse is the Globalists ultimate goal, regardless of religion, race, creed or national origin.

        • How dare they put their country around all of our military bases, thats a provocation.

          • Kevin2 – You’re right.

      18. IF ANY BEAR is backed into a corner LIFE or DEATH is the only option THE BEAR WILL DIE FOR ITS FREEDOM!!! IN this case WE will all pay for THIS GLOBALIZation its on THE US WASHINGTON puppets that the earth-mothernature-andall-life FORMS will cease to evolve … the brainwashed and poor are the fools and the rest are ignorant but there are a few who are afraid … Who KNOW the consequences… but wont take the action to change it.!! We are afraid to Die for a cause But will die for no cause or no reason

      19. The United States just shot down an ICBM with another missile. The Strategic Defense Initiative is on again supposedly because of North Korea. So far, the success rate is 40% but with the revived program, this should get better. If the North Koreans develop the means to reach the western half of the United States, they would also have the ability to strike Russia, India, China, etc. What is an American problem today, will become an international problem. What North Korea knows will eventually be shared with Iran if it hasn’t happened already. If this happens no country will be safe.

        • The interceptor program just makes unconventional war more likely. There is two types of Spetznaz. The short range saboteurs and the long range recon (lrrp).

          The sabotuers will attack the defense grid inside the country.They wear civilian clothes and (US) military uniform and speak perfect English.

          So build the wall and stiffen background checks. The ports and airports vetting must be toughened to the extreme. On this too much is a good thing.

        • Just thought. This is long game. How many China lovers are there in Moscow? I bet there is few. Those built up islands in the South China sea is just to keep the U.S. fleet away from the mainland as far as they can get. It’s a buffer zone.

          In Moscow push this Crimea annexation(Crimea isn’t worth a piece of soiled Toilet paper) for Russian people to dream of old empire or new empire, take your pick. They also dream of taking back Alaska. Alaska would be Russian graveyard.

          The Russian politicians ignore the jewel that is Siberia, one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on the planet. They are suicidal.

          Would NATO invade Russia? I doubt it. Let’s take a look at French President Marcon, he married a replacement for his mother and likes to try break the hand of a seventy year old man (Trump). Now would anyone seriously fear that group of snickering idiots.

          The point the U.S. should with up most haste tighten their ports airport vetting and all other vetting.


          The China lovers in Moscow need the U.S. and Russia at war.

          Russia looks to be the victim of the long game.

          • “Would NATO invade Russia?”

            Na, they’re surrounding Russia because they just like to be close to them. The last time they “doubted it” they lost 20 million people. How are those Russians put their country in the center of all of those US bases.

            ” Crimea ”

            Thats the cornerstone of Russia’s southern flank and the Ukraine is the main natural gas distribution hub for sale to Europe. Both of these issues make it absolutely vital for Russia’s survival and security. Messing with them is both provocative and destabilizing.

      20. No nation uses a nuclear weapon unless its backed into such a corner that their demise will occur regardless because the retaliation will destroy the attacker including the leadership that gives the commands. North Korea, Iran and Tim Buck Too are not nuts. Nuclear weapons are an insurance policy against an attack that will destroy the nation.

        • Tim Buck Too, you cracked me up K2. Their use has always been MAD. When everyone changed their first strike doctrines recently I got a chill down my spine I haven’t felt since 1962. And Mans safe use of the atom seems to be beyond our ability. That Genie has already left the building. The fourth horseman is already radioactive as we debate his delivery methods. Mutually assured destruction. I cannot think of a more suitable acronym.

          • The US officially abandoned MAD and went to a first strike policy during Clintons term. That is madness. If party (A) believes that party (B) will use it first then party (B) is inclined abet without a first strike policy to instigate a first strike. Then again if party (A) that does have the policy thinks that party (B) due to the fact that party (A) has a first strike policy may decide to use its first strike fearing a first strike.

            Yes the above scenario will make one both mad and angry at the damn caviler attitude of world destruction in the hands of supposedly highly intelligent leaders. Every day they should get up every morning and work on ways to make such a thing less likely certainly not increasing its likelihood.

            Unfortunately were all governed by the ambitious.

      21. The State Department has a phrase for Russias nuclear strategy in the Baltic.

        “Cobalt Mercy”

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