Russia Will Present “Evidence” That UK Special Forces Were Behind Attacks on Crimea

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Headline News

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    Russia says that it has plans to summon the British ambassador “in the near future” in order to present “evidence” that the United Kingdom was behind the attacks in Crimea, which had threatened to collapse the United Nations-brokered Ukrainian grain export deal. Moscow says it has “firm evidence” that Britain’s military assisted with last weekend’s large-scale drone attack on its Black Sea fleet off Crimea.

    This news comes not long after word broke of Liz Truss’s odd message to Anthony Blinken moments after the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up:

    Liz Truss Allegedly Sent A Message Saying: “It Is Done” To Blinken After Nord Stream Sabotage

    Russia continues to place the blame for much of the war-mongering and conflict on the UK. Moscow says it’s the fault of the UK for the collapse of the grain deal.

    The United Kingdom is looking complicit in this war. While Kremlin officials have yet to provide proof they did state the following on Wednesday:

    “The U.K. ambassador will be summoned and will be given the appropriate materials,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, adding the meeting would take place “in the near future.”

    “The basic materials will be handed over as evidence to the British side and will also be shown to the general public,” she added. –The Moscow Times

    Ukrainian officials have said it was unclear if Admiral Makarov was badly crippled, or had escaped with light damage. Unconfirmed reports said its hull was breached and radar systems smashed. Social media recorded loud explosions in the southern part of Sevastopol, in an area known as Riflemen’s Bay. A Russian navy school is located nearby.

    Russia Accuses British Navy Of Nord Stream “Terrorist Attack”

    It is still difficult to say how much more rhetoric can be tolerated before something gives and we enter into a full-blown hot world war.


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