Russia Warns The US That A Military Response Is Possible

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned his American counterparts on Monday that some form of military response to the United States stationing advanced weapons in Europe could be possible in the very near future. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has not ruled out using a military response either.

    A conflict continues to look more and more likely by the day, according to a report by RT. Ryabkov insisted that if NATO proceeds toward the deployment of new capabilities in weaponry, “which are being developed very rapidly in the US,” the Russian military may reply in a way that “will inevitably and unavoidably damage the security of the US and its European allies.”

    Speaking to the media after a day of crucial US-Russian negotiations on security guarantees in Geneva, Ryabkov also said that there has been no progress so far on Russia’s proposals to curb NATO expansion. He said that the ball is now in NATO’s court, which, in his words, has to finally make a “real step” toward finding common ground with  Russia. –RT

    “We are calling on the US to demonstrate a maximum of responsibility at this moment. Risks related to a possible increase of confrontation shouldn’t be underestimated,” Ryabkov said, adding that “significant” effort has been made to persuade the Americans that “playing with fire” is not in their interests.

    The United States responded with warnings of their own, according to reports by Axios. Top U.S. and Russian officials stuck to their red lines during nearly eight hours of security talks in Geneva on Monday, with the U.S. ruling out limits to NATO expansion and Russia warning that it would respond to a diplomatic failure with a “military-technical solution.”

    As tensions mount, make sure you are ready for anything.  Perhaps this is nothing more than rhetoric. Perhaps it’s a precursor to a conflict. Either way, it is important to be prepared for a negative outcome. Political parasites will do whatever they want, and it’s up to us whether we choose to continue to fight their wars.


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      1. As long as we confine the upcoming war to Europe, I have no problem with it.

      2. now its ok? or i will need to change more?

      3. I believe “everything” Powell said today …

      4. We will win! The opposing forces will die laughing when they see the woke, homo, tranny forces we have become!

        • I bet the opposing forces will not take prisoners they are not going to give them there hormon shots etc. but 7.62×39 cal or 5.45 mm or 7.62x 52R cal shots instead ????

          • I bet both of your brain cells are exhausted from coming up with that little gem…

            • Go away liberal troll

      5. Never fear, because Biden and company have sent in a SOCIAL WORKER to negotiate with the Russians. Yes, it is true, Dep. SOS Wendy Sherman, who holds an MSW from the University of Maryland (Baltimore), is the Lead negotiator for the US in these talks with Russia. Her previous diplomatic accomplishments were the Iran nuclear deal during the Obama administration, The North Korea Nuclear negotiations during the Clinton administration, and was the CEO of the Fannie Mae Foundation during the 1990s. Of course, we all know what a success Fannie Mae has been and how well the housing crisis went for us ten years later. The Clinton North Korea nuclear negotiations were so successful, that they inspired Obama to send her in to negotiate the Iran Nuclear deal. I can’t wait to see how well she does with the Russians.

      6. Great points. The Parade of Idiots that have ruined our NRG independence, designed a catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan, devastated the control of our borders, etc. are intent on poking the bear with a sharp stick. Of course we believe they will manage our foreign affairs well – NOT friggin’ likely.

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