Russia Vows To Respond To NATO Expansion in Finland and Sweden

by | May 16, 2022 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Russia has promised to respond to NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) expansion into Finland and Sweden. Russia will not simply watch as Finland and Sweden join NATO, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned on Monday.

    Speaking to Russian journalists, the government official called the move by the two nations “the latest serious mistake with long-lasting ramifications” in the West and said it demonstrated “the level” of those taking such decisions. “It reflects the false distorted perceptions of events taking place in the world by the policymakers in the West, particularly in northern Europe. It is obvious for us that the security of Sweden and Finland will not be strengthened by it,” Ryabkov said.

    NATO is continuing to push Russia into what could be a major conflict escalating into a World War. “[NATO] should have no illusions that [Russia] would simply tolerate it,” Ryabkov said adding that the two Nordic nations chose to “sacrifice common sense” and take a step to further escalate military tensions in Europe by seeking NATO membership, according to a report by RT

    The ruling classes in Finland and Sweden are expected to vote to apply for NATO membership after their respective governments supported the policy change last week. Both nations remained outside of the United States-led military bloc throughout the Cold War, but claim they need to join it now due to Russia’s offensive against Ukraine and in spite of Russia’s threats.

    This is an obvious escalation intentionally done to provoke Russia by the West. Russia stated that NATO’s expansion toward its border since the collapse of the Soviet Union posed a critical threat to its national security. The Russian government claimed that the assistance that the alliance has given to Kyiv to build up its military had crossed a red line and forced Russia’s hand.

    And the U.S. can not be bothered to stay out of conflicts and wars. The rulers tend to send their slaves off to die for any and every reason to cement their own power, so it isn’t a surprise that the escalation has continued. At some point, this could pop off into a worldwide conflagration, and we should all stay alert to that possibility.


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      1. Russia seems blind to the fact that non-aligned Ukraine is proving more of a problem than a NATO Ukraine.

        A NATO Ukraine could not threaten Russia without plunging the entire alliance into direct war.

        A destabilized former ‘neutral’ with no formal ties to NATO, becomes a NATO proxy war zone.

        It seems incredible that Finland or Sweden could become destabilized, but how dirty are NATO oligarchs willing to play?

        The Olaf Palme and Ann Lindh assassinations were friendly warning shots compared to socio-economically levering an entire country into neo-Nazi extremism just to proxy war Russia.

      2. Why would the US insist Finland or Sweden immediately join NATO, Russia is no threat to them (or NATO for that matter). So why the frantic rush for these two countries to join now. It likely because they are being pressured, threatened, and even blackmailed by the Amer. State. But Russia doesn’t want enemies, they want customers. The actual truth is that the globalists/“elites”/neo-cons/etc. want Russia destroyed, not just beaten. There are several reasons why these powers literally hate Russia. It is too big and too powerful to be threatened, and too smart to be manipulated. It has an incredible super abundance of every kind of natural resource. Russia is preventing Ukraine being used as a base of zio operations against them. The neo-cons and those behind them are angry the Russians threw off Bolshevik communism. Russia simply won’t acquiesce to the NWO. Russia doesn’t submit to using the US dollar as the global reserve currency and medium of exchange (why would anyone do that except being forced to do it). And last but not least, it is a predominantly white and Christian nation. There are other reasons as well like who will supply the Europeans with nat. gas and other economic issues.
        I’m 1990 when communism in Eastern European collapsed Russia was promised NATO would not be one inch eastward, and Russia promised no threat to Europe, Russia has kept their promise. However, several more countries since then were added. Russia only protested but that’s all. Now, NATO wants Ukraine, which has always been its real goal. Russia finally said they have to draw the line there. They cannot allow NATO territory to be sticking up into the Russia heartland, especially after NATO and the US has lied too many times and broken too many promises. Entities in the US State, who are not acting in behalf of the Amer. people, only their agenda, just keep provoking and jabbing at Russia. And they will use your children and grandchildren as disposable cannon fodder to achieve their goals. This is how you are really considered, a managed disposable resource. The author of the article above is correct, the rulers will always send the slaves (the disposables) to do their dirty work.
        There is a lot to all this the Amer. people are unfortunately kept completely ignorant about. But that’s pretty easy, as long as they can root for their sports team, watch their porn, and stuff themselves with junk food they are gleefully satisfied and stupid.

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