Russia: Ukrainian “Terrorists” Attack Another Power Substation

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According to the Russian ruling class, “Ukrainian terrorists” have attacked another power substation.  This caused a blackout in a village some 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, according to local governor Aleksandr Bogomaz.

It’s never the rulers who suffer because of the wars they start. It’s always the slave class. Political parasites don’t fight wars. That’s what the slaves are for. As this was advances, we had all better keep that in mind.

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“As a result of the attack of Ukrainian terrorists in the village of Pogar, the power supply was disrupted,” Bogomaz wrote on Telegram at 1:00 a.m. local time, adding that there were no casualties and that emergency services were already working at the scene.

The Defense Ministry has yet to comment on this alleged new terrorist attack, which targeted civilian infrastructure, and not the military-industrial complex. Several Russian Telegram news channels published footage purportedly showing the power facility on fire, but officials shared no further details about the incident or whether it was caused by a drone, according to a report by RT. 

Several hours later, the governor of Belgorod Region said that air defense units had intercepted several hostile targets. The Defense Ministry later added that Ukraine had fired nine rockets from the BM-27 Uragan system, all of which were destroyed mid-air.

The Russian border regions of Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod, as well as Crimea and Moscow, have been frequently targeted by drones since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Russian officials have also accused Kiev of plotting acts of sabotage targeting the country’s major infrastructure sites, including nuclear power plants. –RT

Russia Warns of a “Radiation Disaster”

Russia has long warned that Ukraine will step over the line. They claim Ukraine will use a nuclear device at some point too, and the West will blame it on Russia in order to advance the war efforts.

Russia Says A Ukrainian Attack On Zaporizhzhia Facility With a ‘Dirty’ Nuclear Device Is Imminent

Kiev has ramped up its counteroffensive in the previous months.  Ukraine’s ground counteroffensive launched in early June has failed to yield any significant victories so far, as Russia continues to destroy most of what the West is sending to Kiev.

Intensified Fighting CONFIRMED! Ukraine’s Military Counteroffensive Has Begun

Russia Has Destroyed 1/3 Of U.S. Supplied Armored Fighting Vehicles Sent To Ukraine

It seems like the war is consistently ramping up, yet hasn’t really exploded to include the whole world yet. The obvious proxy war may become a hot war between Russia and the West anytime.

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