Russia Says That It’s At War Against The United States

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in statements made to reporters, that the United States is waging war against Russia through the Ukraine proxy war. In previous comments on Friday, Lavrov had said the U.S. is also waging a global effort to isolate Moscow.

    It doesn’t appear to be working, as China continues to make it clear that it is on Russia’s side, no matter what the ruling class of the United States decides to do. “There is a real plot around the topic of the so-called (peace) negotiations, as well as attempts to turn everything upside down through pseudo diplomacy,” he said Friday. He explained:

    “The West has been saying for months that this ‘peace formula’ is the only basis for negotiations. It starts from innocent topics … and then comes to the purpose for which it was concocted – inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, to restore the borders of Ukraine as they were in 1991, court-martial the Russian leadership, force Russia to pay reparations, and then ‘mercifully’ agree to sign a peace agreement.”

    When Lavrov, who is a top Russian diplomat, was speaking on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum on Sunday morning, he said: “No matter what it says, it [the US] controls this war, it supplies weapons, munition, intelligence information, data from satellites, it is pursuing a war against us,” he said, according to a translation.  “These are exactly the dirty methods that the West uses not only in relation to Ukraine but in many other areas of global politics,” Lavrov stated.

    Lavrov also claimed that Washington is not only transferring some $100 billion in military aid to Kiev but is actually controlling its decision-making. He further said this is in order to try and inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    Meanwhile, the White House appears to be on the cusp of approving more weapons for Ukraine’s use in the war. These include long-range missiles, the ATACMS, which has a range of 190 miles. These new long-range missiles from Washington will make it easier for Kiev to continue to strike cities and bases inside Russia. This new scheme by the U.S. is going to risk more severe escalation which could eventually see direct Russia-NATO clashes.


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      1 Comment

      1. Both Lavrov and his boss are whiners. They started the war and expect to be treated with kid gloves and seem to think they are entitled to what they initiated their crimes to accomplish.

        If they really want peace, then they can start by withdrawing to their own country and accept the borders they accepted over 30 years ago. Reparations are the least they can expect to pay, along with the surrender of those that committed the crimes against peace that started the war. They can stand trial like their Nazi forebears.

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