Russia Readies Own Web To Survive Global Internet Shutdown

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Russian authorities and major telecom operators are preparing to disconnect the country from the world wide web as part of an exercise to prepare for future cyber attacks, Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting (RBK) reported last week.

    The purpose of the exercise is to develop a threat analysis and provide feedback to a proposed law introduced in the Russian Parliament last December.

    The draft law, called the Digital Economy National Program, requires Russian internet service providers (ISP) to guarantee the independence of the Russian Internet (Runet) in the event of a foreign attack to sever the country’s internet from the world wide web.

    Telecom operators (MegaFon, VimpelCom (Beeline brand), MTS, Rostelecom and others) will have to introduce the “technical means” to re-route all Russian internet traffic to exchange points approved by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Russia’s federal executive body responsible for censorship in media and telecommunications.

    Roskomnazor will observe all internet traffic and make sure data between Russian users stays within the country’s borders, and is not re-routed abroad.

    The exercise is expected to occur before April 1, as Russian authorities have not given exact dates.

    The measures described in the law include Russia constructing its internet system, known as Domain Name System (DNS), so it can operate independently from the rest of the world.

    Across the world, 12 companies oversee the root servers for DNS and none are located in Russia. However, there are copies of Russia’s core internet address book inside the country suggesting its internet could keep operating if the US cut it off.

    Ultimately, the Russian government will require all domestic traffic to pass through government-controlled routing points. These hubs will filter traffic so that data sent between Russians internet users work seamlessly, but any data to foreign computers would be rejected.

    Besides protecting its internet, Russia is simultaneously building a mass censorship system similar to that seen in China.

    “What Russia wants to do is to bring those router points that handle data entering or exiting the country within its borders and under its control- so that it can then pull up the drawbridge, as it were, to external traffic if it’s under threat – or if it decides to censor what outside information people can access.

    China’s firewall is probably the world’s best known censorship tool and it has become a sophisticated operation. It also polices its router points, using filters and blocks on keywords and certain websites and redirecting web traffic so that computers cannot connect to sites the state does not wish Chinese citizens to see,” said BBC.

    The Russian government started preparations for creating its internet several years ago. Russian officials expect 95% of all internet traffic locally by next year.

    As for Russia unplugging its internet from the rest of the world for an upcoming training exercise, well, this could potentially anger Washington because it is one less sanction that can keep Moscow contained.


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      1. Russia and China sees what is about to happen in the US, as we tear ourselves apart in Civil War. Heck, they and their Useful Idiots like Pelosi and AOC are behind much of it.

        It’s about to get real boys n girls, watch out fur dem hogs!

        • OFF TOPIC:

          A 1st Amendment Auditor in LA was shot by a security guard for video recording from a public sidewalk, then cuffed by police.

          ht tps://

          Needs to go viral.

          Be safe…..BA.

        • SW: So true, you are correct! Russia does what should be done, makes plans and has back up systems, actually has bomb shelters for their people – this dog shit U.S. has None of the things that make good sense. We are too busy burning $$ on all kinds of foolish garbage. This place is a complete tinder box just waiting to go up!! Get ready folks: Food, water, beans, guns, ammo, etc, etc. Don’t worry the Gov’t will be there to help you all – yeah right!!!!

      2. The national emergency declaration initiative will be defeated by the courts.

        There is no way forward without banning non whites from the courts.

        • E: I agree with you but the buffoons are not willing to do what must be done to truly survive. We need a massive Purge but again they do Not have the stones to done what genuinely needs to be done. I am so sick and plum disgusted with this god damn filthy, vile hole known as the U.S. We become more and more like 3rd hell-hole as the days go by. When is enough, actually enough people

      3. Veee vill monitor all your communications….

        • YOUR internet will be shut down soon.
          Internet in it’s current form will NOT be allowed.
          Real time communications Not allowed.
          Forum Filters like Disqus used here will be used, or no comments will be allowed.
          Leftist Commie Pro NWO Tech MONOPOLY will shut you up, shut you down, deplatform you, de monitize your youtube videos. Conservative voices will be silenced.
          Microsoft will put “fake news” filters in browser to prevent you from seeing info not in agreement with commie NWO Beast System FALSE NARRATIVE of the moment.
          Control of all information you will see with Google search. You won’t see conservative sites. Ghosted.
          Non vetted info not allowed.
          The TECH Monopoly leftist will control EVERYTHING you see, hear, read. They already do to much extent.

          Banks and PayPal will deplatform your efforts if not leftist slanted. Obama already destroyed gun sellers by using banks to shut them down. Just wait until cash is ELIMINATED then TOTAL CONTROL.

          Brick and mortars shutting down. AMAZON will know all.

          FBI heads have ADMITTED to witch hunt against a constitutionally elected President Trump.
          Leftist liar commie media already controls masses.

          You wiil be shut up, shut down, deplatformed, demonitized by the DEMON NWO commie Teh monopoly of silicon valley.

          You have been warned years ago. No one would listen. But I did tell you here.

          Just like the cell phones. They are NOT PHONES. The devices are a sophisticated snitch/snoop/surviellance/tracking/tracing tool, with audio/video/barometer/GPS/ out of band utility radio data transmission. Yes even when off. Even when charging. And they cook your brain giving cancer and brain tumors. 5G will kill you faster.

          The Beast System is HERE NOW. 5G/AI/Robots, with a cashless society, will seal the deal and your fate. “Take your number children of the beast.”

          Or wake the hell up. STOP being naive, gullible, uneducated, foolish children. Opt out of the Beast System.

          Tech is NOT your friend. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and King. You will need God’s help. The Beast sytem with AI and 5G will be everywhere.

          Heaven or Hell, Who do you serve?

          Ammo-Food-Gold, get yourself physically, mentally, spiritually ready. Get in shape and squared away.

          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          Lets see if this censored. Of course “Disqus did it.” Not web sites doing, no no.

          • Anon spot on.I unplug from the beast system as much as possible, haven’t watched TV in years. Hard not to have a cell phone, but sure try to limit use of it.It’s definitely a weaponized frequency and 5G will be way worse. When they go cashless that will be the last straw, I’ll probably just disappear deep into the mountains.You can feel the tyrants tightening the noose daily.

      4. They (Uncle) can’t stand someone else using their ideas. It’s actually a very smart thing to do, provided that there will be power to run the systems (EMP and all).

      5. Communists have a way of talking you out of whatever industry, or social construct.

        Then, they take it over, as best they can.

        • IC6W8J0j8Co

      6. Mabey if everyone was prepared for a shtf senerio it would never happen you know through readiness or something of that effect I mean we out number the government people a large croud of us to their 1 so if all of us cared more about our family’s and our family’s being ready for anything we would probably put a stop to all of this debt bs and be a month ahead on everything and get 1 out of 2 people or better working for themselves in one fashion or another and it might start looking like America again with people all happy like and everything

        • Preparedness and all around thrift are usually supposed to be inconvenient.

      7. Did the Russian people destroy the Bolsheviks , or is this a elaborate children of satanism trick? How can we know? Who rules this world? The truth shall set you free. if you can believe it? Everything good ,is said bad , everything bad is said good. And this has been going on for a long time. Situation says rethink? About everything,

      8. They won’t let the internet go down. Think about how much control they would lose. Do you think they want people reading their bibles or would they rather you read propaganda online and be brainwashed. The global controllers don’t want you to be in your bible working to be self reliant and enjoying the sanctuary of that. No the controllers want you to have anxiety and doubt andthey want to provide you the path they want you to take that puts you in a hamster wheel running but going nowhere. People thinking for themselves is the last thing they want.

      9. If war ever broke out, the satellites would probably be one of the first targets. Even if Russia were able to have their own system, their satellites would be destroyed as well. Controlling the domestic population as to what information they have access to seems to be the goal of all tyrants. Censorship of the web is a tempting power grab.

        • Here is problem.
          High tech weapon systems usually superior, WHEN working.
          But in combat, things get broken. High tech = complicated systems. Complicated systems can be taken out with sensor broken, computer down, etc. One small part grounds the weapon system.

          USA aircraft are fine for peace time intermittent use. In protracted war, heavy operational tempo, those systems will be useless without logistics/parts/supply chain/KNOWLEDGEABLE experienced technical personel. “Shade tree mechanic won’t work”.

          Systems are hardened. But without satellites, GPS, Comms and Nav function, severly limited. Many modern aircraft can not be flown manually without computer assist. They are aerodynamicly unstable without computer guidance.

          China/Russia does not have these issues. 1980’s tech was simpler. That is where many of their systems are, 1985. They make many units and simpler design. Rugged dirty conditions capable.
          They can navigate with sextant, map, compass.
          Navy and Aircraft.

          How many USA B-2, Aurora, F-35, drivers can do that?
          Sextant, charts? With a handful of f-35? Not likely.
          Without tech working properly the complicated systems useless. USA much too Tech dependent.

          Technology is an Achilles Heel. Please understand that. Why the hell can’t USA shot callers understand this? Hell no. They ALWAYS go for highest tech, most complicated, insanely expensive weapons systems.
          Like some kind of addiction. These systems need highly trained people to use and maintain.
          That is bad news.

          China and Russia have many weapons systems simpler, and many more produced in numbers. Half assed trained can use. They are not as vulnerable to EMP, No satelite dependency.

          But will any of the above matter? Probably not.
          The next war could be OVER in 45 minutes after First Launch. If that occurs we are ALL screwed, USA, China, Russia, much of civillization. Gone in 45 minutes. Few hours at most. All progress of last 2500 years GONE.

          *** *** When the cable TV, Satellites, go down. Electricity goes down. Radio full of static white noise. That will be your first, maybe ONLY warning.

          You damn better be away from ground zero. And in a secure shelter. If not you are Dead. You might have 15-20 minutes to get sheltered? Maybe?

          But then when you come out you will wish you had just gotten out a lawn chair, a 6 pack of brews, and watched the fireworks. Because Life After will not be anything that humanity has dealt with.

          Do you think the mellinneal snowflake vegan soy boys, girls, undecideds, addicted to video game, iphones, kale, and mommy taking care of everything, will be able to make it?

          Poorest of People from third world, who have always lived on nothing, who have useful skills have much higher chance of survival than Harverd Grad with multi million dollar New York town house.

          Pray to God that we and our children never see the full capabilities of modern warfare. HORRIFIC.

          Here is a book for you:
          Nuclear War Survival Skills. Has green cover.
          By: Cresson Kearny (likley I misspelled)
          Oregon Institute of Technology. (I think?)
          Free PDF is online. Or they sell hard copy? (Used to.)
          Web Master of this site should get copies and sell them here.

          When SHTF, Knowlege is Life. Knowledge might save you much more than any gear.

          (Me? I will be the guy with the lawn chair and 6 pack watching the show. I’m old and retired. I just Don’t care to be in a world without cold beer.
          Jesus take me home. Knock Knock on the gate. Michael, I hope you let me in.)

      10. Justify a global internet in light of hacking. I can’t wait to hear this. This is not 1990 where the average middle class person has lots of disposable money for international travel.

        If any company overseas wants American consumers, then can have a domestic website in the USA.

        As Americans, we need to focus on domestic trade and build up the domestic economy.

        • We can’t even define what an american is.

          • Pelosi?
            Ocasio-Cortez communist. Being a bar maid as qualification for congress.
            Anti Semitic MUSLIM females, not born in USA as congress people.
            Beto Orourke representative of illegal mexicans, and drug cartels.
            – – – – – –
            THESE ARE WHO WILL take your guns, steal your money, and make up nonsense “Laws”.
            – – – – – –
            * * * * * * Are you going to obey Laws written and passed by these communist ilk?

            FBI head, and his co-horts at FBI admitted to trying to upsurp and remove a constitutionally elected president with a witch hunt false narrative provided by Clinton campaign.

            Where is the American yellow vest protest?
            Won’t happen. The American people are all stoned on Medical mary jane, other Dr. perscribied dope, bathtub hill billy dope, mexican cartel imported dope, video games, internet porn, sports, and Americans are working hard to spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need.

            USA government 22 TRILLION dollars in the red.
            And no one protests?
            Mass media communist NWO brainwashers keep masses occupied with silly nonsense.
            AI-Robots-5G-Forced Vaccines all in your future children of Diablo. Like lemmings the masses will accept. Never questioning the Demonic matrix system provided ny NWO elite Devil and SELF worshippers.

            • You are so right, I agree with you completely. I have been saying and thinking like that for years but no one ever wants to hear it because they are comfortable, driving around in their $800 a month car payment that they can’t afford and all of the other ridiculous bills, etc, etc. The country is so royally screwed, let’s just get this mess on with already, enough is enough.And I am sickened of what this place has become. We will be a 3rd world hole in not very long, just open your damn eyes and look around people. . .I know, nobody like cold, hard REALITY when it is staring you right in the face.

      11. Peer2peer DNS and webcrawlers anyone?
        peer2peer VPN and the web is free again it’s in the RFCs from early on.

      12. Do you know how to get back to Christ and decent society? eliminate technology. Eliminate electrical dependent communication and control systems. End of story. TPTB and the Luciferians LOSE if that happens. it will happen near instantly with an EMP event and be complete within 60 days of no working electrical systems to keep the monitoring and communications active. Once people are forced to get back to a face to face society and living in a situation of survival, all of the modern days problems of screwed government and corruption will be done for. You want honest and values, end the tech control. Anything less than that is by people not willing to abandon the Beasts system. You cannot go back to a decent society without losses. You just have to understand and accept that. Why argue to save those who don’t want to be saved? Either be a serious Christian and put Christian values at the top of the goal list and the priority, or just shut the fuck up. you cannot “fix” or save the system that is built entirely on central control and corruption.

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