Russia Plans To Beat US Sanctions By Stockpiling Gold

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    The Russian government is not taking the United States’ sanctions lightly.  Instead, they plan to beat all sanctions imposed by Washington, including any future sanctions, by stockpiling gold.

    The Russian central bank’s First Deputy Governor Dmitry Tulin said that Moscow sees the acquisition of gold as a 100-percent guarantee from legal and political risks.”  The increases in gold purchases by the Russian government come as the Trump administration plans to impose new sanctions on Moscow.

    Russian bullion holdings are now quickly approaching the Soviet peak of 2,800 tons, which were seen in 1941, according to a report by RT.  The gold stockpile was valued at $77.4 billion at the end of last month, according to the Russian central bank’s website. At current prices, the reserves are worth around $83.6 billion. Over the last decade, the country’s share of gold in reserves has soared tenfold. Russia has also continued reducing its holdings of US treasuries. It has lowered its holdings of US debt from $96.1 billion in March to just $14.9 billion in May.

    The central bank also clarifies that this plan to stockpile gold is indeed a part of the strategy of diversifying the country’s reserves and moving away from the U.S. dollar. Pravda Report writes that in the spring of 2018, Russia cut its investments in the U.S. public debt, getting rid of most of its U.S. Treasury bonds, taking measures to protect the country against the U.S.’s runaway and ballooning debt crisis. Bloomberg believes that Russia used a part of the revenues from divesting to purchase the gold.

    According to the World Gold Council, Russia is not only the largest official buyer of gold but also the world’s third-biggest producer. Russia’s central bank has been purchasing a lot of gold from domestic miners through commercial banks. In the past decade alone, Russia has mined more than 2,000 tons of gold, with annual production expected to rise by 400 tons by 2030.

    Russia isn’t the only nation looking to divest away from the U.S. dollar and protect themselves.  China has ramped up their efforts to obtain gold as well.


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      1. Sounds like those Russians are pretty smart.

        They have underground shelters, tell they’re people to prepare, and stockpile gold.

        Maybe they are tuned in to SHTFPlan. Way to go Russia. You are role models.


        • B from CA you beat me to it. Was gonna say Russia seems like Russia has a pretty smart SHTF Prepper strategy.

          PM’s are great in any Preppers financial portfolio. Silver has the biggest upside potential right now more than Gold. Buy Low Sell high works for me.

          Russia has been getting a lot of their Gold from China by selling oil for Yuan, then heading over to the China Gold Exchange window and heading home with the Gold. And if you can’t hold it inn your hand you don’t own it.

          Just look at all the paper phony wealth invested into the bubble stock market. Soon many will lose their entire paper wealth when that blows instead of not having physical Gold or Silver in their portfolio. No Brainer.

          • “It is impossible to avoid sanctions or mitigate the effects of the sanctions by buying gold.” Why having a gold to get around sanctions ?The need for gold as the unit of measure in trade between the two countries .Who uses sanctions trades through the dollar ,and who does not enjoy the sanctions currently the gold standard. foreign buyers in fact do not acquire Treasury bonds and do not participate in auctions of U.S. government. The fed is almost entirely financed by these debt auctions.

            • ” Why having a gold to get around sanctions ?”

              My point exactly !!! You cannot get around Sanctions by having massive stores of gold !!!

              85% of all global commercial transactions are conducted in dollars. Follow the link. Read the story. You obviously didn’t. Sanctions prohibit Western Banks and businesses from conducting transactions with Russian nationals, banks & businesses; or other foreign entities and nations also under sanctions.

              Why do you think TOTAL, a major Global European oil & gas company, just divested its $5 BILLION investment in Iran ???


          • Sanctions only have teeth if you are dependent on US dollars. Dumping greenbacks make you immune. All countries must divest themselves from US dollars to gain the freedom to what’s best for their country, not what’s best for America.

            • “Sanctions only have teeth if you are dependent on US dollars.”

              True. And when 87% of all global commercial transactions are conducted in dollars, sanctions have TEETH. If a country wants to participate in the US marketplace AND the western civilization banking and financial system created and controlled by the USA after WWII …..

              THEN it must conform to the RULES and abide by SANCTIONS against those entities upon whom the USA sanctions or be excluded from also doing business with the USA and its banking & financial system.

              Sanctions are a very effective tool when applied against those entities who refuse to play by, and violate the RULES OF THE CLUB. So much so, as I exampled, TOTAL PETROLEUM divested itself of a $5 BILLION investment in Iran which over time would have been extremely profitable.

              Why give aid & comfort to the enemy or allow them to participate in OUR banking & financial system ??? They didn’t build it, WE did. 🙂

            • “All countries must divest themselves from US dollars to gain the freedom to what’s best for their country, not what’s best for America.”

              LMFAO !!! 🙂

              It has been to the advantage of “all countries” to participate in the US Banking & financial system for 70 years and to participate safely in global commerce. That’s why China & Russia BEGGED to become members of the CLUB !!!

              Now they want to change the RULES of the CLUB. Not gonna happen. You are either with US or against US. You get to choose sides. You do not get to change the RULES OF THE CLUB !!! 🙂

        • My ancestors got here in 1621.

          The Injuns were here first, you say?

          People flee the South American countries that have Injuns and come here to America where the Injuns were exterminated.

          Fuck the Injuns.

          My ancestor died in King Philip’s War.

          Never heard of that one?????

          Look it up.

          We’re “a nation of immigrants”?????????????

          Today’s immigrants dont go through one millionth of the hardships my ancestors did. Wasnt no WIC program, food stamps, free kollege, free housing, preferential hiring for 80 IQ morons, redistribution of wealth from productive people with no kids to 80 IQ morons with 13 kids.

          I’m supposed to hate my ancestors and fight for 80 IQ morons to advance in the place of white people????

          Go fuck a pig.

          Am I a NAZI or a confederate??? No.

          Do I want to keep the confederate statues up? Yes.

          Would I go to a protest rally against the destruction of the statues? Yes.

          PS Elizabeth Warren just proposed a great anti corruption bill and another bill for government takeover of private companies to make America a communist country.

          • Krutz. My past father peeps were right there too in 1638, however were smart enough not to get dragged into King Philips civil war or his tyranny. The injuns also my peeps were preppers and helped your ild peeps survive the first winters. 50% of the first pilgrims died the first winter.

          • Before the indians, there were the Clovis People. And before the Clovis People there were GIANTS in the land, all across America.

            The land belongs to whoever can hold it against all adversaries. 🙂

          • My greats on my great grandmother’s side were the ones that bought Nantucket Island.

            Edward Starbuck.

        • Meanwhile, in the US, “prepper” is a mostly pejorative term… what an ignorant population, one that disbelieves in what was once known to be common sense: preparing.

          • Because the Gov’t has the huge false narrative that don’t worry, we (The Gov’t) will be there for you – haha what a flipping joke! This clown Gov’t couldn’t even do much after a hurricane – what in the world will they do when the top blows on the entire “Ponzi scheme”

        • Yeah After FDR confiscation, Gold prices went up and up and up. So don’t be left in the dust. In a few years, Silver @$80/ Oz / Gold $6400

          • If gold went to $6400, silver would have to go to at least $250.

          • Gold prices were fixed during FDR’s time and the executive order was not recinded until President Ford. That’s a longggg time.

            Yeah,eventually it went up.

            Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You have to be able to find someone who can trade you for your gold. If we have stagflation, then yeah, gold for a brief time will be worth a lot. And anyone who knows you have it will rob you and report you and if you bought it publically, the authorities already know.

            Say you plan to buy land with gold during a collapse. How will you keep that quiet?

            How are you going to make practical change even with gold coins? It doesn’t make much sense. You could however make change in silver to make trades. But would you?

            Gold is ridiculously manipulated by the banks. The real value of physical gold should be much higher but governments and banks and major investment firms manipulate the price.

            Unless you have it in your hand, you don’t have it. That is a very dangerous situation if you are intending to use it when the SHTF. You won’tbe able to lay hands on it then.

            • “Say you plan to buy land with gold during a collapse. How will you keep that quiet?”

              If you plan on using gold to buy land during SHTF, you write the escrow instructions to read: “…. for good and valuable consideration received outside of escrow and ….. “.

              No description of that consideration is required; only acknowledged. 🙂

        • FDR unilaterally raised the price of gold to fund an economic stabilization fund that intervened in the FX markets to support the dollar.

          This increase in the price of gold raised the price above its cost to mine, generating a profit; stimulating mining jobs during the depression. All gold mined was purchased by the US Government for dollars and the miners & their employees spent those dollars in the local communities spurring consumer demand and increasing GDP.

          This is not unlike what is happening in China and Russia today (and elsewhere) where the government is purchasing local gold production BELOW the world market price expressed in dollars or pounds: creating jobs locally and at a profit for the national government.

          What goes around comes around. 🙂

        • Gold was never confiscated. Ever. It was deemed illegal to possess and people were ordered to turn their gold in for the market rate at the time, ($20/oz). Afterwards, the price was set at a higher rate at of $35/oz.

          Some complied and turned theirs in. Many didn’t. Number of persons charged with a crime due to not turning theirs in: Zero.

          • Zero ??? False. EO 6102 (From Wikipedia)

            “The circumstances of the case were that a New York attorney named Frederick Barber Campbell had one deposit at Chase National Bank of over 5,000 troy ounces (160 kg) of gold. When Campbell attempted to withdraw the gold, Chase refused, and Campbell sued Chase. A federal prosecutor then indicted Campbell on the following day (September 27, 1933) for failing to surrender his gold.[11] Ultimately, the prosecution of Campbell failed, but the authority of the federal government to seize gold was upheld, and Campbell’s gold was confiscated.

            The case was cause for the Roosevelt administration to issue a new order under the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Executive Orders 6260, 6261, related to the seizure of gold and the prosecution of gold hoarders. A few months later, Congress passed the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 which ratified President Roosevelt’s orders. A new set of Treasury regulations was issued providing civil penalties of confiscation of all gold and imposition of fines equal to double the value of the gold seized.

            Prosecutions of U.S. citizens and non-citizens followed the new orders, with a few notable cases:

            Gus Farber, a diamond and jewelry merchant from San Francisco, was prosecuted for the sale of thirteen $20 gold coins without a license. Secret Service agents discovered the sale with the help of the buyer. Farber, his father, and 12 others were arrested in four American cities after a sting operation conducted by the United States Secret Service. The arrests took place simultaneously in New York and three California cities, San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. Morris Anolik was arrested in New York with $5,000 in U.S. and foreign gold coins; Dan Levin and Edward Friedman of San Jose were arrested with $15,000 in gold; Sam Nankin was arrested in Oakland; in San Francisco, nine men were arrested on charges of hoarding gold. In all, $24,000 in gold was seized by Secret Service Agents during the operation.[12]

            David Baraban and his son Jacob Baraban owned a refining company. The Barabans’ license to deal in unmelted scrap gold was revoked, so the Barabans operated their refining business under a license issued to a Minnie Sarch. The Barabans admitted that Minnie Sarch had nothing to do with the business, and that she had obtained the license so that the Barabans could continue to deal in gold. The Barabans had a cigar box full of gold-filled scrap jewelry visible in one of the showcases. Government agents raided the Barabans’ business and found another hidden box of U.S. and foreign gold coins. The coins were seized and Baraban was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States.[13]

            Louis Ruffino was one individual who was indicted on three counts purporting to violations of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, which restricted trade with countries hostile to the United States. Eventually, Ruffino appealed[14] the conviction to the Circuit Court of Appeals 9th District in 1940; however, the judgment of the lower courts was upheld based on the President’s executive orders and the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Ruffino, a resident of Sutter Creek in California-gold country, was convicted of possessing 78 ounces of gold and was sentenced to 6 months in jail, paid a $500 fine, and had his gold seized.[15]

            Foreigners also had gold confiscated, and were forced to accept paper money for their gold. The Uebersee Finanz-Korporation, a Swiss banking company, had $1,250,000 in gold coins for business use. The Uebersee Finanz-Korporation entrusted the gold to an American firm for safekeeping, and the Swiss were shocked to find that their gold was confiscated. The Swiss made appeals, but those appeals were denied; they were entitled to paper money, but not their gold. The Swiss company would have lost 40% of their gold’s value if they had tried to buy the same amount of gold with the paper money they received in exchange for their confiscated gold.[16]

            The Bottom Line ??? “CONFISCATED GOLD”. 🙂

      2. China, Russia and India have been stockpiling for awhile now. But what about the US? We’re screwed. It’s going to get spicy soon.

        • If the Gold in Ft Knox is actually there (it’s not), then there should be some 8K tons. It would be far more than any other country’s published numbers.

          Can also assume their published numbers are way lowball.

          • I have this underling premonition that lots of these financial bubbles will crash just before NOV Midterm elections, so the leftys can blame Trump. Get ready Preppers and quickly resupply all your voids in your prepper plan. That’s Weapons, Ammo, Food, PM’s and BOL Property. No plan is a plan for failure.

            • I appreciate your sentiment, but I think that the “Powers That Be” PTB, are so over-confident at this point that they will just keep piling on the “End is Near” propaganda. Proselytizing the “end is near” has become just another profitable side business, and too much fun.

              If a collapse happens it means nothing to them. They are all set to ride the thing out. Historically, the 1-percent usually do just fine in full-on-systemic collapses. Even if a social, government, or economic collapse, business will go on as usual.

              The 1-percent will get the government to secure the riches the PTB require — primarily through capital controls, confiscation of gold and silver, imminent domain, asset forfeiture, bankruptcy, and foreclosure — all added on to the usual corruption and cronyism.

              The people will go from one slow death to another.

              After this the lights will go out in Washington and the real fun begins.

        • Whether the gold is in Ft Knox or not is really irrelevant because in a national emergency the government could confiscate existing American gold again, and stimulate supply again. The USA has tremendous gold reserves in the ground.

          The US is a top 5 producer of gold in the world. There is a lot of gold out there if you know where to look and how to mine; but not any extra, special, incentives to do so at this time. SHTF would change that.

          In a national economic emergency, special programs could be introduced, and likely will be, to stimulate a National Small Miner Program that would generate tens of thousands of jobs for new JUNIOR mining companies.

          In the West, small mining skill sets are the next most useful in SHTF after gardening knowledge and firearm training. Get the small mining knowledge & the skills you need at “Ask Jeff William s” on youtube. Don’t barter what you already have in SHTF, be a supply sider and create wealth through small mining. Get the hand tools you need, and a good claim, or join a club and get the skills, now.

          I got mine. 🙂

          • The gold wasn’t all confiscated. It was voluntarily turned in by sheep. Smart people kept theirs. If the gold was all confiscated, we wouldn’t have any old gold coins now. There are lots of them on the market. I can’t afford them, but they are there. For example: ht tp://

            I don’t believe the US knows where all the privately held gold is located.

            I sure wish I had some.

            • See my post above in response to Silver Lodge. The majority of Americans complied with the new law(S) and turned their gold in to the government. While you may consider that a voluntary surrender …. it is de facto confiscation.

              The same will be true for American Guns someday. Do you believe that will be a voluntary surrender or a confiscation ???

              A rose by any other name. 🙂

        • Just think, the U.S. has also been doing a whole lot of stockpiling – of more & more DEBT that is!! God this country is so royally screwed beyond belief people. Wake up & see what a mess things really are out there folks before it is too late to do anything.

          • When the CHANGES comes, that debt will be repudiated and the “wealth” held by other nations will disappear overnight in the “reset”.

            In the meantime it is a two edged sword that gives the USA control over world commerce and if anyone wants to dispute that control and do not want to play by the RULES of the CLUB, they will find themselves outside of the CLUB with their nose to the glass.

            King Dollar is “backed” by the largest, most powerful military the world has ever known. It will not disappear until MIC does. 🙂

      3. Stackety Stack Stack ???

        Both gold & silver are priced pretty good right now. Just bought so,e more junk pre-1964 quarters.

        Don’t forget to offset the gold & silver with brass & lead. Locked & loaded!

        The Grunt-ster

      4. “Over the last decade, the country’s share of gold in reserves has soared tenfold. Russia has also continued reducing its holdings of US treasuries.”

        As mentioned, China has been accumulating in the same manner.

        And what happens if Trump makes China start massively dumping US treasuries to offset tariffs/sanctions there?

        And if China and Russia really go in on it together and it forces Japan to fold?

        And how doesn’t Russia put pressure on Germany, who are getting their energy from Russia.

        The Fed takes on trillions more (QE the entire Obama admin)?

        Your checkbook is absolutely in the bottom of the shytter by now. We’re all offsetting using preps at that point.

        What happens when the CALL comes and there’s no gold in Ft Knox?

        Remember, Trump has fixed NADA with our overall situation.

        • Q: “Over the last decade, the country’s share of gold in reserves has soared tenfold. Russia has also continued reducing its holdings of US treasuries.”

          A: Russia has sold all but $15 billion in US Treasuries without any affect upon the dollar or bond sales.

          Q: “And what happens if Trump makes China start massively dumping US treasuries to offset tariffs/sanctions there?”

          A: Nothing but bad for China or they would have dumped them already. China holds $1.2 trillion in US Securities and needs them to support their export economy as 85% of all global commercial transactions are in dollars.

          That $1.2 trillion in US Securities represents a fraction of the outstanding US Bond market and the demand for those bonds. China needs those bonds to play the game. No bonds, no seat at the IMF Table. It’s that simple. 🙂

          • A whale could have caused a panic among the minnows, by dumping any financial instrument at less than the market value.

            We say it’s being sold. All that means is someone is buying it.

        • “Remember, Trump has fixed NADA with our overall situation.”

          Not true. China, Mexico, and the EU have expressed a willingness to adjust the current trade imbalances. Manufacturing jobs are returning from offshore.

          The cost of subsidizing ILLEGALS ($500 BILLION AND GROWING EVERY YEAR WITH NEW ARRIVALS) has been arrested (PUN INTENDED) and will be reversed. Welfare to work programs are being reinstituted everywhere except Kalifornia.

          These costs represent the subsiding of an Anti-American, NWO Agenda paid for by US taxpayers. Those subsidizes are coming to an end and that is why there is so much pissing, whining, and moaning from those who will be required to pay their fair share going forward.

          Americans First !!! 🙂

          • All of the filthy dirty, vile, welfare soaking aliens (Invaders actually) need to be dealt with once and for all. They are criminals once they jump that wall or fence or simply walk on over – they are instantly criminals, so deal with them and treat them as such. And all of the other dead-beats that want to sit on their fat a$$es all day and night long and get their EBT clown cards, Medicaid, Cash Assistance and on and on – get a job or you are cut off of all of it 100% – I have a funny feeling that a damn good number of the buffoons will all of the sudden get off of their dead fat a$$es and earn an honest living for a change.

          • Over in Paris there is an area just 6 miles from the Eifel Tower with 300K illegal darky refugeea ripping the place apart. France is no longer France anymore, but a Sh1tthole and an open piss station now.

        • Trump would gladly really fix things but he can only do so much – it is absolutely Congress that is screwing us sucker taxpayers once again people. The President only has so much power, as Congress makes laws not the Executive branch. At this point, I really think we are completely screwed any which way you look at it though. . .

      5. If the Russians can beat US sanctions by stockpiling gold then I say “God speed.” Or is that “Godless speed?”

        • Russia is in the process of building hundreds, if not thousands of churches. Russian Orthodox. Mostly to replace the churches destroyed by the communists in the Soviet days. It seems that the West has become the Godless ones. Mosques replacing churches all over Europe. Christians abandoning their faith.

          • Christians are abandoning their faith because their boys are being sodomized three at a time by the Catholic Church. And when our girls, like Mollie Tibbets, are being murdered by Mexican nut jobs (like we don’t have enough American nut jobs right here, we have to import more?), some fully-programmed Christian idiot comes along to say how it was “God’s Will.”

            Also, the main reason Catholics are leaving “the faith” is that the main culprit in this “open door” illegal immigration scheme are the Catholic Charities turning my hometown into a Soweto Ghetto.

            Good nations make good neighbors.

            I have had enough of that sh*t. Had enough of that sh*t. As someone raised a strict Irish Roman Catholic, with all those 16-years of Sunday school, I say the Catholic Church is heresy and complete and total Bull Sh*t.

            • I left the Catholic Church decades ago. I’m independent now. No organized religion. No middle man. Just me and the Creator.

      6. “And what happens if Trump makes China start massively dumping US treasuries to offset tariffs/sanctions there?”.
        You cannot “dump” treasuries you sell them on a secondary market. Often at a loss. If the foreigners sold all their treasury debt instruments at once, the main effect would be to reduce our debt since we could not sell as many new Treasury debt instruments at an interest rate we could afford. Congress would have to cut some government BS since nobody will want to loan us money.
        Keep in mind over 2/3rds of our Government debt is held by Americans.

      7. Russia picked up 800,000 Oz in Gold just in July 2018. That’s $1 Billion dollars worth @ $1250 / OZ in Julys pricing.

        • Plus, between May and June of this year, the Russians sold off $81 billion, representing 84% of its total US debt holdings. The Russians are doing just fine.

      8. I called a coin shop asking how much for a 1 ounce gold Canadian coin, she said $45 over spot, $3 over for silver. Is that reasonable?

        • It was $100 during the last gold run after the Crash of ’08 -’09. Just saying.

        • You can get it cheaper.

          • Maybe now, but not back then.

        • aljamo check out gainesvillecoins site

      9. The value of gold, labor, or any other commodity, is not a law of nature but fixed by a market maker — assuming there is still a market.

      10. I have been buying silver for a while. Admittedly, I got into purchasing when it was $25-32 an oz when I was in my mid-twenties. I had 60oz of silver, and then I bought 20oz online through APMEX, they had a $1.50 over spot price, but you need to hunt around the website to look for it. A lot of collectors purchase the limited proofs and what not….

        Anyhow: if your buying silver in person, I think a far rate would be spot price ($14.60) plus anywhere between $3-5 dollars and ounce. You might be able to deal with them for buying more bulk. It sounds like a reasonable offer if you and swing it go for it!

      11. I have gold and I have silver but I think my ammo will be worth much more.

      12. Read Obama’s executive orders in times of national emergency. These all spell out confiscation of everything that is property. That is what preppers face as they have NOT been rescinded.

        You should fully expect this to play out when the SHTF especially knowing the great Christian Apostacy and persecution that is coming.

      13. Notice if you will that 10yr Treasuries capped at over 3% during the time Russia was selling their US T’s. Then it dropped below 3% once the Russians were done. The higher interest rate on T’s was a way to attract buyers of US debt, because so many were now on the market. That was only 88 billion or so. This shows how the Chinese and cash strapped Japanese and Brits can really influence any confidence the US dollar has. If the Chinese and others get mad enough about high tariffs or whatever, a big sell off of US T’s will result in interest rates getting VERY high. Which will pull money out of Wall St. and cause stocks to collapse. Holders of US debt, (T-Bills) can pull our teeth anytime they want, but it will cause terrible pain for them as well. Tar baby.

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