Russia Is Now An Agricultural Superpower: US Wheat Can No Longer Compete

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 25 comments

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    Wheat grown in the United States can no longer compete with the wheat coming out of Russia.  The US Wheat Associates (USW) announced the closing of its Moscow office on October 1 due to lack of demand for American wheat in Russia, a new agricultural superpower.

    According to RT, USW opened its Moscow office in 1992 for “closer cooperation with the Russian government and representatives of the country’s agrarian sector. The organization said in a report that over the next ten years, Russia imported a total of about 400,000 metric tons of wheat from the United States, including through a program of assistance in conditions of poor harvest and economic difficulties in Russia in 1998-1999.”

    With much more public information available about Russia’s wheat supply, we believe it is time to end our mission there and continue allocating more resources in markets where our export volume is growing,” said USW Vice President of Overseas Operations Mark Fowler. According to Fowler, Russian wheat is obviously very competitive in certain markets, but it is important to point out that our marketing and technical teams based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Casablanca, Morocco, will continue competing for export business in the Middle East and North Africa.”

    This appears to be a signal to the global economy that Russia is now rapidly becoming an agricultural superpower. In fact, the USW noted that the organization has had to switch to quality monitoring and price policy in the industry. “The Russian Federation has shifted from being a net importer of wheat to become the largest single wheat exporting country in the world,” said USW.  Russia has been able to successfully capture more than half of the wheat market in recent years, becoming the world’s biggest exporter of grain, thanks in large part to bumper (unusually productive) harvests and attractive pricing.

    Overall, agricultural production in Russia is projected to grow three percent this year.  That is up from last year’s 120.7 million tons. That would be the best-ever harvest for Russia, even when including the Soviet era, paving the way to becoming an agricultural superpower.

    According to the director of the SovEcon analytical center, Andrey Sizov, Russia’s agricultural export market is actively expanding. It supplies grain to Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iran. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has announced plans to become a major hub for Russian agricultural products in the Middle East.



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      1. A truthful way to interpret this is that Communism practically destroyed Russia’s agricultural capability and that no other proof is necessary for the complete and utter condemnation of Karl Marx’s work and Communism in general.

      2. I guess importing thousands of farmers from South Africa didn’t hurt Russia’s agricultural dominance. Too bad no one in the USA figured out that great white Boers could do for the US what they had done for South Africa. Just kidding. We knew. And it was just the corrupters here in the US who would not allow these good people in here. There are enemies of the people who live among us. We need to WEED (((them))) out.


        • Yup!

      3. The Russian climate is too shitty to handle proper food production.

        It gets too cold.

        • But it has been changing lately. The longer growing season has jumped wheat yields by 30%. Milder winters have expanded the area where winter wheat can be grown. It is projected that if the yearly average temperature continues to go up, they will be able to grow grapes and citrus in the southern parts where they cannot now.

          It remains to be seen whether they will have more droughts than usual. That will cut back on yields.

        • In connection with warming, Russia has the opportunity to use vast areas of chernozems and rivers of Siberia, which are located next to the huge market of China and India. Therefore, Russia becomes a country that provides the population of the earth not only with energy resources but also with food.

        • wow–I wonder how many readers took the time to watch this.

          it could save your life people.

          that important.

          remember BeI???

      4. It was the importation of varierys of Russian Wheat that made the USA the bread basket of the world. Today it cost more in the USA to produce a bushel of wheat or any grain than it will sell for on the world market. So the Dept of Agriculture pays farmers price support payments. Or outright buys the grain at above market price. The changing climate is making it easier in some places and harder in others to grow crops. My early planted field corn was a flop. Too wet and cold and just as it started to tassel and make ears it became too hot and dry. I planted another field on the third of June and just as it got about 4 ft high It cooled a bit and more importantly it rained a lot. In two weeks it shot up above 8 feet high and tasseled most stalks have two good ears. A couple days ago We picked a wheelbarrow full of roasting ears and put it in the freezer. The remander will be let to mature and dry on the stalk. Very good for animal feed. or cornbread and maybe sour mash.

      5. If the solar minimum brings on a mini-ice age, Russian wheat crops will fail

        • Be careful what you wish for.
          If the globe goes into solar minimum it will be the whole globe. Russia, Europe, Canada, USA, in fact eeveryone will be in doo doo. I wonder which country will be able to adapt better than others?

      6. I wonder if they harvest the wheat with American made machinery.

        • In 2017, Russia produced 6,089 pieces of Russian harvesters and 1,700 imported.

      7. It’s about time they feed themselves!

      8. It looks like capitalism works in the Russian Federation.

      9. The 2017 wheat harvest was a bumper crop for Russia, but this year won’t be. In the past, Russia has restricted exporting when the harvests are bad. Not only has Russia and the European Union had problems with their weather but they have been hit by new varieties of rust(fungus). The Russians still have a lot of wheat from 2017.

      10. Russia exports about a third as much wheat as the United States. Russia is the world’s 2nd largest exporter of wheat, a tiny bit ahead of Canada, but nowhere near America yet.

      11. I read that Russia does not allow gmo or Glyphosate contamination. They care more about the people’s health than these US feed them garbage mass producers in service to big sickness medicine which drives this sick fill them with poison economy.

        • While I would urge extreme caution in the food chain, I think we have been propagandized by foreign interests.

      12. You won’t like my answer.

        The best possible situation for all nations and their citizens is to be able to grow sufficient crops themselves, to produce their own products themselves, and have adequate internal natural resources.

        Why? Because trade within a nation is healthy, but international trade is extremely unhealthy.

        The only valid time it is necessary is when a nation has no capacity to do these things.

        That leads to war.

        Smart leadership attempts land and sea gains to foster these three goals of self-reliance.

        How much money has been wasted trying to achieve international trade, export armaments, protect nations who actually are not our allies but enemies?

        The USA can and should focus solely on itself and the well being of its citizens. Period.

        We can make the American republic a utopia if we do this.

        Whatever excess capacity we have should be spent on other pursuits to strengthen America.

        If you disagree, I wonder if you think feeding our enemies is worth doing no matter how profitable?

        • Last month, the US trade deficit was 50mlr. dol. it turns out that the enemies are feeding the US, and not the US enemies.

      13. This why they are trying to take over the Ukraine. They have always been the bread basket of Russia.

      14. Russia may not export a lot of its wheat, but I believe they have stressed the importance of meeting their own needs over having wheat for export. The GM crops available from the US are not allowed to be imported so domestic production is a must. Like Japan, the Russians know that GM products are lacking in many essential micro-nutrients and cause diseases of the gut and bowel that fester for long periods before becoming obvious. Russia is keen on keeping a robust, growing population that can only be achieved by good nutrition and healthy life-styles. The US conversely is focused on profit and extraction of wealth from the masses. Time will tell who made the right choice.

      15. Be careful what you wish for.
        If the globe goes into solar minimum it will be the whole globe. Russia, Europe, Canada, USA, in fact eeveryone will be in doo doo. I wonder which country will be able to adapt better than others?

      16. Of course US wheat can’t compete with Russian wheat. Us wheat has been poisoned with glyphosate based herbicides used as dessicants. Who wants to purchase gluten intolerance and ill health?

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