Russia Has Been Encircled And Pushed To The Brink Of War: “They Have Exercised Remarkable Restraint”

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    Readers, I wish to begin this article by explaining that although many pieces have been written concerning Russia’s military actions, I do not believe for one moment that they are impromptu and without justifications.  The preference regarding Russia was to emphasize in previous articles that they are a capable and professional nation from a military perspective.  The fact of the matter is that they have been continually provoked and hemmed in for several decades, now.  The U.S. and its cabal are responsible for the corralling of a nation that actually intended to enter NATO.

    Gorbachev agreed to the reunification of Germany (West and East) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union with the preconditioned term that it (Russia) would be able to enter NATO as a full-fledged member of the European Community.  The actions were taken: Germany reunified (the Berlin Wall fell in Nov. 1989) in 1990, and the Soviet Union “dissolved” in 1992.  Those actions were then repaid with treachery: George H.W. Bush (Bush Senior) had no intention of ever allowing the Russians to join NATO or become a U.S. ally for that matter.

    But what did happen was the U.S. business interests, on the heels of détente and glasnost managed to insert oligarch-led businesses and American capital to try and turn Russia into another post WWII Japan.  All of the American businesses, fueled by the North American Free Trade Agreement fervor and free trade with China (initiated by Bush Sr., and signed off on by Clinton) ran for the Russian cash cow.  Plans were in the works to milk Russian resources and turn it into another IMF and Federal Reserve dominated vassal state.

    The plan backfired, for several reasons.  Firstly, the influx of American technology was quickly implemented and/or duplicated within Russia regarding industrial procedures and the gathering of natural resources.  Next, the SSR’s or “Satellite Nations” of the former Soviet Union had been relinquished and these nations were now not only “free” of Russia, but Russia was free of them.  Russian scaled back, and over the first decade concentrated on growth of a Russian nation rather than a Soviet one.  The smaller scale enabled them to trim excess spending and definitively develop their own base of natural resources and industry, while maintaining ties with the former SSR’s that kept trade from dying off completely.

    Vladimir Putin rose to prominence and the Russian people found a new identity for themselves based on national zeal and pride.  Much of the basic infrastructure is still modeled after (or even maintains itself in the manner of) the former Soviet Union, but with a free market-based economy that is no longer shut off from international trade.  Many people today do not realize that the attempt to undercut Russia and monopolize its resources had been done years before.  The Rockefellers managed to build a $50 million aluminum plant in Russia in the 1960’s during the Vietnam War.  Not only did the U.S. government permit this, but also much of that plant produced goods that the USSR used for war materials that actually shifted right into the hands of Vietnam.  The Rockefellers “slipped under the cracks,” and were not brought up on criminal charges.

    With Russia growing and prospering, the U.S. has been countering with military supplies and equipment.  The U.S. and NATO have been keeping the Cold War alive to support the military-industrial complex as well as boost the IMF presence and control in and of Europe.  We are now seeing true reemergence of a Cold War stance between NATO and Russia.  This was not started by Russia; however, Russia may very well finish it, as they don’t take any of these insidious IMF actions and nefarious NATO movements lightly.

    On Monday, April 25th, Obama held a summit with the leaders of Germany, Italy, France, and Britain to discuss establishing a NATO force to be able to fight against Russian military forces.  This amounts to nothing more than an encirclement and potential invasion into Russia by NATO.  It violates the treaties and agreements drawn up that were mentioned before with Gorbachev that promised not to allow NATO to expand at all in Europe and encroach on Russia.

    We have witnessed the coup d’etat of Viktor Yanukovych and the insertion of Arseny Yatsenyuk in Ukraine in February of 2014.  Russia did not sit this one out.  The coup and the subsequent actions of NATO and the IMF showed Russia that the U.S. and NATO were adding another vassal state to the ones already encroaching upon her borders.  Russia was actually labeled in the Ukrainian draft provisions as both an “aggressor” and an “enemy,” just prior to Russia’s action with regard to Crimea and Sevastopol.  There was no way that Russia was going to allow its Black Sea Fleet to be penned up, and their naval base (the only one with access to the Med) to be seized, and they acted, vigorously and decisively.

    The U.S. has boosted up its troop presence in Europe throughout the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Moldova.  The U.S. has also emplaced Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) batteries throughout those nations to deter and disable incoming missiles from Russia.  The U.S. now has 200 new “advisors” as of this writing deployed to Western Syria.  Seems the U.S. and NATO are not scrapping those plans for a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria to undercut Gazprom after all.

    To summarize, Russia has been very well justified in taking action and shifting its military personnel throughout the theater.  If anything they have exercised remarkable restraint…more than many nations would in its situation.  Naturally they have to defend their interests, and these latest maneuvers and troop positionings by the U.S. and its allies are threatening those interests.  As I have written before, it is the U.S. that will cause or initiate a war with Russia, because the colonizing power is with – and has been with – the United States for decades, now.  Russia is no shrinking violet, and this time we’re going to receive at least as well as we give.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Most Americans do not realize this but Russia looks like Canada. Russia also has some of the hottest women on the planet. Moscow looks as prosperous as any European city and its streets are packed with cars and people going about their daily lives. In short, Russia is recognizable as a European country, albeit one with a painful history.

        Attacking Russia would not mean attacking ‘sand n#ggers’ or ‘gooks’: it will be white Europeans. And, unlike, many other countries, Russia not only initiates science and technology innovations, it also manufactures and sells them. It is not a third world country with dark-skinned douche bags (think Saudi Arabia) who only have modern weapons because the Americans lent them the money and the weapons. Russians are actually smart enough to invent and make things.

        Russia would be a formidable enemy who would fight back hard and with a lot of surprises.

        • Agreed. Engaging Russia in war would be an utter disaster on a global scale. They are most certainly not the typical ‘enemy’ we have faced over the last 30 years. Russia and China are the real deal. REAL WAR.

          Right now it all appears very conventional, but should bullets start flying across borders it wouldn’t take long for them to quickly turn to ICBM’s.

          Slowly but surely the pawns are being positioned on the Grand Chessboard. Once everything is in place all we’ll need is a new Archduke Ferdinand to spark the powder keg.

        • I keep hearing from some that Putin is now one of the good guys. So why is he selling missiles to Iran?

          • Probably to balance the encroachment upon nations bordering Russia. Its not about good v bad but rather logic against madness. Seen any Russians in our hemisphere? Russia has I believe two military bases outside of their nation; we have at least 100. We’re in the Baltic sea that just so happens to be in the Baltic’s. This is pissing in their sandbox. Ukraine overthrown by fascists sponsored by the USA might not sit too well in a nation that 80% of the males born in 1923 never survived the war.

            • Kevin2, the pro-Russian leader that was overthrown in Ukraine was overthrown because he was undermining Ukraine’s status as a sovereign and independent nation, i.e., he was trying to bring Ukraine back under Kremlin domination. The people who rose up against him were PATRIOTS who wanted no part of being under Russian control. They were called ‘fascists’ by RUSSIAN MEDIA. So Putin didn’t waste much time in deciding to invade Ukraine. I can agree that Russia shouldn’t be provoked, but let’s not forget that Russians are still no less treacherous than the Soviet era.

              • @ BH1776- Lets not be coy, OK?? It was a CIA backed and sanctioned coup in Ukraine. Plenty of evidence to prove it, just look it up. Stop with you BS old school “Russia bad, US good” mentality. That just is NOT the way it is anymore, especially under this bastard, foreign born mudslime we have in office now!!!

                I guarantee you- take 2 men, 1 Russian, one American and sit them down in a bar together. Politics aside, those 2 would have MORE in common than white sheet, redneck, trailer trash, democratic KKK members could EVER agree on!

                • DMONIC, you misunderstand. At least click on some of the links I posted earlier and see for yourself. I can promise you anything coming from any RUSSIAN source is BS. While there might still be some civilians in Russia capable of human behavior, I don’t anyone in their govt. or military. and I haven’t forgotten about the POS in the WH. I might have more in common with a Ukrainian than a Russian. Ukraine has historically suffered under Russian domination, especially during the Soviet era. Google The Holodomor and Chernobyl.

                  • I refuse to click on propaganda. Simply put, Russia is NOT our enemy!

                    God Help us, but they MAY be like the French during our War of Independence!

                    • Braveheart:!! Where have you been the Past 4 or so yrs I been posting valid proven documented infos that those issues you mention, holodomere etc were done by soviet bolshevik kommies that were Led by, Run by, controled by and mainly consisted of…jewish kommies period.

                      Just as today DC has many gentile shabozz goys that the same type kommie bolshies Hide behind like a shield…so too did russia back then have.

                      I just a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago at most read a reply posted at incogman dot net website forums.

                      Incogman has many Very informed and truthfull poster folks same as shtf here has.

                      That reply contained an actual copy-paste of an entire newspaper article published back 2 yrs ago.

                      The newspaper it was written and published in is one of the daily papers in Israel state…but is one of the NON-Nuttyahoo war hawk supporters brand.

                      That article was all about how the Real true reasons usa state dept’s #2 honcho-victoria nuland, zio leftist dem, overthrew Ukraines duly elected prez, then nuland spent $5 Billion usa tax dollars and Installed “Yatz the Yid” as the New temp ukraine prez…John McCain went there to do photo opps with known real neo-Nazis and Jihadists Both. And to transfer some of that cash to further their cause.

                      Ukraine back in the 1920-30’s era was a HOTBED of total kommie judeo bolshevik rule…Nulands peoples!

                      That israel newspaper article stated flat out that besides the Fact of Gas pipelines aside, people such as nuttyahoo, nuland, hillery, and most every usa based zionist is hell bent on killing off as many in syria and iran as possible, then creating refugees of the rest and then to force refugees into White EU and USA and Canada etc etc nations…So….These Khazars Posed as jews can obtain and Own every sq inch lands spoken of in the OT bible to Abraham etc. Never mind that as true Khazars aka edom they have zero rights to that land and none was ever promiced to esau or his decended khazar edomites.

                      All they care of is to keep usa folks deluded and dumbed down in total full support and defense of whatever israel and khazar fake jewry does…Goal#1= a NWO/Jwo ruled and owned By Them alone period. And Run from all that land mass as wrote in the bible 4000 yrs ago.

                      Victoria Nuland that article stated is part of a huge cabal of such type people that also once ruled thusly as soviet kommies in Ukraine…Nulands folks came from ukraine and her goal, as well as usa state dept also dominated and run by her tribe and them like her, are trying to form what that article calls a “Second Israel State” within former homlands of ukraine in eastern europe….A 2nd Israel aka HQ Base state nation so to speak.

                      I may not always mention it as often…However Yes there are a certain number, rather large group at that, within Israel state that are totally Opposed to Current/Past since 1948 desires and methods done to achieve it that the khazars and foam at mouth war hawks like nuttyahoo and hillery Et al has been doing.

                      Most every week inside Israel has Tons of israeli jews protesting the evils being done to 100% innocent palestinians etc, as well as being done to Orthodox Christians in Israel too…Last year a group of fanatical talmudics there Destroyed one of the worlds Oldest Christian churches, then burned it untill just the outter hulk of stone walls still stand, barely!

                      Then to show what fanatical cult like minds they possess, once done burning it fully and destroying christian artifacts that date back to 300 AD era…Those talmudic criminals Pissed and Shit on front stone poarch steps to enterance of church….

                      this is the same type fanatical lunatics as Nuland is of.

                      ZERO usa tv news ever reported that article now two yrs old about nuland and pals plans to create 2nd israel state hq base in ukraine…Zero report of their abject madness and willingness to litterally cause WWIII or worse yet in order to acomplish said goals.

                      These folks actually believe They are a Master Race, and You/Me aint!…Wanting to resume animal sacrafices and burnt offerings in order to do their “Tikun Olem”(sp?) or in english it means “Repair the World”…

                      Never mind that the world was doing fairly swell untill they hyjacked every western nations govnt’s eh….and before 60 million also fanatical loons in usa bought into their fully Apostate teachings and support every possible thing done by likes of Nuland and nuttyahoo and fellow khazar travelers.

                      Bottom line Braveheart is…You are still stuck deep in what was the prior cold war mentality, and that too was a huge fabricated Hoax…Russia and usa NEVER really planned nor considered to use Nukes or do WWIII.

                      SEE: Wall Street, Banksters, Lunatic fanatic self chozens/self worshipper Khazars and most Every DC-shabozz-Goy-Clown of past 80 yrs for true reasons of so called cold war era.

                      Then Braveheart Research Bro Kapners and incogmans website articles and forums for far more factual truth than a dozen folks can consume in three lifetimes…Then welcome to reality and true truth.

                      No offence intended here but you simply has it 100% wrong and 180 degrees backwards brother…and one more important issue here is this…Nobody ever Earned the name of “Nation Wreckers” like they have, and no other group bar none has ever prior been litterally Booted out of every Host nation that they ever infiltrated…NO other group is tagged with that distinction period…109 former host nations so far…Today usa is the reigning Host nation, and the proverbial Heat is being Now felt by the more asstute and aware of their members due to how america now fairs after the past 100 yrs of same shenanagins and back room opps by the worlds best decievers and wrecker crew.

                      They Hate russia, and Putin for 2 Main reasons.

                      #1 is after they overtook and ruled the entire ussr for close to 3/4ths a century, only to then have Putin Boot them out…Ergo their desert tribal revenge minded ways demand a return to either rule russia again or cause it to perish totally.

                      And #2- After so much work and mass murdering of entire east euro zones to destroy christianity, which IS the biggest ever opposition and obsticle to their desired antichrist nwo-Jwo plans…They simply cannot allow for russia to again go Back to a primarily christian white run nation period….

                      The 2nd amend sits in Back seat of importantce, as second place to first place obsticle which Is christianity. It is why for 2,000 yrs they have Led the moves to locate and kill christians globally and will never stop untill They get stopped first! And this matters Not if you are a believer or an athiest…Because They believe and Know how huge an obsticle Christianity posses to their plans.

                  • Braveheart1776,You’ve been here for quite a while!I can’t believe you’re continuing to support US agression,That does humanity no good?

                  • Braveheart1776

                    The “good guys in the white hats” took the Ukrainian gold reserves. Interestingly the same thing happened in Libya.

                    h ttps://


                  • I MEANT, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR NAME!

                    • TY Anon, but this has been my tag for decades. Cant change it now! Just keep an open mind my friend, not ALL “DMONIC” creatures are “Demonic”. I know of a few Angels that have “demonic” tendencies…

                • I think you are right on. I do not believe Russia is the evil empire the waring industrial complex would have us believe. China is most likely our real enemy. It woukd behoove us to be civil witn

                • Interesting you should say that. I’ve been shooting Service Pistol matches for a while with a guy called Mikhail. The way he does stuff screams that he has been trained…. But it is different. I finally realized that his training must have been in the Russian Army – probably some form of SF… He doesn’t talk about it, but admitted that he is ex Russian military. It was strange. I always thought that the only way I would see someone like him would be down the barrel of a gun. Instead I’m drinking beer with him. Nice guy. I’ve got more in common with him than with our political overlords.

                • ……take it easy on the rednecks. The world could use a few more.

                  • JJ I think this is about the best article you’ve written so far. You’ve echoed everything I’ve learned so far. I only glance here once in a while, but I’m really happy to have landed long enough to be graced with a fine article.

                    I think there is enough information out there to put the disinfo down properly, and it brings tears to my eyes to see so many people actually “getting it.”

                    Bravo Mac!

                  • I don’t trust political Hacks of any country. Governments today are purely evil
                    THEY ARE DESIGNED TO ENSLAVE instead of PROTECT. THE US Government is evil as is the Russian, The German, The French, look at how much of the people of those countries disagree with what their governments are doing..

              • Nonsense, Braveheart1776. The author, Jerimiah Johnson, has it exactly right. The government of the U.S. and its “NGO” tools overthrew the democratically-elected government of the Ukraine and invested more than $5 billion dollars in the process. The odious John McCain was actively involved in instigating this violent coup that killed more than 70 people and somehow wound up with one of Joe Biden’s sons in charge Ukraine’s energy supply.

                The neo-Nazi’s who spearheaded Victoria Nuland’s putsch WERE called Fascists because they ARE Fascists.

                The usual suspects in the U.S. are desperately trying to jin up yet another war of conquest. Russia won’t be quite the pushover that these moral pygmies are used to savaging.

              • And lets not forget how honest and above board our gov. is either.
                Hope and change remember…………

              • Braveheart1176

                Enough of the US is the good guys Russia is the bad guys propaganda. If you would stop watching CNN and actually do some real research you would see who the aggressor really is. The NATO terrorists are trying to start WWlll. The Russians are not our enemy. I thought you were more informed but your starting to sound like a troll for the Pentagon.

          • They are defensive. The US sells its military crap to any tinpot nation that want to murder is people. Washington does not give a crap.

            • Eisenhower warned everyone about MIC on Jan 17th 1961 and stepped back into civilian life. He waited until he was no longer a target by speaking out. I always wondered what he thought on November 22nd , 1963.

            • great article!! And from what I’ve read, when we do go to war with Russia, they are going to be able to kick our behinds quite easily and speedily. they are so superior to us in their military technology. Also, Putin said he learned one thing from previous wars: the importance of always striking first. If you see a conflict is coming, be the first to strike, he said… and the US has its policy of first nuclear strike. 🙁

              the only way to avoid annihilation, IMO, is if the people rise and and chase the so called “leaders” away– this is actually in Hopi prophecy, that there will come a time when citizens will come together in groups and go after their so called, “leaders” in order to have peace. Otherwise, we are dead meat.

            • The US is so open and clumsy… they announce everything before doing it (to supposedly give it credibility). Putin, on the other hand, is sneaky as crap!! Did you see how fast he went into Syria and beat the sh… out of ISIS? It had heads of US leaders spinning@!! Yep, it is very foolish to provoke the Bear… And now, the US is encircling and provoking Russia while Putin sits quietly… wonder what he is thinking??!!

              • The US did not effectively attack ISIS because ISIS is one of the tools to overthrow Assad.The US appears clumsy because the reasons your told are not the real reasons. Its called Ostensible. Things don’t make sense because its all predicated on a lie to begin with.

                • Yes, I know that Kevin!! I agree 100%!! I just didn’t say it as properly as you— in a hurry, missed my bus and have to go up the mountain at night with bears out!!!

                  • Putin is my hero– I love how he told off Obama at the (UN? ) meeting– asking him, “do you know what you have done??!”

                    Then, about 2 days later, his military came in and knocked the heck out of ISIS, and had heads in the US spinning, didn’t know what happened! Basically, he kicked Obama in the )*#%#@!! After all Obama’s talk about being exceptional, Putin actually showed who is superior– US couldn’t believe their eyes as to the military prowess of the Russians…

                    not that I don’t love my country.. its just that a TREMENDOUS FORCE OF LIGHT suddenly appeared on the horizon and that force actually TOOK OUT ISIS!!! and that force stemmed from Putin’s command. As far as I”M concerned, if there is a white hat in all this, it is Putin, for acting with restraint at times and trememdous courage other times. He basically told Obama that he wasn’t going to take his shit anylonger…

              • Way back when this was getting going Putin DID SAY that “he hoped this would not lead to a need to use nukes en-mass” …and Russia has several “specialty warheads – – sort of a size for every occasion” (or that’s the story anyway). At one time we STOLE a Russian MIG (so that we could figure out how in hell it went so much faster …and now that tech can be found in our military jets (but we bitch when China did the very same to us and TONS of our highly classified avionic/nasa related info (that Chinese guy that stole all the laptops from NASA with all the data).
                Russia most certainly would conduct a first-strike, and that right there would answer the question as to why is the government suddenly piling their equipment, water, food and the kitchen sink back into Cheyenne Mountain, umm, the other in Virginia (sorry but the name escapes me). I don’t wanna even think about it ….no no no.

              • im sure putin is waiting for his
                gulf of tonkin

          • Iran has been an ally of Russia since it was a republic in the Soviet Union, just like Syria. They are only doing the same thing the US does with other barbaric Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

          • Viper, What make you think the IRAN is not good guy? If they (Iran) want their country to be free from the USA and its masters in Israel such makes them bad guy? Do you listen to the CNN, FOX etc and get your knowledge from them?

            Russia and IRAN are the only two countries fighting the ISIS barbarians made by the USA and its masters in Israeli banking cartels.

          • Why do you believe Iran is a “bad guy”? When do you imagine this enmity came into being? What was its cause?

            • For some who question the Russian resolve to die on their feet, rather than live on their knees – there is this:

              Russian Soldier Who Called Airstrike on Himself While Surrounded by ISIS


              THIS is the determination and bravery that many people TALK about… but in Russia – THEY WALK THE WALK. Anyone who can’t respect this act of bravery, is lost for all time. Pleasant week y’all.

              • For some who question the Russian resolve to die on their feet, rather than live on their knees – there is this:

                Russian Soldier Who Called Airstrike on Himself While Surrounded by ISIS


                THIS is the determination and bravery that many people TALK about… but in Russia – THEY WALK THE WALK. Anyone who can’t respect this act of bravery, is lost for all time. Pleasant week y’all.

                • Yep, I read about that, 6-pack,,, really cool!!

        • They beat back the Nazis. With inferior firepower, gear, equipment, you name it. Pretty badass as far as I’m concerned. PLUS- their military is WAY more sophisticated and trained than the old cold war days.

          Another thing to ponder: What if another country, i.e. China or Russia, put troops along OUR borders, be it Canada or Mehico?

          Would Washington or the Pentagon be as reasonable and forgiving as Russia has been? The US and its “allies” have been amassing troops along Russian borders for years. Its a miracle they haven’t started shooting yet…. WE WOULD HAVE!!!

          • As to Iran:?…Well aside from the Fact that Iran has Not started any wars for the past 300 yrs or more…Whens last time Fox tv news or CNN’s top CIA/Mossad agent Wolf Blitzer mentioned how Three times in recorded history Persia aka now Iran Saved the asses of the jewsih peoples?

            We hear 24/7 how iran wishes to destroy israel and kill every jew there by said msm’s tv shows…Yet it has been now 15 yrs since the inside job false flag opps of 9/11 events and as Yet Iran nor any other muslim nations has invaded israel…Most usa folks think Iran or Iraq or Afgan is any day going to invade usa and form a sharia run state….Meanwhile Israel state IS within Donky riders with an ak rifle and 40 rnds range, and even for some muslims israel is located within walking distance almost!

            Yet so far 15 yrs and zero invasions, zero mass jewry deaths and zero usa invasions nor sharia law rulers eh.

            I’d wager most persians in iran as well as most muslims in entire mid east region know that the entire usa fed govnt and nation, meaning litterally All of what makes up what we call Society-Culture-Nation-Justice system-Universities-Hollywood and of course the worlds largest ever Mass media aperatus are and Have been run for the past 100 yrs by a Cabal of 100% jewry, that are mainly based upon talmudic teachings rule by them.

            In other words most such mid east muslims know it is far too Late for Any other religious based rule to occure in america as long as the current crews that hyjacked western nations govnts remain entrenched in power.

            Let us just Hope and Pray that if we do see a for Real SHTF event scenario of race wars etc etc in usa…That Putin keeps his promice as reported by every global and usa tv news a couple years ago…Which was that he, Putin Vowed and promiced to come to the assist and Aide of Christians when so attacked or warred against if at all possible to do so…

            So far he has kept his word by going into syria and assisted the several Million orthodox christians there eh.

            Today you can watch a couple yutube type RT tv videos that highlight and show in an hour long documentary style how syrias christians And muslims Both has joined forces as One to stave off ISIS and all forms similar jihadist fanatics…They even formed an entire Army of christian And muslim Women warrior fighter army to do so! And Yes them females can and Do fight Hard and to the death.

            But fox or cnn won’t report much if anything regarding Christians as victims in litterally every mid east war zone usa attacked so far…I rekon fox and cnn et al consider those victim christians the same as those in Palestine eh?…Just never worth doing a valid report and live action film on when its christians there being beheaded or victimized…Must only report 24/7 on every concern of jewry and israel be it valid or not, the Latter of those being the most often reality and truth aka non valid woes and more deceptive propagandas or hoaxes….Again!

            PS: for Great Insight and UP close Live action of daily and nite life on an average day/night within Iran…

            go to watch Yutube video called “Persian Nights”..aprox 20 minit video, full color masterfully done shows some of the worlds Most beautifull women that look and Are White with green and blue eyes and Natural Blond/Red heads, Brunettes that could pose for playboys centerfold photos on reg basis…NO joke! go view that video then come back here tell us all what a backwoods wasteland Iran is etc etc….Terahn looks more like a Huge modern Houston TX city than Houston does!

            Another Iran yutube video shows aprox 1/2 hr of Only and All Kids. Small kids and Teens to very early adult ages, and every single one could Pass for Your white skined blond haired Blue eyed beautifull children!….Look Deep into their Innocent eyes, then tell me how Okay it is for usa military and fed govnt to carpet bomb them daily all so america can keep up abject unquestioned supoort for…wait for it!…for Israel and jewry of course! Do not take My word for it, go ask AIPAC’s fanatics and neocons as they design and create and Bribe it all.

            Watch TV show on dish station called “velocity Network” channel….One program takes tv viewers to somewhere in Mid East, don’t recall which now? maybe Dubai?… that shows best ever blacktop paved roads thru towns and into vast mountain areas…zero pot holes, zero pavmt cracks, just 100% worlds best blacktop roads where you can take your super car Ferarries etc as Fast as desired without a speeding ticket…and where EVERY Police Car there is one or other types ferrari or porche or aston martin DB-9 200 MPH car so Cops can catch fast drivers to warn them to remain safe drivers, when foriegn drivers appear to not handle fast cars so swell and the nation wants drivers to have Fun but remain alive in one piece!

            DUMP fox or cnn tv which still shows 5 to 10 year old footage of Prior jihad or terror attacks and claims it just happend today!…Both tv stations recently got Busted doing that…RT tv also contains that video and reports you can verify with.

            Americans must Stop being duped and deluded Via their false tv news and jewyork jewspapers like the NY times etc….There Is many more sources that do report such facts you know. Just none within the usa any longer does.

            • Brilliant post!

            • Great post TG! You got it right big time & just validated what I’ve known for well over 45 years.

          • Demonic:

            Not so the tanks or the threads. The Russian tanks were 4″ thick and built for the terrain. They had winter clothing and the German soldiers asked for proper attire but didn’t get what they needed. But I agree that the Russians fought so well even Hitler praised them.

        • I don’t think Russia would “fight back hard and with a lot of surprises”… I think Russia would simply wipe us off… When they have had enough of US government’s threats and provocative actions, they will simply eliminate us.

          • I truly don’t believe they would simply eliminate us. I believe they’d show US way more compassion and mercy than WE ever showed anybody who got in our way. The mercy that we never showed the people of the middle east, Africa or South America, or the people of Russia, and probably don’t deserve ourselves.

            • I know that, 6-pack… was in a hurry and didn’t word things properly… had to get home before dark! (Bears up in those mountains and I have to walk home!!) My point was, they have technology we don’t have and could (for example) cause a US fighter jet suddenly lose all controls/not be able to communicate, no GPS system or whatever… they have technology we don’t have and could (as Paul Craig Roberts put it), “eliminate us” if they decided we were becoming a legitimate threat. (If the US comes close to discovering their technology)… at that point, the Russians would HAVE NO CHOICE except to eliminate us because if Americans got a hold of Russian technology they (US) would use it for evil purposes.

              • Great video about this very subject (mentioned in above post)– interview with Paul Craig Roberts… in which Roberts is talking about Russian capability compared to US

        • @Frank;
          “hottest women on the planet”? Are you getting that from the tramp-like photos on the Russian bride ads or do you know a Russian woman?
          Russian women look the same as women everywhere, some women are beautiful, elegant, and demure and some are coarse, crass and plain. Some are downright hideous to behold, just like here and anywhere.

          “smart enough to invent and make things”? like “weapons”?
          I’d personally find a sustainable farming society of peaceful individuals living off-grid with wells, outhouses, candles and not a single weapons among them more innovative than the entire western world.

          Available science:
          Varying amounts of melanin gives all of our skin its color. Pheomelanin (what makes us light) without sufficient eumelanin (what makes us dark), leads to free radicals that may actually damage lighter skin.
          When it comes to skin COLOR and defects due to skin COLOR, it is pale individuals who are harmed by our lack or “defect”.

          You tan, if you can, when the sun causes eumelanin production in your body (the melanin pigment eumelanin makes dark people dark all the time).
          So, again, the pigments of melanin that makes you lighter make others darker; you have both eumelanin and pheomelanin just like darker skinned individuals.

          “Racism” is the equivalent of saying a redhead is superior to a blonde or a brunette or a hazel eyed person is more able to advance society than a blue or brown eyed person. ludicrous.

          The things that lead us to behave in ways that put others off and cause hatred are not our physical differences.
          We HATE when others try to FORCE their ideas or issues on us and in doing so make us do something we do not want to do OR keep us from doing something we do want to do.

          There is only one race, Frank, why don’t you join it.

          • Scratch the “outhouse” part, that’s just crazy!

            • Sara – you’ll find that Mr F Thoughts is a sexual mysogynist fantasist. A few articles back he claimed that he’d been “frisked”, countless times, by hijab wearing border guards!

              I pointed out this blatant lie to him and offered to donate $1,000 to his favorite charity if he could prove one instance of this sexual fantasy had happened. Needless to say he hasn’t answered my challenge, and he never will.

              He’s not the only sad old woman hater on this site too! This is a place where sad old men vent their hatred on women, blacks, and anyone that scares them. In fact anyone more successful than them, which means 99% of humanity, this is because the lives that they have lived have been empty and pointless.

          • Hit a nerve there, Sara?
            The average Russian woman is hotter than 90% of lard-assed American women. I know several and am married to a Ukranian.

            There are INDEED different races of humans, and some are clearly more intelligent and creative than others. Acid Etch is right on the money on this.

            • Sara really lost it there!! 🙂

              I have traveled and worked throughout the former Soviet Union and can attest to the raw fact the women are WAY hotter than the average in the US. I rarely ever saw an obese and revolting woman. Yes, some looked like they went through hell (but to be fair, they had been through hell, thanks to the State Department).

              But your average woman kept herself trim and many made sure they dressed very well. I knew what the human form really looked like, which was very pleasant and made life nice, not the misshaped abomination that most obese and fat women haul around.

              As an anecdote, I was in Italy waiting for my wife to get her nails done. The chat was around the music video channel. They just could not see why Rhianna would be considered hotter than, say, Scarlett Johanson, or Emma Watson, or Audrey Hepburn. White women come with so many variations: eyes, hair, skin tone, etc. All that makes for a richness of beauty.

              • Why do so many white women get raped by so many african savages in usa?…Because perhaps the negro males see how Butt Ugly most of their own women are eh?

                That and the Fact that NO, all races aint the same Sara..Some really are savages by nature or thru dna…maybe even some long ago were those God warned israelites tribes of to Not copy cat what they the israelites would see as they pass thru various others lands etc..Ie: God warned them to Never ever mate with and have Sex with Animals, nor with what the bible says are the “Beastly Tribes”…He also warned them that any so caught doing animal sex were to be killed by stoning asap fast and also to kill off that animal so “That no Issue comes forth from that union”…That word “issue” is also a leagle word as used in wills or trut funds etc and it means Offspring aka Children born from that sex union.

                So acording to the bible, it appears that yes it is possible to not only have animal/human sex but to also produce offspring from it…Perhaps them what claims afrcians long ago screwed apes and baboons may be correct after all eh?

                Because NO other race ever created, looks so much like nor ACTS so much akin to Real animal Apes and chimps and baboons…Besides of course being self-proven as The Most worthless and useless race ever…And by some coinciddence, it seems that regardless where one places the former africans, they cannot remove that african jungle wild, and it contaminates their new place of abode eh…SEE: My former place of birth and reidence city for 43 yrs, Detroit Mich! for ground zero proof of what I say here.

                PS that NO weapons not even one you wrote of?..Very naieve plan at best sara.

                pss: self sustained gardens is good yes..But no nation with 300 million folks can sustain being an advanced nation or peoples if all that nation has is 300 million self-gardens…Somebody must protect gardens and their gardeners from those savages right?…Plus fill pot holes, errect bridges, schools, churches, house projects etc etc….There is just a bit More to life and nations besides nice gardens for free foods.

                • I (a female) say BS to your stupid ramblings, ThemGuys… women are raped by all colors/all races!!! PLEASE! Don’t start blaming it all on them! take some responsibility… stupid idiot!

              • F Thoughts – you claim to have travelled and worked in the Soviet Union. Another one of your fantasy stories I think!

                To get a work permit/visa for the Soviet Union was next to impossible pre 1980’s. My Uncle had to jump through hoops just to visit his family in east Berlin, so what special dispensation did you have to freely work and travel in the USSR?

                I’ll say it once more, on a public forum, you are an out and out liar, racist and fantasist. Sue me if you’re man enough. Your continued silence is proof of your lies.

                I’m still awaiting a response from you regarding your ridiculous claim of being frisked (countless times) by hijab wearing border guards.

          • When skeletal human remains are found, investigators can accurately determine the race, sex, and approximate age of the deceased. The difference in races goes way beyond skin color.

            somewhat unrelated: One has to hand it to the entertainment industry for their success in convincing a large number of people (mostly Americans) that a fat assed black woman (who calls herself Beyonce) is hot.

          • @Sarah- I personally have met quite a few women from Eastern Europe, which was part of the USSR and can say 100% sure that they were absolutely gorgeous. Several were from what was prev Yugoslavia and they fled the country to the US to escape the fighting then. Very sweet people, kind, and really hard workers!
            I dated Sabina who was Ukrainian…. Oh the memories!

            So no, they werent from those lame “date Russian women” ads, these were real life people I personally know.

            • Sarah does not know what she is talking about. I had two girlfriends from Croatia and it was a lovely experience. Both were very strong women, but what stood out was how beautiful, healthy and fit they were.

              Same goes for Central Asia: just packed with beautiful women: elegant and stylish.

              As for the tool, Anonymous, dude, everything I write is true and based on experience. As for the hijab ladies doing security screenings, I do not give the country because I need to go there. You are clearly a Muslim extremist but you seem to love to sue people, so you are more American than I am!!:) Peace be upon him!

              Amusing anecdote for today: was on the subway and a black guy was talking to a white woman friend. They were getting along like a house on fire. And this really fat black women opposite would just suck her teeth and glare at him. I love that!! Like she owned his ass and but knew she did not stand a chance in hell in bagging this dude: he wanted cotton tail.

        • Bullshit hitting the fan isn’t the same as shit hitting the fan. What would this site be without speculative nonsense. Chicken little (Jeramiah Johnson) is crying wolf again. Just another agent from the Ministry of Truth. You’re theories don’t pan out. If Russia invaded the US. The US would do nothing but cry, just like they’re doing now. Like,
          “oh, no we live in such a horrible country! Its so corrupt!” But almost in the the same sentence. “I need to go the grocery store, I’ll use my credit card. Excuse me, is this organic?”
          You’re gonna buy whatever we sell you, so as long as you keep buying it, we are gonna sell it.

        • We can easily take them. When one of every six of our F35s get off the ground, they’ll be quaking in their ushankas.

          The US military hasn’t come under serious fire for over 70 years. I hear B2s are horribly maintenance intensive, like to the tune of $100mm/yr. At $1Bn a pop, how many can we afford to lose? The Tomahawk is out of production. Any used now are from inventory and are not replaced. Many of the fighter planes which actually DO fly are older than the guys (gals? LGBTQRSTUV?) flying them.

      2. Its the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Utterly dominate and control the entire world or destroy it; whatever comes first.


        • Madness indeed. Only those whose families will be in bunkers and avoiding the front lines could create such doctrines and strategies.

          Thanks Kevin.

          • Mac, I can agree TPTB should not be provoking the Russian bear, but we can’t forget that the Russian bear is still a treacherous SOB. The situation in Ukraine, if people will go to the links I posted, proves it.

            • No doubt — let’s not make Putin out to be a benevolent hero. He’s a die-hard Soviet and in my view one who is not afraid to hit the red button if it means he’ll have a legacy like Peter the Great or even Ivan the Terrible.

              The real problem is we have some very big egos, probably with a wide range of diagnosable mental conditions, running the nuclear armed nations of the world.

              • You people have zero understanding of geopolitics. The US is scared that China, Russia and Europe will form a EurAsian economic zone. If that happens the US will become an economic backwater. Hence the stupidity to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. The US is a thug nation and has created directly and indirectly most of the wars since the end of WW2 – killing millions.

                • That jibes with everything I’ve seen so far.

              • Mac, yes those egos need to be busted and some people need to be made to wake up and smell the coffee. When we send any ships or aircraft near Russia’s borders, what do we expect? And they were sending spy aircraft near Russian borders with the transponders turned OFF? that’s just begging for an incident to take place. These things need to stop before an incident take place.

                • Stand Tall BraveHeart, don’t cave into or let all of these UnAmerican Pro Russians beat you down> they are all sitting in front of their computers spewing Bullshit and talking about how great Putin is and then in the morning they will get up and go where ever they please and stay as long as they want and buy what ever they desire and cuss what ever politician they dislike and then trash America to no end. Communist Russia enslaved and murdered Millions, and they would like to subdue their neighbors once again if possible. I hear many on this site telling us how bad America is and talking about burning the flag. Well if your running down my country man, your walking on the fighting side of me! Burn a flag in front of me, and I’ll knock your dick in the dirt. Trekker Out. I’m Still Free You!!!!

                  • Mountain T…….”Communist Russia enslaved and murdered Millions”. That’s is true but that really wasn’t the Russians. Read the post by Them Guys above. Else come down of your high horse of being an American who justifies killing innocents all over the world since such thinking is not really “American”. Real Americans want to be free and wish the same for everyone else except our enemies who are trying to destroy our long gone freedom. Our real enemies based in DC and are being guided by AIPAC. So take your head out of your trekker A$$ and search for the truth assuming you can handle the truth.

                    • THANK YOU, ANONYMOUS (THE OTHER ANONYMOUS)… beautifully said!!

                  • Mountain Trekker, you don’t get out much, do you. Russia hasn’t been a Communist nation since 1991. Unfortunately, the U.S. has passed the Russians going in opposite directions.

                    • I get out enough to know that Americans still enjoy more freedoms than the Russian people and most every other country in the world. And Anonymous agrees that “Yes, Communist Russia enslaved and murder millions, but it wasn’t really the Russians” then who was it, the Africans? I bet we’ll all be happy, when like the Russian people we only have to register our firearms every 5 years and we get to keep only our 10rd mags. And by the way, I would’nt waste 2 mins. of my time reading Them Guys, skinhead BS. And furthermore America goes out of its way to avoid killing innocent civilians and many times we go to far and allow enemy combatants to get away because they hide behind women and children. Trekker Out. America Ain’t Perfect, But It Ain’t Bad!

                    • Mountain Trekker, either you are federal troll or you are living in a dream world and spewing absurd propaganda-based fantasies. The US government has killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children to advance the neo-con wet dream of an American Empire in the last three decades or so, most of them innocent civilians. It has invaded, occupied, attacked and overthrown the governments of a long list of countries from Serbia through North Africa and the Middle East, to the Ukraine.

                      Please provide a non-fictional example of “Russian bullying”.

                  • Man Trekker- calling us “UnAmerican” because we aren’t happy with what the neo-cons and democrats have done to this country? How many of our brave men and women have we sent on a fools errand in the middle east? Easily not as many as ‘Nam, but don’t even get me started there… The US hasnt not started/been involved in a SINGLE LEGITIMATE ware since Korea- and even that’s suspect. GET A GRIP MAN! Take off the blinders and see what kind of cesspool shitpot we have become. MEN using WOMENS bathrooms. LGBTQGHTDGF movement is everyone’s biggest concern, next to suing CHRISTIANS because they wont bake a fags cake. They don’t have this kind of shit in Russia, do they?

                    I’m sorry, but this doesn’t look like the AMERICA I once knew. Sure, tell me to leave, how I’m “unpatriotic” and all that bullshit, but this nation has become a bunch of sissified candayass asshats that just sit around getting high, fat and more stupid watching dances with the stars and keeping up with the Whoredashians.

                    And your stupid as shit “sitting around your keyboards spewing bullshit” comment? HEY POT: MEET KETTLE. Prick.

                • Russia wants to provoke a war. Just look at how close to our military bases they put their country.

                  • @didndonuffin- Now THAT’S some funny shit! Nearly spit out my pop!

            • Mate your ignorance is incredible. The West spend $5Billion turning the Ukraine into an fascist economic basket case which will collapse soon as the US and Europe have walked away.

              So you want to ignorantly fight the Russians when you bend over and take it from countries like Saudi Arabian who you have zero in common with and they are sponsoring terrorism. If the US attacks Russia the US will become a smoldering wreck as you have no defence. They die you die – dumb indeed. Must be something in the water in the US.

              • Russia does everything for their own benefit, unlike USA, which “exports democracy”. One can easily find before and after pictures of countries to which USA has “exported democracy” We free the shit out of them.

                Russia thwarted the EU-American takeover of Ukraine for their own benefit, but in regards to joining the EU and then being forced to take in a buttload of ‘refugees’, Russia did Ukraine a favor.

              • “Must be something in the water in the US.” Now there’s a point nobody thinks of.

                “Russia has the second highest resource of water in the world next to Brazil. The UN reports say that about one billion people in the world suffer from catastrophic shortages of water, and one more billion is in a condition of water stress, which means they periodically lack it.”


                Now I wonder what the water situation in the US is like these days…Michigan? California? DC?

            • “Treacherous SOB”

              They take some lessons off of us? We promised Ho Chi Minh that if they helped us we would not allow the French to return to Indo-China. Our word is worthless. The promises made to the USSR when they dissolved were not kept. We supported leaders in Central America that had death squads kill Catholic Priests that dared to speak out against injustice and poverty. The people doing it were trained by us at The School For The Americas.

              No one wears a white hat. Its insulting to anyone intelligent that we claim that we do.

              • Damn Kevin2, seems you’re the only voice of reason here… JUST because we don’t “tow the AmeriKan line” doesnt mean we arent patriots. BH and Mac BOTH seem to still live back in the 60-70’s regarding Russia. So, apparently both of them hate that Putin is looking out for the good of his country? Apparently they have fallen under the false pretense of how ofago is “looking out for the good of AmeriKa”??? Sad state of affairs.

                • The geography of the various incidents coupled with what feeds the various economies is a strong indicator for me. The Ukraine is next to Russia. Ukrainians largely speak Russian. Russian natural gas lines transit through the Ukraine. I see an attempt to reduce a nations livelihood right in their own back yard. Syria, once again, natural gas lines. This time from Saudi Arabia to Europe. Assad is blocking it for Russia so they have the European market. Terrorists are used by who to facilitate the fall of Assad?

                  Someone mentioned treachery. I would say employing Islamic fanatics that cut off Christians heads might qualify. Christians are by the way 10% of the Syrian population and protected by the very government that the US is attempting to overthrow. Superman fighting for, “Truth Justice and the American Way” and John Wayne are not real. There are no white hats as USMC Major General and two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler pointed out in his book, “War Is A Racket”.

                • DMONIC, I’m sure you mean ‘the NEOCON line’. No, I don’t tow that line, either. But I do live in the real world. I know it’s really ‘the GLOBALISTS vs. Russia’. I still stand by what I say about the Russians. They were treacherous during the Soviet era and still treacherous today even without the old Soviet system in place. They also hate Americans just as much now as back then, if not more. I believe Putin is trying to bring back something similar to the Soviet Empire, but WITHOUT the failures of the communist system. I do acknowledge their military has come a LONG way from the Soviet era. I don’t want a war with Russia anymore than anyone else here. But if they invade my country, then all bets are off. Bullets will work on any invaders. Doesn’t matter where they come from.

                  • It is the U.S. and NATO that are threatening to invade Russia, not the otherway around. You’ve got to stop watching FOXNEWS (or at least check out some additional news sources).

                    • Frank Brady

                      Its my geography theory again. The Baltic Sea is in the Baltic’s.


                      “I believe Putin is trying to bring back something similar to the Soviet Empire, but WITHOUT the failures of the communist system.”

                      If that is the case so what? Who left the globalist bankers as exclusive economic ruler of the entire world. Make no mistake whatsoever that this is not a US security issue but a globalist domination issue. So far as I have I seen the globalist policy’s hurt and kill Americans.

                    • FB,

                      I check out the news from many sites but I have yet to see where the US or NATO announced that they are planning to invade and/or take over Russia.

                      On another note, did any of you watch the Russian/Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations broadcasted live on Russian Television this past Sunday? Putin, Medviedev, and the mayor of Moscow took part in the mass as the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church led the grueling 6+ hour ceremony. It was both amazing and wonderful as Russians greeted each other with the words “Christ has risen!”, and with the response, “Christ has truly risen!”. I thought I could see the leaders mouth the response as the priests joyfully announced that “Christ has risen!”.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • @Laeagle,

                      Dang Dude – either you haven’t been looking in the right places…so here’s just A FEW clues:
















                      …or perhaps you’re only seeing what you wanted to see…

                    • SixPack,

                      Great to see you back! Most if not all the sites you listed either have an ax to grind or some hidden agenda to spin, or are outright propaganda machines. I am beginning to like Putin but Mac is right about him. Can a leopard change it’s spots?

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • @Laeagle, why would one of the baddest, most efficient predators in the jungle even WANT TO change his spots?

                      As y’all know, I am one who has been extremely critical of the MSM. Once I figured out that they are lying to us about a multitude of things – I BELIEVE NOTHING FROM THEM. I look at Putin’s ACTIONS and quite frankly, his actions do NOT mesh with what the MSM tells us.

                      I realize that it’s easy to go along with the MSM when they’re saying what we want to hear, or seemingly reinforcing our life-long programming … but I question it anyhow, because I won’t be so easily fooled again.

                      I think most, if not all of us have things in our pasts that we aren’t particularly proud of – but those things do not define who most of us are NOW, TODAY. Nor should they.

                      By constantly questioning EVERYTHING, we leave the lines open for discovering the truth as it is, not as it has been presented to us. I REALLY HATE BEING MADE A FOOL OF, don’t you?

                      QUESTION EVERYTHING. Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                      If there is one cat in this jungle who probably can’t change his spots – IT’S THE LIARS. Once a liar – always a liar.

      3. JJ, good article, although I’ve got to disagree with you on the situation in Ukraine. That country has been invaded by the Russian military and the pro-Russian separatists receive military and economic aid from Putin. Try these websites for a TRUE picture of the situation in Ukraine:

        These sites do have English versions available are well worth your time.

        • Thanks for the link Brave — always good to have varying perspectives here. There is definitely a lot going on and gathering information from around the world, especially from conflicting sources, helps the real picture emerge.

        • Those sites are propaganda for the gullible. The US can provide NO evidence for Russian military formations making incisions into the Ukraine – none. They US has very sophisticated satellites parked over the Ukraine. However, there is masses of evidence of NATO involvement on the other side along with murder squads that are used to intimidate the local population. Don’t let your bigotry get in the way of rationale thinking.

          • Nexus789, the sites are REAL AND CREDIBLE; definitely more credible than any Russian sources. The InformNapalm site has a lot of satellite photographs of RUSSIAN MILITARY UNITS CROSSING THEIR BORDER INTO UKRAINE. That is an invasion. The Kremlin has also been providing military and economic aid to the ‘separatists’ in Ukraine. RUSSIA is the real problem in Ukraine, NOT NATO, and no, I’m not necessarily standing up for NATO. BTW, Ukraine hasn’t really received a lot of aid from NATO. The ‘murder squads’ you mentioned are pro-Russian squads who have been intimidating pro-Ukrainian people. I also have a Ukrainian national in my company who has told me similar things. While I’m not in favor of a war with Russia, nothing can justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yes my sympathies lie with Ukraine. I don’t see much change in Russian behavior from the Soviet era. Russians are still just as treacherous as ever, and yes, no less treacherous than our own neocons.

            • Braveheart, you are so full of shit- or possibly ignorance. Since MAC has “moderated” my rebuttal to your propaganda with CREDIBLE links, you can kiss my ass.

              • DMONIC, in the case of “Braveheart”, its’ the latter. not the former. He really does believe the propaganda.

              • agreed

                • Occasionally, I watch the so-called, “news” on
                  TV concerning Russia and other BS and it so offends my intelligence, I leave the restaurant in disgust, cursing as I go out the door. It really amazes me that people can actually believe that crap (which is basically what Braveheart is saying— same crap. If people really want to know the truth, please see Paul Craig Roberts’ website.

                  Also, as far as what someone commented about all the Russians wanting us dead– more absolutle BS! I watched on US news when politicians were talking about bombing Russia and all these American citizens where hooping and yelling with delight about the idea of going to war with Russia- what a bunch of idiots!! And on RT news, the Russian people were astounded by this and said they didn’t want war with us! They couldn’t understand why Americans wanted to go to war with them??!!

                  • Its just like the terrorist threat– a lot of citizens actually believe this bullshit.. Squack, Sqwack, the terrorists are coming! Now they have it, Squack, squack, the Russians are coming! ALL bull shit!

                    • Makes me wonder whose Koolaid you guys are drinking? It is hard to believe that ZH,RT, Pravda, don’t have an agenda and are telling you ‘nothing but the truth’! Have any one of you talked to a non-Russian Ukrainian who supports the Russian invasion and takeover of their country? Do you speak Russian? Have you travelled in the Ukraine or in Russia? It is a complex situation but no ethnic Georgian or Ukrainian wants to come under the domination and control of the Russians, as much as we may admire and respect them as individuals or even as a country. BH is right!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • Somehow I seem to have missed the Russian invasion and take over of the Ukraine. When did this happen? Please enlighten me.

              • Frank Brady, welcome. To be fair, I will look at DMONIC’S links; maybe I missed something. BTW, FAUX NEWS banned me from their site in 2011. I’ve been banned from ALL MSM sites before I found this one in 2012. To be fair to you, I’ll even look at your site.

                • Well, Braveheart1776, I’d say that’s very fair.

              • DMONIC, to be fair, I’ll check your links; maybe I missed something somewhere. I do believe you mean well and I do enjoy your posts. I’ll just let the last remark you made slide.

                • thats the spirit…and being courteous at the same time..applause……always look at both sides of the story……from many different angles……..

                • DMONIC, Kevin2, and Frank Brady, OK, I’m going to do some more research on this. I don’t want to have a pissing contest with anyone on this issue. Maybe my Ukrainian co-worker misled me on some things; don’t know for sure. I’d love to think that Putin, like a majority of other Russians, gave up on communism and that Russia is not our enemy. I am against the globalists using us to try to provoke Russia into attacking us.

                  • Hey BH, your first clue should be your “Ukrainian” friend. What could you possibly be thinking that you could ask an Ukrainian whether his country is bad or not, and get a neutral answer?

                    Why not ask a ‘blood’ if ‘Crips’ are good people?

                  • BREAVEHEART… PLEASE look up Paul Craig Roberts webstie and see what he says all about this… I have reading his stuff for years and everything he says is fits together bruillintly– the guy is a genius… (no time to type good, gotta get home!) Furthermore, zereo hedge and what dmonic all say the same thing as PCR website… truly brilliant (and wonderful speaker!! videos!!!)

                  • Putin has around 98% approval rating… obummer has abut 30% approval rating… go figure

            • @braveheart1776 Thats some Bull ish articles you posted there. My fathers side is russian and ukranian and i just returned from visiting family in Ukraine on the 18th of feb. I can tell you that the only ones that are leaning towards the west are the ones in Kiev. Most Ukranians want very little to do with the US government. and especially want little to do with the international banks. on the west side of ukraine the IMF has already bought up most the land and are “reselling it” to the ukrainian people at rates they cant even afford (typical). Land that theyve held of centuries as their own. Amazing how that hasnt happened on the eastern side huh?!? maybe because they are being protected from having that happen to them on that side of the country. Most Ukrainians are dual russian citizens and love their slavic blood ties to all slavic people, including Russia. Ukrainians are friendly people and just want to be neutral/friends with both sides. Which they had prior to the CIA putting in their stooges for instability. So spare us your BS Propaganda articles and go find out for yourself.

              • BREAKING NEWS FOR EVERYONE HERE. To DMONIC, Kevin2, and Frank Brady, I owe all 3 of you a big apology. I got some inside information on the links I posted earlier and they DID turn out to be propaganda sites. I allowed myself to be misled by stinking NEOCONS on this issue and I’m burning on the inside. I’ve learned my lesson on this one. The ones in Kiev are NOT patriots; they’re stinking GLOBALIST PUPPETS. Frank Brady, I visited your site briefly and read one article. Very interesting and nothing I could dispute. You just won another fan to your site. Them Guys, I’ll do some more research on what you posted. And to Mac, I owe you the biggest apology of all. I posted some links which I was led to believe were credible info sources and now I’ve discovered that they’re not. As for Putin and the Russians, I’ll try to be more open-minded about them now. I STAND CORRECTED. Best wishes to everyone here. I mean that.

                • Thank you, sir. Best wishes going forward.

                • You’re a gentleman and a scholar…

                  • Sixpack, glad to see you back. BTW, the Ukrainian left our company this morning without explanation. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I come here for intelligent conversation with like-minded people, not to go to war with anyone. I temporarily fell under the neocons’ spell and I’m still burning inside on that. It’s my own fault. I allowed myself to be duped. I know you’re part-Russian and I’m now trying to be more open-minded about Russians. If I ever meet any under the right circumstances, who knows?

                    • Braveheart: You prove yourself a real man and patriot by being able to do what most folks today lack ability or will to do…to simply and honestly admit when you discover you was wrong, or Misled as is the case here.

                      And for the record, although I believe You yourself know this already…I like and respect you, and only had good intentions when I wrote that reply telling you my opinion and to read those couple websites for more info on russia etc.

                      It is good indeed to see so many intelligent and well informed folks at this forum of shtf eh. Most sites online now have huge cult-like followings, many are lib dems or kommie libs and never allow any opinions nor infos opposite of the prevailing mind set at those forums.

                      Plus I have been totally Banned from all of them prior for posting info that reveals and exposes those of that huge usa Taboo to mention group.

                      One site I never yet tried to reply post at is pastor john hagee site if he even has a webisite?…Perhaps one day I shall atempt to post such enlightening Taboo subject info there eh!!…Yeah that will go over real big huh?!…Hagee probably has several busses for paid protesters same as Sharpton has for dealing with guys like me…they may try burn down my crib if I posted such truths there…Must never aproach that third-rail Taboo correct?

                      PS Braveheart, if you ever need any good Links to various infos? I will be glad to provide those for you…TG

                    • Thanks buddy, I am part Russian, but don’t do it on my account.

                      Do it because it’s the right thing to do.

                      Do it because you are nobody’s fool.

                      Do it because it’s not the PC thing to do.

                      Do it simply because you want to think for yourself.

                      Screw them all. Do it because you accept the truth when you see it, and I believe that you do want the truth, even when it hurts.

                • Hopefully this message gets to you, but no apologies are necessary. It just drives me nuts when I see all this hatred toward Russia when there doesn’t need to be. THAT’S what the NWO wants- US divided and fighting amongst ourselves and not watching what their other hand is doing! Lets stick together, and STICK IT TO THEM MAN (NWO) HIMSELF!

                  Good on ya brother, I always liked most of your posts and its good to see you come on back!

                  • “THAT’S what the NWO wants- US divided and fighting amongst ourselves and not watching what their other hand is doing!”

                    That’s the best reason to stick together – what the NWO wants, I DON’T. Why doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that we don’t understand their pans. We just have to RESIST whatever they throw at us…or die.

                • BREAVEHEART… PLEASE look up Paul Craig Roberts webstie and see what he says all about this… I have reading his stuff for years and everything he says is fits together bruillintly– the guy is a genius… (no time to type good, gotta get home!) Furthermore, zereo hedge and what dmonic all say the same thing as PCR website… truly brilliant (and wonderful speaker!! videos!!!)

            • Putin wants a Port to the south where it doesn’t freeze. Now that he’s got one you can bet he won’t let go.

              Putin is ‘old-time KGB’ and don’t anyone ever forget it. Kid-gloves comes to mind… and our fearless leaders are doing the opposite.

              Putin DID SAY that “he hoped it would not lead to nukes” just a short while back. Looks like he’s going to have to let himself down?

              • Sorry, but Russia/USSR had that contracts for that port before Putin was even born. BTW, the US had BIG plans for Sevastopol, Russia’s military base in Crimea. They had even started taking bids for the remodeling, even BEFORE the referendum. Apparently, the fleet was sitting by waiting to be welcomed by the Crimeans – which never happened.

                Here’s your link


              • Them Guys, never doubted for a minute you had good intentions and no offense taken at all. I was truly duped by the neocons but only temporarily. And you can give me links anytime you want and I’ll be happy to look at them.

            • RT is more credible than ANY American “news” network.

      4. We’re likely to get our butts handed to us. We’d do the same in the same situation.

      5. I agree with Johnson. I think there are many that still have their heads in the sand. Remember, it is not the citizens of the US that are provoking the bear, it is the oligarchy. Remove the oligarchy and remove the threat of war. Seems like a simple premise.

      6. Hello everyone. One thing you need to know about Russians that they do not have PTSD. That’s it. May be its in their DNA after so many wars they fought and win, may be something else, but this is a fact. Have a nice day.

        • Sure, buddy, but there are plenty of alcoholics in Russia and, something even worse, Krokodil. I am sure you know what that is, right?

          For others that don’t know what Krokodil is here is a summary: Krokodil is similar to crystal meth as it is a poor man’s version of heroin similar to crystal meth being the poor man’s version of cocaine. They make crystal meth from cold pills and mix it with batteries, drain cleaner and cook it over boiling propane. Krokodil is made from coedine tablets by mixing it with gasoline and other chemicals. Once it is cooked in a house or apartment the smell permeates the walls.

          Krokodil has that name because after shooting it up the nerves are destroyed and the skin around the injection site becomes infected, necrous, and starts to look like crocodile skin. People will continue to inject even with exposed bones and rotting flesh.

          So go ahead with the lie that there are no soldiers with PTSD in Russia.

          • Hey dude – READ IT AND WEEP:


          • Krokodil is the street name for desomorphine an opiate-like drug similar to and a substitute for heroin used by addicts. Krokodil or desomorphine began its history as a patented drug. US patent 1980972 was issued to chemist, Lyndon Frederick Small for a “Morphine Derivative and Processes” on November 13, 1934.

            • Use of the drug in the US is uncommon. In Russia there are pharmacies that can make $1 million USD a year selling the base ingredient, coedine.

              Use of Krokodil is rampant in Russia (probably because it is cheap). People in the US want to speed up, people in Russia want to numb out.

              And all governments lie.

              • Who uses it has nothing to do with who CREATED IT to begin with, and there’s NO WAY to ever know exactly how many use it where.

                There are as many sites proclaiming a “US epidemic” as there are for Russia, and just as many debunking both. The long-and-short of it is – YOU CAN’T BELIEVE ANY OF WHAT THE MSM SAYS.

                Besides, the US has had a love affair with opiates for a long time…”love you Joe, No shit.” Both illegal AND legal. After all, you didn’t REALLY think we have U.S. military over in Afghanistan guarding those poppy fields, because we think they look pretty, did you?

                You can find your own links.

                • yep! or just watch Mike Ruppert videos in which he confronted the CIA at town meeting… about the governments shipping of drugs to the US… how do you think our country got so rich??!

      7. Indeed these Western ignoramuses would rather continue pouring trillions down a gaping black hole of waste than work for peace in the world. All to the people of America and the worlds detriment. Pure insanity!

      8. Baltic Dry index update…

        The past month has seen the Baltic Dry index rise significantly. The media has reported about the recovery. Shipping companies have warned “this is a blip and does not reflect the trade situation.”

        I usually check Dry Ships several times a week just to see how the Baltic Dry index is doing. It updates every day M-F.

        For whatever reason (?), the Daily Market Report for the Baltic Dry index has NOT been updated since April 28th. As of 1:00 p.m. eastern time today, it still reads 710 for April 28, 2016. (link is below)

        After several web searches, I found out the index for today.

        Baltic index down for third straight session
        May 3 (Reuters) – “The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index, tracking rates for ships carrying dry bulk commodities, fell on Tuesday for the third straight session, as demand for bigger vessels weakened.

        The overall index, which factors in rates for capesize, panamax, supramax and handysize shipping vessels, fell 21 points, or about 3 percent to 682 points.”

        ht tp://

          • Thanks for the BDI update. I haven’t looked at Dr Copper recently either. I kind of gave up as I’m not jumping back in the market regardless.

            • A site that I keep open and check frequently in another window ALL DAY:
              ht tp://

              Great way to watch all the markets at once.

          As of 1:22 PM EDT 5/3/2016
          I also check daily:
          Baltic Dry Index BDIY:IND 703.00
          As of 8:02 AM EDT 4/29/2016 (Ya whats up there KY?)
          Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates
          I keep an eye on the % of the 10 Year Bond
          Stock Markets: Asian, Europe & US.
          Psychical Metals (Silver & Gold)
          Those 4 pretty much tell me everything I need to know to gauge which way the winds blowing.

        • I go to ht tp://

          I like their charts. You can see that over a long period of time, the index peaked and has then bounced, with each bounce being weaker. It seems to have completed another bounce and may go lower than the 290 it reached back in February.

          • Archivist,

            Dry Ships has finally updated.

            The Baltic Dry index dropped 30 points overnight. It is now 652. That is a drop of 58 points since last Thursday.

            Maybe this is why they didn’t want to update.

        • OTOH:Russia surpasses US and Canada as world wheat exporter



      9. When these evil murderous bastards start attacking a white nation, what does that scream out about this nations majority. This oligarchy has no respect for mankind or any living creature. Controlled from abroad by the nearly unmentionables who own us lock stock and barrel. Now that’s total control.

        • A statement of fact: not a single mass-killing technology in the 20th and 21st century has been invented and deployed by blacks and latinos. Nearly all of it is either Soviet/Russian or Nazi/white American. Something to think about when a majority black/latino US military goes to war against white Russia. Wars are won by the side who can invent, innovate and sustain the biggest losses to come out the other side. How is America going to take the hits on its population and military that a third world war would require? When you have a population who riot for days over some slight given by a policeman, or a minor reduction in welfare payments? Do we really know what has been going on in Ukraine and Syria?

          • Once nuclear weapons come into the mix its “Schools Out”. As Einstein said, “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

            Regarding Syria we do know that the US is supplying Islamic fanatics that are being sold to the public as not really too fanatical with the real crazy head choppers intermingled with them to make it indistinguishable. We’re supporting groups that persecute Christians while the Syrian government protects Christians as they are 10% of the Syrian population.

          • Frank: Last I heard wasn’t every or almost every former German Nazi scientist that invented and created the first atom bombs, later dropped on Two jap cities, both which were the two main Christian locations within all of japan. They being one city nuked was Catholic and other jap city was Protestant centers in japan..

            But weren’t every or close to every such german scientist then also jewish?…by the way the german army also had as many as 150,000 jewish soldiers in the SS and wermacht (sp?) army divisions…and Nobody forced them to be there either….Guess it was similar to how the south in usa civil war contained several thousands of colored soldiers in the confed army eh.

            By the way main perps that stole usa atom bobm secrets and then transfered such top secret infos to russian kommies back then were also mostly jewish spies.

            In fact of the aprox just under 300 total spies caught in usa since WWII era, only about 3 or 4 spies were not jewish….It is probably some type “Coincidence” eh…Similar to when they do an insurance job scam to collect on a building policy, when caught they claim it was due to “jewish Lightning”! must be a form of AC vs DC elec I rekon that creates such many coincidences.

          • Over some slight by a policeman? Seriously? I guess all those murder by cop stories we see almost daily are a figment of our collective imagination. The Nazis won WW2, their ideology is prevalent throughout the clown-costumed oath breaker cops in amerikka. We are paying for our own demise by allowing these thugs to oppress AMERICANS and now they want more special protections? Who’s side are you on?

      10. You have summarized it well. They don’t care who dies and will sacrifice their own people to keep their putrid empire going.

        • Go take some more LSD you nutjob. And please move outta Texas, you give REAL Texans a bad name.

          • Breaking News!!:…This Just In! Seems Houston Tx has run out of Model Airplane Glue!…..Sources claim be prepared for wild in streets soon once that cities Sniffers of glue become aware of the shortages!

            • I like your style TG! I would friend you if this was FB. Oh wait, I don’t do FB…. Bwahahaha! But I would totally friend you though! FB is the Devil…

              • DMONIC: Thank you! and I sure can use the support since I aint very popular here it seems. I am used to it though after trying hard to awaken folks for the past 45 yrs now.

                Hate to admit it but most days it feels as if I wasted all those many decades and years since I have only had aprox Less than One Dozen folks ever return later to let me know I woke them and it has convinced them to see issues different now…There are likley a few more I just never seen again so thats also good eh.

                It all just once again proves Christ was correct when He warned us that we who speak truth are going to be hated for it and some folks are even going to attempt to kill us off for truth speaking.

                I definatly see that comming to usa soon…truth speakers hunted down and killed off. To me that is a greater threat than race wars or even crooked fed govnt thug agencies/agents…It will be rather those fanatical religious apostate warped minded ones that are going to believe gods going to bless them, if they kill anybody who speaks truth about those idols of worship of theirs aka the Big Taboo to mention group of idols…

                SEE TV apostate TBN evangelical shows daily for more info on such apostate fanatical loons. Note whom they go all gaga over and a certain tiny mid east stolen rabid state israel.

                • When a person is as racist as you apparently are, themguys, it doesn’t do any good to spout words about Jesus…cause you ain’t following him!!! “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF” (stop all the racist shit!)

          • Houston has been ruined by the “Katrina refugees”. Texas ain’t what it used to be.

      11. It’s not the USA against Russia. It is the Bankers against the Russian. REMEMBER that. We all know it will go to NUKES. No one wins!!!!

        Here is the catch. If we get invaded? We will fight the invaders! After a war starts. Catch 22!


      12. Obama plans to start a conflict with Russia, then surrender.

        • Americans would never surrender to anyone for any reason. Give it ten years and with a few more old farts out of the way it will be easy.

          • Never, huh?
            Korea, Somalia, Bosnia, Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan, etc……..

            These little battles were not exactly resounding victories. The last victories the US had were in WWII. And we would not have had a bunch of them if it hadn’t been for the Russians, Canadians, Aussies and Brits. Read history – it does a mind some good.

            • My wife’s Granddad was with Monty’s 8th army in the Western desert. There was a popular song at the time called “The Yanks are coming”.

              This was quickly satirized to “The Yanks are running” when Rommel kicked American butts after their first encounter with the Afrika Corp.

      13. George H.W. Bush (Bush Senior) had no intention of ever allowing the Russians to join NATO or become a U.S. ally for that matter.


        You’ll s**k China’s c**k all day long and yet… this. It would be kind of nice to know the reason. If you’re going to tell me “well they had a plan to infiltrate our country and turn it commie” yes, yes they did. Mission accomplished. Because you’ll s**k all THOSE GUY’S c**ks all day long too.

        I’m just saying where’s the consistency in this argument?

        This has got something to do with oil I just know it. Doesn’t it.

      14. History repeats itself as always. When a currency fails it always takes the nation to war. The USA are the bullies of the world today. They are disrespected by most nations and with good reason. Personally, I hope that Russia wipes the floor with the weak and homosexual filled US Military who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag in today’s world. The USA has nations running from using the worthless debt notes they force nations to use, and now the two biggest nations, along with others, haven’t had anything to do with that worthless paper for years now. The Reserve Currency Status is all but been removed from the USA. That day is fast approaching, and when it does the party of creating paper out thin air and exporting all its inflation will come to screeching halt.

        The US Empire is at the last leg of its journey and is about to collapse. And deservedly so!

        • USA has become everything we accused USSR of being and more.

      15. I’ll also add: Please stop using the hammer and sickle of communism to represent Russia. It no longer accurately reflects the modern nation of Russia as it has a white, red and blue flag.

        • @ Winston- Much like the USA, eh? Funny how that works…..

        • Russia is more capitalist than USA. Same with China. China’s old guard just won’t let go.

      16. That’s because Russia hasn’t been given the GREEN LIGHT by their financial backers…when they do all hell will be let loose for a short time!


        ROMANS 10:9
        If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

      17. I am totally confused. Guess I lack information, and there is a lot of different info being put out.

        I wonder what Dr. David Duke thinks about this. Don’t bother to call him antiSomething. He went to college to get his PHD in Ukraine. I’m not sure but I think I heard he has a Ukrainian girlfriend. Regardless, he put out some U-tube videos on the Russian Organized Criminals and wrote a book about Communism.

        Mac, would be interesting if you could get him to write an article for you on this subject.

        • B from CA: Wow! Now you Are a dreamer eh!…That’ll be the day we shall ever see or read an article by Dr. Duke here.

          I did a type of experiment sort of recently…I got a hard copy made of an well written David Duke article he wrote awhile ago…

          Then I went to speak with folks that I knew for 100% certain they all trusted and believed everything they ever heard and seen via Fox or CNN tv news regarding David Duke…Duke being a former grand wazzoo kkk wizardry guy etc etc…(yes back 50 yrs ago in his very younger youth days he was in the kkk as was most white guys back in 1960s era whom lived in the south states).

          I asked each person do they recall david duke? Each did and right up front warned me dukes a bad evil neo nazi white seperatists and all around antisemitic only outdone by hitler himself.

          So I waited a bit till they got side tracked with other isues…Then I handed them each that article hard copy but I left off the authors name by design!

          Once each read it I asked “so what do ya think about it all”?…Every single person I did that with spoke glowingly of the writer author and said he really was knowledgable and knew whats really going on etc…A few said this writer guy is very very smart and writes very superbly…

          Thats when I told them whom authored the article!!

          Each just stared at me like deer in headlites, then got angry and claimed it was Not possible David Duke could write so swell or know so much…None was able to handle the fact that all they ever knew of duke based on tv news shows was 99+% BS Crap propaganda designed to cause folks to never read or research dukes vast amount of info nor read his book…His book by the way is called “My Awkening” if I recall correct….I never yet read it. but I have read much other duke info articles and historic truths that he documents better than the us supreme ct would do for proof to facts.

          Ironic Duke gets shafted while prof Bill Ayers and his co-kommie-terrorist wife of the 1960s get Rave reviews from fox and cnn and hollywood and every major publsiher of books nationwide no?

          so whom runs the usa fed govnt and mass media again?

          • Miracles happen.

      18. As a general comment, I get the impression that Russia is showing restraint because it realizes that if it ever has to go to war as a result of US provocation, it will have to be an ALL OUT RESPONSE with everything it has, including nuclear, otherwise it will lose with a response that is muted, delayed, and indecisive. This is what US/Nato is hoping for.

        Kind of like the smaller kid who realizes he is about to get into a fight with a bigger stronger bully and therefore his only chance is to unexpectedly strike first and hard and hope to knock the bully out, otherwise if he waits too long, the bully initiates the fight on his terms and beats the crap out of him.

        Thus, the similar corollary is that because Russia perceives it may have only an “all or none” response, it will endure many insults, proddings and pokes by the US/Nato bully, and will not act until it perceives an actual attack is imminent.

        • So while Russia is only thinking of a nuclear solution AS A LAST RESORT in order to survive as a country – the USA is planning for a possible PREEMPTIVE NUCLEAR STRIKE, so the corps can take over Russia’s resources?

          Now, who’s the bad guy again?

          • Sixpack, Putin said that he learned thing from past wars: when you see the enemy is about to strike, its important for YOU to strike him first!!! I am not putting Putin down for this: it is simply a practical movement to make, in order to survive.

            For example, if I was suddenly ran upon by a vicious dog, if I came swatting at the dog, I would be the aggressor and that would not be good. However, if I just stood there and let him attack me before I started fighting back, he would have the advantage, as I would be injured and “the force” with be with him. However, if I just stood my ground quietly and then just waited until I saw that he was just about to pounce on me and at that moment, stabbed him with my stick.. then I would have the advantage, as I would simply being defending myself and he would most likely leave or be deterred. That is Putin’s point—

            and so, althought US police is pre-emptive nuclear strike, we have to remember that Putin’s policy is to strike first… when he sees the whites of the enemies’ eyes!!! and so, we are in deep trouble.

      19. Russia has shown restraint just like a kid who is getting bullied shows restraint until he realizes a fight in evitable, and then he must strike first and hard with everything he’s got to knock out the bully. He will lose the ensuing fight.

        I think Russia has this mindset, realizes that it will have to endure many taunts and proddings by the US, but if/when Russia senses an attack is imminent, will be forced to strike first, hard, and unexpectedly with everything it has, including nuclear.

      20. After reading everyone’s posts, we all need to agree that we have no REAL idea about what is going on behind the scenes.
        That said, who can we trust?
        Seems we cannot trust any of them, from tptb to leaders covering thier own countries and butts.
        May you live in interesting times…

        Chinese blessing or curse???

        • I’ve the read the same stuff.
          Russia has been the victim of
          countless invasions and humiliating
          losses of life. both from outsiders
          and from their own government.
          They killed off most the smart
          locals and were left with immigrant
          smarts. I don’t wonder why they are
          cautious and paranoid. But certainly
          they don’t have the capability to
          invade America, they can’t even
          control Chechnya.
          Russia should be as rich as America,
          in fact more so as they don’t have
          a large population of Gimme Dats
          (AKA Democrats) dragging them down.
          I fear the day they figure out how
          to make our old system(pre 60’s ecomomics)
          work for them.

          • Rel, I work with 10 Russians, cool people in my book. They want what we want, better opportunities for a better life.
            Putin has basketball sized balls, O marbles.
            That is what scares me, but Putin is a chess player, O marbles in the ring.
            Sad we do not have a leader, even if Trump is a glimmer of hope, who knows what he will do.
            We will see soon…

            • Cruz has bugged out.
              What if O has Trump and Killory taken out???

              Would not put it past him…

            • I only know a few Russians and Ukrainians.
              I have far more cultural connections with
              them than I do with Democrat liberals.

              • A Few yrs ago Moscow city had most Billionairs in entire world.

                if I recall correct that city then had 13,million that live in it too…

                And last year RT tv did several prolonged documentary shows, that highlighted the upsurge in Farming and Cattle Ranching being done in russia by EU and USA citizenery who moved there for the oppertunity to do so.

                When the american farmers and ranchers got interviewed by RT reporter guy, most said it was going very swell, but that russia’s govnt’s moves to eliminate former kommie policies and crooked practices etc while very good so far still had a few more issues to deal with before they can say it is 100% perfect..

                But they All agreed they did better and liked doing buisness in russia far better than their former days in america or europe…..I think they even got alot of their massive lands free or very cheep because putins newer policies are to build russia up as fast as he can and as best as possible for all concerned.

                So far everything Putin has done and Has NOT done, has shown him to really be and act like a real true Christian White Man, same as we’d expect of american white christian men to be or act like.

                It seems the ones Not so acting and not concerned with their Own nations peoples well being etc are the usa fed govnt “leaders” eh.

                What usa now needs badly is for a few David Duke’s types to overtake every NY TV news show HQ, boot Out every current Shabozz goy on the bribe clown like hannity or meagan kelly and orilliey et al, and begin to broadcast honest factual Truths, about Everything we all was so lied to on for so many decades now.

                That alone would cause currect DC shabozz goys to FLEE in Droves to deep bunkers in abject Fear of whats next once usa folks learns such real truths eh.

                I know that won’t happen in my lifetime..Too bad as that would work swell….We’d see more TV news honchos jump from tall 20th floor windows and ledges than occured during the 1929-30’s depression era I bet.

                “To Speak truth is akin to Heeping a Shovel full of Red Hot Coals unto tops of enemys Heads”…Jesus Christ

      21. I agree that Russia is not the American peoples enemy, that would be our own government. If you can’t see that truth, then nobody can help your brainwashed delusion. Russia Today said 9-11 was an inside job, yeah we all know that. These US neocon criminals know we know that, watch as they scurry to distract with war. Hitlary is their choice to continue the lies and escalate the warfare on the American people. Obama is the present liar defending these treasonous actions against our nation. Make them all pay with their lives for proven beyond any shadow of a doubt treason. Russia is yet another fake enemy.

        • The USSR called the JFK assassination an inside job too way back then. Damn shame when you have to go outside of the US to get accurate news about the US. Damn shame Ed Snowden has to sit it out in Russia. Thomas Jefferson would have been entertaining him at dinner.

          • Snowden is lovin’ it over there with all those Russian hotties. Russian women outnumber men.

          • yep!! everything is switched around now days and unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of it!!! they are still back in the 50’s…

        • Perhaps it is all part of a ploy to set them up for a false-flag event …such as an EMP (satellite), that WE put into space with taxpayer-dollars (the launch, oxygen-nitrogen, thermo-nuclear switching accelerating M4-boards set for any size warhead at any altitude desired).

          This would also be another reason to wish to be underground for quite some time. Instead of instilling “peace on the streets” let there be “no law on the streets” and just let us kill each other off for reasons a’plenty, or so it will seem at the time. (Actually , none of it will turn out to be for anything we’d consider ‘good’ …and we know it). But to not push “it” back is to quit, and part of my motto is to never quit).

          I don’t really give a damn what who has done to whom. I only know I am going to confine matters to my neck of the woods and deal with problems as they arise. If I get blowed up, I guess I get blowed up. Until then there is more than damned good reason to fight and fight hard.

          (There are still several books online on how to conduct yourselves when within guerrilla-warfare scenarios …reading one and committing it to memory would NOT be a bad idea. The Marines have a great one, and is a government training manual that shows you all you’ll need, IF you can remember and “rehearse” this in real life (just like shooting practice right)? Give yourself the best possible chance and don’t let that kind of knowledge slip by you (as it would be used against you, to kill you). Cold, hard truth.

      22. Which nation would you rather live under? Communism that kills all its journalist and others that disagree with a tyrant?

        All this is happening because the tyrant asked for it. Yes, he shall get as much as he has given to others. DEATH!

        • Beano is speaking of USA. Russia has already figured out that communism won’t work.

          • sounds to ME like he’s refering to the U.S….

      23. I fear Russia’s predicament is like a kid who senses that he is about to be beaten up by a bully. He knows that his only hope is to catch the bully off guard with an all out attack and hope that he can’t put the bully down with his one and only shot. Otherwise, if he lets the bully launch his attack when the bully is ready, the kid has no chance.

        This also mens that the kid also has to endure insults and taunting by the bully, but dare not strike back unless the kid really senses the bully is going to attack him.

        Such is the case with Putin it seems. He does not want to get in a war with Nato, but due to the relentless taunting by the US, he senses that ultimately Russia will be attacked, and when that happens, it will necessitate an overwhelming asymmetrical response, nukes and all, because if Putin doesn’t finish off NATO from the start pre emptively, he will lose. Stunned, the bully may back off.

        Depending on the response he gets from the US after such a decisive overwhelming reaction by Russia, Putin may have to up the ante. By that I mean if the US suddenly and unequivocally backs down, then Putin may not have to do anything more.

        However, if US scrambles for a counter attack, then Russia would have to go all out with a global nuclear knockout punch attempt against US, including missles to the US mainland, EMP etc.

        • Horse,

          How did the bully become the bullied? It seems to me there is a lot of ‘revisionism’ going on in our little circle here basically reflecting the former procommunist media and academicians, the let’s blame America for all the evil in the world crowd. The socialist paradise does not exist!

          Louisiana Eagle

      24. Mr.Slavo

        None of posts have gone through. What gives?

        • Automated moderation with our Akismet system. It has a mind of it’s own and sometimes I wish it were smarter. Thanks for your patience.

          • thanks mac, been wondering about a couple of mine lately too….keep up the great work! i for one, appreciate you very much. thank you!!

      25. I know where I will be making my final stand.

      26. I read that the Ukraine has one of the largest nuclear reactors in the world . I wonder why?

      27. Russia Has Been Encircled And Pushed To The Brink Of War: “They Have Exercised Remarkable Restraint”

        I have nothing against Russia.

        It seems I do have something in common with Russia, though.

        I feel like I have been encircled by the US government and am being pushed to the brink.

        I am not confident in my restraint abilities.

        Don’t Tread On Me!

      28. i see a lot of opinions from BOTH sides….i know only what i’ve been FED, so i got no opinion in this fight….i suspect the U.S. is the aggressor here(proven liars), but sure as hell can’t say for sure, so why even go there. i hope after trump rips killary a new ASS, that he gets to negotiating with putin to put U.S. a LOT further away from a war footing.

      29. Some should stop glorifying the Putin. Russia has done so much harm to its neighboring countries, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Take the Baltic States, for instance. Russia keeps on pushing them. What’s wrong, if the three small countries have found an ally in the US? The European Union is so weak and tolerant towards the Russian bullying.

        • Break free of the MSM BS, my friend. The US neocons own and occupy the Baltics, lock stock and politician. Russia dropped them once, why would they try to force them back? They fear the US CIA more than they do Russia…but it does make good reading, doesn’t it?

      30. Russia never wanted to join the west because of the banking system and globalists that rape and pillage the nations. In this way, I side with the Russians for not allowing the European central banksters a free ride to pillage their resources. i would recommend initiating friendship talks with the Russians, promising them the banksters will not loot Russia.

        • That’s a great idea – but as the Russians already know, the U.S “promise” is worthless.

      31. as does the American Indians!!

      32. NATO looks like a rabid chihuahua barking outside the Russian bears door. The Russians have shown amazing restraint even tho they could stop his ass and obliterate him they are not about to destroy the planet just to show off that they can. Obummer and nato have been trying to provoke both Russia and China who now have the technological edge on the US. Russian technology is at least ten years ahead of anything the Americans possess. The only thing the Americans have is bs weapons that they claim to have but are just made up stories to scare everyone into thinking that they are so hi tech. The Russian weapons are real and they actually work. No bs.

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