Russia Furious As U.S. Navy Destroyer Approaches Syria Without Notification

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Late on Monday we reported that US Navy Destroyer, USS Donald Cook (DDG-75), equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as the Aegis missile defence system, was approaching the port of Tartus in Syria, which doubles as the location for the Syrian logistics base of the Russian Navy. According to CNN Turk, the US destroyer was at at a distance of 100 km from the port, as of Monday.

    The destroyer, which left the Cypriot port of Larnaka and was headed for the Syrian shore, was reportedly buzzed by Russian warplanes which circled above the US warship four times.

    To be sure, Russia is concerned, and seemingly angry, that another showdown may be imminent. According to Pravda, the Chairman of the State Duma Defence Committee Vladimir Shamanov said that the United States did not notify Russia of the approach of the group of US warships to the Russian naval base in Tartus.

    A group of ships of the US Navy has appeared at a distance of 150 miles from the Tartus region. It is common in international practice potential participants of events in the area should be notified accordingly in advance. We have not been notified, although we had legally ratified the agreement on two bases in Tartus and Khmeymim,” the official said.

    “Moreover, US President Donald Trump said that he would think about the missile attack on Syria despite any resolutions at the UN Security Council. All this smells of something are outside the framework of universally recognised international norms,” Shamanov added, suggesting that Russia is preparing for a Syria attack.

    More troubling is that also on Monday, Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said that the Americans would have to deal with “serious consequences” should they attack Syria.

    We have repeatedly warned the American side about highly negative consequences that may follow if they apply weapons against the legitimate Syrian government, and especially if the use of these weapons – God forbid, affects our military men, who legally stay in Syria,” the Russian Ambassador to the UN said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

    However, after yesterday news that the office of Trump’s personal lawyer was raided by the FBI and that attorney-client privilege between Trump and Cohen may be compromised, it now appears that in a desperate diversion attempt from his domestic troubles, a military response against Syria by Trump is now inevitable, especially following today’s news that the president is canceling his trip to Peru’s Summit of the Americas in order to “oversee” the Syria Military Response.


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      1. Stay out of Syria.

        Assad is their leader and what he does is not our concern. I believe the Canadian news woman who lived in Syria. She said that terrorists beheaded a twelve year old. A girl, I think. I have heard many including Dr. Duke who has been to Syria, that Assad is rational and moderate. And that his government is all inclusive with Christians and (((—-))) living side by side peacefully and both participating in government. False flag one hundred per cent.


        • Sorry, but Israel wants us to strike Syria and so we will.

          • The Corrupt US Foreign Policy, in no way or fashion, represents the American People or our Values.

            • The Main Stream Media needs to be broken up into a million pieces. Just void the Media License and Broadcast licenses and shut down their airwave signals.

              They just feed the flames of lies and corruption.

              Assad did not gas his own people. Its BS False flag.

              Russia in the mean time is busting up NATO with their new relations with Turkey and other countries in the area. As they supply like 30% of Europe’s Energy for heat. Russia is jamming the US drones signal to operate. Don’t under estimate Russia’s resolve nor might. We have no reason to even be in Syria. Its all a sham fraud and nation destroying to help Isrehell.

              • I hope russia and syria blow the living shit out of US and isrealhell invaders. Kill em all!

                • Started as Hitler with provocations. Baited Skripalej in London. Burned cat. United States declared solidarity with the torturers. Provocation with poisoning in Syria. And decided to punish is Assad. As Hitler told Poland. Russia warned where rocket would fly there and will be followed by a response. China sent his subordinate its fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. We are waiting for the beginning of the war.

        • Call: 202-456-1111

          Tell Trump: “NO war for ISREAL”.


          • He could care less what we think. His daughter is a jeu and so is his soninlaw. He has been staffing his cabinet with jeus. People are so worried about Russia being involved in our government, while the jeus are taking it over in plain sight.

            • Trump is so far up isrealhells butt he can see out their mouth. Fat chance he will EVER disobey them…

      2. Damn straight. The West started this by funding terrorists in Syria and pissed Russia off in the process. The US is run by imbeciles who have no concept of history and modern geopolitics.

      3. False flag or not, this shit has been going on to long… shit is about to get real

      4. Congresswoman and US National Guard Major Iraq veteran Tuisi Gabbard on Syria. She met with President Trump. He knows what is going on. We will see very shortly if trump is Hillary in a suit and tie or not.

        h ttps://

        JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis was urged by General Curtis LeMay to bomb Cuba. When asked if the USSR would respond militarily LeMay stated, “They wouldn’t dare”. Kennedy replied back, “But if your wrong there will be no one left alive to tell you so”. Both sides were pushed by their militaristic advisors to use military force. JFK established back door communications with Khrushchev that settled the issue avoiding a devastating war. Unfortunately Trump has surrounded himself with Neo-Con Establishment advisors while himself being one of the least prepared Presidents regarding foreign affairs. Lets hope that he is a quick learner. If Hillary was POTUS we would already be at war with Russia.

      5. Assad is a 6’5″, blue eyed, Oxford University trained eye surgeon. He is not like his father was. Syria is comprised of Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Kurds, and Christians. It is not a nice neighborhood. The Middle Eastern people don’t like to settle their differences at the ballot box, if you know what I mean. Until elections can do the job, it takes a strong man to maintain some kind of order against the crazies. Is it perfect? Far from it, but not much else can be done at this time in history. Globalist meddling has caused enormous suffering and chaos in Iraq, Libya and Yemen. Syria too. I disliked Saddam and Gadhaffi, but they squashed the terrorist element in their countries. The US (globalists) backed the terrorists. And still do. WTF, over?

        • Him

          “WTF, over?”

          They want to destroy sovereign states that have a cohesive government that can for example decide what currency/type of payment they receive for their oil. Maybe the issue is corporate access of pipelines. Fragmented chaotic governments, one step away from from revolution themselves can’t buck the globalists. Facilitating Islamic Fundamentalist takeover justifies US military presence. Both Russia and China on their respective southern borders are vulnerable to Islamic Fundamentalist philosophy spreading into their nations destabilizing an area where just so coincidentally oil is present of adjacent to.

          The “War On Terrorism” should be renamed, “War Of Terrorism”.

      6. (sarcastically assuming the color of authority)
        Russia hasn’t notified us of their intention to be furious.

      7. (sarcastically assuming the color of authority)
        Russia hasn’t notified us of their intention to be furious.

      8. I fear WW3 is only hours away, another false flag supported by the usual terrorist groups in collusion with their USZIO handlers. Time to top off the gas tanks, dust off your NBC suit and get ready for hell on earth. It’s been nice to know ya…

        • Well, its now 24 hours later and no WW3…..

      9. Hope this doesn’t get past the saber-rattling stage. Whatever Trumps problems are, he should tend to them, instead of a distraction and possible tar baby in the ME. I say this as a father of two sailors on active duty right now, and I’m a Viet-Nam combat veteran, so I’m pretty much up to speed on feints with destroyers as an excuse for hot lead. We got no business there, and we should leave all that to the locals, and whatever Russians are there. I’m all out of patriotism, when it comes to these kind of sell outs.

      10. It really is NOT our business and to jeopardize millions of Americans lives and possibly war against America …. is illogical. WHO CARES what happened over there. Keep it away from here.

      11. we’re not attacking Syria….Iran is the goal….

        Syria at Fake news

      12. So the USS Donald Cook is back in business after the incident where all of its electronics were shut down by Russian aircraft. Somebody has to stand against the beast that wanders the world killing people. I truly hope Russia sends the criminals fleeing and has the improved weapon technology to make it happen. Imo, that will be a win for the American people.

      13. Hey VLAD!!! Sorry about coming uninvited and all; but, heard you were having a BBQ and decided to stop over and see ya. We brought onion rings and beer!!!

      14. Don’t blink.

      15. The world has lots of problems, always has and always will. But sometimes, as bad as some these problems are, outside parties getting involved only makes things much worse. Furthermore, what strategic objective exists in Syria that the US has to intervene, with weapons. If not for our behalf, then whose behalf. Assad is not a paragon of virtue, but his gov’t is secular, the fanatics don’t have control, even the Christian communities are allowed to live in peace and prosper under the gov’t of Syria. Why would the US go along to help destroy that paradigm. Assad has the popular majority, most who oppose his gov’t are the fanatics.
        George Washington, in his famous Farewell Address, said the US should be friends to all, to conduct trade and commerce with all nations, but to never to never interfere in other countries, to be allies with no country. The US has spent untold trillions in the last 75 years, lost vast numbers of lives, and even help overthrow democratically elected governments, but we aren’t much better off. Our standing in the world would be superior if we maintained our status as an extremely powerful nation, but stayed neutral. Who is trying to attack Switzerland? How many enemies do they have?
        We can’t continue being the world’s policeman anyway, we can’t afford it anymore, everything we do is with borrowed money. Let other regions of the world take care of their own problems, we should only be their to offer humane aid. We have way too many problems of our own.

      16. if you know logistics and distances – the US was supposed to notify Russia BEFORE the USS Cook even left the Cyprus port – and that isn’t going to happen !!!!


        • IW – why screw the Russians? What have they done that we haven’t? Yea, that makes sense, let’s make relations worse between the two largest nuclear powers countries. Russia had ties to Syria for a very long time even as the US refused to have diplomatic ties with them. And now we want to just go in and start giving orders. I bet if an honest poll was taken in our country the overwhelming majority would say hell no we don’t need to have another war. There are heinous acts going on all over the planet, but for some reason we have to pick this place to get involved. I suspect the fact that Russia has a presence there and that Israel borders Syria might have something to do with it. Of course I don’t have all the information but what I do see is transparent baloney. Let the parties involved over there deal with the problems. How would we like it if for example, China or Russia decided to come over here close to our borders and start some sh*t.
          There is another factor to consider. Syria has a sizeable Christian minority, they live in peace under Assad and support him. But everyone we are arming and supplying are killing Christians. What’s behind all that? Of course Russia’s hands aren’t clean, but Russia has a secular gov’t , and is itself rapidly re-Christianizing, reestablishing a national Christain culture. Is the US saying all our foreign problems must be solved by wars or threat of wars. It would be far better for us to work things out than fight over a sh*thole. There ought to be a law in the US to only have relationships with secular governments and not with theocratic states.
          The US is actually financially insolvent, we are living on borrowed money, and have been for a long time, and now we can’t pay it back. Maybe TPTB are trying to develop some distractions. Who in the hell is making our national policy?

          • Still Today the UN can NOT even confirm there was even any Chlorine gas attack at all in Syria. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY GAS ATTACK AT ALL. There are no dead bodies or corpses. Its all a sham fraud and false flag to get in a quick war to overthrow Syria. The westerm media lies and lies and more lies with phony propaganda to get us in perpetual war. The DEEP STATE is hellbent on war. Its been on the books since the 911 false flag attack, to the then get Afghanistan, then Iraq then to get Syria then on to Iran.

            Our US Government has been hijacked by the deep state. The US Media is colluding to keep us in perpetual war. Its just sickening watching our Country be destroyed and plundered by our MIC Mafia, traitorous politicians and neocons.

            Its time to Declare War on the Deep state and eliminate every cockroach. Just send me names amd home addresses of the culprits. Thats our biggest threat against our country. Time to pull the plug on the MSM. VOID THEIR BROADCAST LICENSES and shut em down.

            Stop Feeding the Beast and cut your cable cord.

          • Yeah, Israehell wwnts to annex Syria and set them up with their central banking cartel. Time to disarm the criminal state.

      17. The MSM works for the government. Their job is to “create consensus”. That is, they are to give you “your” opinion. The opinion they want you to have. So you agree with whatever action the government takes. It truly is an infowar. There is a war on for your mind. It appears they are winning. Resist.

      18. Screw the Russians? No, we’re the ones screwed! If WE USSA and allies don’t follow preset protocol to avoid conflict in the area, why blame the Ruskies for what we do?

        Remember the Golf of Tonkin false flag which resulted in horrific death and destruction to all sides in Vietnam?

        This war will be the last war not fought with sticks and stones. Yeah blame the Russians for everything not!

      19. How can no one see that it might be Isreal that’s starting all this? Think about it. The nerve poisoning in UK. Why would Russia be so dumb to use something that could be traced straight back to them? Wouldn’t they know that by attacking those spies,the fingers would be pointing at them? The party responsible for those actions knew all that. And the chemical attack in Syria. Why would the Syrian government AGAIN attack with chemicals after Trump attacked them , and warned of consequences should it happen again? Syria knows the world is watching, so why would they do that. Isreal knows Syria is a strategic location, & wants its enemy Iran weakened. Right? They know mighty Russians are their ally. So what should be done to let the world attack and weaken Iran and its ally? And what happened without warning or investigation after the recent chemical attack in Syria? They attacked Syria with 8 missiles…now fill in the blanks

        • RJ, you worry yourself too much. Of course Assad didn’t gas his people. This is like the seventh time Assad hasn’t gassed his own people.

          Look. I’ll make it easy for you. The U.S. economy is about to go belly-up, taking Europe and the West with it. It all comes down to money Our feckless and fully-dysfunctional government is broke and bankrupt. The only thing keeping this thing going is lies and propaganda. That is about to end. Immigration, the welfare state, public and private pensions, Social Security, the crumbling infrastructure, it’s all over.

          A complete reset is about the only thing left. A debt jubilee wont’ work because nobody will lend the U.S. money ever again. Facing our problems head on? This government hasn’t told the truth in 30-years. When have you know this government ever once to take stock?

          The only option is to play this one world globalized world thing out to the end. It’s called total world domination.

          The U.S. government has 800 known military bases abroad. In addition, it has 300 secret bases situated all over the world. Add all the U.S. military bases up (both domestic and foreign) and there are at 6,000. No wonder Russia feels encircled.

          If the U.S. goes belly-up before achieving total world domination then all these military personal stationed abroad are stranded. They ain’t never coming back. Not alive anyway.

          And if the U.S. goes belly-up there isn’t a port in the world that will service and fuel all these U.S. naval vessels. So, you can kiss our navy goodbye.

          All those airbases in places like Germany and England. Those planes and fighters ain’t coming home without fuel.

          The U.S. is racking up a trillion dollars in additional debt every 6-months now. How long can that last? The U.S. needs over $300-billion in new debt every 3-months now.

          For the U.S. government, war is the only answer. The can confiscate the guns. They can impeach Trump. More bread and circuses. At this point, war is the only answer.

          The German generals told Hitler not to start World War 2 until 1944, because the German military needed more fuel stored up, and more tanks, more airplanes, more U-boats, more supplies stockpiled, more of everything. But the German economy was running out of money and would have been broke and bankrupt by then.

          Same situation here with the U.S. Deep State. Tick Tock, baby.

      20. Oh my, it is all just a big filthy mess! You don’t know the truth about anything because all of them lie and twist and manipulate…it is all a vile pile of steaming feces.

      21. Screw Syria!
        Syria is not worth ww3 or or ww2.5.
        There is no proof chemical weapons were used, pictures, videos, comments dont mean sh#t anymore, everything can be faked.
        Even if they were used are we starting a war with Russia over it? Hell no i say!

      22. There seems to be a lot of Chamerlain lovers here
        Voilence is bad in any form But the use of Chemical weapons on innocents can not and should not stand – its a simple as that. You give an inch like Ombama did and see what happen – the Russians moved in
        You folks are slow learners


        • Gee your right, no one should use chem weapons instead they should burn them alive like the naggers do or chop them up like the muzzies do, or phosphorus bomm them like isrealhell does or maybe napalm them like we do. Maybe micro nukes would be better eh?

          • Or burn them all alive like the FBI does! Maybe flash bang their kids cribs and blow their dogs away? Go USA!

            • Genius nailed it.

              And the US Media lies 99.9% of the time. And half of the US Population is gullible and believes the war propaganda 100% of the time.

        • Jakarta, just because the US controlled media says it happened doesn’t mean it happened. The media here is controlled by the government. The Russians had an agreement with the terrorists. In 48 hours the terrs were supposed to leave on buses provided by the Russians for safe passage out of the city. Just like many times before. Why would the Russians bring on the wrath of the West when they had already won? Answer. They wouldn’t. False flag. Who benefits?

          • Just like Israehell gave safe passage out of the US for the 5 Dancing Mossad Agents sent to NY City to film the planes crashing into the Twin towers on 9-11 then welcomes home in Israehell as heroes to brag about it.

            How about the Israehelli jets that shot down MH17 over the Ukraine with Python Air to Air Misdles to then try and blame Russia. Then they got caught and the mefia went silent on that False flag. Wake up people. Know who the liars are and call them out. Know who the real enemy is and call them out.

            You want the truth or bs propaganda? Know the difference.

      23. Assad is winning;the side backed by America is losing. The anti-Assad people still fighting are the die-hards. They would probably rather die fighting. Assad wants to finish them off. This reminds me of the Gulf of Tonkin where American warships entered North Vietnamese waters and were attacked. The Russians didn’t take the bait.

      24. The U.S. Government is insane. The Deep State is in full control and they want war. And not just your run of the mill conflict. They want World War III. Because, according to them, nuclear war is winnable.

        Fine. Bring it. I’ve had enough. They can’t draft me. I’m too old. However, I have one condition. This time Russia, China, and Iran have to be full participants. None of this mealy mouth, wishy-washy crap.

        Come on, Russia. Step up to the plate. Take one of your hypersonic missiles and sink that U.S. destroyer. I dare you. I double dare you. Our incompetent, can’t win a war, military will kick your butt.

      25. Have the Americans lost the ability to reason? Syria allegedly used chlorine gas against civilians. However, watching the reports on TV, we see alleged medics assisting the alleged victims, and they’re using no masks or hazmat equipment. Chlorine gas affects the lungs mostly. It starts as droplets but can vaporize. These so called medics are splashing the alleged victims with water from hoses. The stuff is splashing all over the medics and everyone else. With no side effects. Bull shit. The propaganda is driving me bat shit.

        • Propaganda War video right out of Hollywood. Hired crisis actors. Not one dead body was found however.

          The UN cannot even confirm there was an attack and the West refuses to produce any evidence and refuses to let Russian inspectors in the suspect area, and there were no dead bodies or corpses.

          Gee, who you gonna believe?

      26. In light of current and unfortunately possible up coming world events you may desire to look at this interactive map.

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