Russia Denies: No, We Did Not Plant Secret Nuclear Tsunami Bombs On U.S. Coast

by | May 4, 2017 | Headline News | 51 comments


Several weeks ago a Russian military expert named Viktor Baranet made headlines when he warned that Russia has planned an asymmetric response to any U.S. threat of war. That response, according to Baranet, included the deployment of “mole nukes,” a weapon that is supposedly buried several miles of the coast under the ocean floor. Should war ever break out between Russia and the United States, the bombs would be detonated with the goal of causing massive Tsunamis that would wipe out coastal cities.

The weapon is known as a “nuclear mole,” and it’s an underwater drone that carries a nuclear warhead, then burrows into the seabed floor off the coast of the target country. Once buried into the sea floor, these nuclear weapons can be remotely detonated to cause a massive tidal wave that would wipe out coastal cities in minutes.

I have estimated that a series of these weapons could be detonated in a timed sequence that multiplies the amplitude of the tidal wave, causing a much larger and more devastating wave than any single weapon by itself.

In addition to the physical destruction that could result from such a weapon, the tidal wave would contain radioactive sea water, making it a “dirty bomb” in addition to the physical destruction.

Full report: Secret Russian Weapon Could Wipe Out NYC, Boston And D.C. In Minutes With A Massive Radioactive Tidal Wave

Such asymmetric responses are no doubt a part of military planning meetings for both countries, but whether Russia planted mole nukes or even cold-war era suitcase nukes across the United States remains the big question.

As you might expect, as the mole nuke report made the rounds, first through alternative media, and then most recently via mainstream news channels, Russia had no choice but to respond to the claims:

A retired Russian colonel claims Russia planted underground nuclear devices along the U.S.’ coastline to be detonated if war should ever break out between the superpowers. The claim, which surfaced in a number of British newspapers this week, was swiftly denied by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who called the report “strange” and cautioned that journalists “not take newspaper reports like this seriously.”

Source: Newsweek

While it certainly sounds like a fantastical concept – to bury nuclear weapons under the ocean floor in order to create massive tidal waves that would wipe out entire coastal populations – should we completely dismiss the reports because Russia has denied their existence?

Covering up new and advanced technologies is business as usual in military and intelligence, so it would only make sense that, should these weapons exist, Russia would outright deny that they ever built them.

Perhaps Baranet’s claims are nothing more than conspiracy theory, or a well orchestrated intelligence psy-op to instill fear in U.S. citizens.

We likely won’t know until it’s too late.

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    1. Anonymous

      I wouldn’t put it past the commies to do this.

      • Gandhi


      • Khemp

        I thought Russia wasn’t communist anymore.

      • Danny Pruitt

        I will add this: If the Russians had planted nukes along our coast, what makes us think they would tell us about those nukes?

    2. Sgt. Dale

      If Russia didn’t now they have an idea!!!


    3. george

      surfs up

      • Gandhi

        Haha George I know there is some surfer headed to the beach hoping to GoPro his nuclear tsunami hang ten.

    4. Real News for once? Please

      I have to admit, I just love all these articles that include discretionary words;
      has planned,
      could be,
      could result,
      should these,
      We likely won’t know until it’s too late.

      Really? How about some FACTS with an article for once.
      Stop it with the Would-A, Could-A, Should-A scare tactic BS Fake News/Articles

      • admin

        The fact is, Russia denied it. Source linked to “Real news” above.

        • Enemy of the State

          Russia didnt plant them

          the EFIO in DC did

          (Enemy Force In Occupation)

          just like when another country took out our world trade centers and the pentagon .. yeah just like that

          all threats we are experiencing are coming from within

          • Ameera

            Yes, that is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gandhi

        Forgot might-a

      • Faux liberté

        Mom always said that if I wanted to avoid dating losers, then don’t go looking for women at bars. Of course that’s not fool proof, but I’d be less of a fool not to follow that rule.

        A good researcher tends to read everything, from all forms of sites to gain perspective. Because some information leads to a real treasure that could not be found otherwise. That also includes other readers comments.

        Many people these days are wasting good oxygen exciting their synaptic functions with useless “entertainment” and not learning anything. Should you find something here and think “BS”, then go out and find proof to know that it is. Along the way you might be surprised.

        However, if you’re the type whose weak of heart or finds trouble sleeping at night because of these articles, then the answer is pretty obvious.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i met my third wife in a bar…and it lasted 15 years…..kinda missin’ HER right now….even tho she was a liberal, she didn’t make it a big deal…..yup, shoulda held onta’ her.

          • sassysusiesurvivalist

            Love your handle, #buttcrackofdoom !! Paul Watson, a Prison Planet fake news journalist, uses the term butt hurt to describe the sheepletards that have emotional breakdowns when their dependent utopian society doesn’t behave like they believe it should.. In otherwords, they need a binky and a safe place to feel better!!! ???

    5. Kevin2

      Russia is no longer communist, “From them according the their means to them according to their needs”. Secondary if such a weapon could be deployed covertly then the entire weapons system that deployed it is undetectable. That is the essence of boomer submarines.

      MIC is using its ally the main stream media to fan the flames for an ever larger offense budget.

      • Gandhi

        What was tragic about Kent state grandee. I think antifa needs a dose of that too.

        • grandee

          tragic = causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow

          Maybe you could ask Jeffery Miller about tragic. Oh, wait… he’s dead.

          or you could ask Allison Krause
          or William Schroeder
          or Sandra Scheuer

          Nope. They’re dead too.

          I know! Why don’t you ask Samuel Hammond Jr.,
          or Delano Middleton,
          or Henry Smith

          Nope, no can do cause they’re dead too. South Carolina State University campus 1968.

          Then again, you might inquire from Phillip Gibbs or James Green about tragic.

          But sorry, they died too. Jackson State College, May 14, 1970.

          What is tragic is the fact that you don’t think any of it is tragic.

          Possibly you need a little more time top side of planet Earth. Perhaps you will become acquainted with “tragic”.

          • Kevin2

            Uncle Sam at the bequest of TPTB and MIC create a false flag and thereby force Americans to kill , die or be named in an unjustified illegal war. Those protesting the war, unarmed are shot with 30-06 caliber Garands that penetrate far beyond the intended (and unjustified) target.

            It was murder, it was criminal and it was unpunished.

            • grandee

              Jeffrey Glenn Miller; age 20; 265 ft (81 m) shot through the mouth; killed instantly

              Allison B. Krause; age 19; 343 ft (105 m) fatal left chest wound; died later that day

              William Knox Schroeder; age 19; 382 ft (116 m) fatal chest wound; died almost an hour later in a hospital while undergoing surgery

              Sandra Lee Scheuer; age 20; 390 ft (120 m) fatal neck wound; died a few minutes later from loss of blood

              for the wounded see:
              ht tps://

              At a news conference in Kent, Ohio, on Sunday May 3, 1970, the day before the Kent State shootings, Gov. James Rhodes said of campus protesters:

              “They’re worse than the Brownshirts, and the Communist element, and also the Night Riders, and the vigilantes. They’re the worst type of people that we harbor in America.”[10]

              • buttcrackofdoom

                at least NOW when the guard shows up, they got no bullets in their guns, so they didn’t die in vain…..

          • Gandhi

            But if they are all dead then they are not stressed?

    6. Plan twice, prep once

      There is a massive mud cliff that hangs off the coast of the Carolina’s. That area periodically experiences massive mud slides into the deep Atlantic. When they occur they can cause tidal waves. Geologists say we are overdue for a large one, but that’s in geological terms, so it’s like waiting for the big quake in Los Angeles.

      Who needs the Russians when we have this shoe hanging around, ready to drop?

      Besides if N. Korea wanted to hit the US, this strategy of off shore nukes in the mud would work really well to since the Deep State already blamed the Russians in the press for planning this kind of attack. Such an attack would be virtually untraceable.

    7. TorresD30

      They overlook that atomic bombs need periodic maintenance. In a matter of a few months, the trigger mechanisms would become ineffective and the bombs would fail to detonate.
      Nuclear tsunami mole bombs is an alarmist fantasy.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but reality doesn’t make for interesting stories.

      • Gandhi

        Torres-maybe they used that new Apple phone technology ? To waterproof their knukes.

      • jaxx

        Yes, that’s the same reason any alarmism about Soviet-era suitcase nukes having “disappeared” can be heavily discounted. Very few people even know what needs to be done to maintain those things, and fewer still have the ability and means to actually do it.

        Though I confess, I think a submarine explosion off the coast of a target may be a cleaner attack than a standard nuke explosion, it would probably just as devastating, and may be more difficult to isolate the source. It’s probably an attack vector that’s been wargamed for too.

    8. PO'd Patriot

      I for one do believe the Rooskies as I have not received any new transmissions on my Shadow decoder ring.

      • Gandhi

        I believe the rooskies cause why would they lie? Besides they can just set a couple Satan II missiles to detonate under water. That would be cheaper.

    9. Enemy of the State

      The Waco, Texas Biker Slaughter, which happened over 2 years ago, and the ongoing trials, are incompatible with the Rule of Law. Including Bundy held hostage , Finnicums Murder ..Ruby Ridge ..etc.. ht tp://…

      • Gandhi

        What rule of law?

        • Enemy of the State

          if you go to my comment in the next thread you will see where i feel the same way

          • buttcrackofdoom

            if there was still rule of law, killary would be in jail, awaiting her execution…comey….obammy, quite a few CONgressmen, libs that are attacking conservatives….lots of people roam free, that SHOULD be in jail, or worse.

            • Gandhi

              Yep, rule of law is really the elite just ruling us with law.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        I’ve been wondering why Trump hasn’t pardoned the Bundy’s. It would be a great way to stick it to Obama, who was behind the use of the justice department to steal the Bundy Ranch, so Harry Reid’s son could make a fortune in a deal to build a Chinese owned solar power plant there.

    10. Concerned-Citizen!

      Well, I would Not really be at all surprised, put it that way folks. My God, we are all destined to just go out like a “Ball of fire”

    11. rellik

      Russians would not wipe out coastal cites. They are Democrat cities.
      Just kick back and watch Democrats destroy America. Patience is way cheaper than War.

    12. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      I know that’s way I am moving to bum fuck nowhere, I will be catching rain water.


      • rellik

        I’ve been living on rain water catchment for the last 17 years.
        I live out in the middle of nowhere.
        Much better weather than Houston.

        • Gandhi

          Where are you rellik, sounds like you could afford one more free loader like me?

    13. regular joe

      O. K.

      Who opened the go-fund-me account to pay the Russians back if they use it on San Francisco?
      Just deplorable.

    14. J

      The picture of a massive tidal wave hitting the city is a complete fallacy. There is only one thing that contains the energy needed for such a thing to happen…and that would be the equation 1/2MV2 (or the kinetic energy) of an asteroid or comet hit. A fusion weapon (even in the 50 MT range) could never cause a tsunami of this magnitude. It would take all the nukes in the world detonating at the same place off shore to create anything close to this. Obviously an impossibility. One 50 MT thermonuclear burst, say 5 miles of shore in 200 ft of water would be quite a show though. Quite a plume-column of water and the muchroom cloud. In fact, watch the old films of the bikini atoll thermonuclear underwater detonations. These were 5-15 MT bursts….The close-in bunker cameras (about 10 miles from ground zero) captured the detonations on high-speed 35mm color film. There was a tsunami….it was a wave about 16 inches high. Enough to capsize a toy boat I suppose. LOL.

    15. TEST

      Better idea for the Russians:

      Just elect Democrat mayors in the target cities for a half century, like Detroit, and then let nature take its course. A lot cheaper and easier.

    16. W. Phillips

      Ummm? This sounds like a great sci-if plot, but I don’t think the physics work out. What would probably happen is a whole lot of Dead Sea life and a pissed off GreenPeace.

    17. watching and waiting

      I agree with this article.

      By the way —- FAKE NEWS IS A NEW NAME FOR —-

      PROPAGANDA MINISTRY — same song just a new singer

      I don’t believe that there isn’t piece of Nuclear material that truly escapes The U.S. surveillance net


      During the Cold war The U.S. practically planted a senor net on the ocean floor to monitor soviet sub movements during that period.

      No fret, no sweat

    18. Beaumont

      The border wall is being made of parts, used for levees, and some comet is predicted to crash in the ocean. Reagan has said that the entire world would come together, against some external threat.

      Should that ever really happen, the irony in this line of discussion is propaganda. Fake news. One of the last things you may ever know is that Russia won the Cold War.

    19. Agent76

      MAY 4, 2017 America’s Top Scientists Confirm: U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

      The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published a study, on 1 March 2017

      This study was co-authored by America’s top three scientists specializing in analysis of weaponry and especially of the geostrategic balance between nations: Hans Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie, and Theodore Postol.

    20. RVN GRUNT

      Can we say, “Plausible deniability,” boys, and girls?

    21. P!

      The major powers understand that a major nuclear war will result in a world contaminated by nuclear fallout for 100,000 years. No one wins.

      The little dictators with just a few warheads are the biggest risk, they just don’t get it.

      PS – Never have a BOL near the coast.

    22. ruckus

      There’s a tsunami in my toilet bowl after I eat Chinese food.

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