Russia Claims it Could Completely Disable US Navy With Electronic Warfare Tech

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    There is an old saying in war. “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” As China, Russia, and the United States beat the war drums and boast about the capabilities of their armies, they should take that saying very seriously. These geopolitical juggernauts may think that they have an ace in the hole for their militaries, but there’s no telling who would win in a war until the shooting starts.

    In America’s case, our government puts a lot of faith in its expensive high-tech military. However, for decades countries like Russia and China have been developing cheap countermeasures to our best war machines, and they may be more effective than our politicians and generals would like to admit.

    Or at least, that’s the takeaway from a Russian propaganda video that was released by Vesti, a media mouthpiece for the Kremlin. They claim that the Russian military has electronic warfare systems that can severely hinder the US Navy’s assets, including ships, planes and missiles.

    The report claims that Russia has had a major breakthrough with this technology, which was demonstrated in an incident that occurred in the Black Sea in 2014. After Russia annexed Crimea the US deployed the USS Donald Cook to the area, and on April 12th, an unarmed Russian Su-24 fighter jet made a dozen very close range flyovers of the ship. Allegedly, the fighter jet was equipped with an electronic jamming device that disabled the ship’s AEGIS missile defense system. Though we know that the jet flew over the ship 12 times in a very provocative manner, the US government has never confirmed that the USS Donald Cook endured an electronic attack.

    The report quoted a social media post from an unnamed sailor who was on the ship, which to be honest, sounded awfully fake, and doesn’t translate in a convincing way to English speakers.

    “We watched the Russian on our locator until he reached the kill zone, to then ‘shoot him down.’ But when he entered the damned zone, mysticism began. Our locators were the first to go out, and then the whole Aegis went out. The pride of our fleet became our shame!”

    The report also claims that Russia has electronic jamming equipment that can conceal their bases from radar, as well as devices that can jam signals to radio controlled landmines

    Again, this is a work of propaganda, and shouldn’t be viewed without applying some critical thinking and research. However, to what degree that it is a work of fiction, is not clear. We don’t really know what the Russian military is capable of. Hopefully we’ll never find out.


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      1. I would be shocked if they had the capability to do this. To be honest I don’t believe it. I know in my time in the service we had every country in the world out matched technologically. Is this possible. I guess it could be because of idiot past administrations. We gave away technology to China and Korea.

        I hope it is not true. I hope we never have to find out as well. Problem is if you look at history in every troubled economic time there is war.

        • Yeah this is bs. If Russia did have that capability, then why didn’t they use it to stop the Tomahawks in Syria? The pieces of the puzzle they are giving us just don’t fit together.

          • You might be right, BMoe. But, recall Coventry in WWII.

            If you don’t remember, the Brits let the Luftwaffe do a massive number on the city as it would have given away strategic advancements in radar.

            Who knows if they have this capability? And if they do, has it been tested in combat situations? I recall reading a number of years ago that, when they test launched some Minutemen missiles, there were failures. There are failures in ABM interceptions. Hard to know what will actually work, what will work only PART of the time (“close” doesn’t work in battles for national survival).

            Then, there are always quantum leaps that DO occur. The bow and arrow probably shocked the club wielding folks. Then the crossbow. The Monitor in the Civil War. The machine gun. Japanese AIR attack on Pearl, as well as sinking of the Repulse and (I think it was) the Prince of Wales. The ICBM or “boomers” (nuke submarines). And with something like half of all scientists who have ever lived alive today (I forget the exact number, but that is irrelevant), who know what will be next! Rail guns? Miniature locust sized drone armies?

            Sadly, in a post-Christian world, we no longer have what we SHOULD do related to what we CAN do. Churchill said it best about unbounded science (as if Joseph Mengele, or Japanese Unit 731 didn’t provide enough warning!) ” “But if we fail, then the whole world … including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, ***by the lights of perverted science.”***

            Or, as CS Lewis wrote, a dog can be a little bad, or a little good. an average man even better, or worse. A *brilliant* man can be an Albert Schweizer (sp?) or an Adolf Hitler (not an exact quote, but the basic drift). Technology ups that ante even further… and now we have a culture that has no moral compass, and no basis for making moral judgments – paired with almost (but not quite!) barely limited power. This is not a good recipe.

            Solzhenitsyn, when writing about the utter disaster that befell Russia (~62 mm killed when the Soviet archives were opened in 1992 is one report), said that all this evil happened “because we forgot God.” You may be one of the atheists on this site, but I am just reporting what he said. And also, for you atheists, while you may be very moral, you have utterly zero basis for saying anything is ultimately right or wrong; rather, your statements are mere *preference.* It is, as philosopher Francis Schaeffer said, by DEFINITION, “whatever is, is right” (i.e., if you are evolved, you have no basis for gainsaying anything evolution has “mandated.”) Or an atheist Jean Paul Sartre even said, “a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning.” On that very note, we may soon find out what the apostle Paul meant when he said if we sow the wind, we will reap the whirlwind.

            Let us pray to God we don’t ever learn what that whirlwind – which might possibly be a NUCLEAR whirlwind – looks like.

          • I don’t know. I’ve heard a few reports in the past few days that our tomahawks did not hit their marks and Syria/Russia’s planes were able to use the runways just a few hours after the attack. Not sure if it’s true (though I did see a Russian video and the runways looked visibly intact to me).

            • The run ways were not the targets. The chemical weapons were the targets. They have runways all over the country. So makes no sense to take this one run way out.

          • They would not reveal their cards in Syria because that was a bullshit small attack. They were also given a heads up to clear out. They would save something like that for the big league shit that none of us want to break out.

          • How do you know they didn’t (or maybe they didn’t have to) since only 3 out of 59 hit their target?

          • Perhaps because they knew where the missiles were going and were no threat to Russian assets. Still does not explain where 50% of the missiles went. Apparently one guy had a Tomahawk land in his garden on the Syrian coast.

        • Of course they have it. Why do you think nobody is bombing Iran? That pussy Netanyahu wants to send US pilots into that system not his own.

        • Mike, there is a thing called an EMP which can be produced in short bursts and can disable electronics. A full nuke EMP over the U.S. 150-200 miles up can kill the power grid and ALL electronics in all cars, trucks, hospitals, everything will just quit instantly. No communications, no police, water, no sewer, no anything. No food. Ponder that for a while.

          • There are hardened vehicles,military has them,maybe others. Many other have faraday cages protecting communications,power. Many people use septic tanks they need no sewers. Many people have gardens,farms,canned goods,fruit trees,cattle,chickens,fish ponds.horses and mules to farm with. Some have their own freeze dried and dehydrators. Many people have stores of foods/medicines/water for years. Along with security devices. The bulk of the nation though would be in trouble. That is why people becoming dependent on the massive nanny plantation state,welfare/medicaid/food stamps and on and on they will all fail in a crisis.

          • Allen

            I know about EMP. I work in two different power stations. There are some arguments as to what damage and EMP would do. I do think it would knock out the grid. As for cars not sure. I do know that if you have a vehicle prior to 78 you should be okay.

            As for what the Russians supposedly did to this ship. It was not an EMP because the ship would have remained disabled. All its circuits would have been fried.

        • Does anyone here, recall an incident in the Black Sea a couple of years ago. It involved the Russians and a U.S. destroyer. Apparently after the ship returned to the U.S., half the sailors requested to be released from their service contracts.
          Something about the incident scared them so bad that they didn’t feel they stood a chance if a real confrontation. Who’s to say that this weapon wasn’t what scared them.
          Chances are though, if the Russian’s have it, we do too. The Pentagon probably just isn’t advertising it.

        • Look up Magrave Technology and ask yourself how Iran captured one of our navy vessels with a skiff and why Obama paid them billions in CASH in ransom

      2. If we don’t go to war with Russia and China we’ll never know just how many of our tech secrets were leaked by Hillary. The suspense is killing me.

        Getting all our tech from foreign Countries is brilliant, too. And let’s not forget about outsourcing our tech jobs to India. But what I really love are all those H1B Visas where we bring our enemies and our competition here for the best education our money can buy.

        Diversity is our strength (NOT).

        I still say let’s be friends with Russia, if for no other reason than that they are gorgeous.


        • B,

          Until you meet the Babushka!

          On a serious note, our people have not been sitting on their hands all this time. The Russians are good at blowing smoke. What I don’t understand is why we repeat their propaganda as the gospel truth?! If people only knew the lies that they hear all day long. The MSM is constantly doling out lies to fit their narrative, the Russians, the Chinese, and all our enemies are putting out what they want you to hear, the previous administration was even changing intelligence to fit their narrative, NASA and the global warming scientists were fixing data to fit their narrative. All claims need to be independently verified using scientific principles to Authenticate the information. Take thes things with s grain of salt. There is a lot of smoke out there!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • Leagle:

            On a serious note, I have only one word: SABOTAGE.


        • The massive number of secrets Hilary sold to the Chinese is disgusting. What? Her miraculous cattle future trades weren’t enough money? Ill gotten gains from Whitewater not enough?

          Here’s one story from Charles Smith on the topic FYI – here it is Lurch Kerry, but he was a piker compared to Hilary. Just google “Johnny Chung” to get your own details…

          …China-gate figure Johnny Chung pled guilty to funneling $10,000 to Kerry and $18,000 to Clinton’s 1996 reelection on orders from Chinese General Ji, then the head of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military intelligence. The money donated to Kerry came directly from cash provided by the Chinese Army General.

          According to stories published in the New York Times, Newsweek and the New York Post, Chung came to Kerry’s office in July 1996 to seek help in getting Lt. Colonel Liu Chaoying in to meet with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

          Lt. Colonel Liu was then an executive of China Aerospace, a PLA military owned company that produces nuclear tipped missiles. Liu’s sponsor Johnny Chung made clear during a meeting in Senator Kerry’s office that she was interested in getting China Aerospace listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange.

          Lt. Col. Liu was well known in military and intelligence circles. Lt. Col. Liu’s father, a retired PLA general, was until 1997 vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. In response, Kerry ordered his aides to contact the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to Newsweek, “the next day Liu and Chung were ushered into a private briefing with a senior SEC official.” Within a week of the SEC meeting, Kerry’s staff wrote Chung asking him to host a Sept. 9 fund-raiser.


          Kerry claims that he never met Johnny Chung or Lt. Col. Liu until the Sept. 9 fundraiser. However, according to the Newsweek reports, Kerry wrote a personal note on July 31 to Chung.

          Dear Johnny”, wrote Kerry. “It was a great pleasure to have met you last week.” Kerry also closed the July 31 note with a personal thank you to Chung for being “on my team”.

          On Sept. 9, 1996, Chung held the Kerry fund-raiser at a Beverly Hills hotel that raked in the $10,000 of Chinese Army money for the senator’s re-election campaign. Kerry stated that the Chung note and money was “old news.”

          The Democrat front-runner also claimed the “Dear Johnny” note was routine in fund-raising.

          “I have no recollection of it at all,” stated Kerry.


          Kerry began accepting donations from Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz at about the same time he took money from China-gate figure Johnny Chung. Yet, the Loral CEO was already very familiar with China Aerospace and its PLA connections.

          During the August 1994 trade trip to China, Schwartz met with Liu Ju-Yuan the minister of China Aerospace Corporation. Minister Liu is also the official boss of Chinese Army Lt. Colonel Liu Chao Ying.

          Schwartz met directly with a Chinese General at his own request. In 1994, Chinese Army Lieutenant General Shen Rougjun, was second in command at COSTIND – the Chinese Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. In 1994, COSTIND General Shen met with the Loral CEO in Beijing.

          In August 1994, Lt. General Shen and Minister Liu of China Aerospace consummated a series of multi-million dollar satellite deals with the CEO of Loral. The Beijing meeting was requested by Schwartz, arranged by President Clinton and included Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.

          The technology obtained from Loral included advanced missile guidance systems and encrypted satellite telemetry systems.

          During the 1996 election, Loral CEO, Bernard L. Schwartz, was the single largest individual donor to the Democrats. Schwartz and his wife Irene contributed $1,122,000 to federal campaigns, of which $1,089,750 went to Democratic candidates and party committees.

          Altogether, Schwartz, Loral, and Loral employees contributed $2.4 million to federal candidates and national party committees since 1991, $2 million of it to Democrats. Since 1996, Schwartz and Loral have fallen on hard times. In 2002, Loral Space & Communications, reached a settlement with the State Department over charges of passing advanced military technology to the Chinese Army.

          Loral agreed to pay $20 million in fines, but did not admit nor deny wrongdoing. In 2003, Loral declared bankruptcy. The once mighty aerospace giant which sold for $72 a share in 1996 tumbled to less than 20 cents a share.

          The failure of his company has not slowed the donation record of Bernard Schwartz. Since 2000, the Loral CEO has donated over $3 million to the DNC or Democrat candidates. Schwartz’s most recent contribution is a donation in March 2003 to the campaign of Senator John Kerry for President.


          Kerry’s cash links to Beijing do not end with Chung, Lt. Col. Liu and Loral. A controversial Chinese-American businessman involved in the 1996 fundraising scandal turned out to be a donor to Kerry’s political campaigns.

          Campaign records filed with the Federal Election Commission show that George Chao-chi Chu contributed to the campaign of John Kerry. Kerry has returned only part of the money donated by Chu according to the FEC.

          Chu had been one of the Democratic Party’s top fundraisers, raising more than $500,000 before the China-gate scandal hit in 1997.

          “Mr. Chu has never been convicted of any crime,” stated Kelley Benander, a spokeswoman for Kerry’s presidential campaign. “While it’s never possible to know the complete history of every one of the thousands of donors to the campaign, we do have an established vetting process for contributors,” said Benander.

          Benander did not explain why Kerry returned some of Chu’s donations despite the fact that Chu had never been convicted of any crime.

          Chu’s contributions raised questions because of his links to the Communist Chinese leadership in Beijing and to John Huang, a central figure in the scandal.

          Chu once escorted Richard Blum, the wealthy husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), to Beijing to meet Deng Pufang, son of late Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping. Federal regulators also investigated his import-export company, Da Tung International, throughout the 1980s President Clinton appointed Chu to an advisory committee on trade with China in 2000.

          China-gate figure John Huang also donated money to Kerry. Huang later pled guilty to illegal fundraising for the DNC. Huang remains free despite the fact that he refused to answer whether he was an agent of the Chinese military over 2,000 times while under oath.

          According to Court records, Huang was cited for contempt for refusing to answer but the Judge in the case has never imposed any penalty against Huang. Kerry’s campaign, on the other hand, elected to return Huang’s donation.

      3. Well many americans feel let down by trump not doing what he says but i feel let down by Putin who acts like a coward.

        You see people it took me a long time to work it out but we are all being played a cold war 1984 play script.

        Putin even turns his S400s off in Syria when Israel or the US wants to bomb as happend two weeks ago when Trump gave Putin advance warning before fireing off 59 missiles at Syria over a false flag chemical attack

      4. We do not “know” what the Russians are capable of because they are afraid to use it.
        That is because THEY are not sure of their OWN capabilities in addition to not knowing what we can do..

      5. If both side could negate their high tech weaponry it would be a gift from God. A Star Trek episode had Klingons and Federation fighting with swords.

        • Last I checked, most Klingons were working for the Hilary campaign… though most of them quit as they found her too amoral.

          • 2nd generation Klingons are called Dingleberrys.

            • Those are the BLM Klingons.

              • All Klingons hang out around Uranus.

      6. Good poker players hold their cards close and know how to bluff.

        • Obola held his cards close too, but they were turned around facing his opponents. He also didn’t know how to bluff, but does know how to puff.

      7. Once again the crime goes all the way to the top,with the true criminals never seeing the light of day.The policies employed by our government are not legal and continue to mock the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land. It is our Law, the peoples law to keep the government in check. Instead we have lost control of our country, which looks more like a criminal empire than a Republic. For a country founded on Dissent and Revolution, we have evolved into slaves to a corporate Empire. History is not teaching us anything if we don’t remind ourselves of it once in a while.

        • I completely agree with you. Corporate America runs this damn circus anymore and Gov’t is in bed with those greedy pigs. We the people need to make some serious changes.

      8. Anyone can claim anything.

        I don’t think they have the capacity to “disable” us any more than we have to disable them, but I do think both sides have a significant capacity to damage each others electronic systems and satellite navigational systems.

        How much effect that has is the result, for either side, on how much reliance is put on using them without contingency plans in place to get by without them if they fail in combat.

        • Anonymous = Anthony Weiner = CARLOS DANGER!

          • What an idiot you are today.

            • You’re right…my bad. Let me correct myself:

              Anonymous = Barney Frank

              What an idiot you are…everyday! I think I read a post here recently where you said Trump was not of German descent? That was you, right? Yes, it was YOU. Think you know it all, huh?

              • Wasn’t me, I think I’ve posted here about twice this year.

                • Yeah, Riggggght. Not buying that one.

      9. This is true, and I believe it to be because we’ve been betrayed by previous President Administrations who’ve allowed our technology to be passed to threat countries. Plus the reserve engineering of Alien Tech

        We have been betrayed and while we shopped, watched sporting events and enjoyed the pleasures of life, which there is nothing wrong with that, we were being sold down the drain.

        David Wilkerson in the 70’s wrote that he saw in his vision missiles launched off both coasts to include the Gulf of Mexico and there was a minimum response from US Defenses.

        Probably a Cyber attack.

        Question for each one of you? If Russia and China possess thousands of Nuclear missiles, why to we only hear about the deployment of a limited number of anti-missiles being deployed in the tens and why not in the Hundreds?

        A concern is that the explosion of one Nuclear Device might hinder, destroy other missiles following the first barrage.

        Also, in the news, there has been reports of a U.S. Navy warships equipped with anti-missile missiles posted off our coasts, but if the Russians can turn off our equipment, what use are they?

        I would believe that any Nuclear Strike on this country would be limited so that it can be occupied, its citizens put into slavery and its resources ravaged.

        Just my opinion


        We must accept the fact, in our hearts and minds that The United States as we know it as a World Power could cease to exist in our life time.

        A hard pill to swallow.

        • The United States as we know it now will cease to exist as a result of Americans, not some foreign power.

          A nation irreconcilably divided against itself cannot remain a nation for long.

          I’m thinking we might have ten years.

      10. We are in the fake-out phase: all countries need to build the confidence in their forces and populations that their leaders have it all sorted out and the advantage: otherwise nobody would ever follow them into battle.

        A third world war also suits the leaders on all sides, who can see advantage in gaining new territory and in disciplining their populations.

        I suspect the US still has the scientific and technological advantage and here is why: I believe that in the 1950s the US government decided to hive off the advanced componant of its military to be a separate entity. This meant it could pursue unfettered scientific and technological advances in secrecy: the ultimate back-up plan. What we see in the conventional military is stuff that is at least five generations behind. That stuff is perfectly fine for most opponants – remember, a ‘musket to your head still leave you dead’ – so if killing is the goal, the old generation stuff gets the job done.

        The US government and its controllers are looking for a controlled demolition, not an uncontrolled one. Luring in China and Russia into a conflict gets them to play their cards. This is where you find out if they have anything that is five generations ahead.

        In terms of fighting forces, cleverly, we now have both in the US/Canada and Europe large numbers of low-IQ, fighting age men who are black, Muslim and Hispanic. These men make perfect cannon fodder for this test. We need to keep back the whites and Asians for running the hi-tek system and the economy but send these other men into battle. A varified take on the Vietnam War draft.

        Here is how I see it playing out: the US will be ‘lured’ into land invasions in Syria and North Korea. These assaults will encounter tactical nukes on the battlefield. This is why we need expendable forces to take those hits: as in, body count (just entertain them with a couple Beyonce USO shows before it happens to keep moral up). While this is going on, the air/space war will take on and finish off Russia and China. True hegemony will then be established. We kill two birds with one stone: we get rid off this low-IQ, violent population on the battlefield and we get rid of the only two super-power rivals left.

        • @FT

          Wrong on Vietnam if you accept the VFW supplied numbers..

          88.4% of the men who actually served in Vietnam were Caucasian; 10.6% (275,000) were black; 1% belonged to other races.

          86.3% of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasian (includes Hispanics); 12.5% (7,241) were black; 1.2% belonged to other races.

          170,000 Hispanics served in Vietnam; 3,070 (5.2% of total) died there

          70% of enlisted men killed were of North-west European descent.

          86.8% of the men who were killed as a result of hostile action were Caucasian; 12.1% (5,711) were black; 1.1% belonged to other races.

          14.6% (1,530) of non-combat deaths were among blacks.
          34% of blacks who enlisted volunteered for the combat arms.

          Overall, blacks suffered 12.5% of the deaths in Vietnam at a time when the percentage of blacks of military age was 13.5% of the total population.

          Religion of Dead: Protestant — 64.4%; Catholic — 28.9%; other/none — 6.7%


          • Excellent post bb. Thanks. Only thing missing was the source link. IMHO this is important if we are to continue to replace the leftist lamestream fake news types.

          • bb,

            That reflects exactly what I say in Vietnam, all units of every type were almost always a majority of Whites.

      11. Never underestimate what your potential foes have. Our government lies all the time about tech that is back engineered from UFO’s (you cannot explain away 20 years of huge leaps forward in technology and say it was purely human invention and thought) the technology between the early space program of the late 60’s and where we are now….is not the product of human invention. There is more computing power in ONE smart phone than the Space Shuttle, Int. Space station and HAARP combined).

        There is records released from Russian sources as well that they had their share of crashed UFO’s….If you cannot see the anecdotal evidence of technology injections from way beyond our capabilities and growth patterns and then dare to think the weapons systems (not to mention the Russian SATAN missile systems is a natural evolution from previous versions…and the US Donald Cook tactical systems failure after no discernible weapons were deployed…then you deserve the fruits of underestimating the technology everyone is using or capable of deploying these days. those that cannot think and reason outside of the box will be buried in it.

      12. I knew someone that designed US lazer tech for tac systems and a whole bunch of other high tech stuff.
        FYI: The ruskies have capability and this is NOT new.
        This person also said that when US went digital stated analog systems was much more secure and was a mistake. This person spoke, read and wrote ruskie. Ruskie info was studied to design counter and under radar US systems.
        Of note ruskies are ole school designers and one way thinkers which causes lots of ops when understanding their mathematical thought processes. Deep stuff here.
        Bad news is US schools do not teach much in this field anymore so super smart guys are rare.
        US Corporates and US Educational institutions have leveled the playing field for profits and not defense, they want Globalism.
        Heck, we have fighter jets where pilots can’t get 02! Pre-pulse strike! Or jam radar systems?

        • Russia has and maintained an excellent academic/engineering based system that is strongly focused on STEM subjects.

      13. the ruskies have been utilizing Tesla’s technology since the 1950s. They initialed weather modification as well as targeted electronic warfare over 50 years ago. If you don’t think they have advanced in this period of time one would be very naive. We have been playing catch-up virtually ever since. Having studied this arena for over 30 years it does not surprise me that global conflicts are finally getting around to exposing some of this technology.

      14. Not enough that the radical gays and feminists are destroying the military (see which notes that “New statistics obtained from the U.S. Navy by The Daily Caller — which had to sue under the Freedom of Information Act to get them — reveal that 16 of 100 women afloat in 2016 were reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy. These figures are up 2 percent from 2015, and hundreds more have cut their deployments short, which makes for a high cost to combat readiness and deep effects on budgeting and manpower (which, of course, includes ‘womanpower’).”

        In perhaps the biggest perfidy since Benedict Arnold, Hilary sold national secrets to China for campaign cash. Just an unfounded accusation? Hardly

      15. … and here’s Elaine Donnelly of, as well as Cal Thomas on the subject of women in combat:

        We are about to see a lot of media celebrating the success of two female officers who will graduate from tough Army Ranger training tomorrow. The women deserve congratulations and respect for that accomplishment. At the same time, however, CMR is the only reporting organization shedding light on the bigger picture. As you will see in the new CMR Policy Analysis announced with the news release below, female soldiers in Army “Exception to Policy” tests experienced injuries averaging twice those of men. The facts were buried in Army Medical Command and Institute of Public Health reports that we obtained with the help of the Thomas More Law Center under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Columnist Cal Thomas wrote an immediate commentary linked here,


      16. The Blacks died because when someone yelled “Get Down”, they got up and “got down”. Boogaloo baby.

      17. We have the ability to render all your farmland into highly radioactive cobalt-laden glowing craters, using SLBMs.

        You have no ability to stop us.

        The rest is just details. That’s all you need to know.

        Why do you think the Norks want nukes so bad? Their conventional military couldn’t handle us and it would no longer make any difference, that’s why.

      18. I believe China and Russia would prefer to use an EMP to shut down the grid and bring the U.S. to its knees.

        They purchase tons of grain grown here in the U.S.

        I believe they would want to keep the farmland useable.

        • An EMP attack would be rather foolish when no one has ever conducted one to even know for sure if it would or wouldn’t work and how well it would work if it did.

          But a retaliatory strike using real city vaporizing nukes against whomever tried it would surely be effective and an almost virtual certainty no matter whether the “EMP” attack worked or not.

        • BINGO!

        • The Chinese actually own farm land in the US.

      19. Electronic counter measures. They work. We got ’em, they got ’em. Cyber war is huuuge. Radars go out. Comms go out. Your military equipment goes goes blind and deaf. High tech becomes no tech.

      20. But how did our adversaries get this technology? Lots of nationalistic Chinese are given H1B visas, so they can work in Silicon Valley. And work at defense contractors here in the US. At least the Chinese still maintain their identity. If only corporate America had a policy of America first.

        • How did they get all this tech you ask?

          Simple: Hilary S-O-L-D it to them for campaign cash in the 1990s.

          Next question!

      21. If they have, we have it.
        Great pains have been taken to ensure that both or all sides are fairly evenly matched. Whether the blueprints were sold in the dead of night or just outright sold in plain sight like the Clintons did. “What? We didn’t do nothing. Look over there, Bill’s getting hummers in the oval office!”
        That’s not to say that one side or the other can’t break out a surprise or two. Look at what the Germans did during WWI. “Big Bertha.” A cannon that can lob shells into downtown Paris from 70 miles away. I don’t think anybody saw that one coming.
        But, discussing which side will win is kind of pointless, since the outcome will have already been predetermined by The People Who Plan Things.
        Like when they lied Americans into the Vietnam “Police Action” and slapped rules of engagement upon the military, thereby ensuring they couldn’t possibly win.
        We can all be pretty confident that any major conflict fought these days will be war gamed out in advance with a predetermined winner and loser or plan it so that it drags on for years and years like it seems to be happening now.

      22. It’s obvious to me people in here have never heard about the incident the warship Donald cook had…. Never underestimate your enemy or you will lose…. most here are in for a rude awakening…

        • Daniel, heard about it. I can’t prove it. I think it may have happened. The Russians have issued challenge coins to the unit that allegedly did it.

      23. Electronic warfare tech could also disrupt our banking and other financial systems. If the system was down, ATM’s wouldn’t work and credit/debit card purchases could not be made. Millions carry very little cash and depend on their credit cards. I believe this would affect most food and gas purchases, as folks try to get home.

        The economy is fragile, despite the robust “recovery” the media broadcast for the past few years.

        The Federal Reserve has only had three interest rate hikes in the past 11 years. Yet, there have been TWO already since Trump was sworn in as president.

        Fed policymakers have already planned THREE interest rate hikes this year and have indicated there could be ADDITIONAL rate hikes. Why all the frequent interest rate hikes NOW?

        How will multiple rate hikes scheduled for this year affect the economy? I have read that this could crash it. I guess time will tell.

        President Obama was able to prop up the economy in the short term, at the expense of our long term economic future.

        I believe difficult times lie ahead. We see growing tensions around the world with Russia, Syria, North Korea, etc. The table is set for the next financial crisis. We need to be prepared.

        In Stark Warning, IMF Finds Over 20% Of US Corporations At Risk Of Default Should Rates Rise
        “In a stark warning, the IMF cautions that the number of firms with very low interest coverage ratios — a common signal of distress — would rise to 22% of total corporate assets should US interest rates post a sharp increase in the near future.”

        Federal Reserve may speed up rate hikes…
        “there could be MORE than the THREE rate rises they have forecast for this year.”–business.html

        These Eight Retailers Will File For Bankruptcy Next, According To Fitch
        “The situation is rapidly deteriorating for America’s “bricks and mortar” retailers. … That volume of filings (for 1Q 2017) matches the total number of retail bankruptcies for all of 2016 and puts the industry on pace to exceed even the ‘great recession’ highs.”

        Great Debt Unwind: Personal And Commercial Bankruptcies Surge In March
        “The Fed’s monetary policies have purposefully encouraged businesses and consumers to borrow. But debt doesn’t just go away. It accumulates.

        By now, an increasing number of businesses and consumers are suffocating under this debt overhang in an economy that never developed the “escape velocity” needed – and hyped by Wall Street for years – to outgrow this debt.

        Rising bankruptcies are a turning point in the “credit cycle.”

        Mortgage Delinquencies Rise Most In 7 Years As Rates Spike
        “Worryingly rates remain high, inflation is surging, Yellen is set for more hikes, and real wages are dropping.”

      24. The Russians are coming with the Chinese in Mexico.

        Down here in Katy Texas I was at a tattoo shop with a lady friend. Man if this Russian soldier didn’t walk in a threaten us both. Russian soldiers here in Katy Texas are going to join the two million Chinese soldiers hiding in Mexico.

      25. I read somewhere after that incident happened our ships were called back to port and retrofitted with some kind of solution for that electronic jamming problem.

      26. The AGIS fail was found to be a tech problem that now has been taken care of. It was caused by the Russians but not how it is being presented! It was very nice of the Russians to “test” our system and show us that if planes got closer than a certain distance it would cause a system fail! It won’t fail again!
        But the Russians do have jammer satellites in orbit that can totally shut down all of our GPS equipment, including the private military frequencies. (we have the same for their system) This situation is covered in our system designs and if the GPS is interrupted a second system comes into play that doesn’t rely on radio contact. (that system is still secret) We are not sitting ducks at all!
        By the way, the Russian in Katy is part of the NATO exercise, invited here to antagonize US citizens. Maybe Trump will stop that shit!

      27. If Russia decides to use their high tech weaponry then we will use ours. Silly article.

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