Russia And UK Tensions Increase: Russia To Expel British Diplomats

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says it is “unacceptable” for the United Kingdom to accuse Russia of the nerve agent attack, and Russia has countered the British rhetoric quickly. In a response to the UK’s expulsion of Russian diplomats over the nerve agent poisoning of a Russian double agent and ex-spy, Moscow will expel British diplomats.

    Russia says it will soon expel British diplomats in response to Theresa May’s announcement that 23 “undeclared intelligence officers” posing as Russian diplomats would be ejected from the UK. Ramping up tensions not seen since the Cold War, the UK and Russia are exchanging rhetoric at unprecedented levels.

    Lavrov said Russia would first inform the British government first about any retaliatory actions before revealing them to the wider public.

    Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, were found unconscious on March 4th in the center of Salisbury and remain critically ill in hospital. May says tests showed a Soviet-era nerve agent known as Novichok was used in the attack, and that Russia was, therefore “highly likely” to be responsible. But not everyone agrees with May’s assessment.  The Irish Times doesn’t feel there’s any way Vladimir Putin could be responsible for the attack.

    Theresa May’s first scenario, that the Kremlin was directly involved, seems unlikely. Skripal was in the UK as part of an official spy-swap deal with Russia. The only suggestion of suspicious activities on Skripal’s part has been a report in the Daily Telegraph that he was close to an unnamed person in the organization run by Christopher Steele, who produced the dossier claiming Russia had compromising material on Donald Trump. –The Irish Times

    In comments on Thursday morning, the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expanded on May’s statement, saying the evidence of Russian guilt was “overwhelming” because only Moscow had access to the poison and also a motive for harming Skripal. But there are holes in that official narrative as well:

    Russia immediately needed western financial help to stop Novichok and other chemical and biological agents being exported illegally by criminal elements. Western help arrived eventually but was it too late.

    There was money to be made in those days when inflation had reached 2,500 per cent in a single year. Those who became extremely rich by selling natural resources, military equipment or anything they could get their hands on became known as the Russian oligarchs, but not all the oligarchs were Russian. The main production plant for Novichok was in Uzbekistan.

    For President Vladimir Putin to have launched such a vicious attack would have been counterproductive as it would jeopardise any spy swaps in the future. –The Irish Times

    Ratcheting up the rhetoric further, Johnson told the BBC, “There is something in the kind of smug, sarcastic response that we’re heard from the Russians that to me betokens their fundamental guilt. They want to simultaneously deny it and yet at the same time to glory in it.” Johnson also said the attack was a way for Putin to send a message to anyone considering becoming a Russian defector.

    Russia has repeatedly said that the UK is refusing to provide a sample of the nerve agent used in Salisbury, initially saying it would not respond to May’s ultimatum until this condition was met. Johnson said the UK would send a sample of the nerve agent to the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons for an independent assessment

    As the rhetoric continues to ramp up and the world stands at the precipice of a third world war over political blame games, it’s important to remember that if these elitists start a war, they won’t be the ones suffering the repercussions.  That will be for the rest of us to endure.


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      1. Speaking of this alleged nerve agent attack?
        It allegedly (poison)occurred in a public place(pub) and only those two were effected and no others?

        It was reported that the patrons were ordered/directed to dry clean their clothes which could be contaminated with a nerve agent?

        Should not have these clothes, (too late) been confiscated and disposed, such as burned? Should not the pub be declared a hazardous area, quarantined, destroyed in an appropriate facility?

        It is reported that the victim(s) walked nearly a mile
        and then either sat or collapsed onto a park bench after being poisoned inside the pub? If the report is accurate.

        Then, an officer, seeing the victim(s) in distress approached and he was stricken and eventually 21 others which included first responders.

        And this was a nerve agent? Based on previous military training a long time ago, a non-persistent agent was my first thought and now it looks looks like a potential
        false flag.

        It could be true.

        Not the first time an alleged poison plot has been blamed on the Russians. I think the former president of Georgia was poisoned about 5 years ago and blamed on the Russians.

        Just an observation on my part. What do I know?

        By the way—-Action in Syria is really heating up.

        • The place that used to be Great Britain, is drumming up a war with Russia?

          The same place that hides the truth about muslims raping little girls, not just occasionally, but over the span of years. Because they don’t want to be seen as “racist”. And, they prosecute anyone who speaks the truth about it…

          The U.S. should never have wasted one American Soldier’s life, to prop up the emerging $#!thole that used to be England. All English aristocracy has ever done, is stab America in the back. And now they even sacrifice their own people to third world invaders.

          And they, and their owners, are trying to drum up yet another war, to deflect from their parasitism, and prop up their nauseating power trip.

      2. My goodness it’s so nice of the Brits to apply for the position of test-targets to ascertain the power of Putin’s new hyper-speed missile technology. Let’s just wait and see how that works out for them.

      3. The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, what a laugher. Why are they creating them then? In medicine, agriculture, population reduction. Mass killings from a cloud of invisible poison. Working overtime to off more people. It’s much more tidy this approach.

      4. Folks, the end result is this: All levels of government have failed us Miserably! And, and they do NOT give 2 shits about any of us average folk. We sit back and allow them to whore us out and take 40-50% of our damn hard-earned money…Isn’t Freedom swell.

        • I would like to know from war veterans if such an atmosphere of elitism was prevailing prior to the two World Wars.History repeats itself so many times that I am really anxious that the elitists are really thinking they can control the world and will step back before nothing.God bless.

          • Please verify this email address.Thks.

      5. The Rothschilds and cronies were behind WW1&2. They did these wars to kill white European Christians. Admitted in their own writings, they planned WW3 as well. And all this was planned in the 1800s.

        Right on schedule. The devil never sleeps.


      6. WW3 must happen! WW1 happened to destroy the dominance of Royalty, which transferred that dominance to the Central Banks, “Money”, if you will. WW2 happened because Germany rejected the domination of the Central Banks, issuing Nothing, NO THING, as Something, payable with interest to these God- Damned Bastard Judeo banks. Nothing changes, the present financial situation must necessitate that WW3 must happen! Maybe it would’nt, but the Big Four Basketball season is upon us and who cares about World War when these super Negro’s are shooting basketballs?

        • Agreed. Most of the public won’t look up from their tv or smart phones long enough to see anything going on in the world.
          But, speaking of basketball- The late comedian Tim Wilson once said- “God listens to Mormons. Who else could get 5 white kids to win an NCAA basketball game?”

        • Our good negro will soon be picking the harvest again real soon massa
          Only because poor white folk all dead

      7. Is this where the UK will get in over there head and then coming begging us for help. I first nd it ironic since not to long ago they are disrespecting this country and it’s president. Maybe they should ask the UN or EU for assistance.

      8. The “deep state” is creating false news stories (propaganda) and false flags situations (provocations) for a variety of reasons. One is to help bring down the present presidency, a second is to distract the public, a third is to create new perceptions, a fourth is to help move their agenda forward, and another is to hide their own sins. No doubt there are many more reasons.
        As to one of the worst fake stories going on, is this business with Russia. I’ve been there and was always treated with great courtesy; and have spoken to many people there. They exhibited absolutely no animosity towards the US at all. They don’t want another Cold War, or any type of war with us or anyone, they have too many internal problems of their own to cope with (besides, their population has become fatigued from the accumulated effects of the past 100 years of catastrophic upheavals, massive wars, and crushing oppression). We have put our troops and NATO troops close to their border, how do you expect they would react. What if Russia or China amassed their troops on our Canadian or Mexican border, how would we like it. Before someone calls me a stooge I will say no doubt Russia has some bad people and they do plenty of bad things, and maybe tried to interfere with the election process, but let’s be honest, the US has done many bad things too. Russia is earnestly restoring their Orthodox Christian heritage and moving farther and farther away from their past. Based on my traveling experience something smells bad with the stories we are being fed. It is as though a hidden hand is trying to create a war between two majority white countries with majority Christian cultures.
        We are probably one of the most propaganda fed countries in the world, and to think that most of the private entities known as the MSM have been so co-opted they are de facto part of an official information bureau. Indoctrination taking place in the public school systems and “institutions” of higher learning now teach to merely question is racist, or hateful, or anti something, or even mentally ill. And, based on my career experience, younger people entering the work force have diminished critical thinking or coping skills. American education is also largely under control of TPTB information control organs.
        As a younger man I enjoyed much greater freedom and personal liberty than they do today. I never saw tragedies in the schools, rampant gang activity, speech control, or authorities freaking out about someone’s individuality, etc. The more free people are the less social problems there are; now the people are over-managed, over-regulated, over-controlled, and over-conformist. As personal freedoms become more restricted the worse social conditions become. I lay all our nation’s ills squarely on officialdom, and if not entirely intentional then due to gross and abject incompetence.

      9. This and the charges of Russian interference in the last Presidential election seem so minor in comparison to the unofficial war going on in Syria and elsewhere in the world.

      10. The UK needs to kick some Russian butt and teach them a lesson they won’t forget.

        • Yeah, like they did the Germans in World War 1. And again, at Dunkirk, in World War 2.

        • ROFLMFAO !!!!!!!!

          Let us know how that works out…

      11. Good bye world .we in UK first to go off the map
        Just might emigrate to Russia real soon if chance comes along
        I would feel safer if Putin was my president instead of a British bag of old wind,
        And as for the Good old usa start learning Russian or Chinese
        Your days are numbered too.
        UK 1 usa2

        • You are quite correct in assuming the UK would be safer if your prime minister was more like Putin instead of May or as some of the recently previous PM’s. He is a far more capable, and yes, more intelligent than she. He does not allow his country to be flooded with endless hordes of migrants who cannot and/or will not assimilate into Western or Christian societies. The British have shown collectively they are too weak to protect themselves and unwilling to act on their own behalf. They can make threats but cannot back them up. However, you don’t need to worry just yet about the demise of the UK. The following statement is not based on any kind of misplaced patriotism because I am one of those Americans who believe we should not be involved in the affairs of any other nation. The reality is if it wasn’t for the existence of the US the English speaking world would not be able to project themselves on the world as they currently do.. Our founding fathers said America should to be friends to all, that we should conduct trade and commerce with all, but to never enter into pacts to be allies with any country. I believe the US should withdraw from NATO and all other defense treaties, close down all foreign military installations and bring home all the vast military resources to be used in our own territories and waters and on our borders and coasts . We should withdraw membership from the United Nations, the UN headquarters should leave New York and go somewhere else. Ultimately, the US is only dissipating our wealth and power overseas.

          • Were such a small country with a big mouth and no real muscle without NATO
            Were the land of every nation around the world .but don’t give a shit about our own.
            TThe foreigners in my area have taken over all the shops and I mean all.there all driving around in big fancy cars and dress like its there birthday every day.
            Sick to the back teath of this crap .I work all week and still can’t afford to keep my old car on the road.
            Were so stupid here in UK .why would you send all our criminals to a Paradise island like Australia and stay here in this shithole.
            Just another sheep who can’t do anything about it.
            Sooner someone kicks our ass the bettering bettering

      12. This is just insane. If Russia is killing off their own expats then the UK is admitting that they cannot carry out their most basic sovereign oath — the protection their own citizens and residents from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

        The UK has foreign terrorists carrying out attacks as refugees right inside England.

        The UK has Russian operatives killing off their expats (if this is true), residing and being offered the promise of safety and protection to reside in the UK, and the UK cannot fulfill their obligation.

        The whole thing is just nuts.

      13. The nerve agent attack on these two people using a chemical traceable to Russia does not serve Russian interests.

        There are plenty of ways for Russia to have killed a target, other than to use a method that screams Russia must have done it. What this screams of is another deep state CIA or MI-6 false flag.

        Remember Russia is the First Nation to stand up to and say NO to the globalist one world government Obama was grooming America for. Russia has been targeted ever since Putin kicked all the globalists out of his government.

        The Hillary and Obama invented Russians colluded with Trump and stole the election scenario is collapsing. Somehow the we hate Russia narrative had to be given new life.

        The absolute worst thing for the globalists is for Putin and Trump to join forces against the globalist cabal. Somehow Russia must be turned into the local school shooter. Nothing like murdering an old Russian and his daughter using a banned nerve agent. A WMD that the CIA and MI-6 would trace to Russia.

        When stories like this break, watch for patterns of talking points hitting the news from the all the MSM simultaniously. Someone is feeding the MSM talking points and a narrative. Of course the CIA confirmed to Trump that the Russians did it……

        Watch who in government is pumping extreme tension between the US and Russia. Just like the fake story of Trump Collusion which originated with the direct assistance of British MI-6, this poisoning also originated in London. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

      14. “Dangerous nerve agent ? why not just shoot him simple, fast
        and done, wasn’t that the normal way with Russia ? Plus, why bother with a retired burn’t out spy, he’s nothing.”

        First, the guy was still active and still connected to members of his “community”, capable of exchanging info and being used as a conduit by the West.

        Second, you do not “retire” from this business, it retires you. Think about the retired CIA director (can’t remember his name now, tall, thin, glasses) who turned up dead along the Potomac, years after his “retirement”. (COLBY !!! )

        Third, don’t piss off Putin. He has a long memory and an enemies list to rival tricky Dick Nixon. A nerve agent was used to ensure death without a messy aftermath. While it’s certain that this is a Russian signature, it does allow for “plausible deniability” and/or a copycat killer by ANY of the major spy agencies who could have executed the hit in this way; for reasons totally unknown.

        Remember that the “Russian Hack” on the DNC and others was conducted by US Agencies using Russian signature techniques that were exposed by a really sophisticated forensic digital audit. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

        Unless they are liberal snowflakes. 🙂

      15. This is how it will play out: the UK and Canada will deploy an expeditionary force to attack Russia via Ukraine and the Baltics. This will occur right after a rapid draft that fills the UK and Canadian militaries with the ‘refugees’ and ‘Africans’ who have been flooding into the West in the past 10 years.

        This will be a brutal war and Russia will welcome it because they will then hand the West its ass. Remember, blacks regularly complain about military assignments to cold fighting environments because they say it is bad for their skin. Now, imagine them fighting in Russia in -30, -40 weather?

        The US will supply intelligence and weapons but hold back and let the UK and Canada take the hits.

        After two years of heavy casualties and little battlefield progress, peace talks will be called for. Vicious riots will have devastated most UK cities as the tensions from the fighting spill out.

        Meanwhile, the US and China will square off in Asia. It will start with Taiwan and then quickly move to the Philippines etc. The US and China will also be fighting a vicious war across Africa.

        The Middle East will totally implode with conflict and Israel and Saudi Arabia will attack Iran and Qatar. Parts of Europe will look like Syria and even quiet Canada will see conflict in the Arctic.

        • LMFAO !!! The UK and Canada are NOT going to attack Russia and justify retaliation by Russia: least of all over Ukraine.

          That is simply absurd Frank !!! Be careful of what you’re smoking Frank, its not your daddy’s cannabis anymore !!! 🙂

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