Russia: An Attack On Belarus Is An Attack On Russia

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Headline News

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    Russia has made it clear that any attack on Belarus is also an attack on Russia and will be treated as such. Moscow will use all of its military capabilities to retaliate, Russia’s envoy to the country, Boris Gryzlov, has warned.

    Speaking to the Belarusian STV broadcaster, the diplomat, who had previously served as Russian interior minister, warned any third parties against attacking the country’s main ally. “Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly said that in the event of an attack on Belarus, we will treat this as an attack on Russia. The military doctrine of the Russian Federation entails, in such a case, a response with all our weaponry,” Gryzlov stated, apparently hinting at the option of nuclear weapons use.

    U.N.’s Guterres: “Drums of Nuclear War Are Beating Once Again”

    Russia and Belarus are continued to boost their military presence as tensions between Belarus and neighboring Poland ramp up and the war between Moscow and Kiev rages on.

    Belarus Has Begun Taking Delivery Of ‘Powerful’ Russian Nukes

    According to a report by RT, Poland has angrily reacted to the deployment of Russian nukes as well as repeatedly sounded the alarm over the alleged activities of Wagner Group, a Russian private military company that ended up being re-deployed to Belarus following its botched insurrection in late June.

    Warsaw claims the PMC has been increasingly active near its border, with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claiming they were “undoubtedly a step towards an upcoming hybrid attack on Polish territory.” Belarus, however, has denied such allegations, insisting Warsaw itself was “aggravating” the situation on behalf of the United States.

    Poland Builds Up Troops On Border In Response To Alleged Belarus Combat Helicopter Breach

    Not long ago, Belarus allegedly violated Polish airspace and put NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on alert. Should NATO retaliate, we will see the start of what could be the third world war.

    Belarus Violates Poland’s Airspace, As NATO Is Put On Alert


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