Running of the Sheeple: Videos of Black Friday Brawls and Stampedes in America

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Headline News | 98 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    It’s the most wonderful violent time of the year.

    As the Sheeple lined up and mobbed retail stores after Thanksgiving dinner and early Friday morning for deals to kick off the holiday season, one person has already been shot, fights have shut down malls, and a baby (!) was hit with a shoe.

    Many people lost all sense of perspective as they got caught up in it at Walmart, Macy’s, and other stores during this grim holiday tradition in American stupidity.

    Absolute insanity…

    Police had to step in to break up this madness..the crowd was threatened with Tasers and pepper spray…

    Videos of fights are being posted on social media by the minute, and #BlackFridayFights is already trending on Twitter. Users are uploading footage of what they’ve witnessed so far today…

    Mark Dice recorded footage of Black Friday zombie shoppers waiting in line outside of stores – in the dark…

    If that’s how people react over sales and ‘insane deals’ on household items…. how do you think they will react when the economic collapse hits home and people become truly desperate?

    If you dare to venture out today, may the odds be ever in your favor.


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      1. “When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.” (See videos above for Exhibit A)

        – GK Chesterton, but with an asterisk see

        • TEST, I’ve already seen enough of these videos so I already know exhibit A is all too true. When the balloon goes up those people will act much worse than what those videos show. If any of them come to my place for anything I’ll give them ONLY ONE CHANCE to leave. MY HOME IS MY HOME, NOT SOMEONE’S STORE. I’M ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ME AND MY OWN, NOT ANYONE ELSE. IF YOU DON’T PREP FOR YOURSELF AND/OR YOUR FAMILY, THAT’S YOUR OWN STUPID FAULT.

          • I did a black Fri back in ’86, never again went to a high end dept store (Dillards) store crowded, hard to park, no brawling there. Not worth it anymore. Today (videos) you see masses of bottom feeders trying to get TV’s and other electronics. Best to get out of cites if you can if shtf, most folk have to stay in cities for jobs, business. We live on the edge of a med. size city, easier to leave if necessary. Hurricane madness in grocery stores is another mess I’ve seen thru the years, so I shop way early, days before it hits land. Most wait to last minute.

            • LAnn – that’s why I have my property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Cape George Estates, near St. Peters). The housing bubble passed NS by, so prices still good (C$ worth ~80 cents to USD), almost zero Islamofascists there, temps – being on the Gulf Stream – are a couple degrees below Boston in Jan., well watered, fertile, lots of fishing and hunting, accessible by boat in an emergency, outside of the EMP impact area, for most probable strikes, and in an emergency the golden hordes will go south, not north. Meanwhile, if there IS no TEOWTAKI – however that might look like – you have Halifax as a world class city, international airport, two universities, cultural centre for the whole area, etc. Americans CAN buy property in Canada no issue. In contrast to opening a bank acct, where anything over 10k is tracked, property is not, so you can get off the radar for financial repression, at least relative to the foreign bank acct issue.

              As noted, Muslim population in NS is nil. I am, and will continue to be gracious to individual Muslims. However, once there is a large minority/plurality, you WILL see demands for sharia, then slowly the dhimmitude of the non-Muslims, followed by maybe even a jizya tax. And of course, the feminists will be forcibly removed from their positions in business, etc., and the gays marched off to soccer stadiums. Sorry, but I did two LONG graduate papers on the rise of Islam, and have read the Qu’ran twice, and it is VIOLENT, misogynistic, oppressive, parasitic and imperialistic. All these feminists and gays will find out, too late, that the Muslims gave them just enough rope to hang themselves – including the disgusting Justin Trudeau now running Canada. Muslims were NOT on vacation in Tours, France in 700s AD, nor at the gates of Vienna in the 1600s or thereabouts. Worst, the Muslim presuppositions about God, metaphysics, human nature etc. is RADICALLY different from the West, and there is a reason WHY Islam, unless it could steal from cultures it conquered, always ended up as a backward trogdolyte society (Arab science? Sorry, but it was the conquered Christian Nestorians who gave the Arabs the Greek learning; the famed number zero? Sorry, that came from conquered India).

              I differ from some here in that I WILL to help others as much as I can, to the extent I can, understanding that I won’t be able to feed the population of the nation, let alone my neighborhood. Hopefully it will never come to that!

              • TEST, I understand it’s your call to make, but I think you’ll be taking an unnecessary risk with helping anyone outside of your own family. Sorry to disagree with you on this. I love what you do here and you’re my favorite poster here. I’d hate to hear about you losing your life to anyone who refused to prepare for anything.

                • Test has it all backwards. Because of his Pagan Religion which teaches hate, greed and jealousy, these shoppers are going to get them sum then praise the lord for their accomplishment. All an illusion to dupe stupid sherp into buyinging needless crap. And even the money says In God We Trust. One hoax feeding another hoax to create more dependent debt slaves.

              • Test,with all due respect I must disagree with you on this one. I can’t help but think of the old saying about feeding a stray dog when it comes to whether or not you would feed people that ignored prepping and came to your home looking and wanting something to eat.Chances are,those people you feed will return as soon as their bellies start growling again.Once word of mouth gets out that there’s a home that will feed you,where do you think their coming to? What do you think will happen once you turn down some people because your running low on food yourself? Test,although you have good intentions,the very ones your willing to feed will more than likely turn on you the second they don’t get what they want.

                • Brave and Tojo -thanks for your responses. You are both very correct about people turning on you, how will I take care of myself, one can’t feed the whole city oneself etc. I don’t think there is a simple answer to this; however, where innocent people are hurting, I always want to bring the love of Christ to bear. Now, in the vast majority of cases, it will be, as you say, people who were just too freaking lazy, willfully ignorant, and self-entitled to have prepared; even worse, it will most likely be people who actually are the ones who CAUSED the issue! I have a LOT of leftist neighbors whom I believe will be the cause of at least our next economic crisis, and perhaps usher in even some kind of divine judgment on America, due to the 55 mm aborted babies, being the leading vendor of porn in the world, the radical homosexuals/feminists, you name it. How to untangle this Gordian knot will not be easy, and I don’t know how it might all play out. But some principles I HOPE I follow:
                  a.) If a man will not work, neither let him eat. 2 Thess. 3:10. In a crisis, if a supplicant wants help, either get a hoe or shovel and help dig, plant, whatever, or you get no help from me. The Pilgrims tried that “shared food” thing, and until they went to private plots, almost all starved to death.
                  b.) The infants, the mentally retarded, the very elderly I would hope to help as much as I can. Of course, I can’t help 10 million infants in this country, nor the 10 mm mentally handicapped. But I will try to help the people God brings across my path, to the extent I can. I really don’t know what that might look like – and of course, hope I never find out!
                  c.) My help will not be carte blanche; but it will try to recognize that all men, even these evil leftist neighbors of mine who are bringing, at minimum, a financial day of reckoning this way, are in the image of God. God was merciful to me when I was His active enemy, so I will try to bring that same attitude, WHILE keeping in my the Bible’s admonition to be “wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves.”

                  In sum, you both make great points. And I really don’t know how it might all play out – assuming there even IS a TEOTWAKI event in my lifetime. All I have at this point is some guiding principles that I hope to apply.

              • TEST – U.S. citizens, most of whom we are here on shtf, do not have Canadian citizenship.

                Although we don’t have to be a citizen to buy a house there, what’s the point if we can only stay there as long as our Visa is valid?

                It’s not that easy to get residency there. One would have to apply for Canadian Citizenship in order to live there, which is a long, tedious, frustrating process with no guarantees.

          • Brave: I agree 100%. The sad truth is what 90+% of the damn empty-minded fools in this country do nothing and probably have enough food in their damn filthy houses to last them 4-5 days if that. If you come to my place, sorry Charlie, I got NOTHING for your dumb ass. If you did not prepare, hey, whistle dixie or pound sand. If you make the mistake and give them something, you know they will be back and it will be a much bigger problem. My ass is not the local department of social services, i.e. Welfare.

            • Come On People, BRAVO! You sound like we could be related although I doubt it. I always say if you don’t prep you’re inept.

            • COP. Again, you make a very important point. I don’t know how all this will play out (and hope to never find out). My immediate neighbor is a radical leftist- Hilary signs in her yard, you name it. She had a bad car accident, and we cooked for her husband and child while she was out, visited her in the hospital, mowed their lawn, helped out when she was at home and her husband at work – and she STILL pretty much hates use, even after a number of years have gone by, because we are Christians and conservatives. Do we help her in a crisis? What about helping her over more deserving people? As I say, I don’t know how this would play out. What I do know is that historically Christians have sought to bring healing, hope, and light into a hurting world, and I would hope to follow in their footsteps. As noted, Christians were the ONLY ones in Rome to rescue unwanted babies off literal trash heaps; they were the only ones to remain behind in plague infested areas to minister (and no doubt many died). Christians were the ones to develop hospitals, not the atheists, nor the Hindus (you deserve what you got from your previous life) or Muslims (for them it is inshallah – God willed it – so good luck buddy!).

              I clearly cannot help 300mm+ Americans, nor even my full neighborhood. And I am VERY cognizant that the sleaze and self-entitled will want to take advantage of me insofar as they can. All I am saying is that my goal would be to try to illustrate the love of Christ to hurting world, to the extent that I can.

          • I think they should have Black Friday on December 2nd, the day after the EBT cards get reloaded. Stores would make a lot more money.

            • Funny how we mock the Indians for selling Manhattan Island for some glass beads… then we sell out the richest nation the world has ever seen for some gee-gaws from China that break in six months!

          • people miss the point about these fights. it is not about the cheap prices. it is about beating the crap out of the dude or dudette that thinks they can take your beanie doll.

            • Gandhi, I don’t know where you’ve been, but it IS about the bargains. And it’s true that too many people get into fights over the last stupid item on sale that both people want to get.

        • It will really be bad when there is no food.

          • Menzo, it will be even worse for them if any of them try to force their way into my home to take whatever I have and I have to take their stupid asses out of this world.

            • If we have to shoot people stealing our stuff, threatening to kill us, they will end up dead but the bodies must be dumped somewhere (rivers, down ravines, buried in remote areas away from your house/land. One man told me you just can’t leave them lying around. Something to think about if worse comes to worse.

              • The great thing about living next to a wilderness area is that “No carcass goes to waste !!!”

                To coin a phrase. 🙂

                • Buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms.

                • Speaking of which, DK, I was out cross-country skiing at twilight two winters ago, at a very large forest preserve a couple blocks from our house, and came across a deer carcass completely and utterly stripped to the bone from coyotes we have around. Only shred of meat left on it was the ears – everything else was completely picked utterly clean!

              • good fertilizer for the plants.

              • Hogs

                • Nail,
                  Agreed. I have three pigs, and lots of wild pigs running around. No problem cleaning up the mess.

              • Gotta backhoe.

                • river?

                  • Christmas ornaments….gonna hang em up in the trees in the front yard for all to see( and let the crows dine).

              • ask hillary where she hides her victims. i bet she has several piles.

              • take them down the way and burn them literally and be done with it.

            • I don’t think we’re going to have to be too concerned. It appears to me that the herd is self culling.

          • It is going to be real hard to tell just what is worse when it, as in SHTF, happens to the goin’s on right now. After not only years of this stupidity and the stream of exposure to be able to witness such ridiculous behavior, there appears to be no shame in being caught up in greed, selfishness and a disregard for anything remotely approaching ‘goodwill towards man’ and a Christian ethic. Resembles to me the worst of a savage paganism. Hate to say it; but, the devil seem to have won.

        • Also works with fearing God.

          I find that “secularists / atheists / agnostics” 😉 are extremely superstitious, when watching witchy movies.

          If you are humanists, recognize that they are human emotions.

          Religious people haven’t invented these feelings.

          • Beaumont has it all bacwards too. Religion is the biggest fear porn propaganda out there. “DO AS I SAY OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELL” Friggin misguided Pagans always self indulging morons, think they know it all cause the Bible says so. Burn that too along with the corpses. Good tinder fire starter. Religion teaches Hate, greed and Jealousy. After they worship a jealous God. Says so right out their seedy book. Wars and genocide are fought over who’s religious hoax is more believable. Idiots!!!!!

        • hey, where are the white people fight videos?

      2. The Evil Empire doing what it does best.

      3. Not that this matters much now to our post-modern, post-Christian Amerika, but just an historical note for those few who might still be interested.

        “Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

        – Jesus Christ, in Luke 12:15

        • I’m glad it matters to some of us.

      4. Just WAIT until these types of people run out of food during a crisis….

        • TEST, that’s exactly what I dread and I believe we all do. Any of those people try to forcibly get into my home I’ll be forced to shoot them. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect me and mine but it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

          • Brave, in Roman times, it was ONLY the Christians who remained behind, e.g., when plagues hit. It was Christians who took abandoned babies off literal trash heaps. It was Christians who started orphanages, the Red CROSS, hospitals (you don’t see Atheist Hospital of Pisgy Switch anywhere, now do you!!), etc.

            In some type of national emergency, I will try to help the weak, the mentally retarded, the vulnerable, the infants, the elderly as much as a I can (part of readiness means you won’t just be another mouth to feed). That’s all well and fine, but what about those who forcibly try to take things, what about the lazy and self-entitled? For the latter, St. Paul gave us instructions: If a man won’t work, neither let him eat. For able bodied, I will help as a quid pro quo for them providing their OWN keep. For those that forcibly try to take things? I believe in nonviolence, but I don’t think self-defense fits in in that rubric, so if forced to defend, e.g., my wife from being killed, then English law going back to Blackstone recognizes self defense as part of natural law. Let us hope and pray it never comes to that!

            It’s funny tho. Every time I see stuff like this, I am reminded of the Welsh Christian revival over a century ago now. The whole CULTURE changed, and one comment was that the police in Wales had nothing to do, as people were now SELF restrained. Self restraint! Imagine that with the folks in the vidoes. The US **has** had two major revivals that changed this country before. The first one, let by the like of George Whitfield, many say was a necessary precondition for the US Revolution to end up like it did, and not in the French Reign of Terror. The second on in the 1800s had similar salubrious effects. May God grant we have one again, or we will lose our country, and our freedoms.

            • TEST, what you mentioned about what Christians did in Roman times is interesting. I wasn’t aware of that. As far as another revival here is concerned I’m afraid it would take ONE nuclear attack on any US major city for that to happen. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

            • BTW, just for clarity’s sake, the Red Cross didn’t start until I believe Clara Barton started in in the 1800s.

          • MY gut feeling on SHTF attacks on our redoubts is that the mob will have the force of law. When the balloon goes up and the masses are starting to go hungry in the cities, they will empower the government to redistribute what we Preppers have, nationalize farms, etc..

            Our very neighbors will rat us out. A 12 gauge will not come in handy when armored government officials roll up in our driveways, I’m afraid.

            We see this spirit of socialism and redistribution already out there, 50 % of the population already accept it. It’s the very reason why socialism is such a failure, why should the masses prep if they can just empower big brother to give them their neighbor’s stuff?

            • Son Of Patriot, if we get hit by an EMP, all bets are off. There will be NO LAW AT ALL. Cops, lawyers, and judges will be at home taking care of their families. Forget dialing 911 because phones and all other electronic devices will be fried. Vehicles won’t be running unless they’re pre-1985 and even then gas won’t be available because of no power for the pumps. How the hell will anyone get to our redoubts without operational vehicles. If your neighbors turn against you they’re making themselves targets for retribution. The ones who already accept socialism are in urban areas. Most people in small towns and rural areas still believe in freedom. There’s going to be too much working against the morons who are willing to embrace socialism.

            • I’m not going to fight them with a shotgun.

              • A fully operational sprinkler system, with misters at all doors and windows, will be far more useful for mobs; pvc will deliver any kind of liquid/gas, just saying…….?

            • Redoubt. Now thats another hoax location. Sheep in fear, all gather to the same place and will find that is the place with the greatest death. They advertise it to be the safest place. Right next the the burning caldrun of Yellowstone.

              The safest place is not advertised or promoted and surely away from all the nutjobs like at Redoubt that it attracts.

      5. It’s beyond outrageous that people act this way, and even more outrageous that stores set these events into place! The stores should be sued for all they are worth when somethig bad happens! Absolutely disgusting!

      6. Wow, just think if they were after the last cans of beans on the shelf. People will kill for food, without pause should something really “bad” happen. We all know it, but the Sheep, not so much…….

        • Liberty556, I’ll definitely kill to preserve what I have for me and my own. I’m not responsible for anyone else. Whoever refuses to prep is inept.

      7. People are missing the point of Black Friday.

        Black Friday is the time for white people to riot. They just pay for it in the way out instead of stealing it like the blacks.

        • lol

      8. Dave, you hit the nail on the head. I don’t even go to any stores on Black Friday.

        • The problem is these people think they are getting good deals. Some of these items can actually be bought cheaper the week before Black Friday if you shop around. This insanity is why I wait until after lunch to go to stores on Black Friday. These cretins are either back home in bed or in jail by then and the stores are pretty empty with some deals still to be found if you are looking for items other than TVs.

      9. Let’s call it ‘All Morons Day’. I have rich friends. Know what they think about these things and politics? Just something to watch, chuckle at, and make witty repartee about. Have a nice glass of wine and watch the peasants tear themselves apart.

        I remember one couple, lovely people, but very rich and living on another planet. They got a great deal of pleasure of watching the former British prime minister Gordon Brown try and sell the bailouts of the financial services during the crash. They loved watching his mouth pop open like a letter box and guppy gulp, his jowels wobble, as he made the British people even poorer than they already are.

      10. Best to buy during the year and not wait til Black Friday. Just not worth the hassle.

      11. Black Friday Plague erupts in America…right on time set your watch by it!!!
        The corresponding collapse of modern society is revealed at Turkey Day, as trailer trash fight of Chinese made plastic toys for tots..

        Too bad the asteroid is going to “skim on by” Earth, it was mankinds last hope to turn us around by getting our attention about what really matters….but sadly the “sales” and “muh feewings” are the matter of the day instead. SMH

      12. Black Friday is a marketing gimmick used to convince customers to buy items they usually don’t even need but since the prices are so low they can’t resist.In reality the prices during Black Friday should be similar,if not even lower,ALL year round,because those items customers buy only cost pennies on the dollar to manufacturer because of cheap foreign labor.The chaos witnessed during Black Friday will be multiplied times 10 when SHTF,and there’s food shortages.A starving person is a desperate person,and will do anything to eat.More than likely a person will have to use lethal force in order to protect their belongings when SHTF,because in desperate times,desperate measures are taken,and talking your way out of a scenario is highly unlikely.

      13. i no longer participate in christmas (note small c).

        But !!!!

        I DO participate in and celebrate CHRIST MASS, the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        I do this 24/7/365 🙂

        those people in the videos NEED Jesus, bad.

        • Its called Christ Mass because if you kill Christ you create a mass………the Philosophers stone which is Ruby red….the blood of Christ.

      14. It’s interesting, to me, how some countries propagandize people to feel clean, dignified, and harmless. Nothing can ever be wrong. I mean, it’s culty, but they’re happy.

        Others propagandize us to have a gritty, grungy opinion of ourselves, where you are down on life and under the weather.

        I’m not rich, yet, but still know that these imbeciles are nowhere to be found, when you want to buy something classy.

        If you have some kind of niche interest, or ethnicity, or religion, and are attentive to that, it’s not going to be found in a nationalized, big box store.

        I never ate out of the school bacteria, I mean, cafeteria. Just saying.

      15. Is that day called ‘Black Friday’ because no matter what race the shoppers are, they all act like they’re black?

        • They all act black until they get to the checkout, where the white people pay for their goods.

      16. TVs and various electronics, toys, clothing down to cheap food but I never seen this filmed at a gun store. Just something to ponder.

        • Interesting point, Kev. Presumably because those TVs and toys are part and parcel of the mesmerizing of the population – i.e., the types in there mobbing the stores are the selfsame types that have been intentionally breathing the leftist swamp gas, and now are addicted more surely than heroin to “Keeping up with the Kartrashians,” the latest schlock from Miley Cysleaze or yesterday’s hit coming from Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywierd. They MUST have their latest hit from the pipe, from their blue pill, at all costs

          I am NOT a Huxley fan, but his big difference from Orwell was that while Orwell thought of a boot permanently smashing a face in, Huxley said people would LOVE their bonds. In this one thing, he may be right.

          Why not in a gun store is an excellent point. For one thing, every time you pull a trigger, something (e.g. a deer) could breath it’s last. One learns personal control and responsibility ipso facto from the first time one pulls a trigger. Just another reason the fascist left hates guns.

          • “breathe its” is what I meant. Gotta proof read better!

      17. Intrestingly, I was out to Walmart this past week to pick up some paint supplies and as always I would up in sporting goods section. Now I have always like the fact that Buck knives are made in the USA and when I saw they had gift sets for Christmas I took a second look. Usually, if I see some kind of gift set that might make a quick gift at a later date, I will make note to check back after Christmas to see if they have marked them down and buy a few sets. Anyway, while looking at the two piece Buck knife set I happened to notice on the back in small print Made in China. Go figure. I was very suprised and disappointed that Buck would stoop to this level of what I consider fraud since they always claim Buck knives are made in USA. Pays to read close.

        • Only Buck fixed blade knives are still made in ‘Merica. The folders were made in China. When the latest Grandson took over the reigns last year, he made a promise that all of Buck knives would be produced in ‘Merica again. Could be that these are just some old stock to get rid of. I still have my old Buck #110 locking folder that I purchased when I was eight years old from a Western Auto store. Back then if you could walk and had cash they’d sell it to you back then.

        • You may not agree with me ,but the only product America produces with made in America on it is Bullshit.

      18. the useless folk are no longer culled by massive infantry losses during large scale wars, so we will have to do it ourselves in our front yards, ready/willing/able

      19. Let’s just say that between the day before Thanksgiving and the day after Black Monday I stay home. Maybe go to the gym. On Turkey Day, I take the back way to the home of my brother and sister-in-law’s.

        It’s not funny anymore. This type of behavior didn’t exist until the Middle Class came into being. Give people a little money and they are guaranteed to do stupid things.

        The only cure for this kind of madness and mayhem is to take the Middle Class’ cash and credit cards away. They (we) don’t deserve them.

        When the reason is given for the death of the Middle Class videos of Black Fridays will be played. That’s all it will take.

        • Give people a lot of money and they are guaranteed to do debauched things.

      20. If these people were fighting over food that is one thing…but if
        they are fighting over a big screen tv… that is stupid.

        Fighting over material things not needed for life, freedom or
        protection is “idolatry.”

        Why would anyone subject themselves to elbows, pushing,
        hateful comments, liberal (ill) manners, the smelly unwashed
        masses, diseased bodies and lice infested heads of hair?

        Excuse me….but I am simply not that desperate to “worship idols” or
        “own material crap”.

        Fighting over food is stupid also. If you allow yourself to deplete your
        supply….or if you lose it to disaster….you should have prepared a plan B.

        I see people on some comment boards complain about billionaires
        and trillionaires having so much money! Duh!!! Then fix it!!!
        Quit buying their products, services, etc., etc.!!!
        It is your own greedy fault. Force them to lower the price, make trade offs,
        withhold your dollars, buy from competitors, or form boycotts!!
        Still want their business? Then sit down and shut the heck up!

        Meanwhile, have a “Happy….Happy Christ’s Birthday!”
        Be thankful for health, prosperity, families, friends, and living the good
        Bless those serving our country, and their families (whom the soldiers
        must leave during the holidays) to keep us safe here at home.
        Bless those here at home who are fighting to save us from communisum.

      21. This shit is so damn ridiculous. I have NEVER taken part of this garbage and I never will. People acting like complete assholes to chase after more silly possessions – DISGUSTING and sad.

      22. Taking your life in your hands inside. Only to get robbed in the parking lot as many have.

      23. USA home of the fee and land of the slaves.
        The many horrible black Friday stories is the reason why we prep.
        When shtf Americans are going to be ready kill each other for a loaf of bread.
        The elite rob Americans blind daily through the Federal Reserve, yet Americans are ready to stampede for things they don’t need.

        • How true mate.its no different here in uk,absolutely clueless to what’s going on,stay safe

      24. I saw a few kids in the video and think bringing a child or even a teenager in there is child endangerment. I saw some white people in the videos but mostly blacks because most pavement apes love the excitement of the mob rush. It’s in their DNA, from their spear-chucking jungle days.

        There’s also a good possibility some of the mob rushers are sexual predators who will grope a child or teen and of course easily get away with it even though a child is traumatized. Very dangerous. And absolutely disgraceful. Putting your child in that situation is endangerment while teaching them that this behavior is normal. No question about it.

        People like that are the kind who will come and try to take your stuff in a shtf because they feel entitled to it for no other reason then they didn’t prep and have nothing. I don’t care if they drop dead, just not on my property. These people are not cool for getting amazing bargains. What they are is disgusting and disgraceful.

        • Anonymous, I couldn’t agree more.

        • LMFAO!

      25. Humanity deserves NOTHING!! That is why belief in Jesus Christ alone is our only hope! Imagine how worse it will be when this scenario is about food! Not if! WHEN! Come Lord Jesus!

      26. Some of these idiots brought their children, even toddlers, into this mayhem. I guess they really are that stupid.

      27. I went to Walmart in another town this afternoon just out of curiosity. It was nothing like this at all. The store was packed full of merchandise still. There were a lot of people, but I didn’t see any pushing or shoving. Everyone was their usual Southern polite selves.

        Maybe it was different earlier in the day.

      28. Worrisome. Wait until these bottom feeders run out of food
        and water. They will loot and take lives to survive. Better to prep now, than to wait till it’s too late. If you try to loot from me, you will meet your maker. That’s a promise.

      29. Lawless uncivilized savages with no socially redeeming value.

      30. mmooooooooooooooo

      31. A lot of the people in these videos look very well fed. I do not remember any of this going on when I was growing up in the seventies, is a modern day phenomenon? I was in the States for Christmas last year, all I gave for gifts was gourmet and imported food items, so was able to avoid this type of scene. Looks very dangerous, and most of this stuff people probably do not really need. It does make one apprehensive over what would happen in a real emergency.

        • Tahini, damn good points. A huge percentage of those people need to skip some meals. I’m surprised they can even move around at all in a store like they do without kicking the bucket.

      32. Who could block the land whales diving for deals?

      33. You’re such an idiot, promoting the lies of the mainstream media. Presenting, promoting the myth that the Americans go out and riot for a few shekels.

        How do you know that these are not the usual paid actors from Craig’s, the usual suspects, that are presenting the Americans as scum?

        As far as I know, the GREAT majority of AMericans are home for Thanksgiving, and NOT lowering themselves to these standards.

        • Get a grip Nona. These are the real deal. These tree dwellers are for real. And as far as being scum…. well, most of ’em …..ARE!

      34. The general population of the USA are not citizens, they are consumers; they have been weaned on bread and circuses. They are takers and users, and inculcated with a sense of entitlement. Large sections of society have been taught that someone else, specifically the earners, the working people, the taxpayers, or even family and neighbors are responsible to see that all their needs and wants are met. There is NO doubt in a crisis the vast majority will expect the gov’t to enforce redistribution, they have no sense of personal responsibility. They possess no skills or mind set to assist or build society, hell, they probably don’t even understand common courtesy or decency. They are actually little more than than mindless predators driven only by appetite.
        In a SHTF scenario mobs will quickly form stripping bare everything likely with incredible violence, but resources won’t last long, it will be like trying to shove a 100 people in a lifeboat meant for 10 when material goods cannot be obtained. They will use any and all means to take anything from anybody because they are self-entitled; merely wanting it or needing it is sufficient justification to kill, assault, steal, rob, rape, and destroy property.
        If a SHTF event hits I won’t wait long to decide if it is apparent I need to bug out. I will already be readying for the moment if necessary. Before leaving I will smash and destroy everything I can’t take or don’t need and render my townhouse unlivable as a parting gift to the mobs.

      35. All the normal descriptors have been made….fat…….latino….dragging kids in. BUT, what an opportunity for a radical/mass murderer to make their statement, w/o the loss of meaningful lives, such as a Country Music Festival, (Vegas), would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

      36. Really sad to see what’s become of the sheeple,doors open on black Friday and its like lambs to the slaughter. Just imagine if that was a shtf last minute shop,hundred times more people to buy water,batteries, etc.
        Shootings,knife killings,and more.
        No thanks just got what we need all who prep,no point queuing to get killed ,it will be hard enough when it does happen so why risk it for some crap you don’t need,stay safe
        UK watcher

      37. I usually venture out later in the morning to people watch and pick up a few gifts, but this year I was traveling to Disney World. No one who is unable to successfully navigate small things like Black Friday will be able to survive a real emergency.

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