Running Of The Sheep: America 2014 in Video: People Trampled, Brawls, Cops Assaulted, Tasers, Mayhem…

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Headline News | 532 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    In Pamplona, Spain the yearly tradition is to throw yourself into an arena and run for your life as an onslaught of bulls chases you. In America, we have a similar tradition, but the bulls are replaced with human sheeple who will stop at nothing to ensure they walk away with the best consumer deals they can find. People are often hurt in both events and sometimes the annual runnings even lead to death as the weaker sheep are trampled during all the commotion.

    This year the Boston Globe estimates that about 100 million Americans will head out for their annual running and they’ll spend upwards of $13 billion in a single day.

    The action this year started on Thanksgiving Day and sheep across the nation looking for mega-discounts on cheaply built toasters, electronics and other consumables didn’t hesitate to jump into the ring.

    It’s on.

    America 2014 in Videos and Pictures:

    It’s so exciting… watch as they open the gates at Urban Outfitters:

    A brawl over… lingerie?

    That’s my TV. MINE.

    A straight-up mall brawl… with flying trashcans included!

    They won’t let go… They just won’t let go…

    Dear England, here’s what you get for messing with us in 1812… Payback baby. Welcome to the Running:

    Scotland… William Wallace would be so proud… Freeeeeedom!

    The man in the Chicago Bears jersey is committed…The lady in the green jacket really wants that speaker.

    A war over flash memory cards…. really? Really!?!

    A bunch of yelling that we don’t understand…

    Is that flat screen worth a taser to the chest?

    A Compilation of the Worst Black Friday Disasters:

    Black Friday – 1869 

    It wasn’t always a shopping day. In fact, the 1869 Black Friday was a bit different than today. There was mass panic and brawling to be sure, but not because people wanted to save money on the latest in telegraph technology.

    The stock markets had collapsed after a banking conglomerate had manipulated the gold price. When gold crashed so did stocks and millions of dollars in personal wealth along with them.

    It was reported that angry mobs dragged bankers and tellers into the streets and strung them up in town squares, though no known pictures of said events have survived.

    This was the scene in New York:


    Obviously, it was in the interests of banks and mega-retailers to rebrand the term “Black Friday.”

    Santa Claus is here with a message for you parasites:

    Shame on you for mindlessly consuming… you mentally enslaved morons going deeper into debt that you will soon regret… spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. 006

        I am sitting happily at home today nice and warm, not having any interest in approaching any commercial establishments at all. I am sure many who visit this site are doing the same. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

        • SterlingSilver

          The Ballad of Michael Brown, Jr

          Michael Brown jr, where are you?
          “Why I’m at Walmart and Target with my posse crew!

          We’re smashing out windows and stealing goods,
          And bringin’ justice back to the ‘hood.

          We’re showin’ the pigs that we demand respect,
          So we burn our own houses, to keep whitey in check.

          We’ll loot our own shops and torch the store,
          To show the cops we won’t take anymore.

          My life is my caddy, my welfare, and bling,
          Cause whitey owes me, so says Sharpton and King.

          We kill our own people and live by the gun,
          And act like the thug who could be Obama’s own son.

          Now you know who Holder is for,
          He’s there to help us start a race war.

          And any white that defends his ground,
          Will be a hate filled racist, to be run out of town.

          So judge my character and not my skin,
          But because I’ black, you owe me and my kin.

          Welfare and freebies should be on your dime,
          ‘no time to work when I’m busy with crime.

          At the end of the day when our loot is gone,
          We’ll rap a sad ballad about how we’ve been wronged.

          We’ll cry and weep while we stand in ash,
          And hold out our hands, for food stamps and cash.

          Don’t mock us because we destroy our own shit,
          The jokes on you cause you paid for it!

          And finally when our ‘hood is burned,
          We hope that whitey will have listened and learned.
          ‘Bout how we’ve been wronged from cradle to grave,
          Cause we built this great nation when we was a slave.”

          • durango kidd

            Sterling Silver: You are a massive talent!!! 🙂

            Mac: My vote for article of the year, this year! These videos are better than pro football instant replay. Everyone who agrees with me, give me a thumbs up!!! 🙂

            Yesterday, as is our practice every year, my homies and I met at a friends house on the far west side of town. His wife and daughters are great cooks and love to make Thanksgiving Day dinner.

            Everyone brings a dish, any dish. I usually bring the traditional cheese cake. Ok, not so traditional, but ya gotta start somewhere.

            Passing Arrowhead Mall I noticed a line that wrapped around Toy R US. Frankly it looked like a Star Wars movie line. The Best Buy parking lot was full, and every parking lot where a store was open, was full too.

            The Sheeple are going all out this Christmas, so Christmas sales should boost GDP unless serious weather yet mitigates the Season. Whether that is enough to kick start the consumer economy again is anyone’s guess …..

            But I’ll wager its the last Hurrah!!! 🙁

            • OutWest

              Those are the people that SHTFplan
              is never going to reach.

              • wrong

                Lord how I love to sit here in my warm house and watch these videos of the sheep. I look forward to it every year now.

                Thanks Mac. Excellent!

              • Prepared Pastor

                I saw Target had the Hot Wheels track my kid wants less than half price so I motored over there an hour after opening and parked off to the side, strolled in & pickup one up, then checked out with no wait. I love being rural! Good sortie practice.

              • Hard Justice

                Those are the people when SHTF are going to be very hungry, desperate and dangerous. If they’re killing themselves right now for tech junk, when the starvation happens they’ll become cannibals.

            • the renegade braveheart

              DK, I would give you a green thumb, but we don’t have that feature anymore. I hope Mac comes up with something else soon. I’ve seen similar scenes driving around Memphis today. I always stay out of stores on Black Friday. I also suspect this will be the last hurrah.

              • cali kid


                • helot

                  I’m so glad that Red Thumbs mindless vote B.S. is gone, instead, you’ve got real comments.

                  Anyway, some People might think it’s Just Great there are lines wrapped around the building, the only problem is, most of those People are using credit to get what they want.
                  Not savings.

                  Some People say there’s no difference. They’re A-ok with a Fed manipulated Boom and call that prosperity.
                  Prosperity built on debt. …Debt is wealth, they say.
                  We’ll find out soon enough when the tide rolls out, just who is swimming naked.

                  • yourmotherwaswrong

                    The whole crony capitalist dystopia that has become America can not function for more than a few days without it’s drug of choice: QE, i.e., money printing, i.e., counterfeiting!

                    The Keynesians have no exit strategy to unwind the FED’S massive $4.5 trillion balance sheet!

                    If they end QE, and the monetary heroin stops, interest rates will rise, and the whole shitty house of cards implodes. No speculation there. That’s a fact!

                    If they continue QE to infinity, they will destroy the currency. No speculation here. It’s a fact!

                    Either way, you can stick a fork in this turkey-bird; it’s done!

                    Note: This episode has brought to you by central bankers and their Keynesian cheerleaders everywhere.

                    USA… USA… USA.

                    • durango kidd

                      YMWW: More evidence that you don’t have a clue as to how the FED works:

                      “The Keynesians have no exit strategy to unwind the FED’S massive $4.5 trillion balance sheet!”

                      The FED does not have to “unwind” their balance sheet; not now, not ever; they can add to it almost indefinitely. As toxic assets go bad, they can write them down OR NOT. They can hold them indefinitely or sell them at a HUGE discount to the member banks, guaranteeing the member banks, or hedge funds a profit.

                      You know nothing!!! Really, you don’t!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey!!! 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      the durango kidd says:

                      “The FED does not have to “unwind” their balance sheet; not now, not ever; they can add to it almost indefinitely.”

                      Yes they can add to it… but the result will be the destruction of the currency!

                      “As toxic assets go bad, they can write them down OR NOT. They can hold them indefinitely or sell them at a HUGE discount to the member banks, guaranteeing the member banks, or hedge funds a profit.”

                      LOL… My peeps, this results in “Banker Bailouts!” Writing bad loans down is a loss. Holding them indefinitely is a loss, and selling this worthless paper? Who the fuck would buy toxic paper???

                      Result: Banker Bailout

                      You know nothing!!! Really, you don’t!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey!!!


                      Post Script to the Kidd.

                      Your Keynesian system is finished!

                    • BJ


                      “LOL… My peeps, this results in “Banker Bailouts!” Writing bad loans down is a loss. Holding them indefinitely is a loss, and selling this worthless paper? Who the fuck would buy toxic paper???

                      Result: Banker Bailout”

                      Are you and Durango the same person…alter egos?

                      That reply to the idiot kidd sounded just like what he would say and how he would say it

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      @ BJ

                      I think you should reread my post.

                    • durango kidd

                      YMWW: Wrong again!!! Its not my system. Its the system I must use to prosper and I do, because I understand how the system works, and I am usually a step or two ahead of the curve.

                      When that system changes, I will adapt! I got mine. Get one! 🙂

                      Destruction of the currency? LMAO!!! Its already worth 97% less than it was worth the day the FED took control of the money supply! Wake up Rip Van Winkle!

                      You know nothing! The FED can value those “toxic assets” at whatever price level they want. Even those “toxic assets” (think MBS) generate some income and have underlying assets (think a foreclosed home).

                      They are not totally worthless and the income they generate, discounted at an investor’s desired capitalization rate produces the present value of that income stream for the security.

                      The “destruction of the currency” which you lament, represents the destruction of the dollars associated with those assets, and those destroyed dollars are REMOVED from the banking system, the money supply, and the economy. This is deflationary in character and makes the dollar STRONGER because there are fewer dollars in the system.

                      You are a fucking moron!!! 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      @the durango kidd:

                      The entire monetary/financial system is a structural fraud, and you know it!!!

                      “It’s not my system. Its the system I must use to prosper.”

                      You foist yourself on this site, and then twist and turn in defense of a corrupt system that you know is a ruin to 99.99% of your fellows.

                      But you don’t give a shit, because as you say: “I got mine.”

                      BTW: The “destruction of the currency” of which I spoke of has nothing to do with dollars associated with assets. The “destruction of the currency” means the destruction of the dollars purchasing power!

                      “You are a fucking moron!!!”

                    • durango kidd

                      YMWW: Wrong again you fucking moron!!! You said:

                      “BTW: The “destruction of the currency” of which I spoke of has nothing to do with dollars associated with assets. The “destruction of the currency” means the destruction of the dollars purchasing power!”

                      If dollars are destroyed by deflation and those dollars are deducted from the banks, the money supply, and the economy; then the purchasing power of the remaining dollars in the banks, money supply, and economy are worth more because there are fewer of them.

                      Basic supply & demand, dumbshit. 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      the durango kidd says:

                      “If dollars are destroyed by deflation and those dollars are deducted from the banks, the money supply, and the economy; then the purchasing power of the remaining dollars in the banks, money supply, and economy are worth more because there are fewer of them.”

                      I’m not talking about “deflation” DK. I’m talking about “inflation.” You are either being deliberately obtuse here, or you just don’t get it!

                      I am talking about the “destruction of the currency” brought about by the excessive growth of the money supply! Monetary Inflation. It’s called money printing, counterfeiting or currency debasement, and it’s what the Keynesian schmucks at the FED are engaged in; the “destruction of the currency” by way of monetary inflation!

                      This is Econ 101 DK, and I would think a former banker like yourself would get it. Personally, I think you do get it. So why are you arguing for a position I’m not arguing against!

                      Q: Why would you do that?

                      A: “Deflation” is the go-to boogeyman all Keynesians invoke. It’s all they want to talk about because it gives them cover to “print” money.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Helot, I never go to stores on Black Friday and I never use credit for anything, either. I use cash for everything I buy. No credit cards for me, ever. I’m literally debt-free. It’s an awesome feeling. Take care.

                  • durango kidd

                    helot/Clark: You don’t like voting because nine times out of ten, when you posted early enough for anyone to see your post, it was thumbed out of view and that hurt your little faggot heart. 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      @ the durango kidd

                      I seem to remember you being thumbed out of view!

                      “… and that hurt your little faggot heart.”

                    • durango kidd

                      YMWW: Yes, more than once. Many times. And in fact I may actually hold the record for thumbs down; in which case I would take great pride in the ignorance of the Sheeple and re-double my efforts to re-educate.

                      Just as I do you. 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      the durango kidd says:

                      “I may actually hold the record for thumbs down.

                      Not a chance Oh Humble One!

                      The boobs on this site fawn all over you… god knows why.

                      I think the reason has some correlation with the low IQ Ferguson types!

                      DK… DK… DK.

                  • Anonymous

                    People and governments that use credit for temporary gains do not care about the debt incurred because THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF PAYING IT BACK. If they declare bankruptcy, any recovery of the amount will be at a fraction of the amount owed.

                • Nobama

                  Kali Kid, grow up. The red thumbs thing was for kids and queers.

                  • durango kidd

                    Nobama: No, the thumbs up or down was an indicator of what the community here believed as a whole, and that was a useful barometer to gauge viewer sentiment.

                    Personally, I never complained about getting a majority of red thumbs; and I didn’t really care. Typically that led me to re-double my efforts to explain my views about different topics, even when that view was unpopular and even if MY view was right.

                    IE. Rancher Bundy. Michael Brown. Hyperinflation. Deflation. Quantitative easing. The price of gold and silver. The strength of the Dollar. The flow of funds back to the USA. Just to name a few. 🙂

                    • yourmotherwaswrong

                      the durango kidd says:

                      “Nobama: No, the thumbs up or down was an indicator of what the community here believed as a whole, and that was a useful barometer to gauge viewer sentiment.”

                      If that were true, Mac would still have the rating system in place. Wrong again McFly!!!

                    • BJ

                      Exactly right YMWW, some would just kept repeatedly thumbing down the same post until it disappeared. It was a silly immature facebook type thing anyway.

                    • durango kidd

                      BJ: You could only thumb a post up or down once. 🙂

                    • BJ

                      Wrong AGAIN kidd, ask Iopenedyoureyes. That person did it and made all the posts disappear one night to show what a stupid system it was and how it could be abused. I am very close friends with that poster and I watched them do it.

                      Your wrong way more than you are ever right.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      DK, remember the article on the Walmart shooting? That was the ONLY article where I got a record number of red thumbs. I took a hell of a beating that day, but I still stand by my remarks on that one. This tiger NEVER changes his stripes for anyone.

                    • Anonymous

                      @ BJ:

                      LOL… yup, the kidd knows not of what he speaks!

                      Being a pompous ass who knows everything, you would think he would understand the concept of “proxies.”

                      Just as “voting” on this site was proven to be a manipulated joke, “voting” in general elections is at risk of being a manipulated joke.

                      There is a reason the establishment pushes Diebold Election Systems on the sheeple!

              • Paranoid

                For the first time ever my wife and I went shopping today. Waited until 4 PM no unruly crowds. What was unreal is the prices; if we had paid full price we would have spent about $750. Was ridiculous, we got most of the stuff at 60% off, Then got another 20% off because I applied for a credit card and got more store credit for next week, about $40. Ended up paying about $220.
                The important thing is, nothing we bought was just consumption. It was all honest stuff, we needed and will be used, Pillows, bedding, PJ’s. These stores are nuts, they price things way up and wonder why we won’t buy without a sale

          • sixpack

            OMG! A herd of cows fighting over lingerie! 350 pound heifers trying to get that red teddie and matching thong… if that isn’t enough to make you puke, I don’t know what is. 🙂

            • durango kidd

              SAixpack: Probably the visual thought of her wearing it. Hope that makes your day!!! 🙂

              • sixpack

                I wasn’t going to let my mind go there…talking about getting lost in the cracks. 🙂

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Sixpack, I understand. The videos were hard enough to get through.

              • boiled frog

                a good crowd for a couple of heavies with AKs to clean house. Thats a video i’d like to c lol

              • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                Thanks, DK. I really needed THAT mental image.

                • durango kidd

                  I do what I can. 😉

                  • Walt Kowalski

                    Just great….now I’m gonna wake up screaming.

                    DK…you’re a bad man.

                    • durango kidd

                      Walt: Ha-Ha! I thought you were doing that now. It must just be the voices inside my head, or the closest FM station.

                      Happy Thanksgiving Walt!!! 🙂

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    DK, helot, ymww, and bj just don’t ‘get it’.

            • Old Gringo

              Imagine what it will be like when the S really does HTF.
              You. Never. Have. Enough. Ammo.

              • Da Yooper

                Black Friday & the running of the chimps

                It just isn’t worth it to me to go & try & shop in the zoo

              • BayBay

                That is what scares me. If people get this violent over underwear and TV’s then what will they do when they haven’t eaten in a week? Seeing these videos really saddens me, I just can’t understand how we have gotten to this point. Sad.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  BayBay, those are the kind of people we preppers can never reach. I tried to persuade people about prepping right after Katrina and all I got were blank stares. It will be horrific.

                  • fishandmud

                    @ renegade braveheart : I agree it will be horrific, but on a positive note, one week with no food will make their weak minds weaker and their bodies will also be weaker. Better for us that the multitudes will be weak.
                    Never wait until you are hungry to start looking for food. The more hungry you are, the more mistakes you will make.
                    Hope everybody here had a great Thanksgiving, and many more.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      Yeah it will be funny watching the worthless eaters shrink in size during SHTF, that they will be swimming in their tents for clothes. America needs to go on a massive diet. For many Black Friday is the most exercise these chips get all year. Then planted the other 364 day in front of their big screens watching Jerry Springer.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Fishandmud, they’ll get hungry in just 1 day and that’s when they’re the most dangerous, when they still have some strength to do something. If we’re lucky we might have 2-3days at the most before the hordes come knocking on our doors.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      Hell these Fat Slobs get impatient and ticked off if their greasy biggy McFries and Reconstructed McChicken nuggets are a few minutes late going through the Drive Thru. Imagine a fter 3 days with no food. Mass Death. Will make Black Friday look like a Picnic.

                    • OLd Nam Vet

                      It will be like the picture of an office running out of coffee.
                      I logged onto this site this morning for a good bit of entertainment and wow did I get it. When I saw Dk and YMWR going at it again all I did was smile,Love it. Don’t give up guys we need the smiles and laughs, and away we go…

                • JustMe

                  It began with a little book, called “Propaganda”, by one Edward Bernays…

                  Here’s the first paragraph of chapter I, called:

                  “Organizing Chaos

                  The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses ia an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Edward Bernays, Propaganda

                  So, you see, what you are witnessing today, is a by-product of life in a psychological warfare environment. The follow-up after Bernays, was the integration of The Frankfurt School’s methods into the American education system, and media. This has paved the way for marxism to be instituted in virtually every important institution in America. They can tolerate a bit of consumerism, until they have made their final play, so the running of the shopping sheeple is acceptable.

                  The parasites must be laughing their collective @$$es off when they watch those vids. Once the initial frenzy is over, it will be back to manipulation as usual…

            • Cellar Spider

              What bewilders me is that I have NEVER seen anything of value on sale during the PsyOps Hyped “Black Friday”.

              43 inch Flat Panel TV’s with 60Hz refresh rate….$69.00??? You couldn’t pay me to take that. A cathode ray tube TV performs better than that. IPads with 16GB for $199.00…..Useless. Need at least 64GB. And the list goes on and on.

              It’s all a scam such that big box stores can clear their useless inventories that they couldn’t sell for 5 years such that they don’t get taxed on it.

              Total B.S. The Ultimate Sheep Feeding Day.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                The retailers buy this useless crap for pennies on the dollar from china slave market, then mark it up 1000% then advertise 30% off and these usless sheep gobble it up. BRILLIANT SAID THE JOO!!

            • Yasha7

              Maybe we could think about the 350-pound steer who thinks he’s Adonis buying a 4xxx thong for himself…that makes me want to puke, as well.

            • the rocker

              ^^^^that so fking funny!!! om gosh that made me laugh so hard …cause it’s so true..

            • snake eater

              sixpack my old milk cow would look better in it


              • sixpack

                I’d rather imagine your old milk cow in it… 🙂

                • snake eater

                  be careful I love that cow hahahahahahaha


                  • Netranger

                    Hey! Dont be insulting that cow! At least the cow PRODUCED SOMETHING, unlike many from this other “herd”…

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Netranger, oh so true. The “herd” in that video had ‘mad cow disease’.

                    • sixpack

                      Touche, netranger.

          • the renegade braveheart

            SterlingSilver, that was top-notch. Fits Brown and the other hoodrats to a T. Eppe, it looks like you have some competition now.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Yawn, go somewhere else with your commie propaganda and go f#$% yourself.

            • fishandmud

              I wish Mac could figure out the RED THUMB thing.

              • Nobama

                He did figure it out. Removing it was a huge improvement to this site.

                • Smooth Criminal

                  Agreed Nobama. It helps to alleviate the trolling situation.

            • Anonymous

              @ braveheart…. If you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit.

            • snake eater


              I agree go away commie


          • Yuri Sonovobić

            Brilliant! I can hear Jay Z layin’ it down …

          • Buck


            I’d give you a thumbs up ….if I could.

            Seems as though that privilege has been taken away like so many.

            Mac, bring back the thumbs. I miss ’em. Not the same reading this site. Rather boring without them.

            • helot

              Buck says, “I’d give you a thumbs up ….if I could.”

              Psft, didn’t you just do that?

              Your comment was a Hell of a Lot less boring than just another Thumbs Up.

              I Really Don’t get you guys who are so fixated on voting.
              You voice is so much more than that.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Voting on here was pretty much like Voting for President. The dumber useless comments got the most votes to pacify the other dolt low IQ sheep.. Voting is for lazy Sheep who don’t have to use their brains and actually think of a comment, know how to organize their comment and use their keyboard to put it in print. There was even one useless poster on here that would even cut and paste someone else’s thoughts or useless irrelevant jokes for votes. And we are glad that now people have to use their brains to reflect their IQ of a relevant subject matter.

              • BJ

                Neither do I helot. But I do find it disturbing how many here are specifically crying for the RED thumbs to come back and I’d bet the farm it is because with the old red thumb system, you can make peoples comments and thoughts disappear. They are clearly anti free speech….which is at the heart of the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  BJ and Helot, the site is different since the thumbs feature was removed. But none of us are anti-free speech here. All of the MSM sites are definitely anti-free speech.

                • durango kidd

                  BJ: The red thumb, green thumb system provided an insight into the collective mind of the community. Personally, if a comment was thumbed out of view, I made a point to read it.

                  Even yours!!! 🙂

                  • Rebel in Idaho

                    yup, curiosity, the cat, and all that

              • Mountain Trekker

                Seem there are many on here that claim to know so much about freedom and the Constitution and even God, although its hard to tell. Some have so much hatered for law enforcement, most likely because they violated the law and had to face justice sometime or another. And then we have those that if they don’t like a voting system they try and use intimidation and profanity to beat people down. Sounds more like the Communist Manifesto. Talk about freedom, look for a flaw in a system and then do what YOU can to destroy that system because YOU don’t like it. Sorry but that ain’t freedom. I don’t know who iopenedyoureyes might be, but you done us no favor. If you did’nt like the old system you should have expressed it in your comments, I personally think you are a coward for the method you used. And I would have no desire to go through a SHTF senario with anyone like you. Trekker Out.

            • Nobama

              The thumbs up/down thing is a homo thing. If you want thumbs up to to Fagbook.

              • durango kidd

                Facebook needs me. Facebook needs you. I don’t need Facebook. 🙂

          • SterlingSilver

            @YAWN: Yeh, I wake up every morning and look in the mirror and just say to myself “Ah shit…I”m still white! Damn I wish I was a monkey and a thug…then maybe I’ wouldn’t have all this white guilt and I wouldn’t have to be so ashamed of my white privilege and heritage and all this heavy blame that is so cumbersome on my shoulders. Cause ya know, I apparently enslaved millions of brothas and have kept them under the heavy yoke of bondage and so they need me to hate myself.”

            Would that make you happy YAWN? Go fuck yourself.

            • the renegade braveheart

              SterlingSilver, I agree with you about Yawn. He makes me YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

          • Mr. Bill


            A class act, +1,000

          • snake eater

            Good one I commend you Sterling Silver


          • arizona

            truer words have never been spoken

        • fred

          I’m right there with you. Nothing in any of these places I want. Sitting by the wood stove today getting a few important things done.

          • Rebel in Idaho

            unless you’re like me and miss-calculated the amount of sheet metal and 2×4’s you needed to finish the barn. All I wanted was a few new breakers to wire it properly, 5 sheets of 8′ roofing panel, and 4 8′ 2×4’s so my buddy and I could work today and finish the barn.
            It was awful, even for a Saturday. I’m trying to get work done before winter sets in for real and I’m miserable for hours competing with idiots buying crap. At HD even, imagine if I had gone near a regular retail store.
            Though I admit my experience at the feed and seed store was quite pleasant, short, and with the usual great service.


            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I went out shopping for a new girlfriend. One of the best places are Home Depot cause chicks will stop and ask for tool advice. And we know where that leads to? Yep the screw driver Isle.

              “I See!!” said the Blind Man who picked up a hammer and saw.

        • Anonymous

          Running of the idiot dumbasses is more like it……..I’m staying home today guarding the wine and leftovers hehehe……..

        • bugger

          I went to Walmart in Corpus only because my wife asked me to. We waited two hours, from 4 to 6 p.m, in line on the soda pop and chips aisle to get tickets to buy two 50 inch flat screens for $210 each. We were numbers 71 and 72. Nobody got rough even though it was crowded at times moving through the store. No problems at all, and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Tis the Season. Did you get all your Christmas Shoplifting done yet?? Just wait for the smash and grabber flash mobs.

          Just another man made Holiday to fleece the sheep and make everybody feel guilty that they have to empty their wallets needlessly. I buy everything I need during the year. I boight fence material and worked putting it up all day. Whooohoooo. Now enjoying a beer and Fine Cigar

          • the renegade braveheart

            WWTI, I’m with you on that. All I’m getting for Christmas is my usual preps, same things I buy all year round and with CASH. No credit cards for me, ever. Don’t want them, don’t need them.

            • fishandmud

              I price shop. Almost ever hoiday and when school starts you can get better deals on your preps. ake advantage whenever you can to maximize your dollar.

              • fishandmud

                Take advantage whenever you can to maximize our dolar.

          • Rebel in Idaho

            Drinking a nice merlot and wishing for that cigar here. Happy thanksgiving wwti.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Thanks Rebel in ID. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too. Finushed putting up a fence and building a gate. Just need to add the hinges and latch. Check out ThompsonCigars out of Tampa, FL. Sticks for as low as a Buck. Mail order some. Great deals for cigar chompers. Cheers!!

        • Stan522

          Almost 57 years on this planet and I have NEVER shopped the day after Thanksgiving and I never will. Just more examples on how much we have devolved as a society. Earlier today, I was reading a British tabloid website that simply makes fun of our buffoonery on this day. Pathetic!

          • lonelonemum

            Actually that Brit tabloid needs to keep quiet. For the first time ever led by a charge of US owned retailers we endured our own Black Friday shame here in the UK today. It’s a US import we could have done without. My son looked up some of the UK youtube vids with the neighbous kids and was horrified.

            The child and I finished up with tidying after repainting our sitting room earlier this week, and sorted out a list of the items we need to make the last few home made gifts for family, friends and neighbours this month.

            Tomorrow we’ll finish putting up his trampoline in the back garden and then make soaps, jelly soaps and bath bombs before going to see a community panto. (ticket money goes to charity). The first plant for the mixed edible hedge we want to plant at the bottom of the garden arrived too. Sloe gin for years to come lol!

            I’m another one who avoids credit cards like the plague. Keep one in the freezer in case of a genuine emergency but otherwise house is paid off, car is old but wholly owned by myself and I can home school as a result. No 50 inch TV here but they only show rubbish on it anyway, so apart from documentaries we are not great TV watchers. We’d rather live life than watch it play out on a screen.

            Purchases in this house are confined to what we need, and the occasional small luxury – not the tat the shops can’t get off their hands any other way but a Black Friday mob mentality stampede.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Lonelonemum, good to hear from you again. I avoid the madness known as Black Friday like the plague myself. I don’t use credit for anything. No loans, credit cards, etc. for me ever. I use cash for most of my transactions. have a debit card but onlyuse it to pay certain bills. The only things I get at Christmas are the usual prep supplies I normally buy all year long. Have a TV but no TV service. Have a DVD/VCR combo player connected to the TV for movies. Other than that, I’m an internet junkie. Take care.

              • Paranoid

                Normally I avoid credit cards also, but today they were offering 20% off if you started a new one, and 5% off if you used one. So I got one, charged nearly $300 bucks of stuff we really needed, then went over to customer service and paid it off, before we left the store. With the 60% off on some sale stuff, we got some very good deals. The store is nuts.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Paranoid. Did you know when you open up a instore credit card it damages your credit score as an inquiry ding? Do that 5 times this season and you reduce your score by 100+ points which affects your cost of borrowing for larger item like a car or house. Plus now that store has your SS# opens you up for hackers to steal your identityand they sell your personal credit info to other solicitor who can steal your identity. And I can surely bet you read the fine print on that instore credit application that just gab e the store your permission to shsre your info with the world. But hey you saved 20% on some trinkets you needed and satisfied your sheep mentality. And I also bet you told your other sheep friends and family what a sheep you are and they need to go do the same thing to get fleeced.

                  • Paranoid

                    Get a life. I could care less about my Credit card credit scores. I don’t owe anything on credit cards. I have had one or more for over 40 years, never paid any interest on one, except once $5, in the early 1970’s, when I didn’t know you were supposed to pay it off at a specific bank. I do keep a 3/4 Million dollar line of credit at one of my family Co’s. If I need it, so suck off.

                    • eppe

                      Amen NOID, never had a credit account to count on. Mind you it is 839 out of 850. Mid you if it is below 700, well get ready, they will jack you….WWTI, Where is your level???

                    • Anonymous

                      800+ jackass with all sorts of credit in any direction I want. Too bad you don’t qualify Mikey Snail. How about post something or original or news worthy. Oops bt you can’t 65 IQ eppy snail.

                  • Stan522

                    The bigger “ding” comes if you end up cancelling the card. Opening up credit, then owing a bit of money and then showing that you can and will pay it off will help your credit –whether you want it or not Paranoid ;-]

                    • BJ

                      Keep your owed balance at between 11% and 19% of credit limit on that card and you’ll get upticks in score of 3-5 points a month.

        • 73redskin

          My black Friday shopping trip was to the local gun shop for some special pricing on ammo. The line was very orderly and people were very polite while waiting their turn. A well=armed society is a polite society.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Mark Dice is funny, but this last video showing him on Thanksgiving 2014 is the same one as Thanksgiving 2013. Notice most of these people in these videos are people of color and the Pigs trying to restore some kind of order are white. Very Interesting! Trekker Out.

        • buggymak110

          Well Well what a bunch of morrons to save money on chineese crap !!!! I will be laughing my ass off when the big one come to town! !!! See them fight for a can of beans and water….. but to look at this the positive way they will have some practice !!!!! Sick very sick society.

      2. BJ

        Police Investigation
        1. No measurements by medical examiners were taken on the scene in regards to where cop was standing in relation to the body….because, “it was self explanatory.”
        2. Cop was allowed to drive himself ALONE back to the station.
        3. Cop was allowed to wash the blood off his hands before any documentation or pictures taken.
        4. cop was allowed to bag evidence from a shooting in which he was the shooter (his gun)
        5. Upon his first testimony to other cops….NO NOTES OR RECORDINGS WERE TAKEN. This, I believe, is so they can wait, upon advice, until the forensic evidence comes in to make sure his testimony matches. Remember the time line and how long it took for things to come out of the police?
        6. No photos were taken by police because “the camera was out of batteries,” I kid you not.

        Grand Jury Process
        1. DA didn’t want to take this before a grand jury
        2. Was asked by many, including politicians to recuse himself….he refused
        3.DA is familial tied to St. Louis police

        The guy reminds me of the dirty senator in the Mark Wahlberg film “Shooter.”

        4. DA brought the target (cop) in first, when normal protocol is last. This way the target is able to set the narrative and everything that comes afterwards has to meet up to his testimony instead of the other way around.
        5. DA questioned target softly as if he were the targets defense attorney.
        6. Discrepancy in testimony = so what? That happens every time.
        7. Jury had documents set before them with “Subject” listed as “assault of L.E.O”, “Victim” listed as “Darren Wilson”, and “Mike Brown” as “Defendant.”
        8. Assistant DA, Kathy Alizadeh handed incorrect 1979 Missouri law that the Supreme Court ruled Unconstitutional in 1985 (TENNESSEE v. GARNER, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)) in place of Missouri statute Section 563.046. The law from 1979 was a law that said it is ok for cops to shoot a fleeing suspect just because they are fleeing if they need/want to make an arrest. This hadn’t been law in MO during her entire legal career….you think that was a mistake? They had this legal document in front of them while they listened to the cops testimony with a lower threshold in their mind….do you see what they did? This wasn’t corrected until they were ready to vote, weeks later!!! Then she confused them with legal jargon and a long explanation when giving them the correct statute. And when a juror asked if the US Supreme Court over rides Missouri, this bitch, said “just don’t worry about that.”

        This smells of something much bigger than the Darren Wilson lying about murdering the thug Mike Brown. This smells of a major police force cover up and a dirty corrupt County Prosecutors office.

        • C_W_R

          BJ; I’m assuming that your an experienced prosecutor???

          You have no idea about how the legal system works! No incident is ever 100 percent crystal clear! The system works on all available evidence to include physical evidence, expert testimony, eyewitness and ear witness testimony and all circumstantial evidence!

          Everybody is entitled to their own opinion just as they were with OJ Simpson, Trayvon Martin and in this case, but the Grand Jury has weighed in and the legal system for better or worse is what it is.

          Unless you were physically present on that fateful day in Ferguson and witnessed the entire event, you have no idea whatsoever what really occurred and you are merely speculating on what may or may not have occurred!

          • sixpack

            Actually, I can weigh in on what goes on behind the curtain in the prosecutor’s office. I worked in one in San Diego California for a brief period, back in the 80’s. I felt dirty when I went home for the day.

            What BJ just outlined, the psychological games, is exactly what they discuss and make plans on. They discuss weak people who can be intimidated. They look not for guilt or innocence, but for places they can strike bargains or coerce people.

            They study alternative scenarios and interpretations, then look for precedence to back it up. The number of backdoor deals going on, only rivals congress.

            In one instance I remember, there was a prosecutor sleeping with a detective. She coached him on how to better make her cases stick, even if they were false charges for other purposes. When the secret came out about the rigged cases, it was kept quiet, so that the last 8 years of her felony case load was not in danger of being thrown out or re-examined.

            That particular office kept a “petty cash” box, in case they needed a bribe.

            Again, I was there. BJ is probably right, or at least his take is more than plausible.

            • BJ

              Thank you Six. What I posted is not speculation or opinion. Articles are out there on what the police purposefully did not do at the scene and the grand jury process is all documented for those who want to take off the bias hate filled blinders and see.

              • Netranger

                …or take off the love filled blinders. Why is it that so few just want the truth. After reading Griggs article, i just wanted to puke. Nobody gives a shit abt the truth. Libs and cons just care abt pushing their blessed narrative, the truth be damned.

                Too many anomalies with the MBI. Class B false flag. Organic initiation but facts heavily distorted. CBFF:OI:FHD

            • JRS

              lol…well sixpack, I may have been nipping at the jug once or twice this afternoon but the images you just put in my mind are priceless and not really how I pictured you.

              I now picture a younger sixpack sliding all four tires of her 67 GMC into the spot in front of the courthouse, throwing her toolbelt, Red Man hat and 22 oz Estwing into the passenger seat. Unzipping the Carharrt coveralls off and throwing the Carolinas between the seatback and gas tank (yes, it was behind the seat).

              Reaching down to put her pumps on and smooth the wrinkles in her pant suit and spraying hairspray into her “Farrah Fawcett” coiffe while sprinting towards the front doors of the courthouse.

              Sheesh, I guess I watched too many Charlie’s Angels last night.

              • sixpack

                Actually, JRS, you wouldn’t have been too far off on your visualization. I of course, am blonde and had the big hair in those days, but Farrah had me beat hands down on the hair. I never did get mine anywhere near that big… 🙂

                Allow me to explain myself, so everyone doesn’t think I was some high-powered lawyer or something. I wasn’t even close.

                I’ve worked in several different fields in my life, as I tried to find where I belonged. I had my choice, I could use my brains and/or brawn. I had an abundance of both.

                When I began a medical career, the newbies spent more time watching people die than trying to save them. Needless to say, it didn’t take long before I burned out. Death just isn’t my thing. I learned some valuable skills though, so no regrets.

                I’ve been a machinist and member of the Teamster’s Union. I did everything from QC to welding, butting extruded aluminum/titanium tubes for bikes and general production was my favorite job.

                In the legal profession, the newbies don’t draft briefs and plan legal strategies. They’re really just secretaries and in-house research assistants…”go-fors”. But because my job really didn’t require much, I had plenty of time to observe what went on behind the scenes. That’s how I know about the under-workings of the DA’s office. Not because I was in the mix, but that I had big ears to go with my natural curiosity.

                I worked in the legal field until I figured out there was nothing “legal” about it…another quick burn for me.

                After cleaning motel rooms, roofing, warehouse work and several other short episodes with miscellaneous jobs, I just went back to my roots. I was and always have been a carpenter. People still die, like the two flaggers, a mother-daughter team my first week doing walls and footings for Ross Brothers. A drunk took them both out in one swoop.

                But at least I was swinging a hammer from atop a 30 foot wall at the time, so, carpenter it is.

                No regrets, just a lifetime of memories and stories to tell, so don’t think I’m a “know-it-all”, I’ve just been around the block a few times, and still have enough brain left to remember it.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Sixpack, that’s a very interesting background you have. You’ve been around a BUNCH of blocks. The only 2 ways I’ve made a living have been for a courier service when I lived in FL and then got into the private security industry after moving back to TN. Even in those 2 lines of work I’ve been around a bunch of blocks myself. Despite what my detractors say about me, I’ve got some stories to tell that would knock your socks off. But I’ll save those for another time. I understand your point about going around the block. I graduated from the ‘school of hard knocks’ with honors.

            • BJ

              Here you go Sixpack, this is a perfect explanation with DOCUMENTED FACTS (court transcripts) from the grand jury of the biggest wrong they did to manipulate the grand jury to a “NO TRUE BILL.”

              Disclaimer: I don’t like this guy….but you don’t not listen to someone when they are presenting facts because you don’t like or agree with their ideologues 99% of the time.

              ht tps://

          • BJ

            Please show me the speculation you say I made. I posted facts that took place, or didn’t take place at the crime scene and in the court room I posted documented facts…not opinion.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              As a Paramedic back when I’ve seen Doctors kill people with screwups in the ER. We kind of look down and ducked out of the room and takeoff before the Doc tells the grieving family he did everything he could…. But Johnny just didn’t pull through.

              • sixpack


              • eppe

                wwti, how many did you kill???
                Since you have been how have you killed?
                Just wondering, since you seem to be the god of the internet????

                • Anonymous

                  Thanks for the compliment Snail. Saved thousands of people’s lives. Pulled people out of fires, car wrecks. Hows your fish invention coming along? Done anything worthy in your cun n past joke life beside infect and crash you employers computers. .

        • the renegade braveheart

          BJ, I’ll give you credit for sounding good on something you don’t know anything about.

          • BJ

            Prove my post incorrect if you can….or are you just spouting off again with no real content.

            Can’t stand facts not aligning with your ignorant biases huh?

            • helot

              “….or are you just spouting off again with no real content.”

              Ha! No doubt.

              The rest, too. Spot on, mang.

        • cranerigger

          The DA’s father, a police officer, was killed by scumbag. With that in mind, the DA decided to let a Grand Jury decide if we should go to trial. That’s the process. We don’t condone mob rule as the emotional trouble-makers would have it.

          If you don’t want to be killed by the police, don’t attack them. Duh!!!

          • BJ

            The DA did not decide to take this to a grand jury….he didn’t want to but had no choice. He them rigged the whole thing to make sure there was no chance the “ham sandwich would be indicted.”

            Please people… weak! you can’t fight facts with opinion, rhetoric, bias and hate.

            • dave in Idaho

              Why is everyone so upset about this thug porch monkey getting shot. He already had a attempted murder charge. It was just a matter of time before he killed someone. What they(negros) AND us should be demanding is the arrest and conviction of the POS, drunk on authority fucking moron that murdered the 12 year old black kid playing with a TOY gun. The patrol car barely came to a complete stop before the pig in the passenger seat murdered the kid. If he is that fucking Stupid that he cannot recognize a toy, or talk to the kid, then he should have never been hired. He had to have drawn his weapon Before they even drove up to the kid. Watch the uncomppressed video. He shoots him within 3 seconds. Its on you tube. Dont be lazy, find the link yourself. One other thing… I had to drive all the way to Home Depot to get my rough wiring, breakers, boxes and service panel for my Cabin. There was even Hundreds of shoppers THERE.. When I would grab a box of 20A breakers, some would thing I found a sale and swarm over to me…. then back off at the sight of the Glock 40 hanging out of my carhartt pocket.

              • BJ

                Cynthia Harcourt, a lawyer for the juvenile officer of St. Louis County Family Court, said after the hearing that she could neither confirm nor deny the existence of a juvenile record for Mr. Brown. Missouri state law prohibits the records of most juvenile court proceedings from being released to the public. But she said Mr. Brown had no juvenile cases involving serious felony charges or convictions, including murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Those felony records would not be required to be confidential and would have been released, but none exist for Mr. Brown, Ms. Harcourt said.

                Additionally, local news sources confirmed that Mike Brown was not facing any criminal complaints at the time of his death.

                The list of charges that are cited in the “Example” block above and proffered as documenting Michael Brown’s criminal record above appear to have been drawn from a Missouri court search in which someone found a case involving some other Michael Brown and mistakenly assumed that person was the teenager killed in Ferguson. However, that case record (3SL-CR12675-01, ST V MICHAEL R BROWN) referenced someone with a similar but different name (Michael R. Brown vs. Michael Brown, Jr.), who lived in a different Missouri town (Troy vs. Crestwood) and was born in a different year (1997 vs. 1996) than the Michael Brown who was shot in Ferguson.

                He may of well been a thug, but in all my research, the whole past criminal record doesn’t show to be true. I know Talon 1776 posted some stuff too and he didn’t even verify it. He, by his own admission, just copied and pasted from an article out of the LA Times.

                So a thug today….who tomorrow? I see the police state and the govt as thee biggest threat to our lives and our freedoms. I think of that ole saying about; they came for so and so and I did nothing. Then they came for me and no one was left. And IMHO, as much of an imperfect prick as I can be, I don’t feel right about choosing who gets to live and who doesn’t…….most of the time…LoL Obviously TPTB, money changers, politicians and police are exempt from that statement because their crimes are on a grand scale against all of humanity.

                Wife and I are smiling from ear to ear to hear you say what you did about the disgusting display of ignorance and drunken cop rage in Cleveland when they shot that boy.

                Here is the link ht tps://

                Now some are going to reply to your post Dave that the toy had the orange tip removed and you couldn’t tell it was a toy….as if that’s the end of story and no other options were available…you decide. Sgt Dale, our resident pig already said the cop in Cleveland who murdered that 12 year old boy did exactly what he was trained to do. Sound familiar? That’s the same thing darren wilson said……….think about that statement for a minute, maybe it is true….they did do exactly what they are trained to do….scary huh. Seems to me that might be a problem right there people!!

                But Sgt Dale “says” he is one of the good ole boys. One of the only good cops left from yesterday. So why is he endorsing all these cop shootings? Saying they are doing exactly what they are trained to do? Cops back in the day fired once fired upon.

                Things that make you go, hmmmm?

                Would of loved to seen the look on your face when they swarmed around you at Home Depot….I bet the grumbling out of your mouth was funny too….LoL


                • the renegade braveheart

                  BJ, you post some very interesting info. I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but I am also against acts of police brutality, i.e., acts which can be proven. I’m also alarmed over this militarization of civilian law enforcement which actually predates 9/11. I have retired cops in my family who are “old school”, who also condemn the type of training and brainwashing people get in LE academies today. They all say there is no way they would do the things today’s breed of cops do and would never have an anti-public mentality. When they became cops they did it to help people. They handled situations in a much more sensible way than today’s cops do. And guess what? NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM EVER HAD TO SHOOT ANYONE FOR ANY REASON EVER. Maybe they were just lucky. they always brought their suspects in ALIVE, sometimes roughed up to some degree, but they were all ALIVE. I’ll grant you that dealing with today’s breed of cops is very, very risky. I ALSO GO THE EXTRA MILE TO AVOID THEM MYSELF. Surprise again. So, no, there’s no way I’ll ever endorse any police state. Take care.

                    • BJ

                      What a great article, very intelligently articulated.


                      It only makes me hate them and the system by which they get to go by even more.

                      I doubt most the boot lickers here will have any problems with the blatant problems with this.

                    • Netranger

                      Grigg rocks your liberty socks. Out of the park with that one…

                • sixpack

                  BJ, here is where some of my training will come in handy.

                  In the 90’s, NICS was not available to patrol officers to run suspects. It was pretty simple to just give a false name to police, even making it through jail intake procedures without being discovered. All you had to do was change your birth date by ONE DAY OR ONE YEAR for you not to even show up on NICS, even if they did take you in, and you had a huge record.


                  There is only ONE WAY to verify whether or not “Michael Brown” and “Michael R. Brown” are the same person. You must pull the booking records for each and compare mugshots and physical criteria, such as tattoos, scars and such. DOB’s and such cannot be trusted for ID purposes. People give their friend’s or relative’s names, DOB all the time. One brother gets arrested out of the blue for something he didn’t even know about. Unless the cops compare booking photos, the wrong dude goes to jail every time.

                  Brown could’ve easily been arrested for many shopliftings and just been cited and released. Most police don’t have time to go through all of that for a non-violent felony.

                  What I’m saying is, Brown MAY ACTUALLY HAVE A FELONY RECORD, but it would take some work to consolidate the records. A judge could order it, but more often, a DA will cross-reference the aliases, so that both records, even interstate convictions, can be attached to the rightful person. For the DA to do that, he must first be made aware of the aliases.

                  Things might be different now, but back in the 20th century, that’s how it was often done.

                • Anonymous

                  BJ, great point about our resident jag bag sgt dale. He never says anything bad about ANY cop violence in particular, just a vague reference that he doesn’t approve of it in general. I went to school with a kid whose old man was a cop. Do you think it’s an accident that you NEVER see a cop getting busted for a DUI anytime? This kid whose old man was a cop was ALWAYS drinking and smoking dope in his car. Whenever he was pulled over by a local cop, that would just laugh and tell him ” George,you shouldn’t be doing that!” before letting him go. As an aside, ALL cops lie, they’re TRAINED to do so. They want everybody to be good little mindless sheep and do what they’re told, don’t EVER question what a cop tells you. Sadly, there are many boot lickers who are all too happy to comply with their requests.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Dave in Idaho. You know its kind of funny when driving on the road, pulling up to a Cop car at a light and knowing I am carrying way more fire power in my car than he has in his Cop car. I even stopped once and asked a Cop if he needed any help as he was waiting for his back ups to arrive as he was standing in the street behind his car and a house of a half dozen black thugs loitering outside a crack house.

            • durango kidd

              BJ: The DA in Ferguson didn’t want to take this case to the Grand Jury because he had the facts in front of him and he knew he didn’t have a case. Not every criminal complaint goes to a Grand Jury or is prosecuted.

              One FEDERAL Judge (who was indicted by a Grand Jury) once claimed that a Grand Jury would indict a “ham sandwich”. This is primarily because the Defense Attorney does not want to expose his strategy to a Prosecutor in front of the Grand Jury and save his defense it for the real trial.

              Prosecutors do not like to lose in Court. Its bad for their egos. 🙂

        • Jim in Va.

          minor stuff that won’t make a shred of difference. Witnesses backed him up and the ones that didn’t finally did so they wouldn’t get caught lying.

          • BJ

            “Minor stuff”, “witnesseS?”…….Keep going please. You defeat yourself with your own ignorance.

            • Jim in Va.

              Read the want a different result that won’t happen.

              • Pissed Off Granny

                Jim in Va.

                The little scumbucket that was with Mikey, originally told a mountain of lies.

                After proving he lied, nothing happened to him. Matter of fact he was back on CNN with his mouthpiece, spouting the same stories out of his pie hole.

                • BJ

                  You keep missing the big picture or the forest for all the little trees. You get confused too easy, and stop watching CNN only. The best coverage that is actually showing the documented court transcripts and talking about what the police screwed up at the scene for a honest thorough investigation is MSNBC….as much as I despise them, they are actually covering the case pretty thoroughly. Also the court papers are on line.

                  • BJ

                    So when they post screen shots of f’ing court transcripts I am not to believe it because it is on a channel that leans one side or the other….for the love of god, how ignorant!

                  • BJ

                    Another thing POG,
                    We (wife and I read this site, only I post) were really starting to be interested in all the stuff you post in regards to jews and what not. We were looking into the bible site you recommended as well. But after the last few weeks and learning a little more about your view of things and how judgmental you are. We have given it second thought and compared a lot of what you say and how you say it to His word and found that your example is probably not the correct one to associate with.

                  • Pissed Off Granny


                    You need to do what you need to do about any research or study you and your wife is interested in.

                    Far be it from me to decide what is right or wrong for you.

                    I will never change my mind about what happened to Wilson and Brown, however, I hate, as much as you do, the loss of that 12 year old boy and the lack of response to it.

                    We cannot become a nation of no laws, BJ so it becomes hard to figure out where to draw a line in the sand.

                    Let me know when you find something Goggins has written that you disagree with. I find his who, what, when, and why to be spot on with the Bible.

                    BYW, did I ever ask you for any close association, BJ?

                  • smoochorelli

                    BJ, what makes you think that one viewpoint carries any more truth than another. Any skilled journalist can tell a story and lead you to the conclusion they want you to have. That is why people look for Bigfoot and UFO’s. Your opinion is influenced by the experiences you have. There are good and bad LEO’s. Regardless, this is a case where the outcome could have been much different had reactions of those involved had not been influenced social conditions.

          • snake eater

            All this up and down about it doesn’t make any difference but what its done is taken your eyes off what your president just did to the American people
            black and white,,,

            he says there needs to be more jobs for young black males so he gives them away to ——————-
            you fill in the blanks

            seems to me its going just the way the NWO wants it to go

            am I wrong?????all the time!!!!but I don’t think so on this one


        • BJ

          May we never meet.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            BJ. They can’t call it murder if they never find your body.

            • helot

              RE: “That Cop is a Hero in my Book.”

              A cop, a hero? Gag me with a spoon.
              But I guess some People Love their overlords?

              RE: “They can’t call it murder if they never find your body.”

              Yeesh. There’s some Real ingrates on this blog.

              • swinging richard

                If the truth had been told in Ferguson, it would have made a boring story. There would have been no protests or rioting. The media put their spin on the story and ratings went up. Sponsors spend their advertising dollars on the highest rated shows. This has been one of the most irresponsible acts by the media since Trayvon Martin. This will continue until our leaders grow a pair and enforce the laws that were cited when they took their oaths of office.

                • Hollister

         is a truth that is over looked. Possibly explains why they are letting that area burn to the ground. A major re-imaging of the west Florrissant corridor has been waiting to get a facelift so to speak. It’s a truth that should be looked at a little harder.

            • snake eater

              I`m not taking sides here but I do have many
              elephant traps on my property pretty deep holes so you folks just bring me your bodies for a small fee they are gone


              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Snake.. Just bait your traps with watermellon or fried chicken. And put up a few signs Free watermellon. Fried chicken 50% off sale. .

        • Wolverine

          It’s not murder, there is laws in this country, as much as people don’t like some laws and some cops, there are laws to keep people in some order. The only cover up I see is when they show a picture of a 14 year old ,kid instead of what this guy looked like when they were looking for him , after he robbed a store and beat up the owner. That’s what the cop dealing with. So, to me that self explanatory . You assault someone , steal , flee , you most likely will be shot. I would shoot someone at my house just the same.

          • helot

            Wolverine says: “there is laws in this country”

            Uh, No. There’s not.

            There’s, The rule, of some men.

            They pick and choose which rules to enforce and the ones they don’t.

            …Have you ever spent Any time over at Will Grigg’s blog?

            …Have you ever heard of T.A.R.P?

            …Are you Even paying attention?

            • FreeSlave

              “They pick and choose which rules to enforce and the ones they don’t.”

              Impeach and remove Obola, that lawless Lib!

            • Anonymous

              helot ,splitting hairs?

              • BJ

                If that’s splitting hairs, I’d love to see the mechanics necessary to split logs.

          • BJ

            Your not a cop, big difference. AND there is only the cops testimony and one eye witness testimony saying he charged….the rest if the eye witness testimony is all over the place.

            Me and others have posted facts, you obviously don’t want to look at.

            • Nobama

              BJ, just curious, what did the cops do to you to make you hate them so much?

              • BJ

                No one thing in particular. Sure I have been harassed and molested by them, ticketed and such but no one big thing. I look around and see them for the dogs of war that they are and how they constantly trample the freedoms and liberties of fellow Americans. And I know that their existence is Unconstitutional…that for me is the one biggest thing. They have no real authority, yet they wield their supposed authority and keep people in fear. They steal our money, they lock people up that should never be locked up. Sure I have had personal experiences with them, but nothing out of the ordinary from the average Joe… me it is the whole thing, and it is just wrong.

                • dave in Idaho

                  Law enforcement, court system, attorneys and prison are all a busness now. They just collect revenue to pay thier large wages, benifit and retirement packages. The Highway Patrol is out in force from 5am to 9am, then from 3pm to 8 pm with the sole fucking purpose of giving the working man ticket. They know he cannot afford to take time of from work to fight a bogus ticket.

        • John W.

          BJ sees a conspiracy everywhere. Most people who are themselves less than honest see that in everyone else. I read the blood trail evidence for the first time yesterday. It confirms the cops story. Just like little Trayvon lil’ Mikey should have just gone home. The issue of cops being too trigger happy however remains.

          • helot

            Is that to say John W. Never sees a conspiracy anywhere and they don’t exist?

            Men Never conspire together to get what they want? And, it’s an uncommon thing?

            …Is that what you’re saying? It seems like it.

            How naive.

            And, yes, The issue of cops being too trigger happy however remains.

            Why do you think that is? Do you suppose it’s because they consider you beneath them? You’re a lower class to them?

            Also, are you ok with being ruled?
            Why? ..And, at what point do you say, no?
            …By then, it’s too late.

        • YAWN

          Im with you on your points and when you couple that wit the photos its doesnt hold water….That cop should not have been on the streets. He was poorly trained and scared.
          He didnt have a bruise on him and he complained about being in fear of his life, huh? No real MAN is going to let a 18 year old fat ass thug beat him. He would have got a eye full of pepper spray and a head full of knots from my baton and then a ass kickin on the way to jail. That cop shot that boy out of fear, lack of training, and bias. Ive seen the videos out there of him acting out with racial animus, and the d.a and PD covered it up…period. Most young cops today have never had a fist fight and they are scared of minorities and poor whites, its just a fact, and all the macho uniforms and gear cant build heart. My granny hits harder than those marks on that cops face………he is a sissy, not a hero.

          • BJ

            Yeah, the pinkest side of his face was the right side….not the left side that faces the window,,,,what a scared lil 5 year old boy he was in the grips of hulk hogan the demon. What a lying sissy! Pepper spray should of been firs thing he did. And I think it is possible that he reached for and unholstered his sidearm and then that is when the thug reached in the car to fight and try to keep from getting shot.

            I have been in real fear for my life…that punk pig don’t know shit.


            ht tp://

            • snake eater

              with what you say then why didn’t the thug just run
              away???????or stand still not reach into the car at all???huh????


              • BJ

                This is my OPINION ONLY, but I think he reached into the car to defend himself from the cop once the cop pulled his gun… makes the most logical sense.

                He did run away, and IMO, once he turned around, he was shot multiple times while either standing still or walking back to the cop. I do not believe he charged the cop and there is nothing beyond witness testimony and the cops testimony that says he charged cop. There is NO evidence he charged as some have said here in a matter fact way!

                This scenario is the only thing that makes the most sense.

                But that is just my opinion which means nothing. There has been enough questions raised and then some to of charged the cop and done a full investigation and trial.

          • Unbelievable

            I would really love for all the cop haters on this forum and elsewhere to walk in their shoes for awhile!

            While I certainly agree that there are far too many incidents where police, in my opinion, have used excessive force without consequence and the rapidly expanding militarization of law enforcement is troubling, not every police officer falls into that category.

            And to those that profess that cops don’t turn in the bad apples, I say B.S. They do! How do I know that you say, because I spent the last 15 years of my career in internal affairs of a very large agencies serving a population of well over 1 million!

            From everything being made public (and there is a lot that isn’t being released) the officer in Ferguson did what he was supposed to!

            Being in Internal Affairs, one must always approach a case without bias and be completely neutral! I always let the chips fall where they did , good or bad!

            So to all cop haters, believe me there are far too many good cops out there doing a good job, then there are bad apples!

            Now go ahead flame away, I can smell a cop hater with an axe to grind a mile away!

            • BJ

              Your post isn’t worth flaming, it’s the same ole boot licking overlord loving mantra.

              • Unbelievable


                Based upon your replies to this and other posts, it is very apparent that you believe that you got a bad hand dealt to you in life! Maybe you did or maybe you just think you did like so many others!

                It is also apparent that your mind is made up, has been made up and no evidence no matter what would change your mind in this case or any other case involving law enforcement!

                You have displayed through your words an anti authority trait in your character.

                I won’t post any further comments in response to this subject as it would be pointless in your case!

                • BJ

                  The hand I got in life is not bad at all, it’s actually wonderful and I am more than content. The hand that this country has been given (not that the people aren’t to share the blame) is an entirely different situation all together.

                  Yes, I am anti fake authority that is unGodly and Unconstitutional.

                  And they don’t enforce Law, they enforce the color of law.
                  Once you’ve studied up, come on back.

                  • Netranger

                    Actually, truth be known, they actually enforce department policy which is whatever they are told. Thats why so many open carriers get taken in, the cops are told to do it. Law by intimidation and dept policy, then by color of law, then by law. Its an effed up system we got here!

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Reply to Unbelievable. Its a fact Cops will cover up for eachother and hide their misdeeds. And do everthing possible to keep negative info off their records. The Good Cops today are few and far between and the majority are on the take. I had a cop steal about $80 from the cash pile in my pocket and left me just enough to pay to be released cause of a traffic violation. But since I had the goods on him my DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving. Fn Thievin Pigs. And I never filed a complaint so he still out there probably doing the same thing to other people still.

        • BJ

          And that kind of judgement/thinking held by you and many others here will be used against you and you will regret that line of thinking one day.

          May you remain in your ignorance as long as you want or forever, but one day it will no longer be bliss.

        • UseYourBrainCooter


          You’re trying to reach people that have a God-Complex, entitlement issues, & a supremacy bias; you are wasting your breath (keystrokes).

          They do not find any value in Black lives as they were taught that way by their parents, which is sad beyond words. This is why they always find a way to justify situations like these even though it doesn’t pass the smell test in addition to the evidence, or lack thereof.

          They block out their violent inception of this land (Indians/Mexicans), and they have murdered, pillaged, raped, and enslaved just about every race on the planet.

          No one else holds the aforementioned distinction but “them”, our caucasion friends.

          But to them, it never happened because they would have to take a look in the mirror and realize their Satanic arrogance, their Satanic Savagery, their Satanic self deceit, and their Satanic history of deception.

          All of the problems (i.e. sanctions on other countries, hunger, cancer from the food, taxes, financial fraud, etc.) on this planet are from their greed and inherent wickedness to remain in power.

          Leave them be and just look out for you and yours!

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Don’t think most who post here will buy into the “whitey” hatred that you are expounding. Most are aware of who is behind the “satanic” part of your spiel.

          • BJ


          • helot

            UseYourBrainCooter says: “You’re trying to reach people that have a God-Complex, entitlement issues, & a supremacy bias; you are wasting your breath (keystrokes)[…] Leave them be and just look out for you and yours!”

            You’re prolly right, and, your comment applies to many People.

            …But, if I can just light One fire, under One person, and get them to thinking, from reading this exchange …And, maybe get them to tending their own gardens, better than I do my own, . … I’ll have done something that’s worth doing?

            …Or, prolly not, and W.F.D. anyway?

            At any-rate, No one can say I didn’t try.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Ever notice in these Black kid shootings the father is no where to be found during the kids entire lifetime, until he is shot and killed. Then like 5 black guys come forward out of the shadows claiming to be the father for the Million Dollar payoff.

            • Nobama

              And that’s only the ones that aren’t in jail.

          • snake eater

            I agree with you but please tell me who in hell are you talking about?????


          • Walt Kowalski

            And here’s something else that I find interesting…..3 of the 12 people on that jury are black. And yet the decision to NOT indict, was unanimous. I guess those 3 black people hate blacks and were in on the conspiracy as well.

            • Nobama

              Those 3 black people had not yet been tainted by Sharpton/Holder/Obola.

              • BJ

                No, but the KKK might of very well of gotten to them, who knows? I know that there was a good article about how all the witnesses were afraid to speak at the grand jury. Depending on their view point, dictated who it was they were afraid if, whether it be the cops, their black neighbors or the KKK that was in town.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  If I were the Cops, I would force the arrested Rioters in a chain gang style to clean up the burned charred buildings in Ferguson. Make them do some community work to clean up their own mess. Repaint over all the graffiti on the buildings.

                  It would make them think about how they appreciate their own community.

                  • Nobama

                    They should all be doing community service anyway, as a requirement for getting EBT/food stamps/Obolaphones/etc…

                    • BJ

                      No….the ones responsible for creating those systems should be locked up and the church should be doing community service for not doing their job

          • the renegade braveheart

            UYBC, go somewhere else with that commie propaganda.

            • Netranger

              Rb, at first it may look like commy tripe, but its not. What he says is true. Communism both criticizes and and assists thus problem. The liberty path kills it.

        • Mr. Bill


          You are wasting your time here. Isn’t there a freeway or mall you can block?

          But seriously, you need to do more to educate yourself on how the actually system works before you spend efforts trying to ‘fix’ it.

          I have a younger brother, nice guy but an asshat. He likes to rant about things that he knows very little about. When I explain to him what is actually going on he says; “I didn’t know that”, which is the entire point.

          Why not take a look and see if your local PD offers a Citizens Academy and sign up for it. Walk a couple miles in the officers shoes and then get back to us. I promise you it will be an eye opening experience for you.

          • BJ

            Mr. Bill,
            Go ahead, explain to me where the points that I posted are wrong in regards to this case. And if you tell me that this is the way it is….tell me whether or not you are ok with that.

            TRY if you will to explain how I am viewing natural law and the constitution incorrectly.

            Local PD? Citizen Academy? Who is the sheeple brain washed, conditioned, part of the problem ass hat here? I should of read that part of your post first….would of saved me some time.

            Don’t bother answering my questions….you are part of the matrix system and blind to your own folly. Nothing you can say in your current state can be of any help to me or anyone that left the matrix.

            • Netranger


              Youve just been “SHEEPED”!!!


              Citizen academy?

              Oh, thats right next to The Ministry of Truth!!! 1984 for some people is an idyllic goal.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          This Mike Brown shooting was played out as a set up so his thug Mother could collect a million dollars. Now they don’t get shitski. LoL. Using Mikes baby photos like they did with Trevon.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          As soon as that “Black Thug” reached into the Cop Car assaulted the Cop and tried to steal his gun, he lost all opportunities to see another day. Good Riddance… Next!!

        • Walt Kowalski

          Just curious BJ… there EVER a time when a white police officer (or just a white person in general) is justified in shooting a black person?

          • BJ

            Of course!

            As far as your comment about the jury having blacks on it……you haven’t been reading have you? The fix was in and there was no way any jury was going to come back with a “true bill.”

            w w

            • Anonymous

              Blacks should never be on juries of any kind, they are racist.

          • YH


            The question is WHEN was the threat stopped? Did the officer proceed to use lethal force AFTER the threat was stopped? From all appearances, yes.

            From the distance between the initial hostile encounter at the police car and where Brown died some 24 feet away by additional police gun fire, I would say yes brown was not a threat to the officer when the lethal rounds were fired.

            Police cannot allow their emotions to cloud their judgment and kill unarmed suspects who do not pose an imminent threat. Brown was no saint, but neither is this officer IMO. The only difference is that this officer enjoys blanket prosecutorial judicial immunity, and Brown did not.

            • Netranger

              Correction: 150 feet away

              • BJ

                I seen 148 one place and 153′ 9″ in another, so yeah 150. Definitely far from the SUV. Yet I am to believe that this kid just turned into a hulk hogan demon all the sudden and decided to start a physical fight with a cop while cop was in his SUV, get shot in the hand, ran away (50 yards in shorts falling down, flip flops on and fat and out of shape), turn, get shot some more and then lower head and charge cop to receive final fatal shots to his head…..nope, no way, didn’t happen like that.

                Yeah and kennedy was killed by LHO from a library window

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                I already stated this before. Distance is a huge factor. A NFL Player can run a 40 Yrd dash (120 Ft) in just 4.5 seconds. So if Mikey was charging the cop with in about 5 to 8 seconds he would have been all over that Cop. A taser would be useless as it will only shoot out to about 20 Ft. Now if that Jungle Bunny was hopping all over the place during his few second charging fashion, then the Cop would most likely have to empty his gun to finally stop the Hoodie Thug. And sure enough it was about 10 Ft away before he finally dropped. In all firearms classes you are taught to keep on shooting until the threat is stopped. Not sure why there is even an argument here. This is a simple case and they Grand Jury was correct.

                **Now the Protesters in Fergy are Burning the American Flags Saturday Nt. What do you think BJ?? Who are you defending here?

                • BJ

                  The american flag is a war time flag, it is part of the brainwashing….do your research…that flag means nothing to me, it shouldn’t to any awake american who is sick of the bullshit matrix. So is the pledge of allegiance….it was all part of the slow frog boiling matrix to get people into collective think and away from individual freeoms.
                  I pledge allegiance to God then the Constitution….if it don’t align with them in that order I don’t care about them.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Agree Nobama. Facts are evidence and forensics, not race bating media hype. BJ doesn’t know the difference yet. Probably why he is harassed by Cops.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Went into the Mountains today hoping to see the Bighorn Sheep do a little combat, since it is mating season. I saw alot of sheep, probably around 120 head. There was one group of mature Rams, and they kept pairing off and acting like they were going to do something, but as I watched they brought Flordia and Georgia to mind. They would act tough and do a lot of posturing and circling each other but the next thing you know they would start grazing. Which would be fine if I were talking about people, but I want to hear some heads crack. Trekker Out.

          • turnip green

            What is the big deal? The cops should use the rioting and looting and shoot some more of them.

      3. ArmedPatriot

        More ammo.. After seeing this I need more ammo for the golden horde. Good luck folks. Happy Holidays.

        • admin

          No doubt AP — They fight like this over TV’s and cheap underwear…

          When the banking system collapses and/or the food supplies run out it will be nothing short of a widespread massacre.

          Wonder if Walmart had Black Friday deals on .308 ? 🙂

          • hammerhead

            Im willing to rumble for some .22 shells.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Mac, there’s a reason it’s called Black Friday. You just reminded me I need to pick up some extra ammo myself, but I’ll wait until Sat. to go to any stores. NOT TODAY!

          • dave in Idaho

            Learn to reload and find the LC brass on sale, because you will never find 308 on sale.

            • Paranoid

              There’s a lot of 30-06 and 308 ammo in storage, that says; yes, you can find it on sale. Camp Perry had 28 million rds of it when I bought all I needed. They said it would last 3-4 years and I could have a truck load if I wanted it, would have taken it, if I had had a place to put it. It lasted 5 months and they were out, someone got a bunch. Keep looking

          • snake eater

            NO MAc
            mine didn’t


        • FuckingPissed

          I just bought a shitload more 7.62×39 and 54 and 5.56 from private sellers. I din’t have to go near the sheeple or the pigs to get it. Now it’s safe with me. I feel all warm inside!

          • SterlingSilver

            Good for you. And just think you could have spent that money fighting someone at WallyWorld for a flat screen!

        • durango kidd

          That was my FIRST thought after seeing the videos. 🙁

        • Kulafarmer

          Or bigger ammo,
          If you get my drift

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Armed Pat. No doubt. Come and get your Free Lead Poisoning here.

        • John W.

          No matter how much ammo you have if you are the only trigger puller you are screwed.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            John W. The Gun I just bought will rip off 100 rounds in 8 seconds. 5.56 Pistol with Nato Rounds – See for yourself – YTube-

            That would have put some hurt on the looters in Fergy.

          • Nobama

            That’s why you carry one for each hand.

        • Paranoid

          Simple rule of thumb on “Enough” ammo. If you count by the round or by the box, you don’t have enough. If you count by the block or the case, you may have enough. If you have to call the dealer to check on the load limits for your truck tires, you have enough.

          • Nobama

            If you have to call a contractor to add support for your sinking foundation, you might have enough 🙂

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I have so much ammo I gave some away for trick or treat. A few candies and a few green tips. LOL. j/k.

      4. Bob

        Merry Christmas!

      5. Satori

        yeah BJ
        the whole thing stinks to high heaven
        and the Prosecutor was the head of an organization that
        raised funds for Wilson !!!

        Wilson was never under any threat of indictment
        the grand jury was a sham
        McCulloch should be disbarred pure and simple

        what do you do when the whole system is a fraud and a farce ?

        sign a petition or something ???

        HA HA HA

        • BJ

          I pray there is some sort of way they can do a grand jury over since this was an obvious fraud. Or a special prosecutor from out of that area, could come in and just fie charges. McCullogh should be disbarred and charged along with those that assisted. And there should be charges against Wilson and many others that were involved and a full investigation of that whole PD.

          • Ohio

            Charges for what, doing society a favor??

            • YAWN

              charges for being a sissy and a untrained cop in dereliction of duty. It is the duty of each officer to be fully trained in martial arts of some sort as well as firearm usage. He never had a fistfight in his life, you can look at his physique and you can tell he hasnt trained a bit. He obviously couldnt take a slap, let alone a punch, judging from the photos, before resorting to deadly force on a fat 18 year old punk.
              Charge him for being a bitch………and a disgrace to real MEN who handle business on patrol without firing a shot…………..

          • the renegade braveheart

            BJ, I understand your bitterness and frustration, but what’s done is done and I doubt if there’s any changing it. According to the evidence I’ve seen, Wilson was totally RIGHT and Brown was totally WRONG. What would you have done if you had been in Wilson’s position?

            • BJ

              I would never be a pig.

              What evidence have you “seen?”

              You can’t say “we live in a police state” and then turn around and endorse the police state and their new methods today of shoot first and ask questions later…because they were cowards, if they don’t beat, kick and taser you. Why shouldn’t good freedom loving americans just start shooting cops because they see the cop with a gun? Aren’t we the “free men” allowed by God to carry a gun should we wish too? And doesn’t the 2nd confirm and help protect that?

              In all seriousness, the evil that cops perpetuate is beyond belief today on all people….I could care less about color. They used to shoot ONCE fired upon. Now they shoot first at the slightest thing AND they have qualified immunity and prosecutorial discretion. If people can’t see the unbalance in that, then you deserve to lick the heels of the boot that will soon be on your neck.

              Either give up qualified immunity and prosecutorial discretion or go back to shooting once fired upon and always have camera with audio on and charged. And all cop shootings require a special prosecutor not from the area along with a community oversight.

              A lot of people here could see a video of the cop executing him and they would still blow it off and say the cop was right and the victim must of deserved it.

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, I have never nor will I ever endorse a police state. My late wife was a refugee from Cuba which was turned into a police state and the regime there took the lives of some of her family. I owe you an apology for not reading your earlier post about how the investigation and grand jury proceedings were handled. After reading it, yes, I must agree something stinks to high heaven about the whole affair. I also believe qualified immunity and prosecutorial discretion should be flushed down the toilet. I have complaints of my own about the system so you and I may actually find some common ground on some other subjects. I was in a foul mood earlier and posted without reading your post first. Once again, my apologies. Take care.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  I can tell you Braveheart, that I have been tuned into the Communist News Network (CNN) and most of what other posters are saying about what was wrong with the grand jury, the cop, the investigation has been regurgitated there by every left leaning piece of crap, shit stirrer they could dig up.

                  Where are the posters getting their information about the investigation? Have they read the Grand Jury transcripts or are they determined to believe the MSM’s view of what has transpired.

                  Funny, most here have no trust in the MSM unless it pertains to Mike Brown. Why would anyone ingest the MSM’s view of what really happened? It is plain that they are not going to let a good crisis go to waste.

                  I can tell you the blonde talking head in the morning on CNN (don’t recall her name) deserves an Oscar for her condescending, sympathic tone of voice when talking about poor little Mikey and his feral family.

                  • BJ

                    I noticed the same thing with you as with other posters….all thoughts and opinions…..yet no facts. And I don’t like the MSM either, that doesn’t mean nothing they sat has any truth to it. And what I hate the most are the shows that just have people sharing their ideologues and opinions…that is not news. I like it when they show factual information. FWIW I watched all three for coverage on the case….not so much the riots. That to me isn’t the story, the story to me is still the case of the pig shooting the thug. I watched Faux news a bit byt seen it was pretty much all propaganda and opinion. I watched CNN and they had a little bit better coverage of this story than Faux, but not much. I watched MSNBC the most due to they were still talking about the case while others were bulldozing it “nothing to see here” and just making everything about the protests and rioting. MSNBC actiallu had experts on like an ATF Special Agent who has done a lot of grand juries. A Federal Prosecutor who also has done a lot of grand juries and they showed screen shots of factual and actual court transcripts and police records.

                    The research isn’t hard to find if you want to look…….you sure seem to be able to do it when it involves the jews….yet you act like Krauthammer on this subject. And for the record I think all three of those networks lie and spread propaganda and can’t stand most of the people on all three networks…..but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything….only a fool would think that. they all three tell some truth with a bunch of lies and propaganda, but the balance is different between all three depending on the subject matter. If you can put down the bias and hate for a minute and actually look with an open mind…you might learn something on this case you find surprising.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      BJ, I think it’s great that you seek the truth, but you’re NOT going to get GOOD information from ANY MSM source. I’ve lost count of how many MSM sites I got banned from before I first came to this one in 2012. Try to post an opposing viewpoint on any of those sites, especially, and see how fast you get censored. They are ALL politcial correctness run amok. I’ll grant you there are some sites in alternative media that are just as bad, but by and large, not ONE source in the corporate media is trustworthy. You say you have a certain amount of skepticism about MSM? That’s good. I’m trying to encourage you to become TOTALLY skeptical of MSM. They are nothing but propaganda. And the ATF ‘expert’ you mentioned? I wouldn’t trust anything coming from any federal official, especially considering their attitude and intentions towards we the people.

                    • BJ

                      Everything I posted is documented and can be found online….forget the MSM part. The facts I posted are court transcripts and facts from the scene.

                    • Pissed Off Granny

                      BJ: Krauthammer is just another MSM shill….

                    • BJ

                      Yup, up until 4 years ago, I thought he was brilliant. Now I know he is a propaganda whore. He also was born to two Jewish (the fake kind) parents.

                • helot

                  the renegade braveheart says: “I have never nor will I ever endorse a police state.”

                  Well, that’s Good to read.
                  If that’s the case, it surprises the Hell out of me you give me sheet for what I post.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Helot, when have I ever been REALLY hard on you? I get the worst I can get toward acid/eisenturd.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Helot, BTW, I’ve been coming to this site since May of 2012 and not once have I ever posted anything even implying that I would support a police state. You can’t produce one post I’ve ever made in that regard. You have me confused with someone else. Believe what you want, but don’t go telling a lie saying I support a police state.

                  • Anonymous

                    Helot, you are a condescending soul. I think that is why you get so much sheet. Try using that highly trained mind developing a mannerly character and a charming personality. Try reading something by Ms. Manners, it might help. Maybe with a little training you can land a high paying job as a professional critic.

                    • BJ

                      If you think helot is condescending, then you my have extremely thin skin

            • John W.

              He would have pissed his pants like all keyboard commandos do. This 300 pound thug had just done a strong arm robbery to get his blunts which are converted to other uses. BJ sees a conspiracy everywhere. He would not be happy unless the cop had simply given lil Mike his gun and had him shoot him. Cops are still too trigger happy and get away with murder but not in this incident.

              • BJ

                I have been in this position more than once and kissed death many times and I am still alive.

                “Keyboard commando?” I think you have me confused with all the big bad men on this board who tell everyone everyday on here “I got (insert gun name here) and I’ll give them lead….blah blah blah.” And yes many of them will be crying and pissing their pants when SHTF.

                I noticed you didn’t bring up any of the facts I posted. And for your information, I think the thug should fo been arrested for theft.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  He would have been arrested for theft had he chosen a different path. He knew he was going to be arrested, that is what led to his death….

                  • Pissed Off Granny


                    Want to explain to us what you mean that you have been “in this position many times”?

                    Are you a criminal, have a record? Been pursued by the police? Is that what is clouding your judgment about Mikey?

                    • Outlaw

                      Ever considered your cause of death may wind up being a gunshot?

                    • BJ

                      I laugh when I read your post, but on the more serious downer side….yes my wife and I have talked about it and I have thought about it more than she knows. I have been shot twice…….third time a cha…………..

                      Hope there isn’t a third.

                    • Nobama

                      There it is, the reason BJ hates cops so much. Been shot twice by them. What were you stealing, BJ? From your posts I always thought you were a thug, now you confirmed that fact.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      POG. The biggest wopper was Mikey Brown’s Mom said Mikey was suppose to go to college. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that. Love to see his highschool record between his arrest records.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      BJ Was shot 3 times, twice by himself. lol

                    • Anonymous

                      I think he has been in the BJ position with helot.

                • Mr. Bill


                  You can’t try cases via social media or via SIG/BBS. It just doesn’t work that way.

                  So being shot twice qualifies you as what?

                  • BJ

                    Sine you obviously have a hard tie reading and following along, I will point out the obvious to you, but after this you are on your own.

                    The whole explanation of being shot was to John W. who accused me of being someone who would of sissied out and peed down my leg if I had been in the same type of situation that pig was in…..get it now?

                    It doesn’t qualify me as anything…..other than not being a sissy and not taking shit from people and wimpering off like a coward.

                    I’ve dealt with pigs and with the street thugs, and the pigs pose way more of a threat and are more scary. That’s why I think the cop drew his gun while he was in the SUV and that is what led Mike Brown to reach in the car….to defend himself from being shot….JMHO

                    • Anonymous

                      You must have been a super hero. Do you have a cape?

                    • BJ

                      Yes I do

              • Anonymous

                I think helot is condescending and a smartass. I think you should start a fan club for him and be a charter member. Maybe he will let you hold his penis for him while he takes a leak. (Do not shake more than twice)

                • anon

                  mac needs an age verification to post here, to keep the children off this grown up site

            • Walt Kowalski

              I don’t understand the frustration.

              You black people need to pick your heroes a little better.

              You are making a hero out of a thug, who just robbed a convenience store. He then proceeded to assault a police officer.

              Show me a black man who has been wrongfully arrested, beaten or shot by police, and I will stand with you. There are lots of them. But quit picking thugs like Travon Martin and Michael Brown to make into martyrs.

              You guys seem to operate under some silly protocol that says a police officer is supposed to engage a suspect with the same level of force that the suspect is using. That’s a fallacy. And you also seem to think that it’s the police officer’s job to get hurt or killed by a suspect if that suspect is not armed. That’s another fallacy.

              In Missouri, the police have the right to use deadly force against a FLEEING suspect if the officer has reasonable cause to believe that the suspect may injure or hurt another person. I’d say assaulting a police officer and attempting to disarm him fits that criterion. Legally….Wilson could have shot Michael Brown in the back as he was attempting to flee the scene. Now I might not agree with that law, and I’m sure you don’t. But it IS the law in Missouri.

              There is no forensic evidence that supports your contention that Michael Brown was doing anything but attempting to continue his assault on officer Wilson….and there were numerous BLACK witnesses who verified that. But you people aren’t interested in facts….because your mind is already made up.

              So again…I repeat my question: Is there EVER a situation where a white police officer is justified in shooting a black man?

              ‘Cause I suspect that in your mind….there isn’t.

              • BJ


                “You black people need to pick your heroes a little better.”

                I am not black, but I am pretty sure you already know that. I think that may have been an immature attempt at a slam of some sort…..albeit a horrible one.

                “Show me a black man who has been wrongfully arrested, beaten or shot by police, and I will stand with you. There are lots of them.”

                How about this one?
                ht tp://

                And if your paying attention, I have posted many times that I don’t understand why the Mike Brown killing got the traction it did when there are other instances of cop’s killing unnecessarily that are better cases to rally behind. That however, does not mean that when it doesn’t smell right I am just going to ignore it just because it appears that Mike Brown wasn’t a sunday school kid.

                If you don’t have a problem with the MO law allowing cops to shoot you while you are fleeing, then you are a blind sheeple with mo imagination of possible scenarios. You obviously haven’t been paying attention to articles Mac has posted right here stating that everyone has something to worry about, seen here:
                ht tp://

                And there is no forensic evidence to either side AND for a reason, they didn’t gather any….why do you suppose that may be?

                w w

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Who cares about Ferfuson any more or one dead Thief Thug. Sing Brown was killes there wer about 250 teens 75% Blacks killed in Chicago. Ferguson is a Race Bait Trap for ignorant dolts.

          • The Old Coach

            Great, now we are going to have to listen to Ferguson Truthers for the next two decades.

            • BJ

              That mentality is a lot of the reason the country is where it is……most just don’t care enough unless it is their personal ass on the line. That mentality is a disgrace to you, the human race, freedom, liberty and those who just want things to be right and/or better.

              • Paranoid

                You seem to forget one “Small” item; there is no doubt he stole from the store and if you watch the video he didn’t even stop to worry about it. If it had been my store the Cops wouldn’t have been called to stop him. The Cops would have only been called to come get the body. He rated what he got.
                I maybe wrong, but anyone that acted like he did stealing those cigars had dome it before. Besides smoking IS bad for you: He had been warned. Surgeon General says: Tobacco can Kill you.

                • BJ

                  The act of stealing at the store is a separate event from the shooting……a cop can’t be shooting people for stealing.


                  The store owner can, and I would be ok with that.

                  • Pissed Off Granny


                    Obviously, cops do not kill people for stealing. Ferguson is a prime example of that. They would have been piled up like cordwood…

                  • Paranoid

                    Not really, the Police MD recovers the bullet, and you should recover the Case, so only the powder is lost; and I hardly consider that wasted. Actually it’s: “Highest and best use”

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Nobama. Actually the Ferguson PD should send the Mikey Brown’s Mom a Bill for the dozen rounds of Ammo that Cop had to waste on that punk ass hoodie thief.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Funny Paranoid.. That’s called stealing a smoke. The store should put up a sign that reads. “Stealing Cigars can kill you.”

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, it’s NOT average people like us who are hurting this country. We LOVE this country and want to SAVE it. It’s the government, politicians, banksters, civil rights groups, other liberal groups, etc, who have an evil agenda in store for this nation. Those are the kind of people we rail against here at this site. I believe people with law degrees are more dangerous and treacherous than cops. Lawyers have done more harm and damage to this country than any other group of people out there. My company has a lawyer on retainer and I don’t even trust him. Where do politicians come from? The legal profession. “Empty suits and empty skirts’ as my Dad always called them.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  I can Testify that Lawyers are greedy scumbag ambulance chasers. They don’t care about you or your case and only what they can make off of you. Unlesd they can make $30K in they won’t even consider your case. Go through a divorce one time as the first thing the Atty wants you to do is list all your assets, then he desides what he can take before your remaining half of assets are awarded and given to your ex.

              • Walt Kowalski

                “That mentality is a lot of the reason the country is where it is……most just don’t care enough unless it is their personal ass on the line. That mentality is a disgrace to you, the human race, freedom, liberty and those who just want things to be right and/or better.” –BJ–

                One more thug is dead. That’s one less that will have to be dealt with when SHTF.

                There can be no liberty or freedom when thugs like Michael Brown are free to roam the streets and victimize the innocent.

                Be thankful you were never in a situation where you encountered Michael Brown and you were in possession of something he wanted. He would have ripped your arm off and beat you to death with the bloody end of it just to get it.

                Michael Brown was not a “kid”. He was an 18 year-old, 6’4″, 300lb hulk of a MAN, who had just physically assaulted a convenience store clerk in order to STEAL a box of cigars. He then assaulted a police officer and attempted to STEAL his weapon (which he would probably have used on him…and God knows who else).

                Pick a better martyr. Michael Brown is no martyr.

                • BJ

                  Your weak analogy with little critical thinking and repeating of the winning sides mantra is disappointing. A lot of people here are just full of immaturity, ignorance and hate and I try to just ignore their meaningless and worthless statements. I mean this honestly, I would of thought you to be a little smarter and awake than this.

                  Read some links that have been posted….if you actually care to taste more than what your being spoon fed.

                  A lot of boot lickers here are going to need a lot of salt and pepper to handle the taste of the heels that will be on their necks soon enough.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    The Cop saved Tax Payers about $1.5 Million. You could calculate 20 years in prison for Mikey at an annual cost of $75,000 per year to house him. Adds up to $1.5 Million. I am a firm believer that all prisons execute the worst 10% violent criminals behind bars for the first 5 years and then 5% every year there after. There is no reason why tax payers need to house and feed these monsters who can never be released or rehabilitated.

                    California laws have changed, and is now releasing about 40,000 prisoners who had nonviolent or minor charges, mostly small amounts of drug possession. Some had their felony charges changed to misdemeanors. That’s good put them back to work paying taxes.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Walt, Brown was a 6’4′ 300-lb. BOY. No real man would’ve done what Brown did.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                BJ thinks OJ was innocent too.

          • Anonymous

            BJ. There is NO do overs in stupidity of a rebelous thug druggy thief bully. Always somebody out there with a bigger gun. Karma’ Baby! !!

          • snake eater

            my friend your buddy holder is going too so just stand by
            riots are soon coming to your area…..


          • smoochorelli

            The purpose of the grand jury was the search for the truth, not to reach a conclusion by manipulation of the facts. You seem to hate all LEO’s and want them all punished. Most law abiding people do not have much contact with LEO’s unless it is related to traffic violations. I hope you do not harbor this hate for LEO’s for a silly reason.

            • BJ

              A trial would be a search for truth. A grand jury is only to see if there is enough “probable cause” to press criminal charges. Probable cause, You know that little phrase the pigs use all the time to break into people’s vehicles to search them or their homes to search with little to no evidence.

              • smoochorelli

                BJ you have let your hate for LEO’s hurt your objectivity. A person of quality seeks the truth and bases reaction on that truth.

                • anon

                  Prove to me that what I stated isn’t the grand jury’s only job. To find whether there is probable cause a crime was committed.

        • C_W_R

          Satori, I understand why you are bitter but please don’t allow that to cloud your mind on everything that happens!

          You have a lot to contribute but sometimes the bitterness shows through and it isn’t befitting of you!

          You have a lot of support, stay positive!

          • Satori


            bitter ???

            not at all

            merely pointing out FACTS

            the prosecutor was head of an organization that raised money to support Wilson

            and you don’t think that might just be a freakin’ tiny bit of a
            CONFLICT OF INTEREST ?????????

            REALLY ???????

            I don’t know if Wilson is guilty or not

            what I do know
            from having read much of the grand jury info
            is that it is a load of crap
            and rest assured
            as people go over it in detail
            I imagine a whole lot more is gonna come out

            already the American Bar Association has called for Wilson’s indictment
            they knew the grand jury was rigged from the get go

            NO attorney with any integrity or character at all
            would have done what McCulloch did

            he’s a disgrace

            • SterlingSilver

              I may have this wrong, but I understand that while the prosecutor’s job is to only “recommend” an indictment based on what they think they can realistically prosecute, the decision is in the hands of the Grand Jury, to weigh the evidence and determine the facts as they see, not as the prosecution sees it.

              In all fairness, I think the prosecution should stay out of the grand jury decision to the greatest degree possible and let the evidence stand on its own merit.

              • BJ

                8. Assistant DA, Kathy Alizadeh handed incorrect 1979 Missouri law that the Supreme Court ruled Unconstitutional in 1985 (TENNESSEE v. GARNER, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)) in place of Missouri statute Section 563.046. The law from 1979 was a law that said it is ok for cops to shoot a fleeing suspect just because they are fleeing if they need/want to make an arrest. This hadn’t been law in MO during her entire legal career….you think that was a mistake? They had this legal document in front of them while they listened to the cops testimony with a lower threshold in their mind….do you see what they did? This wasn’t corrected until they were ready to vote, weeks later!!! Then she confused them with legal jargon and a long explanation when giving them the correct statute. And when a juror asked if the US Supreme Court over rides Missouri, this bitch, said “just don’t worry about that.”

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  They should have just mowed every looter down the first night and that would have wiped half the crime out of Fergy. Where is Saddam Husein when we need him?? He’d cut the hands off every looter and that would the end of that chaos.

                • Jim in Va.

                  Brown wasn’t shot in the back,3 autopsies proved that. witnesses(black) backed that up. Emotion will get you no where.

                  • BJ

                    Who said he was shot in the back?? WTF are you talking about?

                    Do you read much, seriously?

                    Re read the post and try again. They gave the jury the wrong law to make decision by and let that remain in their minds through the testimony and then changed it last minute weeks later right before the vote.

                    And speaking of autopsies, let’s look at that.
                    ht tps://

                    You and most everyone else has been “Sandy Hooked.”

                    When I find myself in the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

                    Mark Twain

                    • Jim in Va.

                      Take a chill pill,you haven’t read enough. People were spreading the rumor that he was shot in the back and of course it was picked up by the press. that however never came up in the investigation. a man was pronounced guilty before the investigation was even finished.

                    • Pissed Off Granny


                      You have stated that you believe Wilson set out to kill that kid….you stated “Hell, he did kill the kid”.

                      I, for one do not believe Wilson set out on his job that day to kill anybody.

                      Mikeys mom stated on national tv that SHE believed Wilson set out to kill somebody that day. “Maybe not her son, but somebody”.

                      I feel as long as you and her believe that then anything else you feel the need to defend will be as skewed. CNN has been heading up most of the investigation you are talking about. You know, the most caring, noble, American loving network in America.

                      So, by all means……Believe, BJ, Believe.

                    • BJ

                      I have obviously read and researched this more than most anyone on this board. I know the rumor you are talking about….but what did that have to do with my post? I never said that, it had nothing to do with what I was reporting. It makes no sense that you would even bring it up unless your goal was to obfuscate the matter and make it gray for those here who might be reading something they didn’t know.

                    • BJ

                      Show me the comment ID# please where I said “he set out to kill that kid.”

                      I think it was something along the lines that he killed the kid,….which he did. What I think is he was enraged after the tussle while the wimp was in the car. And then once he is out of the car….the incidents become two separate incidents….but he was still full of rage….that is just my opinion and not fact and can’t be proven.

                      What else can’t be proven now since the police didn’t take measurements like they were supposed to, was the distance between the body and the cop from where he shot……assuming he would of been honest. They didn’t because the guy said it “was self explanatory” and the “batteries ran out in the camera.”

                      In my profession I have to do incident investigations all the time and if I performed one like that I would hear it from my boss. If I did that in a serious incident resulting in an OSHA, I would be seriously reprimanded and if I did that in a incident which required OSHA to show up on site, I would be fired and could have possible charges pressed on me from OSHA.

                      And if you don’t think that the cop named Darren Wilson fired his gun and ammo that his gun fired entered into Mike Browns body killing him….then this is an incoherent conversation.

                      Again, you have a bad habit of doing this, you keep tying other people, mainly his mom and dad into this. Why? Why are you so concerned with what they do and say. Pardon my language, but let me be clear so you are clear….I don’t give a fuck about his mom and dad, what they do, what they say….nothing. Get over his mom and dad. And again, I can tell you since you didn’t get it the first time, I watched CNN very little. And it doesn’t matter who they are, they all have lies and propaganda to a degree. Where they differ is what subject matter it is that they are covering.

                      If you want to be a right wing Charles Krauthammer, yet spew “it’s all the jews fault” then by all means go ahead.

                      Again….mindless chatter from you with no facts to refute my OP on the crime scene and the PD not following protocol or the huge debachle the Prosecutor’s office did to the grand jury process.

                    • Pissed Off Granny


                      Because a comment to you is blocked further on down the thread I am replying to you to the question on comment #3276761 you ask ” show me the comment you made “yup, he wasn’t only looking to kill that kid….he did”.

                      Here it is BJ:

                      My comment, November 26, #3275281

                      “Saw Mikeys mom today say she didn’t think Wilson was out to kill her son that day–but he was out to kill someone”.

                      BJ comment, November 26, #3275292

                      “He was looking to kill him after the punk had the audacity to touch him and even assault him inside his own vehicle. I can’t imagine the rage he must have had after that. Adrenaline, pig attitude and rage from being assaulted and in front of witnesses. YEP, HE WASN’T ONLY LOOKING TO KILL THAT KID….BUT HE DID.”


                      So BJ, adrenaline, pig attitude, and rage was what Wilson felt? After all the facts have came out do you suppose fear for Wilsons life had something to do with what happened that day?

                    • BJ

                      I believe it was rage….but that isn’t a fact, it is only my opinion.

                      See YAWN’s comment on this thread about that sissy cop killing Brown out of fear……it was a pretty good one.

                    • BJ

                      Yes I believe he was looking to kill the kid once he was filled with rage after the kid had the audacity to touch him while in his SUV. These pigs look at them selves as royalty.

                      My comment about the pig meaning to kill the kid was in relation to after the incident took place in the police SUV, not earlier in the day.

                    • possee


                      In the halls of justice

                      The Only justice

                      is in the halls

            • Anonymous

              Well one thing we can agree on is that dirt is coming to light.


              Here is something that will surely be most welcomed to a lot of defense attorney’s. And all because of the Michael Brown autopsy! At least something good comes of this.

              • BJ

                ht tps://

                Apparently darren wilson didn’t like being filmed.

                • BJ

                  better quality in video and audio

                  ht tps://

                  • BJ

                    Best one yet…..

                    ht tps://

                    Darren Wilson: I’m gonna lock your ass up (in reference to citizen on his own property recording this POS)

                    Citizen: Do I not have the right to record…

                    Darren Wilson: No you don’t

                    A nice little snap shot into the pig mentality of this worthless POS.

                    BTW this video shows the court paperwork and the charges. AND this was a white guy. The judge/court dropped the charges!!!

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      BJ, I’ll grant you that you are correct concerning the incident where Wilson was being filmed. There are several federal court rulings, including a cops’ actions.

            • Smokey

              The fact is that a mixed-race jury heard all the evidence and voted there was not enough evidence to indict the officer.

              If you want to be butthurt about the judicial process, just reflect that you are being butthurt about the failure of the legal system to prostitute itself for political purposes and railroad an innocent public servant into jail in order to mollify an outspoken, racist, segment of society that is still trying to hijack the law for it’s own purposes.

              You are, in a word, sheeple. Pawns being used by race-baiters, anarchists, and politicians for their own ends.

              • BJ

                Actually is is you who fits the bill of sheeple and totally asleep. You refuse to look at facts and just spout broad statements. You sound like the ones who we talk about here that say “move along folks, nothing to see here.”

                • Jim in Va.

                  You must be looking at different facts and are pissed because it didn’t come out to your satisfaction. Life is like that! The press was responsible for reporting rumor and inuendo that fired up everyone and left them shocked and pissed because the press screwed up the whole 9 yards…something they are good at.

                  • BJ

                    You and others keep talking at me, but you or anyone else is refuting any of the facts that I posted that are well documented?

                    Why don’t you refute with facts? Instead of opinion and your “thoughts?”

                    • The Old Coach

                      Of COURSE he’s looking at different facts. Lovingly cherry-picked out by his very own self at Facts-R-Us, (i.e. MSLSD/CNN and Daily Koz).

                      Facts that can’t be supported by evidence are sold at a big discount, and BJ is cheap, so he bought all the used, shopworn, damaged facts and left the good ones on the rack.

                      Thanks, BJ, for testing the fringes of sanity for us. Saves us a lot of trouble. BIG thumbs up !!

                    • BJ


                      Prove these not to be true and then make a coherent argument that this isn’t a pretty big fucking deal to the outcome or decision the grand jury would come to. All these can be found as documented fact online… like to read bullshit books…try reading some facts about this case.

                      Police Investigation
                      1. No measurements by medical examiners were taken on the scene in regards to where cop was standing in relation to the body….because, “it was self explanatory.”
                      2. Cop was allowed to drive himself ALONE back to the station.
                      3. Cop was allowed to wash the blood off his hands before any documentation or pictures taken.
                      4. cop was allowed to bag evidence from a shooting in which he was the shooter (his gun)
                      5. Upon his first testimony to other cops….NO NOTES OR RECORDINGS WERE TAKEN. This, I believe, is so they can wait, upon advice, until the forensic evidence comes in to make sure his testimony matches. Remember the time line and how long it took for things to come out of the police?
                      6. No photos were taken by police because “the camera was out of batteries,” I kid you not.

                      Grand Jury Process
                      1. DA didn’t want to take this before a grand jury
                      2. Was asked by many, including politicians to recuse himself….he refused
                      3.DA is familial tied to St. Louis police ht tp://

                      The guy reminds me of the dirty senator in the Mark Wahlberg film “Shooter.”

                      4. DA brought the target (cop) in first, when normal protocol is last. This way the target is able to set the narrative and everything that comes afterwards has to meet up to his testimony instead of the other way around.
                      5. DA questioned target softly as if he were the targets defense attorney.
                      6. Discrepancy in testimony = so what? That happens every time.
                      7. Jury had documents set before them with “Subject” listed as “assault of L.E.O”, “Victim” listed as “Darren Wilson”, and “Mike Brown” as “Defendant.”
                      8. Assistant DA, Kathy Alizadeh handed incorrect 1979 Missouri law that the Supreme Court ruled Unconstitutional in 1985 (TENNESSEE v. GARNER, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)) in place of Missouri statute Section 563.046. The law from 1979 was a law that said it is ok for cops to shoot a fleeing suspect just because they are fleeing if they need/want to make an arrest. This hadn’t been law in MO during her entire legal career….you think that was a mistake? They had this legal document in front of them while they listened to the cops testimony with a lower threshold in their mind….do you see what they did? This wasn’t corrected until they were ready to vote, weeks later!!! Then she confused them with legal jargon and a long explanation when giving them the correct statute. And when a juror asked if the US Supreme Court over rides Missouri, this bitch, said “just don’t worry about that.”

                      The other Assistant DA actually told the juror, “we don’t have time for law class.”

                    • Mr. Bill


                      Yes, my thoughts are; “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

                      What would be the point of debating you?

                  • Anonymous

                    Of COURSE he’s looking at different “facts”. Cherry-picked them out himself at Facts-R-Us (i.e. MSLSD and Daily Koz). Big discounts on facts that don’t prove out, and he’s nothing but cheap, so he bought only the most heavily discounted facts.

                    But thanks, BJ, for testing the edges of insanity, so we don’t have to do it ourselves. Big thumbs up !

                    • The Old Coach

                      Hmmmph. I thought this post had gone in the bit-bucket, so I re-did it. Sorry.

                • Anons

                  How verbally combative you are. I hope you didn’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone.

                  • helot

                    Dear Anons,

                    How meek and submissive you appear to be for saying nothing.

                    I imagine you spent Thanksgiving surrounded by dupes and useful idiots.

                    • Anonymous

                      Helot, it is amazing to me how your imagination can be so self servicing and insulting to others. I think I read that this characteristic was caused by a deep seated inferiority complex. It can be treated so don’t despair. In the meantime, when you feel the need to extract parts of a statement made by someone and criticize them, remember that help is available to those that seek it.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  BJ you are wasting your frustration. Nobody cares. You are defending a proven BLACK Druggy Thief Thug that has No regards to Humanity. Good Riddence and 40 Million more to dispose of. They are cockroach menaces to our society that commits 75% of all crime in America. FBI Statistics if you like Facts. That Cop is a Hero in my book.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    WWTI, AMEN to your comments. If BJ wants facts, he can go look up the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and also USDOJ’s crime study in the bureau of Justice Statistics of which makes for some interesting reading.

              • BJ

                I would consider a mixed race jury to be more along the lines of 6 to 6, NOT 9 to 3.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  That Grand Jury was chosen long before anyone heard of Mike Brown.

                  • BJ

                    I didn’t say it wasn’t.

                    I was only pointing out the fact that I wouldn’t consider 9 to 3 mixed as I would 6 to 6. I think you might of read into my statement more than was there.

                    • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                      BJ you the man! Your so intelligent, since their are 150 million whites and 150 million blacks it would only be fair if 6 of the 12 of them were black also. Me thinks you had to many DUI’s, them pigs sure did you wrong.

                    • BJ


                      I think Ferguson alone is around 70% black.


                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      BJ. About 40% of Blacks in Ferguson are on Food stamps and only about 8% of the White population is on Food Stamps. Im sure more Whites would be rioting and burning the place down, but they have jobs to go in the morning. Bwahahahahaaaa.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      US Demographics are 72% White (224 Million)and only 13% Black. (39 Million).

                      So the Grand Jury should have only had 1.56 Blacks, and there was 3 Blacks, so the deck was Double Stacked Pro Black, and they still decided No Wrong doing by Officer Wilson.

                      Another Statistic I will the Media would report is that Blacks or 13% of the US Population commits 75% of all crime and 75% of all shootings. (FBI Stats) And Blacks prefer to shoot Blacks 3 out of 4 times.

                    • Anonymous

                      Where are you going to find 6 blacks smart enough to be on the grand jury, the Cosby Show?

                • possee

                  Since when is justice ever served in the first place?

                  DA’s and prosecutors can sway juries either way.

                  After all they’re cherry picked in advance for the final predisposed outcome..


                  None of us were there at this particular incident

                  and surely both sides have skewed the argument to their advantage(s)

                  Continued debate and facts presented will never change the outcome..

                  As George Carlin aptly stated..

                  “It’s a big club…

                  and you(we) ain’t in it!”


                  • oicu812

                    After lil Mikey stole those cigars and shoved the store owner.clerk away, I would have loved to see a Gomer Pyle character waving a sissy hand at him screaming….

                    “Citizen’s Arrest, Citizens’s Arrest”!

                    May as well laugh, the bully kid wrote his own death certificate that day.

                    Send them, all bullies, thieves, and thugs, to God and let him sort ’em out. The lack of community involvement has allowed the punks and creeps to rule the hoods.

                    Live like pigs, and die by pigs.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      OICU812. Gomer,…. that would have been eppe with his .22. Stop right there while I tell you a cut and paste joke I have in my pocket.

                      You think a .22 would have stopped Brown Thug?.. I bet that Cop had at least a 9mm or .40 Cal. Maybe eppe would invited him home after his drama class.

                • Mr. Bill

                  Oh yes, because everyone knows that only a person of the same race can represent a defendant.

                  I think you have anger issues.

                  • BJ

                    And too bad more people didn’t have anger issues with this govt. & the police state. Maybe something could actually be done instead of half asleep sheeple typing on a website about all the guns and ammo they have and how smart they think they are when they worship the overlords and lick the boots upon their necks. They scream freedom and liberty, yet they know nothing of it and will not fight for it.

                    The jury does not represent the defendant. And I was talking about what I would consider a “mixed jury.”

                    Your starting to remind me of your brother… know the nice guy that is an asshat and rants about shit he knows nothing about?

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      BJ is a prime Candidate for Medical Pot. Mellow Yellow and he would be a pussy cat on here. Def mellow out those anger mgt issues.

              • Mcdave

                @ Smokey,
                Nailed it!

          • BJ

            “I understand?

            Your reply to my post of facts above show that you understand and comprehend very little.

      6. Satori

        ‘A Quarter Of The Energy We Use Is Just In Our Crap’: Black Friday And The Destruction Of Planet Earth…ermaterialism/

        “Civilizations have throughout history marched blindly toward disaster, because humans are wired to believe that tomorrow will be much like today — it is unnatural for us to think that this way of life, this present moment, this order of things is not stable and permanent. Across the world today, our actions testify to our belief that we can go on like this forever, burning oil, poisoning the seas, killing off other species, pumping carbon into the air, ignoring the ominous silence of our coal mine canaries in favor of the unending robotic tweets of our new digital imaginarium. Yet the reality of global climate change is going to keep intruding on our fantasies of perpetual growth, permanent innovation and endless energy, just as the reality of mortality shocks our casual faith in permanence.”

        “The biggest problem we face is a philosophical one: understanding that this civilization is already dead….”

        • JRS

          No response to this post Satori?

          “Nature Bats Last”

      7. Anonymous

        A major cleansing is indeed needed. When majority who are unemployed or works for minimum wage but also suck the blood out of hard working minority through EBT and free stuff and still fight over a TV or other garbage without a real need, indeed they deserve to be wiped out.

        At the end I must say something that really hurts me…..Dear Criminal head of corporations and banksters ……You are the master of planning and brain washing. As long as these parasitic shoppers exists, you’ll add to your wealth so not all of the blame can be directed toward your tribe.

        Marry Christmas Everyone.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Anonymous, AMEN to your comments.

        • Acid Etch

          You asswipe,

          The amount stolen from us by deadbeats is factional compared to what the Joo banksters have been stealing from us for 100 years.

          You stupid old people. Do you still think in terms of democrats and republicans? You fucking idiot.

          • Jim in Va.

            do you ever say anything nice about anyone ACID? There you go blaming old people again! You sir are an idiot lacking oxygen!

          • boiled frog

            acid gets a nother green thumb for having gonads to say it like it is.
            Green thumb for not using Political Correctness as well. Shot of whisky to ya brother.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Acid, i can agree with your first sentence, but you’re off the mark with your second one concerningme in particular. I’ve never been a registered voter. I’ve never voted for anyone’s candidiate for any office. I can’t stand politicians from any party. I don’t think in terms of dem or rep. I know too many other people do, but I don’t. I’ve known the truth since I was a teenager.

            • Walt Kowalski

              Acid Etch is just one of idiots that will stacked like cord wood when SHTF.

              • Paranoid

                Uah What? Your going to stack them? Why? As Miracle Max said in “Princess Bride”: Just go through their pockets and roll them in the gutter.

                • Walt Kowalski


                  Gotta put ’em some place. There will be lots of them.

            • Acid Etch


              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                If it were Walt and Acid in a Cage Match, I would put my money on Acid. He’d have Walt in a Pretzel hold licking Acids Boots. Just my observation.

        • helot

          Is this the New(old?) warped out American motto?:

          “indeed they deserve to be wiped out. […] Marry Christmas Everyone.”

          What say Ye, psychopaths?
          What a motto.

          I just shake my head at the ignorance of The People who say things like that, and: ‘When majority who are unemployed or works for minimum wage but also suck the blood out of hard working minority through EBT and free stuff and…”

          What’s so hard to understand that it’s The System and those at the top who allow this to happen, rather than those at the bottom who milk it?
          And, the only way out, is to Opt Out.

      8. hammerhead

        Those are some hilarious videos .
        Speaks volumes about how our culture has devolved.
        If someone acted like that even 20 years ago they would have been put in their place immediatly.
        Just plain thugish and rude behaviour, nothing good can come from it .

        • Anonymous


          I am yet to see one of these videos/photos that is not filled from screen edge to screen edge with the underclass, of all races, behaving like animals fighting over food. They have reproduced at a rate far beyond their ability to support themselves. They are headed for a servile existence and will be happy to have one day off per week to launder their uniforms and shop for bread and tea.

          Their temporary fantasy world of having disposable income to spend on quasi-luxuries that they can’t justify on their meager incomes is coming to a screeching halt at some point…perhaps sooner rather than later. And then let us hope that we don’t find ourselves clashing with them in store parking lots…the days of heavily patrolled shopping areas are not far off.

          Again, they have reproduced irresponsibly, are completely dependent on a governing authority that they foolishly believe is benevolent to provide for their needs, are without rational thought and reason, are controlled by their base emotions, and are all too easily manipulated by malicious political agendas. And these are the things that define a 3rd World society. If that is what we have in our society, then that is what we are.

          Let us who still honor honorable actions do all in our power to set the example, calm the agitated, straighten the crooked, and protect the vulnerable. There will still be animals among us, but let them fall to their own devices.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Anonymous, AMEN. Excellent post.

      9. GEO-LITHIC

        Animals in my woods are starting to look very smart right now! they don’t riot, loot and kill just for fun……. they have a higher purpose… SURVIVE

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          And the dumb part is Flat screens are already out if style. Cable TV is dying and everything is via the Internet and live streaming video. All you need to buy is just a Screen monitor that accepts Internet via computer.

        • Walt Kowalski


          Which is why I seldom refer to these thugs as animals.

          Animals don’t deserve the insult.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          The Big Down Fall is when you start giving Aid to people they abuse it. I just read where in Africa the People are telling the US to stop giving and sending Aid to Africa. It makes them dependent on freebees, they lose all adapting skills, and too much time on their hands to create chaos.

          Its true if these Thug protesters had real jobs, they would be in bed at 9pm so they could get to their jobs in the morning. Not out burning the town down and sleeping in until 2pm the next day to do that all over again.

          I propose that all Welfare and EBT and Housing be cut off in High Black crime areas, and it is a fact a lot of thise benefits are traded for Cash and drugs. “Everybody’s in Cleveland, No Minority Gots Obama Phone.”

          Here watch “Obama Phone Lady”-

          • Nobama

            People (of any color) should be required to work community service before getting any welfare, EBT, housing, Obolaphones, etc. Nothing should be handed out for free, nothing, ever.

      10. Acid Etch

        I got a new motorcycle for Christmas, a 650cc.

        And I just might ride the son of a bitch from sea to shining sea one of these days.

        • Jim in Va.

          Acid; how about into the sea.

          • Acid Etch

            Every comment that I post you always have some smartass reply. Why don’t you go lick your own turds, fuckface. I contribute a hell of a lot around here.

            • Jim in Va.

              I think the majority disagree know it all.

            • Paranoid

              Acid, you detract more than you add. You are always crude, impolite, and have the manners of an uncultured brute. You do not respond to attacks, you create them. While you have the ability to contribute you would rater insult and argue that discuss or debate. The site would be better off without you. If you could get over your childish actions, perhaps you could contribute, but it’s obvious you don’t wish to.

            • Walt Kowalski

              Yes Acid Etch….we can always depend on you to contribute a generous supply of BS.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Have fun Acid. Put screws in the knobby tires for Ice racing.

        • Mcdave

          Girls bikes are fun.

        • Anons

          Acid KLR?

        • FUBAR

          That’s something I’m gonna do someday too. Say hop on the bike and ride till I run out of road. Then turn around and start over. Just keep riding till I’m sick of riding.

      11. Satori

        one thing to be thankful for
        is so far
        no one has been killed

        but the shopping season is just beginning…..

        • Mr. Bill


          I think your comment about nobody being killed is incorrect as of an article I read on-line.

      12. Simmer

        My dogs have better manners when I feed them than these ghetto rats have!

        “If God’s wrath isn’t coming to America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah” . Rev. Billy Graham

      13. dazed and confused

        You morons do realize that is nothing more than free-market capitalism at work. You do realize people have the liberty to choose to participate or not. Mind your own damn business. If you do not like Black Friday,stay home and leave those alone who exercise their indovidual liberty by participating. You are beginning to sound like nany staters.

        • admin

          A Nanny Stater would support the passage of laws forcing people to either go shopping or stay home. We’re merely commenting on the ridiculousness of it all – a far cry from forcing one to participate or not.

          • helot

            RE: “We’re merely commenting on the ridiculousness of it all”

            Imho, some, quite a few People are doing a bit more than that.

        • Kulafarmer

          Us morons huh,
          People like you should run right down there and join these degenerates.
          I spent the evening last night with family, worked this morning and am now preparing a meal for more family to come over and count our blessings.
          These holidays have been bastardized into a greed induced frenzy. Disgusting
          The true meaning of these holidays has nothing to do with bargains or material goods of witch most have far more crap than they even know what to do with.
          But by all means go and join the fray if you feel so strongly about it.
          Ill sit here and scoff at jackasses of the likes of these and yourself then it will be out of mind as i spend more quality time with loved ones and enjoying the things that endure.

          • helot

            Kulafarmer says: “The true meaning of these holidays has nothing to do with bargains or material goods…”

            I didn’t know these were holy days?

            Anyway, have you seen this?:

            The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
            By Richard J. Maybury

            “In the harvest feasts of 1621 and 1622, “all had their hungry bellies filled,” but only briefly. The prevailing condition during those years was not the abundance the official story claims, it was famine and death. The first “Thanksgiving” was not so much a celebration as it was the last meal of condemned men.

            But in subsequent years something changes. […]

            Thus, the real meaning of Thanksgiving, deleted from the official story, is: Socialism does not work; the one and only source of abundance is free markets, and we thank God we live in a country where we can have them.”

            …A.K.A. bargains and material goods! There’s nothing “Disgusting” about it. …Only the approach by some.

            B.T.W. What are the things that endure? Love goes away with death. Beauty fades. Iron rusts. Memories fade and eventually disappear.
            Isn’t everything, vanity? …Don’t be so uppity, mang.
            Besides, some People have just as good a time with loved ones as you claim to have while they wait in line. Not every line is a fist fight or a brawl.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Dazed and Confused, you picked the perfect name to post under. You are ‘dazed and confused’.

        • Ms.X

          Free market capitalism and most of the stuff these people are buying is junk or will be soon. The quality of most things has gone way down and the price has gone up. Fine jewelry is a great example. Much of what is sold is gold over sterling even in better stores and I don’t call that fine jewelry.

          • Ms.X

            Even Wally World used to sell gold jewelry but not much anymore around where I live.

      14. Old Guy

        Many are trying to find fault with the grand jury. I for one am not going to go around second guessing the results. The framers when setting up the juduical system stated it would be bette that ten guilty men be not convicted than one who was not guilty be unjustly convicted. Now we know for a fact that Poor little mikey stole the cigars and shoved the store clerk. Strong arm robbery in my opinion should be a hanging offence. Heck just you wait many here will use deadly force to prevent their preps from being taken by a strong arm thief. and it wont make any difference what color they are. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Where are not Christians. And even if we where we are not gullible to fall for the commercial hype that promotes wildly shopping & spending. Its a mob mentality following the herd. Doing something irrational just because everyone else is. Heres a joke. Why did Mike Browns agent think he was gonna make it big in Hollywood? Because He had a killer head shot!

        • BJ

          Sure you won’t second guess….DUH! Why would you. You like many had your mind made up from the beginning. The corrupt DA and rigged process just gave the decision you already had in your mind. Of course you like it and won’t second guess it.

          • Old Guy

            So you think I had my mind made up? You better go and look up my post on some earlier threads. I drove truck for 40 years and was harassed and had monet extorted from me by police in almost every state. I think cops are bully,s who want to be something their not parasite enforcers. they don’t protect & serve. They are a revenue generating enity. When the Real SHTF happens all former cops will be targeted. Thugs like Mike Brown usually get their just desserts. The fact is no one actually gets away with their wrong deeds. KARMA will repay them in spades. If not in this life then in the next. The Wilson cop is not rejoicing. his life is permenately disrupted. The stress will take years from his life.

            • BJ

              I appologize, I get you and Old Coach mixed up.

      15. Archivist

        I have spent the day at home, and the neighbors spent the day out in their back yard target shooting.

        • Kulafarmer

          Happy holidays Archivist,
          I am thankful for my life and the many blessings.

        • Babycatcher55

          Archivist, my neighbors do the same! 🙂 and when they aren’t practicing, they are hunting! Two of them are out there now! I feel safer! 🙂 even the horses don’t mind the gunfire…

      16. Satori

        dazed and confused

        here is some more free market capitalism for ya

        but some things are funny and deserve to be mocked and ridiculed

        people fighting over $5 dvd’s or $1 dollar underwear just make the whole country look bad

        kinda makes you question that whole “this country was founded on Christian princples” thingy

        can you see Jesus knocking someone over to get a pair of sandals at half price ???

      17. swinging richard

        You won’t see the protestors out on black Friday. Justice for Mikey can wait till the sales are over.

        • Smokey

          If we have to wait until the protesters realize that Mikey got a lot more justice and legal process than he should have gotten, it’s never going to be over.

        • White Fox

          There were a few dozen protesters blocking the entrances of the mall near me tonight with a lot of cops watching them, a police chopper with spotlight circling endlessly, and news crews. All of them screaming ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ and ‘black lives matter’. Security kept them out. They had Boycott Black Friday signs and at least one was wearing a Che Guevara shirt.


        This should be changed from BLACK FRIDAY.


        I guess people are warming up for the real thing.

        Coming to a Theater near YOU soon………….

      19. Kulafarmer

        THIS is where there should be a massive poison gas attack,
        Get rid of these stupid people.
        ANYONE who is dumb enough to behave like this and go out shopping like this should be eradicated.
        These idiots and the idiots who riot and burn their own neighborhoods.

        • helot

          A psychopath would say, “THIS is where there should be a massive poison gas attack,
          Get rid of these stupid people.
          ANYONE who is dumb enough to behave like this and go out shopping like this should be eradicated.”

          Mang, you’re worse than they are. At least they are fighting over TV’s and not killing anyone. Yet you would have them all killed?

          Wow. …I guess I can’t understand the mind of a psychopath.

          • BJ

            I use to think that there were just a few nut jobs and a few with little morals/conscience and a few a holes here. I also thought that a majority here were not like that and considered myself to be among the “least of these” when it came to awakeness, smarts & intelligence (especially in the area of guy stuff, mechanics and prepping stuff).

            But lately poster have changed a lot of newer ones here and older ones gone. And here real recently the hate filled, ignorant biased ones have come out of the wood work. Psychopath preppers, I pray my family and I do not come in contact with when shtf. And if we are ever fortunate enough to ever be able to rebuild (which I highly doubt) I pray they have changed their tune.

            • Kulafarmer

              Thats right,
              Remember that you donkeys

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Throughout this thread it is apparent if someone disagrees with you, they, and their opinion, is to be thrown in the wastebasket.

              What have you gained from calling people uneducated, ignorant, etc? You probably have not changed even one persons mind as to what went on in Ferguson.

              I understand that the long arm of the law is a top down desire of the PTB to cause hate and discontent of any law, creating lawlessness. When there is no longer any respect for the law and the US turns into Ferguson the PTB know most sheep will be begging for some relief, regardless where it comes from. And that relief will come from brown shirts, military, UN peace?keepers, etc.

              We are being set up by communists to become just another satellite state of the OWO through the United Nations. And the PTB know they have to tear down all the decent fabric in our nation to accomplish that.

              I believe, BJ, that you have read Revelation. If you believe we are living those times, then you know things are going to get much worse. I wish you had the answer to what would put a halt to the destruction of America. We would like to hear it if you do.

              Further on down the page Hunter has told you that we have NO idea of the HELL that we are going to be facing. Ferguson is just a small picture of the “stay the course” that our FAUX president has envisioned for America.

              Look up the word “socialism” the term used by the ‘utopian dreamers’ and see that that is just a step in a countries demise into communism.

              We are teetering on the brink. The one world order crew is licking their chops. They have been working to destroy America since the downfall of the Soviet Union.

              After all the bluster here at shtf from both sides, BJ, I ask you what your solution is. Not what you hope will happen but what you are going to do to stop what is happening.

              The Lord has stated what is happening to America, and he has also stated what he plans to do about it. It is written.

              • BJ

                You and others who are addicted to “ism” & “ist” confuse yourself and others by over complicating things.

                I do put opinions in the waste basket some times…..times when there are absolutes, opinions mean nothing, nor should they. I stand on absolutes of His word and the spirit of Freedom and Liberty that Jesus gave us when he rose from the grave. That Freedom and Liberty that was exhibited through the Constitution….the freedom from opression and tyranny. Freedom from legalities….freedom and liberty THROUGH natural law, real true law. Freedom from modern day roman guards dressed in blue.

                You can simplify all the ism’s and ist’s by just lumping them all in one big pile under the title of evil.

                And when it comes to the ignorance and lack of education as to the constitution and the spirit and understanding of freedom, liberty….I will not sugar coat it.

                I do not agree with all the ignorant,senile, vile, biased hate some have here and agree 100% with UseYourBrainCooter’s post. So many here, including you waste so much time and energy targeting the wrong people. Your anger is so misplaced. It isn’t the minorities and blacks with their EBT cards you need to be worried about…talk about being played for fools by TPTB…..the people who misplace their energy on those people have been SHEEPED…to coin a phrase from NetRanger.

                And yes I do have an answer on how to halt the destruction of America, the same answer you should already have yourself.

                2 Chronicles 7:14

                ch2 7:14
                If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will (e) heal their land.

                (e) I will cause the pestilence to cease and destroy the beasts that hurt the fruit of the earth, and send rain in due season.

                This also means to take no part at all in the whole evil wicked system i.e. the building we call “church”, pagan holidays, the state in our lives, raise (hanak) our children and rid ourselves of public schools, do not take part in the unjust and illegal taxes, and do not pay heed to man’s fake laws (color of law)…..there are many more.

                As for an answer in how to stop

      20. Jim in Va.

        There isn’t anything I need bad enough to camp out a week for nor do I need it badly enough to put up with crowds. If I want something bad enough I’ll just buy it. I refuse to fight that mess.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Needless Consumerism all for a Pagan Holiday. Who makes this shit up??

          • grandee

            WhoWudda, for once you are right.
            christmas is a pagan holiday for sure.

            but now CHRISTmas ! Here is something to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving in reverence and awe.

            Rejoice in Him, the CHRIST in Christmas.

            • BJ

              Christmas is an evil pagan holiday. Do your research and unattach yourself and family from it. BTW so is Easter. You’ll do yourself if you just celebrate the 7 feasts and God will be much happier too 🙂

      21. Old Guy

        I think the presense of all the news cameras keeps the momentum going. I was wrong I didn’t think there would be a large protest if it was cold weather. One white protester was protesting because he had went to college and now the promised big dollar jobs are non existant. There are myrads of reasons for folks to be malcontents. Protesting & looting and obstructing traffic will not solve anything or make even the slightest difference. The government could pass all the laws everyone wants. And it wont fix anything. The fact is you can not legislate moral behavior. A good person is a good person no matter what his race, religion or status. And a bad person is a bad person no matter who or whatever else they are. Now its doomed to fail. IT will collapse because world wide we have far too many parasite takers and to few productive makers. It simply is not sustainable.

      22. Copperhead

        Question for everyone what do you think we will be facing come that horrible day? My bet is AK’s and GLOCK’s, with a few SKS’ and very few AR’s. Now this in the hands of the BRAIN DEAD HORDE. What say you? Just asking.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Acid Etch

          SKS is a piece of shit.

          • Jim in Va.

            SKS will kill you just as dead as anything else if you would know how to use it. Beats even an AK.

            • Kevin2

              Everyone I have handled have a long trigger pull that is all creep and not smooth at all. Of course they were Chinese. The machining looked like it was done with a file and a course one at that.

              Maybe the Russian guns were better.

            • Copperhead

              JnVA: I’ll take an SKS over an AK as long as you have stripper clips for it. I saw a lot of guys shot up with one.

              MTCFMF!!///RIP America.

              • Kevin2

                At 100ft Vietnam range the trigger pull does not matter as long as it goes bang at the end.

                Why choose the SKS over an AK?

                • Jim in Va.

                  Kevin; Maybe I’m lucky but my sks is quite a bit more accurate than my AK at longer distances. Ak good for close in work.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    I have the best of both worlds, Better than any AK47 or AR15. Its a Swiss made Sig Sauer 5.56 Swat Rifle. Built like an AK, but uses 5.56 Ammo and Magazines and folding stock. It is a gas piston driven, and does not shit where it eats in the bolt area,unlike the AR-15.

                    Never had a misfire, very accurate and eats any ammo for breakfast. Throw a 60 round surefire Mag on it, and it becomes a wet dream for Californians.

                • Night Breaker

                  Tighter tolerances , more accurate with match ammo ( handloaded 7.62×39) will function no matter what , trigger sucks , it’s a short to intermediate range weapon used to get another gun.

                  As an answer to what we might be facing in that horrible day in the near future , any small arm out there but most likely the common ones , likely pistol cartride based , it will devolve fast from a mechanized mayhem to one one of being on foot ( no gas production just in time delivery breakdown) which will necessitate traveling light , you will most likely face this type of weaponry because of the weight of ammunition that can be carried from roving elements , most likely fixed elements will still have the heavy calibers . Anyone who does not travel light will not survive long . When I was in FORECON our average sniper load out was 160 rounds of .308 , most FMJBT , some special (DU) 15 rounds . 3 mags of 9mm for the side arm ( baretta m9 ) But we also had support and extraction plans . After the SHTF you will not have that luxury.

                  So most likely a full blown evac under a partial collapse scenario, covert self protection package ( long arms may attract way too much of the wrong attention) may consist of a defensive sidearm ( in a common caliber) with approximately 100 rounds of CF ammo.
                  Longer duration this loadout IN ADDITION a .22 caliber side arm with 500 rounds of ammo for foraging , last ditch defense etc. A small modular configured assault pack with essentials dependant on your environment maximum 30 -35 lbs will go a long way .( I am Partial to the Kifaru system ) Think light , freeze dried food , water filter , fire kit , small mutiband radio( Yaesu VX-8dr) NOD’S , etc. and a capable reliable handgun ( with cleaning supplies , OTIS system) as described above , I’m am partial to smith and Wesson magnum revolvers with minimum 6″ barrels for CQB. Also a well made edged weapon ( Randal #1 , EK desert dagger , k-Bar marine ) . Look at what they carry in the Walking Dead , its pretty realistic in that respect for what to expect in a PAW. Do not go expecting to be Rambo . Most of my military mission were of the “Green ” variety , ( snoop , shout , scoot) very few were of the “black” variety ( active , offensive )

                  Oh well so much for the lesson , In a few hours going back on the line , was quieter here last night , some disturbing things found this morning , flyers from a communist front organization based in NY found on the ground urging violent uprising throught out the country , time will tell if tonight is calm or all hell breaks loose . Believe me it sucks being away during the holidays hopefully this ends soon the rumor is we may be sent else where shortly If needed . My opinion I really do not know what’s going to happen , a lot of the unrest is being caused by outside agitators .

                  You all be safe ,

                  From the front lines on the tip of the spear

                  Semper Fi 0317/ 8541

                  • Kevin2

                    You learn something new on this BB every visit. 7.62-51 DU rounds. I never knew (or thought about) their existence.

                  • Meathead

                    Night Breaker. Darren Wilson just resigned from the Ferguson PD. Just saw the article on Yahoo News.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      But his fellow Cop Wife refuses to Quit the Ferguson PD. Lets see how that turns out. I would move far away from that Pig Sty. Maybe they can buy her pension out. Depends on how vested they are and number of years on the job. Both of them got a raw deal in this fiasco. Give them each a Million Dollars to say Bye Bye. And go start a new life on the beach in Costa Rica.

                    • BJ

                      Yeah, Darren and Barbara (Spadling) Wilson who live on Manda Lane in Crestwood, MO will still have one working as roman guards for ferguson PD

                  • Anonymous

                    You be safe, and good luck, the world is crazy.

                  • Walt Kowalski


                    Thank you for your excellent post.

                    Just a few questions for you…

                    1. You mention the Kifaru system..and by that I’m assuming one of their backpacks. Which particular model? In looking at them, I notice the similarities with the USMC ILBE system. What advantage is there to the Kifaru system over the ILBE?

                    2. What is your reason for preferring a revolver over a quality semi-auto pistol? For instance, I have a “get home bag” in each of my vehicles. In one, I have a Sig 2022 in 9mm and in the other, I have a Sig 226. Two extra mags for each. What would the advantage of a revolver be over those?

                    I don’t normally carry a rifle in my vehicle, but as of late I’ve actually been packing an AR-15 pistol with 7 30rd mags in a Maxpedition Versipack. The AR pistol is very easily fired from the shoulder because of the buffer tube. (though I’m considering replacing it with one of the Sig extended braces). That AR can be easily concealed in a moderate sized backpack.

                    I’m not a huge fan of the “bug out” strategy for dealing with SHTF, since I believe that if you aren’t already there (your bug out location) when it all goes down, getting there may be an almost insurmountable problem. But… the event I have no choice, I will likely replace the AR pistol with a Sig 556 or regular AR-15. I’m partial to the Sig because I think the gas piston is superior to the gas system on the AR’s (less maintenance) And I also would likely replace the Sig pistols with a Ruger 22-45 with at least 500 rds. of ammo for it. I figure at the point, being concerned about concealing a rifle will be a moot point. However, I might just add the Ruger if weight doesn’t become too much of a problem.

                    As far as a knife is concerned, I figure it will need to be an all round solution, so I’m thinking a Busse or Swamprat. They are darn near indestructible.

                    I’m giving my input here, because I’d like you to point out where I’m off in my thinking. I always have respect for those who’ve actually had to deal with real life situations.

                    I’m with you on the freeze dried food and shortwave radio…got both.

                    As you stated, the object is to avoid confrontations. I figure if I get in a firefight, I’ve already screwed up. My goal is to be sneaky and stay out of sight…which would probable mean moving at night and hiding out during the day….and staying off the roads.

                    Like I said….let me know what I’m missing here.

                • dave in Idaho

                  Bull. Hard trigger pull or creep may cause you to shoot low or miss under stress type situations.

                  • Jim in Va.

                    Dave, trigger job helped om my Yugo sks. nail driver.

                    • Walt Kowalski

                      My problem with the SKS or AK solution is weight of the ammo. You can probably carry twice as much .223 as you can 7.62X39….Another reason why 7.62X51 is not an option. Superior round….but 200 rds of 7.62X51 is darned heavy.

                  • Copperhead

                    Dave n Id: When it starts you’ll have a hard time just getting a good sight picture and I’ll assure you will never notice the creep.

                    MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

                • Copperhead

                  K2: For me an over all better weapon. As for the 100ft. range, what you going to have in an urban setting max 300 ft./100yds. if your lucky. As for the trigger pull when the rounds start flying who gives a SH~T about trigger pull that is your least worries. If it goes bang every time that’s OK with me.

                  MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

                  • Kevin2

                    The advantage I see with the SKS is price. Its no doubt the most affordable of the semi auto centerfire rifles. Like all USSR designs they do function. Back in Stalin’s time they had a pretty effective design policy; “it better do what you claim it can do”.

                    One of those old time communists said, “Quantity has a quality all its own”. It might have been Lenin but I’m not sure.

            • Kulafarmer

              Hell, a zip gun with a shotgun shell in it will kill you of I deader n a doornail!
              And thats stuff you can pick up at the local hardware store.

      23. mona

        This is a prime example of how the citizens in the city are going to react to the collapse of the dollar, ebt cards and welfare, social security and SSI payments.

        If you thing you are safe because you have a union/personal retirement account or $ in the bank to live off of…..Think Again! The banks are going to make everyone investors in their corporations and take the loss right out of your acounts.

        You better be out of the cities and hidden in well stocked B O Ls.

        When the S H T F these clips are going to seem like candy scenes to the murderous crap that is going to happen.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      24. Kevin2

        ” One white protester was protesting because he had went to college and now the promised big dollar jobs are non existent.”

        I have several friends that sent their kids to college to major in what they like as opposed to what a prospective employer wants. They spent good hard earned money to major in Film Editing, Interior Design and that old standby Art.

        My question to these people is, “What were you thinking”?

        • The Old Coach

          OTOH when I was hiring for entry-level engineering positions 6-7 years ago, I got candidate after candidate from U of Mich who wanted more money for starters than I was earning after 12 years, and like as not they couldn’t engineer their way to the men’s room if you gave ’em a map.

          • Kulafarmer

            I was trying to hire farm help a few years ago,
            Most of the people i interviewed almost instantly started telling me what i should do to increase my production. Or wanted to do “sales”,
            Long story short,
            I decided to keep it simple, didnt hire anyone, now am real glad, dont need another mouth to deal with.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I hear ya Kula. I had an office with about 12 Sales people and I was spending all my time baby sitting. Trying to motivate people. Or training them and they produced little to nothing, or trained then and they went out on their own and was my competition. I finally stopped training or hiring and finally widdled them all down closed the office and office expense overhead and worked from home taking all the business myself. Great Move by far. I have been working from home for about 15 years. Its like being semi-retired. Once you add the Human element into the mix that’s where the problems start. One thing I learned years back NEVER teach your workers everything you know, just teach them what they need to know, to do their job to make money for you, and that’s it. And I never hired anyone as an employee, just as independent contractors, and send them 1099’s at the end of the year. No need to make anything complicated.

      25. America

        Yet, another reason why I shop during the ” off season “. Nothing worthwhile this year. As, usual. And, yet, folks fight. I am in marketing. And, this is what they, corporate America, wants. And, they love it. They laugh and profit while you fight. Worth it? You keep sending jobs overseas while fighting for that cheap tv. Just saying. Ask yourself, Is it worth it? I say no.

      26. swinging richard

        You would think the truth would be enough to satisfy everyone. Suddenly everyone is corrupt or their assessment of the situation is wrong. I listened to Jesse Jackson telling the black community it is ok to riot to get the system moving in your favor.

        • Nobama

          swinging dick,
          Jesse is correct. Peaceful protests never get noticed, so why does anyone waste their time at it. If you want things to change, you got to get bloody.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Nobama, Sounds like another Idiot on here a few articles, back that said, “Play nice in the Sand Box,” and “If you can’t say anything nice don’t says anything at all.”

            Like what an idiot. Probably why he lives a Marsh Mellow Mamby Pamby life getting run over every day. We do not live in a perfect world, and people need to fight for their rights and call those idiots out at every turn. Nothing exposes the corruption and criminals, like the light of truth and facts.

      27. swinging richard

        North Korea condemns US for human rights abuses in Ferguson. Wonder if Kim Jong Un would accept them as political refugees?

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Russian Population of Blacks is like .005 percent. Less than 1/2 of percent. Their number one reason, is that they did not Import Black slavery. Unlike our Show Shine Boy who is importing and diluting the white man as much as he can with illegal baby machines from Central America.

          And Honestly, I don’t have anything very negative against Hispanics. Most of them are very family oriented and hard hard workers. Tens times harder worker than Blacks. If we could trade 10 Blacks in the US, for every illegal Hispanic alien, I would do it all day long, till the US was depleted of Blacks. Maybe just keep a few Blacks around as entertainers like Chris Rock just to make us white folks laugh.

      28. Babycatcher55

        I dug in the dirt today, transplanting black- and raspberries. Enlarging the plot…hubby played with his ham radio…I love it! Peaceful and quiet. Then I fixed a dinner of hamburger steaks, fried apples and home grown mashed sweet potatoes ! Ahhhhhh.

        • grandee

          Nice isn’t it 55. We had happy thanksgiving cheeseburgers and sweet tater fries. peace and quiet while we still got it.

      29. BJ

        I think the videos are sad and disgusting. My wife won’t even watch them.

        • Wolverine

          Hey blow job ,(bj) go loot with your those people , this is a site where we prep for thugs like the one you support . Leaved now !!!

          • BJ

            Thank you and very true post sir 🙂

          • BJ

            I am bewildered and pissed beyond what I can describe that nothing is happening in cleveland over the 12 year old. I don’t get why this movement would be so big behind a thug like Mike Brown and no body says shit about that young boy. I look at my son and can only imagine……

            And the people on here who justified them cops killing that kid….I’d like to take their statement and print it on a sign, hang it around their neck and handcuff them and the cops together to a stop sign in the boys neighborhood.

            • helot

              “people on here who justified them cops killing that kid”

              Doesn’t matter what kid, it could be any kid, or what the reason was, or no reason at all, they just whoreship the cops and Love the empire. More than their own children, even. They are legion.

              Opting Out has no meaning for them.

            • Exsubguy

              They(race baiters) never pick a battle they can win. Its as if they want to lose the battle on purpose. Treyvon was the same way. Lies and disinfo from the beginning. The Cleveland incident would be a slam dunk win for them but where are they. Its as if they are testing to see how far they can manipulate the sheep to do whatever they say without the sheep questioning them. There has to be a method to the madness.

              • The Old Coach

                Wouldn’t be a slam dunk. Kid had a BB-gun replica of a 1911, without the orange muzzle plug, that looks so real that I had to take a long look. Cop told him to raise his hands, the dumb shit yanks the “gun” out of his waistband instead. OF COURSE the cop capped him. One thing about gunfights, there ain’t no second place winner. He who hesitates is dead.

                I have no love for cops who use SWAT teams to serve jaywalking warrants, toss flashbangs into childrens’ sleeping quarters, use the “civil forfeiture” laws to steal money and stuff from people they never charge with any crime, steal dope and guns from evidence rooms to sell, etc. But in the Ferguson and Cleveland cases they were not doing any of those things. They were doing routine street policing, and circumstances developed which required that they either fire their weapons or risk getting killed themselves.

                BTW has anyone else seen the report that Brown had a connection to a 2nd degree murder on his juvenile rap sheet? I’m just dyin’ to see what-all else.

                • BJ

                  Not that having a prior record would make a difference, but here is what I found.

                  ht tp://

                  ht tp://

                  ht tp://

                  And USA Today reported on 9-14-14 that he had no record.

                  As far as the 12 year old that was murdered…..if you watch the video, there wasn’t time to say shit or for the boy to comply. You are one heartless POS and as I said before, I’d love to handcuff you and the pigs together around a stop sign in the boys neighborhood with your post about his murder tied around your neck.

                  • The Old Coach

                    None of those sources have any credibility whatsoever. At the dates mentioned the juvenile record was still sealed.

                  • BJ

                    And neither does Charles Johnson, the rightwing blogger from california who is spreading like wild fire all over the internet these stories (rumors at this time)about the dead thugs paperwork in his corporate name that the cops may or may not hold.

                    I think statement tells enough…..

                    “Cynthia Harcourt, a lawyer for the juvenile officer of St. Louis County Family Court, said after the hearing that she could neither confirm nor deny the existence of a juvenile record for Mr. Brown. Missouri state law prohibits the records of most juvenile court proceedings from being released to the public. But she said Mr. Brown had no juvenile cases involving serious felony charges or convictions, including murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Those felony records would not be required to be confidential and would have been released, but none exist for Mr. Brown, Ms. Harcourt said.”

                    And a prior record wouldn’t tell us how close he was to the cop on August 9th 2014 when fatally shot or if he charged the cop anyway.

            • Kulafarmer

              Its because they are hipocrates.

              Me, personally,
              I dont like govt
              Dont like thugs
              And dont like leeches on the system
              And for the most part have no use for the fuzz

      30. oUCH

        Stupid is as stupid does.

      31. JRS

        Lots of condemning black people for standing up to the police state .

        I’ve heard a lot bitching about the police state on here and where is our leader. Maybe two people on these boards stood up and acted on it.

        I’ve heard people say burn it down and nuke it. Talk was all it was. Buy more ammo to lay on.

        Sure, burning down shit ain’t good if you own the shit. These people are taking their stand.

        Eric Frein took a stand against the police state and published a letter to that effect. I linked it, but look it up yourselves.

        I’ve heard calls for a leader… not him, I suppose.

        Where’s the outrage on here for his murder of a statist police officer?


        Oh yea, he’s white…certainly not enough click bait there.

        • helot

          “Lots of condemning black people for standing up to the police state.”

          They did it the wrong way, but at least some of them did.

          JRS says: “I’ve heard a lot bitching about the police state on here and where is our leader.”

          What are you, a baby? Why do you need a leader? What do you want, a strong man like a Mussolini or a Hitler? Be your own damn boss and tend your garden.

          Voltaire in Candide says that “tending one’s own garden” is not only a private activity but also productive (1759)

          • JRS

            You misunderstood my statement. The context of that sentence was about what people on this board have been calling for… “a leader”.

            My freedom lies within rifle range of my homestead. This is where I make my stand. I don’t expect anyone to protect me and I have never called on the “police state” to do it for me. I despise all they stand for.

            • Kulafarmer

              “My freedom lies within rifle range of my homestead. This is where I make my stand. I don’t expect anyone to protect me and I have never called on the “police state” to do it for me. I despise all they stand for.”

              Makes sense to me

              Nobody will agree on everything,

              Some people will never agree on anything.

              Personally, i dont want anymore damn leaders,
              I also could care less about skin color,
              I DO care that people be respectful and polite as well as reasonable.
              Whatever they put out is what they will get back plus some

              • Walt Kowalski

                We are like sheep without a shepherd
                We don’t know how to be alone
                So we wander ’round this desert
                And wind up following the wrong gods home
                But the flock cries out for another
                And they keep answering that bell
                And one more starry-eyed messiah
                Meets a violent farewell-
                Learn to be still

                –Don Henley– “Learn To Be Still”

      32. Nopittypartyhere

        Thank you ALL for the well wishes. Surgery went well. I’m home and a little sore, but over all good. I did go to bobs stores last evening to get my son a pair of Chippewa work boots at 50% off. Was not busy because everyone was knocking down Walmart doors.

        Did anyone read zerohedge or sgt repot today? While we were giving thanks, the Saudis are pulling the rug from under the shale boom….and golds getting whacky too.


        • anonymous

          Glad to hear your surgery went well, no pity. Interesting time are heading our way. Take care!!

        • dave in Idaho

          always read it.

        • the renegade braveheart

          NPPH, glad to hear you’re recovering and everything went well.

        • helot

          Re: “the Saudis are pulling the rug from under the shale boom…”

          Yah, I noticed that, too.

          I’ve got some basic facts I’ll post on the next SHTFplan article. …But at this rate, it’ll be old old news.

          Family time and tripofran’s (er’ how ever you spell it) got everyone delayed? …Snoozin’, even.

        • durango kidd

          NPPH: The break even cost of American shale is about $45 a barrel. The breakeven cost of Saudi crude is about $75 to $80 a barrel. If the Saudi’s are going to war against American Shale it is a war they would lose. The Saudi’s are smarter than that.

          This is a war over Middle East and East European hegemony and the Petro Dollar is the weapon of choice.

          The PROPAGANDA from the LSM is that it is a war against American shale, but when you look at the numbers and realize who benefits from low oil prices and who suffers under them, then the sides should be pretty obvious.

          Russia will be dead broke by summer. Can you say, venezuela??? 🙁

          • The Old Coach

            Countries that are headed for dead broke will start a war to raise the price of oil if they can.

            • durango kidd

              I agree coach. That’s why the LSM is framing this action by Saudi Arabia as a war against American Shale, instead of the true targets. 🙁

          • Kevin2


            Your correct the reasons like most put before us are ostensible. Crude oil from fracking is being rail car transported (quite expensive to transport and unload) to refineries well over 1000 miles away. I was told that they’re paying $65 a bbl months ago. Its very easy crude to process into gasoline if the refinery was designed for light sweet crude.

            Once a pipeline is in the cost of fracked oil will drop even more.

      33. Strategic Collapse

        Obama and his white golf buddies are going to get all those stupid afro people killed in the nuke war they are provoking with Russia… Big time…

        Believing the BS right up to the point of incineration.

      34. Copperhead

        Npph: With what’s going on in the world today, the Saudis just may cause the mid-east oil to all turn into heating oil if you know what I mean. A mid-east war would mean the Russian oil supply would become (Black Gold) over night IMHO. I think we all have good seats for this game. The smell of the SH!T HITTING THE FAN is about to get very strong.

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

        • Kulafarmer

          Yet our idiot so called leaders will suck the oil out of our ground and ship it off to Timbucktoo!
          Then buy oil from some shithole and sell it to us for more than it would cost us to refine our own crude.

          • Old Guy

            They do that same thing in the USA. It is done because the Gllobull warming myth, Has closed refinerys because of pollution laws. Our refining capacity has been reduced. and new refinerys are not being built.

      35. Unreconstructed Southron

        Mac, as the popularity of your website has grown, so has the number of government instigator trolls trying to lure posters. Sad.

      36. 21Bravo

        I am waiting for these sheeple to act like this after the SHTF and they are fighting over food…. I can’t wait to throw a couple of bulging (spoiled) cans of tuna into the crowd and watch the carnage of the sheeple fighting over them… The lucky winner might get ptomaine….

        • Exsubguy

          They will rip each other to pieces.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Very funny! I look forward to watching them go ape from the comfort of a drone control room. Makes great TV but a good idea to be as far away as physically possible.

          Just in New York and thought the city seemed especially over-crowded, worn down and with a population that looks like sh#t. There is a real d-bag ethos in that city.

      37. Archivist

        The OfficeMax here has 128GB jump drives for less than $40 on sale. That’s the best deal I have seen in tiny portable storage. You can carry a lot of stuff in your pocket with one of those.

        They also have 2TB portable external hard drives to use with your laptop for just $109. One will fit easily in your shirt pocket.

        Maybe they’ll still be on sale and in stock tomorrow.

        • Kulafarmer

          And i hope you have a way to charge your hardware if the juice isnt coming out o the wall plugs.

          • Archivist

            Generator and solar panels.

            • Kulafarmer

              Thumbs up!
              For charging a laptop or PDA etc those automotive inverters come in real handy
              Most of that stuff doesnt draw much current i like the idea of having a huge amount of info in such a small piece of hardware. Ipad and a backup? The Apple hardware seems to have less problems, just my preference though, seems anything associated with microsoft of windows compatible is full of bugs and way too susceptible to virus/malware etc.

      38. ScoutMotto

        I choose to work every Black Friday for good reason – so I don’t have to be out in the mob. My line of work garners no shoppers or crowds.

      39. White Fox

        I bet virtually none of these people have thought about the uncertain times we live in today and spent that money on some storable food, seeds, a few ounces of silver, ammo, or a firearm instead of TVs and undies. I don’t need a new TV or computer every year or the latest iPhone.

      40. Hermit

        Such a disgusting display of the most base, animalistic behavior!! Just like Fergusson, MO! And THAT’s why I never go to town!!

      41. Acid Etcher

        Prepper tip of the day- Vaseline and cotton balls makes great fire starters, also it’s good for lubing my brown eye in preparation for the Cosby style reaming I get on a daily basis. I always wear the long underwear with the trapdoor butt for easy access. Hope this helps. I got lots of great ideas!

        • Mountain Trekker

          Ass’ed Itcher you do share much with us, you know kinda like a whore with AID’s and STD’s. Only difference is, we can stay away from the whore. Trekker Out.

          • Kulafarmer

            Now THATS funny!
            Happy holidays!

        • helot

          Acid Etcher, are you really That ignorant and clueless? It’s no wonder Everyone gives you such a hard time.
          I mean, you’re not even funny.

          Sure, saying that “Vaseline and cotton balls makes great fire starters” is informative, however; imho, the rest of what you say – for most people – just makes that info dissipate, poof. Which negates your comment and renders it meaningless for most. I think you need to work on your technique. It’s in serious – Serious – need of refinement.

          • the renegade braveheart

            helot, there’s one thing you and I can agree on and that’s acid/eisenturd.

        • Jim in Va.

          Acid; there you go again…this is what you contribute? Nobody needs or wants it.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Acid does it, just to yank your chains. Welcome to the first Amendment. You don’t have to read his comments, but you can’t help yourselves.

      42. Mountain Trekker

        In Ferguson they were ahead of the game, it was Black Monday there, atleast most of them looked black. And you couldn’t beat the prices, everything went for below wholesale. I think they called it a Fire Sale, but there was a No-Return policy in effect. I bet all those businesses were happy, just like BJ they didn’t want those PIGS sticking their nose in what was going on. Now that was true Freedom in action. Trekker Out.

        • BJ

          All the racist ignorance from people such as we see posting here don’t help the blacks either…..just sayin

          • Nobama

            BJ – all along I thought your initials were “Blow Job”.
            Now I know – it is “Black Jew”.
            You are forever now – Black Jew.

            • Anonymous

              Is that how you argue a point with somebody, by hurling personal insults? That really takes brains and courage loser.

      43. helot

        In other news, I found this interesting link in the comment section at USAWatchdog:

        Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap
        Dmitry Kalinichenko
        November 23, 2014

        “Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold. […] he still accepts US dollars as an intermediate means of payment. But he immediately exchanges all these dollars obtained from the sale of oil and gas for physical gold! […] The twist of Putin’s game is that the mechanism for the sale of Russian energy to the West only for gold now works regardless of whether the West agrees to pay for Russian oil and gas with its artificially cheap gold, or not. […] “China stops selling their goods for dollars”. […] In chess the situation in which Putin has put the West, led by the US, is called “time trouble”.” …

        Link to follow.

        Here’s another take on that:

        Russia’s Monetary Solution
        By: Alasdair Macleod | Fri, Nov 28, 2014

        “The hypothesis that follows, if carried through, is certain to have a significant effect on gold and the relationship between gold and all government-issued currencies. The successful remonetisation of gold by a major power such as Russia would draw attention to the fault-lines between fiat currencies issued by governments unable or unwilling to do the same and those that can follow in due course. It would be a schism in the world’s dollar-based monetary order. [ …] Western economists schooled in demand management will think it madness for the central bank to impose a gold exchange standard and to give up the facility to expand the quantity of fiat currency at will, but they are ignoring the empirical evidence of a highly successful Britain which similarly imposed a gold standard in 1844. […] They commonly assume that Russia needs to devalue her costs to make energy and mineral extraction profitable. Again, this is a fallacy exposed by the experience of the 1800s, when all British overseas interests, which supplied the Empire’s raw materials, operated under a gold-based sterling regime.” …

        Link to follow.

      44. Satori

        holy crap
        I leave to go work a night shift and come back
        and the forum is on fire !!!

        lots of great,well thought out comments

        this should keep you fired up
        Orlov holds nothing back in this piece

        The Only Way To Stop The Empire

        “The final days of US empire are fast approaching.”

        and pay specail attention to the words long ago spoken
        from General Smedley Butler
        ain’t nothing changed

        it’s all coming to an end
        we’re living it

        • Kevin2


          I feel for you. I did 30 years of rotating shift work.

        • Hunter

          Agreed Satori…

          Yet still, what do we have this microcosm of a SHTFplan community?

          ..a small/finite collection of awakened, knowledgeable individuals (to varying degrees)..who glean data/info..share the same, + opinions..and thus we agree with or dispute anything (for the most part)..outside one’s own inherent dogma..or group-think perception?!?

          ..a review of the breadth of topics/scenarios debated herein at Mac’s site(and on now ancient threads) broad in their scope/coverage..per keyboard-typed opinions/beliefs sets..


          Many here advocate for precious metals stock-piling w/ lots-o-ammo/firepower and overlapping skill-sets in depth etc..etc..of which, I agree w/ , I’ve learned much and mine(family)..will benefit from, come ‘zero hour’ & its aftermath….thanks to y’all…if I survive!

          ..and yet we all possess distinct/different thought patterns and personally derived visions/beliefs/opinions/ideas of….what TEOTWAWKI will look like..hence the sharing and disagreement,..right?

          ..’tis good that such exists here, IMO..yet..


          ..methinks, the bottom line(worst case) scenario, which ultimately is where we’re something beyond our present fully comprehend, per the “horrors” coming! Thus:..

          …to this day, I am haunted by the words of my dying(deceased) Grandfather..who said:

          ..”one day, in the future..the living..will envy the dead!!!”


          So now: ..I quote Tyler..-(slightly modified)-

          “..The psychology is quite understandable. I truly hope that collapse will be as painless as you wish it will be, but somehow I doubt it. Good luck though! Whatever happens, you(we) will have to live with your(our individual) decision(s) for the rest of your(our) life(lives), be it long or short..”


          ..I hope all here click on your link..and read / absorb it’s fundamental truths…then extrapolate such, per the future of one’s kith & kin..

          Thank you, Satori.

          • Hunter

            By the way…

            ..Thanks Mac!!!

            Kudos to you!

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Satori’s link pretty much spells out what ails America. Certainly worth reading.

            I tried to look up the author’s background but see that ZeroHedge protects their authors with an alias. Wonder why?

            The only question I have concerning the whole article is the use of the NAZI as an example of what is taking the world down. I would like to know where that NAZI money is coming from. Last I checked those international banksters are NOT Nazis. Same old cover up, scratching and digging to cover up who really is behind the industrial military complex that thinks they are going to gain the whole world.

            Other than that it certainly is an article worth reading. Just substitute bankster for the word Nazi and you will have a good look at what is happening to America.

            • Hunter

              I LOVE YOU, Granny!!!!!!!

        • Netranger

          Excellent article! No holes that i could see.

      45. Exsubguy

        I cannot come close to comprehending what goes through the minds of these people. It is just stuff. I was in Walmart Thursday to get some PVC glue and marveled at all the people standing in line to get their TV, patio furniture, phones, etc. and they acted like they really accomplished something after getting their prize. It was amazing. Boggles my brain.

      46. grandee

        those poor people, don’t they know:

        that’s NOT what CHRISTmas is all about, charlie brown.

      47. Warchild Dammit!

        Tis insanity,folks do that for stuff they do not need really puts it into perspective what will happen when things really go wrong!I hope all had a good bird day with friends/family,not online much still due to computer issues and a lot of changes in my life but will soon be back on a more regular basis.On a side not thanks Eppe for lining willing folks up on the e-mails,will be nice to chat with more like minded folks.OK,would not enter black friday chaos fopr one but just shot a rifle with a ACOG scope for the first time,Warchild wants one Dammit!I swear,you miss out to say 400 with that thing you are asleep or dead!I shot a friends rifle at range with one recently and was amazed with it,just another item at moment is one the financial bucket list but soon hope to have one!Anyhow,hope all iswell with all the folks on site and hope to soon be back on a more regular basis,take care all!

        • Kulafarmer

          Happy holidays bud,
          Good optics make all the difference.

          Its funny, even here on our little rock in the ocean there are tons of these brain dead people lining up at the shopping places early on Thanksgiving day,
          Mind boggling.
          I can shop online at my leisure and get exactly what i want or need 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so why the HELL would i go and fight over some piece o crap at wallyworld?

          • Netranger

            But you have to uh you know… That terrible word… WAIT!


      48. YH

        Uneducated and undisciplined savages. I’m not sure how much longer our society will continue circling the drain, but it cannot be much longer.

      49. Rachel

        the best place to shop black Friday is the local grocery store. no lines, not single person in line. No wants to buy food that day.

      50. Uzziel

        “Running of the Bulldykes” – got to *love* it.

      51. Frank Thoughts

        Our politically correct society prevents us from calling these people what they are. But the Germans once had the right word – untermensch – and Karl Marx used to call them the lumpen proletariat. Garbage in short. Some people are mentally deficient and exist in a reptilian state: stimulant responsive but with no inner life or capability of thought or able to deploy critical faculties. They breath air, eat food but other than that, serve no greater purpose.

        In a planet where resources are now stretched to breaking point, where the natural habitats are poisoned by rapidly growing human populations, we need to ask ourselves if we can any longer afford the resources to keep them alive. Keeping them amused with Black Friday is crude but it is probably even itself running out of steam as a way to control the untermensch. How long can we keep doing it? I think not much longer… Please discuss and what should we do with these people that is most humane but also protects the world’s resources?

        • Kevin2

          “They breath air, eat food but other than that, serve no greater purpose.”

          Who elected you God? You side with Kissinger and his, “useless eaters” mentality. Don’t get ill because you could be next on the drain on resources list.

          I don’t see resources running out. I see lots of land that could be farmed. They’re just scratching the surface with fracking. As standards of living improve they actually have less children as can be seen in the US and Japan.

          I hate NAZIs and everything their super race mentality stands for.

          • Netranger

            …but, he has a point. Instead of attacking him, address the point. The untermensch principle is reprehensible only because we avoid it. As a prepper, i see these people as deadly pests. How do you see them?

          • Old Guy

            Kevin2 You talk Farming & Fracking. Yet the Unless eaters are not doing any of that work. They are indeed oxygen thieving Parasite Takers. The only thing they ever produce is more of their parasitic kind. The Parasite Takers greatly outnumber the Producing Makers. That situation very simply is not sustainable. The production & distribution line is stretched pretty thin. It will eventually fail.

            • Kevin2

              The system ran pretty well. US companies paid a good wage and jobs that supported families were plenty full. An economic cabal with both globalist intentions and zero loyalty to the US eviscerated the above first slowly then swiftly but always methodically. Harlem NYC, Camden NJ, Detroit Michigan were all thriving cities where white, black, brown and yellow were getting a piece of the American Dream. Then 2.5 billion foreign Asians crashed the party via Free Trade agreements. Our vote attempted to find a candidate to thwart this from happening but both horses were bought in the two horse race.

              In the meantime you want to emulate Hitler. Believe this TPTB think no more of you than the people you so hate.

              In Kissingers mind what makes you think that your a useful eater?

            • Satori

              your talking of course about banksters and Wall Street types ?

              • Kevin2


                I’m sure their sprinkled with some old time royalty and industrialists but that’s pretty much them.

      52. David

        Its really typical, stores filled with people of color (legal and illegal) with attitudes. No special reason to have an attitude, but ANY situation is an opportunity for these EBT, Obozo telephone, disability, Sec 8 housing, no education group who HONESTLY feel they DESERVE anything and everything they can steal. Amazing. I can’t wait or the STHTF so the world will be rid of millions of these parasites…because with all their stealing, they won’t last a month until the eradication will begin in earnest. Great days are coming to be sure.

        • Netranger

          Im 100% with you! Took the words right out of my keyboard buffer!

      53. George Washington

        Why are the comment ratings gone? I am done with this site. Take a lesson from where people go for the comments, not the story.

      54. the Lone Ranger

        Unless we as individuals and as a nation put GOD first (& not material goods), we will be trampling and stampeding over each other should we find ourselves in Hell, but then it will be too late because the GATES of Hell will have been solidly locked behind us!

        There is nothing wrong with having material things.

        But when material things become a substitute for the First Two Commandments, then we are in trouble, serious trouble.

        When we point the finger at someone or at others, there are THREE of ours pointing back AT us! So instead of judging others, let us only judge BEHAVIOR and let us do so in a way that does not morph into judgment of the person.

        Then let’s take stock of our own sinfulness, repent, express sorrow, be charitable and kind, and prep while continuing to share the truth that GMOs, toxic vaccines, chem trails, and deceptive politics are just a few things destroying us and our nation.

        Let’s get back to God by getting back to prayer, the Holy Rosary, and Church.

        God is much bigger than all the evil in the world, and compared to Almighty God, the father of lies is just a grain of sand.

        As St. Paul said, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Old Guy

          Lone ranger Its necessary to point fingers that’s the only way to draw attention to problems and maybe get some action going towards solving them. I can honestly state that If everyone was like me and my immediate family. The courts police & judges would starve. They wouldn’t even need anyone to even pick up the litter alongside the road. Its the lowlifes of all races that want everything without working for it themselves and those who work for the government at non producing parasite jobs that are the problem. Its not the greedy who actually produce and earn by the sweat of their brow. There is no such thing as more than your fair share if you make it by producing. The US Government rewards parasites & punishes producers. That’s why the rich folks took their manufacturing jobs & investment money to other places. They went to where the best return on the investment could be earned.

          • Kevin2

            Old Guy

            “That’s why the rich folks took their manufacturing jobs & investment money to other places. They went to where the best return on the investment could be earned.”

            Here is a history lesson. We had tariffs that leveled the economic playing field for the common American. Terrific analysis that business can make more if they get rid of those pest tariffs and force US workers to compete with de-facto slave labor. Care to compete with 50 cents / hr? Make 49 cents / hr. Free Trade removed those tariffs and the result is an eviscerated wealth creating manufacturing base that can be seen in the rust belt. US Soldiers went around the globe to facilitate this while the ostensible excuse was “freedom”. In the end cities atrophy, tax base diminishes and blight becomes the norm first adsorbing the lowest classes while climbing its way up destroying the middle class. Wealth no longer created is replaced with liquidy via fiat currency and handouts replacing productive employment.

            • Old Guy

              OK and Then if you add the cost of meeting unncessary pollution Laws & regs that’s one more cost of production that caused the production jobs to relocate. We are now in a global economy. That means that until the total cost of production in the USA falls or the cost in other places rises until they are equal we will continue to decline. Which will happen first? I betting the USA will fall to third world status.

              • Kevin2

                We’re in a global economy because the investors / banksters want it that way. No Free Trade agreement no US market open to the 3rd world. I grew up in the North East where DuPont, Mobil, Monsanto, Sunoco, BP, Hercules were the major employers and several had roots there prior to 1900. Unnecessary pollution laws? We trapped muskrats as kids. Pelts brought in $7 about 1970. Damn near every rat had tumors. Cancer rates of the employees were through the roof too.

                Globalization is a race to the bottom. We’re walking backwards.

      55. Netranger

        Watched the vids above that werent deleted or made private. So very sad.

        Obvious situation where the intelligence pipe was clogged but they were still having babies.

      56. possee

        They’ve got us exactly where they want us..

        Useless eaters..

        devoid of cognitive thought and reasoning

        ever so divided amongst..

        socio economics
        and forever in debt

        glued to technological devices
        void of conversation
        perpetual fear of boogeymen thousands of miles away

        Edward Bernays and Orwell stand proud of their acheivements


      57. Anonymous

        The natives are restless.

      58. Bwana

        The natives are restless!

      59. David

        ….yeah, and they’re gonna get the pointed end of the spear too, pretty soon.

      60. Eagledove

        “Running of the fools!!!!! “

      61. sixpack

        This article just reminds me to stay away from crowds.

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