Rumors Swirl: Intelligence Sources Report That A Secret Indictment Has Been Issued Against President Donald Trump

by | May 14, 2017 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    A new report circulating on left-leaning internet channels says that a secret indictment has been issued against President Donald Trump. Details surrounding the indictment have yet to be released, but should it actually exist, would likely be related to alleged connections that President Donald Trump has ties to Russia.

    The report originated on the Patribotics Blog from investigative journalists Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor, both of whom have previously disclosed accurate reports regarding FISA warrants and other information related to the Trump-Russia investigation, but have also been accused of filing numerous unsubstantiated reports and conspiracy theories.

    According to Mensch and Taylor, intelligence and justice community sources say that a sealed indictment against the President exists, but because of the U.S. Constitution prosecution cannot move forward until the President is impeached by Congress:

    Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump.

    While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted, sources say that the indictment is intended by the FBI and prosecutors in the Justice Department to form the basis of Mr. Trump’s impeachment. The indictment is, perhaps uniquely, not intended or expected to be used for prosecution, sources say, because of the constitutional position of the President.

    Mensch sent the following tweet to her 250,000-plus followers:

    In April the statistician who predicted President Trump’s November victory warned that not only would the President eventually impeached, but that his own party will turn on him.

    The month before, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, whose bloviating often leaves people confused and unsure of what she actually said, tweeted that America should prepare for the impeachment of the President:

    It’s no secret that the President’s enemies want him out of office, but actionable or prosecutable evidence has yet to be presented to the public.

    This may explain why, rather than targeting trump, the Deep State has been taking out Trump’s lieutenants in an attempt to sabotage the new administration.

    It is not clear whether reports of the secret indictment are real or fake, but we expect a follow-up Tweet from the President in due course as this story makes the rounds on social media.


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      1. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Until then:



        • I just got back home from the BOL a while ago and stumble onto this? I’ll have to check out this patribotics blog; never heard of them. And Maxine Waters? She’s one of the worst in the Congressional Black Caucus and is always blowing hot air out of her stupid black trap about something or someone. I remember radio host Ken Hamblin, ‘The Black Avenger’, way back in the 2000s used to call her Maxine “The Mouth” Waters. She really has a big stupid mouth and never knows what she’s talking about. Although Trump has disappointed me on some things, I’m still willing to give him a chance. If anything happens to him, Maxine Waters and all the other scum will learn the true meaning of the word DEPLORABLE.

          • I am getting so sick of these Conspiracy Theorists because they do nothing but undermine societal values and security. Nobody is going to indict Trump because he is too insulated.

          • But Maxine has a great James Brown wig!

            OTOH, maybe it’s her pussy hair showing. She’s always talking out her ass.

            Says a lot that the people in her CA district love her. She don’t even have to cheat to be reelected.

            • DBC, LOL! Good one!

          • bloviate? sounds something like a cow blowing out its ass. MaxineWaters probably invented bloviating. that lyin beeutch has had as much experience bullshitin as Obamanure. we got rid of him and his firstfaggit husband, but still stuck with stupid libtard morons who keep electing scum bag turds with serious hot air. too bad theres no shortage of that kind around, you can fix ignorant but stupid is forever. as the Donald would say,what a nasty woman.

          • Brave, some of the far right news jockeys would call her Maxine “Kerosene” Waters. May she be burned alive……

            • PO’d Patriot, she blows enough hot air to ignite SOMETHING, LOL!

          • This web site is making a “hard left” printing this fake news.

          • “stupid black trap”? really? rasist comment that nullifies anything else coming out of your big stupid mouth.

            • Take your PC bullshit comment elsewhere

        • Indictment or impeachment. Get the story straight. I too will believe it when I see it. Until then SHTF website is publishing BS.

          • As noted, this was published on left-leaning websites and is spreading… just letting you know what’s happening on the other side…

            • More fake news.

              The real problem is the T-man’s ties to globalism and Zionism, not petty Russia dealings (if any).

              Get Kushner out of the White House.

            • This is the left trying to meme something into existence. To the left, if you really believe something ought to be true, then it isn’t a lie when you repeat it.

            • The secret government is the 3rd party that never changes. They are deepstate- icans it is like chinas ruling commie elite party. Dem and repubs are the lower floor. The constitutional USA is captive.

              Remember they cant tell you its top secret.
              Mind trick they own you.

            • its spreading because people like you spread it . come on mac have a little integrity, you dont have to publish every line of bullshit thats on the internet. whats next flat earth

        • The “Intelligence Community” is the primary source of pollution in the SWAMP. They are the “DEEP STATE”. It is their power that is most threatened by TRUMP; and it has been the DEEP STATE and its propaganda arm, the LSM that have been the biggest and loudest opponent of TRUMP.

          Real investigations, with evidence by AG SESSIONS into scores of every imaginable crime from Peodophila to Malfeasance, Thief, Conspiracy, and Treason committed by the last administration will come to light soon.

          The recent murders in Arkansas of two federal investigators looking into the Clinton Crime Family is proof of that. The CIA is at the core of the corruption in the District of Criminals; and they are at risk of exposure.

          This SMEAR is an attempt to preempt those disclosures as part of a MASSIVE disinformation scheme. Its what the CIA and LSM does best. 🙁

          • Those Clintons’ are some of the WORST this damn, sorry ass country has to offer!! HANG them.

        • ME TOO

        • Fake News?

        • Why would SHFT report a “news” story that cannot be verified. This whole article is nothing but reporting a RUMOR… I am disappointed that this even appeared in this blog.. Raise your standards… do not become part of the fake news media

        • If they Pull this on President Trump “We the People” will overrun this Government and the Traitors in Congress, the NWO/Musl*ms/Soro’s/Obama/Hitlery and the Justice Dept and all will being running for their very L**ES..!!!! These morons can’t figure out that “We the People” have had enough of their corruption! God help us, PLEASE! The BIG FALSE FLAGS have now started!

        • This article is not worthy to be printed anywhere. Just more extreme left false narrative, false paradigms being created to gin up the idiots who cannot think. This is the kind of crap I despise about fake news. And unfortunately many sites will do this to generate click bait. Put up something that is a grabber headline and no basis for any of it except a left wing blogger who is paid by the Soros/Clinton camp of blue dog extremist.

          Also stuff like “BEHOLD! The Mini Bazooka Of Death!” and
          “Put This Strong Spice In Your Shoes To Destroy Nail Fungus Fast” kind of garbage that is pure hype marketing junk that is meaningless. Click bait garbage that I will never do and many of you make excuses for ! fake crap m any prepper types seem to beg for ?

      2. Civil War is brewing!

        • Nah, too many cowards to have civil W

          • Agree, many Americans have grown fat, dumb, lazy apathetic, spoiled and cowardly ! That is at least 50% of the problem we see today other wise the insanity and corruption could have never gotten to this point.

            This is a simple and accurate conclusion for many reasons, just look around and it is well past obvious. Most people simply live in lies and illusions. Some of the illusions are created for us and some of them people create for themselves, so they don’t have to face what they need to face ! That is why I have said many prepper types live in a kind of fantasy.

            • 2% of the colonies population fought and defeated the greatest military power in the world at that time. It does not require numbers, it requires anger and determination.

        • Could be.

        • The right 100 heads and it will be a short war.

          • I completely agree, but the right heads are very well protected and guarded for that very reason

        • I have read many books on the subject of civil war and anti-government forces. A good one to start with is “invisible armies” by Max Boot.

          One of the common themes through-out history is “Rich men don’t Revolt”. This means as long as the government in power slowly persecutes its citizens their will be no insurrections. We all know the boiling frog metaphor. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

          For the last 100 years we frogs have been boiling slowly. However in recent years liberals have grown impatient for their socialist utopia and have turned up the heat. Electing Donald Trump was a signal to the liberals we are on to their game. How it turns out is anybodies guess….

        • Civil war won’t last too long with 75% of the US population overweight or obese—many subtle control mechanisms, and that is definitely one of them. Make sure the populace is too fat and lazy to fight. Ppl who don’t know how or can’t fight back scare easy.

          • “Civil war won’t last too long with 75% of the US population overweight or obese”

            Interesting people will get mad for speaking the truth of many matters, Hey ? That explains a lot of stuff these days

      3. I agree with Anonymous says:
        But I wouldn’t put it past Democrats to lie cheat and
        steal to get their perversions enacted.
        Democrats are not human and should not be treated
        as such. But that is just my opinion.

      4. Trump will not rollover. He will fight back. You watch, he will discredit his accusers.
        The MSM is onboard for all the phony impeachment BS. The neocons want Pence in there
        so they can start WW3. Trump has more brains before breakfast than his accusers have
        all day long.

      5. Rellik, I agree with you and Anonymous. I say it’s GAME ON if anything happens to Trump.

      6. I have a “sealed” report that the article is B.S. I swear that the report exists and I know it’s true, but it is sealed so you can’t read it.


        • The establishment lies all the time. It is one of the three functions of government.

          1. Lie
          2. Steal
          3. Murder

          Why would you believe them now?

        • I guess we’ll have to pass it before we know what’s in it?

      7. If that were to happen, it would be time to lock and load.

        • If you haven’t already done it by now you never will.

          • BlackMoe, you are correct for the most part, that “If you haven’t already done it by now you never will.” However, everyone has a limit and a line they will not cross.

            That line or limit is usually when protecting a loved one or when their life is in imminent danger. But for the most part people are abject cowards. Whites have particularly been taught not to fight. Whereas, other races and cultures, violence is much more acceptable and practiced.

            I am sure they know what actions will instigate what responses. That is why they try to make small incremental changes. They push up until a point and then back off. They are masters at control, because it’s the most important thing to THEM.

      8. Hey everyone, that patribotics blog looks like another LIBTURD website to me. Sounds more like which I KNOW has ZERO CREDIBILITY.

        • Definitely Lib + lots of hardcore Lib conspiracy theories

          • Mac, I agree. the site reminds me of which is definitely bogus.

          • Then why even print something you likely know is a lie and distortion paid for by Soros/Clinton criminals ?

            I think your site sucks for a lack of honesty and integrity and is all about click bait. And I think the name Mac Slavo is a fake name and not even a real person ? So why would somebody do that ? What are you afraid of being exposed that you would hide your real identity.

      9. I voted for President Trump and I support him.


        • Thanks for the vote B from CA! You’re a real smart one!

        • I am damn proud to have voted for the Donald!!!!

      10. Look what happened to Jesus when he messed with the money changers. I love Trump cause he ain’t no coward.

      11. The danger at this point is that the major powers of the street forces will fall into the hands of communists and be misled. Then those who would oppose them will do nothing, in effect allowing them to win. Some may fight, but most will be too busy posting comments to websites to take any kind of effective action.

        • RRRR, there’s a lot more patriots than you think who will stand up and oppose them. I’m one of those.

          • I never met any patriots, just talkers.

            • Yep, any real patriots don’t sit at a keyboard and type tough-talk on a forum.

            • I agree most are talkers but there are some guys out there that are the real deal. They show up at the Antifa/BAMN gatherings and kick some ass ! They are trained , have communications and not the fat guys talking shit on the net !

      12. I support Trump!!

        • Trump is great. I haven’t heard much from the antifa crowd since they had their ass whipped.

          • TPTB will let Trump win for a while. Then the rug will be pulled hard.

            SEE!!! Only OUR brand of socialism can save you!

          • You blood those fools noses and they will ease up once you crack their asses a lil bit!! The white man needs to stop being soft and crack some god damned heads if that is what it takes to save what is left of the country and Trump!

            • I will hide and watch you get cracking?

          • Going forward the Antifa/BAMN scum will only show up at sites where they think the police will stand down. The police stood down at the last Berkley event and also ran away from the Trump supporters, so it turned into open season on the Antifa/BAMN titheads for a short while. So it backfired on them that time and scared the pussies off.

        • just what specifically should be done ?

      13. What do they want? Pence installed. I’m missing why they want Trump out. He has reneged on his campaign proposals to please the deep state it appears. Probably fake news BS. Too many cooks in the kitchen, the whole lot of them are traitorous pieces of shit. Eat shit and die mfers.

        • I actually view pence as trumps lbj in the wings,the powers that want to be would love pence.

      14. I voted for Trump, and I’m not backing down. I’m not giving an inch to the unwashed, liberal scum Progressives. There was no other viable or credible candidate to elect. Hillary???? Seriously???

        • YH, how you been? I’m the same way. I don’t give in to libturd POS either. Had Hillary won, we probably wouldn’t be alive right now.

      15. I watched a video on the murder of Russians between about 1905 to the 1940’s. It was quite graphic and sickening. White young people of both sexes naked lined up and shot in the head, enough to fill a large dump truck. I couldn’t help but to think that this could happen here. These US controllers are just as evil. Sure technology has advanced since then, most people won’t even see it coming.

      16. Why would the genocidal treasonous psychopaths get rid of their vice peddling pussy grabbing Corporatist fascist puppet Orange Satan???????????????????????????????????????????????

        Along with Orange Satan’s military junta Death Squad the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling will run smoothly and efficiently, and the dumbed down, disease ridden, depressed, addicted to everything, drunken bum coward New Babylonians in the Police State hell of damned and doomed New Babylon America will just continue to whore out their children to the psychopaths as they worship their New Babylonian God Orange Satan Trump.

        • Now that’s almost too funny to be true……

          • Of course it is the real TRUTH about collapsing New Babylon and the drunken toxic dump coward New Babylonians, who whored out the children they should of never had for dreams of being “rich” and “great again”, which of course New Babylon America never was or EVER will be, because it was always planned to be the New Babylon……it was sooòoooooo easy for the treasonous psychopath Corporatist Fascists to control the dumbed down toxic dump Trumpbot cowards, they have no clue what the great deceiver has done to them, absolutely NO CLUE…….fascinating history to watch though I must say, truly fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

            • Ron, you always have a way with words and your points are well-taken.

            • Ron, it’s not healthy to hold stuff in. Tell us how you really feel.

        • Ron take your meds, sheeesh jut nob.

          • A little more originality and thought please toxic dump New Babylonian drunken bum coward. I know the EDC’s, booze, big Pharma psychotropics you New Babylonians consume by the hand full daily, and toxic GMO fake food garbage have fried your dumbed down disease ridden brain, but the WORST thing of all, is you are now a BORING dumbed down toxic dump drunken New Babylonian coward.

            • Ya Ron, but we are all patriots and really good shots and you look like a ripe target! Only coward here is you, crazy man.

              • Maybe not a coward but greatly misinformed and misguided intellectually. I would ask do you suck dick with BHO and the bath house crew, or just stupid ? Your comments are a circle jerk of stupid.

                • I know you are a victim also of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling, and a drunken toxic dump, so your sad pathetic attempts to “kill the messenger” are all part of your programmed ignorance and fear of the cold hard TRUTH….that you and our poisoned children you care nothing about are being slowly dumbed down, enslaved, and murdered by psychopaths controlling the criminal treasonous US Government….I am sorry for the obvious satanic evil controlling New Babylon America, I wish it were not true also, and once again I am just a humble messenger of history telling you that you are so dumbed down you do not even understand you have already been CONQUERED, and your children are already enslaved, you are slowly being poisoned, and the psychopaths are just buying their time before they unleash their Final Solution on all brave Patriots who are actually awake and not afraid of the psychopaths controlling collapsing Police State hell on earth New Babylon America….and please stop with the BHO non sense you divided and conquered cowards ALWAYS turn too, it is just to predictable and BORING also.

              • You would not make a pimple on a real Patriots ass you toxic dump drunken bum….You really mad huh brau?…

        • BOY ARE YOU ONE SICK PUPPY ! Someone needs to put you out of your misery pal !

          • You can clearly see the reduced serotonin levels, EDC and glyphosate poisoning on display here, please get checked for both Nam coward. That is why you want to inflict violence on someone trying to tell you the TRUTH Nam coward-you have been programmed and engineered for that violence, and just because you were a banker whore fighting a banker psychopath war….it DOES NOT make you a hero. Now be real hero when our children need you and stop being a coward pussy trying to “kill the messenger”

            • Ron, Ron, Ron, slide away from the keyboard crazy man and take your bi polar meds, hurry, quick like a bunny, trying to make a simple conversation you can understand, so you don’t insult any more Marines before your boyfriend comes home and catches you playing with yourself in front of your monitor! Easy on the caffeine for a while ok?

              • Are you hitting on me?????, because I am a happily married white hetero male… it is flattering, but no means no, so please no more Sexual harassment from you or my friend Mac will have to remove you New Babylonian drunken toxic dump coward. Go get some EDC’s and glyphosate at your local crime scene fake food drive thru and you will feel much better….Still mad brau at the messenger?? I like you though and I think we can be good friends, but not in the sexual perverted way you are looking for.

                • Ron, I’m a woman, so no gay sex with me pal! But if you was a real man you would of known that! And for what it’s worth, I don’t drink, am on no drugs and grow my own food on my families 450 acre farm, so as they say Alas Babylon.

        • And Hillary and A Weiner are the good guys and the only ones that we know for sure that actually committed any crimes you dumb ass. Go suck a weiner ?

          • Here again, more proof of low serotonin levels and EDC poisoning. I am not even sure where that BABBLE you just vomited up came from or what it is suppose to even mean, but it is also more proof you New Babylonian toxic dump drunken bum cowards have descended into complete babbling insanity, just like the psychopaths you worship as God’s planned. Are you drunk again?????

      17. The Supreme Court ruled back during the Clinton Admin that a Constitutional Officer (Pres, Vice Pres, Congresscritters, etc.) could be sued in Civil Court.

        I thought that was wrong headed at the time.

        This was about Pres Clinton’s behavior regarding Paula Jones and a Lawsuit she brought, as I recall.

        No matter, the SCOTUS ruled he could be sued.

        If he can be sued in Civil Court, I would really like to see some scholarship on why He can’t be indicted for a Criminal Offense just like everyone else.

        If the assertion in the article is correct, the President has to be IMPEACHED by the HoR and CONVICTED in the Senate, before he is POTENTIALLY removed from Office (max penalty).

        We have had two Presidential Impeachments in our History to date, but zero Convictions.

        The MSM frequently equates Impeachment with Conviction.


      18. Drain the swamp

      19. Deep state is kinda PO’d it looks like. Time to double down support for Trump I guess!

      20. What ever

        Puppets deserve no respect and should be held to a higher level of scrutiny
        For the same reasons the last 6 jackasses should have been slam dunked in prison for not doing what this country was founded on

        All of them dismal failures along with every stuffed suit in DC

        Can’t wait for the cleansing to begin

      21. To Funny. If POTUS has a Grand jury indictment that means he did CRIMINAL Conduct and that means he can be impeached. He does not get impeached first. AND who brought the charges. NOT Sessions so this is SO PHONY! Maybe some Clown in the 9th circuit made it up.

        • Being indicted by a grand Jury does not imply guilt, it simply means there’s evidence worthy of bringing official charges, and proceeding to a court trial. The rules of evidence etc are different for a grand jury vs trial.

          In the case of a president, the roll of grand jury is congress, congress can appoint a special prosecutor to gather evidence and present a case for impeachment.

          The roll of trial by jury takes place in the senate. The senate however has one further responsibility and that is to determine if the crime is worthy of removal from office. In the case of Bill Clinton he was proven to have lied about molesting his intern, thus he was impeached. The Senate however did not deem the crime to be cause for removal.

          The judicial branch is out of the picture, mainly because the attorney general reports to the president, and judges are appointed by presidents, so there is a conflict of interest there.

      22. The opposition towards Trump is deeply entrenched and they want him eliminated because they fear they cannot control him. Notice how the people that have been in Washington forever i.e..McCain, Graham, Schumer all have a livid hatred towards any challenger.

        Look at the redecorating done in the Oval office. The drapes and decor are GOLD. A portrait of Andrew Jackson is on the wall. Hint: Trump wants to bring back the gold standard and get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank. Deep state does not want that.

        Notice how Trump said he would be willing to negotiate with North Korea under the right
        circumstances. The Deep State and central banks are pushing for war with North Korea.
        Trump is open minded towards the Silk Road Initiative because he knows when the system
        comes down we will still have to trade with other countries to keep commerce going.
        The globalists do not want that. The Deep State is constantly trying to undermine Trump
        because it wants perpetual war to keep the petro dollar going forever.

        The MSM/ corporate media is making comparisons between Trump and Nixon when in
        reality, Trump is probably more like Kennedy. Kennedy challenged the system and lost.

      23. Hope it is bs the sh%t will hit the fan if this plays out , globalist verses nationalist , trouble is brewing , Killery started this Russia hysteria to cover her own criminal acts , time to get rid of the traitors in both parties , the swamp won’t drain itself . If this is true civil unrest will follow , not safe to be a conservative Christian in this country …

      24. Trump like every other president took swore an oath to protect against all enemies foriegn and domestic. What do we do to foreign enemies? Shoot them? They are mostly defending their countries? The domestic enemy should get worse than shot? Let’s all be ready when that window of opportunity opens.

      25. Time has come for Trump to have his own “Night of the long knives” and get rid of the deep state political opposition along with the communists college professors and agitators.

      26. The sheet a will hit the fan if this plays out hope it is false lib lie

        • If they really try to run with this nonsense and “charge” Trump, etc, well, that will be the 2nd shot heard around the world and it will be on, so to speak folks! Enough is enough.

      27. It is False. That is not how it works. Another Rumor of lies. I know as I have a law background.

      28. lots of talk here but I am not so sure anyone would take up arms to defend Trump. I could be wrong.

      29. As long as President Trump does his duties as assigned by the US Constitution, keeps his Oath there can be NO lawful impeachment.

        Since ALL who serve as a US President is required to PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND the US Constitution, all who serve within our governments at any level that are NOT doing their duties as constitutionally assigned, keeping THEIR Oaths can be removed, charged, etc. why? because EVERYONE (except for the US President) is required to SUPPORT AND DEFEND the US Constitution BEFORE the orders of superiors, and before the duties of the position occupied. They are to only do the duties assigned to the branch that they serve within, or the Office within a branch that they serve within. All of that is in writing, and it is the supreme contract that they all serve under.

        Where did President Trump deviate from the US Constitution was when he sent attacked another nation without a declaration of war by the Congress. But even there those who serve within the House of Representatives and the Senate share the blame and crimes because they have constitutional means to shut down any war mongering by any who serves as a US President. There was lots of “precedent”, but under a CONSTITUTION, precedent means nothing, what the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution says is everything.

        Then we have “Fast Track”, etc. Since the authority that all who serve within our governments do not belong to the people serving, but to the branch or Office within a branch that they serve in, and are by the Oath and position ALLOWED to use the authority of that branch or that named-in-writing Office within a branch. No person can give that authority away, sell it, trade it, etc. It is NOT theirs to sell, etc; and ONLY theirs to use when they KEEP the Contract and Oath. Otherwise it is *color of law, pretend law, fake law.

        Pretty much President Trump has done his duties as found in writing within the US Constitution; which is more then those serving within the Legislative branch at all levels, and those serving within the judicial branch at all levels, and many of those serving within the other areas of the Executive branch can lay claim to. At the very least they have all committed at least one felony and the crime of Perjury – but there are lots more that can be added to most others.

        They NEED to read their contract. Example, Sessions is planning on expanding the drug war, etc, but there is NO LAWFUL authority for anyone who serves within the federal government to call those crimes, or to enforce them. The U.S. Constitution itself is the supreme law of this land, and one must understand that the only crimes assigned to the federal government in the Constitution for law enforcement purposes are Treason, Piracy, Counterfeiting, and International law violations. All other law enforcement matters are the purview of the individual states, not those that serve within the federal government – that too, is in writing within the US Constitution.

        *Color of law. The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of law.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, page 241.

        • Cal, good post!Like to see someone quoting Black’s
          Be well all
          Maniac –out

        • We all know the banksters=crooked rich politicians” but whuch yoose gonna do abouts it?

      30. We thank God for giving us the warnings and signs so we are ready like the smart virgins of Mathew 25. The door will be shut on so many Cristian’s ( foolish virgins ). Believing ain’t good enough ? You have to have a full lamp and extra. Why ? As so many other things we don’t understand , but we better recognize?

      31. When the rock throwing rioters come to a neighborhood near you . A full brim construction hard hat or bicycle helmet might come in handy? Remember Reginal Denny. I bet he wishes he had one?

        • R Denny was a liberal union Los Angeles fool that got what he deserved and then apologized for his attackers ! Fucking idiot and there are lots of them. He should have kept driving and ran over their asses in self defense, but he was a pussy.

          • Yes there’s a bright side to every story?

      32. I Call BULLSHIT!!!!!

        • Dang, everybody wants to call bullshit and talk to him/her. Must be right popular. I’ve called bullshit on several occasions but the line was always busy.

      33. When Jesus whipped the money changers out of the temple did the money changers security and body guards stand down because they knew it needed to be done ? And will they do the same today?

      34. Let me repeat what I wrote before: Congressperson Maxine Waters needs a PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION for her PERSISTENT, IRRATIONAL HOSTILITY TOWARDS and for her PROJECTING HER RACIST RANTS ONTO a WHITE person, namely, one Donald J. Trump, Sr., the President.

        Where WERE these so-called mental health experts when Bush LIED about weapons of mass destruction?

        Where WERE they when Obama’s narcissism bled through at every opportunity, from “I’m pretty good at killing people” to his use of the word “I” over 120 times in most of his speeches from the past few years?

        Where was their Indictment against OBAMA for giving AWAY to Russia SEVEN of our Alaskan islands?

        This secret indictment, IF it exists, is one that is only PREDICATED on ANY evidence linking Trump to Russia.

        Yup, that evidence is as real as the gold gleaming in your backyard, in other words, it just does NOT exist!

        I’m so sick and TIRED of this fake news cow DUNG, are you?

        So call people OUT on their horse manure, DEMAND them to SHOW you the evidence.

        Instead, they will just huff and puff, though, just like Waters and the rest of the gang from the hostile, satanic side.

        There is NOTHING “intelligent” about “intelligence sources” because all they are is lies fed through the media amplifier masquerading as reality when there is no shred of truth to them. If there were, Comey would have found a way to hide and then release “the goods” on Trump but such does not exist, and never has. (Of course, the goods on Hillary is another story.)

        Let’s keep THEM focused on the business of our COUNTRY, not on their repetitive lies, misdirection, and projected hostility.

        Simply put, they are BULLIES and if you know ANYTHING about bullies, deep deep deep down each is TERRIFIED! Thank you, Dr. Peck, for pointing that out in your second book.

        Yup, you read that right: under all their PUFFED UP BULLCRAP they are scared little mice inside trying to appear with the roar of a lion. Nice try Maxine, and the gang of hate. You’ll never get an Oscar, you are so UNconvincing.

        So our greatest weapon is the TRUTH relentlessy spoken and witnessed to.

        I don’t back down from bullies, and I hope you don’t either.

        In fact, I doubt ANYONE here backs off of bullies, including those from the government who read every post here and track each of our I.P. addresses. That’s what makes us who WE are: we are not afraid.

        And the truth TERRIFIES them! We will CONTINUE to defend both the Constitution of the United States AND the Truth for WE are the true patriots, not the NSA, not the CIA, etc.

        Go ahead, shut down the internet. Shut off our power. Pull your false flags. We know your tricks. We know how you do them. And you aren’t even as good as Penn and Teller. Satan has you people all puffed up with his lies. I will only say this once to you people: this is indeed the End Time, and if you don’t prepare your soul for Christ, then you will have consigned it to the devil in Hell for eternity.

        Leave the dark side. Disappear if need be and change your name if you have to. You will always be welcome here. Don’t let the devil get your soul. Heed the Ten Commandments. Turn to Christ in prayer and watch what happens. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want even one second of the alternative: eternal pain in the fires of Hell.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” – Christ

        • I could say a lot but “geeze” sums it up. Geeze.

      35. More BS news…..the people will not stand for this

        • Sure they will
          They have been for more than the past 50-60 or more years
          This year will be no different
          More bullshit to come just wait n see

      36. Maybe someone should inform these two ( Mensch and Taylor) that there are people who are waiting for the Sh?t to hit the fan and they are taking names of people who spread malicious rumors.

      37. Russian people get shit on as often as white straight working American men.

        The true enemy against the USA are the ones doing all the shitting!!

      38. So… when does the indictment of Hillary show up?

        Private server.
        Foundation BS.

        And the thing is, EVERYONE KNOWS!

        • Comey was shielding her. Now that he’s gone, justice might be near.

          • This is exactly why we are seeing all the fake news and stories being floated, to protect the criminals !

            Can it get any more obvious ?

        • As sad as it is, I really doubt Crooked Hillary will ever be charged. God knows she should be though and that no good clown boy husband of hers too boot!! HANG them and call it a day.

      39. More fake news. Who’s signed indictment, Maxine Waters, Nancy or maybe Chucky boy?? Though we may actually have a lot of signed indictments soon. Against the shadow government and its players.

      40. The Russia thing is old, Leftie boys. Give it the hell up. Yes yes Putin is ex KGB. You know what the problem with your little shitty campaign is?

        I’d rather be governed by Russia than by YOU.

        At least they know the practical limits to communism. Something you appear to be quite blithely unaware of.

      41. I find it hard to believe anyone can’t see we have a very powerful domestic enemy . If talk solves problems why is our divorce rate so high? Dosent look like we will be able to talk our way out of this? The domestic enemy dosent wear a foreign uniform. Traitors never do.

        • Part of the problem is that NoBoma aka Barry Hussein loaded the Gov’t chuck-full of democrat liberal radical idiots. the DOJ alone is like 95% liberal democrats! This is not how things are supposed to work. What a cluster folks…

      42. Barbra Lerner Spector Made a big mistake. But her father Satan rules this world . For a short time. Soon the Tares will burn.

      43. Whoever wrote this article is constitutionally illiterate. The Supremacy Clause (Article 6, Clause 2) does not prevent the indictment or arrest of the president.

      44. Can’t indict a sitting president. That’s why Nixon was an unindicted co-conspirator.

        Nice try.

      45. Like Niburu… wait for it-

      46. The Democrats and the Deep State have been trying to cram this lie about Russian collusion and the Trump campaign down our throats for months now. They are wasting valuable time in preventing Trump from succeeding in his campaign promises. This also serves in taking away attention from HRC’s crimes, and from Pizza Gate. Notice these two subjects have disappeared from discussions. While everyone is wrapped up in possible war with North Korea, and possible impeachment of POTUS, the Deep State are planning their real agenda for we the people. We the people should be demanding, by calling, e-mailing, showing up for our local town hall meetings and expressing how we the people feel about our government not doing their jobs in DC. You notice, all the radical left show up creating havoc. The conservative right just sits back and watches. Speak up! If you say nothing, then they think you are satisfied. Just because you told them in DC with your vote for Trump how you felt, it does not end there. You must stay engaged, if not now by these methods, later you will have no choice but to engage in the physical fight for your life and your Constitution. Yes, there are intel people reading these post on shtf, but the message these post have are not being heard by your government representatives. Speak up and tell them you want this nonsense of Russia/ US elections to stop, and start working to solve this country’s problems. Maybe next time no Reps. or Dems. should be elected, perhaps only Independents should be elected. Please speak up.

      47. March 31, 2017 The Surveillance State Behind Russia-Gate

        Although many details are still hazy because of secrecy – and further befogged by politics – it appears House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was informed last week about invasive electronic surveillance of senior U.S. government officials and, in turn, passed that information onto President Trump.

      48. More bullshit from a bullshit site. There is o mechanism for such a thing. As many secret as this bullshit site claims to uncover, you really should be working for an intelligence agency. Oops, intelligence, very little here, so I guess that would disqualify your morons.

      49. Any prosecutor can get an indictment against anyone. Any cop can arrest anyone. They then pressure for an agreed conviction. If can’t get that, they use enormous taxpayer paid resources to get a conviction, often with repeated trials on multitude of charges in different courts while trying to get IRS or others to also join in. Only an informed and strong jury can sometimes stop. Every person should serve on a jury and know their rights to nullify.

      50. Waters and the black caucus is the best reason I know for making America white again.

      51. Pure fake news. But wouldn’t it be something if they indicted Trump for nothing, yet they have REAL political criminals that they fear indicting. Shoot, during the so called fbi investigation of hrc, no investigators were allowed to search her residence or campaign offices! That there is REAL news.

      52. We are losing and will lose! Conservatives are pacifists, and say we did our part by voting. Meanwhile, liberals have been non-stop attacking from day one! It’s incredible that anything has been accomplished, while they defend against the non-stop onslaught! We’ve lost because we don’t have the same fight. At least not until it’s to late!

      53. Guys! Stop whacking on Mac. He’s just bringing us the false news from the other side. The article was properly identified as left wing BS. The source was cited. Stop trying to make it sound like Mac is pushing a left wing, AntiPa agenda. He’s just reporting the AntiPa (Anti-Patriots) are saying. Jeez!

        Don’t worry, Mac. We’re not all thinking you’re defecting to the AntiPa movement.


      54. Time to put Hit Squads to work & Time for Assassinations of these Traitors to The Constitution. Start with Soros & work your way Down.

      55. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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