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    Ruling Class Warns: 100 Million Could Be “Infected” With COVID This Winter

    Mac Slavo
    May 9th, 2022
    Comments (19)

    The White House is warning the United States that 100 million people could be infected with the coronavirus this winter. That is nearly one-third of the country’s population.

    So does that mean the “vaccines” don’t work considering over two-thirds of the population is “fully vaccinated?” The projection of 100 million potential infections, which was first reported by The Washington Post, is an estimate based on a range of outside models that are being closely tracked by the administration and would include both the fall and winter, a senior administration official told CNN. Officials say this estimate is based on an underlying assumption of no additional resources or extra mitigation measures being taken, including new Covid-19 funding from Congress, or dramatic new variants.

    The mainstream media appears to be attempting to panic the public into accepting “more funding” which means even higher inflation so they can “combat” a cold. As CNN reported, the Biden administration has been sounding the alarm for weeks that additional funding is needed to continue the federal Covid-19 response, even as it seeks a return to “normal” with many pandemic-era restrictions lifting.

    CNN has reported that the Biden administration requested $22.5 billion in supplemental Covid-19 relief funding in March in a massive government funding package but it was stripped from the bill. That request included funding for testing, treatments, therapeutics and preventing future outbreaks. Negotiators were able to reach an agreement on a scaled-back $10 billion package, but Congress left Washington in April without passing that bipartisan bill amid a disagreement over the Title 42 immigration policy — a pandemic-era rule that allowed migrants to be returned immediately to their home countries, citing a public health emergency. –CNN

    The propaganda and fear-mongering is over additional funding that the rulers say without leaves them “unprepared” to handle another surge. With so many people “vaccinated” it makes you wonder what’s really going on and why they continue to insist on forcing hyperinflation on the masses.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: May 9th, 2022

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Just in time for the elections?

      2. Sarcastic Tone says:

        I don’t know about anyone
        else but 100 million cases
        of the sniffles scares the
        hell out of me.

      3. Waiting says:

        Finally, we will get the dark
        winter they keep promising.

      4. Who wants to bet there still
        won’t be piles of dead
        bodies in the streets ?

      5. hmm... says:

        Are these projections based
        on the “vaccines” / boosters
        finally reaching their full
        “protective” effects?

      6. toony loons says:

        Well, I’m absolutely terrified
        right now because I always
        take very seriously anything
        said by the ruling clASS.

      7. Antidote says:

        I will remain a pureblood.

      8. Covid 19 says:

        Oh come on, let me go.
        I’ve done more than enough.
        Even the most powerful
        illness in the history of
        civilization needs to rest
        every now and then.

      9. Reprint says:

        This entire thing has always been a gigantic hoax. There was never a new virus. They reclassified all respiratory deaths from the flu, pneumonia, etc. as “Covid” deaths, then they quadrupled that number by adding people who died from completely unrelated things.

        The Science has yet to address why the cold, the flu, and other viruses didn’t use the thousands of years before the invention of vaccines to exterminate mankind.

        Why didn’t viruses exterminate mankind before the invention of vaccines? No one was preventing them from mutating for thousands and thousands of years.

        Why didn’t the evil flu mutate into something deadly when The Science wasn’t there to protect mankind?

        This is all about a virus that according to The Science only has a 99.985% survival rate.

      10. Indeed says:

        Gee, what would we ever do
        without our ever so caring
        rulers/ government?
        Oh I know, live our lives in
        peace and tranquility.

      11. Chris Avalon says:

        Mac why do you refer to it as a Vaccine.Have you become programmed.From day one of the Scamdemic it was called Gene Therapy.That means there was NO VIRUS! NO VACCINE!!!

      12. Genius says:

        Me too. I find that 12 beers a day keeps the covid away…

        • Woogie says:

          Nicotine keeps Covid away. Those who smoked or vaped seemed to escape the hospital admissions. Also those who consumed only well water all this time, even with it in home brew never got covid.

      13. D.O.A. says:

        Infection by injection.

      14. Brockland A.T. says:

        Malnutrition from Biden-flation and bare grocery store shelves from Biden-sabotaged supply chains will destroy the health of millions.

      15. Spider25 says:

        Yawn I might get a cold next winter!

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