Ruling Class To Spend Nearly $200 Million In An Attempt To Control Bird Flu

by | May 13, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    If there’s one thing the ruling class is good at, it’s spending money it has to create out of thin air. Now, the rulers think spending $200 million on the bird flu will contain it.

    We should have learned this lesson during the COVID scamdemic. The ruling class rolled out vaccines, and spent hundreds of millions, if not billions, on campaigns and propaganda, only to have it still be around four years later. They must know the public is still incredibly gullible.

    According to a report by The Poultry Site, the Biden administration said on Friday it will provide nearly $200 million to fight the spread of avian flu among dairy cows, in the government’s latest bid to contain outbreaks that have fuelled concerns about human infections with the H5N1 virus.

    The virus has been detected among dairy cattle in nine states since late March and the rulers still say its risk to humans is low, yet are trying to simultaneously panic the masses over it. According to Reuters, scientists have said they believe that this particular outbreak in cattle is more widespread than they assumed based on United States Food and Drug Administration findings of H5N1 particles in about 20% of retail milk samples.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will make $98 million available to provide up to $28,000 per dairy farm for efforts to contain the spread of the virus between animals and humans and for testing milk and animals for the virus, the agency said on Friday. “USDA is doing the work to track and eliminate H5N1 in the dairy cattle herd,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on a call with reporters.

    Exactly how are they going to “eliminate” the bird flu in cattle, when they can’t eliminate the common cold or any other virus in humans?

    “The risk to the public from this outbreak remains low,” HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said. And yet, the money includes $34 million through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing efforts and supporting public health labs, $8 million for vaccines, and $3 million for wastewater surveillance.

    The Food and Drug Administration also will provide $8 million to ensure the safety of the commercial milk supply.

    “At this stage, there’s no concern about the safety of the commercial milk supply or beef supply,” Vilsack said on the call. Health experts have cautioned against the consumption of raw milk but said pasteurization appears to kill the virus. And to be fair, they have always cautioned against the consumption of raw milk.



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