Ruling Class Propaganda: Only Government-Approved Apps Allowed

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The United States Army has decided that soldiers can no longer access certain apps. They have banned soldiers from using TikTok over alleged Chinese “cyber threat”, but in reality, it’s just an app the U.S. government can’t control.

    The U.S. Army is signaling that its soldiers should stick to platforms that march exclusively to Washington’s tune and do not deviate from the official narrative and government-approved propaganda.  An army spokeswoman confirmed on Monday that the Chinese app “is considered a cyber threat and will no longer be allowed on government phones and mobile devices. The military had previously used the popular social media platform to reach out to potential recruits, according to a report by RT. 

    The decision comes less than two weeks after the U.S. Navy banned the Chinese app from all government-issued mobile devices – citing the same alleged “cybersecurity threat.”  Anyone who’s been paying attention, however, should know that TikTok poses no cybersecurity threat.  It poses a threat to the American power structure that the establishment ruling class is desperately attempting to hold on to.

    The Pentagon issued a Cyber Awareness Message earlier in December, warming that using TikTok could come with potential security risks. The app had been targeted by two US senators, Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), and Chuck Schumer (D-New York), who requested in October that US intelligence agencies probe the app. –RT

    TikTok parent company ByteDance has strongly denied any sinister motives, even as competing apps, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have been proven to collude openly with government agencies. In September, executives from all the major U.S. social media platforms met with U.S.S.A government officials to discuss how to secure the 2020 elections and crackdown on the spread of polarizing content.

    That can be translated to “the government wants social media and tech giants to remove any content that does not support their ruling class power structure.”


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      1. dumb ofcourse its a threat

      2. How many Chinese or Russian or others work at Facebook and Twitter that can casually send “diagnostic info” home?

        How much does an H1-B charge to compromise security with an “oops”?

      3. my comments not allowed here.

        But if you use China apps then you are an Idiot.
        This article is Bravo Sierra. Never use China apps.

        Actually you should use damn few apps. Ditch your cell phone. No internet attached devices in your home.
        Keep your ass off of ALL leftie commie platforms.
        The communist are the enemy.
        China is a dangerous enemy with a million plus man army.
        China military bases are bigger than American cities.
        China is taking over Africa, for 20+ years.
        China has infiltrated all of US Universities and Media.
        Leftie US commie politicians are Anti American and are the stooges of those that seek to destroy your family/country.

        STAND firm against the leftie Mobs.
        Speak out and stand your ground.

        now censor this-

      4. Technology has reached a point where “they” know virtually everything you read. While we still have a First Amendment it is modernly dysfunctional because it doesn’t apply to employers who are increasingly powerful. The employer / government relationship is blurry at best and actions Constitutionally unavailable to government are not so with business. While an employer cannot discriminate based upon gender, creed, race, national origin or now sexual preference there is no protection for political inclination. We’re living under a microscope and reaching a point where best thing one can do for their young children is to manufacture a socially acceptable identity for public view. I met a man that was an Albanian border guard when the USSR was still in existence. He was trusted to be in that position and when the opportunity arose he dropped his AK47 and walked across the border defecting. He said something quite interesting, “Never let them know what you’re thinking”.

        • I discriminate freely. It’s my life.

          The notion someone can direct thinking of others is the intended result of such actions to control speech and create ‘inclusiveness’. Whatever that means, want to hate on my beliefs? The back of the line is far far far far far that way.

          Today I’m looking at atmospheric water generators, diy.

          Water from thin air.

          It’s a real thing.

          There will never again be some event like from history where there is no hope and no solution for everyone in a certain area.

          Science! Also real.

      5. I can understand not wanting to babysit comments but what a phag way to bow out. PUSSY

        • And what website do you manage, with open commentary?

          You apparently do not understand what private websites are up against these days.

          WordPress hosts some of the best private ones but it’s still problematic. Back to the troubleshooting, it’s a constant chore for everyone trying to keep anything online.

          Mistaking censorship and interesting content alteration for censorship or selling out is really short sighted.

          And watch your damned language there is more than just the website owner reading your commentary.

      6. What happened to #1 prepper site?
        Fools you sold yourself to the illuminati.

      7. What happened to #1 prepper site?
        Fools you sold yourself to the illuminati.
        Learn more about debugging in WordPress lololololol

      8. Luther , Slavo, Jeremiah Johnson?
        All FEDS

      9. Better yet just disband the U.S. Army. Ridiculous you say? Tell that to U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. He was the highest ranking and the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. In ‘War is a Racket’ he wrote, “I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else.”

        Yes the U.S. needs the other branches of military service, but NOT the U.S. Army.

        • Our founding fathers sanctioned a standing Navy, to deal with smugglers, but no standing Army. Our Army was supposed to be a citizen Militia. I agree, we also need air defense in this day and age, but a standing Army always leads to war or conflict somewhere.

      10. What’s an app, why the hype, and why would I need one in the first place.

        The internet, so golden, so miraculous, so uncensored.

        Think of apps as web addresses, under more restrictive terms.

        Do you have to go through some gatekeeper to land at a www site? Sure, but it’s behind the scenes. It’s the difference between a corporate control structure against a free and open internet.

        Which brand of government approved cellular spy device did you choose? Win 10, a clever way to integrate such gatekeeping and corporate controls in the system which got away from them, the personal computer. Apps and malware, that’s like, a real thing and attack vectors stream at light speed along every possible avenue day and night. Your private setting internet accessible browser with proper security overlay is infinitely more protective than any ‘app’. It’s no coincidence that the functionality of such utility is diminished on mobile and non pc devices.

        Why complain, you yahoos paid for it with your support of big tech, cellular products, and purchases of anything from app stores.

        Don’t soldiers have better things to do than be on their cell phones? I thought tik tock was for teenie boppers and females. I must be getting old because I remember a day when people had enough self respect to say no and demand more.

        If you want a kick, watch some youth vids on yboob about hacking, coding, and what happens when you fall for the myriad of free software codes out there. I remember this funny one where the dude filmed himself using all these apps and got a free game code straight off of the ytb top 100 lists, supposedly vetted and safe. He punched it in, it ran something, then flashed to coding screen, sent message all his photos were uploaded elsewhere, his memory being wiped, and his phone was then kaput. He was like; Nice. He knew it would happen but it made for excellent ytb video time, lots of hits. If you don’t see it coming a mile away, you’re either blind, old, or stupid, probably all three. Now you need a second cell phone to protect your first one. See how this is working yet?

      11. The military has ‘approved’ software/app/device lists – every military owned device is scanned monthly for compliance and is patched/updated as necessary. This has been this way for over a decade. This is to assure appropriate bandwidth is available for necessary functions, protect the network, and also assure that only appropriate personnel are accessing the network. Once the bad guys have access to the unclassified networks, they can piece together disparate bits of information to gain classified information. I totally agree that the gov is way beyond where they should be, but this article is ridiculous in its assumptions that all people should be able to connect to all networks with all devices. No corporate enterprise (or home network!) operates like that and certainly the military should not leave itself wide open like that.

      12. not true..its these apps pinging locations and surroundings when location settings turned off are making security risks in sensitive areas of base a concern…. its not the china boogyman, its common sense security protocols.

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