Ruling Class Plans To “Fix” The Wealth Gap By Enslaving Everyone With CBDC

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Headline News

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    The ruling class often laments the “wealth gap”, which is strange considering they have given themselves permission to steal from the slave class. Now, they are using it as an excuse to inflict permanent slavery on the masses through the creation of a central bank digital currency, or CBDC.

    A new report by Legacy Research claims that universal basic income (UBI) will pave the way for the rulers’ endgame: CBDC. By dolling out a UBI with the help of a digital ID and CBDC, the slave class will be able to be fully controlled by the rulers.

     UBI offers a no-strings-attached monthly payment… for everyone, at every income level.

    To pay for all this, governments will need digital money. It’s the most efficient way to manage and track such a massive transfer of wealth.

    That digital money will come in the form of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    I’ve been warning you about the privacy threats CBDCs pose since June.

    Currently, 114 countries – representing over 95% of global gross domestic product (GDP) – are exploring a CBDC. And 11 have launched a CBDC, including China, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. –Legacy Research

    The Rulers Announce A Plan For Global CBDC & Digital ID Scheme

    So is their plan to impoverish everyone by inflating the fiat currency, so they can swoop in with a UBI and “save” the poor suffering slaves? Most likely. In order to fully control the human population, the rulers need to get a CBDC in place before too many realize that government is slavery and this is nothing more than invisible, but permanent chains of all of us.

    In order for this scheme to work, the rulers will need to convince the slaves it’s in their best interest to take the currency. Americans are easily persuaded. After all, a lot of them took the “vaccine” in exchange for a free donut. Many will be willing to accept the CBDC in exchange for a small sum of fiat currency.

    It all started in July with the launch of FedNow, which Legacy Research describes as the “Trojan Horse” of digital currencies and the completion of the slave system. Once you’re signed up with a federal bank account, you have officially “signed a contract” making yourself their slave, no illusion of freedom will be needed. You are literally handing over what’s left of your essential freedoms and privacy.

    The rulers will take what they want, freeze your account, cut off your UBI, or simply “remove” you from access to their system if you do things they dislike.

    In order for this scheme to work, the ruling class will need our “consent”. That means we are likely going to be forced to sign up on our own in order to get the free “donut”. Much like they did with the COVID injections, they need you to go voluntarily ask them to be a slave. Once you’re locked in, there will be no way out. We all should be standing up to this egregious act of tyranny now.

    The masters seek to erect a permanent digital cage around every single human on this planet. The rulers already have as much money and resources as they could ever want. But what they really desire is power.


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