Ruling Class: Omicron Lockdown Not Needed…Yet

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Master Biden and others who think they own us are saying we don’t need to lockdown…yet…if we muzzle up and get the shots. But we should all be prepared, just in case the rulers decide to make more demands of the slaves.

    After all, these same sociopathic liars also said they wouldn’t be mandating vaccines. But why don’t we need a lockdown yet? You guessed it. If enough of the slaves just bow down to big pharma and get the three injections they desperately need in all of us, we can avoid a lockdown.

    Biden said he saw no need for a new lockdown “for now… if people are vaccinated and wear their masks,” ruler Biden said according to the BBC. So put on your ritualistic shame muzzle, get the shots, and obey your rulers. Then you can go about your daily slave activities and have the fruits of your labor stolen from you. And they’ll call it “freedom.”

    We are certainly not out of the woods yet, and we don’t have enough people who have realized they were born slaves. As I have said often, if these sociopaths believe they can get away with another lockdown, they will try it. Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for more lockdown talk to surface.

    Biden added that big pharmaceutical companies were making contingency plans for new jabs if they are needed, as we’ve already seen. He is urging the slaves to get the shots, but to not panic. This whole scamdemic is about these shots.

    Biden then announced that on Thursday, he’s going to make another decree about vaccinations and boosters. “On Thursday, I’ll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we’re going to fight Covid this winter. Not with shutdowns or lockdowns, but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more.”

    Prepare. It’s hard to say just how totalitarian his announcement will be on Thursday, and it’s hard to tell how well it will be received by the public. So far, the sheep in the United States have been docile enough for the masters to continue to tighten the chains of oppression around everyone. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. Never put anything past these people. Government is slavery and that’s the one thing they hope we never realize.



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      1. What is it about these shots
        that it is so urgently important that every living thing on Earth needs to get them for a “virus” with a
        99.985% survival rate?
        Could there maybe just possibly be some other sinister reason for this relentless, non-stop 24/7 “vaccine” push – Naaaah…..

        • You’re speaking like it’s 15 months ago.

          Were you recently revived from an induced coma?

          Dear Lord, change the record!

      2. Chalk our entire household up for having never been tested or traced not even one single time through the entire covid event.

        One has to be straight out of their mind to be voluntarily tracked and traced by this government and the corporations which control it.

        We are not slaves and we have not relinquished our liberties. We are however downtrodden by way of continued taxation without representation.

        • Everyone has lost their liberties under COVID-1984.

          Open defiance not reduced to empty virtue signalling results in a hefty fine; that alone result in voluntary self-censure.

          Some people go out and protest, but concede to masking when shopping.

          Weaponizing money is the only way to pay lip service to the Bill of Rights, and while its not legit its complex and expensive to fight if the wrong people get elected.

      3. New Mexico has a very HIGH vaccine rate and the covid is worse NOW ever since they started the vaccines over a 1000 a day now of new cases. Just wait they will shut it al down just before Christmas. The vaccines are the problem besides the idiots called demonrats! LOL

      4. “In 2009, Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion in a criminal and civil liability lawsuit stemming from the illegal promotion of certain drugs. At the time, it was the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history.

        In 2012, healthcare giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) agreed to pay $3 billion in criminal and civil charges for the unlawful promotion of drugs like Paxil and Wellbutrin for uses that weren’t FDA approved. However, Pfizer still holds the record for receiving the largest criminal fine in history.”

        Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said, “People profiting from vaccine conspiracy theories are criminals.”

        Among speech that Bourla would criminalize:
        ” …vaccines contain microchips, cause infertility and change one’s DNA…”

        Please take careful note of my sources, here.

        Schwab, World Economic Forum:
        “This Fourth Industrial Revolution is, however, fundamentally different. It is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human…
        4th industrial revolution changes you through genetic editing…
        You’ll own nothing — And you’ll be happy about it.”

        I am told that they already pay a tax, on every monitor. In their state programming:

      5. One last push to get people vaxxed before the end.

        They’re going to square vaxxing against a mild form of COVID? They either have a plan to goose Omicron or bluffing.

        So many people escaped vax injury that there’s still a huge population that can fight. Enough people got vax injured, that people know there’s a problem.

        South Dakota, Texas, and Florida are unmoved and still free.

        Sheeple can’t be that sheeple.

      6. Most people just eat up every word they say so there is not much that can be done in opposition to it (the vaccination agenda).

        The science is on their side.

        Political science.

      7. “Biden then announced that on Thursday, he’s going to make another decree about vaccinations and boosters. “On Thursday, I’ll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we’re going to fight Covid this winter. Not with shutdowns or lockdowns, but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more.”

        Bring in the military.

        Lock & load, people.

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