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Ruling Class & Its MSM Puppets Try To Panic The Masses Into “Vaccination”…STILL

Mac Slavo
July 13th, 2021
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The rulers and their mainstream media puppets are not giving up on the fear-mongering. Even though the “vaccination” rates have slowed to almost zero, proving those who wanted the jab already got it, they are continuing to try to scare people into getting it.

At its current, declining pace, 70% of the U.S. population will not receive the first dose of vaccine until December 1, according to the Reuters analysis of Our World in Data vaccination figures.

According to the Reuters report, vaccination rates in Israel plateaued until the media began their fear-mongering campaign over the “delta variant.”

In Israel, the vaccination rate had plateaued in April as new COVID infections were on a months-long steady decline. But when the arrival of Delta brought a spike of cases in June, the government jumped in quickly with a new campaign urging teenagers to get the shot and parents to vaccinate their children aged 12 to 15. –Reuters

Because this type of mind control continues to work against the masses, the rulers will continue to try it.  They are doing everything they can in the United States to elicit enough fear of the “delta variant” to get more people convinced to take the experimental gene therapy they continue to call a vaccine.  The problem is that no more human beings want to be injected. Those willing to be shot up with this stuff have already been “vaccinated” and those who don’t want it are not likely to line up because of fear-mongering over some elusive variant.

“We are indeed hitting a glass ceiling and trying to come up every day with ideas, and the good news is we are seeing a very recent pick up in bookings,” a source close to the French health ministry said last week, as France struggles to convince its slaves to take the shot.

We are about to see something sinister. It will hopefully only be in the form of a psychological operation designed to manufacture the outcome (the un”vaccinated” get “vaccinated”), But stay alert and aware.  Put nothing past the sociopaths who think they have power over us. They could really try to convince the public a shot is needed if people actually start to see real illnesses surface.

Stay alert and aware of what they are doing. Stay prepared and keep using critical thinking.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: July 13th, 2021

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    1. Anonymous says:

      You have to admire them over how much they care about your health and safety.

    2. surreal says:

      Imagine getting to the two year mark next year and this covid stupidity and lies still going on. There may have been a (very brief) time when
      I may have thought this
      phony 19 insanity could not possibly still be happening
      at the two year mark.
      Now, not only does it seem possible but likely as well🙄

    3. Question says:

      I haven’t received any of the
      “vaccines” for the monstrous
      indestructible “virus” from the depths of hell AKA
      covid 19 and yet I feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt during my entire life. If we have been in a “raging pandemic” for well over a year and I haven’t been jabbed – can anyone explain to me how I can possibly
      still be among the living?🤔

    4. Anonymous says:

      Bob Hope is not coming?

    5. Bill says:

      The State has its agenda, the goals and motives on that agenda are not for public knowledge. The gov’t and officialdom are not the State, but subordinate to the State, it only performs the will of the State. The gov’t and its officialdom are merely tools of the State to exercise its will and authority over the nation, its citizens, its institutions, everything, to make subordinate all things to the State. To control every resource (natural and man-made), have unquestioned power and prerogative, and to decide the beliefs, thoughts, and behavior of every single person. The ultimate goal is to control every facet of every person’s life at all times everywhere, to erase individuality and make them part of a great machine designed only to serve the State, to alter people from human beings to a managed disposable resource.
      Nietzsche said “Everything the State says is a lie, everything it has it has stolen”. We all know the gov’t wants everyone to receive the covid “vaccination”. The State, at every turn, has been duplicitous with the people about this issue. The goal however is to vaccinate everyone. Remember when the gov’t said it needed only 15 days to stop the spread? Now there are people going door to door. The pressure is only starting with the mobilization of “caring citizens”. The State will not tolerate defiance. It will eventually ramp up to armed cops or soldiers sitting on top of you with a gun in your face as you are being forcefully jabbed.
      One may deduce one thing for sure. If the State is so hell-bent about vaccinating the people, there must be something more than what we know.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Yawn! This is becoming a full blown circus anyone with a brain can see the trees for the Forrest if they open there eyes and ears and use some critical thinking skills. The masses have awokened! Pound sand Annal Schwab! And stick your reset where Nazi sun don’t shine!

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