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    Ruling Class Admits To Violations Of Free Speech By Flagging Facebook Posts As “Misinformation”

    Mac Slavo
    July 16th, 2021
    Comments (15)

    The rulers have admitted to helping social media giant Facebook squash free speech. The White House has been flagging Facebook posts as “misinformation” if the message goes against their official narrative of “comply, slaves.”

    The Constitution is irrelevant at this point. We all know that. No one in power has any desire to protect any human rights, of which free speech is a basic human right.

    “But whether the Constitution really be one thing or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”― Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

    In fact, free speech that goes against the official narrative is now a “threat” according to the Biden administration. The rulers have called “medical misinformation” a public health threat and the White House said it was working with social media to flag “problematic” posts. Critics called it an end-run around the First Amendment, according to a report by RT. 

    It’s not an “end run” around the first amendment, it’s the death of it and we’ve seen it coming for a long time.

    “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday. In addition to directing the company to censor people, the government is also working to “get trusted content out there” by putting medical professionals in touch with social media influencers. So not only are they censoring those who go against their propaganda campaign, they are ramping up their propaganda campaign.

    The only good news here is that we can tell they are in desperation mode. If their message was working, they wouldn’t need to censor and use propaganda to manufacture compliance. That means people are waking up to the fact that government is slavery and all slavery in all forms should be abolished. This move will only serve to awaken a few more to their invisible shackles.

    Psaki isn’t the only member of the ruling class to admit to attempting to silence the slaves who dissent.  Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued an advisory declaring misinformation “an imminent and insidious threat to our nation’s health.”

    “Misinformation takes away our freedom to make informed decisions about our health and the health of our loved ones,” Murthy said at the White House. During just the Covid-19 pandemic, it has led to Americans refusing to wear masks, “turn down proven treatments” and choosing not to get vaccinated, which, he said, cost lives.

    Actually, the government takes away our freedom. No amount of information or misinformation has the power to do anything other than exist. The human must then use critical thinking to discern the information and whether they will accept or reject it.  Murthy is a liar and propagandist of the highest order and his job is to keep the slaves in line. If they figure out they are slaves, the jig is up.

    The ruling class is demanding tech giants to violate basic human rights on their behalf. There’s a term for that. It’s called “fascism.” Although we crossed that line a long time ago, it’s all out in the open now.

    “This is ‘Ministry of Truth’ level malfeasance. They’re literally admitting to colluding with [the] media to control the narrative. This is censorship,” tweeted Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), adding that such tactics befit dictatorships and that throttling speech with which the government disagrees crosses a line.

    Good things can come from abject tyranny.  This issue has the capacity to awaken more to the reality we find ourselves living in, which is slavery. Once there are enough who understand, no amount of tyranny can exist because humans will refuse to accept any degree of enslavement. The ruling class’s desperation is showing, which means they are trying to regrip to hold on to power.

    That also means we need to stay prepared.  They won’t give up easily. Keep using critical thinking and make sure you remain aware of the master’s moves so we can be ready for anything they may try to throw at us.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: July 16th, 2021

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      1. if only says:

        As you mentioned, their desperation at this point speaks volumes as to how more people are waking up and it also tells us that there are some ever increasing cracks forming in the evil plans of these satanic bastards. Wouldn’t it be absolutely glorious if those tiny cracks kept getting bigger and led to the ultimate downfall of these evil creatures? One can dream…

      2. Never give in says:

        Thank you for calling Murthy a liar because that is exactly what he is and thanks again for often calling out this covid crap as the scandemic
        it really and truly is.

      3. 💡idea says:

        I am so tired of that Jen
        Psaki already. I wish she’d
        just get the hell outta here
        and never circle back.

      4. Anonymous says:

        They only have what’s best for you in mind, they don’t want you screwing up your life by making your own decisions.

        We’re lucky to have such caring people in our government to run our lives.

      5. Note from Nevada says:

        Definition: Fascism is a system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism, controlling all industry and commerce, and promoting nationalism and often racism. Hmmmm?

      6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        It was InfraGards idea to censor dissent against the scamdemic and vaccines.

        The constitution exists to place limits on the government and those in power, and to protect the rights of the sovereign, the individual, We the People. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that only the government is prohibitted from violating the constitutional rights of people. If everyone respected everyone elses constitutional rights, there would be no murder, rape, theft, or Peeping Toms. Obviously, an employer has a reasonable claim to expect certain protocols as far as free speech is concerned, however, social media now has employers expecting employees to behave as employees when they are not working, and this is quite unreasonable, in my opinion. Employers do not own employees, but many are acting as though they do with social media monitoring. It is unreasonable to expect employees to act like corporate robots 24/7. I have read many many accounts of employees being fired over social media posts strictly because the employees political views differed from their employers. The right and the left have both fired employees over social media posts that they objected to but were well within the rights of the employee to post and had nothing to do with their job or employer in the vast majority of circumstances. Social media has rung in the wave of fascism that now has employers believing that they are entitled to monitor every aspect of employees lives while they are not at work. This is not new. Henry Ford hired spies to check bars for employees after hours because he strongly opposed alcoholic consumption. Social media just makes it easier for employers and educators to monitor employees after work or school hours activity. Schools have been equally guilty of this fascistic behavior of monitoring students social media accounts and even expelling students for social media posts that they disagreed with.

        Citizens Against the Anti-American Organized Crime Ring of InfraGard Charter

        InfraGard is a terrorist network and organized crime ring that defies the American way of life and the U.S. constitution. It is a public private partnership surveillance cult filled with murderers, thieves, perverts, hackers, vandals, and stalkers and has totally destroyed national security, personal security, and also corporate security. It is filled with parasites that exist strictly for the purpose of feeding off of others as predators do. InfraGard uses illegal actions that have bosses spying on employees, co-workers spying on co-workers, neighbors spying on neighbors, corporate espionage agents spying on competitors and stealing intellectual property. It is filled with over 180,000 coporations and the 17 intelligence agencies, local governments, police, and academia. They know where you live, how much money you make, what you own, where you bank, who you communicate with. They know everything about you, and they want to know what to steal from whom and who to kill that may be a threat to their parasitic and predatory lifestyles. They have cheated their way through life because they are totally mentally incompetent. 

        Not only are they completely mentally incompetent, but they are also completely fascist and demand total omerta ( loyalty ) and secrecy.

        InfraGard members also engage in organized community stalking which involves gas-lighting, and letting you know that they are spying on you but deny it when confronted since it is illegal. They do this by repeating or re-enacting things that they would only know if they were spying on you, ( referred to as street theater among targetted victims ) when there are just too many coincidences to overlook, you know that InfraTards have targeted you. They do black bag break-ins, vandalism, and crooking, all of which is also totally illegal.

        They are low life, low IQ losers and complete cowards that are so afraid that they need an entire gang of terrorists that they affiliate with for their survival, and even though they have an entire gang of terrorists, they are still too cowardly to admit to what they are doing because they know how sick, disgusting, and evil their behavior is and they do not want to admit that they are as sick, evil, and mentally incompetent as they actually are. They know that people would despise them for it if they came right out and said it in plain English, and they also know that it is all totally illegal, as if laws stop crime from taking place though! We would not have any crime if laws prevented crime. 

        Evidently, InfraGard members only associate with other InfraGard members. They hate us for our freedoms – our constitutional rights.  I would not want to associate with people that are involved in InfraGard anyways because their lifestyles are an afront to all that I believe in, so I certaily do not feel any sense of loss over being shunned by InfraGard members. That is their cult like behavior. Anyone not part of the cult is a threat to the cult and is the enemy. These cult like tactics are extremely infamous and are usually associated with fringe element religious extremist groups that have completely wrecked entire families after gettting ahold of one family member to become a part of their cult. They use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals cult tactics on their targeted victims. Cults rely on brainwashing cult members. Cults tell cult members that if their family members loved them that they would convert and become part of their cult. They force cult members to abandon their own families and relationships. They want total control over cult members lives, and any outsider is a threat to the cult because it shatters the illusion of the brain washing that the cult members have been subjected to. 

        If you are a member of the InfraGard cult, just walk away from the surveillance organized crime ring terrorist cult of InfraGard. If you are not a cult member, do not become one. They are evil predators and terrorists.

        Andrea Iravani

      7. Woogie says:

        VAERS now reports 10,991 DEATHS due to the Covid shots since 7/9.

        THATS 1,946 DEATHS in ONE WEEK since 7/2.

      8. I see many people wearing masks all day long. Even when they are not near other people. Hmmm. Do they wear those masks when they go to bed? Apparently they think that Covid goes to sleep after dark. Or, they just can’t think at all. Probably registered voters.

      9. Maskless says:

        @Him, I know what you mean. Wouldn’t surprise me if they wear the masks while taking a shower. The level of stupidity in this country
        increases by the day.

      10. Bill says:

        The State just keeps showing its hand, it is a soulless tyrant, a monster, irrevocably corrupt and illegitimate. Those who function within and on behalf of the State are its tyrannical assistants and enablers.
        The State also needs private entities to cooperate with it because private entities have resources the State can utilize. The State grants special privileges and power and protection to these private entities who cooperate. There are plenty of leaders of private entities that enjoy their special relationships with the State.
        The State has power, private entities have resources, the merging function of the two against citizens for their mutual benefit is classic fascism, it all that simple. However, one may think the State is confused, it isn’t. Though it deploys elements of Marxism, or fascism, or principles of other ideologies, and even gross criminality, it matters not. Only the results are what matters, an ever increasing accumulation of power for the State, and simultaneous diminishing of power and rights to citizens.
        To be completely realistic, the State does not see a person or groups of people as we do, it sees them as managed disposable resources, to be manipulated and used to serve the purposes of the State, to be fed into the machine of the State. Socially, politically, economically, etc., all exists as it does because the State creates these paradigms that benefit it.
        The truth is, those who serve the State willingly viscerally despise you, and they have no inhibitions on what they will do to benefit the State. Their goal is to assist the State in remaking you, to strip you of your rights, power, wealth, intelligence, individuality, identity, to do all that is necessary, so as to make you palatable for State use.
        I assure you, the State despises the Constitution, it despises your rights, it despises your freedom and liberties, it despises religion but especially Christianity, it despises higher European heritage and intelligence, it despises individuality, and it despises you. All, because these things in their present form cannot be used by the State. They must be altered to be used and then consumed by the State. If these cannot be altered or forced to live by its rules and wishes and whims, it must be destroyed. The State works on a timetable to obtain the power it wants; not so slow as to lose momentum and not so fast the people wake up and object en masse.
        The good news is that failure on the part of the majority of citizens to comply on a mass scale in a consistent and unified way causes the State to die on the vine. However, as long as the unity of the people stay fractured (the State keeps injecting a vast variety of issues and controversy into society to keep it disunited against it – divide and conquer), there will be no real opposition.
        We know the State’s stripes, it cannot hide its motives and goals for long, its actions and its words keep giving it away. It’s just that in its hubris the State believes everyone is fooled. As for its enablers, they are so devoid of morality, so vacuous in character, so desolate in conscience, and so bereft of common decency they actually believe they are necessary and good. Unable to distinguish right from wrong, just empty, hopeless, dirty souls.

      11. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The Severely Retarded Monkey Brained Monster Apes are In Charge of Decididing Who the Experts Are! 

        Your Plans Just Aren’t Working “Professors”!

        This is a fine mess that you’ve gotten us into, once again! Go away! Don’t come back! You’ve destroyed the world! You are not capable of any solutions! Stop pretending that you are! Stop conning gullible youths and their parents out of their hard earned money to finance your high fallutin’ life styles! Stop conning tax payers into subsidizing your evil crimes against humanity! 

        Prior to the scamdemic, the Tuskegee Experiment had been referred to as The Bad Blood Experiment, now the media refers to it as the Tuskegee Experiment, and I think that they do this because they want to remove the implication of faked test results obtained from DNA, in that case blood, or in covid-19 nasal swabs.

        The point being that the self proclaimed University experts have over 100 years of history of Nazi Eugenics, junk science, and genocide, and the Universities have been the leaders in this, right along with their industrialist sponsors, including forced sterilizations starting in the early 1900’s, radiation experiments on people including pregnant women and newborns, MKULTRA mind control experiments, and other sick sadistic psychological experiments on people and animals. They are monsters, not scientists. They are monkey brained monster apes. Human beings do not do things like that to other human beings. 

        The media has also completely removed white people in the history of The Bad Blood Experiment, who were also victims of the Bad Blood Experiment, because the monkey- brained, monster ape, junk-scientists hypothesized that syphilis affected blacks physically and whites mentally which just goes to show you how fucking stupid and evil the University “Expert” “Scienists”  are! They told all of these victims that they had intentionally infected with syphilus that they had bad blood and let it progress to the late stages of the disease which can result in blindness and insanity, as well as other physically debilitating  conditions including servere arthritus and heart conditions, and they did it all for their “love of science and humanity!” 

        They are retarded! I am not exagerating! 

        I feel like running to UWM and bitch slapping everyone that works there! 

        They are mad scientists, like Dr. Frankenstein! 

        Andrea Iravani

      12. To many traders says:

        When Facebook shut down the president of The United States all of the patriots should have left also but they stayed, fucking traders

      13. Jocko says:

        Yet they don’t care. They tell you because they want you to believe your “betters” know what is best for you and the US. They love their right to free but despise your right to free speech. They want to convince you the 1st Amendment is dangerous and needs to be done away with. To many Americans have been brainwashed by today’s media and are willing to support them in that endeavor. Those who don’t MUST resist.