Rulers, ‘Foolers,’ and Shooters: They’re Closing the Cage in Plain Sight

by | May 7, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    A picture that has been around awhile depicts Homo sapiens society at its finest…as it truly is. There are four “tiers,” so to speak, with the politicians, royalty, and rulers occupying the uppermost level, followed by the clergymen and religious swamis on tier two, and then the gendarmes/police/soldiers on tier three. The bottom tier is occupied by the people, supporting the other three tiers upon their back. The caption is “We rule you [Leaders], we fool you [Religious Heads], we shoot you [the “Enforcer” class].

    These “tiers” are to be found in every nation, among every people and tongue. It is not a new concept: these three levels of nabobs have existed ever since man formed social communities that encompassed more than the nuclear family.

    The difference between the past and now: for the first time, these tiers will soon be interconnected regardless of location and mutually supportive of one another to obtain global totalitarian rule.

    They already have so much in place, as outlined in previous articles: cell phones for most of the populations that transmit user location along with biometrics (in the latest models), interconnected CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras that coordinate and fix your position with the phones, and a record of all that you buy or sell at a POS (Point of Sale) in the happy big-box stores. They have laws to make you pay taxes on income, property, and they will come to seize your property and/or you if you don’t pay it…with force.

    The laws are increasing in number, tightening the corral around you in your daily life…controlling where you can live, what type of home you can build, how you can communicate on the Internet, how you conduct business. Every business has a corresponding government inspector or regulator. The death of cash is coming soon, as governments replace it with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) completely: they will then be able to keep track of every dime you earn or spend, keep track of what they can tax you (overt theft) and what they can pilfer (covert theft, in the case of an electronic “glitch,” a “matter of national security,” or some other nonsensical operation).

    Many people do not realize the depth…the lengths these people are going to in order to achieve global totalitarian rule over all mankind. Recently Bill Gates announced a decision to invest with corporations to place 500 satellites in orbit to be able to monitor every inch of the globe in real-time surveillance. Last week he announced his intentions to develop a “super vaccine” in order to “safeguard” the health of the planet from an outbreak that could kill tens of millions of people.

    There is one “biggie” that must be “taken care of” before all this control can be finalized: They must first confiscate all firearms.

    The most recent news headlines show their intent to do just that. Let’s take it by “category” of the three tiers:

    1. Rulers: The United States’ very own Representative Eric Swalwell, (D-CA) is the one representing the first big push toward totalitarian takeover via gun seizures. On Thursday, 5/3/18, Swalwell (as reported by NBC News on an interview with Swalwell by USA Today) proposed a complete ban of what he describes as “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons,” along with a government “buy-back” of these rifles…and pursuit of those who refuse it. Swalwell describes this last part as “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.” Swalwell cited the Australian mandatory gun buyback laws and as an example used the “unprompted” walkout and demonstrations of Parkland High School students after that school’s shooting. Here’s what Swalwell had to say:

    “There’s something new and different about the surviving Parkland high schoolers’ demands.  They dismiss the moral equivalence we’ve made for far too long regarding the Second Amendment.  I’ve been guilty of it myself, telling constituents and reporters that ‘we can protect the Second Amendment and protect lives.’  The right to live is supreme over any other.  Australia got it right.”

    1. Foolers: On Sunday, 5/6/18, the Pope came out and said that all firearms must be confiscated and taken away, and that the only firearms must be in the hands of the UN (United Nations).  This is not a new thought, as it was John F. Kennedy who proposed a ban of all nuclear weapons and firearms, with the UN “peacekeepers” being the only ones who retained any weapons.  That “clarion call” has been echoed by the UN Small Arms Treaty (the one that Bolton…current Secretary of State…refused to sign when he was UN ambassador under Bush Jr.).  Sure, many may try to disregard what the Pope is saying…but you can’t completely discount anyone who has a billion people under his dominion, spiritually and economically.
    2. Shooters: There are two excellent articles for your perusal written by John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. One of them is entitled Armed and Dangerous: If Police Don’t Have to Protect the Public, What Good Are They? on 2/28/18. The other more recent article of 5/2/18 is entitled Dial T for Tyranny: While America Feuds, the Police State Shifts Into High Gear.

    In “tier 1” of the “Rulers,” we have a sitting Representative of Congress who openly advocates bypassing the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States by banning a specific type of rifle; he also proposes the governmental “buying” of those semiautomatic rifles. It would do well here to remember the words of Alexis DeTocqueville in “Democracy in America,” [para.] “The end of the Republic [America] will come when the government can buy the people with their own money.” Then(so-called) Representative Swalwell suggested the government follow (in the event weapons owners do not submit) a violation of due process, as well as the supreme law of the land to illegally confiscate any weapons not submitted under a proposed government buyback…a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment.

    It runs deeper, as we can see how the “Parkland Students” cited as an example by Swalwell are the new mantra, the new paradigm to enforce social consciousness and supplant Constitutional law with the law of the mob…the “tyranny of the majority” (a phrase of DeTocqueville) inflicting its wishes. Then there’s the “Australia got it right” grammatical eyesore of Swalwell’s populist jargon, a phony attempt to appear “grass roots” and an average guy…jargon that also pushes the “groupthink” (Australia’s doing it, why shouldn’t we?) so necessary to obtain global governance.

    In “tier 2” we have a Marxist who is the leader of one of the world’s largest religions openly calling for a confiscation of the guns, with only the UN holding them. As mentioned, this guy has more than a billion people under his control, and he’s clearly in the “pocket” of those moving toward global governance. Standard Alinsky principle in “Rules for Radicals” is “organizing the organized.” His loyal followers will follow his lead. Don’t worry: Protestants, Jews, Mormons, and all the others are also “subjected” to the same playbook, perhaps not under one “figurehead” but with their own “Master of Puppets” enforcing their submittal to his/her authority and then compliance with outside directives of the governments.

    In “tier 3,” when you read these articles, you will come to see how there is no more “Officer Friendly.” The police are duty-bound to protect the taxpaying corporate entities, businesses, and politico-oligarchy, and nothing more. They are our jailers, not our protectors. They ensure the continuity of the establishment: the existing social, political, religious, and economic order of things, nothing more. Those who mistakenly believe in the law (as police officers) will eventually be marginalized and drummed out of the force. Recently it was reported in Austin, TX that trainees/police cadets were informed by their instructors that the public are nothing more than cockroaches. In truth, the public pays for their funding…and they are under governmental control and direction: to obtain ad valorem for the municipal and state coffers while keeping the beeves moving, “tagging” the strays with tickets for the quotas and ensuring the docility of the herd.

    The rulers, “foolers,” and shooters are tightening their grasp by the day, aided by the ever-increasing technology that allows for more surveillance and control, along with the stultified and complacent mentality of the public. There is a conspiracy, but it is not a theory: it is a fact. It is no longer a hidden agenda, but openly being pursued in plain sight.  The goal is global governance and the complete abrogation of all rights. We’re seeing it today, and it becomes worse with the passage of time.


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      1. I sometimes look up and down my own street. I know just about every person on it. Watch their houses when they have to leave on vacation or some other trip. Know most all the pets on a first-smell of the hand basis too. Taken care of many of them as well. I think sometimes about who I know on drugs, who would react like a damned fool if the SHTF. A couple of cops in my neighborhood too. Both would undoubtedly turn into little tyrants in such an eventuality. Am I alone in having thought, “I’d have to kill ‘him’/’her'”? Sounds like a Conflicted question doesn’t it? But do the same folks. Just look at your own streets, towns, neighborhoods and wonder the same thing. ‘who would you have to shoot/kill to stay alive yourself?’. Terrible question isn’t it?

        • They don’t question shooting us, when their masters tell them to enforce their crooked schemes on us all.

          • True, when they pull you over for a traffic stop they’re prepared to kill you.

            • They actually look for an excuse to do it.

        • I have thought the very same thing. I have three cops in my immediate neighborhood. I live in a Cul de sac and have to pass one on the way in and out. Even though they are cops in a neighboring city folks would look to them for leadership and I could see all three of them forming a leadership cadre and them suggesting everyone pool resources. Not pooling mine. Most of my stuff is at BOL, but still, I won’t put up with “Tyranny of the majority.” People are so conditioned that they live in a Democracy and the majority vote wins. We don’t and it doesn’t.

          • Looking to the cops (or their military backups) or any other part of government for leadership is to look to the enemy for it. Their “leadership” is the attack which one’s own self-leadership is needed to defend against.

          • Azrael, same here most of my stuff is at the BOL and if I pool at all it will be with relatives who live nearby. I don’t buy into that ‘majority rule’ crap either. We DON’T live in any stinking democracy and majority votes DON’T count with me at all.

        • Heartless, Why wait for SHTF? Take-em’ out now, on your clock and way. You will have many other things to deal with in SHTF, than having to watch your back constantly where you live. There are a few hood-rats in my area, I would not think twice about, and I have the tools to reach out anytime. Then its the 3 S’s.

          I prefer to shovel first though, the other 2 S’s go much quicker.. ha.

      2. TPTB will force us all to become shooters one day and we have all the reasons we need for that. They need to be careful what they wish for. Woe unto TPTB.

        • When that day comes, you and the rest of America will be sitting on the couch watching it unfold on t.v.

          • Anonymous, LOL. Once again, this troll doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

            • Black Battle Rifles Matter. And get lots of high capacity food trays, plenty of food to feed it. That great day of culling is a coming. Think “Walking Dead” situations. Got that crossbow?

              • And a high-capacity magazine for that repeating crossbow at that?! Slow and silent enough to make every shot count on the move. Can be made from nature or from junk that unnatural man has made from nature.

              • TSB, Black Mossberg 590A1s matter. Especially with the right ammo, LOL.

        • “One day” has been with us for a long time and no shots are being fired by us in defense of us all (except those maligned as being “criminal” by the mainstream’s propaganda media and therefore obligingly barked at as being “terrible” by their duped masses). Everyone’s waiting for that “unmistakable” pouring-on of hot water–not the slow ratcheting up of the heat so as not to alarm the frog and cause him to jump out. When the “rulers and shooters” get the same as they dish out, then they’ll declare that “shtf” has come!

          • I must agree. That is what the Rulers are afraid of, a sudden movement that is obvious to us all that the end is here, instead they slowly move the ball toward the goal line. Got folks scared to say openly and online that it’s time to water the Tree of Liberty.

            I want a peaceful solution, but it’s beyond that. Who is able to step up though? Very few Revolutions end with the initiators still in power and most folks I know who want the shooting to start so they can have “Freedom” are idiots. They would be usurped and dead before too long. Then there would be a power vacuum. What Tyrant would step up to fill it? Probably one that was worse than what we have now. So you see the dilemma?

            Are you a useful idiot, like the Antifa is for Soros? Hitler’s Brownshirts anyone?

            Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it and a whole lot you don’t want.

            • Understood, Azrael. Though, no ruler (revolutionary or otherwise) must be “in power”–over others, that is. Only every individual must be in power, only over him or herself. That’s the cause and sustenance of liberty. A “revolution” is only (and only possibly at that) a re-arrangement of the deck chairs on the sinking ship. With individual liberty for those who will exercise it, any who seeks to be sole ruler over everyone else will have to try and defeat the self-contained and individually-independent numbers of self-rulers. It’s inherently easier (for oneself or, one’s enemy) to eliminate or subjugate (an enemy’s or, one’s own) many dependent minions than even a few independent autarchs.

        • If we all shoot at the same time, they will not know who shot who? Right?

          • Worrying about the enemy’s intelligence reveals a faulty strategy on one’s own part that is vulnerable to enemy intelligence. Relying on intelligence is itself a reliance on an enemy’s weakness that belies one’s own.

          • Volley-fire is also very effective.

            • Truly so!, Defender. That’s the reason for (better if self-) disciplined ranks in formations–conservation of ammunition and making sure every shot counts. Volleys take careful aim yet, shoot along a whole line at the enemy. Fully automatic shot by individuals is unaimed and mostly wasted.

      3. The problem is in knowing when we have a “Lexington” moment, for we are not organized and we have no communication path.

        • The people are organized–most effectively as house squads, block platoons, street and road companies, city battalions, county regiments and state corps of “unorganized” Militia. Some just won’t recognize it–waiting on someone else’s cumbersome and bureaucratic machinery to supposedly do everything for (and to) them instead of them being independent and safe from dependence on outside elements of control over the individual. Drilling without arms as these already-existing, organic geographical units–even if only cadres of such– enables those organizations to develop and retain cohesion and, strategically places such units for readiness by already being positioned as envelopment of the enemy wherever, whenever, however and against whomever the enemy strikes, along with being decentralized so as not to be an easy target for the enemy. Enemy strikes are themselves the “communication path” that’s so often misunderstood by resistance friendlies. Receiving a communique “down the line” (or in whatever form) of being “under attack” would be an “order” to counter-envelop the enemy–even if only as a drill of resistance to such an “attack”. Drilling these scenarios as ever-larger evolutions of units–from the hypothetically-attacked individual up to the responding and reinforcing battalion and regimental levels–can hone the readiness of Militia units to be more than effective for the real thing. Self-containment and light combined-arms of the individual ensures logistical and operational security as well as constant ubiquitous deployment as total-war forces instead of units being vulnerable, isolated as massed units in specific, enemy-envelopable locations and dependent on larger specialized units by lines of supply and communications that the enemy can so easily sever, capture and destroy. The enemy, however, is, by and large, and by his very authoritarian nature, not so smart as to be immune from such vulnerabilities himself. For the people, fighting for the individual liberty of everyone is the rightful cause, not Right-wing “nationalism” or Left-wing socialism or the crafty Deep State amalgamation of them both as some kind of all-pandering “Nationalist-Socialism” (Nazism).

        • Communication Path? You mean Aim and Fire is more like it. Here is your lead message. Its game over 4U & U & U.

      4. If only the U.N. peacekeepers should have guns, the Pope should set the example by disarming the Swiss Guards and all of his bodyguards. In fact, all of the people who support that suggestion should do the same and while they are at it, they should move out of high-security buildings and live like the rest of us.

        • Then, the U.N. “peacekeepers” will be the menace–against whom no one else will be able to resist. This is, in this instance, appalingly bowing to Satan’s way (coercive, governmental force), against which Jesus rebuked Satan’s temptation for Him to do the same on the “exceeding high mountain”.

      5. The problem is in knowing when we have a “Lexington” moment, for we are not organized and we have no communication path. I’m not talking about local communities, but the nation as a whole.

        • The powers-that-be would love to merely seize a “national” resistance organization or leadership. Local (even individual) is less capturable by them. They’d have too many local spot fires to fight with their abilities spread so vulnerably thin. The local is the “national” organization. Waiting for, or expecting, a “Lexington moment” is what enables the enemy of the people to be corralled by their enemies, by staging a fake “Lexington momnet” for the sheep’s enemy-steered stampede–right into their enemy’s corral.

          • To clarify: “Waiting for, or expecting, a “Lexington moment” is what enables the enemy of the people to corral the people; by staging a fake “Lexington moment”, steering the sheepish people at stampede right into their enemy’s corral.” That’s what defines a “false-flagged” event and why such events are staged.

      6. Anonymous, how would you know what anyone will do?

        • DB, I like reading your stuff, but here I have to agree with Anon. It’s human nature. Most “Patriots” who talk about joining an armed resistance would stay on the couch. Talk is cheap, especially here on the Net. Most are not fit enough to join anyhow.

          I remember many years ago I belonged to a “group” let say. We went out on a training camp out and was the first time I met most of them FTF. Many had known each other for some time. I had been with them for five years online by this time. Do you know what? Many of them were obese and smoked. Most were out of shape. One guy had just survived a Heart Attack a few weeks previously. If that weren’t bad enough they talked about us pooling all of our resources and had a pretty narcissistic petty tyrant for a “leader.” Stuff you don’t see online with posts and articles, but when you watch body language and micro expressions as they interact with folks you can get a read on them.

          I feigned a need to leave early and my wife and I got the hell out of there. I dropped offline and stopped even talking to them or any of my IRL friends who associated with them.

          • Azrael, you did exactly right dropping out of that group. I had a similar experience once some years back even before I first came to this site. I’ve already got a plan in mind when I join the family at the BOL. Most of my family are fit and can definitely hold their own and then some. At my age I’ll most likely play a ‘support’ role, but that’s OK. Anything to help out and earn my keep. If we pool any resources it will only be as a last resort under extreme circumstances. Anon may be right up to a point but I think he blows it our of proportion. I already know what I’ll do. The key to it is getting back to the BOL at the right time. I was just there for half of April. Scheduled to go back in July but if circumstances are right I’ll head back sooner.

            • What “blows it out of proportion”? Nevertheless, individual readiness is what’s most important and, is vital–whether as an isolated individual or, as an individual in a larger formation. Every individual must be self-force-multiplied to be equivalent to section (ten individual) ability. Sections of such individuals would then be equivalent in ability to companies, etc. Individuals must therefore be self-contained–having their own level of combined arms and logistics to make them capable of a level of envelopment of the enemy while providing their own advance, left, right and rear guard evasion of and armoring against the enemy’s attempt at envelopment and assault. Those able at all would need to begin and sustain progressively longer marching as soon as possible to get in some shape (and laying off so much junk food, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol–or any other kind of dope!). (There’s a potential for encountering like-minded comrades-in-arms as well on marches–and, of course, infiltrators too, who, however, won’t gain any important reconnaissance for the enemy, given the independence of every individual.) There’s no need for “commando” garb or armaments on daily marches (though logistics and body armor are vital for everyday security). The idea is just to get in basic shape–not so much in tactical drilling, though marches are, if understood and done correctly, inherently basic tactical drill movements. Learning simple and realistic field craft is vital for totally independent individual logistics–a must for individual liberty and, for independent Militia operations. Voluntary, self-disciplined, mass-commanded and independently detachable cadres of household squads, block platoons, street or road companies, city battalions, and county regiments drilling on the march as constantly as possible (preferably daily) can afford the people with their own “well-regulation” that can indeed ready them as effective state corps of Militia for keeping and bearing their arms for the security of their free states. Those already doing so are far along in their readiness.

        • What are they doing now, Braveheart? Nevertheless, supporting the well-done by more well-done can be the solution for your apparent frustration at my assertion of how people have most always done and would logically do again.

      7. Funny thing is the only thing they are interested in controlling are the good guys.

      8. I read JJ’s.articles here and sometimes wonder how many of his SF colleagues think as he. If many,we are in a world of trouble.

        • Most are just soldiers who want to do their job, but there are quite a few who would come down on the right side.

          ODA 5314 “Five Pi”

          • They’re kept in information blackout and do only what they’re told against whomever or whatever their commanders, themselves politically-controlled, tell them.

        • Most of “JJ’s” views are quite spot on. It’s the “SFs” who don’t think like him who would have us in a “world of trouble”.

      9. This article, ain’t that all the truth? The lucky are the aged who are at the near end of their lives. To serve and protect has quickly morphed into to seek out and destroy. From every angle the assault builds and to think we all thought we were clever, worthy and free. Apparently we have no rights and multiple billions are scheduled for extermination. Basically looked at by the controllers as lower level poor slobbish peons who will be easily erased. I would say it was fun while it lasted, but it was not. Those that are of child bearing age need to think seriously before bringing another life into this rapidly evolving evil world.

        • you gotta wonder just why the war drums are picking up as the debt spiral starts to increase. getting closer to the time when govts need to sweep a lot of debt and costly people under the rug.

      10. anyone not knowing the govt already owns you is in denial.

        they can track you down easily by your phone, car or purchases and habits. any health issue more than a cut finger, they can step right in and withhold any treatment and try and go any amount of time without paying taxes, even those on your paid off home; they’ll kick you out of your own house in 3 months.

        the price of convenience is you are a slave to it.

        • lena, indeed most Americans are in fact a slave to some form of their own materialism. That is how Americans are easily controlled, with trinkets of sorts and “stuff” !

          Nothing new at all as I have been writing about it all and pointing it out clearly for over 5 years. Unfortunately most Americans are very slow to grasp much of anything actually important or necessary. They prefer the convenient lies and distortions we see everyday. So is it any wonder USA is seriously whacked with a populace that is largely fat,dumb,lazy and spoiled ?

          • Loss of those “trinkets” can be the liberating event for them.

          • So accurately described, Down to Earth!

        • One of if not the truest observations of our time, lena. Stepping out of that “convenience”, even one step at a time, is the road to liberty. Yeah, we’re on here but, that too can wane in favor of the more sustainable forms of communication.

      11. Our founding fathers, whether you think good or bad, would have stood up and said “NO”. Then shot or hung them if they continued the abusive actions. The pussification of fusa is complete…

        • Pussification? Don’t think so. Any cornered feline worth their catnip will fight back. It’s more like sheepified and being fattened for the slaughter.

          • True, Yahooie!

        • This is how they dealt with Tyrants, just a few Centuries ago. I like.

          On Jan 30th, 1649…England
          “Whereas Charles Stuart, King of England, is and standeth convicted, attainted, and condemned of High Treason and other high crimes, and sentence upon Saturday last was pronounced against him by this court to be put to death by the severing of his head from his body, of which sentence execution yet remaineth to be done, these are therefore to will and require you to see the said sentence executed in the open street before Whitehall, upon the morrow, being the thirtieth day of this instant month of January, between the hours of ten in the morning and five in the afternoon of the same day, with full effect. And for so doing, this shall be your sufficient warrant. And these are to require all officers, soldiers, and others, the good people of this nation of England, to be assisting unto you in this service.”

          King Charles I was beheaded January 30, 1649 at Whitehall Palace between two and three o’clock. The King tried to address the crowd, but the clamor was too great. The only phrases heard by the King were “A subject and a sovereign are clean different” and “I am a Martyr of the People” Charles Stewart removed his George medal and passed it to the Bishop for the Prince of Wales—his heir, saying “Remember.” The King knelt; Executioner’s Assistant Hulet moved the King’s hair out of the way, the axe descended smoothly. The King was dead.
          The head was always held aloft so the crowd could be sure the intended was indeed beheaded.
          Sergeant Hulet held the head high by its long hair and cried, “Here is the head of a Traitor.” Inexperience made him drop the head which thudded to the boards. The body and head were carried off indoors.

      12. Swalwell is an idiot and has obviously NOT taken the time to “see” what’s happened in AussieLand since the gun confiscation. Now, gangs rule Aussie because they are the only ones with guns. Aussie’s live in constant fear now because of the situation. You don’t have to believe me; ask an Aussie what’s going down in their homeland since the guns were taken away. You’ll see. Ol’ Mr. Swalwell can come to my house personally to take mine away; I’ll be glad to show him “mine”.

      13. If I were young I would have five wives and twelve children with each of them. The women would be intelligent, healthy and white like me. And no, I’m no Mormon. I’m just rational. If white people don’t reproduce quickly, they will become extinct. It is the most important item on the agenda for survival.

        As far as I’m concerned, the so-called “elites” are irrelevant. I decided a long time ago not to be the effect of others; to forge my own path, and dance to my own tune.


        • B from CA – We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

        • So my wife and I have 14 white children. And what was my reward from all the white brethren except mockery and ridicule for years on end. Thanks everybody. Not.

      14. If I recall a recent article at the commonsense show dot com, Hodges received reports of U.N. Tanks being gathered in Huntsville, Alabama. There are countless pictures online of U.N. vehicles in our country.

        Our President needs to BREAK the deal Obama made with the U.N. which gave us the 17 Kirgali principles by which the U.N. would preside over Martial Law in our country if it became declared of if there were a national emergency of some sort.

        When did the Constitution die and leave the U.N. in charge, my fellow Patriots?

        Maybe Mr. Obama can be retroactively censured/impeached for BETRAYING our Country?

        Isn’t Treason an arrestable offense?

        Maybe Mr. Mueller is investigating the WRONG President?

        We must do two things: one, pray daily for the President’s safety, and two, be wary of being manipulated by globalists and their stooges, whatever their past or present titles, status, or wealth.

        Reagan said he noticed that everyone who was for abortion had already been born.

        And the Lone Ranger says he notices that everyone who is for gun confiscation does not give a flying ‘f’ about the 450,000+ people that CIGARETTES kill EACH YEAR!

        That’s what I mean by manipulation.

        Cigarettes kill far more people than guns each year.

        Confiscating/banning guns will result in widespread genocides, here and abroad.

        Banning cigarettes will just piss people off and increase sales of nicorette gum and the like.

        For the record, I’m pro-education, not pro-banning.

        We learned as kids that Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Maybe today he would say, “Give me liberty, and if you don’t, and try to take MY life, be prepared for your own death.”

        I don’t know for sure, I wasn’t around when he was. 🙂

        God bless you all, and God bless the home of the free and the brave, America!

        – the Lone Ranger

        • No serving Pres will allow another former Pres to be brought up on treason charges simply because it could and probably would be used on him.
          Never going to happen.

        • Never will a serving Pres will allow another former Pres to be brought up on treason charges simply because it could and probably would be used on him.
          Never going to happen.

      15. Just finished watching Robocop on BR. Classic film. That future is NOW. Detroit (and Chicago) are inner city prisons our of control. Drugs and crime rampant while the cops are understaffed or (like in my town) choose to do little to nothing. Corporations and the military industrial complex run the world.

        I always turn off tracking on my cell phone and rarely use a bank card for shopping. I pay cash in person. I don’t hang out in big crowds and no longer even vote. It’s like you have to be a hacker just to survive. Hack the tyranny, I guess.

      16. One man with a gun can change history.

      17. Yes…..the duke was assassinated by a lone gunman, which started world war 1; which led to World War II. One single man can indeed change the world in a big way.!!!

      18. The sad part is that the people possess 90% of what they need to stop the Rulers, foolers and shooters in their tracks without violence but the 10% is beyond their grasp and negates the 90%. The US Constitution and the Declaration of independence are both legal documents. All that is required (the 10% is the knowledge of how they work and the fortitude & confidence to act) is to approach their so called representative and demand restoration of the rule of law. We don’t know it and I have found less than one out of a thousand with the brains and discipline to learn anything beyond rabbit hole, tin foil hat crap.

        It will only be subsequent to sufficient loss of life and treasure that a few will decide to use the tools bequeathed us by men not controlled by the idiot box or slick politicians.

        • POA very good comment, to bad your so late to the game. Your well written comment will be read by few, yesterdays article and comments go unnoticed. Trekker Out

        • Plain Old American
          & Trekker:

          I read you loud and clear.

          Your comment deserves to be repeated.


        • “Representatives” have been approached by many and do nothing except potentially put those who merely approach and beseech them on some government “watch list” to be repressed by government agencies. Far too many are being repressed–hence, the repressed (and their enemy’s provocateurs too) are on these kinds of sites.

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