“Rule By Brute Force”: The End of the Age of Benevolence

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    This article was originally published by Francis Marion at The Burning Platform


    The history of democracy, Marxism and feminism is the history of the snake, which, being hungry for more, stalks its own tail and consumes itself. 

    Some evenings I sit on the sofa in the family room with my teenage daughter and watch a TV program with her. I leave the choice of the show to her, it matters little to me, and when she finds something she likes she sits next to me, puts her head on my shoulder, and snuggles up for the hour it takes to watch whatever it is she’s chosen.

    It’s our time.

    Occasionally we’ll sneak in another twenty or thirty minutes to the objection of her mother but I like my time with her so I put up with the raised eyebrows and the, “She’s got school tomorrow,” scoldings. It’s important to me that she knows I love her, that I want to spend time with her and that she feels safe when she is with me. Someday, when she is a grown woman I want her to find a man that will take care of her and protect her like I do. I expect no less from a suitor and neither should she.

    There will be women who read this who will object to my stance. They will say, “She doesn’t need a man to feel safe or validated or content,” but I would disagree. When she gets older she’ll need a good man, not just any man, and that’s as true today as much as it was ten years, twenty years, fifty years, one hundred years and even one thousand years ago. And it will become even more so as time goes on.

    Indeed, we have reached peak denial in our civilization and whether we like it or not reality is about to make a come back.

    The freedom that we have enjoyed in the west and the modern democracies that have sprung forth from our evolving and enlightened philosophies over the past few hundred years are not a given. Granted, they are preferable outcomes given our natural state but politically speaking they are an anomaly in the history of mankind and not the norm.

    As such, democracy and the systems, social structures and institutions that have grown up around them are grossly misunderstood by the vast majority of the western world. Most of the people living in the west today have been raised to believe that democracy is a moral system of governance and that it is our gift to the rest of mankind. But democracy is not an inherently moral system nor is it a guarantor of linear, progressive political growth.

    At its root democracy is quite simple. It is the exercise of political power by the majority over the minority. It is the power to choose in matters of politics. This, of course, begs the question: to choose what?

    Since choices in general (and political ones are no exception) can be either good or bad, in this case, both for the individual and the body politic, then it follows that democracy is neither. It is nothing more than a tool for decision making where the majority holds the power to make decisions that affect everyone, either for better or for worse. Democracy is, therefore, a reflection of the character of the people who exercise it.

    Additionally, democracy is also the use of soft force. That is, the minority bends to the will of the majority on political matters and the apparatus of the state is responsible for carrying out its demands. The minority consents, willingly or unwillingly not because violence is present but because, by the state’s presence, it is implied.

    More importantly, though, democracy is a luxury that is preceded by benevolence but does not necessarily guarantee its continuance or creation if forgotten.

    Societies in a state of internal turmoil, or where competing factions vie for political power, often through the use of overt physical violence, will forgo democracy because the primary component for its exercise, order, is absent.

    Democracy in the western world has always followed ‘order’. ‘Order’ is a byproduct of force and, like democracy varies in severity on the scale of good and bad, its moral leanings by and large being dependent on the type of people who impose it from the top down. It can be fatherly and benevolent or it can be violent and oppressive. It is never universally both.

    Thus democracy usually occurs where ‘order’ has been established and the apparatus of the state is at least somewhat benevolent.

    In a political world ruled by strength, order and benevolence are precursors to suffrage. Without either suffrage would not exist, choices would be limited and brute strength would still be the order of the day.

    Whether feminists are willing to admit it or not, brute, physical strength is at the root of all political power, thus feminism came into being because those who held that strength chose to exercise benevolence and reason over strength and subjugation. Their suffrage was dependent first and foremost on the benevolence of those who held political power. And like it or not, those who held political power at the time it was introduced were men.

    As time progressed, at least in the West, democracy, and universal suffrage gave way to both physical and intellectual freedom for women. In the West during the twentieth century, its political structure (and the intellectual values it embodied) and the industrial revolution it spawned ushered in a new era for women, giving them choices they had not previously had, by and large, since the beginning of recorded history.

    Women were finally free to choose between family, career or both. Rather than playing the role of the weaker, subservient sex women found their place beside men in society as intellectual equals. Physical strength was no longer a factor in the social structure of our civilization. An intellectual meritocracy came to be valued over a system based simply on brute force. This structure was the product of order created from benevolent strength.

    But the rise of Marxism and feminism, particularly the rise of third-wave feminism has put ‘order’ at risk.

    Without order, an intellectual meritocracy will once again become subservient to strength. It’s a hard pill for women and progressive liberals in general to swallow but it’s a fact.

    Marxism and modern feminism work continuously towards a perfect world but ignore reality in the process. They forget an important lesson, born true repeatedly throughout history:

    There is no utopia.

    The best we can hope for in any civilization is for a society to be built and based on fundamental individual rights and freedoms. If we refuse this then we return to what we were before. This means rule by brute force which means the end of political and legal equality for women and the death of democracy itself.

    The irony in the dilemma which the West now faces is that our demise, the continual erosion of a democratic, intellectual meritocracy, is by and large spurred on by the very people that our system was created to protect.

    Feminists, both female and male, cry daily for more of the same poison which infects us. More illegal and unscreened immigration. More tolerance of philosophies which are intolerant themselves. More invitations for an enemy created by a corrupt and immoral government to ignore our borders and live among us.

    More cries for moral nihilism, the repression of speech (one of the cornerstones of their own suffrage) and the denial of fundamental biological reality.

    More cries for the denial of basic math and the continuance of government-sponsored bread and circuses. More of everything which our civilization cannot sustain. More of everything which rots us from the core.

    Subsequently, modern feminists decry the men of their own civilization as misogynists, racists, and intolerant while forgetting it was their own men who recognized that a society built on equal political rights for all was preferable to a society built on spoils taken by the strong. They forget that it was the men they live among who valued justice over greed and force so much that they shed the old ways and took their place beside their women instead of in front of them. They do all of this while cheering on the invasion of their own countries by foreign men who view them as nothing more than chattel property. In doing so they have unwittingly invited the destruction of their own freedom.

    While I sit next to my daughter I wonder what the future will hold for her. I have no desire to see her disenfranchised but the reality is that many of her own kind have chosen a future where reason has been rejected and instead, traded for thirty pieces of silver and whatever makes them feel good. Unfortunately, a world without reason is a world without order which is a world without choice. A world without choice is a world of brute force. And that’s a man’s world.


    Benevolence and democracy should have ushered in an era of truth and reason but instead, they ushered in an era of denial and wishful thinking. Thus, democracy’s beginning will also be its end. What came from force will return to it.

    For those of you paying attention and who can see the contradictions and the resultant decay, pray. Pray that what comes afterward will once again be benevolent.


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      1. Can’t do it until they get rid of the guns

        • the IRS has used illegal brute force for years

        • The bottom line, that the author refuses to face, is that it was White men, who built this civilization. And, they have allowed parasites do destroy it, first from the shadows, now in the open. And, worse yet, White men have stood down on behalf of White women, half of whom are now happy to stab them in the back.

          White men have two choices:

          1) Face the fact that “democracy” has destroyed Western Civilization, and put the entire White race in peril, grow spines and brains, and take our civilization back.

          2) Die. Watch your people die. Watch what a thousand generations bled, sweat, cried and died for. Just die like a bunch of brainwashed, spineless cowards. After all, that’s what most White “men” are anyway.

          • says the “tough guy” hiding behind a fake name. Give us a real name big man.

      2. Enjoy the time with your daughter Sir. Mine is now grown and the mother of 4. But, I recall ‘pie night’. Whenever she just needed to tell all… and not to ‘Mom’ (who just didn’t understand) she’d come to me and ask if I was hungry for pie. That meant a trip to Perkins or some place a person could order a whole pie to eat at the table. Which we would. And the problems of the young female universe somehow got resolved. This nation needs a ‘pie night’. Where we stop avoiding issues and set down at a table as discuss anything and everything frankly no-holds-barred. It will cost quite a few pies and the time to eat them. But, it does work. Advice, stay clear of the chocolate “mud” pies – too much sweet and after the first 3 or so slices…. pie night just can last too long.

        • Your name is a dexeption, you have a big heart, u ol softy

        • I love REAL men (strong and protective, but also gentle and loving). My father left my mother and us 7 kids w/o love, contact or support. Father’s are SO needed by their children whether sons or daughters. Bless you REAL men! You have no idea what a huge difference you make. WE NEED YOU!!

      3. Democracy has by one way or another ushered in the greatest tyrants in history. It didn’t get the phrase “tyranny of the masses” for nothing.

        • K2,
          “Democracy has by one way or another ushered in the greatest tyrants in history. It didn’t get the phrase “tyranny of the masses” for nothing”
          Which Democracies ? I’m really only aware of one and that was ancient Greece, they didn’t generate too many tyrants. I’m not aware of any nations that are true Democracies The Swiss may be as close as it gets.
          I agree with the “tyranny of the masses” and it has occurred in America. America is not a Democracy and never has been. Today America has degenerated from a Republic into a Oligarchy. That Oligarchy is supported by the majority GIMMEDAT masses that value a free ride over freedom.

          • F ags and lizzies, male feminists,lol, Crazy fuckers thinking they can change their gender, brainless young people that hate their own skin color and country, etc. Never did I imagine to see such a fucked up mess.in our home, yet here we are, in the middle of it.

            • I believe that the strategy of TPTB is to create chaos and have it destroy the existing order in every respect, politically, economically and spiritually. They intend to, “by hook or by crook” raise, “The Phoenix From The Ashes” of their destruction.

              They’re evil.

            • Menzo, you can say that again.

          • Hitler was voted into power and once there took dictatorial power.

            To be a tad more specific the US was established as a Republic that has adopted more Democracy with the Seventeenth Amendment and morphed into a Plutocratic Oligarchy post industrial revolution. Handing over economic control with the Federal Reserve Act / Income Tax predated (1913) welfare social programs although their disbursement of funds maintain the established status quo (through democratic vote). From my view the US is Fascist at the very top who use communists as managers of the citizenry.

          • Rellik, truer words were never spoken. There’s more than enough bullets for the masses before they can ever impose their tyranny on anyone.

            • They are already imposing it!

          • Exactly

        • This is one of the greatest SHTFplan articles in a long time, truly and epic essay. There’s not much to add to the authors piece. May more of his pieces and reflections be added to this site.

          The author mentions the rise of feminism, coinciding with the rise of Marxism. The basic inherent physical difference between man and woman is grist for manipulation. The woman becomes the agent of transferal of authority from man to the Marxist leadership cadre. Careful exploitation of differences and a ginning up of class warfare and presto you have Marxism.

          No wonder Saul Alinsky dedicated his “Rules for radicals” to Lucifer, for it is first showcased in Genesis the 3rd chapter, and the old serpent is exploiting the male-female difference for all it’s worth.

          Benevolent democracy is slowly dying. hen the progressives finally get their Faux-Utopia, It will be accompanied with shear and utter brutality and cruelty. There is no ‘inner angel’ in humanity, just waiting to come out. There is only a beast waiting to be restrained, or unleashed. We already have seen the enemy, every time we look in a mirror.

          Even Nietzsche, no fan of Christianity, said that religion performed the service of restraining the beast. The Left actually realizes this, and as soon as it rids the earth of Christianity, and other religions, it will replace them with worship of the state, and it’s leadership.

      4. Masculinity is reviled today. It is not cool to be the macho man. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink has been purposely contaminated with chemical agents and endocrine disruptors to immasculate men. TPTB want your balls to rot off. At my former place of employment all the young males they hired were effeminate (girly boys) or metro-sexuals. I refuse to kowtow to the PC ideology. I say bravo sierra to that. I’m proud to be a man with balls between me legs. Lets man-up and be loud and proud.

        • Rodan, you must not know that girly boys want people to call them by their new name, their correct name now is manginas, that’s short for men with viginas. In the old days we just called them pussys, but seeing as that’s no longer P C, we now call them manginas.

      5. there is no such thing as democracy, deal with it.

      6. Excellent piece!

      7. Bread and circuses? EBT cards and Obama phones? I read that some could see Rome shrinking but never fall. Will our fate be the same?

      8. Dosent Government , translated from latin. Mean mind control? Isn’t the only way to prevent mass extinction from human pollution, mean mass extinction? Before? The Tares must burn? Who are the Tares? The foolish virgens? Don’t be a foolish vergin?

      9. One of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read anywhere. I find the author’s name, Francis Marion, interesting. There was a Colonel Francis Marion in South Carolina during the American Revolution who was nicknamed “The Swamp Fox”. I had 3 ancestors who fought as part of his group.

        • Oh yeah, Deplorable Bravefart? Good for you. Nobody believes your sh$t.

      10. The day I see helicopters abseil female special forces into a nest of Islamic dirt terrorists, kill all the terrorists, stick their heads on poles and then heli back out again, I will not consider women doing their fair share of heavy lifting on keeping the peace in the 21st century. The Yazidis were brutaly gang raped and murdered under a Negro, gay president and a woman secretary of state and lazy-ass bitches in the US military watched the whole pathetic episode on sat and drone cameras and did NOTHING. That says it all.

      11. Wonderful article. Thoughtful and timely. However, I can never understand how SHTF seems to have the most banal, divisive and downright nasty comments from people who don’t get that buying into the hatred makes them a large part of the problem?

        Divide and conquer. We are fools if we think derision of others is the way forward. We are fools if we think calling people names is manly. We are fools if we think we are somehow better than others. United we stand – Divided we fall. If civilization goes to hell in a handbasket we brought it on ourselves.

        By all means do what you feel you must by way of preparation for what is coming but please take responsibility for what you yourself create every day by your thoughts and total lack of understanding of others.

        I would add that I have gay friends and while I do not fully understand their way of life I fully respect who they are and love them unconditionally. It seems that instead of “taking people the way you find them” this has been replaced by blindly hating all types of people who don’t fit in with narrow concepts of what is right or wrong. The world needs tolerance and love and lots of it if we are to survive. I’m fairly certain with the changes that are coming on the earth if a “girly boy” offered you his hand to pull you out of floodwaters you would take it without question. It’s time for all people to wake up and grow up.

        The great men and women of history had vision – not derision.

      12. Congrats on a very valuable article.
        Time is running short.

      13. There is one inevitable track we are going down, and is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow, and its OUR need to be benevolent to all that caused this unstoppable train.

        SEE Alexander Frazer Tyler 1774 Where he concludes……….. people will go ……

        From bondage to spiritual faith;
        From spiritual faith to great courage;
        From courage to liberty;
        From liberty to abundance;
        From abundance to complacency;
        From complacency to apathy;
        From apathy to dependence;
        From dependence back into bondage.

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